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Mastering.Photoshop.Web.Design_July 2010

Mastering.Photoshop.Web.Design_July 2010

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Published by: evercuevas1000 on Feb 12, 2011
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I really hope this book has helped remove the barrier between your creativity and
the computer screen. Mastering your tools is the only way to achieve creative
freedom. But Photoshop is an extremely complex tool, and conquering it is by no
means easy. Years of practice and experimentation are the only real way to master
this application; reading this book is merely a catalyst.

Extending your Photoshop education beyond this book is crucial. Frequenting
websites dedicated to Photoshop on a regular basis is a good start. But be warned:
many tutorials you’ll find on the Internet rely on gimmicks and trends. Steer clear of
the shallow tutorials, and focus on the ones with principles; they will help you grow
into a better designer.

Once you understand the fundamentals, I encourage you to experiment. Investigate
unfamiliar tools, apply senseless adjustments, delete important elements and freely
make mistakes. Little mistakes have a way of imparting tidbits of knowledge and
sparking creativity. Photoshop is a design laboratory. Throw on your lab coat and
start mixing things up.

Finally, get involved with the design community. So many incredibly talented people
are at the top of our field, and they’re more accessible than you might think. Get out
there and connect with them. Join Twitter, attend conferences, take part in online
discussions and share what you’ve learned. We all have something valuable to
contribute, and sharing that knowledge ensures that our industry will continue to

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Smashing eBook Series: #3 | Mastering Photoshop for Webdesign | 178

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