, ,

.M- Original llAmemlment

U S H fR I' '::<:;QI'DI~ _ :-I"T' t-

_.. ouse 0 epresentatives

110th Congress 2nnQ FEB 27 ~ i 10: 30

KMPLOYEE. ,_"_ '., '), 'T \It"~

, S. hUU:1[ Or l'i:J I(L...J~ I I> "- '"


This form is for disclosing the receipt of travel expenses from private sources for meetings, speaking engagements, fact-finding trips, or similar events undertaken in connection with official duties. This form does not eliminate the need to report all privately-funded travel on the annual Financial Disclosure Statements of those persons required to file them. In accordance with House Rule 25, clause 5, complete th is form and fi Ie it with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, B-106 Cannon House Office Building, within IS days after travel is completed. The Clerk is to make the second page of this form publicly available as soon as possible after it is filed.

Name of Traveler (print or type):

I certify that the information contained on all pages of this form is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge.



I authorized this travel in advance. I have determined that all of the expenses listed on this form were necessary and that the travel was in connection with the employee's official duties and would not create the appearance that the employee is using public office for private gain.




Version dale 912008 by Committee on Standards of Official Conduct


~ Original il Amendment

1. Name of Traveler (print or type):

2. a.
3. a. Name of Accompanying Family Member (if any):

Relationship to Employee: D Spouse _o Child il Other (specify):



Date of Departure and Date of Return:

J-/:J- 2- 7

b. Dates at personal expense (if any):


4. Itinerary (cities of departure - destination - return):

6. Describe meetings and events attended (attach additional pages if necessary): .Ii f./,..~

7. Attached to this form are EACH of the following (signify that each item is attached by checking the corresponding box):

a. 11\ the Private Sponsor Travel Certification Form completed by the trip sponsor, including all attac h.m ents;

b. ~\ the Traveler Form completed by the employee; and

c. /51\. the Committee on Standards' letter approving my participation on this trip.

8. a. I represent that r participated in each of the activities reflected in the sponsor's agenda. (SignifY that statement is true by checking box): ~

b. If not, explain:

9. TRA VEL EXPENSES: Obtain actual dollar amounts from the sponsor. If exact dollar amounts are unavailable by the due dale, provide a good falth' estimate and file an amended form once the correct amounts are received

TotaJ Transportation Total Lodging Expenses I Total Meal Expenses


rather Expenses Specific Nature of Expenses

I (dollar amount) (e.g., taxi, parking, registration fee, etc.)

~r-- I-·-~···



For accompanying family member:

,. ;

itfe. 1!}OU5t (If l\tptt5tntatibtS


'dtmtRilbfltliton. 1DQC 20515


February 6, 2009

Mr. Lawrence J. Brady

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. B350A Rayburn House Office Building Waehington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Brady:

Pursuant to House Rule 25, clause 5 (d) (2), the Committee all Standards of Official Conduct hereby approves your proposed trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania scheduled for February 20 to 22, 2009 sponsored by the Mercatus Center.

You must complete an Employee Travel Disclosure Form (which your employing Member must also sign) and file it with the Clerk of the Bouse within 15 days after your return from travel. As part of that filing; you are required to attach a copy of this letter and the Private Sponsor Travel Certification Form, including all attachments. You must also include a copy of the Traveler Form completed by you and signed by your employing Member. If you are required to file an annual Financial Disclosure statement, you must also report all travel expenses totaling more than $335 from a single source on Schedule vn of that statement.

If you have any further questions. please contact the Committee's Office of Advice and Education at extension 5-7103.


Zoe Lofgren



Jo Bonner

Ranking Republican Member



Page 10f2

Brady, Larry

From: Mercatus Center [reply@email.mercatus.org]

Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 1 :54 PM

To: Brady, Larry

Subject: Chief of Staff Retreat: Disclosure Statement




Dear Larry,

Thank you once again for attend ing the 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat. We are encouraged by your positive feedback, appreciate hearing of areas where we can improve, and we trust you had an enjoyable experience. As you know, House and Senate rules require you to file a disclosure statement after attending conferences and other educational venues. Accordingly, the following is a breakdown of our direct costs per attendee that will enable you to comply with the respective disclosure rules. Please select that which applies to your specific experience at the 2009 Retreat.

Train Transportation: $48/0ne way Parking: $26 per night

Meals: Friday: Lunch ($20.25), Reception ($6.00), Dinner ($33.00) Saturday: Breakfast ($13.50, Lunch ($14.00), Dinner ($20.00) Sunday: Breakfast ($13.50)

Lodging: $1 55/night (Double Occupancy)

We greatly value your feedback and opinions. If you were unable to submit your final retreat survey, please take the brief moment to share your thoughts with us by filling out our online slll'veyJorm. Your comments are crucial to the betterment our retreat as well as our regular courses on Capitol Hill.

Our scholars; whether at George Mason University or throughout the country, are interested and available to you as an outside resource. If you need additional contact information, or desire that we create a customized educational venue for you and selected colleagues, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you and your staff at future Capitol Hill Campus venues. If you have specific questions about the recent Retreat, or any of our educational activities, please contact me at the number listed below.



Page 2of2

Best regards, Chris

Chris Myers Managing Director

Mercatus Center at George Mason University 3301 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington VA 22201 703.993.4952 - phone

703.993.4935 - fax

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit education and research organization that works with scholars, policy experts, and government officials to bridge economic theory with real-world practice. Mercatus professional development programs are designed to teach economic tools and analytical frameworks that promote innovative approaches to public policy problems.

This email was sent to larry.brady@maiLhouse.gov

You are receiving this email because you are registered with Mercatus Center at GMU to receive this mailing. To manage your subscription preferences, or to remove your email address from our list, please do not reply to this email since it will only delay your request. Instead, please use the link below to process your subscription and removal requests.


Mercatus Center at GMU 330 I North Fairfax Drive Suite 450

Arlington, VA 22201 UNlTED STATES.


U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Standards of Official Conduct


This form should be completed by House Members, officers, or employees seeking Committee approval of privately-sponsored travel or reimbursement for travel under House Rule 25, clause 5. The completed form should be submitted directly to the Committee by each invited House Member, officer, or employee, together with the completed and signed Private Sponsor Travel Certification Form and any attachments. A copy of this form, minus this initial page, will be made available for public inspection. Please typeform. Form (and any attachments) may be faxed to the Committee at (202) 225-7392.

YOUR COMPLETED REQUEST MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE COMMITTEE NO LESS THAN 14 DAYS BEFORE YOUR PROPOSED DEP ARTURE DATE. Absent exceptional circumstances, permission will not be granted for requests received less than 14 days before the trip commences.

