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8 Mj nrutes to Great, r p. ace


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8 Minutes to lrnproved Focus

8 'inutes

to a Happier


Victor Davlch
author 0 TI

e Best

Guide To Meditat~'on

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8 Minute Meditation



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frurst el ecuonc ,ediiLr,cm: November 2005'

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bn. THE 101 MEDITATION PROGRAM 17 a WEEK 61 65 '77 weEK ONE:~.ings vii PART 1..""..r:I."...I ..F"!G. 189 A": ~'.~ ~~~.~ UI.: Private Sere en ing WEEK SEVEN:~ l. ~j"jj~'~'* f.. MEDITATION PART U.I"-.Preface Beg.!c1i .)l!1r .J.._:'.n~ 193 .' """..I:nJ~.~'II"""'a(""· ( 1f\'~.r:I.. ilb.~yl.'.If'II'" .' .0 . .I'*'r.i...1..~.n·. THE UPG'RADE Beyond 8 Minutes Going Further The Me:dimtion in Action Template l. '.nJQnlK.t'I..jUir..n A.te 89 101 109 117 127 135 149 154 159 166 1'75 IS7 ~RT 111...i k-f " T"~"-. A UUUII1. or uI11.'" .\ifau .ovingkindness.J ust On e Breath weEK TWO:: Naked Sound WEEK TH ReE~ Noting weEK FIV~ Gracious Be dy Sensation s Declining WEEK FOUR: This Magic Moment weEK SIX.nI ("'.C:ONTENTS . ~ .. M'" Y' .ovingki nd ness M edita tic n WEEK EIGHT:~ Combi natie n Pb.D.

you don't Only sounds really complicated and ex- tremely tlme-consurnlng. meditation reason. Maybe... ~l"'!i' . Maybe. simple wa. wei$~h'ereJs goad' news:You've found !!J.II·L.! And' aU lit takes' lis B ml"!1- 0:" . uncertain. words. you do know youjd like to learn to meditate. there's something drawing :you to meditation.. lit. you~ve heard that medltatlon can help you become more peaceful and feel safer in a.~~ I '~1:l.-:II y- d· t"n/' . Perhaps there's another even know why.IF YOU ARE reading these. to meditate that would suit your lifestyle yet provide the benefits you long 'for .'. complex./. and often harsh world. If only' you could flnd a.. But.. problem ls..

Medltationis the neva lutlonary neN program that will change you r life as eas ily as it fits 'j nto lt.inute . most American fo rm of meditation can Time magazine callsft "the yet.vm PRE FAC E 8 M. In just a m 'j nutes a day-~the space between two televlslon ecmmerclals=-you build a I'l'fetime meditation practice." .

8 Minute Meditation .

BM.les design ed for who you are and the way you live today. Not only does the 8 Mi'nute Meditation program work.but it's too hard' and' takes too $ang~ might be becouse the rneditction books and it. modern approach to med ltatlon .inute .~' love to med~tate. Not .ed'itation will work for you. and time-demending.. programs you've come across are overly compllcoted. it does something most other medltatron books don't: 11 makes meditation practlce enjoyable. .Med'itation ls a. pleasarrt-« even fun-e-tc learn.IF YO U HAVE ever thought. ing. confus- Until now. bringing you Eastern tool s for Western res ults. Whether you have never tri'ed medltatlon before or tri edit an d stopped ~a M lnute M.

Simp le to unde rstand • 'Easyto do . SOJ please" Join me on change you r I'i'f~and (1.rs of medltatlon experience and have already written a" lt's also the best way to help you learn to Book of the Month Club selection on the subject. and maybe a few outright be Ity laughs along the way. chuckles. And youtll be glad yau came along. in-. we have little time (or patience) for confusing and complicated explanations of meditation 'Or mscrutable lnstructlons meditate. 'floor to learning rnedltatlon.. but yau~11 enjoy smiles.:2 8 MINUTE MEDITATION only wlll this medltatlon program 'turn you into a.ent lt's no wonder that when it comes to meditation. mad ltate. JU st plain m aka you happ ler." And we certain ty don't have up to an hou r a day to . must be: . such as "[ust do nothing. real medltator. We llve in an age 'in which we have less free time than even Any actlvlty we undertake" frorn reflnlshlng a. I\/e got mare than twenty-ftve yen. As such. Offer benefits wo rth the time lnvestm. I am a gratefu I examp Ie of haw the practice of meditation can transfo rm you r llfs.. This is anti relyln keeping with the spirit of medltatton. Every ward in this bookis tended to help you do the same. And don ~two rry~ I never sacrlflce substance fo r Iaughs. I~ be with you II every step of the way. journey that will quiet ycur rnlnd.

.. sehoo nng~or Incom e even if you think you can't sit still for 'One mlnate.itation 'is simple.. u a Minute Med. rest.t" oug hts are out 0: contra."Iu -.. yau wl II begin to add ress-and f rst p lace~suchas: U'I c: I rea'I "/.S)' meditation for everyone. I wish .1 fee I as 'if I'm d r'ifting through llfs" iU'11 (SSP '11..of .. A II this in s~pacebetween two 'TV commerOI]$ breaks.. but I don't know what.a new and current approach to lt-.Minute .1. Whethe r yau 're a new parent.." c "Something's mlsslng. .~f. Id tradltlon. reso I've-the 8 minutes-th.e What's more..the 'ts a .lrlng orr th h dl e at my co-war Ieers and flu' ff tne nan c. W'ith B M.mll". ~ ' Ii " " .stressed out.y .Meditation is a completely . a-...week program that's slrnan ple. a high school student prepping for the SAT:or a young executive about to start your dream [ob.BEGINNINGS :1 B Minute Mediration changes a. At the same time.I~e t. but still. main issues and challenges that brought you to meditation in the UM'" . mu eh less eight. ea. you'll be building a steady jUst meditatio n hab it that can Iast you a.S-' .. '~I an 't concenrrare. easy" cleanand incredibly tlrne-effectrve. regardless of age. llfetlrne.." UEverything seems OK. M'editation may be a 3~OOa-year.Med'ftation~ "'l0u~ be m ed itatl ng qu lck Iy an d II easily~ starting from Day One. but 8 .. a single morn. "h/n 'Id..inute .11 this.-.

¥'ou'li beg'in you r fi rst medttatlon slrn pie.. you'll be able to begin your ftrst meditation period. Next.11 lnstru c-' reqa ires nothing me re than sitting an an 0 rdlnary also receive a unique set of Med ltatlon Operating tlons that will assist you throughout ho pefu Ily beyond.matter of rnln- utes from right now. Part.Medrta'tion wHI work 'for you. meditator: I..- you' II have the opportunity and deepen you r med ltatlon practice.8 MINUTE MEDITATION sured-8 Minute . you'll prepare and set up for you r first meditation perlodrou'!l learn a simple. pe rlod. III contains everything y'ou 111 need to . Part II of this book contains 8 sections-one week of the program. You'll begin with a shortvtou r'~ of meditation that will give you the essentials without what the word confusing 0r bo r'ing yau.. You~II learn meditation means and see how easy 'it is to works. You'll spend a week with tech- niqu e and then move on. effective meditation po stu re that chair: You t. After you complete your 8 week medltatlon to "upgrade" progra. Then.p ro of med itatlon You~1Irnedltate for just 8 mlnutes a day-no less. more and no fa reach each fal lu re . In a. No wasted time. jargon-free. the next B week~nd 3. Each section also includes material that will help you transltlon from one week to the next. No confu slon. Here's how msyi'esgolng to be far you to become a. 4. meditate. No kldd ing. as well as in-depth answers to 'frequently asked questions. gu lded by lnstru cti ens. You' II be brlefed on how this once-dally B Minute M'editation program works=end whylt 2.m.

So why aren't you? For the an~er--:and solution-read on. maybe even the f rst weeks. much better-the world with can change your llfe. and retreat cente W'ith 8 M.. l'rn not talklng Bl'issland. What I am talking about 'is real deal: a way to live 'in this complex: clarity. Of eou rse.ing the hang of meditation slmp ler=-much simp lar-than 'is you think.11 reap benefits of meditation from the very beglrm ing.Includ ing a utrain:ing schedule" and a special M edltatlon in Action Template that will enable you to bring rnedltatlon into every aspect of you r with a cream-of-the-crop rs.BEGINNINGS :5 do thls. After two weeks.being. free stress red uctlon • Imp roved concentration and 'focus Quite simpty~meditation about going to Permanent much. . .'inute M ed ltatlon. and happiness. Benefits such as: • A greater sense of peace and well-being • Simp le. lts a wonder one on the planet tsrrt meditating. calm. gett. tapes. drug . you might 'find the 'first few days. dal If life.. By the end of Week B~ you w ill be a"fu II. But hang in there with me. somewhat chal- lenglng. well . things going for lt. you t. Part III cone ludes of meditation selection books.. fledged medltatcr-e-ready to go even deeper into meditation practice. But what 'is mu ch mo re lmpo rtant. you wi II be meditating with 'tam iI iarrty. every- W'ith all these great..

" or ~~Iried to meditate but stopped._ __ I m too young. .D 0 any strl ke yo u as 'tam II iar? W'HY I CAN'T' LEA.ME:OI"TATE. I'm not..ME:DITATI'O'NI CHAN'GE:S Whenever people learn that l'rn a meditator 'TH. I'm not. srnart enough.s too camp I·icatec. 8 M INU'TE MEDI TATI ON WHY YOU CAN~/"fSTART 'TO .6. But I just can't. . or have written a rned ltatlon book" they 'invariably-feel compelled to tell me one of two things: "l wou Id love to learn to medltate." t :My response to these statements ls always and exactly the same: 'iWhat do you thlnk is in the w(J'I?~tHere are sam e of their respo nses.AT. t t _ _ It takes too much time. W'HY YOU S'TARTE'D AN~D STOPPED. '1don't have the time. WHY 8 . I'm too old.MI'NIUTE .RNTO MEDITATE td 1. special enough. .

•. returned.. ' tlonales 'for not meditating come down to two basic mlsbellefs: '.Meditation takes too much time to learn and actually do. eorfuslng and hard. . ~- t .-..BEGINNINGS . I went on vacation and couldn't start when I..500+ medltatlon books on the market. I wasn't sp'iritual enough. Confusing.. Although these lists 100 k long. '. Meditation Is Too Nebulous. I must have bad karma. arcane 51stem reserved 'far a brllllant se lect 'few. I wasn't special e no ugh...... at ".I. ' 1. and Hard W'ith more than 4. expects. Lees see how the B Min ute M edltatlon program addresses-a- a nd €I rad lcares=-both these 'issues.M'edltation 'is obscure.. t wasn c .. WHY I STARTED MEDITATION AND STOPPED I couldn't stop thinking" It took too 10 ng. w h·".. the 'truth is that all these ra... lt's easy to see why meditation has an undeserved reputation 'for be ing a myste rlo us. ectad I didn't get enlightened.

tion w. everyonets life is jam-packed and hectic.I'm a traveling dad. 9-m lnute-a ..day~a-. . Sound simple! Sure it does. and make it effortless 'for you to both learn and do. time to meditate the 8 Minute M'edita. But to say that you don't have 8 minutes a day to do something you want to do sounds a tad 'flimsl~doesn'tlti Do you have time to watch B minutes of TV~up to the f rst comrnerc la I break o'fTh e Siffi'psans? Well. 'The 8 week program is divided into three sections: • Part I provides you with the foundations of meditation and prep ares you to 'imm'ediat.week rnedltatlon program.YbuVe got. okay.elystart you r f rst rnedltatlon pe rlo d.. I just had a . offe ring yo u ways to make you r meditation p ractlce deeper and apply it to everyday life. Meditation Takes Too Much Time-to Le Be honest when you answer this question: Tn and Practice Is your llfe so super-busy that you don't have a minutes a.then. no matter what those convo luted books 'filled with Sanskrit say~lhis 'is the primary goal of 8 tation~ to demystify meditation M.f?pOs. when you get up. But. that you can call your own~ Sure. step-by-step. • Part.intfte .day.18 8 MINUTE MEDITATION But the truth ls exactly the o.(J'!j.fte: Anyone can easl ty learn to practice m edltatlon. III 'is the "u pgrade t~ sectl on.. you say~l'rn a single mom. Because 'it 'is. • Part II is the hea rt of the matte r: the specially des lgned. or just before bed.Medi-.

. busy. you're probably asking two thlngs at this point: .' ·'·K. __.'.::._: . Single morn! How sleep? Or before 'they' about meditating after the kids go to wake up? Traveling dad'? Next tlrne you're close you r golf magazine on that two-hou rtl ight to San Antonia.: :'.:.'["' : <. How 'in the world can I find time to rnedltatei ~The answer is: The time is there.' ._~.:You.:... those srna. for 8 minutes end Give baby her 5 A. . WI"II·WO rl(...l'' IIF'H 0'..':.. And by' the way~'ifyou think those short. FlK··· e. busy.:~·-.'. r\r·.M..-U"TE'S-' 0 i..' . ~.. I :.' ··t.·_t. ~'...'Ii:: 'THI'S" B'·..': •. and spend 8 pleasant minutes in alrborne medltatlcn. 'In tlme. ·. Where vestment? else can '){OU get a greater retu m on so small an in-.'.. . to ..". feed ing~then meditate whi le she dozes off.: i': D'· .. - • UW':'···h >_0 are .·'(-'··:O····.: ~ ~ ..erest rate.H-'Y·:··:· I'T.•.' L . • HW·'·'·····h" s·'· minutes!' "in -':11.'.. relax.'u~ AN:···.·:· <:..0' "'·"0'.·W'.I IN"''.--. ! '. and allow you rself to see where it ls. 'THIIE' ElIF'rr\. Just.. I deposits aggregate and I compound into a huge payoff the abillcy to !'ive life in peace and calm..<_..~: 0 r :.te II me '.' .... . NeN par-.".'~W.'".~u. -.think again: No lesser Ught than Albert Einstein Each B mlnute medlratlon period 'is a deposit 'into said that the most amazing phenomenon in the universe is compound Interest you r account at The Fi rst National Bank of Meditation~ ¥/here it earns a hefty int..._.·.t_·: . anyway..""H"Y'..~!- I I Now.IS th'.'::..BEGINNINGS '9 baby~ I'm busy.'" a M.'.. I I.·· W. 8 minute periods won't amount to anything.

yo u to see that my life 'is slm ilar to you 1""8. but in I tell you my story because I want. And when sorneth ing 'feeIs good. sit on rnountalntops. I began to practice rnedltation in 1975.emory. People like us don't have challenging stress-f lied llves that demand we get down l the trenches of real Ufe every day.. not. as autho rs love to do. ~ felt . among other reams of case law.H) 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON 'That's the splrltl Like the Great American Bumper Sticker mys€!If with- says~ "Qu estlon Authority" So allow me to introduce out. you usual ty keep on doing lt. At the tlme. day. off" ltd like you to know that I am the author of The Best Gu'ide '[0 . tl me I m ad ltated.endinglaw meditating the schoo L My reas on for starting was p ractl cal. much of in my life ~and never. ever in law school. attended studied with (and retreats. UWhat have I got to losei" I attended a cou pie o'f nlghts of basic rnedltatlon instruction and was to Id by the lnstru ctor to sam eth:ing I hadn't meditate twice a. So I flgu red. Regulations to m. as friends) some of the forern est rnedlin tatlon teachers in America. I have meditated for thoudozens of mad itatlon sand s of ho urs. First. an d cou nt.pe ece. I experienced felt. 'The 'first. I began rnedltatlng 'N fNiI York C'ity while att. So I did.and over those decades. sp'irltu al An alumni told me he had started year before and 'found that his memory had 'improved-as well as hls grades. .Meditation a very popu lar gu ldebook to medltatlon and a 'Book of the Month Club selection. And If you can take medltation along for the ride.I had to commit a slx-lnch-thlck copy of the IRS Tax. recou nting (to the author) spiritual jou my personal and 'fascinating mey. 'it makes a"huge difference.[.

