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No Nonsense Muscle Building

No Nonsense Muscle Building

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Vince DelMonte’s

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for trusting me and purchasing my e-book NoNonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain. I debated until the wee hours of the morning (right now it’s 2:30 a.m. and if you know me then this won’t surprise you - I get my best

Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Preface

This program is a step-by-step program that involves gradual but consistent progression to the point of lifting very heavy weights. Proper warm-up is mandatory before every workout to ensure that you protect your tendons, ligaments, and joints from injury. Although exercise is beneficial and this program has been created to progress beginners to advanced and elite training levels there is still the risk of injury. Vince DelMonte Fitness and its owners, agents, affiliates and employees will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained while lifting or moving weights at your home, gym or elsewhere. Always consult with your physician before beginning any weight-training program or other exercise, even if it is progressive in nature. If you experience any strain or pain while training, stop and immediately consult your family doctor.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building


Hello and Welcome! Thank you for trusting me and purchasing my e-book No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain. I debated until the wee hours of the morning (right now it’s 2:30 a.m. and if you know me then this won’t surprise you - I get my best ideas at these times) whether to call this book “Skinny Guy Secrets...” or “Average Guy Secrets...” The reality is that building muscle is building muscle, so this program and system will work for anybody. Young or old. Male or female. Skinny or chubby. But since I used to be a former ‘skinny guy’ myself, my inspiration to write this book is a result of wanting to help as many skinny guys - I mean, hard gainers - as possible!

This Step-By-Step Program is loaded with unconventional training methods and proven techniques that allow you to safely, quickly and effectively transform your body to any level of muscularity and any level of conditioning that you desire.
Whether you want to tone and firm up, require sport-specific conditioning, compete in a Fitness Model or Bodybuilding competition or to simply pack on 20, 30, 40 or even 50 pounds of new muscle to your frame, this program can help you achieve real results! And like I promise on my web site, you can do this without drugs, without spending a fortune on supplements and without wasting another second in the gym. All the information you need to be successful is within the pages of this book. This book is easy to read, straight to the point, concise and contains the ‘core’ of my Knowledge. Much of what is out there is pretty boring and academic. I don’t want to give you anatomy, physiology or biomechanics lessons. Instead, you’ll be given the ‘nuts and bolts’ information – the important stuff! This book is simply a collection of the most important, time tested, no-nonsense muscle building principles that you must use as your stone and mortar. I work at a gym in Hamilton, Ontario, called Phoenix Fitness. This is where I run a Personal Training Department of 14 full-time Personal Trainers (and growing). Over the last few years I have been doing ‘in-the-trenches’ research on trainees ranging from the ages of 14-75 years. I have been able to measure client results every step of the way and compile pages of useful data. I have synthesized all my knowledge and ‘real-world results’ into a book that encompasses my ‘core’ systems and techniques. I am about to share with you the best of the best. I have condensed everything you need to know into one small book.

© Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building


And that’s what you have right now. The best information packaged from years of study and research and real world testing. I encourage you to read every word. Do Not SkIM tHIS MaNual to fIND a ‘tIP’ or SoMetHING ‘NeW.’ This is not a rehashed newsstand magazine with the same conventional thinking you have been exposed to in bodybuilding magazines and on the Internet. The key to your success lies in the pages of this particular book. The techniques and principles will be the building blocks of success from now on. I promise that if you follow every single technique laid out in this book (training, nutrition, stretching and the psychological components), you will build new muscle and your strength will dramatically increase.

If you have been training for more than three consecutive months without a break, I am not suggesting or recommending – I am TELLING you - to take ONE week off from ALL training. Better yet, do not even think about going to the gym. This will ensure that your body is FULLY recovered before you begin this program. I need you 100% fully recovered before we start this routine to help you build some serious muscle! Instead, print off this manual at your local Business Depot, get it nicely bound and start studying the content over the next week. Better yet, read it a few times and ingrain the content into your head! Lastly, when reading through this manual you must follow every single section of this course. You will not be as successful if you pick and choose. This program is not designed to be ‘compartmentalized.’ It must be integrated as a whole. Think of the Titanic –the largest ship up to that point in history. The Titanic was thought to be an unstoppable force. It was created as a series of compartments and it was thought that if one section got flooded then the whole big unit would not sink because the water would not be able to get into the other co-joining compartments. As you know, the Titanic sunk because the ‘compartment’ strategy did not work. If you do not follow one section of this program, problems will arise and the ‘water’ will overflow into other areas of your training and ‘sink your boat!’ I repeat, you must follow every section without fail! Welcome to the world of No-Nonsense Muscle Building & Weight Gain! The difference between success and failure is the decision to just go for it. This is YOUR chance. And there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do it. I’m giving you the MOST personal, most privileged information, organized in the exact, proven formula you need to build your own road to success. And I can’t wait to hear all about your results!

However, before you begin this program you have a task –and this is your first step to trusting what I have to say!

I hope you have a great workout and thank you for being my customer!

-Vince© Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 4 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com

Page 5 of 200 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Table Introduction OfChapter 1 Contents No-NoNSeNSe MuScle BuIlDING: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain By Vince DelMonte TABLE OF CONTENTS chapter 1 Top 14 Mistakes to Avoid Before You Even Start Training chapter 2 The Top 12 Bodybuilding Myths chapter 3 How to Build Muscle chapter 4 Recovery Methods How to Accelerate Recovery chapter 5 Maximizing Hormonal Responses for Maximum Muscle Growth and Maximal Fat Loss chapter 6 explosive fat Burning Secrets chapter 7 Massive Eating and Nutrition chapter 8 Making Sense of Supplementation Choose Them Wisely chapter 9 Injury Prevention and Avoiding The Causes chapter 10 No-Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Program Page 6 Page 23 Page 34 Page 48 Page 52 Page 61 Page 74 Page 115 Page 137 Page 144 © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006.com .

