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Having an Affair is So Unfair

Having an Affair is So Unfair

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Published by Dawn Yun
Is it really worth it to have an affair? Just ask some of these people who did.
Is it really worth it to have an affair? Just ask some of these people who did.

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Published by: Dawn Yun on Feb 12, 2011
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Having an Affair is So Unfair By Dawn Yun The Journeywoman Writer

While plenty of wives have stood by their men after being cheated on, some have not, such as the late Elizabeth Edwards, now happily married Shania Twain and the wonderful actress Uma Thurmon. (Ethan Hawke you're a total babe, but your children's nanny? Such a cliche.) When a woman learns her husband has been cheating -- hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. My friend is successful, beautiful and smart. She learned that the sweet, read conniving, young receptionist at her husband's office wasn't trying to make it on her own. She was trying to make it with my friend's husband. And succeeding! When my friend found out she stewed, sought revenge, wanted blood. Unable to sleep she walked to the kitchen, retrieved what she needed and returned to their bedroom. Then she sat atop her husband, placed the tip of the sharp knife under his carotid artery and told him to wake up -- he was about to take his last breath. A large man, he easily swatted the blade away. "What were you thinking?" I asked. "That I was going to kill the *#!?!!!" I pointed out that had she been successful we would now be talking into phones attached to walls. Prison walls. "Three squares, playing poker all day and losing weight because I wouldn't eat that hideous food, it would've been worth it," she said. The two are still together but he now hides anything with a point, including why he had the affair. Another friend upon learning of her husband's infidelities, ran after him with a fireplace poker. Ever see one of those old, rusted things? Positively medieval. Someone I know actually beat up her husband. He weaved and bobbed but never struck back. To his credit he felt remorse and said he deserved the pummeling. Today they have worked hard to succeed in restoring trust and rebuilding their relationship. It's easy to see why perfectly rational, accomplished, attractive women go off the deep end when betrayed by their husbands. The foundation of their union has been fractured. The vow they took not to cheat has been undone. There's a reason Elin went swinging after Tiger with one of his golf clubs. She was going for a hole in one. To be fair, it's not just men who cheat. Women do, too. I remember having dinner at a French restaurant with a friend whom I had not seen in years. As I was about to enjoy my overly eggy salad, she gleefully spoke of her affair, causing me to actually gasp. Her husband is the nicest guy; they have a beautiful family as well as the “perfect” marriage. That's why she cheated: she was bored and knew her husband would never leave her, much less believe that she would ever betray him. The arrogance! What is amazing about the state of affairs today is the sheer number of people having them and getting away with this marital crime. Equally shocking is the number of men and women who get caught and are put on marriage probation. Is having an affair worth the penalty? Look at almost president John Edwards who is now in societal solitary

confinement. Duplicitous, deceitful, as well as borderline, okay over the line, sociopath, Edwards could end up in actual prison. I wonder -- Hello National Enquirer! -- was New Age fright case Rielle Hunter his only affair? The Journeywoman Writer’s Writing Advice: Infidelity is a subject that is pandemic. It's affair as fast food. When you mention celebrities, because they are America's royalty, you are certain to gain readers' attention. Balance is provided in this piece by including cheating by men and women, and considering both scum. Using your own experiences when you write will make your words personal and textured. Plus, it's always nice to have a moral to your story even if the tale being told is, well, immoral.

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