Whether something throughout rned ltatlon hadanyth ing to do I dld. I got an A.. What was ma re astou nd ing I 'found myself actually looking 'farward to my daily sparring practice with them. business.. screenwriter.Minu·te Med:ttation came to me after someone told me 'far the umpteenth also what I hope to convey' to you in time that they'd ureally love . enough to discover sav-' who enabled me to go or Insight Meditation" During this perlod. and rnedltatlon "go-to' guy. who became my prlmary teacher were. tratlon on a. twlce . I was fortunate eral extraordinary deeper Goldstein.. 'They inc ludad Sharon Salzberg. both in and out of class. and nonfiction wrlten 'In LA. to deepen my 500 advertlslng in New York. and remain today. rnedltatlon teachers in my practice. better more I 'found myself more a Iert. Which twelve years of legal practice 'for two Fortune Pictures. After several relaxed yet~ paradoxically. The teachings. benefits" and insights I received 'from these and other teachers of inestimable value. I continued practice. 'Then came the final tax: exam. 'This natu rally led to better even the most camp lex: materlale=-such concert- camp rehenslon of as those Inscrutable tax t regu lations.. as a buslagencies ness affairs attorney and Paramount the entertainment medltation 'In 191'5~I moved to Los Angeles to become more involved in novelist. 'The lrnpetu s to write B .It dldn't matter: I knew by then that rnedltatlon was I was going to ccntlnu e to practice.They're this book. dally basls. with it or not. Joseph and Shlnzen Young. and to my (and my professo r's] utter su rprlse.BEGI NNI NGS ~] I continu ed to meditate months. rnovlng first to Zen and then on toVtpassana. I also experienced and focu s. I became a producer.

• Anticipate and clearly answer common qu estlons .:'. . reliable m edltaticn lnsrructlon that anyone cou ld do the first tlme they tried. but . "." -. Some teachers requ ire students to meditate 'for up to one hou r a day...'.. to' be. and give pea p le the feel'ing that I was with them every step of the way" B M'inute Meditation is the program I created to meet..': >. " " • Be suppo rtlve. So I set out to create a fai Iure . en eou raging. .'. ro of p rnedltatlon program that would ellmlnate any and all "buts" and that would: • F.12 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON to meditate. • Provide simple.< > . several medlta- . able to do' so . .. these goals. d and concerns • Enable anyone who wanted to go deeper lnto meditation .. ': 0 ." _".yle"no matter how busy they were. oubts.' I.itinto anybody's lifest.'" . u Frankty..-' cuse they had come up with. I was tired of hearing whatever 9)(. • Start peop Ie rnedltatlng lrnrned iatety.'._.~ -.. And.:.> ..' . Why 8 Minutes? As far as I know" there is no Geneva Convention governlng meditation tim e periods. that can rise to ten hou rs~ On the other end of the spectru m. help you achieve yours. rnore jrnportantly. "". Ifyou attenda Zen retreat.and make sure they wouldn't stop. ~ .

an lnstructlon Y'ou can't understand. daJty B rnlnute practice is cumulative and builds .GHT N'OW. say three or even one minute is sufflclent daily medlB minutes a day 'is lust right: intrude on. meditation technlqu e you cannot do slmply easily and the it. tlme you attempt now. BEGI'N 'TO MIEDITATE:. in at the hotel? Of course you do." Over the next 8 weeks.t 'first. do you have 8 mlnutes while waltlng 'for your boarding call or on the plane? After you check.e righ. we wlll be getting .. or a. into As they say in Hollywood. or prepare the first two cornrnerclal '" Everyan e.·-"'"'Iik. salad sandwich. Can you wake up e minutes earlier? Go to bed 8 rnloutes later? If you~re travellng.lt's tlrne for a "Preview of Coming Artractlcns.BEGI NNI NGS 113 tlon books ration tlme. or Here's why I think '" lt's not throw a" long time and will not compromise. lt's the time 'it takes to take a shower a tuna. Med'itation has never been simpler than the 8 Minute Meditation way~You won't find a sing. It's also the time between breaks of you r 'favorite sitcom. RI.le word in this book that requires a splr- ltual or Webster's dlctlonary. just know that lt's all good. off you r llfestyle. and yes th at 'includes you ~can fit B m 'inutes into his or her day. For now. • A steady. what I call '~M'indfulness Muscle~" More about this later.

All I want you to do is read the following simpl e Instru ctlo ns and doth e best you can. And just let it go. It could be your dlaphragrn.. • Watch breaths. -~. as 'if you're llstenlng to your 'favorite frlen d. TASTE MEDITATION • Sit erect. Don tt force arwth ing. engaged yet. there's no wrong way to meditate. you r breath 'from this place fa r the next five • Open your eyes.chest.:. Grades wlll not be 'issued. As you'll soon learn.. But fo r right now.'There 's or maybe under your no wrong place.. • Br'ing your attention to where you 'feel you r breath the most.' .. relaxed.' -: ·. I want you to get an idea of how simple and easy 'ifs going to be for you to learn to meditate. deep inhale. . A"" '. don't worry about do ing anything but sitting right where you are. Hold it a moment.~. Remember. 110' ·w· 'Y"'' 'O' 'Ur eves t'.. • Allow you r breath to settle 'into its own natu raJ 'flow. .1111 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON 'things in a lot mo re depth.:···_·~~rE • Take a long. this 'is not a. nostrl Is.:. Fa r the moment." '0" C" 10' ':. . pop qulz.>.:"0 ." ·~t~. .



Well~ you dld ltl lt's easy, right? Not some b'ig deal or something
you aren't site:

capable of doing. Actually, rnedltatlon 'is lust, the oppo-,

the most natu ral thing in the world.
So are you ready to do something this pleasant and simp le

'for B rnlnutes a day? Of course you are. Just 'follow the 9 Minute Meditation
that can


gram gam e p Ian. In B weeks~ you can have a med ltatlon practice last you a I'Ifetime., words. something
I've already said that if you're reading these

has attracted you to medltatlon, You're about to 'find out what that 'is.
Just tu rn

the page.

PAR·'T O· N·'E'
- ,,-_,
- -,



", ::- :.",






IN A SHORT amount of tlme, you~re goi'ng to begin Week One
of your S Minute Meditation program. But ftrst, lt's important that you get the lay of the land. Just like your home, your meditation
practice shoul d re sr on as soli d

feu ndatlon as posslble. That's

what Part lis about, lt's going to: .. Define and demystify what rnedltatlon really is .. Tell you what th e B Minute Med ltatlon program carr-an d ca~ n't-'-d',":. 0'·'"," for 1'.. ','

Vi,"O··'U I" '_"._';

Address and resolve some common mlscenceptlons about

meditation and resistances to medltatron .. Answer beginning medltators' most frequently asked questions

. ting In-.. much better chance at succ ess lf you read it. I . and wisdom.' ". I~. Th ls stuff is lmpo rtant. Little 'lt by llttle.'.• . i _. Here are two examples.' (Talsen Deshlrnaru) • ~ I••• like great scub a gea r:You can see. . beg into med itate. with fu II attention. one ancient and one modern: • ~ is exactly nlos mu ddy water left to stand 'in a glass.ybe natu ral 'fa r you to want to skip over this part. and i. 8 week and perh aps 'fa r the rest of yo ur life It m'a. But 'fight. Med'itation is not a sratlc ~ ing~tt... lt's a' 'do 'ing~~ 'th ~This is why lt's so defrrltlons 0" hard to put a finger on and define.!li. I·' . O'ff that de- slre. scribe 'it: de- ..1' i-. l . Med ltatl on is an actlve process that 'is a confluen ce of the qu alltles of concentration.'-. g-..~ cut to the chase. hear. _ " ...I"S" MIE'O'I"TA' 'TIO-_:: N'.-~. W'H'AT. to u ch._'. powerful "Opera . ._. --." that ls. structlo ns' t th at you wi II use in the next 8 m inutes..' : '~.-. Many medltatlon ure given by the use of metaphors. I _' ".. >" -:< ..:. the sediment slrjks to the bottom and the water becom es pu re.::. You'11have a. I _<"'-. Here's how I wo rds.:20 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON • Provide ){OU with a set 0" simple. and taste without drowning in your Huck) thoughts them" (Laurle Fisher But these are verbal attempts to describa what is beyond insight..

Othe rwls 8. ~ oWing w h '.jourfeet .. but a verb. Alfred Korzybskl. 'For the next 8 weeks. relax. Still.. 'Pretty great. lt's the j a u mey~In just the act of sitting dawn to meditate.until she dips into the Ben &: Je rry 'isco ntal ne r. like the llqu id 'flowing state of water posed to 'frozen 'ice..MEDi'TATION 101 :~n • Medltation ls not a nou n. simple. and 'fa r the next j mlnute or so" just 'feel your body~You:r hands in your lap. M edltatlon is a dyas op- namic process. in situation ~ w • . something that wi II keep you from wasting time trying to' figure out if youtre medltatlng time you slt down to medltate=-lnstead So let's keeplt every of actually med ltattng.you 'from. it's like de- scribing Chunky Monkey Ice Cream to a Martian. once sald."The map is not the 'The best way to un derstand te rrltory' medltatlon "te rrltory" of can talk know 'is to actually meditate. you've already achieved 'Your goal. but that poe r little allen won't what you're 'talking ebcut=. meal. the 'following 'is deftnltlon dec lared to be the 8 M'inute Meditation of meditation: '. This is what I mean when I say that English medltatlon is a "dolng. Right no~ pIease close you r eyesf. I want you to' have a. dawn to dusk." what yau r seventh . hu h?' Talk about a win . grade teacher called an "active verb" • M'edltation is not the goa I.Medltation is not the menur lt's the (11. Medlitation is aII· rat rs.definition of rrredltatlon you can hang you r hat on 'far the next 8 weeks. the 'famous Po lish mathernatlclan.

_ ._' ..t. ' :-' 6"--"' io." ..S'-.'"::'_'... -. if !..~ Something beyond words-but that you know better than your own name. _.. t 0"-" ~::."..T'I :-~ ! " .. / ..'. And when you are less mental ty agitated .. did you know that . Why does rned ltatlon taste great? The taste o'f rnedltatlon ls. there were those chll . "" uIJIQ.-... AN>'-'D'.: O.. '_ I r..:~.' -.I . . pau sing after each wo rd. . . ".~:" N' .~.·'-O... Wonder good 'for you" too ~u Bread tastes greatl And It's Well. P . d :1'... that's how I feel about medltatlon..' I'T".1'.":.····.rth~ every day+..::~~'. you are less men- tally agitated..'~-: G····· lE'A.:22 8 MIN U 'TE M ED I TA 'TION on the 'floor: The noise in the street+ N'ow. . -.' .-.:0-'.. U ~Iii When y'ou are in a relaxed and allowing state. -. _'·. M E' D" rrA' 'TI <:.. "Klds. Medltatlon is allowing what ls..S-'.' '! -.'TIL'~.._. . '. .U. • Back in p rehlsto rlc times (before MTV).. ror ·y····o··.t '".' 'T'O'-aI '. dren's televlsion shows where the host would hold up a loaf of bread and proclaim.' G'~.you r braln . Pi:. repeat the deflnltlon th ree tim es. One of the things your 9 M'inu-te Med:itation practice is about 'is givIng you that taste of peace-9 mlnutes wo. ':-_ .on sense '. quite slrnply the taste of peace. And speaking of rnedltatlon..'IA·S"_. Meditation is allowi ng w hat is. Wh·':·"·r\l'I~ med ltatlon '_: '_: It' ~ ~" :.."-. Meditation is allowing what Is.-.·u> ~ lt's cornm i<> ~~ :." Y..'.: . . as alertlyas posslole.. And what does partee taste Hke.. ~ too! . Did you get a little taste of meditation? I bet you did...'··--'·D!F'Q'-.' " ...' '.. ~'.

Recent research at the University Wiseons in has shown that a.'Times Maga'z.3) ! date nucleus . steady practice of mad ltatlon over many years can actu ally encou rage the b rain to physical ty rewire itself to be happier (Time 814/0. after you Don't be disappointed flntsh you r first B minute pe-.ine.. alone 0r dlcate that meditation in conlu nctlon with other rnodalltles: • Lower blood pressure • Redu ce acute and ch ronlc pain • Improve muscle response time • Relax. you don't feel that th lngs have radlca Ily changed fo r you" . h 3ye fo r the past s eve ra I decades. stu di M'ed leal researchers ied the effectsand benefits of rned ltatlo n.4/0.MEDi'TATION 101 23 sends fewer stressful messages to your body~ allowing come it 'to be-.remember pie who these resu Its relate to brains of peo-. rlod.. diaphragm and lnternal organs • Increase breathing efficiency and lu ng capacity • Reduce anxiety and stress of compu lslve behavlo r patterns • Increase recognition The latest research on meditation has been focu sed in the of area called neu rap lastlclty. can. before you go rushing off to rewire you r cau- 91 '1. 'few years.3.:. But please. for at least a. Some of the resu Its in-. rna re relaxedand healthy. might have been meditating if. 'The N'ew York.

rour say you are haJfrN.good tl me to b r'ietly' introdu ce a characte r you're go ing to see a. an amazing opportun lty: a way to keep warm and dry despite the deluge. gushing aut of your mind. You r personal 'Nlagara Falls ls and al- ways has been there.:211 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON Rega rei th is excltlng new research as something yet.G . But the fact 'is otherwise. this is called "watching the waterfall~.tha. J~ lrwarlab I)'. weeks: your RovIng Mind. You've just been too busy d'rawn. Suddenly. of in you r medltatlon practice aver the next 8 well as you r path to success.t. lat.MI'N!D: WHAT .ing under ._. another 'to shoot fo r- reason why ~~M'ed itation tastes great~ And lt's good 'far jtOU ~ too!" RO'VIN. process . almost all beginn ing rnedltato rs believe that the of rnedltatlon 'is somehow creating this cascade of thlnk- ing. mind is tranquil and peaceful.out of nowhere. n rtrve spam.ay'into your a Minute Meditatian pe-. chances I OO~~that when yau start are high-abaut to medltate.'. 'In the Zen med ltatlon tradltlon.It's what perpetual 'Niagara my pal [ohn Newton callsUcog-. Heres an example of how rnedltatton helps you accornpl ish this: Let's riod. you will be su bj eet to what appears to be an lncessant and abso lutely un-' control labIe stream of thought. lronlcal Iy.it to notlce it~ Meditation p ractlce affo rds you.it will be 1tOU r biggest hjn- drance to rned itating-as Whether you're a flrst-tlme or seasoned rnedltator. perhaps 'for the first tlme In you r lffe. .ME·DITATIO'N errs IN: 'THE:WAY or Thls wou ld be a.