The main problem starts when the objective is not clearly defined. Would you like to look like Ronnie Coleman or the guy on the cover of Men’s Health magazine? Would you like a hard bodybuilder body or a leaner. “Vince.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 1: toP 10 MIStakeS to avoID Before You eveN Start traINING 1.VinceDelMonteFitness. Before we continue. From my observation.’ so you’ll need a very strong magnet to pull you forward. more athletic body? Do you want to simply look good in clothes or do you want to look ripped naked? Perhaps you have a friend you wish to resemble? Conversely. specific and detailed as well as visual about what you wish to achieve. Not HavING a Goal. “I want to build more muscle. DEFINE and DESCRIBE your goals. make a quick mental assessment of the guy or girl you never want to look like – physique wise.com 2006. the lifestyle you live. Am I right? Thought so! Those who think that their bodies – pear-shaped or thin – can’t be transformed. When was the last time you tried to buy a new car and you just hoped the money would show up in your account? Hopefully never! So why do so many people go the gym and hope that they will build muscle and lose fat? You must have clearly defined goals that work like magnets. the individual who has well defined and descriptive goals is the one who resembles your desired physique and lifestyle. do a quick mental assessment of the guy or girl you want to look like – physique wise. And I’m sure you will agree that there are a truckload of excuses to block your road to becoming ‘buff. Visualize how your goals will affect everything and everyone around you and set that picture as your true goal.com . and how you feel each day. All good plans start with a clear. My father always said.” It suggests you need to be clear. just don’t have enough reasons to change You must Have eNouGH reaSoNS. obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.VinceDelMonteFitness. This goes further than just saying. Are you sick and tired of being called silly nicknames? Are you tired of being weak? Are you frustrated that you can’t wear the clothes you want to wear? Do you just feel discontent with your level of fitness or energy? Do you want to look good for the opposite sex? Do you want to impress others and demand respect? © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. the better YOU DESCRIBE them. They pull you in their direction. the people you wish to associate with. Defining your goals might include how much specific weight you want to gain. the harder YOU WORK to achieve them. what size of clothes you will fit into. Page 6 of 200 www.” So your first step is to WRITE OUT. the stronger THEY PULL. concise picture of the desired objective. The better YOU DEFINE them.

Page 7 of 200 www. 2. ‘Hard Gainer’ – Dump the title! As soon as you start labeling yourself as a ‘hard gainer.’ ‘Hard gainers’ do exist but -- tHere IS No SucH tHING aS a ‘No GaINer!’ You might think you are a ‘hard gainer’ because you have trained religiously for few years. It’s easy when your workouts are © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. the challenge. they will keep your focus aligned on your target. “WHY are these my goals?” Perhaps it is for recognition or a certain feeling. It seems that life camouflages the answers in such a way that they only become visible to those who are inspired enough to look for them – who also have driving reasons to look for them. “What truly motivates me?” “What are my ‘hot buttons’?” You must discover your own list. You must WRITE these reasons down and remind yourself of the consequences of not taking action. But if you still don’t look like someone who actually lifts weights and want to put on 20. These reasons are your lifelines. and I have proven every client that was a perceived ‘hard gainer’ . methods and solutions you’ll need to solve your problems will be revealed to you as you read this manual. All rights reserved. I am sure you would agree because this example could relate to you. you are now holding the answers to your questions in your hand (or on your computer screen) and the answers. effort and money. to go to the beach without embarrassment.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 I’ve learned that reasons come first and answers second. ask yourself. have you asked yourself.VinceDelMonteFitness. I encourage you to do a mini inventory and after defining your goals. If you’re lucky maybe you will build 5. The term ‘hard gainer’ is just a poor excuse.dead wrong.VinceDelMonteFitness. Keep calling yourself a ‘hard gainer’ – or a ‘no gainer’ and don’t be surprised if you continue to waste time. to increase your self-esteem and/or to prevent health problems. you eat the right foods. to fit into old clothes. to impress the opposite sex. this phrase has enough power to sabotage your potential for a muscular physique before you even begin reading this book. I know your motivation must be strong to take your level of fitness to a new level. You knew that you wanted to transform your body and went on a mission to find success.’ you will bring your results to a screeching halt.com . Plain and simple: excuses are for the weak. take all the latest supplements and yet no one can tell you work out! Everyone has the ability to put on slabs of muscle in record time.’ Sure you might be a ‘hard gainer’ but I think that most skinny guys believe they are actually ‘no gainers. 30 and even up to 50 pounds then this next section is CRITICAL! The problem I have with the term ‘hard gainer’ is what happens when people perceive themselves to be so-called ‘hard gainers. however. Fortunately.10 pounds of muscle a year.

’ Correct? this term is a great disguise for skinny guys who never reach their true genetic potential. StoP laBelING YourSelf aND Start tHINkING of YourSelf aS aN ‘uNtaPPeD reServoIr WItH exPloSIve MuScular StreNGtH. The very first step you must take before you read any of the training or nutrition content of this book is DItcH tHe tItle. “How can I afford it” or “I can afford it. It’s like saying. If you examine these two statements. I’m talking about 20-50 pounds of massive muscle. your training is sub-maximal or if you indulge in an extravagant social lifestyle to simply shift the blame from yourself and make an excuse. Instead you should say. you can begin to change your self-perceptions . By simply being aware of the words you use. that you will ever achieve any SIGNIFICANT RESULTS? Of course not! I’m not talking about 3 or 5 pounds of muscle a year. Don’t worry.” This should be considered a deadly statement because it forces your brain to stop working and reinforces a false perception of your true abilities.” you will reinforce a new perception of yourself . every meal.com .” on the other hand. By saying. “I can’t afford it.VinceDelMonteFitness. “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘HARD GAINER’” you will be able to bring out the muscular person inside of you. “How can I afford it?” By constantly saying.VinceDelMonteFitness. Every trip to the gym. “I can’t afford it. “I am a hard gainer” you are reinforcing the small and weak person who was already there. By changing your words. All rights reserved. closes your mind to any possibility of attaining what you desire.you will no longer think of yourself as poor. Do you truly think that you can casually or unintentionally become ripped and muscular? NO WAY! Do you really think deep down that if you believe you are a hard gainer and a muscular physique is out of your limits. So by simply reminding yourself to say.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 inconsistent. it’s a lot easier to pull out the ‘hard gainer’ card and flash it to everyone.if you choose. you can just keep telling everyone that you are a ‘hard gainer.’ © Vince Delmonte www. Let’s make this example practical now. every shake you gulp down will be snuffed out because the beliefs in your mind have sentenced you to a life of smallness. It sits by your driver’s license and becomes a part of your identity. you will see that “How can I afford it?” opens your mind to examining the possibilities of accumulating wealth.com 2006. Consider this. every set. but as a rich person. you can self-detect your self-perceptions. Page 8 of 200 www. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions.

