Rotating snakes

Looks like middle is bulging .

it appears to make waves .Stare at it.

Looks like a spiral. but trace circles carefully. they do not connect .


Lines are the same size Variation on old/young lady .

Middle circles are the same .

Can you see the couple kissing? Would you trust this man? Rest your head on your right shoulder… .

Both are the same size but the outer angle appears smaller The horizontal lines are straight but appear to be angled .

Horizontal lines are straight but appear bent and uneven Dark circles seem to appear in the “intersections” .

Do you see the blue panel as being on the back-left side of the cube or on the front left side? Do you see a man playing the saxophone or a woman’s face? .

All men are same size Variation on skull reversible .


Turn picture upside down .




Turn upside down Indian or Eskimo? .

Frog or horse? Whats this say? .

Stare at for 30+ seconds and look at wall .

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