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Mastering.Photoshop.Web.Design_July 2010

Mastering.Photoshop.Web.Design_July 2010

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Published by: evercuevas1000 on Feb 12, 2011
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Words may be clear and concise, but
typography is the voice that carries them into
our subconscious. Typography has the ability to
evoke feelings and forge impressions greater
than the words it renders. Even bad typography
can be extremely powerful. We’ve all landed on
websites with bright red text on an even
brighter blue background, and strained our
eyes to read three paragraphs over minutes
that we wished we could take back.

Poor type can instantly ruin a visitor’s
impression of your brand and its reputability.
So, understanding the ins and outs of on-screen
typography is critical. While the majority of
type on the Web is rendered by HTML,
Photoshop is still necessary to handle treatment
beyond the grasp of CSS. In this chapter, we’ll
explore Photoshop’s type tools and discover
ways to maximize the software’s typesetting

Smashing eBook Series: #3 | Mastering Photoshop for Web Design | 77
Chapter 5, Typography

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