.. like 'this. 'if you can't stop or suppress )tour thlnklng.. bad that yo u h ave a Rovlng Mind. ". lndefatl- gable worker who will never let you down.h .n.pretty quiet And here's where This is the seed of what I call a "thought-story" it can lead next: Peace.MEDi'TATION 101 25 the 'fa Ilowing th ought app ears: Gee.ed Get the plctureirou start out in tran- qu H ity' and pea.Y! " " " S'.. .ed'dla'[ e-mail fromSara.ca and wind up shopping for d inned All in the space of a. my' m~nd seems' ... (This will be a.. ..we$$. I. Better get some on the wa'y' . It's every one of us.h. It's a. " " I've iost .tt!. rm st. elegant.start. It's 24/7. 3.nap:pen. And on and on and on. second. I can't do £l'nyth.pass it How in the world can you do this?' Well.? ". Sur. feelIng not only you.itt for God'~s:." rnemberlng your new definition And how do you do thati By doing what I call The Meditation 'Th ree-Step.Uh-o.sake.ing a s~pecia$ on sQ'iman (It the market. Recognize that you are thinking. loyal.ing r.sh anywa.ign'[ " " " like today when I deiet. Gently return to meditation.mad. Say hello to Roving Mind. Well then.lm'~ This 'is where meditation comes to the rescue wlth a simple. lad) .arting'to lose {r[ ." Haw can I stay Damm.hame . Yea'ht Th. 2.Yeah.he:sacoldn.po(Jc.? . how do you deal with it so you can llvs 'in peace and ca. Repeat steps I and 2 as needed.is .. The mind is a perpetual Now don ~t. and pow- erfu I solutlort Don't suppress thinking. you can start by re-' of rned ltatlon and "allow what ls. thought machine whose sale job 'is to thjnk..peaking of wnich~ they're ha'v. Boy~wasReed.is w. ...ha't's s~p:pased '[0 .

get here and there. rovIng~rambling thoughts that ccrrtinuousty draln you r energy and just.And again.. It's a blessing that you. hol d down your job" and plck up your klds after school. but they usually fall lnto one or more of these categories: .sets with in-. lsn't it goad to flnally see It and know that you're about to do something about id W'HY ME:DI'TATE:' The Roman philosopher Seneca once asked. Most people come to medltatlcn 'for myriad reasons.:26. As you continu e to meditate . Rov'ing M lnd ls not the same as and shou Id not be confu sed with thought perse.This is why we call it meditation . and remember you r car keys. avo ld troub Ie.practice~ Now. You~vebeen dojng this your entire llfs. But for now. 8 MIN U 'TE M ED I TA 'TION M'edltatlon is the art of gently retu m'ing-over and over again. know that if's not meditation that gives rise to it.r mind is working all the time.'wo rklng" rnlnd. You constantly need to do thlngs.. There's a difference between a roving "thlriklrrg" mind and what we rnlght call {.. one important note: When I refer to Roving Mlnd~I'm taU<Jng about those pesky. creasing clarlty We 11 get into much more detall about Roving M'ind through1 out the next B weeks. y'ouJ-II be able to distinguish between these dlfferent m ind. making sure you watch where you're go lng. ~~What good is a w'ind without a compassi'fThls section is go ing to help y'ou define you r personal meditation goal. plain drive you crazy.

and you. And to help you define you r own meditation look at some popu lar ones: goal.rou need a way to "chill out" without rasa rting to rnartlnls and tranqu lllzers. However.oriented we do something. heard 'for stress. 'However. There is this mlsconceptlonthat m edltatlon shou I'd nat be soch~ty~When result. you~ve got. cone rete benefit! I wou Idn 't..naving a goat . or hypert. into something tu m a lf it doesn't re-' shou ld you.rouve or read that rnedltatlon • Yau take medication Your doctor might help with pain reduction. After all. but you 've heard that some people 'find thei r answer in medltatlon. why put time and effort. anxiety. also recommends that you take up meditation. shou ldn't 'feel shY' or embarrassed ask 'itT. . we expect-s. good thing. do 'to 'itt and neither There is: absa$ut-ely nothing wrong with .ne~p yOU' am.in mind' that you(i like meditation .jou don't know qu lte what that ls. such as lower'ing blood pressure • 'Mental health. "the blahs" You feel someth ingis mlsslng.ension. take a • 'You suffer from acute or chronic physical paln.ieve" In fact.maybe even demand-s-a goal-orlented. I thlrtklts a. very lmto po rtant question. we live 'in a goal .MEDi'TATION 101 27 • Physical health. • You 'feel snxlous and confu sed. • Life is just dandy. su ch as lowering stress levels • Spl rltual growth" su ch as seeking a closer connection to llfe Why' do 'you want to learn to m edltatei Th is 'is a.

lgreat~Whatever ~er: You say you want to med itate becau se you want to be happied . take a 'few moments itation 'is a process that can help me Okay.You r re-' sponse is very important.? OkaYi you r goal is ~~M edltatlon is a process that can help me be less angry behind the wheel" Now )tOU 've created place 'it whe the reason to rned ltate that's meanand ingfu I to j#ou-not someone else. Copy' dawn this sentence Fe See what pops up in you r mind to f II in the fa lIowing blanlc ~.persono'$ reason for wanting to medltate. let's determlne your . 1{OU want to be happ j en Then . ed:itatlon 'j sap recess M that can help me become happleri'You thought about how afraid you were of y'ou r own road rage..C lase you r e)tes. it can be fa r you.. .'ed-.. It will make you aware of the "fuel" that and relax . So rlght now. yet effective.:28 8 MIN U 'TE M ED I TA 'TION -You find yourself angll'iirrita.Fi ne. will propel you through these next 8 weeks. Now that you\/e gotten want to meditate. appropriately. You 've heard meditation can help you get a bet- ter handle on your anger: Now that ){OUJve seen some other people's reasons. let's do the sam's with the a M'inute Meditation program and see how simple. M n you came up with was the perfect an- you can read 'it befo Fe you r dal Iy 8 minute rnedclose and personal with why you italian period.ble~ and sometimes acting in-.

That's why lt's good not to skip around-or '" Upgrad eyau r practice. It also introduces the Meditation in Action Template. Part II 'is dlv lded into 8 sections. '" Meditate 0 nee a day fo r 8 min utes.sy and simple ways to do this. :friend ty. easy. 'yourself with the Meditation Operating These are yaur "ground rules" designed to keep you on track and maximize you r med ltatlon period.MEDi'TATION 101 2'9 'The B Minute M'edltatlon program ls designed to be user. II tho rough Iy.and effective.ead Part or III. '" Move on after eae h week. ahead. Here 's a II you need to d a: '" R. you have the option to stay where you are or move on to Part III and deepen you r m edltatlon practice... At. one fa r each week of the program. At the end of Bweeks. dlscusslon and tips for this week's medltatl an tecbn lque a 'fa Ilow up. slm- pty tu rnthe page and move an to you r rtext medltatlon week and technlque. the end of each week. and a sectl an of of re quanti)'· l asked questions with accompanying answers..'in'~section son you r progress at 'ch this point of the program. In additi on" it contalns ~ eck .The technlques have been selected and organlzed to gradual I)' allow you to deepen you r practice. which wHI show you how you can apply' . Don't skim 0r sklp to Parts II '" fam'iliari:ze Insn-ucelons. Each week has its own specially selected gulded meditation techn lque. Part III offers several ea.

a-day meditation prononsectarlan.. right now. W'HAT YO. maybe should). • En'lightenyou. brain chemlstry. Your 8 minute . . And no matter what .Med-. please try the M'edltation in Action 'Iern plate. • Leetu reyo u. You~ve chosen this program because you don't want.M Will-AN'D WON"I-DO The 8 Minute Meditation UWon't" List The 8 Minute Meditation program. meditation. gram is nondenomlnatlenal. B . or childhood? As w'e say in Hollywood. Enlightenment is a word lndlscrtmlnately Your 8 Minute Meditation program is bandied about by every'one 'from New Age gurus to soft- . to spend time on the hlsto ry a r phi losophy of meditation. in thls case. • Get int:o religion.N'U'TE:. The rned ltatlon tecbn iques in 8 Minute .itation are so simple a child can do them (and 'if YOU\/B got one.30 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON med ltatlon to every single one of your dal Iy aetlvitles.MI.Why go into discussions of mood disorders. and nonpol ltlcal.ME:DITATION' PROGRA. won'c • Con fuse 'yo u." meanlng. "Let's cut to the chase.. in this very moment. drink promoters.UI<.. There are no hidden agendas"Buddhlst or otherwise. I highly and heartily recommend the upgrade.. • Del'''Iei ntayo u and 'your past .

rig. . questions.MEDi'TATION 101 :n about medltatlcn. 8 . l've built all kinds of "technical su pport" into this prograrn.You'll see what I mean when you startWeek One. Over the next B weeks of this handshake" or shortcut.ht naw~ Look at you r watch. and user-friendly-e-tc get you up and rnedltattng.tation uWiIl" List 'The a M'inute Meditation program wlll: right now. The 8 Minute Med. Just relax and meditate" • Asic: to be you r gu ru. Medltatlon doesn't in meditation. So relax. 'in this book. Some teachers say that you can tt medltate €liffectivelywithout a guru or master to teach you ~I disagree. and doubts that wlll came up for 'you. Beor lieve me. you ~IIbe sitting down 'to your first medltatl on pe riod.Minu-te . But there are no secrets to the essentials. clear.Meditation 'is • Get yo u meditating designed to be simple.. I wou ld. • Give you the "secret shortcuts than this" • Leave "'10 u in the lure h. Ewrything you need to begin to meditate Is r'ight here. 8 Minute Med'ttatronis pared down get slrnpier prog ram ~ 1'1 be right beside you eve ry step of the way. 'if I could. l've II been down this road myself and have anticipated the challenges. Don't worry about enllghtenment. In 'less than 'twenty minutes from now.

Follow the program. By' the way~ the answer to €Nery question is always the sarne.nt~ Wejve all been there. • Give yo u clear.an-8 day 'for B week~ habit. Not why all you're asked 'for 'is 8 minutes out 0r of your day~N ot ten. If you follow the pl. Don't 'feel embarrassed. or ignora. And keep medltatlng. that's just not minutes a true.Each section of the book centans 'its awn Q&A section. effective instruction.hte'p to Tibet and sit in fu II lotus posture for months on end to develop . 'There never seems to be enough time in the d. gram and word you can't understand. Welt.(1 strong medltatlon practice. a meditation comprehend. thls book are I 00% jargon-free. twenty~ one second more or 'less. dlsclp lined rnedltation you can deepen~ and can last you r llfatlrne. that you will develop a.' • Help 'You over th e rou gh spots. or doubt been posed by these questions you have has more than !'ikely thousands of other medltators. You won't 'find a you can't or or a. 'issue... • Answe ryou r basle q uestion s. instruction 'The pro-.inutes. discussion that loses you in philosophy • Enable you to build a real medftation practice 'in a short tim e. dumb.J ust 8 m.j''i to do 'less medltate. tecbn lcalltles. .32 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON • Respect 'your time and energy. addressed You'll 'find at many places along the way. 'The unlque burning concern. simple.That's what you have to do=rnuch fa rty-five.Trou're doing great. strong. Many people have the notion that you ~vegot to sc.

you~II have the oppo rtunlty to "upgrade" and deepen you r rnedltatlon p ractlce.'·IN':""U'. 0r even you r watch and 8 Minutes Is Not a Long nme You don ~t have to be Steven Hawl<jngs to know that time is relative.:~' Just about now1you're probably thinking that B minutes sounds !'ike a really long time to sit still and do nothing. I promise.~ I ."-T-.:_. :. We all know what it means when we say "time just flew..'.rl-:. Part III contain s everythl ng you 1'1 need to doth is.:5::'::I1 I _....":-." rr-IC.- "T'"H-'Q"'S:'IE [:J ..· . This is a normal thought and goes to the heart of meditation. not only to answer your questions but also to suppo rt y'our effo rts. '5.." I want you to get out a kitchen timer start tim ing whlle you read this section. lnclud ing a "trainj ing schedu le" and the Med'itatlon in Action Template. If want to help you get • Point 'you in the right: direcclon.": _. I HIi .'.. I tru where you want to go. ".".' 0 .'.O-UflIN:-'G'. So lets clear up two things: • 8 rnlnutes ls not a. ~".'TI[.MEDi'TATION 101 33 • S UppO rt: an d e nco urage 'you.'. '. •.". . ". After you complete you r 8 week med ltatlon p rogram. W'UA..~I'm with you eve ry step of the way. ":'...A>'F'U'''H::N::'' . long time.~ • .' •." '.I . . • Med'itation ls not "dolng nothlng.. ~ 0 M'. -.t~ lt's . rll I:..

the ten mlnutes in a. or the twelve minutes listen ing to an lnsu ranee agent desc ribe you. But as Lauren Bacall once said to Humphrey Bogart when she kissed him. or just. On the other end of the spectru melwe have all experienced tlme as "an eternity" It's the two minutes you waited at an lntersection to make a left tum when you were late to work.311 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON an attemp-t to describe the experience where w'e are so involved in an activity that we lose track of relative time.Wha.ed:ltation has been c reared to provlde yo u wlth a series of med ltation technlqa as that will fu Ity engage you r attention. "lt's a lot better when you help" So meet. J tlclpatlng in a.r medical co- payment. As 1tOU can see.It's all about the attention with which you approach the actfv ity~ B M inure M. The engrossing actlvlty can be as varied as watching an overtime NFL game par-. the experience 'is one of time lessness. medltatton is more "somethlng" than what In you think is something! . yoga flow class. forbld-esomething that is good for you (a surefire recipe for disaster). bank line because the ATM was down. Don'tlook at rnedltatlon as a horrific bu rden. time can pass 'inthe "blink of an eye'~or last eons. And meditate. me halNvay~ hen you get ready to medltate. bo ring chore" or-heaven Just set you r timer fa r 8 minutes. don't W prejudge what lt's go'ing to be like tlmewlse. hanging out with a. This is time that feels more like an endu ranee contest than a trans lent event. Doing Nothing Is Really Something There is a popular misconception that meditation is "dolng nothing~U point of truth. close 'friend.tever 'it m ay be.

In this atten- you are engaged in a. Clock-watching during a meditation period 'is counterpro- du ctlve. It puts you in a. go ing to start experlenclng But for now.s aooutrzormg "U 1 '. 'To get the most out of 8 Minute Meditation.MEDi'TATION 101 35 Wha:t do I mean by thati Just this: When eve r you meditate. Th is less-than -ten -do llar invest- ment wl II pay off handsomely in its ablllty to help you establish the most level p'laying 'field possible 'fa r mad ltatlon. Thls less-than- optimum is easily handled by uslng a timing device. one you are that allows you 'to eu ltivatea 'This is one of the great benefits of medltatlon. but in a whole new way: a peacefu I~calm way new relationship with you r mind. Make sure your timer ls an electronic tkklng sound. you are 'focused awareness and attentlon. You set it fa r 9 minutes and 'farget it. ~~ . you need to have a kitchen tim en If you don ~taJ ready have one.fn.a "sorneth lng" that demands you r 100% complete tlon.kind of l'imbo. optlon ls to use the 8 Minute Meditation Guided one that does not produ ce any distracting Another . '. they re available at 1 housewa re 0r electron ic sto res. Timing Your Meditation Period While we're on the subject of time. outr tt. active. ing your mental eyes to check on how much time has elapsed and Iy calcu latlng how much time situation remains. just remember once ){OU get you r practice underway isn't about "zonlng that meditation I" b' "". let's discuss an lnexpenslve important item you must have to meditate prop- yet extremely erl)": a tim'ing device. a state of rep eared Iy a pen-. process.

called them "bubba metntzes.D allows you to sit down" find the eu rrent week's meditation track.36. and you\te got an idea of how qUiddy you r 8 Minute Mad ltatlon pe- rlod will pass. No muss. and be led through your slon of the meditation C. How many minutes did you take to read this? Good. gong sound announces when minutes are up. time" and lt's too hard. 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON Meditation CD I c reared fa r this program~ It. close your 8 8 M inut. is a volce-gu lded verlnstru ctlons contained in this book. I've already discussed the two malor excuses people have for not rnedltatingiThey haven't gat. . My nanny.org. no fuss" The Guided Meditation CD is availab le through my website" www. The eyes.Sminutes.ion~ A pleasant.~ Oka1. 'Now" we're go ing to spend a 'few minutes clearing up some other rnlsconceptlons about medltatlon.t. push PLAY.Trou I'" grandmother mlght have called them. Subtraet that.1 look at your watch or timer. where none exists. "old wives' tales" Buddhist grandmas wou ld call them "palntlng a tiger on your wall" They all mean the same th'ing: You are creating a problem. Pau line Spector. Let's take a look at some of the most popu lar meditation bu bba mel ntzes.e Medita. from 8 minutes.

a . especially in the West. real iz. tao ea. . Hi's response: "Practice lt's th e sam e with me d ltatlorcrou ju st practlce and get. Ex.. or 'YIOnd ng what th e erl heck you were dolngi Most llkely not. Notlce one in-and-out cycle of you r breath. Nor is it Meditation ls pretty stralghtforward.ingthat den nition says: a. fldgett ng. This is what me d ltatlon ls: paying attention act Iy what au r what ls.. how to get to Carnegie Hall. like some lnflnlte. ex . Relax.. It is net tee hard. pan ding sultcase] But despite all the rnlndtalk going on.MEDi'TATION 101 37 1 Meditation A Is Too Complicated.11 ng owi stopped and asked world . you've strayed awaY' from it. and then gently returning to it. Pay attentlo n to you r breath... right now: '* '* Close your eyes. Meditation Is a Religion. isn't rt. did you find it so ln.. better at it.M inuteM. There is a popular misconceptlcn. that equates medltarlon with Buddhism. A tourist in Manhattan ~n to sorneth lng.. But there's 3" major difference: . dayd reaml ng. credibly dlfflcult to watch your breath? 'Of course not.. Were you able to' completely pay attention to your breath..editation once renowned vlcllnlstYasha Heifetz. 2. with out th ink ing.sy~ Try this. how many thoughts you can pack into just one breath.. Amazmg.

