once upon a time, there was a man selling hats.

he pushes his cart all the way through the jungle.he was walking and walking and walking. soon he gets tired, so he rests under a tree. while he was sleeping, the monkeys take all the hats and wore them. when the man wakes up, he realizes that there were no hats in his cart. he then saw the monkeys wearing the hats. " monkeys , give me back my hats! "shout the man. the monkeys just 'wolululuolol' "give me back my hats!" said the man again, and the monkey said 'wolululuolol'. he then stomped his feet on the ground, saying 'give me back my hats!' the monkeys then stomped on their feet and said 'wolululuolol' the man cried because he couldn't retrieve his hats back. he throws his hats away and walk away. Soon, the monkey follows the sae thing, they threw their hats too. so the man picked them up again happily.

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