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Becoming a Pilot What are the hurricane
Female Pilots Cathay Pacific Airways Cadet Pilot Program What are the lessons of
Pilot Career - Aptitude Tests
What is the best route to
Medical Examination Written by Capt Lim become an airline pilot?
Eyesight Friday, 23 November 2007 02:25 What is going on with the
airline industry for pilots?
How modern planes handle
Age turbulence and make flying
more comfortable?
Interviewing Process
30 Top Airports of the World
Aptitude Tests How do you execute a safe
crosswind landing on a
Flight Simulator
multi-engine aircraft?
Flying Schools Could the FO of the Boeing
777 crash have extended his
Training glide?
Technical Questions Could the crash of the BA
Boeing 777 be due to water
in the fuel?
Professional Pilot Do the MD-90s have similar
design problem as the MD-
General 83s?
How to program and fly the
Licenses & Ratings SID and STAR?
How To Become An Airline Pilot
A320 Training Videos How to use a Flight
Dear Captain Lim, Management Computer?
What improvements have
Job Opportunities
How are you doing? I hope all is well. I send you an e-mail earlier about been made after the Swiss
information regarding the Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program. Air tragedy?
Can female pilots have
Flying Anyway, I would like to let you know what happen during my initial test successful marriages?
yesterday. I am also suppose to get back from them within 3 weeks, but this
Are aptitude tests for
morning, I received a call from Cathay asking me to go back for another
Air Travel selecting pilots the same
interview. So I guess I passed my initial test. Now, I don't know what to expect
for all airlines?
Airways from this interview. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
How do pilots handle the
Ditching Here's the run down of what happened during Stage 1 initial test yesterday: Airbus A330 engine failure?
Could this accident have
Dr JB Lim's Corner
been avoided?
Emergencies 1. English Listening Test Flying Schools

ETOPS What would happen after

This is a 100 questions test with everyone in the same room. You listen to a tape an emergency landing in
Fear of Flying and try to pick out the key words said and then underline the correct answer. the Arctic Circle?
Watch out though, as the speaker on the tape has a very strong English accent.
Flying on the Boeing 777 Many queries from a Flight
You might want to brush that up if you are from North America or elsewhere.
Dispatcher about Polar
Flying the Plane Routes.
2. English Grammer Test
Polar Routes and ice
protection systems of the
This is another 100 questions test with everyone in the same room again. You
Profession Boeing 777.
have 40 minutes to complete this test. Again, you are suppose to underline one
of the three correct answers. Can a plane skid off the
runway with brakes on?
Aviation 3. Aptitude Test My experience with engine
cowling falling off in flight...
There are a few parts in the Aptitude Test. Please help me to choose
the right flying school...
Airplanes a) First part of the test - there are two short parallel lines with a dot in Did the pilots fall asleep?
between. The two parallel lines will move left and right at varying speed and
Airports What would airports do in
distance and you are suppose to use the joy-stick to move to dot and keep the
the event of an approaching
Air Crash dot as close to the lines as possible. This test will gets more difficult when your
scores get higher and if you are not keeping up, your score will drop. You get 3
Air Crash Investigations Does color deficiency affect
tries to get an average score.
a pilot's career?
Air Safety
b) In the second test - it is pretty much the same thing but with a twist. Instead What do you think of the
b) In the second test - it is pretty much the same thing but with a twist. Instead What do you think of the
Air Security of having the computer increasing you score and difficulty, you are suppose to Airbus A330?
press the green button to increase your score and thus increase your difficulty. I Am So Afraid Of the Plane
And if things get too hard and it is out of control, you are suppose to press the Crashing!
B777 Photos/Routes/Seats red button to reduce your score and difficulty. If you did not press the red What if an engine catches
button, you will automatically lose score once things get out of control. So it is fire in the air?
Video quite hard as you try to get maximum points while keeping things under control.
Stories, Truths & Myths Again, you get 3 tries to get an average score.

c) In the third test, you are suppose to bring the aircraft to a point in the glide
path. You are suppose to align the plane with the runway and bring it down to
Weather 50 feet from touch down and at the same time, reduce the speed to 100 km/h.
In this test, you use your joy-stick and the red and green button for throttle
Air Turbulence control. You will get points according to the speed of your approach (you are
suppose to keep your speed as fast as possible before you reach 50 feet as you
Contrails get higher points for a faster average approach speed) and your angle of
Crosswinds alignment. You will get 1 test try and 5 real tries.