Name of Traveler: _ ____.L.".._,H.:...r.._.:....W~,..:..........;~;...._;:_--=--.;::;_f.., __ -_..._J -=-S~('l.--',..'-1-'b=-~-I-- _

] certify that the information contained on both pages of this form is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knOwled~ _ /"2. _L j

Signature ?~ rye?- '11 •

Name of Signatory (if other than traveler): _

For staff, name of employing Member/Committee: Jl"fIIiA.,. ,

~ ""I ~ -SZ"'1 b", ... ~

Office address:

Phone number:

Email address of contact person: ~ L-.:r n 2 A I) yell' " .

,., tA'rr" I 'B tLIt.v e. 1JlA' , • ,",",",I'_ t;V'

D Check this box if the sponsoring entity is a media outlet and the traveler is a Member traveling to make a

media appearance sponsored by that entity and these forms are being submitted to the Committee less than 14 days before the trip departure date.

NOTE: You must complete the contact informatloa fields above, as Committee staff may need to contact you if additional information is required.

If there are any questions regarding this form please contact the Committee:

Committee on Standards of Official Conduct U.S. House of Representatives

HT-2, The Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

(202) 225- 7103 (phone)

(202) 225-7392 (fax)

l'er,}o/1 dale 9120(jIlI~F Committee un Standards ofOfficiat Conduct

u.s. House of Representatives Committee on Standards ofOflicial Conduct

PRIV A TEL Y SPONSORED TRA VEL: TRAVELER FORM I. Name of Traveler: k II- "'"" ......... L~ ... \ Ii (Lftr -cy

2. Sponsor(s) (who will be paying for the trip): L1J_Lr-I;.".,. £.us C . ,s rt;;:

,...1- ~.o. &. ... ~; VY'"\;'

3. Travel destination/s): _~~~p__A. _h.l!_1_!...1'_I\-",,!, .. ~J.----=--- ... ;;,_-!...\ .... r__.,!k~\ ~....__._--\~!-=,..,._ _


4. a. Date of Departure and Date of Return: _--'EL....II!!L_'-"'L.__..!!:I.=,_-_- _--',""-----2.._. ~ __ Q_O _ _!:' _

b. Will you be extending the trip at your personal expense? 0 Yes ~o If yes, dates at personal expense:

5. a. Will you be accompanied by a family member at the sponsor's expense? D Yes ~o

b. If yes, name of accompanying family member:

c. Relationship to traveler: 0 Spouse D Child 0 Other (specify):

6. a. Did the trip sponsor answer "yes" to Question 9(c) on the Trip Sponsor form (i.e., the travel is bemg sponsored by an entity that employs a lobbyist)? D Yes ~o

b. If yes, check one of the following: 0 NI A - Sponsor checked 9(a) or 9(b) (1) Approval for one-night's lodging and meals is being requested: 0 or (2) Approval for two-nights.' lodging and meals is being requested: 0

If "(2)" is checked, explain why the second night is wan-anted:


7. Private Sponsor Travel Certification F0ll11 is attached, including agenda, invitee list, and any other attachments (indicate thotform is attached by checking box): []}"

8. Explain why participation in the trip is connected to your individual official or representational duties:

<Pf"thl "'L..... I t'\ - cl .... ~ ~.. k ". aJ,,, t~ ",*' S 5 u &A



] hereby authorize the individual named above, an employee of the U.S. House of Representatives who works under my direct supervision, to accept expenses for the trip described in this request. I have determined that the above-described travel is m connection with my employee's official duties and that acceptance of these expenses will not create the appearance that the employee is using public office for

pn:::g,:z /1{ h9


NOTE; This page must be submitted with your post-travel disclosllreform wit/till J 5 days oIyollr return, 5'0 yo« ;~/UJu/d maintain a photocopy of the completed_foJrmforyour records.

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

PRIV ATE SPONSOR TRA VEL CERTIFICATION FORM (provide directly to each House invitee)

This form should be completed by private entities offering 10 provide travel or reimbursement for travel to House Members, officers, or employees under House Rule 25, clause 5. A completed copy of the fonn (and any attachments) should be provided 10 each invited House Member, officer, or employee, who will then forward it to the Committee together with a Traveler Form. The trip sponsor should NOT submit the form directly 10 the Committee, YOIi must answer every question on the form.

J. Sponsor(s) (who will be paying tor the trip): The Mercatus Center at George Mason University

2. 1 represent thai the trip will not be financed (in whole or in part) by a federally-registered lobbyist or a registered foreign agent (Sign!tv that the statement is true by checking bo.r): 121

3. I represent t11111 the trip sponsorts) has nol accepted from any other source funds earmarked directly or indirectly to finance any aspect of the trip (Signijj' that the statement is true by checking box): [21

4. Is travel being offered to an accompanying family member of the House mviteets)? [21 Yes

5. Provide names and lilies of ALL House invitees; for each invitee, provide explanation of why the individual

was invited (include additional pages if necessary): .;_P.:..:le.::.ase=-:S~e.::.e.::.att=a=-ch.:..:e:..::d.;_lis:..:t.;_o.:..:r in.;_v.;_ite:..:s.;_' ~

Please See attached list of invites.

6. Dates of Ira vel: February 20th - 22nd, 2009

7. Cities of departure - destination - return:

Departure and Return: Washington, DC I Destination: Philadelphia, PA

8. Attached is a detailed agenda of the activities taking place during the travel (i.e., an hourly description of planned activities) (Sigl1{fy ,)'es" by checking box): [21

9. I represent that (check one o/the/ollowing);

a. The sponsor of the trip is an institution of higher education within the meaning of section 101 of the Higher

Education Act of 1965: Of!!

b. The sponsor of the trip does not retain or employ a registered federal lobbyist or foreign agent: [2] or

c. The sponsor employs or retains a registered federal lobbyist or foreign agent, but the trip is for attendance at a one-day event and lobbyist/foreign agent involvement in planning, organizing. requesting, or arranging

the trip was de minimis under the Committee's travel regulations. 0

10. If travel is for participation in a one-day event (i.e., if you checked Question 9(c)). check one of the following:

a. NfA - I checked 9(a) or (b) above: 0

b. One-night's lodging and meals are being offered: 0 or

c. Two-nights' lodging and meals are being offered: 0

If"c" is checked, explain why the second night is warranted:

11. Check one:

B. I represent Ihill a federally-registered lobbyist or foreign agent will not accompany House Members or

employees on any segment of the trip (Signib' that the statement is (rile h.l' checking box): 121 !!!

b. NfA ~ trip sponsor is an institution ofhigher education, 0

12. Private sponsors must have a direct and immediate relationship 10 the purpose of the trip or location being visited. Describe tbe purpose of the trip and the role of each sponsor in organizing and conducting the trip:

The Mercatus Center al George Mason University is the only sponsor of the retreat. We are solely

responsible for organizing and implementing all arrangements and activities.