It's Li'ke You Are Hypnotized.. h· . trance. (1. Rest assured. and acceptlng. Meditation . Nothing 'is farther 'from the truth. .·ow . you expertence aJI aspects of life in a richer. narcissistic way to avold responsjbllltles and real llfe.Is an Excuse to Escape from Reality and Responsibilities" Some peop le think that rnedltatlon 'is a sneaky selfish. you will be as. ··. hidden or otherwtse. Its only pu rpose ls to help you develop a meditation practlce :you can use fo r yo ur llfetlrn e.. focused. t h... 'is a rellglon. but in all the great rell- lnclud ing Ch ristianity and judaism. 4.. . Even in states hypnosis. fu ller way. das. The goal of medltation . This a natu rally occu rr'ing phenom enon and 0" deep meditation. you can 'find ltatlve component glous tradltlons.-0 • ··iO ... the 8 Minute MeditatIon progra.m is completely nonsectarian. It has been shown that b rain-wave patterns in med ltatlon states 0r are d ilTerent from those generated du ring sleep kind of deep relaxarlonls showId not be cause fa r alarm. s . nd even poss'ibty more. It Sounds Scary. tlzed. m ed- not just in Buddhism. 3.Ji. stupefied orin a.f. This 'is exactly the oppos lte of being hypno-.. Med:itatlon 'is i a non secta rlan process of awareness" In fact.J".at wo r Ies: . When You Meditate.38 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON Buddh'ism I'ike jrdalsm and Chrlstlanltj. This is because you When you:r mind :is calm. The re are no other agen-.!1 is not to escape from life--but It.. aware and alert than in a you r normal state. H ere ~..

or nose e Ilps. 5. desire to engage mo re fu Ill' wlth evell' aspect Becorn ing a med ltator doesn't mean y'ou'll rry. an co ncept was exp ressed beautlfu Ily by Shanti- early Buddhist sage~who said. this wi ld. wake up and 'find that you\te abandoned you r law practice and are head ing fa r a.rou know. Remember our definition of rnedlratlonl UMeditatian 'is al- lowing what ls. exactly the 0r serne wary: We we Ieam e them ~with outany] udgments to mute or muffle them attempts by donnlng actual or "mental" sun- glasses. So don't wo . moment by moment.MEDi'TATION 101 39 are not Judging everything. eve ryd ay wo rid 'But that's ju st not tru e.. earp lugs.m on astery in Bhutan. . children laughing "and scream ing). far removed from ou r noisy. seem ingly' uncaring world alarm s is. Most In abso lute sl- can only be done properly on a mou ntalntop.3.he wodd . noisy. love fa r you r fam'ily~and reve ren ce 'fa r a. crass.a deva. we "allow ~.II fa rms of Iifs. ~~Where would I possibly find enough leather with whlch to cover the surface of the earth! . You Have fo Have Absolute Silence fo Meditate.+. This new way of seeing can resu It in the creation of rno re "life en-' ergyU as well as of life. a II0»: 'This ~ llowlng' t. Med'itation 'is about Q'i$owi ng' people think meditation lence. But It ce rtalnly can mean flnd- ing rno re richness in you r legal practice. and you r neighwe treat all outside intrusions bo r's ste re 0 blasting h ip-ho p. "what ls. In medltatlon..." Well. not shutting it out. allow .. preferably t." And it Includes car b larlng. whether you like it or everyday not. {.in:. but allowlng lt.

you '11 more than .AO 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON But wearing leather on the sales of my shoes is equ lvalent to covering the earth with lt. it's cou nterintu ltlve to rnedltatton. If .. itation program demands no prohibitions so-called "vices. I'll Have to Give Up the Things . You also may have come across teachers and books that the requ 'irem ents to be a mad ltator that say include vegetarlanlsm. and Starbucks. 'The truth ls that once you start m ed ltatlng. 99% of the rnedltato rs I know wou ldn ~t be allowed to meditate! In-." This 'includes everything watching on anyth ing-especially from double lattes to Survivor iX to great sex.'ke~ Reading Vogue. Burg rs. Meditate. Watching Notre Dame Football. charnomlle taa=-and enJoyment (unless of cou rse you happen to like these things]. You r 9 M'inute M'ed-. one that ernb races every"tOU thing and reJects nothing. of that wild and wonderful place known as dally life. editation Connectlcn. Many people think meditation they love. c lu dlng you rs tru ty~ The idea th at you have to sacrlflce things you love is not on Iy erroneou s. peacefu I~and re-' with the wo rid." M'edltatl on opens you warding relationship to an entirety "I19S h. soy products. have the oppo rtunlty to cu ltlvate a new way to live mo re peacefu Ily and joyfulty-. 'in the midst. L. I call this the complete means having to sacrifice the things It comes zero "Tofu .." M with veggles. and perhaps even celibacy If this were the case. 6. teetotalllng. Each tlme you rn edltate. Seinleld Reruns.

Finding one is tough enough.. The program is one-step shopping. Vel"Y.. go fo r 'it. • Close your eyes~Rea$Iy' get . such as a ralsln or a Hershey's Chaco late Kiss. So if you can f nd one. any ski II 'is always eas ler when y'ou have a good teacher. bring the sweet to you r mouth and slowly set it on you r tongu e. .. Did you notice how much fuller and richer your experience of taste 'is when you are 'full). traveland money.I.MEDi'TATION 101 A~ likely enjoy these thlngs=-and everything else-even want you to try the followlng Sweet M.Medrta'tfon.To test thls. . Ho wever~the reallty is that th ere is a scarcity of good rnedltatlon teachers.in touch with the ex. 'This is a major reason why I created 8 Minute . and getting to where they are can entail a malo r invest- ment in tlme. You Can't Learn l.ini-Meditation. Why? Because you ~IIhave a richer experience of them . present 'in the moment? 1m agine dolng everythlng this way~ to Meditate Without the Presence of a Teacher. Everything you need 'to begin. • Take the sweet :inyou r hand.qulslte taste as It begins to dissolve in your mouth over your tongue. bu rstlng with svveet potent] a I. very slowly. Closely examine that beautl- fu I m orsel. more.earnlng 7. I • Find a blre-slze morsel of something sweet.

and malntaln a real meditation practice is herein as dose as the next sentence. And O:lvea't . you'll be lntrodu ced to 8 simple meditation techniques. Estab llsh a steady. become a meditation student. Then see what unfolds for you. da'ily" 8 m'inute rned ltatlc n practlc e. So fi rst.. how often do you get the opportunity to engage in a win-win situation? . which is what you are doing all the time. If they say lt's "my way or the highway~U stlck out your thumb. • 'You won't find a slngle line of instruction that you can't understand. your hands. All you have to do is the of them theft rst time and every best you can. There is no one way and no best. After all. And here's the good news: • 'You can do everyone time. So stick arou nd and rned itate.And although I can't be physically in the room with you. teacher waiting the for you sornewhe re down the line. Over the next 8 weeks. 8 There's Only One Right Way to Meditate.42 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON build. • It's lrnposslble to fal I at rned ltatlon.em.ptor. Be wary of the person" teacher. I'm There's an ancient p reverb that says. or schoo I of meditation that tells you different. whether you know it a r not. uWhen the stu dent is re(u:ty~ teacher will appear" Maybe there is a. way to meditate.

Read your operating instructions now.minute to as an emergency. up for anyth ing-sh a rt of a" 1.inute Meditation Operating lnstru ctlons.. Sit Down and Be Counted Each time you sit down to meditate. So when you sit down to meditate.MEDi'TATION 101 43 'These day'S~ everything from bagels to SUVs comes with 'its own set of ope rating lnst ru ctlons. 2 true em ergency~ And no. Please practice and as don't fo Ilow thls practice wlth your 8 M.. or get. earthquake. No less. rea'lty sit dOwn~And' stew there! Don't tsunami. self-we rth. they will natu- rally inca rpo rate themselves 'into you r med ltatlon practice and operate under you r personal radar. These are the . and happiness. you're standing up 'for your 'innate right to pea"ce of mind. No more. Fa r B to go. They are crltlcal to you r meditation germane to Day' One as they wlll be to Week Eight~and beyond. sitting. and then do whatever th e heck you want.instructl ens you usually don ~£ read. Bookmark this section so you can retu m whenever you need to" In tlme. having to pee doesn't qual ify meditation the B. now and 'fa rever: . but every moment of 'Your life. Be Kind to Yourself Not j ust fo r the next 8 weeks of the meditation p rogram. Noth ing to do. Just. Nowhere way 18 this simple: be. Remember. Nothing minutes.

t that point. A. upUntil that ready to make adjustments to you r practlce-sand. don 't be upset or try to repress them. doubt. happen ing. No More. when 'i you "graduate" from the B Minute M. Whenangerl corrfu slon. time. feellng that it should deliver an some promise that lt's not 'fulfilling.. "First gradu ate. You might become angry at rned ltatlon. '11Tispractice will ald yo u in accessing you r Innate.edltatlon program you' II have a far greater u nderstand- ing of medltatlon than you do right now. you will lea m and do a technique called l. fru stratlon. Sticking with the program also means that you meditate just . spring of kindness-not natural. though.. Sim ply become aware of what is In 'th.is m ornent. ward ones in the number of mlnutes you meditate. 8 Minutes~ Every Day . Then you can make your own decisions" In B weeks from now. aJre ady-p resent w'e II. As you r parents told you back in high schoo I.44 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON Frustranon freqa andy arl ses in 'the beginn:ing stages of me dlration practice. or other negative feellngs a r 'tho ughts arl se in rned ltatlo n.. Fa r now~ knew thls: The fact that you have given you rself a practice is a sure sign that you have made meditation a major de- clslon to treat you rself with the kindness and com passion you r'ichly dese rve. Ask )tOU rself And If you are not" do 'In Week Seven of B Minute M'ed'itati on. am I being' kJnd to mys-eV so. embarrassment.ovlngklndness Med ltatlon. please stick to the program and med ltate for B m in-' utes. No more and no less. No L 55. just fa r you rseff but others. you'll be hopefu Ily.

re lax: and 'feel comfo rtab Ie in the knowledge that a. doubt.'ing. but.11 r needs have been antlcipated and taken you care of. our rnlnutes on f Wednesday. You bought this book because you want to learn to medltate.Minu-ceM. but it won't wo rk in meditation. will be plenty of ULeave the Driving to Us" Bus slogan.. b every step of the way. Don't skip Monday and Tuesday and 'think you can "make it up" by medttatlng 'for twenty . lts such a lve atways loved this classic Greyhound perfect way to say' "Relax. Trust me.11e there. you're going to enjoy the ride. That's why every element of B .lhere time 'for tweak.editation. After graduation. 'That might work when crammlng for finals. and hesftatlon. 'from the Q&As to chapter dlseu sslons to the rned ltatlon technlqa as-even these operating lnstructlons-e-ls designed to yield max imum resu Its. not questioning. Consisteney ls the cornerstone of a successfu I medltatlon practice." And l've designed 8 M. So fa r the next a weeks. as a supportive coacb=-and bu s d rlver. I want y'otl to spend each of y'our 8 minute meditation pertcds 'in medltatlon.MEDi'TATION 101 A5 once a day~ery day. right alongside you. And 1t. . Okay~so now you know exactly how many minutes a day you wlll rned ltate 'far the next eight weeks: 8. That is my goal 'for you.inu~eMeditation so you can do exactly' that. Not as your guru.

the very act of sitting down and meditating. ln and of itself. Allow ~. everything that you medrtate. Allow Just as the first rule of real estate is "location..'." lt's that simple" Allow ... Any connection know. Here's how wild that circus can be. a IIow. means that :you're meditat. depressing. rned ltate. your own mind chatter ls goi ng to com e pou ring out.y. deflnitlon of a "bad'lmedltatlon is "the one you skipped.. I dined on a succulent lobster dinner I had ln Maine ln 1984.. rtanon IS a." So to ensure that you have gcod medltatlon yo u on 11 have to d a on e th lng.IIow . SOme thoughts will be pi easant. Rem ember al SO. unob stru cted vi ew of th e nin ety-three . heard the theme song from the movie The Apart-. in med ltanon fai$ure is impo. lccatlon." " me. Ru dge). .. right? R.ss~b$e!There is no t wrong 'Nay to meditate. between these thoughts! If you flnd it.No Such Thing as a Bad Meditation Th e defin itJon of a "good" meditation ls "the one you dtd~~ e Th every time you meditate." -h f tne nrst ru If' e When 0 . dear. In fact. In a recent ami nutemed .ing~'currectl..n .dl -. and frlghtenlng. a IIow ... Others might be horrible.ight~Ju st. This affords you a. When you sit down to meditate.. and remembered my first two-wh eel bh:yde (a. you allow absolutely arises to arrse=-and you exclude nothing..ri ng clreus that is yo ur thinking mind. ltatlon session.. fu nny~ and blissful. location. please let me ment.

bady sensations that you til 'feel compelled to tangle with.MEDi'TATION 101 A7 Naturally you will want to s'tay wlth the goad stuff and push aw. new. tlme of thoughts.The major difference is that..The truth 'isthat Roving Mind 'is alw.ay the bad stuff Don't. Allaw every thought. allow . and body' sensation that you "hook" during you r med itation period..~.y_ Catch and Release Catch and release goes hand in hand with "allow .. events.. (or the first 'time. U 'In the wa rid of 'fly fishing.and deaJ'ingwlth it in a brand .sit. and ernotlons. you u nhook it and release 'it back into the stream. when out of of the maniac 'in the huge SUV' who cut you or off on the highw'ay last even:ing pops into your mind. 'When you meditat. let's say' you're nowhere.this one out Please alsc remember that m edltatlon ls nat cau s'ing yau r wlld dlsp lays of rnlnd. and body sensation to "dance 'its dance" And you Just..aysp res- ent.. " a IIow. better wa. This means that in every rnedltatlon perlod. you are going to hook thoughts.. For example. image. youtre fantasizing about how :you'd !'ike to get even with the drtver-e-devlslng punishments that wauld make the Marquis de .e. "catch and re Iease 1~ means that after yau catch a flsh.Jmages. Suddenly. Your private stream 'Ofconsclousness 'is brmrrmg wlth a life-.. im age. themage meditating . just meditate.in your tif'e~you're notlclng 'it. This is exactly what I want you to do wlth every thought.

