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the way we do it

Collaboration Works…

…Experience it With Capgemini

Collaboration keeps the world turning. Better, faster, more sustainable results are only achieved through collaboration. But effective collaboration is not that straightforward. So where can you find a partner that has been a pioneer in the practice of collaboration in the truest sense? A company that is fully committed to your success?

2 Collaboration Works...

the way we do it

Your organization is all about performance. You are constantly looking for new ways to move more quickly, respond more flexibly and compete more effectively. However, in today’s fast-moving, complex and unpredictable environment, few companies can keep pace with contemporary demands for innovation and efficiency on their own. Capgemini believes collaborative working is perhaps the single most important factor in achieving competitive advantage and long-term success for organizations. We create the right conditions for businesses to capture the exponential power of cooperation within their own organization as well as in their larger ecosystem.

This type of approach is characterized by meticulous preparation and the efforts of a close-knit team working towards shared goals. Capgemini has built this type of solid, more intimate and effective relationships with many successful businesses and public-sector organizations. Capgemini can help drive your performance potential higher when you need it most. Professional experience and a thorough knowledge of your market are the basic ingredients. Collaboration brings it all together in a powerful combination. Collaboration is part of Capgemini’s DNA and one of the pillars of our service delivery, enriched by our tools and techniques, unique physical environments and highly experienced people.

At Capgemini, you won’t find a traditional consulting experience. Instead, you’ll experience a world in which… • Consultants actually listen to what you have to say. • Your IT service provider makes life simpler instead of adding complexity. • The goals are mutually defined and realistic. • You get rapid consensus among all the diverse stakeholders. • Your people enjoy working with the consultants and come away enriched.

...Experience it With Capgemini 3

We Call it the Collaborative Business Experience
In the last few years Mölnlycke has been in an expanding phase, which demands a strong partner. We have had this with Capgemini. Now when it comes to increasing cost efficiency, long-term relationships are equally important. Naturally, Capgemini’s intimate knowledge of our business has also had a great influence over the choice of partner.
CIO, Mölnlycke Health Care

The Collaborative Business Experience is designed to help you achieve better, faster, more sustainable results – that is our goal. The Collaborative Business Experience is not a vague promise of ‘collaboration’; it is not a handy tagline or an empty platitude designed to reassure nervous clients. It is a formal acknowledgement that this is the way we work – it is how we get results today and how we have always gotten results. We believe there are four elements to a successful collaboration: Target and Create Value Know exactly what you want to achieve and then establish targets all along the path your project will take.

Align the Organization Match your program to the needs of your larger enterprise all along its life cycle and help bring managers and staff aboard.

“Awesome process. This would have
taken months or years. We came here with Product Operations being a conglomeration of groups and left as a coherent organization.”
Vice-President of Process Sciences, Biotech Firm

This collaboration has been growing in accordance to the needs of Makro, thanks to the entrustment and work performed by the whole team of Capgemini who has always collaborated very closely with the Makro staff to fulfill all the needs and requests throughout these years. Due to the close relationship between client and supplier the growth of the business has been positive for both throughout the years.

Mitigate and Manage Risk Anticipate and overcome the risks that are inherent to complex programs.

“The project not only had a very
short lead-time for a very broad range of installations and design, but also had a very complex demographic market with consumer and enterprise users in the residential, hospitality and public access spaces. Our teams collaborated in developing a risk mitigation plan in effect that not only addressed the tightness of the time schedule, but also the disparate environments that the solution was going to be deployed in.”
Vice-President, Strategic Alliances, Cisco Systems

Director, Makro Autoservicio Mayorista S.A.

“Conventional wisdom decrees that it
takes three years and £20 million to develop a new airtime sales system, so by adopting the Capgemini proposals we have saved 2 years of development time and £12 million of budget.”
IT Director, BSkyB

4 Collaboration Works...

the way we do it

Optimize Capabilities Understand what each partner contributes, improve performance in a lasting way, and ultimately transfer knowledge for long-term advantage.