13. a, Describe the mode of travel (air, rail, bus, etc.). For air travel, abo indicate the type of aircraft (commercial. charier, or privately owned) and class of (ravel (coach. business class. firs! class, etc.):

Travel win be provided by Amtrak's coach service.

b. If travel will be first class or by chartered or private aircraft, provide an explanation describing why such travel is warranted:

14. I represent that the expenditures related to local area travel during the trip will be unrelated to personal or recreational activities of the invi teets). (Sigl1flV that the statement is true ~y checking box): 0

IS. 1 represent that either (check one of the/olio wing):

a.The trip involves an event thai is arranged or organized withou: regard to congressional participation and that meals provided to congressional participants are similar to those provided to or purchased by other

event attendees: 0 or

b. The trip involves events that are arranged speclflcally with regard to congressional participation: 0

If"b" is checked, detail the cost per day of meals (approximate COSI may be provided): _

Approximately $60 a day

16. Reason for selecting the location of the event or trip: Philadelphia has served as an ideal location

for four of our previous nineLeen retreats due tons historic and pleasant atmosphere and, proximity to Capitol Hill.

17. Name ofhotel or other lodging facility: T_h_, e_· _R_itz_ .•. ·_·C_a_T_lt_on_,_P_h_i_la_d_e_.:.lp_h_ia _

18. Cost per night of hotel or other lodging facility (approximate cost may be provided): _$_15_5 _

19. Reasonts) for selecting hotel or other lodging facility: The hotel offered a reasonable government per diem matching rate and was able to provide the necessary facilities to accommodate our conference needs. We have used them two other times and it has been an excellent venue.



--, ~
o actual amounts TOlal Transportation Total Lodging Expenses TOl.al Meal Expenses per I
o good faith estimates Expenses per Participant per Participant Participant
For each Member, f
Officer, or employee $110 8310 $120 I
For each accompanying I
family member $1tO $0 S60 (Typically Dinner Only) I
=-=--=----- - - ," Other Expenses I Identify Specific Nature of "Other" Expenses (e.g.,
I (dollar amount} taxi, parking, registration fee, etc.)
For each Member,
Officer, or employee $0
For each accompanying
family member so 21. I represent lhat all expenses connected 10 the trip will be for actual costs incurred and Dot a per diem or lump sum payment (Signify that rhe statanent is true hy checking box): 0

22 ...

n R Bader, Vice President

Name and title:


Center at George Mason University

Address: 3301 North Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22201

Telephone number:


Fax number: 703-993-4935

Email Address: Ibader@gmu.edu

The Committee staff may contact the above individual if additional informationis required.

If there are any questions regarding this form please contact the Committee at the following address:

Committee 011 Standards of Official Conduct U,S. House of Representatives

HT-2. Tbe Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

(202) 225-7103 (phone)

(202) 225-7392 (general fax)



January 12, 2009

Dear Mr. Brady I

On behalf of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, J am pleased to invite you and your family to the 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat, "Exploring the Road to Recovery". The Mercatus Center's 19th Annual CoS Retreat is the largest gatllering of senior Hill staff froJJ1 both sides of the aisle and from both chambers. This is your opportunity to join an exclusive bipartisan group of your colleagues - and an array of scholars - to explore and debate innovative economic ideas as they relate to important legislative concerns in a relaxing offthe-Hill atmosphere,

The Mercatus Center is a non-profit research, outreach and educational organization at Ceorge Mason University dedicated to bridging academic theory and the reality of governing through the teaching of practical economic concepts, Retreat faculty strives to foster an informal learning environment that encourages critical thinking about the challenges of real-world problems.

The program begins with lunch on Friday, February 20th, and concludes with dinner at the Notional Constitution Center on Saturday, February 21sl, This year's Retreat will take place at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. As is our cUSt0ID, we will provide transportation via Amtrak between Washington, D,C. and Philadelphia,

Throughout the Retreat you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with experts and scholars such as Charles I. Plosser, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Russ Roberts, Bruce Yandle, and former Congressman Tim Roemer, about issues that range from our current economic crises to important policy issues such as healthcare and international trade. This weekend will be about more than just ideas; it is a balanced discussion on creating prosperity and stabilizing our economy with direct pahey implications. In addition, attending the Retreat will allow you to earn Continuing Legal Education Credit and three hours of George Mason University Continuing Education Credit.

As you well know, policy issues are often more complex than portrayed. At the Mercarus Center, we believe understanding economics to be one of the key ingredients to effective policy making. It is important to note, however, that we do not mean ivory tower economics and statistics, but rather the economic concepts and ideas which 'Offer powerful explanations for how markets and governments interact together to solve complex problems. The Reheat is not about telling you which decisions to make, it is about finding the common ground where both sides of the aisle can agree on ways to improve economic prosperity. "Mercatus" is Latin for markets, and rather than imagine todays current money driven marketplace, we look to exemplify the ancient Greek Agora which facilitated a marketplace of ideas and commerce through the open discussions of its citizens.

By placing a unique focus on applying conceptual tools and facilitating hi-partisan discussion to the most pressing topics of the day, the Chief of Staff Retreat has become one of the largest gatherings of senior Hill staff. Over 100 chiefs of staff, committee staff directors,

330 I NORTH FAIRFAX DRIVE, SUlTE 450. ARLlNGTON, VIRGINIA 22201 PHONE: (703) 993-4930 FAX: (703) 993-4935 www.mercatus.org

and other senior staff - from both sides of the aisle - regularly attend. This turnout makes the Retreat a great opportunity to network with your colleagues at dinners, receptions, and in small-group discussions. The bi-partisan atmosphere allows for easy interactions with your colleagues whom you may not get to commonly interact with on the Hill.

This year's Retreat will.feature lectures from ieadin.g academics on "big picture" ideas regarding the interaction of markets and government and how public policy can best direct these institutions on the Road to Recovery. The Retreat faculty will also lead numerous break-out roundtable discussions that allow you to apply economic principles to the relevant issues facing you and your staff in the ll1th Congress. Specific topics to be addressed include:

y Finuncia! Sector Recovery

r: Health Care

r Free Trade Agreements

'r Improving Transportation lnfrastructure

).- And others, including: Tax Rejorm, National Security, and Accountabili~/ in Budgeting.

On Saturday night we will gather for a reception at the National Constitution Center. We have invited Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian Joseph Ellis, author of Founding Brothers: The Reuolu tionary Generation, to deliver that evening's lecture.

I am fully aware that congressional oversight of such events has increased over the last few years. We have been in constant contact with the House and Senate Ethics Committees to ensure that, as with all Mercatus Center educational events, we remain completely compliant with current standards. It is in this effort that we have provided four documents to assist in the approval process now required for attendance: a detailed retreat agenda, a list of retreat invitees, a completed private sponsor travel certification form detailing expenses and other required information. and a blank travel approval form. If you wish to attend, please remember to complete and submit the approval form to the committee at least 14 days prior to the event on February 8, 2008. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these materials, please feel free to contact me at any time, or contact yOUl' appropriate office of ethics.

We hope you can join us for the 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat. Please respond soon to guarantee a reservation as space fills up quickly. I look forward to seeing you in

Phiia del phia .

p.s. You can learn more, or to register, please visit www.mercatus.org/cosretreat, or contact Chris Myers directly at 703.993.4952 or via email at cmyers2@gmu.edu.

