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February 2011 NATIONAL UU ACTION NEEDED TO DEFEND THE EPA In February 2010 the U.S.

Department of Defense reported to Congress: “Climaterelated changes are already being observed in every region of the world. Climate change will contribute to food and water scarcity, will increase the spread of disease, and may spur mass migration.” Global peace is threatened. There is no doubt that global warming, which exists and is causing increasingly severe impacts, is due to us humans. Ethical imperatives include social justice (those that will be hit hardest contributed least to the problem) and generational equity (the well-being of our children and future generations). The United States will be hit hard by global-warming impacts along with the rest of the world unless there is concerted risk-management action – there is no safe haven. We UUʼs passed a Statement of Conscience in 2006 on Global Warming / Climate Change. Now we need to act. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the responsibility under a Supreme Court ruling to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, because the EPA ruled these gases pose a threat to public health, made on the basis of massive scientific evidence. Because Congress has been unable to pass climate legislation, EPA regulation is the only national means to combat global warming. There is also a positive side of EPA regulation, which will help the move toward green energy that will spur our future economy and create jobs. Yet, legislation and budget attacks are being introduced to block the EPA from taking responsible steps to limit carbon pollution. UUʼs must act. It is our responsibility to the planet and our descendents. Contact Senators and Representatives, and urge them to oppose any legislation that would limit the EPAʼs authority to regulate greenhouse gases. File = EPA_UU Alert_Final.doc 2/11/11 9:32 PM