“ The team was very motivated and
the close collaboration ensured that it implemented the ambitious project on time and within budget. Capgemini fulfilled all project requirements in an uncomplicated manner. We have benefited from each other, with each bringing its strengths to the table. The synergy was a critical success factor for the project.”
Director, IT Applications HR, Large Global Logistics Company

Through our Collaborative Business Experience, Capgemini transcends the traditional consultant-client or vendor-buyer paradigm by entering into an equally vested relationship with you. The result is a measurable, carefully designed plan of action that saves time, effort, and money.

We could not have achieved the launch of NHS 24 without the hard work and expertise of Capgemini across so many different areas – business design, CRM, program management, systems integration and contact center planning. It is a terrific achievement and we have all learned a lot by working with them.
Operations & Development Director, NHS 24 (National Health Service Scotland), referring to the launch of the agency’s 24-hour health-consultation service

...Experience it With Capgemini 5

Bringing Seamless Transformation

We have a vast range of capabilities and the ability to deliver them consistently. We work with clients to craft new directions, turn them into business reality, and make the best use of information technology. Our core expertise is in bringing together business, technology, and operational skills to provide truly integrated services. We have grouped our varied skills and competencies into three core disciplines: Consulting, Technology, and Outsourcing.

6 Collaboration Works...

the way we do it

Consulting Services Our Consulting professionals bring together the vision, deep capability, and resources needed to address the concerns of business leaders. With a commitment to providing solid advice and implementation, we can help you to understand a changing business environment, define your business goals, and achieve sustainable results. Working in joint teams, we will share transformation processes, insights, and knowledge to ensure your business continues to over-perform long after we have left. Analysts recognize Capgemini as one of the top three global leaders in CRM and Supply Chain Management. Our core competencies include Business and Technology Transformation Consulting, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, and Finance & Employee Transformation.

Technology Services We understand that the real goal of technology is to gain competitive advantage. The reliability of your technology influences the reliability of your business processes. The agility of your organization depends on controlled, affordable, and rapid renewal of technology. Technology can lead to more efficient business management and higher productivity. This, in turn, can help you achieve considerable cost savings. But technological developments also bring new challenges in areas such as security, controllability and flexibility. Capgemini works with you to build a well-designed technology strategy and reliable technological solutions – with the emphasis on speed, predictability, agility and reduced risk. Our comprehensive Technology Services portfolio includes Agent Technology, Application Development & Integration, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure & Security, IT Transformation, Mobility, and Radio Frequency Identification.

Outsourcing Services As businesses worldwide optimize their business processes, more and more are benefiting from the enhanced performance and cost efficiency afforded by outsourcing. Capgemini can help you strengthen your operating results by managing and improving new and existing processes, applications, and infrastructure. We provide a full spectrum of outsourcing services from discrete processes to entire business functions. Our transformational outsourcing approach helps position clients to achieve substantial improvements in cost structures, and to alter business models more rapidly than clients are able to achieve themselves. Combined strengths in outsourcing, consulting, and technology enable us to inject new sources of innovation and value into operations, including process improvement, tested tools and methods, and access to the latest technology. Our Outsourcing Services portfolio includes Applications Management, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Infrastructure Management.

Outsourcing our IT to worldclass professionals has boosted our ability to respond rapidly to whatever new needs may emerge in the fast-changing worlds of aviation and defense.

Chief executive, DARA (Defense Aviation Repair Agency, UK) ...Experience it With Capgemini 7

Helping to Shape Industries

How often have you wished for a partner with the right industry connections and deep insight into the nuances, inner workings and best practices of your business? Someone who can blend industry-shaping ideas with the right partners to change the landscape of how business gets done. Our industry focus allows us to customize our services and solutions to fit your needs and address specific industry issues and challenges. Capgemini’s industry experience combines the knowledge of our industry-specific thought leaders, specialized teams of seasoned professionals and collaborative approach. Our professionals often come directly from the industries they serve, so they can put their expertise to work in your situation immediately. We take great pride in serving more than 300 of the Fortune Global 500 companies. A Balanced Cross-Sector Portfolio Our experience ranges from working on the first business-to-business automotive exchanges, to crafting some of the largest utilities and health outsourcing engagements, to Web enablement of thousands of insurance agents, brokers and business partners. Our deep industry involvement is exemplified by our work with organizations such as the Global Commerce Initiative, ECR Europe, Original Equipment Suppliers

Association, European Financial Management & Marketing Association, the TeleManagement Forum, and the Global Energy Management Institute. With valuable insights and proven techniques for creating efficiencies, reducing costs and transforming enterprises, we help shape industries and the companies in them. Partnering Provides a Competitive Edge Capgemini’s global strategic partners are the top technology companies in the world: Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Siebel and Sun. Our business insight and accelerated methods linked with their technology provides a winning combination for our joint clients all over the globe. These alliances help provide our clients with access to technology for their unique business environment – within accelerated time frames and at lower cost. In addition, our high-quality solutions are supported and strengthened by our numerous local and industryspecific alliances.