2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office

Steve Abbott Sen. Susan M. Collins Larissa Bounds Rep. Brian Bilbray
Mac Abrams Rep. Dean Heller Jaron Bourke Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich
Brian Ahlberg Sen. Tom Harkin David Bowser Rep. Paul Broun
Dan Ahouse Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey April Boyd Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher
Luke Albee Sen. Mark Warner Adam Brand Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy
Stacey Alexander Rep. Jim Matheson Jim Brandell Rep. Dave Camp
Johnny Amaral Rep. Devin Nunes Jeremy Brait Rep. Tim Walz
Michael Andel Rep. David Scott Kevin Brennan Rep. Rosa L. Delaura
Michael Anderson Rep. Don Young Chuck Brimmer Rep. Peter J. vlsclosky
Michelle Anderson
Lee Rep. Chaka Fallah Ken Brock Rep. Mark Schauer
Andrew Anuzis Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Darryl Broome Rep. J. Gresham Barrett
John Ariale Rep. Ander Crenshaw Sieve Brophy Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Betsy Arnold Rep. John F. Tierney Barry Brown Rep. Michael Burgess
Victor Arnold-Bik Rep. Dan Lungren Cindy Brown Rep. Ron Kind
Amy Asselbaye Rep. Neil Abercrombie James Brown Sen. Robert Casey
Kerry Ates Sen. John D. Rockefeller Jennifer Brown Rep. Lamar Smith
Lisa Austin Rep. Brian Baird Mike Brown Rep. Carol Shea-Porter
Lanier Avant Rep. Bennie G. Thompson Tom Brown Rep. Sam Graves
Lisa Baranello Rep. Gary L. Ackerman Mark Brownell Rep. Collin C. Peterson
Elizabeth Bartheld Rep. John Sullivan Joel Brubaker Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
Stacy Barton Rep. Mike Turner Candace Bryan Abbey Rep. Charles Wilson
Caroline Battles Rep. Russ Carnahan Dee Buchanan Rep. Jeb Hensarling
Howard Bauleke Rep. Dennis Moore Leon Buck Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
Thomas Bean Rep. Mario Dtaz-Batart Tony Buckles Rep. Bob Filner
Jean-Louise Beard Rep. David E. Price Jason Buckner Rep. Dan Boren
Tim Becker Sen. Ben Benjamin Nelson Sheila Bunn Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton
Ann Begeman Sen. John McCain Joy Burch Rep. John Linder
George Behan Rep. Norm Dicks Elizabeth Burks Sen. Blanche L. Lincoln
Barry Bennett Rep. Jean Schmidt Jeff Burton Rep. Mike Conaway
Sarah Benzing Rep. Bruce Braley Mark Busching Rep. Robert B. Aderholt
Chris Berardini Rep. Henry E. Brown Mark Buse Rep. John McCain
Timothy Bergreen Rep. Adam Schiff Richard Butcher Rep. Diane E. Watson
Eric Bergren Rep. Brett Gunlhrie Ian Campbell Rep. Yvette Clarke
Bret Bernhardt Sen. Jim DeMint Neil Campbell Sen. Jack Reed
Igor Birman Rep. Tom McClintock Anne Caprara Rep. Elizabeth Markey
Jeff Bjornstad Sen. Patty Murray Anna Carbonell Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balarl
Denise Blanchard Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz Michael Carey Rep. Kendrick B. Meek
Dan Blankenburg Rep. John Doolittle Ronnie Carleton Rep. John Salazar
Gideon Blustein Rep. Deborah Halvorson Chris Carr Sen. Johnny Isakson
Paul Bock Sen. Herb Kohl Julie Carr Rep. John Yarmuth
Win Boerckel Rep. Gwen Moore Jeff Carroll Rep. Frank Pallone
Bibiana Boerio Rep. Joseph Sestak James Carstensen Rep_ Tom Latham
Michele Bogdanovich Rep. William Lacy Clay Jessica Carter Rep. Steve Pearce
David Boling Rep. Vic Snyder Bill Caruso Rep. Robert E. Andrews
Joe Bonfiglio Rep. Charlie Melancon Chad Causey Rep. Marion Berry
Brian Bonlender Rep. Jay Inslee Doug Centilli Rep. Kevin Brady
Jean Bordewich Rep. John Hall Glen Chambers Sen. Sam Brownback
Rachel Bornstein Rep. James Langevin Hilarie Chambers Rep. Sander M. Levin
Randy Borntrager Rep Mary Jo Kilroy Peter Chandler Rep. Michael Michaud 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office
Shana Chandler Rep. Adam Smith Debra Dixon Rep. Joe Wilson
Daniel Chao Rep. Grace F. Napolitano Jeff Dobrozsi Rep. Charles Boustany
Kathleen Chapman Rep_ Neil Abercrombie Christine Dodd Sen. Lamar Alexander
Stuart Chapman Rep. Zachary W. Space Penny Dodge Rep. Peter A DeFazio
Bradford Cheney Rep_ Brad Sherman Garrett Donovan Rep. Ron Klein
Jaime Cheshire Rep. Buck McKeon Rochelle Domatt Rep. Sam Farr
Benjamin Chevat Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney John Doty Rep. Jerrold Nadler
Jeff Choudhry Rep. Trent Franks Glen Downs Rep. Walter B. Jones
Adrienne Christian Rep. Donna Edwards Andrew Duke Rep. David Roe
Chris Chwastyk Rep. Chet Edwards Jeff Duncan Rep. Edward J_ Markey
Jordan Clark Rep. Glenn Thompson William Duncan Rep. Ernest J. Istook
Jerry Clarke Rep_ Timothy V. Johnson Marjorie Duske Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Lise Clavel Rep. Thomas Perriello Julie Dwyer Rep. Bob Etheridge
Peter Cleveland Sen. Dianne Feinstein Rick Dykema Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Susan Cobb Sen. Orrin Hatch Julie Eddy Rep. Doris Matsui
Bob Cochran Rep. Howard P. McKeon Kenneth Edmonds Rep. Jesse L Jackson
Jeff Cohen Rep. Connie Mack Yul Edwards Rep_ Danny K. Davis
Lisa Cohen Rep. Diana L DeGette Joel Elliott Rep_ Joe Donnelly
Jason Cole Rep. Jim Himes Jaqueline Ellis Rep. AI Green
Michael Collins Rep. John Lewis Adriene Elrod Rep. Loretta Sanchez
Rob Collins Rep. Eric I. Cantor Don Ernsberger Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Mary Jane Colli priest Sen. Robert F. Bennett Laurie Esau Rep. Erik Paulsen
Jeff Connor Rep. Jo Ann Emerson Tony Essalih Rep. John A Culberson
Shirley Cooks Rep. Stephen Cohen Arthur Estopinan Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Charles Cooper Rep. Adam Putnam Tucker Fagan Rep. Cynthia Lummis
Mike Copher Rep. Steve Buyer Scott Fairchild Rep. Patrick Murphy
Jackie Cottrell Sen. Pat Roberts Jess Fassler Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand
Heather Couri Rep. Joe Barton Karen Feather Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski
Michael Cravens Rep. Gregg Harper Eric Feldman Rep. Gary Peters
Brian Crawford Rep. Thomas Rooney Carmen Fellclano Resident Commissioner Pedro