Your body does not want to go through an extensive training program or a bulk up phase or adapt to a new lifestyle. avoid the two Most Dangerous Words in the english language! Your brain is designed to protect your body.I know. “You do not know anything UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE IT.VinceDelMonteFitness. The thoughts and words that you use will dictate the actions that you will take. Do you know what the two most dangerous words in the English language are? I Know! What is your immediate response when I say: “You must eat more to get bigger”? “You must recover before you start your next workout”? “You should eat more fruits and vegetables”? I know.it simply stops thinking. and I will say it again a little nicer without screaming at you this time. You don’t know anything about ‘BULKING UP’ until you have actually ‘bulked up. If You focuS oN BeING SucceSSful You WIll Be aND You are alreaDY oNe SteP cloSer to BecoMING tHe PerSoN You reallY WaNt to Be! 3.’ You do not know anything about lifting heavy weights until you have actually lifted heavy and seen the benefits. Your body does not like change.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 Many personal development coaches stress the principle.’ Therefore if you focus on being small. It would prefer to stay in ‘balance’ and sit still. Do you know why this is your immediate response? Because as soon as these TWO DEADLY words leave your mind your brain switches off. That’s right . All actions come from your beliefs and if you truly don’t believe that you can succeed then what chance do you have? focuS oN BelIevING IN YourSelf aND Your aBIlItIeS aND re-claSSIfY YourSelf aS a ‘coNSISteNt GaINer’ or aN ‘uNStoPPaBle GaINer’ or WHatever tItle SuItS Your MotIvatIoN BeSt. Your body is smarter than you think and can detect potential for change. “You Do Not kNoW aNYtHING” That’s right. Page 9 of 200 www. It actually FEARS change and will do everything in its power to prevent your body from experiencing something different .com 2006.com . I am here to convince you otherwise. I know. © Vince Delmonte www. you will be small.whether it is creating a new habit or forming a new lifestyle. ‘you get what you focus on. All rights reserved. and once more . Focus on being big and muscular and this will direct your mind and actions to the things you must do to become just that.” People confuse ‘knowing’ with ‘doing.’ You DO NOT LEARN ANYTHING BY TALKING ABOUT IT. I think you get the point.

” And so on. I see him as my Spiritual Personal Trainer) in my early days as a teenager. my spiritual life and my level © Vince Delmonte www. Setting Performance Goals versus outcome Goals – know Which ones to Set.VinceDelMonteFitness. “I’ll start learning more tomorrow. then you have only heard about it or read about it. The reason I stress this so much is because you must adjust your mind-set to what you are about to take in. “I will start my diet tomorrow.’ or TALKED about lifting heavy but you DO NOT TRULY KNOW ANYTHING UNTIL YOU DO IT – UNTIL YOU ATTACH A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE TO IT.” Therefore today is the word for winners and tomorrow is the word for procrastinators. People who put off ‘till tomorrow find out that their bad habits will eventually catch up with them.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 You might have TALKED about ‘bulking up. 4. Do you “know that” because you read about it or talked about it? Or do you “know that” because you have actually done it yourself and experienced the benefit? I strongly ask you to remember this when you stumble across a section in this book where something might sound redundant. my relationships.” But ask yourself HOW you know that. All I have are today’s.com . All rights reserved.com 2006.” the Second Most Dangerous Word – tomorrow tomorrow does not exist. “The most life-destroying word of all is the word tomorrow. avoid these two deadly words and you will be more mentally prepared to do what you must Do to succeed. (as a Pastor. Do Not coNfuSe ‘kNoWING’ SoMetHING WItH ‘DoING’ It. the unhappy. “The problem with tomorrow is that I have never seen a tomorrow. It is not promised and it is not guaranteed. The word tomorrow is the word that destroys more lives than any other single word. my income. every aspect of my existence – my athletic accomplishments.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you “know that” but have not truly experienced success from it.” Or. I learned from my parents when I was young that. These people often say. “I know that. Page 10 of 200 www. it was that goal setting would have the most profound effect on my life. My parents have said. tomorrow only exists in the minds of dreamers and procrastinators. the unsuccessful.” Or. tip or concept that you have read somewhere else then your immediate response might be. If you read a technique. “I’ll start investing tomorrow. Of all the things I learned from my father. My parents would conclude with “I have never seen a tomorrow.” The poor. and the unhealthy (being overweight or skinny could fit this example perfectly) are the ones who use the word tomorrow the most. true learNING coMeS froM DoING Not talkING aBout It or reaDING aBout It.

can be born and fed. “Do we have to?” It seemed more like a chore at the time. I will use the term performance to also parallel the word ‘habit. Each year my father would have me and my two brothers write out our goals for the upcoming year.10 seconds in the 100m race. Our instant response was. This performance goal ultimately gives the athlete more control over his/her performance. not knowing that this would be a life-changing habit that would be repeated every year for the rest of my life. what kind of foods you eat. an athlete may perform poorly and still win if all the other athletes performed at a lower level.VinceDelMonteFitness.’ You caNNot coNtrol tHe aMouNt of fat You WIll loSe or tHe aMouNt of MuScle You WIll BuIlD. hopefully ‘good’ habits. Outcome is often controlled by others. Page 11 of 200 www. But. An athlete may have an outstanding performance and not win a contest because other athletes have performed even better. tone up. This leads me to include an entire section of this book discussing this often misunderstood process. You DO have control over the habits that will allow you to build more muscle and lose more fat. If an athlete’s goal is to run 12. What is wrong with goals such as. build muscle and feel better?’ SettING ‘outcoMe GoalS’ IS a SurefIre WaY of faIlING. bad habits can be starved and destroyed and new. All rights reserved. how many times a week you go the gym. HoWever.com . You caN coNtrol tHe HaBItS tHat are requIreD to loSe fat aND BuIlD More MuScle. You Do Not Have coNtrol of tHe ‘outcoMe. Conversely. However. the athlete has greater control in achieving this goal than winning. the athlete has even greater control of achieving a goal if the goal is to run using the correct form and driving the knees through the entire race.’ Performance or habit is what you control. how much sleep you get. but fail to recognize that it is their habit goals that will determine their level of success. what time you wake up. What most people don’t know is that effective goals focus on performance. and how you spend your social life. how heavy you lift. how intense you train. not outcome.com 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 of knowledge – all changed for the better. You see the difference? The first type of goal focuses on an ‘outcome. © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. My private clients often begin by sharing their ‘outcome’ goals. You can control how many meals you eat each day and the amount. which is certainly important.’ Outcomes are out of your control. ‘lose weight.