Capgemini’s contribution and advice was ‘real’ and directly applicable within our objectives and corporate strategy.

Managing Director, Fender Musical Instruments Europe 8 Collaboration Works...

the way we do it

Ensuring First-Class Delivery

Successful services delivery comes through an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. We understand that you need to develop innovative solutions and deploy them quicker and better than your competitors. For effective delivery we focus on improved productivity and acceleration, predictability, responsiveness, flexibility, and measurability. Of course our ability to collaborate at all levels is central to our approach. Capgemini has several tools to help generate successful results quickly. Capgemini’s innovative “Rightshore”™ strategy ensures work is performed wherever is best for the quality of service, availability of skills, and costs – this means the right service, in the right place, at the right time. Through a global distributed delivery network comprising process, infrastructure, and applications management delivery centers, we obtain efficiency gains through economies of scale, increased effectiveness through improved processes and productivity enablers, and drive costs down. Our standardization program means that every component within the network delivers the same professional level of quality, consistency, and reliability.

Accelerated Solutions Environment® (ASE) To jumpstart projects and facilitate decision-making at key milestones, we utilize our global ASE facilities. The ASE’s seasoned facilitation team, proprietary decision-making process, global knowledge bases, and innovative workspaces enable organizations to make better, faster business decisions. We have conducted thousands of ASE events with hundreds of clients. Our ASE has worked with 52 of Fortune’s Top 100 Companies and 44 of Business Week’s Top 100 Global Brands. Accelerated Delivery CentersSM (ADC) To assist you with excellent software and systems design and development, we utilize our global network of ADCs. These locations offer our clients the option to conduct systems development work in an environment focused on the delivery of technology projects. Through knowledge reuse, leading technologies, and robust infrastructure, we are able to accelerate the speed of design and development with predictability. The use of these centers can reduce overall development time by 20% to 30%, with an estimated 15% fewer defects.

Management Centers Capgemini offers Applications Management, Infrastructure Management and Business Process Outsourcing through a global network of Management Centers, including specialized centers for packages such as Oracle, SAP, and Siebel. These shared resources provide greater service reliability and increase your ability to respond rapidly to changes in your business or your service requirements.

Without Capgemini, our project would not have happened. We needed the leadership, knowledge and expertise of Capgemini to deliver in the period that we had committed to.

Chief Financial Officer, Nissan North America

...Experience it With Capgemini


Sharing our Recognized Experience

Capgemini Honors and Thought Leadership Capgemini’s leadership is based on extensive experience that is recognized in the marketplace. We have received a range of recent accolades honoring our innovative approaches and successful client projects. Capgemini University: A Professional Learning and Training Center The cornerstone of Capgemini’s international training activities is its University at Les Fontaines located near Paris. Founded in 1989, the University’s charter is to strengthen cohesion via networks, provide access to new insights and information, and give professionals worldwide the opportunity to develop the leadership, business, and entrepreneurial skills necessary to learn, advance, grow, and contribute. An international knowledge center, the University was recently voted one of the top three European-based corporate universities by the Financial Times and Corporate University Xchange. 2004 CRM Leader Awards CRM Magazine honored Capgemini as a Market Leader for superior performance in the consulting category. Two 2004 IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Awards Capgemini is the first global systems integrator to receive the prestigious honor twice in one year for helping its clients develop higher-quality software solutions faster using the IBM Rational development platform. 2004 Software 500 For the fourth straight year, Capgemini was named to the Software 500 by Software Magazine. 2004 ITSMA Marketing Excellence Award Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) honored Capgemini for the successful launch of our “Collaborative Business Experience” global branding initiative. Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management Capgemini was honored by KM World magazine. 2004 VARBusiness 500 and Top 50 Executives List Capgemini came in at #35 with new North American CEO Chell Smith featured for her strong leadership role.