Frank Cullen Rep. Mary Bono Pierluisi
Brenna Findley Rep. Steve King
Paul Cunningham Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard Perry Finney Rep. Silvestre Reyes
Debbie Curtis Rep. Pete Stark Peter Fischer Sen. Michael D_ Crapo
George Dalley Rep. Charles B. Rangel Denis Fleming Rep_ Sen Chandler
Sean Dalton Rep_ Phil Gingrey Lee Fletcher Rep. John Fleming
Steve Danon Rep. Brian Bilbray Kevin Fogarty Rep. Peter 1. King
Jonathan Davidson Rep. John L. Sarbanes Mark Forest Rep. William D. Delahunt
JOhn Davis Rep. Louise M. Slaughter Roland Foster Sen. Tom Coburn
Michael Day Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez Nancy Fox Rep. Rodney P _ Frelinghuysen
Pamela Day Rep. Don Young Beecher Frasier Rep. Lincoln Davis
Javier de la Luz Resident Commissioner Luis Julia Frifield Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski
Kim Dean Sen. Jim Sunning Jenniee Fuentes Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez
Rick Dearborne Sen. Jeff Sessions Landon Fulmer Sen. Sam Brownback
Joan DeBoer Rep. Ray LaHood Paul Gage Rep. Kurt Schrader
Bob Decheine Rep, Steven R. Rothman David Garcia Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz
Patrick Deleon Sen. Daniel K. Inouye Sara Garland Sen. Kent Conrad
Pat Delgado Rep. Henry A. Waxman Dana Gartzke Rep. William Posey
Eric Dell Rep. Xavier Secerra Debbie Gebhardt Rep. Thomas E. Petri
Jay Gertserna Rep. Dina Titus 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office
David Gillies Rep. Jerry F_ Costello Roberta Hopkins Rep. William J, Jefferson
Dee Gilmore Rep. Randy Randy Forbes Renee Howell Rep. Mark Souder
Kim Glass Rep. Peter Chandler Richard Hudson Rep. Mike Conaway
Stacey Glasscock Rep. Frank D. Lucas John Hugya Rep. John P _ Murtha
Tim Glazewski Sen. Jon Kyl Eric Hultman Rep. Lee Terry
Jason Gleason Rep. John Sarbanes Connie Humphrey Rep. Ruben Hinojosa
Harry Glenn Rep, C. W. Young Jill Hunter-Williams Rep_ Danny K. Davis
Drew Goesl Rep, Mike Ross Cathy Hurwit Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky
Murat Gokcigdem Rep, Eddie Bernice Johnson Shelly Husband Rep. Bob Goodlatte
David Goldenberg Rep. Alcee L. Hastings Rebecca Hyder Rep. Gus Bilirakis
Elizabeth Gore Sen, Byron L. Dorgan Thomas Ingram Sen. Lamar Alexander
Martin Green Rep. Mark Souder Mary Irvine Sen. Russell D. Feingold
Libby Greer Rep. F. Allen Boyd Erik I vers on Rep. Dennis Rehberg
Dana Gresham Rep. Artur Davis Joni Ivey Rep. Robert C. Scott
Bob Griffitts Rep. John J. Duncan Ann Jablon Rep, Richard E, Neal
Ron Grimes Rep. Tim Ryan Rhonda Jackson Rep, Gene Green
Jason Gross Rep_ Joseph Courtney Beth Jasari Sen. John Cornyn
Ryan Guthrie Rep. Baron Hill Adri Jayaratne Rep. Betty Sutton
Joe Guzzo Rep. Steven C, LaTourette Charles Jefferson Rep. Mike Thompson
Robert Hagedorn Rep. Ike Skelton Eric Johnson Rep. Robert Wexler
Shelby Hagenauer Rep. Kevin McCarthy Jace Johnson Sen. Orrin G. Hatch
Sarah Hale Rep. Sue Myrick Kimberly Johnston Rep. Rick Larsen
Phyllis Hallmon Rep_ Sanford D. Bishop Kimberly Johnston Rep, Rick Larsen
Christina Hamilton Rep. David RObey Ashley Jones Rep. John Barrow
Alan Hanson Sen. Richard C, Shelby Margaret Joseph Rep. Bobby Bright
Helen Hardin Rep. Zach Wamp Chris Joyner Sen. Richard M. Burr
Justin Harding Rep. Jason Chaffetz Jeff Kahrs Rep. Todd Tiahrt
Cameron Hardy Sen. Craig Thomas Erin Kanoy Rep. Tom C. Feeney
Derek Harley Rep. Wally Herger Josh Kardon Sen. Ron Wyden
Charlie Harman Sen. Saxby Chambliss Dave Karvelas Rep. Vern Buchanan
Steve Haro Rep. Martin Heinrich Joel Kassiday Rep. Elton Gallegly
Bill Harper Rep. Betty McCollum Steve Katich Rep. Marcy Kaptur
Mary Harper Rep_ Mac Thornberry Daniel Katz Sen. Frank R. Laulenberg
Bill Harris Rep. Frank A. LoBlondo Maura Keefe Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
Guy Harrison Rep. Pete Sessions Andy Keiser Rep. Mike Rogers
Randolph Harrison Rep. Lois Capps Dawn Kelly Mobley Rep. Marcia Fudge
Chris Hartmann Rep. Rush Holt Sean Kennedy Sen. Claire McCaskill
Cooksb Hashemi Rep. Jaokie Speier Kent Keyser Rep. Nick J. Rahall
Robert Head Rep. Kay Granger Crystal King Sen. Kay Hagan
Ryan Hedgepeth Rep. Brad Miller Marvin King Rep. Gregory W, Meeks
Dave Heil Rep. Sam Johnson Sophia King Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz
James Heimbach Sen, Sherrod Brown John Kirincich Rep_ Jim Marshall
Matt Henken Rep. Edwifl Perlmutter Margaret Klessig Rep. Jeff Flake
John Hess Rep, Jane Harman Karen Knutson Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Gregg Hill Rep, Mike McCaul James Koski Rep. Earl Blumenauer
Joan Hillebrands Rep, Fred Upton Angela Koulers Rep. Gerald McNerney
Jean Hinz Rep. John Kline Angela Kouters Rep. Glenn Nye
Scott Hoeflich Sen. Arlen Specter Peter Kovar Rep. Barney Frank
Nick Holder Rep, Gerald McNerney Mick Krieger Rep. John A. Boehner 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office
Dan Krupnick Rep. Daniel Maffei Nora Matus Rep. Lynn Woolsey
Miles Lackey Sen. Christopher J, Dodd Daniel Mcadams Rep. Ron Paul
Chip Lake Rep. Lynn Westmoreland Susan McAvoy Rep. Leonard L. Boswell
Matthew Lambert Rep. Marsha Blackburn Bill McBride Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers
Jeff Lane Sen. Ken Salazar Tim McCann Rep. Frank Kratovil
Tomas Larralde Rep. Ciro Rodriguez Chris McCannell Rep. Mike McMahon
Todd Larson Rep. Peter Roskam Colleen McCarty Rep. Alan B. Mollohan
Wendy Larson Rep. Peter Roskam Jesse McCollum Rep, Ron Klein
Stacey leavandosky Rep. Zoe Lofgren Flip McConnaughey Sen. Michael B. Enzi
Michael Lehman Rep. Paul Tonka Robert McCreary Rep. Douglas Lamborn
Joe Leonard Chairwoman Rep. Barbara Terri McCullough Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Lee CBC Ed McDonald Rep. Howard Coble
Patrick Leopold Rep. Lynn Jenkins
Russ Levsen Rep. Stephanie Herseth Daniel McElhatton Rep. Allyson Schwartz
Muffy Lewis Rep. John Campbell George McElwee Rep. Charlie Dent