All rights reserved. As you read on. What keeps you committed? When you are struggling to be truly committed. Are you prepared to invest the optimal amount of time. and success from failure. Is this you? MY Goal IS Not to queStIoN Your coMMItMeNt But to GuIDe You IN DIScoverING WHY You MaY Have Not SucceeDeD IN tHe PaSt. scrawny from brawny.com 2006. Mandates change. What is the difference? There is a big difference . Re-evaluate your priorities.VinceDelMonteFitness. attention and energy to get what you want or are you just hoping this program will work for you? When was the last time you hoped for something and it happened? Probably never. fat from slim. you can be involved in a relationship but not really be there. Not Being truly committed to Your Goals. Your commitment is the vehicle that will drive you forward. mentally commit right now that you will not allow anything to prevent you from breaking your commitment! © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 5.VinceDelMonteFitness. ask yourself if there is any circumstance that could prevent you from achieving your goals and begin planning how you will reSPoND if and when that circumstance arises. In today’s world. Page 12 of 200 www. What you are doing today for a certain result may not be enough for tomorrow. I will need you to record on a piece of paper the habits in your life that will be required to change so that you build more muscle and lose more fat. energy and attention? Behind these answers lie your commitments. Better yet. right! Before you read on. aND WHat You NeeD to Do DIffereNtlY IN orDer to acHIeve a Better BoDY tHIS tIMe arouND. circumstances change and priorities change. interests change. You can be involved in church but not be a true Christian. you can be involved in a fitness program but not be truly committed.com . These will be your SET goals! Often I see clients involved with their goals but they are not committed to their goals. What are you truly committed to right now? What takes up most of your time. change is constant. Each day your commitment will be challenged. this is a good time to review the reasons for your goals.the kind of difference that separates day from night.

a healthy body and you would be rocking this world! The ‘sick-cycle’ is the term I use to describe the continuous cycle of poor choices.com 2006. It’s interesting how you have probably tried to break an old habit by doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. But you probably already know what habits are destroying your progress. Since you have only removed one string the bad habit is still present.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . and another.” I also have my own analogy that has helped me break my own bad habits: 1) escape the Bondage. I will be the first to admit that breaking bad habits and forming new habits is not easy at all. 1990). perfect relationships. Every time you resist a bad habit. as you continue to resist and resist. you would have no financial problems. If it were. knowing what to do is not enough. one of these strings will come undone – this represents resisting your bad habit once. When we continue to make choices that lead to the same dead end. Not Prepared to Break old Habits and Build New Habits. another string.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 6. Visualize your hands clasped together. those astronauts “literally had to break out of the tremendous gravity pull of the Earth. and another will fall off your hands and © Vince Delmonte www. “To get to the moon.” -Abigail Van Buren- Here are SoMe tIPS to HelP You create NeW HaBItS: In his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (Simon & Schuster. Isn’t this foolish? Why can’t we see that trying to write a different ending to a story by mentally writing a different story in our minds just does not work and it will never work! Creating new habits to transform your body into a Greek-God or a Greek-Goddess is not easy and will require you to assess which habits in your life need to be destroyed. All rights reserved. and tied together with tight string. we are in the midst of a sick cycle. finger-over-finger.VinceDelMonteFitness. Habits are basically like automatic behaviors. Stephen Covey compares the making and breaking of habits to the launching of a spacecraft. However. Page 13 of 200 www. it’s an undo-it-yourself project. YOU DO NOT TRULY KNOW ANYTHING – you might have talked about it – UNTIL YOU actually EXPERIENCE AND LIVE IT! “a bad habit never disappears miraculously.” writes Covey. This picture represents bondage to a bad habit. In my opinion.

2) a negative habit can be broken by replacing it with a new. and we’ll see how I feel if I get there. I spent time with my girlfriend who was preparing for the same contest and we would avoid restaurants and social environments that were ‘toxic’ to our discipline of maintaining new habits required to shed a lot of body fat. “goals without deadlines are simply dreams. Did I get kidded by my buddies? Sure did.something will shift inside your mind. Lee Haney. Instead of saying you will start eating every 3-4 hours.” Prior to making a true commitment. 3) change your environment. go to bed earlier. most people train on sporadic schedules whenever they feel like it. I had to eliminate a huge component of my social life.. I knew I was weak (at the time) to resist certain foods and drinks that would be present and impede my progress. 7. © Vince Delmonte www.” YEAH RIGHT! The instant you make a deadline with a goal . All rights reserved.” What kind of lame approach is that to achieving your goals? Do you think Arnold. Did they understand? Probably not. Instead.VinceDelMonteFitness. which included turning down invitations to the local bar and poker nights with the boys. such as deciding what groceries you will shop for.VinceDelMonteFitness. My father always told me. more desirable habit.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 eventually your hands will be free to move and come apart freely.com 2006. and maybe train some upper body and hopefully build some muscle. Page 14 of 200 www. When I had to prepare for a Fitness Model competition. Rather than simply deciding to stop eating junk food. plan a time on Sunday where you will cook all your meals in advance. replace this behavior with a better one.com . it would be nice if I was able to tone up in the process. The clock will start ticking and it will force you to focus. Was it worth it? You bet! one of the most powerful methods to breaking a bad habit is to place yourself in an environment that encourages the ‘building’ of a new good habit. Not Putting a Deadline on Your Goals. a new string binds tighter around your hands and it will become harder and will require more time to remove all the strings tying your hands together. a ‘NoN-toxIc’ SuPPort SYSteM IS ofteN eSSeNtIal for lIfe-eNHaNcING cHaNGe. hire a Personal Trainer or find a workout partner. They also attain the attitude of “Well.. “I’m going to try and get to the gym today. This analogy works in reverse as well. This might be common sense but it requires some hard decisions. every time you reinforce a bad habit. and Ronnie Coleman wake up each day and say. Instead of saying you will wake up earlier. Instead of saying you will train more intensely.

set a deadline to read each individual chapter. How much easier will it be to maintain your focus every time you arrive at the gym? Having a plan to follow leads to one simple task – work it and execute it! This applies to your nutrition plan as well.com . What’s the point? Choose your next goal and set a deadline today. Once you have a deadline. You have one simple job – execute! © Vince Delmonte www. they are accomplished because of these deadlines. They require daily attention. these are just goals without deadlines. Set a deadline to have this e-book read. But a goal without a deadline is like a story without a point. again. specific exercises chosen. 8. Do you want to build 5 pounds of muscle? Set a deadline. all sorts of things will start to happen that would not have happened otherwise. Page 15 of 200 www. in which amounts. Do you want to compete? Pick a show and register today. the number of sets and reps. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. the tempo etc.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 GoalS WItHout DeaDlINeS are far leSS eMPoWerING. this leads to one simple task – work it and execute it! the programs I have designed for you are essentially your blueprints – they are very powerful training and nutrition tools. I’m referring to the muscles trained. I’m referring to all the specific details of an exercise program. amount of rest. and at what times. All rights reserved. You must know what foods you will eat. However. Once you have created your plan. Better yet. These details must be pre-planned before you even go to the gym! Yes.VinceDelMonteFitness. You’ve got to have a goal. MotIvatING aND PoWerful coMPareD to GoalS WItH DeaDlINeS. And in my opinion. Do you want to gain 50 pounds of muscle? Set a deadline. How will the final product look – if a final product is even achieved? When I refer to plan. failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail.com 2006. this is a true plan. What goals do you have that do not have deadlines? You probably want to build some muscle or lose some fat when the time is right. I could not agree more strongly with the late Benjamin Franklin.” training without a program is like building a house with out a blueprint. Big goals require incremental sacrifice.VinceDelMonteFitness.

