Josh/Alex s Saga Game: Era: 3,653 BBY ( 0 ATC ) Jedi: 2 NPC s Jedi Consular (Satele Shan) and

Jedi Sentinel (Shigar Konshi) Party: Republic Loyalists Resistance Group Starting Sector: Bright Jewel Sector Starting Planet: Ord Mantell Starting Location: Worldport, Ord Mantell Starting Quest: Make contact with Jedi Contact in Lady Fate Casino Campaign Goals: Establish Republic Strongholds in Sith Controlled Space, Assist Republic in fight against the Sith Empire, Defeat The New Sith Empire,???, Restore Peace and Order to the Galaxy? <The Sith Empire> Minor Villain-1: Lt. Faldo Dregan Villain Resources: Camp Kaxal Garrison: 1 Carrack Cruiser ???, 4 Tie-Fighters, 400 Stormtroopers, 50 Speeder Bikes. Major Villain-1: Commander Atelia Kruger Villain Resources: 1 Venator ???, 16 Squadrons Tie Fighters, 16 Squadrons Tie Bombers, 4,000 Stormtroopers, 500 Speeder Bikes. <The Hutt Cartel> Minor Villain-2: Mercenaries Gamorrean Guard, Gran Mercenary, Ithorian Renegade, Rodian Bounty Hunter Villain Resources: 2x MorningStar-A Starfighter *Source , 1x Y-Wing Major Villain-2: Torka the Hutt Villain Resources: Countless Bounty Hunters, Assassin Droid (IG-456),Mandalorian, Heavily Modified SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, Palace on Sriluur *Source <The True Sith Empire> Minor Villain-3: Sith Apprentice Darsin *Source Villain Resources: 1 Dreadnaught ???, 2 Carrack Cruiser ???, 2 AT-ST, 20 Tie-Fighters, 4,800 Hvy Sith Stormtroopers, 600 Speeder Bikes

Darth Rivan *Source Villain Resources: ??? .Super Villain-3: Sith Lord .

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