Terry Lierman Rep. Steny H. Hoyer Dan McFaul Rep. Jeff Miller
Jason Linde Rep. Bill Foster Matt McGinley Rep. Tom Price
Paul Lipson Rep. Jose E. Serrano David McKean Sen. John F. Kerry
Katharine lister Sen. Maria Cantwell Kerry McKenney Rep. Donald M. Payne
Tom Lizardo Rep. Ron Paul Heather McNatt Rep. Jaok Kingston
John Lopez Sen. John Ensign Pete Meachum Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite
Jeff Loveng Rep. Bill Shuster Greg Mecher Rep. Steve Driehaus
Jennifer Lowe Sen. Norm Coleman Tina Mengine Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper
Chris Lu Sen. Barack Obama April Metwalli Rep. Chris Carney
David Lucas Rep. Mike Doyle Joyce Meyer Rep. Paul D. Ryan
Kelly Lungren- John Michael Rep. Melissa Bean
McCollum Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Gonzalez
Van Luong Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton Ned Michalek Rep. Eliot L. Engel
Tamera Luzzatto Sen. Daniel K. Inouye Vicki Middleton Rep. Duncan Hunter
Kathy Lydon Rep. Judy Biggert Vicki Middleton Rep. Duncan Hunter
Tim Lydon Rep. John Adler Scott Miller Rep. Todd R Platts
David Lyles Sen. Carl Levin James Min Rep. Kevin McCarthy
Chris Lynch Sen. Benjamin L, Cardin Bryan Mitchell Rep. Edwin Perlrnutter
Mike Lynch Sen. Charles E. Schumer Dean Mitchell Rep. Mike Mcintyre
Don Lyster Rep. Hilda L. Solis Joan Mitchell Rep. Ray LaHood
AnaMa Rep. Raul M. Grijalva Pete Mitchell Sen. Bill Nelson
Brian MacDonald Rep. Greg Walden Todd Mitchell Rep. Leonard Lance
Linda Macias Rep. Joe Baca Kari Moe Rep. Keith Ellison
Marshall Macomber Rep. Mike Rogers Heather Molino Rep. CA Dutch
Adam Magary Rep. Donald A. Manzullo Ruppersberger
Jason Mahler Rep. Anna G. Eshoo Eric Mongilnick Sen. Edward M. Kennedy
David Malech Rep. John Campbell Gloria Montaiio Rep. Raul M. Grijalva
Ted Maness Rep. George p, Radanovich Charlotte Montiel Sen, Jim DeMint
Jenny Manley Sen. Thad Cochran Mikael Moore Rep. Maxine Waters
Chris Mansour Rep. Dale E. Kildee Steven Moore Rep. Peter Roskam
Samuel Marchio Rep. Michael Arcuri Terri Moore Sen. Michael Johanns
Michelle Marston Rep. Michele Bachmann Brad Morris Rep. Roger F. Wicker
Cynthia Martin Rep. John Conyers Brad Morris Rep. Travis W Childers
Gene Martorony Rep. Albic Sires M<lrty Morris Sen. Rich<lrd G. Lugar
Mike Mathis Rep. John Murtha Jedd Moskowitz Rep. Gary L. Ackerman
Jason Matthews Sen. Mary L. Landrieu Susan Mosychuk Rep. Tim Murphy 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office
Michael Mucchetli Rep. Lloyd Doggetl Leanne Powell Rep. Larry Kissell
Leo Munoz Rep. Charlie Gonzalez Jack Pratt Rep. Sieve Israel
Lester Munson Rep. Mark Sleven Kirk Robert Primus Rep. Michael E. Capuano
Bill Murat Rep. Tammy Baldwin Lisa Prosienski Rep. Chellie Pingree
Sean Murphy Rep. Tom Cole Paul Protik Rep. Todd Akin
Merritt Myers Rep. Jack Kingston Mike Quaranta Rep. Michael N. Castle
Mindy Myers Sen. She'ldon Whitehouse Lisa Quigley Rep. Jim Cooper
Gary Myrick Sen. Harry M. Reid Joseph Racalto Rep. Eric Massa
Tom Nagle Sen. Thomas Udall Micah Ragland Rep. Andre Carson
Neil Naraine Sen. Mary Landrieu Dave Ramey Rep. Ken Calvert
Clarine Nardi Riddle Sen. Joseph L Lieberman Angela Ramirez Congressional Hispanic
Louis Navarro Sen. Joseph R. Biden Caucus
Angela Ramirez Rep. Ben Lujan
Ven Neralla Rep. Barbara J. Lee Heather Ramsey Rep. Ted Poe
Dale Neugebauer Rep. Darrell Issa Josh Raymond Rep. Christopher Murphy
Gabe Neville Rep. Joseph R. Pitts Paul Reagan Sen. James Webb
Kristin Nicholson Rep. James R. Langevin Mat! Reiffer Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers
Julie Nickson Rep. Barbara Lee Jim Reilly Sen. Thomas R. Carper
Scott Nishioki Rep. Jim Costa Trish Reilly-Hudock Rep. Tim Holden
Mary Noonan Rep. Christopher H. Smith Jonathan Renfrew Rep. John B. Larson
Todd Novascone Rep. Jerry Moran
Daniel O'Brien Sen. Robert Menendez Amanda Renteria Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Dawn O'Connell Rep. John M. Spratt Ben Rich Rep. William J. Pascrell
Amy O'Donnell Rep. John Larson Bill Richard Rep. James L. Oberstar
Tom O'Donnell Rep. Phillip Hare John Richter Sen. Olympia J. Snowe
Joan Ohasashi Sen. Daniel K. Akaka Hunter Ridgway Rep. John W. Olver
Maura O'Neill Sen. Maria Cantwell Chris Riley Rep. Nathan Deal
Bud Otis Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett Karen Robb Rep. Chris Van Hollen
Tara Oursler Rep. Dutch A. Ruppersberger Michael Robbins Rep. John D Dingell
Danielle Owen . Rep. Melvin L Watt Cr.aig Roberts Rep. John M. Shimkus
Russell Roberts Rep. John L. Mica
Ed Pagano Sen. Patrick Leahy Armstrong Robinson Rep. Geoff Davis
Rep. Debbie Wasserman
Steve Paikowsky Schultz Josh Robinson Rep. William Cassidy
Phill Park Sen. George V. Voinovich Matt Robison Rep. Paul Hodes
Kimberly Parker Rep. Laura Richardson Jamie Roe Rep. Candice Miller
Scotl Parker Rep. Rob Bishop Patty Roe Rep. Thelma Drake
Connie Partoyan Rep. Cathy McMorris Bob Rogan Rep. Peter Welch
Stephen Peranich Rep. Gene Taylor Hayden Rogers Rep. Heath Shuler
Richard Perry Sen. Lindsey O. Graham Wayne Roper Rep. Bob Inglis
Chris Philbin Rep. James P. McGovem Jerr Rosenbaum Rep. Virgil H. Goode
Clay Phillips Rep. Kathy Castor John Rothrock Rep. Gary Miller
Donna Pignatelli Rep. Bart Gordon Kyle Ruckert Sen. David Vitler
Billy Piper Sen. Mitch McConnell Lynnel Ruckert Rep. Steve Scalise
Amy Poe Rep. Roy D. Blunt Kim Rudolph Rep. Carolyn C. Kilpatrick
Maura Pollcelli Rep. Gabrielle Giffords KimbeJ1y Rudolph Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
Parker Poling Rep. Patrick McHenry Haley Rumback Rep. Michael Arcuri
leslie Pollner Rep. Suzanne Kosmas Bob Russell Sen. Mark Pryor
Jacque Ponder Rep. Mike Coffman Kevin Ryan Rep. Stephen F. Lynch
Todd Poole Rep. Virginia Fox>! Adrian Saenz Rep. Harry Teague
Janet Poppleton Rep. Ralph M. Hall Matthew Sagely Rep. John Boozman
Amy Porter Rep. Edward R. Royce Algene Sajery Rep. Yvette Clark 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees

