Ronald Gillis P O Box 380842 Murdock, FL 33938-0842 February 14, 2011 Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Division of Licensing ATTN: Ed Warren - Supervisor 230 Bal Harbor Boulevard, Suite 111 Punta Gorda, FL 33950 re: Justin B Davis & Glenn Adam Ziegler Dear Mr Warren: In researching numerous civil court cases in Florida, Mr Justin B Davis is apparently engaged in the practice of doing investigative work, and testifying under oath and penalties of perjury, yet according to your website, this man has no Private Investigator’s license. It seems with all the fraudulent foreclosure activities various attorney’s are involved in throughout the state, this is a serious issue which needs your attention. Also, like Mr Davis, Mr Glenn Adam Ziegler also should be investigated, as recently, he also was engaged in investigations, and the filing of an oath where he stated that the person was not on active duty in the military, yet Capt Tania Garcia WAS on active duty in Iraq. These types of false investigations will only continue to exacerbate the fraud that permeates so many foreclosures in this state and this country, but I am asking you to investigate the people doing these “investigations” without being properly licensed or trained. Respectfully submitted:

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