All rights reserved. I guarantee.com 2006. the goal is to give your subconscious mind a detailed set of instructions to work on. Or like runners and swimmers working out without a stopwatch. Tracking your progress is mandatory. WRITE IT DOWN.” I guarantee that this will be the month that you gain weight! Don’t ask me the full psychology. it will help you visualize the future and it will raise your level of commitment. Not Writing it Down. The more information you feed it. Whether or not you buy a formal training log or simply buy a mini notebook. “I will gain weight by next month. By writing your goals and writing out your plan. write. Writing down your goals and plan is your road map to success and will set the ball in motion. Having a plan is a start but this next rule will take it one step further. Again.” Guess what? This causes your brain to switch over and favor your subconscious mind’s path of least resistance. having goals and a plan written down makes them more important.” Instead. write your goals and your plan in present tense. Putting it in writing breathes life into it making it an unstoppable force! 10.just do not expect significant gains.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 9. “This month I will gain weight no matter what. Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool. Not keeping a log Book. It cannot decipher between right and wrong and it does not judge. you will still be saying. the clearer the final outcome becomes. WRITE IT DOWN Not only should you write down your goals and plan but you must write them down in complete detail. Its primary function is to carry out its instructions. Did you know that only 5% of the population actually write down their goals and action plan? No wonder there are so few people who are living dissatisfied and far from their genetic potential. How do you expect to get better? In my opinion. here is a list of things you should keep track of: © Vince Delmonte www.com . In addition. This is like professional sports teams competing without keeping score. if you work out without a log book you really aren’t serious and should reconsider the reasons you work out. month after month. The main reason I need you write down your goals and plan is that it creates a set of instructions for your subconscious mind to carry out. Writing it down is a critical step to making your goals and plan real. Do not write. but for some reason. Feel free to continue working out .VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 16 of 200 www. “I will gain weight by next month.VinceDelMonteFitness.

Page 17 of 200 www. using ‘Bad Information. Here are SoMe tIPS tHat WIll PreveNt You froM BeING cauGHt IN tHe MIDDle of WHat I call – ‘BaD INforMatIoN. scammed or mislead numerous times..” and both articles contradict each other! No wonder everyone is so confused and lost when it comes to finding good information.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 • Muscles Trained • Exercises Used • Weight Used • Number of Sets • Time to Complete Workout • Time of Day • Energy Levels 11.com You’ve probably already been lied to.000 results! Search ‘build muscle’ and 7. On top of that. But it’s interesting to see a variety of articles on the same topic that all begin with.” “The truth about gaining mass.” and the list went on and on. I assume you would agree or else you would not be reading my manual right now! So I applaud you for recognizing the benefit of seeking out information and solutions to your problems.000 results come up! This should instantly tell you that there is no shortage of information. It appears that the easiest way to become instantly credible on a topic is to name the title of the article..’ You MuSt learN to DIScerN aND BecoMe verY WISe If You WISH to avoID GettING BurNeD for uSING ‘BaD INforMatIoN. I believe that your level of success is completely related to the amount of information that you have on that particular topic.VinceDelMonteFitness.000. Realize that weight loss alone is a 30-billion dollar a year industry. All rights reserved.. And search weight loss and 66.VinceDelMonteFitness.000 results come up. “The truth about what I would like to sell you!” Now don’t get me wrong. .” on a few popular bodybuilding sites and I found more than 12 pages of articles that began with. ‘The truth and. if you do a Google search on fitness you will find 227. “The truth about.com 2006. I probably agree with a good percentage of what some of them teach. I’m not discrediting the authors of these articles – in fact. With this kind of money at stake.550. “The truth about abs..’ Understanding the root cause of ‘bad information’ is the first step to help alert your truth radar.930.” “The truth about supplements. there are thousands of hungry marketers out there who will tell you anything – and try to sell you anything – that will deepen their pockets.’ I did a search for the phrase. The problem is that there is too much information flooding TV infomer© Vince Delmonte www.

I am often asked by my private clients after they invest a few thousand dollars into a one-on-one service what I think about certain matters with regards to muscle building or fat loss. What I’m about to share with you is a philosophy that will serve you the rest of your life and teach you to go against the social pressure of not thinking for yourself – not to trust your instincts and intuition. research scientist. This leads me to my next point! 12. best-selling book and not even I.. If all of this information was correct then why is 60% of the North american population still considered obese? And just because an industry professional such as a dietitian. Some of the training principles I share are not documented in the latest university © Vince Delmonte www. and to bow down to the fancy letters behind my name that I was awarded through the approved educational courses. from the church. or Certified Trainer has some fancy initials behind their name does not qualify them as an expert. MD. would you think I’m crazy? Now don’t lose me here.VinceDelMonteFitness. real-world experience and observation. bookstore shelves. forum.com 2006. and then take the client’s individual information and marry the two situations. we have been told how to think. I believe our early educational system has de-conditioned and reduced our ability to think for ourselves. the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I had to question a lot of the information out there too. and dozens of magazines cluttering newsstands. All rights reserved. rather to be told. This point applies to the above as well as your ability to make training decisions that no guru. can answer.VinceDelMonteFitness. government and science. ‘Well the research shows. expert.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 1 cials.. ‘what do you think?’ I have drawn some horrific and blank stares in return from my response. I usually ask in return. Not Harnessing Your Power of Intuition and Instinct. So how do you discover if you are reading the truth.” or have the fancy initials behind their name that ‘prove’ they must hold the keys to ‘truth?’ One of my personal goals as a Fitness Trainer is to empower and teach my clients that they hold the answers to their training questions..D. If I told you that you have more answers than I do with regards to how to train. This influence affects our training together as my clients appear unworthy of forming an opinion of their own because it may not be right. I’m simply here to use my ‘scientific’ knowledge. Are the only ones able to state their opinions those who start their sentence with. Ph. All through modern history. magazine. Page 18 of 200 www.. I have discovered that they have been taught not to think.com .