Name Office Name Office
James Sakai Sen. Daniel Akaka Michael Staley Rep. Spencer Bachus
Lori Salley Rep. Deborah Pryce Tom Stallings Rep. Trent Franks
Drey Samuelson Sen. Tim Johnson Elizabeth Stanley Rep. Nita M. Lowey
Daraka Satcher Rep. Henry Johnson John Starkman Rep. Edward Whitfield
Dan Scandling Rep. Frank R. Wolf Rob Steptoe Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
Laura Schiller Sen. Barbara Boxer Terry Stinson Rep. Henry Cuellar
Scott Schloegel Rep. Bart Stupak Shelly Stoneman Rep. Steven R. Rothman
Tom Schreibel Rep. James James Wayne Strubel Rep. Steve Austria
Sensenbrenner Thomas Sugar Sen. Evan Bayh
Stephanie Schriock Sen. Jon Tester
Brian Schubert Rep. Christopher Lee Julie Tagen Rep. Alan Grayson
Robert Schwalbach Del. Gregorio Sablan Jason Tai Rep. Dan Lipinski
Michael Schwartz Sen. Tom Coburn Alexis Tameran Rep. Harry Mitchell
Doyle Scott Rep. Trent Franks Andy Tantillo Rep. Brian Higgins
Liz Sears-Sm ith Rep. Rahm Emanuel Robert Taub Rep. John M. McHugh
Jon Selib Sen. Max S. Baucus Marie Ternes Rep. Anthony D. Weiner
Jack Seum Rep. Clifford B. Steams Adam Terry Rep. Rodney Alexander
Frank Shafroth Rep. James P. Moran Brian Thomas Rep. Kenny Marchant
Jeff Shapiro Rep. Adrian Smith Kristin Thompson Rep. John Shadegg
Steven Shearer Rep. Aaron Schock Ryan Thompson Sen. James M. Inhofe
Lee Sheehy Sen. Amy Klobuchar Bill Tighe Rep. Jim Gerlach
Maggie Sheely Rep. Geoff Davis Julie Tippens Rep. David Wu
Ruth Sherlock Rep. Anh Joseph Cao Mike Tomberlin Rep. L.ouie Gohmert
Lisa Sherman Rep. Susan Davis Michael Torra Rep. Spencer Bachus
Michael Shields Rep. Dave Reichert Anthony Trevena Rep. John Boccieri
Jan Shinpoch Rep. Jim McDermott Jennifer Tyree Sen. Daniel Akaka
Colleen Shogan Sen. Joseph Lieberman Warren Tryon Rep. Linda Sanchez
Alyssa Shooshan Sen. Judd Gregg Victoria Tung CAPAC
Marc Short Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Richard Urey Rep. Shelley Berkley
Jennifer Van der
Bob Siggins Rep. Earl Pomeroy Heide Escobar Rep. Mike Honda
Ronnie Simmons Rep. Corrine Brown Laura Vaught Rep. Rick Boucher
Vernon Simms Rep. Elijah E. Cummings Barbara Videnieks Sen. Robert C Byrd
Lindsay Slater Rep. Mike Simpson John Walker Rep. John R. Carter
Amy Smith Rep. Scott Garrett Mark Walker Rep. Dan Burton
Amy Smith Rep. Brian Bilbray Matthew Walker Rep. Robert Andrews
Bill Smith Rep. Mike Pence James Walkinshaw Rep. Gerald Connolly
Brad Smith Rep. David Dreier Vickie Walling Rep. John S. Tanner
Cori Smith Rep. Brad Ellsworth Jennifer Walsh Rep. Dennis A. Cardoza
Gene Smith Rep. Howard L. Berman Stephen Ward Sen. Jeff Bingaman
Kara Smith Sen. Christopher S. Bond Stanley Watkins Rep. Bobby L. Rush
Will Smith Rep. Harold Rogers Yelberton Watkins Rep. James E. Clyburn
Dave Solan Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest Monique Watson Del. Donna M. Christensen
Patrick Souders Sen. Richard J. Durbin Hal Weatherman Rep. Sue Myrick
Michael Sozan Sen. Mark Udall Jeff Weaver Sen, Bernard Sanders
AI Spencer Rep. Jo Bonner Nate Webb Rep. Mary Fallin
Michael Spira Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Tom Weinberg Sen. Mel Martinez
Pete Spiro Rep. Timothy H. Bishop Daniel Weiss Rep. George Miller
Mary Springer Rep. Rob Wittman Sharon Werner Rep. Jason Altmlre
Isaac Squyres Rep. Walter Minnick Sharon Wheeler Rep. Parker Griffith Name