Icings d) Quick Subtraction - you will need to do 50 quick subtraction questions. All
you need to do is to confirm the answer is right or wrong. You will get points for
your speed and accuracy.
Night Flights
e) In this coordination test, you are going to use the rudder pedal and your joy-
stick to try to keep this cross within this box. The computer will try to move the
Windshears cross away from the box to simulate wind. It is an interesting test. You will get
points for the horizontal and vertical errors. You get 3 tries.

f) Shoot the bandit. This test use the red and green button. You will be shown
two aircraft with two different wing span, the one with the longer wing span is
the bad guy, the one with the shorter span is the good guy. Then the computer
will randomly pop up planes with different wing span on the screen and you get
1.5 seconds to decide to press the green to shoot or red to stop. If you did not
decide within 1.5 seconds, the computer will automatically shoot it down. You
will do this for a total of 3 times and each time there will be 50 planes to
decide which to shoot or not, the difference in the wing span size get smaller
each time. In the last try, you can barely tell the difference. You will be graded
for your reaction time and accuracy.

4. Reasoning Test:

There's two section to this test but basically you are being test on the same type
of questions. You are suppose to decide which one of the 8 symbols belong to
the missing one. You have 5 minutes for the first test, you should have enough
time to do it as it only has 10 questions. Then you have 40 minutes for 36
questions. These questions are more difficult but you should have more than
enough time to do this.

5. Presentation:

Finally, you are suppose to do your presentation in front of one of the

recruitment lady. She is very nice and I think the actual substance of the
presentation does not really matter that much but it is more of an oral test.
They want to know that you can actually speak proper English. The lady really
only paid attention to me for the first 30 seconds and then she begin to do her
own thing and write something down on your application. But you need to do at
least some research on your assigned topics before you go into your

So that's it for Stage 1 and you will be doing this with 8 other candidates. It is a
fun experience. I felt a little bit overwhelmed by the other candidates as most
of them have either their PPL or some flying lessons but I have never flown
before. But I guess it didn't really matter as long as you know you want to do
this, you will get through.

Anyway, thanks for your help Captain Lim. I will let you know how everything
goes for my interview next week.

Yours truly,


Hi Peter,

Thank you for your account of the stage one initial test with Cathay Pacific
Cadet Pilot Program.

I look forward to how you would fare in the second stage of the interview.
Having a PPL or some flying experience is an advantage but that does not mean
it would guarantee you a place in the program. If you are well prepared, have
good leadership qualities, possess the right attitude and aptitude, your chances
of getting into the airline is just as good!

I wish you all the best!

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Comments (22)

jobs in airline
will we get the job in airline with 200 hours experince,means dat only with a c p

safeer k c , 21 Jan, 2009 -1

i dont know what to do.

Dear captain lim..

I am vinod from india.i wnat to join in aviation industry but due to family
background its not very easy for me.kindly msg me if there is any international
schlorships for pilot course.My mail id



vinod , 26 Feb, 2009 +0

how to become a pilot

im a filipino, i saw some program especially in cathay pacific which they have a
cadet pilot program. i want to apply for but they say on hong kong residence are
allowed to apply.. I have a large background in aviation industry here in
philippines. Do i have any chance to apply for a cadet pilot program out of my

Oliver lim , 09 Apr, 2009 +0

How to be a pilot
Dear captain Lim,
I always wanted to be a pilot of Singapore airlines but due to my family
background, is not that easy for me to be a SIA pilot, I'm trying to get a singapore
airlines scholarship but I'm afraid I can't because it's only apply for singaporean
and resident of singapore. I'm a bruneian and I'm now staying at Perth studying
and I'm pretty sure there's a SIA college near by my house.

thks and kindly reply me, my email is

Nicholas , 08 Jul, 2009 +0

subjects and salary

hi im mike and i live in perth in australia and i want ot become an airline pilot
what types of subjects are needed and are airline pilots millionaires and do they
earn more thana construction manamger or civil and construction engineer

mike , 10 Jul, 2009 -5

Dear Captain Lim,

My name is Bhupinder Singh and I would like to apply for the cadet pilot
programe. I am a 21-year-old young man who has wanted to become a pilot since
my childhood. I live in Sweden.

Ive done the tests for Swedish Pilot Education here in Sweden and I made them.

Unfortunalty I have to say no the school because it costs around 850 000 swedish
crowns to become a pilot and that´s too much money which I can´t afford with.
That´s why I´m hoping to get a chance for an education that suits my benefits.

Then, I got advice from a pilot who is flying for Net Jets to apply for something
called cadet pilot and that´s how I found you. My dream is to be educated in a
cadet pilot programe and I believe you can help me come one step closer to
achieve this vision.

Kindly message me at if it's possible or not.