AS 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON Sade c r'inge~You r body becomes 'increasingly 'flushed and 'feve rlsh. hmystical S The word en$ightenmenrt has been bandied about ad' nauseum connection wlth everything in 'from Buddhism to soft drinks.. See how much easier-and not wonderful-this is? Thls simple act of thought.n M'editation ls not about experience-hunting of consciousness 'for special states that go by names such as ~enllghtenment. taking it horne. this time using catch and release. In a" split second. states of awa reness. Which you do. Sam's image of the jerkin the SUV~Same angry' thoughts.inute Meditation 'is not interested in ideas and discussions of enllghterm entand prefers the ancient adage: "Those who say do nat know. ~'$ijust re$ecrcs-e it. scaling. Those who know do not say. you r mind has created a drama that pe rm eates eve ry asp ect of you r being. Now~ let's run this scenario again. 'images. throwing it into your creel. instead of reellng ltjn. Youtre seething with rage and righteousness! Wha:fs going on here? 'I catch an d re Iease te rms. but applaud. clarlty~ an d pe ace in everyth Ing you do. and body sensations. releas ing 'is you r tlcket to 'freedom-the freedom 'to engage.fry ing~and eatIng 'ir.M.. But now you realize whats go'ing on" and you say to you rself O. Keep doIng this.ht. and allow 'it to lead you to deeper Anglers tell tales about "the one that got away~UIn medltatlon.tlng . f IIet.h1rve hoc ked 0 nto a th (uJg. that's not somethlng weregret. 8 . you 've "hooked' ~a thou ght that n has now 'triggered a cascade of other thoughts." "self- . Don't Get Mystical .

."..' ._./.:need ~~. y' . _:.You don't need 'to name anything.."_:_ . ~_ > . ....>_.ss an its w.~.. Just mad itate. UHave fun with Itl" :.y~ Everyth'ing is welcome..~ _. Nothlng 'is excluded.ing everything that comes 'in to com e in and then gently allowlng It to pa..._~ '. wlth- out any preconceived arise.'11 :'_. there 'is no way you can <....'.- ." ~....:. :.:' _.> .... .3."._L. ~ -:. cllmb. because you've had practlce=-ycu r whole lffe.' 1 .: :.t st opped t' ". And I want you to enj 01' rned itating. And I'ike I said. ~:~ a' deep b re at h' and relax There's~ no. notion or agenda about what is going to Stay open to what comes up and then see what happens.A+. or perform open-. ~ • "'.. < -.::..".. an element of truth here: We usually try so hard to master neN skl lis that we fa rget about enjoying au rselves in the p recess..: . _ "'0'"U h a' t' e h'a+ a. 0" d····· anv t... "_ .MEDi'TATION 101 4'9 reallzatlon" 0 r "nirvana" When you m edltate. Butwalt-..' .' · ouo . lot of So. ...' ... ~ "~ .~'.":.iY-~• -i.' ..~: So do 'it wrong. M'edltatlon ls about gently' allow.a. '..there~s thet are teaching you to tap dance. u" r: 0 thing but be..~.".rv teacher in the history of the wo rid from using 'it whether heart surgery. And you can do that..:' I 1:..:.: . ·t· ~. ~f.. :~ a.: ess lon II ·S···· t' ha t ha ~ no. lt's also simp le: . ovp" I ~~ Do n"'t . t aI' os '"'. mountain .". have fun with 'it! Breath Is Home Base The natu ral rhythm of you r b neath is the perfect p lace to retu m to whenever you find yourse If drawn aW'ay from any m edttatlon technlque. : .

Try it next tlme y'au"re in bumper-tobumper trafftc or about to make that important pres entatl an.comfortable envlronrnent. simp le. • Take a deep breath. eek program.sEJUP FOR . being in tau ch with y'Our b neath is so wonderfu I and important a. comfortable clothes that won't con- strlct you r breathing or overheat a r chi II your body There are no special medltation robes or garrn ents requ ired.Here s all )tOU have to do to create a.tecbn lque that I\/19 chosen it 'for Week One of y'Our 8. and completely let it go. allow ~. . • Allow . Breath as home base 'is a great tool to use anytime during your 8 Minute Meditation program-as well as those other marketing 1'12 rnlnutes 'Of the day... • Wear loose-ftttlng. allow. and easy. In fact.ME:DIITATION Setting up fo r 8 Minute Med itationi s fast...50 8 MINU'TE M EDITA'TI ON • Realize that you have drifted away' from your meditation technique. • Locate the place in y'our body whe re you r breath 'is mast dominant. w . • 'D irect you r attentlo n to that place.

I.Tir m off the phone. U S9 a kitchen tim er. until the timer soun ds. Rather. Reduce outside dlstractlons as best you can.I.: SETTI'N.G STAR'TE~D Each week of the 8 Minute Meditation program contains a. Q&A. The Q&As aren't here to test you or to see how far you've come. It's imposslble. 5 l'ightly coo I is p refs reb Ie. .G UP.I. Rev'iew the cu rrent week's rnedltatlon lnstru ctlons. 'for bestresu Its. GEJTIN. Back in B m mutes. . like UMommy is 'Meditating. Remember: Med'itating first thing 'in the mo m ing or lust ally ensu res the least. radio. they are designed to help .I. Set you r timing device 'for B minutes. Sit on a cornfo rtab le straight-bade chain You don't need any special cushions or mats. . • Meditate 'fa r 8 m 'inutes." .The 'following Q&A section contalns slrnpie instructl ens on pc stu re. • Redu ce tnslde dlstractlons. preferably with a. • Start the ti mer and gently close you reyes. make a sign to hang on the door. qu e8-' tlon and answe r (Q&A) section. Don't worry before bed usu- about totally eliminating all noise. door you can shut 'for p r'ivacy~Ad just th e tempe ratu re. As al ready mentioned.MEDI'TATION 101 5"] • Find a quiet room. and l'll'f you've got 'fam'ily and klds. outside noise.

.. Can you do it? Ab solutel)...a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION you over the p redlctab le speed bumps encou ntered in meditation by everyone!:. 'Is it.It's about getting up B minutes earlier 0r going to bed 9 minutes late r: A little less of Good MorTling America or The Tanig. ful statei • Would you like to discover a way of bedng happier in llfe that doesn't require acqulrlng something 0r somebodyi If you answered yes to any of those qu estlons. you can den .is.? You know 'it.'from beginners to masters. Dolng so doesn't mean you 'Ire Urn edltatl on challenged. Show. We're not talking about a lot of time here. Don't feel embarrassed to go back and consult the Q&As over agaln.52 . worth 'it. nltely find B minutes a day to medltate.. In exchange 'for a payoff that cau ld transfo rm you r life." On the contrary" it means you 're just plain sm art Let's take a look at our 'first group. pea.h't.ce. Are you will'ing to spend B mlnutes a day to change your llfe 'fa r the better? • Would you like to spend B minutes a day 'in a calm.! . Q= forget It~ I Can 't fin d 8 Min utes to Meditate--- Anywhere or Anytime1 Let me ask you this: .

consistency chose to meditate. That's when the kids are still asleep. ] ust befo re retl ring. Show up.You do that at a certain time an d place-sln themorning ln the bathroom over the sink. To say youtll meditate "when I get the chance" or"when I feel like lt" is shortchanging med ltatlon-c-and yourself.nsistent~d'ai$1 . Catch as Catch Can? "Catch as catch can t~ n ever caught anything. and your home and neighborhood are settled in for the ni:ght~unless you 11\(9 in Brooklyn. of a strang med'itationproctice. for some reason. As already mentloned. the TV lsn t:tblasting.i$y basis. it's best to medltate with mlnlmal dlstraction. a. and you will never be Iet down.MEDI'TATION 101 sa Q~ Wha' Is the Best Time of Day to Meditate'? Upon rising or just before bed. such as brush i'ng your teeth. during you r Iun ch break on Tue sday. is tli'e ha$$mark lf. too. Th e oth er best tim e 'for m ed Itatlon is i'n th e even i'ng. the kids are in bed. s. different time of the day works better 'for you~ that's fine. No matter what time of the day you Make a standing date with medltatlon. an d at. home Wed nesday night. But remember. Q: Can J Meditate at the Office? A Friend's House? You Know.tick with' it on a d'a. Most meditators find that the best tlrne for this is first thi'ng in the mornlng. If youmed ltare ln the back of a taxi on the way to the ai rport an Monday morn ing. Th e goal here is to establish med ltatlon as a dally habit. you 're not establ ish ing a co. an d th e phon e's not yet ringing. Th e day '5 done.

. Slowly lower you rself onto the ehal r: Wiggle fa rward on the seat" untl I you feel you r buttock 'from' the llp of the bones two to fou r 'inches chal r seat. Just ask a Zen monk! 8 M..a. 8 EASY STEPS FOR CHA. youtll sit on a straight-back ehalr.When you meditate. the tradltlonal sltting postu min this tradition. but Q= What About Meditation how yOU' sJt in the :posture. (N ate: lf you cannot sit with . flow and rnlnlrnal 'intrusion.po'imment with medltatlon lt's akin to brushing your teeth in a done. comfortable and even palnful.IR MEDITATION I. 'is perfect to get the Job done. b . It maY' not look as "cool" but 'it. We have all seen those pictures of robe-clad monks 'in Zen monasterles. round cushions (called zafu'S).. How can you be both at once! structlons: Easy.. . thelr legs crossed in full lotus. Why is po stu re so 'important? Co rrect postu re sets the stage 'for meditation. taxlcab=-scrnethlag I've rarely seen~or Posture? Don't You Have to Sit Cross-Legged on Some Weird Cushion? lt's not the posture you sit in. sitting silently on low. peacefu I.. ack chair 'in a quiet spot with good alr ...p.'is exceed 'ingIy un .inute Med:rtCitfon does not advocate phys ieaI di scornfo rt. ting 'in this posltlo n. Whlle thls may look. Place a straight .. 0 r pain.Just 'faIlow these in. the truth 18 that sit .. ' laxed. 2. . allowing you to be srnu ltaneously alert yet re. espee la Ily 'fa r long perl ad s.

5 you. Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg tells the sto ry of the time she and 'fellow teacher Joseph Go ldsteln wens seekJng a. place a plllow or blanket underneath them. As joseph and Sharon headed into town to brainstorm over lunch.. lot of work. adjust it by gently retracting you r ch in.relaxed Inhale. 8..) J. .. You may clasp them a r rest.r head is leve I. M:assa. If you r jaw fee Is retracted. checking out a 'form er monastery that was fa r sale... Gently lower your hands to you r lap.r back unsuppo rted fa r 8 minutes. extending down and connecting to the top of you r head. 'Keep your spine straight but not jammed.Beg'into meditate. deep.Slowly allow the exhale. S. If it feels like lt's Jutting out. 6. you may lean against the back rest.The place had great potential but needed a.MEDI'TATION 101 5:. '7. Vlsuallze an imaginary cord attached to the eel ling. one a n each thigh. they passed a. Take a. Plant you r feet directly on the f 00 r and fee I the cormec- tlon. Allow you. site for what wou Id eventual Iy becorn e the lnslght Med'itation Society~ The two teachers we re in the small town of Barre. . Relax you r jaw. town po lice car: Sharon looked over at the doo r of the ponce . 4. chu setts.r eyes to gently' close. Gaze straight ahead. If you r 'feet do not reach completely. M ake sure you. gently re lease you r chi n.

car. whi ch bore Barre's official sea I and me tto: "Tranqul I an d Alert:' It was at that moment.. . that she knew she had fou nd the perfect place for a.Minute if you don't like it. Stick wlth the technlqu e of the week fa r the full week befo re m oV'ingon-even into rnedltatlon practice. but save the peppero nl p lzza fa r later: There are no hard-and-fast ru les about how long you need to wait after a..<you sit down in your rnedlta . We all know that (:I" rich meal makes us sleepy~So why go and mad ltate afterwa rd? You're better off taklng a napa r a b rlsk walk. gradually bringing you deeper M·edltation was created as a. Q= Must I Meditate on an Empty Stomach? No. 8 . just usa you r cornrn on sense. tloni Please 'faIlow lt. Sharon says. Glve you r meal time to' dlgest. meal before you meditate. Next tlme-e-and every time-. Each week 'isdesigned to lead to the next one.meditation center. tlon posture" remember the Barre town motto: 'Tranquil and Alert. sit down and meditate. when you're feel'ing more awake. lt's the best po stu re and rnedltatlon jnstru ctlon I know.Ycu'Il . Q= This Technique Isn't Workingl< Can' Skip It and Try the Next One? Not a good idea. Remember the "Leave the Driving to' Usn operatlng lnstruc . Then. . kind of Whltm an's taste a new one each Sampler of rnedltatlon technlques.




week. After

B weeks, you ~ pick your favo rite techn lqu e--and II

stay with that one. You'll see what ,Imean when you reach Part

As far as saying that a medltatlcn technlqu e "lsn't wo rk .. , no or

ing," don't worry. You might not think it is, butltts.Therels
need to let Rov ing M'ind lndu lge 'in specu latlon, doubt.

JU dgment,

Sa fo r the next 8 weeks; please 'fa Ilow the program, exactly' as ltls Iald out. This means no swltchlng befo re It's time.

Q= How Will'

Know If J'm Making Progress?

'This is a,perfectly legltlrnate concern, After all, we l'ive 'in a result .. , oriented

SOCiety, and when we invest time and effort 'into some .. '
to see progress.

thing, we want

In medltatlon,




progress much the same weight tra'ining program.

we would

If we were starting


If you.r goal is to develop you r biceps" wou Id you expect, after your first workout, to look. 'in the mirror; flex, your arms, and see that

Popaya staring back? Of cou rse not, Becau S9 you know building physical mu scle 'is a"gradu al process which you be patient and realistic about seeing p regress. So you keep up your weeks~othing. da'ity

requlres that

workout. For the first several
look biceps pop up Uke website win .. ,

But then, one day~you finish you r workout"

'in the rnlrror, and--<wow~-your
do "..... ,....~.~~, A·'<·, ··g-, "W~~!I .. h '. ,":

p ""OQ't"\OS· "bl ~.:.~~

Progress :in m edltatlon commitment,

'requ ires this sam e kln d of patl enc e,

and dally workout.

Here.Jnstead of physical muscle,



you~re building what ,Icall uMindfulness M'uscle. And like building phys'ical muscle, you may not notice lt lmrnedlately, But one day~ you~1I sit. down to meditate and see that somethlng's changed. "Yourfocu sis stronger and steadier; and thoughts slide off you I'ike
'Ieflon.Thls rnlght be hard to descrjbe, but one thing); for su re: It's

Meditators a lso notice the appea ranee of ,Mlndfu lness 'Mus .., de 'in their dalty actlvltles, For example, 'imagine you 're ln the supermarket Checkout-Llne-From-Hell that never fails to raise your blood pressu reo But today~for some reason, you find you r..' self qulet and content, Just relaxing and watching you r breath. Or perhaps you're waltlng in 'front of a movie theater and yo ur date 'is late. Instead of stlfllng you r anger as you usually do. you find you rself JU st standing comfortably allowing all you r angry thoughts and feelings to Just arlse and pass away~like clouds 'inthe sky. By the time you r date shows up, you find you rself feeling even better than if he'd arrived on time! Remember gradual that p rogress jn medltatlon Is both subtle and

Best bet: Don't think about lt, When

makes 'itself

known, you'll be the first to know it-and prlsed indeed!

very p leasantly su r..' only

Well. finally! We~ve concluded the prelmjnarles.There's ,MeditatJon program: Take the pledge.

one more thing you have to do before you begin your 8M'inute




'J'HE ,8'-·M,:-:·,IN·ut'E M,·,·.··ED,I'I·'J1·'T'I'O--N·~,O'--···fcIIC"IA""1Ii., P"lE' D'G,-:"E ,1"\ , .. , ..... ' II ,.'
.1 '.' ." .. I, I







I hereby agree with mysel'f thatf even i'f I am traveling, on vocoltorr, under a million Family obligations, !lgDod" excuse not to, I or have any other


nevertheless meditat-e for exac~y

8 minutes a day, every day, For the next 8 'weeks.
[Escape Clou se: IF fo r some reason, my day is so crazy tho t I

honesriy cannot

'Find the lime and miss a day, I 'will continue my

medit-ation program immediat-ely the next day. Note:



cape clause is val id for two uses only!]