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 1

studies because I believe that we do not need to wait for science to ‘prove’ anything before we can benefit from it. Science is simply a theory intended to provide objective analysis. Objectivity is lost during experimentation when the research conclusions are influenced by the researcher. I’m not trying to devalue or reject science but rather to teach you to keep science in context and understand how it is misused to make certain claims and beliefs, especially when the companies are paying the researchers’ bills. Intuition can be used interchangeably with the term ‘gut instinct.’ So how do you identify intuition? It’s simple - it’s when, ‘you feel it’s the right way to go!’ Remember that hesitation comes from your ego, fearing that you have made the wrong decision and what others will think.

If You look at traNSforMING Your BoDY aS More of aN art ratHer tHaN a ScIeNce, You MuSt learN to MaSter Your Gut INStINctS.
If you believe it is more of a science rather than an art, you will have to find comfort in your academic textbook answers. If you see it as science, expect test tube results.

13. Not Deciding to Be Successful and Not taking responsibility.
I learned this philosophy from the Australian strength coach Ian King. It goes something like this: “You are getting everything you deserve right now based on the person you are being and the decisions you have made. You will continue to get the same thing if you continue doing the same thing. You will not get a different result unless you become a different person by habit and action.” This philosophy has seriously impacted me – everything you have in life is exactly what you deserve to have and everything you want to have.

Jim Rohn, one of the world’s greatest personal development coaches constantly preaches passionately on this topic and has this to say. “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. You don’t have charge of the constellations, but you do have charge of whether you read, develop new skills, and take new classes.” Brad Sugars, an Australian entrepreneur and wealth/business coach, describes an © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 19 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com


No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 1

excellent picture of this philosophy of taking responsibility. It is a very clear and accurate portrayal of the difference between taking responsibility (described as playing above the line), and avoiding responsibility (playing below the line). Observe the words ‘victim’ correlating with playing below the line, and the words ‘victor’ correlating with playing above the line.

v I c t o r Y v I c t I M

Ownership Accountability Responsibility

Blame Excuses Denial

Which line do you play in? It is much easier to play below the line, especially when our society reinforces this attitude. One of my goals in writing this book is to help you focus on reaching your full potential with regards to your physical being (although these principles apply to your intellectual,
relational and spiritual life too).

Do you think that the best way to fulfill your potential is by blaming someone else? Does this way of living allow you to reach your full potential? Never! tHIS IS a GuaraNteeD WaY of alloWING SHort terM relIef But tHe DoWNSIDe IS tHat It leaDS to a loNG terM SPIral DoWNWarD of Never GaINING coNtrol of Your lIfe aND Not trulY reacHING Your PoteNtIal.
So whatever body you are living in now – maybe it’s too thin, too big, too soft, too flabby, not tight enough, not strong enough and so forth – you are responsible for transforming your body for the better, if that is truly what you desire.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 1

14. Not Being Held accountable.
The famous King David of the Bible speaks about this issue in Proverbs 27:17 (New Living Translation). “as iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.” This does not mean sharing your goals with the world but it does mean committing to a trusted friend – perhaps your training partner, your personal trainer, or a close friend of the same sex – what you plan on accomplishing, and allowing them to ask you the hard questions once a week. “Are you on track to your goals?” “Did you eat the 6 meals a day that you said you would?” “Did you perform your 5x of cardio at 7 A.M. like you planned?” “Did you buy water instead of Coke when you went shopping?”

GIve Your accouNtaBIlItY PartNer PerMISSIoN to Be HarD oN You.
I once had a training partner that had a hard time keeping a schedule so he agreed in writing that if he ever missed more than two training sessions with me each month, he would pay me $500 cash!!! Nobody wants to appear apathetic, uncommitted and half-hearted towards their goals. This is why being accountable to a journal or a diary will not cut it. How will the piece of paper hold you accountable? there is no consequence to your action. Hold yourself accountable to someone you admire, who will not be easy on you and someone you do not want to disappoint. This might sound extreme and against the norm of society but if you want to look like the rest of society then live how the rest of society but if you want to look like the rest of society then live how the rest of society lives, without accepting the consequences of their actions or keeping commitments. As iron sharpens iron, a flame starts to burn, and as that flame burns it becomes so hot that the fire becomes an unstoppable force. Accountability is not designed as a guilt trip but as a tool to strengthen and reinforce your commitments to another human being. I promise you that you will gain inner strength and life from this activity and your commitments will burn hot and turn to hard, iron steal!

15. Ignorance
I believe that what you are about to read will live up to its promise – but before we move on to disproving some of the most common bodybuilding myths, let’s ensure we sidestep the NUMBER ONE PITFALL and OBSTACLE that is stopping skinny guys from achieving their goals. © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 21 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 1

IGNoraNce – the complete misunderstanding of the principles of muscle growth.
And this is not completely your fault. Just spend a few hours on the Internet or flipping through the pages of a bodybuilding magazine and you will view an assembly of 10-50 workout routines in just one magazine. This leads the reader to believe there is no one way of training and variety is the key – however this is a misconception that can roadblock your success!

Think about it - your muscle has a specific personality and identity. A muscle is a muscle, it is not fat, it is not bone, it does not have feeling or emotions and it does not have a brain. Muscles CANNOT choose which stimulus they wish to respond to. Muscles will respond to a certain stimulus – without negotiation or bargain - no matter what condition. In fact, I will be bold enough to say that muscle – in most circumstances – will grow even in the harshest of conditions based on some universal principles that we will dive into shortly. Building muscle and getting lean and ripped has been complicated by the commercialized fitness industry, nutrition industry and supplementation industry – all driven for the sake of the almighty dollar.

With that in mind, it’s time to disprove some common muscle-building myths.

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VinceDelMonteFitness. recovery techniques and nutrition habits that I share in this book. and sleep habits are operating on the optimal end of the spectrum. Page 23 of 200 www. nutrition and lifestyle are dialed in – and for most guys taking supplements. aND Poor attItuDe – all eleMeNtS crItIcal for MuScle BuIlDING.com 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. sweeteners. artificial colors. flavoring.com . SloW recoverY. powders and shakes? Never! Nutritional supplements – not even food – will stimulate muscle growth. Poor SleeP. When was the last time an athlete won.at best . Generally I would say they make a 1-2 % difference because they only work in synergy when your training. aND lotS of cHeMIcalS. You will be more successful taking your fitness to the next level by mastering the training techniques. and preservatives into your body basically turns your insides into a toxic waste dump! And did you know that this toxic waste loves to attach itself to your fat stores. sugars. Poor aPPetIte. Pick up any bodybuilding magazine nearby and I promise you that the only thing those supplement advertisements will deliver is a lighter wallet. lifestyle. or a medal was won. All rights reserved. But exercise does. Nutrition Supplements Will Help You Gain Muscle Assuming your training. making it even harder to get rid of body fat? You can imagine how much harder it will be to build massive muscle in a toxic environment. introducing supplements will make a 10% difference .VinceDelMonteFitness. this is not the case. nutrition. Shakes are certainly convenient and may assist you in reaching your goal calories but do not kid yourself into believing that they will have the same anabolic effect as food – don’t let any supplement ad convince you otherwise! Dumping chemicals. PoWDerS are NotHING More tHaN cruSHeD uP fooD aND are loaDeD WItH artIfIcIal flavorING.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 Chapter 2: the top 12 Muscle Building Myths 1.and this is being generous. PreServatIveS. What goes in must come out! Put GarBaGe IN aND GarBaGe WIll coMe out IN tHe forM of DecreaSeD eNerGY. or a team won on pills.

