Good Web Sites for UCD and Usability

April, 2000 Jakob Nielsen’s Web site Bruce Tognazinni’s Web site Usable Web Remote Evaluation Bibliography The Interface Hall of Shame (and Fame) Heuristic Evaluation of Web Sites Keith Instone provides a short description of how heuristic evaluation can be used to complement usability testing of Web sites. The Study of Computers as Persuasive Technologies Captology is the study of computers as persuasive technologies. This Web site describes Captology, provides a number of student papers dealing with computers as persuaders, and provides some design examples. Stress Test Your Web Site Keith Instone, editor of the column Usable Web, describes a stress test where he asks users to look at a random page in a site and ask two questions: “Where am I?” and “Where do I go next?" Human-Computer Interaction Resources Network (HCIRN) The HCIRN provides short essays on HCI topics, a substantial bibliography, and a list of HCI resources on the net. You can pay a subscription fee and get a monthly newsletter, a research service, and the ability to download the entire Web site for personal use. STC Usability SIG Web site User-centered design and task analysis lecture notes User Interface Engineering Web site Vividence – a company that does online usability testing University of Maryland HumanComputer Interaction Lab htm

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