(Sign~d'll =====~

Congratulatlonsl 'Ybu're signed up and ready' to go. Just turn

the page. It's ti me 'for Week One of 8 ,Minute Meditation. Tlme to
quiet your mlnd=-and change your life.


one for each week of the program~ Each segment is broken down into five sections: .Medita'tian-th e daily.You've read the Medi'ta. lt's designed to make meditation simple ~easy~pleasant. Part II is divided into eight segments.Time to get down to the real reason you"re here. He~you Part II of th is book ls the heart of a M. Instructions. You know how to correctly sit on already know a lotl your ehalr. Time to put down the map an d discover the territory tion Operating of meditation.. and part of your daily life.8 minute regimen you~1Ibe following for the next 8 weeks.inute . You~vesuccessfully completed Part l.You know how to create your quiet rneditatlon environment.

I won't just be saying UChTtO U and abandoning yo u. Q&As. you might even get tlred of met And that is long as you don't get tired of medltatlon ~ Lees beg'in Week One. Who fine-as knows.Wh~ reyo u are. This section introduces you to this week's medltatlon technique. ~.This week's 'meditation instructjons. rnedltatlon lnstru ctl ons 'for the ~. I'm here with you fa r th e d u ratio n. It contains (1 brief d lscusslon about what mlght be going on 'far you at this stage of the B Minute 'Meditation program. 'These are your dear.~. No pe.. ~. As you can see. ~. every step of the way. How's it: go'i ng? Here's where we discuss what might be coming up 'far you 'in eonnectlon wlth this week's technlqa e.What: you'll be doing. . sim p let step -by-step week. This is your check-in station. 'This week If section add resses 'frequently asked qu estlo ns that arise 'fa r medltato rs.

On the ather hand. ":-' W· iHII.. normal. decide that you wlll approach this medltatlon program one minute of medltatlon at a time. E··'R··.:..~ .1 ready decld ad that med ltatlon is just an e more exercise in fut. Perhaps you hope that when you sit dawn to meditate. ! I Welcome to the start of th e 8 Mi'nute Medltatlon progra'm.. questions. an d hopes usually arise. you might have a.··'R·:·'E' I:. AJIthis is.ility~ like the diet you trled last month that d ldn ~twork.'E' Y··. ' .RIEA'lIH e i -..' . AnytJme you start sam ethlng n e«.. ."'_' ii' . and completely to be expected.O······U A··'...WEEK JIUIS'J ONE Q'INIE: IB.. youtll suddenly become "enllghtened." whatever that might mean to you . And the best way to deal with both positlve and negati've expectations is to drop them completely~ lnstead. doubts... of course.

Today is ,Da¥ One" By this time next week, you'll have medl ..,

a times-<which

adds up to almost an hou


So ask you rself

Can ~ dev(rte an ,hour of mY' ttfe 'to see ,f( ~can c.hange my $ire?
Sure you can.

W~ 'HiA"Tc 'y"'O"~-'U'~'Ll
•. ~ :_.-,:...... _ . ";,. ,I;. ,':: 1,>' . _

DE It,


D'.'~ IN~'"G::~.. : ·W····"'A'T·-C~-~H··ING"'-· . un DR-E:'A'··'THi 'Y"O'" ,! '., r\ D' :."..~,_.. :-. ;: .o . (",1' -' ..... '..... _':... A_ i _' ~
1:. :. __.. 1.::-.


('" I::::_'~-.

.";" ::.




M'inute Med'itation



with the srnple

yet powerful

technlque of watching your breath.

I once stayed with a Zen master at his mountaintop monastery
'in Callfornla His sole teaching 'instruction was "just notic-e breath" When

I heard that, I figured rnedltatlon

was go'ing to be

super-simple. a real no .. ralner; So I told him ,Iwanted something b

a little more challenglng ..more macho~The master smiled know ..,
'ingty~patted me on the shoulder; and told me to lust follow my

b reath fa r th ree b reaths,


sat sti II~ closed mY' eyes;;and began. futu re, By' the end of the second, I was

By the end of my first breath. I had planned the menu 'for a. djn.. ,
ner party 'tau r months 'in the

'figu r'ing out how to rneke sure my Honda. passed the Calffornla smog
check. An d by the end of the thl rei brea,tlf.-....we you get the plctu reo II~ Followlng you

r breath may sound simple and easy" like ehlld's

play. But, thanks to our constantly Rov'ingM'ind~ we're anywhere

but here. My 'friend Josh Baran calls this Uliv'ing in the elsewhere
and 'elsewhen'



is 'farearmed. When (because there is no "lf" and suddenly 'find yourself mb(:'ing to

about this) you are meditating up a batch of brownies

or deciding whether

eat Chinese or

ltallan tonight, ju st reallze that you have strayed off. Then, without





ju dging yourself a 'bad" meditator,

gently retu m your awareness Js about: watching Over

to you r breath.
This is what breath


breath; stray'ing off reallzlng tt, and gently' returning, over again. Lik.e ,I sald, medltatlon ls a practice.


And don't worry, l'll be giv'ing you a. lot more detalled rnedl ..,
tation lnstru ctlons than that Zen master gave me.

Let's do it.







Set your timer for 8 m'inutes;,
T,t .. "

oositton 112L.lI'.ce i' mecna I.!.lon pos men on your your ,-,-;,-;-J'~,"+:,-",
i'-" -a n-''',',','',''

~I'.,,:"'-' "-,,'-,.f.-,,t'~""II,' Clillalr~comror' au e

and alert,

Take a ,I il o



i II,h 21J th at swee ps e


yo ur current

war ~ g'entily

ries, hopes, and dreams." Halld it for


Start you r t:i mer
:.> INS'T'RUC' 'T'ID""NS
:" -.:: .:: ..". ',' ,:: ". .,:,:.<,". :.:.

IN;ot!ice WyOLJ are con1trolll'in~ yo~r breath. If


release con=

trol Relax.

INoti ce that

pl ace i M yo UJr1b0 d Y where YO'LXare most aW:iliI"e

of' th e sensati

of breath ,i'n ,; lit may be you II" (he st, eLi ~ :5'

aphrag:m', or' nostrils .. hel"€ lis no ~~'I"ii~'hf' T place ..

W,ith your attention

on the anchor point, observe the nat-

ura,1 r·is:e and fu'lll of the bre ath Try to \l'iiew thii5 as not !~yo r u
breath' ~but ~the breath .. ~ u

. A;I,IF'!<'}'"'~ ~:llftw<

~'l! IV·





. ~:I:IF'iiw'~ ere's T! h
Y·'··ll 'I





IRe8~*o !1. 11,. ~~II



Pri'"i,B .III,~

'I:R~ ,1,1

Thii nkir~~? INo prob lem, Si m pill' noti ce '1th G,entill' ret urnto is,

yo ur 3n cho r po Ii rrt, your' b l"e afh.

l!ry to fo llow just one f:u'I:li n-and-out cyde of b.reath ..lf you
can, th en fo IIlow '

er: Ilf yo U


't, fI ne ..Just start ave


IFrusltration l' Ilrrita1!jolfil~Just notice these sensations ..And 're,=

t um to your an ch or po Ii t, n


in this


Si:mply absente the natural

cyeile of'

breath at you r aneh Of" poi nt,

Do this until your timer sounds.

. Right now. popular misconception that when you meditate .':_. :'. _. medltatlon won't._~ . Keep up you r dat Iy B Minute M·editation periods.lH E B WEEK MEDI TATION PROGRAM 6.'. 'feel strange anymo reo And youtll be glad you stuck around. you're not doing any-..9' HO .. true at a 1'1 +. thing wrong. 1 I '.. you probably are mentally and physically off-balance.ayfeel wel rei and awkward. . . __ '" t" -':'t_ "..".'S···· ~ . Consider this: The 8 minutes you just spent in meditation may be the first tl me in you r life that you've been still ~silent.' Most every meditator feels awkward when they begin to rnedltate.. One day soon" y'ou'11 sit.• i ' . Perhaps you feel stupid.iO "t' I. even angry~l'ike a._~ '. But you stick it out because you want to do it. '-. I S·'· ~G'-:I'N·····-iN····II N···· E: . lt is a radlcal new way fa r y'ou to experience the world. No wonde r you feel a. .: '" :. uncoordinated.·O:-··I'N· I" '_._: rc . Learn ing to med ltatels like learning any new skl ILAt f rst. Did Was ThinkJ .·::·W'······/. 'G·····:. you m.. I'd be surprlsed if you didn't feel this way.' '_ ~. real klutz. In fact. But don't worry.". and awake slrnultaneouslyl Even if you 'Only were like this 'for two seconds. U When that happens.'--:".1:". .-. But don 't let that sldellne you.. little strange._ : rr G'. " _'"._:~.-'.n -a. Q&A"" IN:" 'T'-H-'E" .down to med ltate and will have what I call your -a h rnome rrt . Q= All . ':. Couldn't Stopl Of cou rse you cou ldn't.. There's a.. This can prompt you to think that maybe you're not cut out to be a medltato r: But thatlsn 't. : ' .

To get our attention back.70 .can lead y'oU' 'to the "peace yOU' th a ug. you begin to su rpass them. . try my .r rnlnd's Job to th'ink-24/7. Accept thls reality: It 'is you. That's a good mnemonic device.pass'. Meditation is not.r meditatio n p ractlc e.ht you cm. Do something!" I encourage you to do exactly the opposite: !'~'Doll"t.. H They'll remind you how to approach and deal wlth Roving'M':ind.ped 'tfdnking! Now would be a good time to go back and reread the "Catch and Release" and '~Allow +..a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION correctly.ing thoughts" but sU'r. +.p.ing:.dd' Q n$y' achieve w. we sit still and do nothing but neutrally observe the breath. In breath meditation. It's also perfectly nor ." As you deve Iop you. about sU':ppres_s. Al'low Operating Instructions.just do someth. •• Allow. 'This . urging it to 'Don't just sit there.M'ind~ which doesn't appreciate thls lack of attentlon. Also. Rov'ing Mind sends signals to the body. +. We try not to engage in glve-and-take wlth Rov'ing . all thought ceases.r thoughts. n and everything else in Q= Why Do I Feel So Restless Just Sifting Still? Along with a" restless mind" a restless body 'is the most common challenge beglmlng med ltato rs eneou nter. 'for meditation you r IWe" o matte r what arises. mal and understandable. Nothing cou Id be farther from the truth.hen )IOu sm.Meditator's '~ABCu: A.ing them.lways Be Calm. And lts not going to stop just because you slt down for 8 minutes and tell lt to "Shut up. Srt th ere. already!" But the good news is this: When you stop try'ing to stop you.

Once you begin to allow and accept exactly what is go'ing on. So now you've got yo ur mind st. 0 r you re .peaceful. As 'for your body~it wHI eventually..posed 'fa make me . you r mind beglns to wandenrou believe that you must be doing something wrong or Here's what may' be happening to make this wou Idn ~t be happening. and your bladder about to bu rstl And you think . Perhaps a part of you r body.Meditation . of lts own accord. you believe you 're not: You sit down to meditate and. you 're always doing 'it correctly. settle down quid(ty~ perhaps only a minute or so into your rned . . only seven seeo nds of One day~you will find that you r mind will. In the beg'inning~this might take up aim ost you r entl re a minute m edlta . head 'for peace a homing pigeon.raying.THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 1] your mind and body will gradually acclimate to belng still.hd But 'it is' right.p.And its A 'low exactly' nod T. of cou rse. you. suddenly feels uncomfortable.. of its own accord. 'it is very' slgnfflcant. lt's you r resistance to ~ at ls" that 'wh 'is causing you to 'feel that thlngs are wro ng. Not true.is'coming up '[0 com e u. But even if you experience 'focus. no matter how you meditate. .p. Q= I'm Not Medit fing Correctly.1liSCQ¥l''t. be r.is sU.ig. Am I? Every' beginn'ing meditator believes he or she is medltatlng wrong.hat .. ' aIize that you need 'to u S9 th e restroo m. you r r'ight foot fa r examp le.. itatlon pe rlod. And you on Iy' have to do on e th'ing: w. As I've al ready sald. like 0r even as you take you r preparation breaths.r foot aching. tlon period. .

and emotions up of a glass of dub soda .ique? (Notice that this is about try'ing~ not be'ing perfect] Of ceu rse you d id~Congratu lations! You Just meditated right. lnstead of resisting and suppressing these thoughts.. When you begin to allow your thoughts. whole new way~propelllng thoughts" feelings. The practice of m edltatlon can free you r body and mind in a. And you are that sky~ Next time you wonder if you're meditating correctly. By the way..' der to them. Some of these from deep within to the surface of fNitareness" Just as bubbles rlse 'from the bottom thoughts and m em aries can be unsettling and frlghtenlng. What Can I Do If I feel Scary Thoughts and feelings When I Meditate? Q- Do n't be afral d of being afrald.. espe . and emo .72 . c'ially ones we never knew we had or might have unknow'ingly' su pp res sed... But let's look at the un comfort .. stop and answer this question: Did t. peace... and love. able ones and why they might be arlslng. beginne r 0r are comm an in m edlta . so are feelings of bliss. llmltless sky. something don't bother youlThey become magical happens: They' like puffy clouds" scudding across a. deal wlth . feelmgs.a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION you can stop battling wlth you r thoughts and feelings and su rren . whether you are a... Keep 'it up. master. for 8 minute~s'~ mY' best to do 'try todars meditation 'techn. Feel:ings of fear and disorientation tlon.' tlons to Just do their thlng.

Meditation ls llke this. sea of you r own thoughts.. Q= Should I Be Trying Harder To Meditate? Alan Watts. and body states this way: • If you like it" don't go running after 'it. the well-known rnedltatlon teacher. you rose to the su rface and 'floated effortlessly. and review the "Catch and Release" Operating ln.. body sensation s. Also remem ber that. emotional. UntJI the moment when you remember to just "allow ~. But t then. And when you do. but fo r Ufe. we handle mind. is something you need to allow to you 'find yourself floatlng effortlessly in serenity.. You are immersed 'in a. allow" them. • If you don't like it. 'in rnedltatlon.r head above water. What. ln other words.THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 13 them exactly how you deal with everything in meditation. don't run away from 'it. And when you dld. wrote that 'it was lmpossble to meditate. when you su rrender into what is.. allow ~. g'inning you struggled m'ightil~. one day~something amazing happened: You gave up fighting to stay afloat.. and fee lings" struggll ng aged nst them.o keep you. Remember when you first learned how to sw'im?' In the be . do thel r thing" an d then tl oat off Go back. Allow them to arise. This is a good ru le of thumb.. meditation happen on its own. not [ust for rnedltatlon. he meant by that statement was this: You can't try to rnedltate and be rned itating at the same tim 9. structlon.. .

inghas you keep your eyes as wide open as possible. Zen practltloners half-close their eyes and gaze down. great . sits across from his master. who is. irritated with the question the student has just asked: '~What happens next?" Th e master roars. a lot ts happening when you meditate. One 'meditation technique called Yogic Skyga:z:. In tlme. So. And your llfe starts to change. meditation student.a MINU'fE M EDITA'll ON Q~ Mea itation Is Incredibly Boring. ".Noth'ing happens next!" But this "nothing" is really a big~'somethi'ng:~ When you drop your expectation of what med ltatlon is and how it is supposed to change yo u=wh en you Iet go of everything an d just sit qu letl y an d peaceably for B min utes->.714 . The Vlpassana and lnsight Med ltatlon tr-aditions have you dose your eyes. if only for the Bmi'nutes a day youmeditate~allow pen to all no- tlons and expectations about what you think is supposed to hap- drop away. technlq ue. you will see that the "nothing happens n ext" might just be the bi:ggest "som eth lng" that ever happen ed to :you~ Q: Should My Eyes Be Open or Closed When J Meditate? It varies accord ing to the med ltatlon teach sr.. In the a Minute Meditation pr-ogram~ you keep your eyes . and era .you create the environm ent for movement to occur. but in a different way than you may be us ed to. Th ere 's a. dltlon. Nothing's Happenlngl Actually.New Yorker cartoon by Gahan Wi lson ln whl ch a.