HoW WIll Your MuScleS GroW If You reDuce tHe overloaD for a loW INteNSItY PHaSe? No new muscle can be built because there is no overload. more reps and more weight. When a muscle is subjected to a degree of unaccustomed stress and effort. which will accelerate your recovery and opportunity to overload again. taken out of context and very poorly executed. StreNGtH. When you train light you are wasting your time and your body’s resources that could be used to restore and recuperate your body. © Vince Delmonte www. ProGreSSIve overloaD referS to GraDuallY aND coNSISteNtlY INcreaSING tHe DeMaNDS oN tHe MuSculoSkeletal SYSteM IN orDer to coNtINuallY Make GaINS IN MuScle SIze. (to the point of avoiding injury) muscle adapts to the added stress by growing larger. but the term has been abused. You Need to alternate Between low Intensity Phases and High Intensity Phases The fact is that your muscles will only get bigger and stronger as a result of applying the most fundamental muscle building principle in this book – progressive overload. then high volume workouts. Many magazines say that progressive overload is as simple as doing more sets. eNDuraNce aND flexIBIlItY. found in bodybuilding magazines. Doing more reps is definitely not the answer. and you would probably already be massive and ripped. This is PartlY true. And simply lifting more weight is not the answer because I know guys who can lift a lot of weight a few times and they are not the biggest guys. Remember that your muscles will only enlarge If you give them SuffIcIeNt reaSoN to. All rights reserved. We will discuss this in greater detail later. Misapplying this concept is where most people completely screw up the cornerstone of muscle building. because every lady who lifted their pink colored weights with high reps would be muscular.com . would be the key.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 2. Page 24 of 200 www. If doing more sets was the answer.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. In simple terms – you must subject your muscles to an unaccustomed stress. Low intensity training contradicts the most fundamental training principles required for building muscle.VinceDelMonteFitness. A simple principle by definition.

VinceDelMonteFitness. It’s an easy way out and it’s a very convenient cop-out especially when there is no one around to prove that it’s true. Page 25 of 200 www. I repeat – NO EXCUSE to throw in the towel and give up if you have muscle unfriendly genes. You caN overcoMe MoSt oBStacleS aND coNceal Your SHortcoMINGS.com . How sure can we be when the guy who cries ‘bad genetics’ is training his calves every few weeks as an afterthought and eats like “crap” when no one is around? Perhaps he was born with 50% less muscle fiber than the rest of us.VinceDelMonteFitness. but most likely it is because he has not learned the basics of muscle growth. I would like to make this very clear though Skinny Guy! There is no excuse. Long story short – you must give your muscles a reason to grow. 3. Decreasing the frequency and duration (more often has a positive response) have the smallest negative impact to your muscle gains. who made his genes even more ‘slow twitch’ dominant by running 80-120 km a week for over 10 years than there is no excuse why you can’t build at least 30-50 more pounds of muscle than you have now. strength and muscle mass gains will deteriorate very rapidly. take Steroids if You Have Not Made Gains after a few Years Again. Remember. This means that if intensity is decreased for a period of time. compared to the disastrous consequence of dropping your intensity. If you do not then they will simply © Vince Delmonte www. you will ALWAYS have to work a little harder to keep up to par but I believe you will be quite surprised with the results you attain using my program. Duration and frequency. All rights reserved. if a skinny long distance runner. if you truly are genetically cursed. If You are GoING to reSt tHeN reSt. If You are Not Getting Bigger Blame it on Your Genetics Too bad the advice of ‘choose your parents wisely’ is out of your power! the bottom line is that bad genetics is an excuse for the lazy.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 Intensity is the least forgiving of the three main training variables – Intensity. If You’re GoING to traIN HarD tHeN traIN HarD. like myself. rarely are genetics the problem – most of the time the problem is You! However. 4. BY traINING SMarter. the cornerstone of muscle growth is progressive intensity.com 2006.

but as intensity increases over the years so does your need for more rest. Do you want guys to discredit your gains for giving into curiosity? Alternatively. motivated and inspired. hard work. impotence. you probably think to yourself. Your muscle gains are 100% responsible for overloading them with more weight and reps. the intensity required to overload becomes much greater than the intensity required in the first few months of weight lifting. smart training and nutrition program – not from straying to the dark side . Every time you see someone who is very big and muscular. After a year or two of training. I believe this is because trainees do not take enough time between their workouts to actually create NeW muscle that will allow a future opportunity for overload. taking drugs such as steroids.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 laugh at you and go back to sleep. I do not mean to moralize but you have two ways to look at it when deciding where you will stand: there is a 100% chance that as soon as any one of your friends discover (and they will) that you have been using the juice then all your hard effort will no longer count for anything.com . than you brush him away with your hand and give him no credit at all for his physique. infertility. and thyroid drugs will help you get that superhuman and ripped physique but at the expense of health risks like cancer. you can go through your entire life and always be curious about the gains you could have made with steroids but you can take pride in saying that every ounce of muscle you own was done naturally through your own true commitment. ‘I wonder if he is natural.VinceDelMonteFitness. you are truly impressed. they allow you to be sloppy with your recovery.’ If he is. heart disease and degenerative diseases (not to mention horrible skin. Taking drugs will cure this problem because you will be able to train more often and recover quicker – but WHY? Would you rather not just take more rest days to ensure recovery? Yes. Page 26 of 200 www. acne.VinceDelMonteFitness. MoSt GuYS are Not caPaBle of DuPlIcatING tHe INteNSItY requIreD to overloaD tHe MuScle NaturallY. but they must work out smarter. Are you prepared for this consequence? Just think about it. Your friends and peers will automatically discredit all your gains because they will contribute it to the juice. All rights reserved. Most trainees have heard this message but fail to add the second part of the equation – recovery. hair loss and raisin nuts)! The reality is that steroids increase your hormone production above normal levels. growth hormones.com 2006. More advanced individuals must not necessarily work out harder. they allow you to be sloppy with your diet and they allow you to train carelessly and still make significant gains. pimples. If he is not. © Vince Delmonte www.