John White

Stanley While Jeanette Whitener Shawn Whitman Shawn Whitman John Whitt

Clarence Williams David Williams

Lisa Williams

Tonya N. Williams Arlene Willis

Albert Wiltshire

Kate Winkler

Eric Witte

Todd Wolmack Sean Woo

Robert Woodall Leslie Woolley Justin Wormmeester John Wyatt

Tonnie Wybensinger Ray Yonkura

David Young

Eve Young

Todd Young

Matt Zabel

Mike Zamore

Chris Zeigler

2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees


Rep. Mazie Hirono

Rep. Robert A. Brady Rep. Randy Neugebauer Sen. Craig Thomas

Sen. John Barrasso

Del. Madeleine Z. Bordallo Rep. Kendrick B. Meek Rep. Sleven Kagen

Del. Eni F. H. Faleomavaega Rep. G. K. Butterfield

Rep. Jerry Lewis

Rep. Edolphus Towns Rep. Joseph Crowley Rep. Dave Loebsack Sen. Bob Corker

Sen. Sam Brownback Rep. John Linder

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Rep. Peter Hoekstra Rep. Peter Olson

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer Rep. James Jordan

Sen. Charles E. Grassley Rep. Ed Pastor

Rep. Doc Hastings

Sen. John Thune

Sen. Jeffrey Merkley Rep. Pat Tiberi


Bud Albright

Mike Alexander Perry Apelbaum Chuck Atkins

Lanier Avant

Phil Barnett

Naomi Baum

Allison Binney

Liz Birnbaum Antony Blinken Larry Brady

Bill Brew

Kenyen BlOwn

Ed Cassidy

David Cavicke David Cherington Bruce Cohen

Erin Conaton

Jim Coon

Ed Corrigan Margaret Curnrnisky Kalan Davis Gregory Dean Michael Day Richard DeBobes Mike Delaney

Floyd DesChamps Ellen Doneski

Bryan Dorsey

Bill Duhnke

Bruce Evans Catherine Finley Dennis Fitzgibbons Kevin Fitzpatrick Chris Fluhr Christopher Frenze Howard Gantman J.J Gertler

Leslee Gilbert Allison Giles George Hadijski

t::arl y Iiallo, a"

Hugh Halpern Mark Halverson David Heymsfeld Alec Hoppes Wally Hsueh Kristina Husar Jeff Janas

2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees


u.s. Department ot Energy

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs House Committee on the Judiciary

House Committee on Science and Technology House Committee on Homeland Security

House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

House Committee on House Administration Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct House Committee on Rules

House Committee on Energy and Commerce Senate Committee on Armed Services Senate Committee on the Judiciary

House Committee on Armed Services

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastucture Senate Steering Committee (DeMint)

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Senate Committee on Finance

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions House Committee on Small Business

Senate Committee on Armed Services

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Joint Committee on the Library of Congress

Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Senate Committee on Appropriations

Senate Special Committee on Aging

House Committee on Energy and Commerce House Committee on Small Business

House Committee on Natural Resources Joint Economic Committee

Senate Committee on Rules and Administration House Committee on Armed Services

House Committee on Science and Technology House Committee on Ways and Means Committee on House Administration

House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform House Committee on Rules

Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry House Committee on Transportation and Infrastucture House Committee on Administration

Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship House Committee on Government Reform

House Committee on Administration

Adam Jarvis
Andrew Johnson
Ivy Johnson
Mary Suit Jones
Thomas Kahn
Richard Kessler
Charles Kieffer
Edward Kleinbard
Michael Kosliw
Christine Kurth
Nanci Langley
Nanci Langley
Rob Larew
Michael l.askawy
Larry Lavender
Jim Lews
Frank Macchiarola
Shawn Maher
Charles Maresca
Donald Marron
Janet Mays
Denzel McGuire
Sean McLaughlin
Brandon Milham
Natasha Moore
.... . TahitRa f,h:lClis •
David Mullon
Michael Myers
Kenneth Myers Jr.
Robert Nabors
Mary Naylor
Scott Nystrom
Bill O'Conner
Robert O'Connor
Patrick O'Hanlon
Maureen Ohlhausen
Laura Parker
Laura Parker
Will Plaster
Yleem Poblete
Martha Scott
Bettina Poirier
Robert Raffety
Justine Rodriguez
Jeanne Roslanowick
Nick Rossi
Micllael RusseJi
John Sassaman 2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees


House Committee on Rules

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Senate Judiciary Committee

Senate Committee on Rules and Administration House Committee on the Budget

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Senate Committee on Appropriations

Joint Committee on Taxation

Senate Committee on Armed Services

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs Senate FinanciallVlanagemenl, the Budget, and International Security Subcommittee (Governmental Affairs)

House Committee on Agriculture

Joint Economic Committee

House Committee on Financial Services

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Small Business Administration (-)

Congressional Budget Office

House Committee on Ways and Means Senate Committee on the Budget House Committee on the Judiciary

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Joint Economic Committee

House Government Efficiency and Financial Management Subcommittee (Government Reform)

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

House Committee on Appropriations

Senate Committee on the Budget

Department of Health and Human Services (0) House Committee on Agriculture Minority Office House Committee on Homeland Security

Office of Management and Budget (0)

Federal Trade Commission H

Senate Sergeant at Arms

Senate Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate House Committee on House Administration

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Consumer Product Safety Commission

Office of Management and Budget

House Committee on Financial Services

Senate Committee on the Judiciary

House Committee on Homeland Security

Senate Select Committee on Ethics


William Schulz Uyse Schuman Robert Shea George Shevlin Colleen Shogan Jeff Shokey Malcom Shorter Bob Simmons Robert Simon

Joe Sixeas Kingston Smith Augustine Smythe Sally Stroup Russell Sullivan Pam Thiessen Jon Traub

Louis Tucker

Dan Turton

Leah Uhlmann Leah Uhlmann Lisa Venus

Gerry Waldron Tom Weimer Susan Wells

John Wheat

Andrew Wheeler Kevin Wheeler Debra Whitman Denise Wilson Lupe Wissel

Jeff Wrase

Ken Zeft JimZoia

Mark Zuckerman

2009 Chief of Staff Retreat Invitees


House Republican Policy Committee

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Office of the Director

House Committee on Administration

Office of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) House Committee on Appropriations

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

House Committee on Armed Services

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Senate Committee on Armed Services

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

House Committee on the Budget

House Committee on Education & Labor Senate Committee on Finance

Senate Republican Policy Committee House Committee on Ways and Means Senate Select Committee on Intelligence House Committee on Rules

Joint Economic Committee

Joint Economic Committee

House Committee on the Budget

Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming JOint Committee on Printing

House Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources Subcommittee (Government Refonn)

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Senate Special Committee on Aging

House Committee on Governmenl Reform

Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

House Committee on the Budget

Office of Management and Budget (-)

House Committee on Natural Resources

House Commitlee on Education & Labor