2004 Billing & OSS World’s Operational Excellence Award Telestrategies recognized Capgemini for our work with Nextel Communications on the ‘Nextel Number Portability Solution.’ 2004 Wealth Management Online Solution of the Year Awarded by The Banker publication, Capgemini, consulting for Thomson Financial, developed an online collaborative solution to enable scalable touchpoints and reduce cost per customer. Capgemini invests thousands of hours each year in the research of new products and management techniques to support our clients and enhance the quality of services our consultants provide. Through our publications and thought leadership, surveys, and conference presentations, we share state-of-the-art information and insight on a multitude of thoughtprovoking topics. Recent publications include: • The World Wealth Report with Merrill Lynch • Annual Cars Online automotive study • 21st Century Finance Transformation • The Health Hospital Executive Survey • Annual Third-Party Logistics Study with Georgia Institute of Technology • Annual Report on Trends and Issues in Logistics and Transportation with Microsoft • Recharging Mobile Innovation study with INSEAD.

Our collaboration with Capgemini has been focused on how we meld two very different business models together to create value and deliver complex capabilities and solutions to our collective customers.
Vice-President, Strategic Alliances, Cisco Systems 10 Collaboration Works...

the way we do it

Capgemini’s Collaborative Approach: It’s What Makes Us Different Our Collaborative Business Experience takes you into a new goal-oriented partnership in a context that improves upon the traditional consultant-client relationship. Our approach to knowledge transfer facilitates your ability to sustain results and thrive on your own once we are gone. We invite you to experience for yourself how effective, goal-oriented collaboration can help you improve your business.

Capgemini and the Collaborative Business Experience
Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services, has a unique way of working with its clients, called the Collaborative Business Experience. Backed by over three decades of industry and service experience, the Collaborative Business Experience is designed to help our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results through seamless access to our network of world-leading technology partners, and collaboration-focused methods and tools. Through commitment to mutual success and the achievement of tangible value, we help businesses implement growth strategies, leverage technology, and thrive through the power of collaboration. Capgemini employs approximately 60,000 people worldwide and reported 2004 global revenues of 6,291 million euros. More information about individual service lines, offices and research is available at www.capgemini.com.

...Experience it With Capgemini 11


© Capgemini - April 2005

the way we do it

Collaboration Takes Us to a New Level
In early 2004, TXU, a Dallas, Texas-based energy company that manages a portfolio of regulated and unregulated energy businesses, was looking for a technology partner to help lower their costs and improve their customer service function by transforming their IT, human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting, customer care and billing. During a 90-day review of all operations mandated by new CEO John Wilder, their CFO received detailed proposals from three firms, but eventually decided to move forward with Capgemini on the terms of a 10-year, $3.5 billion joint venture for the following reasons: • Best balance of technology capability, proven industry experience and forward roadmap • Superior economic outcome • Commitment to guaranteed service and cost levels • Intent to leverage TXU employees and assets in the transition • Collaborative business approach • Eagerness to work on an accelerated schedule.

“Over a two-week period, we negotiated
and put in place a transition plan which impacted one-quarter of all TXU employees and half of our selling, general and administrative costs. This type of transformation has taken other companies months or even years to structure and is due in large part to Capgemini’s collaborative business approach,” said Dan Farell, a Senior Vice-President responsible for TXU’s governance team for Capgemini Energy LP .

“Some refer to our relationship as
an example of business process outsourcing, but we have come to prefer the term ‘collaboration’ because it more accurately describes the business relationship we are creating.” Capgemini Energy LP is a business services company that delivers deep industry knowledge, customer and billing support, and technology leverage through collaboration and scalability. This enables energy companies to focus on their core business while reducing operating costs. With the 2,700 employees transferred from TXU, Capgemini Energy is also a major player in the American utility call center and billing IT services market. Through its agreement with Capgemini Energy, TXU is now offering customers better service while realizing tens of millions of dollars in annual operating cost savings, enhancing its competitive position.

Collaboration Works... Experience it With Capgemini

© Capgemini - All rights reserved - April 2005

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