JAMSHEDJI TATA Founder of TATA Industries

mshedji Tata is considered to be the path-finder of modern industrial builders. He is known as the grand father Indian Industry for his acumen and enthusiasm.

mshedji's father Nasarvanji Tata used to trade in jute with China

d Britain. He started export from India. Jamshedji started a cloth mill in Nagpur more than hundred years ago. At at time almost all the cloth used to come from England.

mshedji Tata was the main person behind the idea to start an Iron and steel Factory. But his dreams was filled by his sons, when they started the Tata Iron and Steel Factory in 1907 first three years after his death. established the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc).

en Hydro -electric Project at Bombay is an example of his foresightedness. The Taj Hotel in Bombay was also ilt by Tata, which ranks as one of the best hotels in the world.

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