I"~ '. ' nne' . continue this a" forty-flve .THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 15 closed.~... just the oppo slte is tru 8. i.. Rem ember the Stan ley Kub rick f 1mtitle..:I.. If this works better 'for you than eyes closed..'": ne·v'. :"y:d" .n yll . and let you r gaze drop to until th ey' are ab out a ne-th 'ird open. move. ill1 ~Al~ w-··e·e~'K . And although this can be very relaxjng. Allow them to close gentlY' and naturally._:" '"" " . turn l' p.:' I" .ur sevenf'."". After Week Fou r of the meditation program.:~ . 'In fact. Here are DNO pointers on how to do this: • Don't squeeze you r eyes shut. you r "mind's ey'e~~remains wlde open and alert. :in meditation day.. go back to closing you reyes. You're doing great. '. Eyes Wide Shut..ln medltatlon.h h"e" l P . • Keep the eyes "soft... degree angle with the floor."0·'. you 're welcome to experiment wlth Zen eye position: Soften you r ey'es.n··o·. even though your physical eyes are shut.~'If "his' is yo. It does not mean that It's time 'for you to "space out" or take a nap. Either way~ remem ber that closing you reyes lsn't about losing awareness but galnlng lt.·. Gently allow you r eye Iids to close way. 0 ~ o ·.":"" ":." Relax your 'focus. If not.?Thls is a good reminder that.

rou may have also had the experience. you'li have dou bled it. . Last week we· worked with breath medltatlon. of Roving Mind dlsappearlng and your thoughts passlng by like douds across an open sky. ! I Congratulatlon s~Youtve successfu lIy completed Week One of 8 Minute Med ltatlonl Ybu\{e made your desire to learn to meditate a.:..' .'E' Y··..m sure ' your (and everyone's) constant companlon=-Rovtng Mind~ frequently interrupted your medltatlon perlods. maybe for the 'first time in your life. new per...O······U A··'. If you have never med ltated before.At this point. moment.. And by this time next week.··'R·:·'E' I:..WEEK INAIKED TWO SO. you\.. thls ls a. And I.."'_' ii' . if only for a. E·"R··..e meditated for almost. sonal record. an hour...~ .IUIND e i -. ":-' W· iHII. ' . reality.

And exclude nothing" Emotions. 'Two. gently unhook and release 'it. Allow whatever comes up. . this would be a go od time to revlew several 'important operating lnstru ctlons: . you are and the m ore 'fluid you. releasing wUI become easier and more auto matl c. . When you realize that you 've hooked onto a thought.. If you don't think you had this experience... while. you ~ become mu ch rno re ski llfu I at noticing when you \1'e II "hooked" something. thoughts. the more present.allow. So without fu rther ado.. you II have feu rteen-s-ccunt J 'em~fou rteen meditation sessions under you r belt..lly~ 'The mo re you completely accept. . '" Catch and re lease. And rernernbe ~ by this time next week.llow!i] '. A.1:8: . don't worry.. After a. taste of medltatlon. lt's my way of descr'ibing a way to m edltate that anchors . no matter what thoughts your mind chu rns out. onward. cause at some point you wlll It's a natural outgrowth of rnedlta . 'Keep this dynamic duo in mind as you begin 'Week Two. allow ~!.. into how meditation allows you to stay peacefuI and calm.r medltatlcn. Don't wo rry~Naked Sound Meditation doesn't mean you "11 be dis. robing. them. an insight.. As yo u prepare 'far Week. lmages-e-they're all treated equa.'.a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION This is a. Over tme. be. . tion practice.

Naked Sou nd M:ed'itation 'is a"technlqu e that treats sound 'in all its pristine nakedness. without needing to know what it is. and body sensations fo llows close behind m'ight go something like this: like foot so ldlers. bonkersiIu martlnl Stereo construction site next door d rhiing you m up the stereo. Believe 'it or not... reject . droning airplane engines" and ear-splitting hide sirens.in the background. You most likely get you r dai ty earfu I of noise po Ilution and Iy invented you r own fo rmu la to shut it out. denly.Thls usu. earmuffs These tactics may work. what 'it means. . Noise po llutlon has reached epldern lc proportions. .falnt drone that starts to be . And a sed es of tho ughts. Here's an 'illustration Iy re laxlng of what I mean: You're meditating. 0 r ju dg'ing them" You ~ be amazed at how profound II this can be. day' just hearing scunds-ewlthout e min .:ingcar emergency ve . come louder. or where lt's coming 'from. . Far the next week" you'll spend utes a.. Sud. Kids making too mu ch nolse! Vodka stop squawl<Jng? to the rescu 8.. sh rlek.. It . the mercy of .lH E B WEEK MEDI TATION PROGRAM 1'9' you in the coming and going of sound.. ' alarm s. . definlng.. you hear a. And there's a much better medltatlon can requiredThat's help you handle noise pollution-no what Naked Sound . but only up to a point.. Car alarm that won't and' martlnll way: meditation. have probab ally invo lves the creation and app] lcatlon of phys:ical and psycho . fllterlng. images.3" We live at constant assauIt fro m b larlng stereos. logical "earmuffs" For example. your mind has ldentlfted lt as a small a'irplane. .. Before you're even aware of it. ing.Med'itationis all about.

which is to constantly re . . wis.:8. TiJm the page"and let's begin. never should . If not many times. associations.have moved' tn. . Expect this to occu r once. YOU' didn't dance ~t... Not as a plane.is an . and beliefs...idfat! move to the counitry. beglns fadlng . Thls ls why we call meditation a practice..You hear the buzzing drone: louder . . sound of lts own acce rd.pi$at .he airport.r concepts. when you meditate.is cbse to t. but don't be surp rlsed when you enco u nter d i'fficu Ity wlth lt. buzzing sound. neutral.it away~or tell a story' about . This 'is an ex.M'editatJon mlght appear simple. sound unem .h .. ample of Roving 'Mind just doing its job. and lm ages. louder .. rm CI'n idiot! . Just hear 'it.a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION Dam n~ ~ hate that p$ane! Irs interfering' widl mY' meditatio n. ents. Sound went. Next thlng you know" YOU·VB upset yourself.. It did lts dance and moved on.'The . Sound came. just keep on keeping on.0 . it s-ounds much too dase... analyze. . • +.. Here comes that plane. louder . tho ughts. Consider the preced ing example and how 'instantaneously the mlnd needs to associate sounds with ju dgm. but with all five senses.it 'This ls what I call "naked sound". Allow that sound to just be what it 'isand do what 'it does.. or think you're doing things wrong. louder: But that's all you do. But there 'is an other less stressfu I and more sklllfuI optl on. but asjust s-ound'. Imagine yourself once agaln ln m edltatlon. and as'SDdate all sensory input" not on ty with hearing.it" $atch onto it" . ' celve.had enough moneY' to Get the plctu re? It starts with a simp le.the fading +.. ' beIiished by you. And don't worry~ get upset. And that's 'it.. j fading .push . Naked Sound . ln a few me ments.h .

.'f".tt.rt.(1: .:l..' an:d'Iii.En.t:n1:S" Ho I'd it f 0'1''' amo me' rift 'Then genlJy .cm.' 1. . they cl:e..4-" "'. I "'" . '..'.f.tIl !I ... CL eqlua.. hopes. IIIIyou ot h .' '.I nd . GIl ':'lIrA u.If' "."-.I.'.l" see". ":'i". an d d 1"e8. t:ht2:111r d' idua II~'" '.sl ' . ..:"..I.Ij ate: 'Ibhe:rn by si'I eJltliy SZKY in g th e' wo rds rising 0'1" raWrrg: et ier ... I i".1'111F!..RATI ON • Take: your :me. I.~both "".' A·' . ries.a. I~" ':'I't""'' ' ' nti "'" t +Jh'" <. 'A {3j A F!.s v'lJI d .. .'t: .I'I'img. I . '·I'd..THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM :er] THIS WEEK'S MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS: :NA'KED SOUND PR EPA...'ow' III 11'".: ."lf...diltation position on ya ur eha h'~c 0 mlO-lrtabl:e an d a le. 'll' 'r ~.~ an d :5 I:o:wly 'si~gh it out ~ 1 I! '1 • Start yo lJI r ti me r: INSTRUCTIONS • !D'r"I'n'I.1" .::..' nOlblt:lg " ..J' ' 1f'il)IVli TI'Sln~.'! '5'if"'>:U nds 'I. ILl 1'1 rr VoF> ' j'v. '-" 'ifjif"'>'lJI 'I'I "Y" l'''."""'" can g1Vi2. . ]ust .·.. 1..~..a.

. or judge It agal nst app Ie blosso ms down the road.··. tree this way.. lenglng. ·...year 'inWashi ngto n...'..··t'+lh'I'. .y retomto yo ur rneditat ie 'til CHi just 21.'~ .pea t" istee :h··'. s 161.-If rore rnmutes '.Th e l"e Ii S S object it"] 0 oe ed to rnatch 'it to an • lf a sou nd do es $I rve ri se to a. " ruque . you "[ust lis.. taste..p ··..." .. :..).'". : .e.' .· .: ~ .l th au ~htt Iit'r1B(ge cr bod y sen = sadt.rou don't compare it with the cherry tree you saw last. smell" and to uch.become quiet" and slmply look at the tree. lav ror 'I" 'H'O"" ·W·' "S"': 'I'T"" G---'O"'I'N' G:":'o I ": .. ... When you 100 k ut.'a cay fo one wee. .'.. It's Ii ke seed ng nature 'for .. or comparisons.. at d. thoughts.. lnstead... week !!..iorr!-no problem.mply notice this" Gferilti!. .. j udg.. Although you most l'ikety 'faund Naked So und Meditation chal . you also hopefully got a taste of how peaceful it can be when 'Youjust allow things to be the way' they are. _ .. You stop . 'for a com plete experience of sight.t. : .:-..Ii j ust a sou nd . 'ingwith blossoms. :.. you "just see" exactty the same wa. .. ideas. D. So why not try and apply the Naked Sound technique to your other senses.'_ . .:8:2 ... Si.C.1kJwiin~ sou nd to I"i e and fad I.a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION • A sou :nel. tened" to so unds 'in Naked So und-witho rnents.'.'t:· . How can you do thls] Here's an example of how to convert Naked So und to "Naked Slght": lt's sprlng and you happen upon a beautlful cherry tree burst .'_ ..: I ' _ '::_ . ..

What's Wrong? cornplaln when they've had a "good" 'foutll never hear anyone rned ltatlon sessl on._ • .' """""'" " A":.' leal mlnd scenario: Okay.:----_."G. Not onlyIs this not a bad rnedl .THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 83 the first tlrne. The experience can be j oyfu I. ~"Unever g'e't the . . srn.. ~. lye '.: Q= My Meditation Session Was Bad. 0 r judgment.. 1 l M"".._..I t '':__:_" "':~ C>-"O' -".. -'-.is a If this sounds familiar. A bad rnedlta .:'.med~tating'"'.:'_': ' "_/' 1_.. E' :D'I 1"T"'A 'T' I' N::.. just srne Iling. '.. you figure somethlng mu st be terribly wrongl Here's a typ .iteiy'am nod.' "f rt. e rltkl way. .n~ Ll '-." bad medrtation! rm sup-' be serene" Iha. . And keep medltatlng. ju st feeling.p. And m edltatlon can help you be thls Q &A'.'. but with you r judging rnlnd.I. Sound wonderfu I'~It. Keep that in mind.. It's a.-. As you know from' the Medltatlon Operating Instructlons. Bu t 'if lt's a "b ad' ~one.Followtng . without fi lte rlng..~n. lt's all g'ood. tlon is the one you sk.hang of td " ""Th.-. 'is... just eating. as to whether a meditation period was good or the only criterion bad 'is this: uA good medltatlon H 'isthe one you did.. 1ust see:ing. ~~ .'.y I'i ke th is..is . And l de. Why? Because it shows you that ~' ~ Isn't with you r meditation. tatlon sesslon... posedt» rm . relax.M' o ..-.1:"t Ii::C> 'T -_.---.'ipped.. whlch 'in this case has decided that this medltatlon perlod is bad. . lrn agi ne going th rough you r da. oh boy~watch out!: Rlght away. ..pe¥fectly'" .1. .. the problem I P" erl"ea one.pr~and blissful!.instructions . even overwhelming..

to staying with th e med ltatlon techn lqu e~ even for one week. anything 'from a $2. And you~re would be about two minutes happy-« for a. You know. that thi'ng that you just have to have. don problems will be over. if you com mit.)!" Then you do whatever you have to do to get it. of medltatlontechnlques to choose from.. You th ink ~f$ can just h'Qve that. Contentment Shopping ls the nonstop. you'll be in much better position to seek out and choose techniques that. it caul d be a meaningful step toward s fre eing .99 bag of Hershey bars to a $89'. How Do .000 BMW. acqulsltlva quest 'for "somethlng" out there that will make us happy.p. nt be ho. This 'full seven-day trial that wm hopefully discourage the growth of the wldeShoppi'ng~i'~somethi'ng spread affllctlon I call "Contentment results in anythl ng but contentment. or u ntll the first ding in the fender.:8:. and you~11be happy On the other hand. H ere 's how it works: You see an item.. Know This Meditation Technique 15 Right for Me? There are hundreds a. perfectly with you~ But for just this time.a MIN U r E M EDIT A '1ION Q. Your desire to switch to another medltatlon technique is just another version of the Hershey bars and the BMWYou believe that if you ca n get a.Whfch 'for the Hiershey bars. And for th e BMW a lot longer-e-up to two whole weeks.p. allow me to that you follow the program the way lt's prea choose for you. Once you complete the 8 week meditation resonate program. diFferent m e dltatlon te ch niqu @'1 you r medlta . lt's important sented and give each rnedltatlon technique period..4 . brief rnornent. no 'matter what.

This is going on when .M:inute . llke you're Just sitting there.. At this polnt you feet. . What seems to be ha. lve al ready' dlseu ssed how meditation meditation that A powerful process is at bu llds '~M:indfulness . .pen. well. And lfyou Q= How Will' Know If Meditation 'The way' rnedltatlon wo rI(S Is IIWorking"? is different from the way other things work.waste of time.. youjre experlenclng a nonstop stream of thoughts" feellngs.ppen. It could be the first break 'in the vicious cycle of Contentment Shopping. better choice! technique untll lt's time that tell you could So stick wlth thls week's meditation for change. Lees say you 've lust sat down to rned ltate.. like a bump on a log. and body sensations-some of which rnlght 0: r have to do wlth medltatlon. Doesn't this sound like a. whether you are Qlwcm~:of it. technlque out there.ing and Wthat is really' .ha~p. But that's not true: wo rk here" ftying below you r radar.ing when you m edltate are two d lfferent things.Muscler and how every 8 minute plete contributes ever you meditate period you com . to building that muscle. whether not. or not Know'ing this 'frees you. You don't need to keep monltorjng yourself for results. Notice all the qu estlons and doubts there's a better meditation just have that one .THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 9:5 you rself from the belief that happiness is som ewhere "out there. Next thing you know.." 'in the next thing..Meditation program~ lt's worklng. like how you 're doing it wrong 'it's a. All you have to do is simply 'follow the 9 you know it or .

