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Pump Calculations, Pump Equations

Pump Calculations, Pump Equations

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Published by: Spataru Marius on Feb 12, 2011
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Pump Calculations, Pump Equations

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Pump Calculations - Pump Equations
Here's a list of some basic equations that are used in pump sizing. The primary question in choosing a pump is "What horsepower do I need?"
Symbols used: Multiplication: X or * Division: /

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Formulas for Reciprocating Pumps
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Formulas & Equations Cylinder Volume Formula Pump Spec

I know what maximum PSI and maximum GPM I need. What size pump do I need?
Reciprocating Pump Formula: Minimum Horsepower Required = (Max GPM) X (Max PSI) / 1550

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I have a pump with no tags or specifications on it. How do I find out what Gallons Per Minute (GPM) this pump is capable of?
(Plunger Radius X Plunger Radius X 3.142) = Sq. Inches of Circle (Sq. Inches of Circle) X (Stroke Length) X (Number of Plungers) = Cubic Inches of Liquid Per Revolution Cubic Inches of Liquid Per Revolution / 231 = Gallons Per Revolution (Gallons Per Revolution) X (Max RPM) = Gallons Per Minute NOTE: Max RPM in the above equation varies according to type of pump, size of stroke, and other variables. Duplex pumps often run about 100 RPM Max. while triplex pumps will run somewhere between 100 RPM Max and 400 RPM Max.

I have a reciprocating pump and I know what my max rated rod load is (in foot pounds). I also know what size plunger size my pump has. What PSI will my pump produce?
Max. PSI = Rod Load Rating of Pump / (Plunger Radius X Plunger Radius X 3.142)


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powerzoneequipment.025 1 US Liquid Gallon = 231 Cubic Inches 1 US Liquid Gallon = 231 Inches^3 1 US Liquid Gallon = 0.78541 Liters 1 Liter = 0.com/pump-calculator-formulas-and-equations. PSI / 3. Plunger Size Needed = Square Root of (Rod Load Rating of Pump / Max.13368 Feet^3 1 US Liquid Gallon = 3.31 TDH = PSI X 2. I also know what PSI I need.0292 HorsePower = Torque in Inch Pounds X (Revolutions Per Minute) / 63.26417 US Liquid Gallons 1 Cubic Foot = 7.0 are heavier than water and conversely.Pump Calculations. Pump Equations Σελίδα 2 I have a reciprocating pump and I know what my max rated rod load is (in foot pounds).84 US Liquid Gallons 1 Foot^3 = 7. Liquids with a specific gravity greater than 1.asp 21/12/2010 10:15:05 πμ .0 are lighter weight than water and will generally float on water.142) Formulas for Centrifugal Pumps I know what maximum PSI and maximum GPM I need.84 US Liquid Gallons 1 Cubic Foot = 28.31685 Liters 1 Foot^3 = 28. liquids with a specific gravity lower than 1. http://www.31685 Liters Cubic Feed Per Day = Cubic Feet Per Minute X 1440 Feet^3 Per Day = (Feet^3 Per Minute) * 1440 Cubic Feet Per Minute = Cubic Feet Per Day Divided by 1440 Minutes Per Day Feet^3 Per Minute = (Feet^3 Per Day) / 1440 Minutes Per Day Chart of Relative Density / Specific Gravity for Common Liquids Specific Gravity is used when sizing a centrifugal pump.31 How do I calculate Brake Horsepower Required for a centrifugal pump? Brake Horsepower Required = GPM Required X (Total Dynamic Head) / 3940 / Efficiency General Equations (1) Barrel = 42 gallons Gallons Per Minute = Barrels Per Day X . What size plungers do I need? Min.0292 GPM = BPD * .025 HP = ((Torque in Inch Pounds) * RPM) / 63. What size pump do I need? Centrifugal Pump Formula: Minimum Horsepower Required = ((Max GPM) X (Max PSI) / 1710) / (Efficiency in Percentage) X (Specific Gravity of Material) How do I calculate PSI (Pressure in Pounds Per Square Inch) or TDH (Total Dynamic Head)? Assuming you have one measurement for your pump but not the other: PSI = TDH / 2.13368 Cubic Feet 1 US Liquid Gallon = 0.

powerzoneequipment.Drilling Mud Pumps .025 Sitemap | Feedback/Comments/Complaints Oil Field Equipment .56 15.Triplex Pumps . propyl Butane. methyl (methanol) Alcohol.820 0.asp 21/12/2010 10:15:05 πμ .701 1. Natural Gasoline. California Crude oil.Centrifugal Pumps . Search. liquid Crude oil.739 0.876 0. Your Visitor ID: 75792 http://www.56 -164 25 -183 -40 25 4 25 Degrees Fahrenheit 77 77 77 77 60 60 60 -128.791 0.Piston Pumps .976 0.Mud Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps . Mexico Crude oil.601 0.Pump Calculations.com/pump-calculator-formulas-and-equations. ethyl (ethanol) Alcohol. Seo.2 77 60 60 60 -263. and Additional Layout Programmed by the IT Department at Power Zone Equipment.Oil Field Pumps © 2007 Power Zone Equipment | Layout & Graphic Design by Schweb Design © 2010 Power Zone Equipment | Dynamic Content.918 0. Pump Equations Σελίδα 3 Material Alcohol. Inc.56 -89 25 15.787 0.100 0.Paristaltic Pumps .2 77 -297.Reciprocating Pumps Duplex Pumps .585 0. pure Water.802 0.56 15.14 0.2 77 Specific Gravity 0.572 1.713 0.4 -40 77 39.466 0.0 1.56 15.High Pressure Pumps . Vehicle Kerosene Methane Octane Oxygen Propane Propane Water. Texas Ethane Ethylene glycol Gasoline.495 1.Plunger Pumps .56 15. sea Degrees Celsius 25 25 25 25 15.

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