Yours Sincerely,
Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh , 12 Aug, 2009 -1

Dear Captain Lim,

I am Naveen and I am an aspiring pilot. I had dropped an application for Cathay

Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme in early June and it was advised to notify the
outcome of the application after 8 weeks from the date applied. I have not
received any mail from Cathay Pacific about this and I am worried about it.

Please advice me whether I should send mail to them for status

acknowledgement or wait for the outcome. Hopefully the outcome to be positive
for me.


N.Naveen , 18 Sep, 2009 +0

test announcement
its aurangzeb here....i have applied in cathy pacific for cadet pilot...plz let me
know that when will cathy pacific announced their test date?....bacause its the
end of month and they should had to announced it later and its too much
now..and i am very much worried about it...plz tel me

aurangzeb , 28 Sep, 2009 -3

test invitation
did any one got the invitation email from cathy pacific for test

aurangzeb , 28 Sep, 2009 -1

what cadet really means

I am Man ghale and i am very much confused with this word cadet.Dont know
what it really means is it before we do our pilot training or is it a scholarship
programme for doing pilot training.please help me to sort it out

Man Ghale , 30 Sep, 2009 +0

Still awaiting for test

Please anybody let me know about the date for career talk as this the month of
November. I am still waiting for feedback of application. Thank You

N.Naveen , 03 Nov, 2009 +0

how do i get a scholarship for MALAYSIAN AIRLINES?

Hi, my name is Jasdeep Singh. I'm a Malaysian born on 16 august 1992. Since the
age of 11 i have dream to become a pilot and the time has come for me to
achieve my dreams. But the problem is that my family has financial problem and
they cannot afford. Besides, i'm also clueless on how to get a scholarship. i'm
hoping fo Malaysian Airlines but even Cathay Pacific will do. Please reply and
help me out. My e-mail add is

JASDEEP SINGH , 26 Nov, 2009 +0

Dress Code
hi captain lim- would you please adivise what the dress code for the cathay
pacific interview 2009 is? would a smart tie and shirt be acceptable or are we
required to be fully suited?

Jon Carriger. , 08 Dec, 2009 +0

cathay pacific cadet pilot career talk

can anyone pls let me know whether cathay pacific has commenced career still awaiting
Vignesh , 13 Dec, 2009 +0

do airlines give scholarships for indian pilots..????

Hi i am a trainee pilot in madras flying club...i would like to whether any airlines
give scholarships for trainees like me....any airline is ok for me....even if it is a
bond.....ill be grateful if you can help me find a scholarship from any airline email id is

thanking you.......james

james , 12 Jan, 2010 +0

Can a international student apply for the cadet programm?

Dear Captain Lin,
I am Nepali citizen . I am currently completing a Bachelors Degree in Coe College
In America. My father used to be a pilot . I want to train to be an pilot but cannot
afford to do so. I tried to figure out if the cadet program is apllicable to
international students but cannot seems to find out . Could you please help me.
THanking You,
Prateek Srivastav

Prateek Srivastav , 23 Feb, 2010 -2

how to become a pilot

dear sir ,I really wanted to become a pilot from when, i was a small boy .this
dream of mine is so strong that till today i still want to become a pilot.but due to
financial reasoning i am unable to do so, i am living in the islands of Fiji and over
here i don't think there's any scholarships available here.i am willing to go abroad
for this course if a scholarship is available for people like me .....
please help
reply on

tanweer , 17 Mar, 2010 -1

Hi Sir,

My name is Joe aisa Jr I am 19years old and I come from Papau New Guinea
This year will be my finalyear Grade 12, I always dream of Flying one day, How do
I apply as a international student. yours respectfully JA. please email my big
brother edward or Thank you.

Joe Aisa Jr , 29 Apr, 2010 +0

answer please
HI sir

My name is brian I am 14years old from hong kong but i live in London i want to
know what do i have to get in my GCSE and A levels . This is my E-Mail

thanks you.
Brian S C

BSC , 09 Jun, 2010 +0

American Students
Dear Captian Lim,

I am an American Student studying aviation at Southen Illionis University

Carbondale. I am wondering if cathy pacific only takes students from Hong Kong,
or will the accept applicants from the U.S.?

It would be greatly appriciated if you could send me a responce at


Tom P , 03 Sep, 2010 +0

For goodness sake will you lot do your own flipping research!! Many many thanks
for the heads up on stage 1 interview, much appreciated :-)

S , 22 Sep, 2010 +0

Dear Captain Lim
I m an Aeronautical Engineer in India. I want to know if Cathay pacific accepts
applications for Cadet program from Indian nationals..

Pls reply at


Nitin , 30 Sep, 2010 +0

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