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: What is one required to do by the Shariah when he is near the person who is in the course of dying (during Saqaraat) & soon after his/her death? A: Procedures to be followed are: The dying person should be laid to face Qibla, as an obligatory precaution, in such a position that the soles of his/her feet face Qibla. In other words, if he/she were to sit upright his/her face would face Qibla. Note: If the dying person consents to it, there is no need to seek the permission for it from the guardian. Otherwise the permission must be sought). a) It is recommended that the doctrinal testimony of Islam (Shahadatain) & the acknowledgement of the twelve Imams (a.s.) & other tenets faith should be inculcated to a dying person in such a manner that he/she would understand. It is also recommended that these utterances are repeated till the time of his/her death. c) If a person is in the throes of death it is recommended to recite by his side Surah Yasin, Surah as-Saffat, Surah al-Ahzab, Ayat al-Qursi, 54th verse of Surah al-A¶raf & the last three verses of Surah al-Baqarah. In fact it is better to recite as much from the Holy Qur¶an as possible. d) It is recommended to carry a person experiencing painfully slow death to the place where he used to offer prayers, provided that it does not cause him any discomfort. e) It is Makrooh to leave a dying person alone, place a weight on his stomach, chatter idly or wail near him, or to let only women remain with him. It is also Makrooh for a person in Janabah or Haidh to be near the dying person. Soon After Death It is Mustahab to: a) Close the eyes & the mouth of the dead person. b) Stretch the arms along his/her sides & keep his/her legs straight. c) Cover his/her body with a sheet of cloth. d) If the death has taken place at night, the body should not be left in darkness. e) Hasten the burial. Do not unduly delay it. f) Inform Mo¶mineen of the funeral. g) Lay the dead body facing Qiblah during the three Ghusls in such a position that the soles of his/her feet face Qibla. h) (after the three Ghusls) Lay the body the same way as it is laid when prayers are offered for it, i.e. the body is laid on its back, head on the right side & the right shoulder facing towards Qiblah.

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