It's lmpertantthat you sit straight an d uprlght. Thls simple correction can make a.. or a glass of champagne. your tlmer for 8 mlnutes=-and begin agaln to Here are a. Let ln some 'fresh alr. D02Jng off ls always a. .. Never med itate right after a heavy meal. vests. Now it's time to meditate. your snooze doesn't count as your medltatlon period. Do some short physical exerd se to get you r circul atlon gai ng. Splash a little cool water on your face before you sit down to meditate. a triple espresso. Turn off the heat.few slm pi e things that can hel p you stay awake an d alert when you meditate: . MaIntain correct. at some point. lt's wh en you start slou ching that. you doze off. Remove sweaters.rou go into a relaxed state an d~bye~ bye. Keep your room a tad on the cool side. ... On the other hand. . I Fell Asleep While J Was ecl.Q. sitting postu re. falls asleep on the [ob. Just several deep breaths can do \'!Vend ers. There's nothing wrong with falling aslee p~and you need never ehastls e and berate you rself 'for doing so.tat.ng~ Is That Olcay? lt's fine. or scarves . good reminder to go back and review the posture lnstructlcns in Part L . Every medltator. The best thing to do when you wake up is~you guessed it=set meditate.. huge difference in wakefulness. .

. y." 1~1I1 Al~' tjioe'. . ~~7_ ~K~ ..' '.n'd" m""o" '.. You're ~'U~I I~~ doing great. "II'~"J"'tjio I~ln.y! . ~ Q..' ...THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 9:7 • Don't mal'(€l meditation time nap time. ... p~g'"e" .i.V~ Y'I. ... feared you r own purpose. i "" .Le' . ~... You\(e 21. " ..1 ready de.. 1~1I1I' ' we.' If'i'his' is your sevenf~hdefY."'tjio '-'0.!.....

rting to see that medltarlon lsnt too hard-e-ner too: easy • lmpatlent that youtre not progressing as 'fast as you might have expected .0. More relaxed and Iess awkward with meditation • Sta.. ' .WEEK THREE S.'E' Y··. IS.~ . lOY IE. famou s m edltatlon on ce said ~ perfect! And there's always r-oom 'for lrnprevement." At thls point in the program. ! I Congratulation s....O······U A··'. INS I e i -....' ."'_' ii' ... IN O'T II IN G.N S Al ~0.··'R·:·'E' I:. E··'R··.:.You~ve got fourteen "Everjthlng's days of med ltation practice master un der your' beltl As a. ":-' W· iHII.. you 'may 'find 'Yourself: • Settl i'ng down into rned ltatlon more easily ..

'. . and appty' the "Catch and Releaser and "Allow .1 N':"'_~G-'_ I· . In fact. But let's take a look at the last oner lmpatlence. I ~..~". I think you~1Ibe in for an eye-opener: Let's do it. clad in tight [umpsu 'its (I .. to 'it~r:ight • You now~ get even better at aren't enjoying meditation. Thls week you're go'ing to add something new to you r rned . I ... tared..A"' .. ~.d on._'.The first th ree lterns aren't problem atle.! to rea. ".-hI _ yo u ~re reay.' ]. V 0. _.•. new way to explore terrain that you thlnk yau ma.kickin~1-r'ight this :instant~ These seemlngly opposing vlewpolnts of the sam e coin ~call ed ~ 'expectatlon' provide a.'~H· T... ! II L . The two of them.. .. slow breath. You want medltatlon to ~(.II)" know=-you r body. Impatience is a. U1/ 1_.'..". Now .. Right now.. Allow" Operating lnstru ctlons. ".. It's a technique called "Noting Body Sensations" lt's a 'fresh..• There's an old movie called Fantastic Voyage that starred Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd. Good...rou want. _ Ii) [) 11: ~I D"O' . '.. Notice t are actu ally the fllp slde 'These stro ng p refe renees when they su mea 'fa r observation these thoughts. You 'feel 'frustrated and l rri . Allow . common feeling that comes up in the begin . ltatlon toolbox. they indicate progress. "W"'_"'.. good opportunlty du ring meditation. please take a long" deep. practice and usually arlses either because: n'ing stage of meditation • You are enj'oy'ing medltatlon. .. feel ings~and emotions as they arise. I .

.. of the president. 'Take a deep breath and gently close you reyes. . Are you drawn to a prominent sensation somewhere.0 I "~ciJ. Jumpsuits are optional" The rnedltatlon technique yaujll do this week is called "Not . you need not be cones rned with the exact of the prom lnent body sensatlon. A brief word about dlfflcu Ity: You might find noting yOU\/i9 rna re challsnglng than the prevlous techniques done wlth breath .1. _. ternally or externallyi . . Try. Here's a brlef preview of noting.. .Ii Observe the sensation without analysis or Judgment. 'The only thing you need to dais sense the sensation. Good...this now: .. _. As you can location see. micro .. where the sensation ls located. Relax.'~Noting is a simple yet powerfu I technique that enables you to foeu s your attention. Week. note itt and direct your aware .--which~ 'if eo U !!w!_: _". into your body Really allow yourself to occupy it.." ~'. . ... try .. lt lsn't :". Just watch. Note where ltls.You need not label the exact body' part a r area. ness to it.lH E B WEEK MEDI TATION PROGRAM 9"] wonder \Nhy'?)~ are rnjnlaturlzed and then proceed to pilot a. scopic space shuttle through the bloodstream ing to find a blood clot in his brain before lt's too late. in.. Th ree of you r 8 Minute M edltatl on p rograrn ls go'ing to take you on your own fantastic voyage of so rts: lnslde you r own body. 'ing. .

""\ I: Ij.!!d1+.+!I). . charge" you r level of awareness. V·_.That's because your "anchor polnt'l ln noting rnedlta .... rr11. II r" /....s· G" to '-'./ "Ji et pOS litii on 0 rill )IOU r ch a i r. . '~6 + VOII lUI t .1.Muscle here.-" . I IU ~/ . Noting 'is well w« rth you r explo ration and can "turbo . an d area m$..~on you r own fantastic voyage. and take O'ff..n. ''V El..·· e.. Then i'e ntily Start you r t:i rner ... THIS WEEK'S MEDITATION N10TIN:G INSTRUCTIONS: PR EPA RATION s..'" e LJ p' yo ur Take a . e r!Ji I.110-'. I. I. but instead is 'in constant mo .. e '6 ...... Okay~ifs time to fasten you r searbelt.Irr t imer ferI 111r~1! . G..lI. t"'"" '11.". Va." HIoJId it for a rn 0 me nt.I til·· 11j. ho pes..v.and sound.M:indfulness ...G~·. ' tlon 'is not centered tlon throughout you r body Don't feel frustrated If you find it a challenge. in one place. :. C omfo rtabre 1111i'"'!iw'. : Take yo ur me ditatio rill and alert.i nh aJ e th at swee ps 0 current war ~ de s... Remember that you're building .r .I 11 ~'I deep .

.. 'II .' .11 ''1' ~.. 115 .t nece£sary 'ii'.. just notice ·them:.f· thi . INate yo ur atte ntliem Ih ere A.+ pal 11. and th at famo us co p show.IS to 3]..a~reness to this dominant area" And rest atterrtion there. yo u w.. 11+ no. IBr. '...'.. Jack Webb played the laconic. ·I·.. Let's take a little soja urn bac k to the heyday of TV' If you recall.!b··· 'this b o~ly i. Doth is for few moments sort 0] At so me po irrt. . at new are a of sen sation \~ iiU Ii~.in~YOUI'"' . '.. . ellS ." .THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 93 INSTRUCTIONS • AHaw your body to relax INotice the diffe!"e'm body sersaat tions that arise.ht up.J " . noting medlta- fun way to better understand what this meditation all abo ut. Tbis is yo ur current anchor point..1. Gently return to the pilac e where you sense yo ur • Repeat tin:is technique for '8 rni nutes a day for on e we ek HOWlS 11'GO'I:NG~ Now that you\r@ had a chance to experience tlon. INo need to ~'et 'if\i- volved..i'111.iI'I fee il an ar~a 'in yo ur body • IN'o!':'e. pace 'I :'. .I'lo\~lit Obri thii S '11 ew area a~nI! rest e se rve it Do noth in~' a b out it 0 I'" to 1ft Whenthou~hts arise. here's 'is 8.. . C'LI(1I''e nt anc he I'" po .. • Sao n.".Treat lit di d th e @JS your you fI rst a rea 1Ma ke it you I" .'. Dragnet.. . on the show. .

neN place of allow ing and balance. or wished she saw. Just watch it. t' Id"C . As this "[ust-ness" beglns to perm sate and satu rate you r awareness m are and mo Fe. fern ale witness to a crime. ~ stthe facts 'is also how I want :you to app roach all yo ur 1u ~1 meditation techniques. He wasn't. And tha't:s a fact. . the in what the witness What Fr'iday meant by this was that hls only' concern was with the bare bones of the event-the exactly-what-happened. '~" am. All Sarge wanted were the 'facts. Fr'iday would wind up Interrogatlng a. • When you hear a sound.' n pure.. Here's what I mean: • When you're noting a body sensatlon. you r med italian practice can take you to a.stone-faced LAP.D Sergeant [oe Frldey. Just hear 'it. The operative and eruclal=-wo rd ls jUst.. . he would never fal I to utter his farn au s line: "[u st the . sured that at some point 'in each episode" Sgt. Du ring that scene. rna' am.. .jrnaglned. • When you're watching your breath... where you 're more relaxed and open. not ju sr to medltarlon-c-but your entl re Ilfe. unadu Iterated facts. Pe rio d.interested thought..s" rna '. And you could rest as.ju st note It.

. ": . Guess what? Exactty'~You watch it.. And that's good news..I I'" t •••• ..i~um-a. noth ing. over and over again.•.I I. " lnstru ctions you 're Allow" and "Catch and Release" Operating exactly right.: I' '-T'-H I N::··-'K·I N<:G> &A .actly the op:pos'ite of what you usually do... ad' ..infln.. . Do with Unwanted Thoughts That Appear During Meditation? Do eJ(.5 Q--. '.:'..allow it. '. allow it. no matter how calm and relaxed you are or . As the cliche says.' f 'TIIH' -II N.:···-'K:·I'N·-'·G": I I· .. • Another thought arises. because you don't have to learn anything new. . ~Allow . and release it. allow lt. you are starting to realize that thoughts always arlse du r'ing meditation.You watch 'it.·:"G.·:. Just keep dolng what you ~ve been do ing... 'T-I H-'I'N·-iK'-1 N.uOne thought leads to another" And thats exactly what happens. lsntt it? What can you possibly do to rest you r weary mlnd and get some peace! M edltate. The way we normally deal with thoughts is to give them a lot more credit than they deserve."..ion ls the antidote to Roving Mind. By now. and release it..AII you have to do ls=-well.' -. I". it Q= What Do .THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM 9'. and re lease it. If you thlnk thls sounds (1 lot like the "Allow .nd ad no'useum" Exhaustlng.A new thought arises . :' . Here's how: • A thought arlses. thinking that we are obligated to fellow them wherever they lead us.' it +. -".. M'editat. Ou r waking lives overflow with a nonstop lltany of human emotions that ru n the gamut from pu re bliss to unadu lte rated hell.. ~ . You watch lt.

lts the fo rrner. even 'if it. Q= I'm Having More Thoughts Than Ever Since I Started Meditating. tked befo reo So :inst.ead of concluding that rnedltatlon is messing up you r mind.. lt's another perfect. how mu ch think. be gratefu I 'for this new realization. Allow what is. ' Rov'ing gagement. opportunity . Rest your weary mind. of Rem ember you r operating lnstru ctlons and our definition medltatlon. This is something you probably never no .M:indin an 'infinltely more sklllful=-and to deal with peaceful--way. exactly how you're learning to treat all you r thoughts: allowance and nonen .'ing you actu ally do.M'editationis causing more thoughts. Bask 'in the peace you deserve.. Next time you medltate and the thought wlth comes up that u. "Don't Fe he dellvered dl re battle news to hls kill the messenger]" difference between notlclng thoughts There's an enormous rno re and n otlclng rna re thoughts. not the lattenthat's Med'itation happening.how proficient a meditator you become." treat it. In rned ltatlo n. But the good news is that you are also starting to develop an :immunity to the lu re of Rovlng Mind-no matter how seductive it seems. . . but does not produ ce an 'increase in thinkjng. Just befo commander. Why Is Meditation Causing This? As Garcia" sald. rather makes you realiz'e~'far the f rst tim e 'in yo ur life. doesn't seem that way.

doxl ca. you n when you were thoughts? E. Sto p whateve r you 're dolng. Even though you can't d e·clde to be ln presence. But the only way you can return to pr-esence ls.lly~ ot to try to return to it. in this very moment.1 low you to become what .It's amazing how seldom i·nth e day you are actually present. try this: . How Do J Get It Back? What you might have experlen ced was a natu ral state that is your birth right. but fo r th e mome rnachl n e nt.To help you better u nd erstan d n what I mean. without the overlay of you r non stop "I n that continually obscu res it 'from view. It has many names. para- Presen ee is always right here an d available to you ~in every moment. oIi Review the thoughts yOU\fS had over the past five minutes.. Don't worry if you can't remember '* What percentage of your thoughts would you say involved plannlng your future? '* o.THE B WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM »r Q~ While Meditating. most of them. J Had a Moment Where J Felt I Was Really Here. It felt Wonderful." lt's life itself. which is the most wonderful place you can ever be. Then If Was Gone.remembering your past? thinking these Where were ".ven just a few minutes of observatlon demonstrates how much of your waking life is spent in either the dead past or the nonexistent future . let's ca II it "presen ce. meditation can 3. H ere's wheremedltatlon can hel p.

.:_ _~.. "upstream from' thought. and this place becomes more pronounced You begln to understand" on a..>1 "~~~ -. tlon 'is a very com man oceu rrence.~+. _ ~ .-:.Catherine ~~I lngrarn.:_ ...You try to banish it from your mind" but as usual.h~ crying far toud! G'et last! Can't .~~I_. . nonintellectual is not something that comes from "out there" dom Iy-and and 'intim ate. stream.'. " ence ca lls "rn ore pl""O~on"c'orone. It's Maddening.. '~'White Chrlstm ae" and the voice of cou rse.~ . Lees sayit:~s December._ ~j puts it. you natu ra I inner state=-abvays come to reallze presence here and always med ltatlon. .':.. and you're 'in the midst of your . level" that presence and has ju st ran .as Catherine. teache r and author of the book.M:'inute Meditation B period." As you continue to meditate.zy~'The appearance of popular songs" comrn erclal jingles" and school alma maters du ring m edlta ...Iy·' g'o~. But once isn't enoughl lt's as If there's an old phonograph record grafted 'into you r braln. What Do I Do? Don't worry" you're not going cra. \ > ._--_." Ho·w7 [". Your reactlon to this intrusion is probably less than skillful" CUJ'f somewhere along the lines of O. Suddenly your mind beglns to playa farnl liar melody It's the . ~ ". . _:.."'. .Irvlng Berlin classic. temporarlly-e-d ropped as your 'in 'fa r a v lslt.'_"...~ p lng '-. play'ing the song over and over again. My Mind Kept Singing uWhife Christmas" Over and Over Again .~. . Instead.'~ . 0::. '-"jI '~. . 'in the sllent space accessed through Q= When' Meditated..~>. you can spend more time up . the harder yo u try. 'is that of B:ing Crosby. available. the more pers latently It stays.'I Passionate Pres- ~J:". ::_-::.: .

r'1li ne' ..' ve' ·. I i. : . t -II.V'" 4. . .I. structloni Whafs happened here is that you \'e hooked onto a thought.' I "". M~' you r days be m. .o' ··n e'. in the fo rm of a series of we rds that make up a. vt:w··e·. the song as you wou ld a slngle thought: Gantty unhook 'it and release it back into the stream. 'ing~ Hem's what: To adapt a line from Gertrude Stein: ~~A thought is a thought 'is a thought" Remember your Catch and Release Operating ln. ..h dery.. '19:-K.. ~" -A "....:"'!lInd.: .L 'e' p.·YI..lH E B WEEK MEDI TATION PROGRAM 9"9' you see ~'m meditating. 'o"n 1 l l~·.erry and b rlght..J"'1IjIi UYIII~ I~ln. m" "0' Y':.. · l .~ If'i'his' is your sevenf. All you need to do 'is treat. You're doing grear...? But do Irving and Bing care? Absolutely nod What in the world do you do so that you can keep rnedltat .song..

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