‘hey. Larry Scott. toNeD aND DefINeD MuScleS are SIMPlY a reflectIoN of tHe aMouNt of BoDY fat SurrouNDING tHe MuScle. The shape of your muscle is determined by your genetic makeup. High reps equal Getting cut and low reps equal Mass Your muscles do not have multiple personality traits – they are either growing. This is true of any muscle. it operates on the ‘all-or-nothing’ principle. or between workouts. © Vince Delmonte www. Page 27 of 200 www. If the body has not fully 5. any muscle. influenced by your genetics. Gradually force your muscles to do more work – the intensity overload must exceed and out perform your last workout’s performance. I will teach you how to FULLY recover to ensure you can continue overloading.this is even easier – just avoid it and do not train it. You either get rid of the fat and make it more defined or you build muscle and make it bigger. Do you think your biceps say.VinceDelMonteFitness. and these factors will determine how a muscle is shaped. If you want your muscle to grow then expose it to progressive overload. for whom ‘BICEPS PEAKING’ was named. There is no such thing as toning a fat arm. Over-training is probably Progress occurs during recovery.VinceDelMonteFitness. “I’m Training To Sculpt. Who ever thought it was possible to SHaPe. which will reduce the curiosity of sticking a needle where the sun don’t shine! recovered and you return to the gym not fully recovered then it is literally impossible to overload your muscles again. Tone. All rights reserved. Your body can only do one of four things – gain or lose fat and gain or lose muscle. This is important to clarify before you set your goals.com . DefINe or SculPt a MuScle? I don’t remember any chapters on this in anatomy class. didn’t have much of a peak but had tremendous biceps (that’s where the Scott curl bar came from too). we are doing concentration curls so we better start growing more fibers here in the middle of the bicep because this is a peaking exercise!’ Of course not. and again. When you work a muscle. meaning that each muscle fiber recruited to a do a lift – along the entire length of that muscle – is contracted fully.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 the most common mistake of weight trainees of any level and becomes even more critical after a few years of training when results can slow. And to make the muscle smaller . Your muscles have an origin and insertion point.com 2006. If you are content with the size of your muscles right now this is easy – just keep doing what you are doing. shrinking or staying the same. Shape And Define” This one cracks me up. I wish it was as easy as painting a picture. 6.

Many scientific studies demonstrate one set is almost as effective as multiple sets.” ask them if it’s working and point them in the direction of the cardio room as a better option.PerIoD. “Okay we feel fine. A few maverick fitness au© Vince Delmonte www. Muscle cuts are a reflection of two features on the body: pure muscle size and the low levels of body fat (in the single digits). Now you know that lowering your body fat is for cutting and heavy weights are for building mass. and if you wish to get cut and ripped be prepared to drop your body fat levels into the single digits.com 2006. today Is leg Day and tomorrow Is arm Day Splitting up a routine is presented like gospel. tHeY WIll BurN calorIeS aND tHat’S all. You’re better off maximizing your time by running or cycling. if you want to build massive muscles get ready to apply the fundamental principle of progressive overload. 7.com . Remember that you do not get stronger in the gym – you get stronger and bigger when you go home. aND IMMuNe SYSteM – SYSteMS tHat IN fact take loNGer tHaN Your MuScleS Do to recover. Just because your muscles say. And sure. HorMoNal SYSteM.VinceDelMonteFitness. while they are kicking and screaming. and lead them to the heavy weights department. if not just as effective in strength and muscle hypertrophy. rest. Do Not NeGlect tHe fact tHat You are taxING aND DePletING Your ceNtral NervouS SYSteM. eat and are FULLY recovered. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. splitting up a routine is fine and has some benefits But it is also the fastest way to over-train and burn out. and in my lifetime never questioned as the way to structure a muscle building routine. And if you see someone with the goal to get bigger and they are a cardio junkie – grab their hand. Yesterday Was chest Day. To SUPER COMPENSATE from your previous workout your muscles are not the only things that must experience a full recovery. “I just lift light weights to get toned. sleep. let’s train again.” you still must experience FULL recovery prior to attempting to stimulate your muscles again for more muscle growth.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 You can not program certain exercises to get a muscle ‘cut’ or make a muscle huge this theory holds no water. Page 28 of 200 www. So. Next time you hear someone say. lIGHt WeIGHtS Do Not BuIlD MuScle .

contract or release – that’s it. fat loSS aND carDIovaScular traINING. As you can see.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 thorities and professional bodybuilders have advocated high intense. the founder of Nautilus and Medx weight training equipment. America and Mr. and Mike Mentzer. You Need to ‘Shock” Your Muscles and keep them Guessing This has got to be one of the dumbest and most unintelligent statements ever made (no hard feelings because I used to think like this too). the youngest Mr. multiple sets workouts (more than 3-6 sets per muscle total) and frequent training sessions (training two days in a row for a hard gainer is suicidal) contradict the most critical variable of muscle building – intensity! Ironically. frequency and intensity are all inversely related. the people who used to give me this advice must have been shocking or tricking their muscles the wrong way because they had no muscle mass on their bodies to back up that statement! Believe this and you will never see any muscular gains to your body. Dorian Yates. So where is the shock? Why would your back muscles say. Casey Viator.VinceDelMonteFitness. Duration. Universe and Mr. extend. Olympia contestant. Page 29 of 200 www. 8. pull. More recently. Do you think you can really change your exercises and training routine to surprise your body and get a different reaction out of them? Your muscles do not have outside eyes that reward you with new muscle growth if you confuse them. which means that if duration is long then intensity will be low. several time Mr. low volume training. In the 1980s. © Vince Delmonte www. Mr. reportedly performed only a warm-up set and one or occasionally two workout sets throughout his off-season training. All rights reserved. Olympia contestant. Olympia. Your muscles understand MoveMeNt and that’s all – push.com . If you think about this myth long enough you might start to laugh. curl. Author Jones. very low volume training. “Holy Macaroni Batman. If frequency is regular then intensity will also be lower.VinceDelMonteFitness. bodybuilding magazines create these ridiculously long and arduous sessions. you’re lifting with an Olympic bar and not sand bags anymore?” Better pack on some muscle. which make hard training impossible. promoted the high intense. HIGHer DuratIoN aND More frequeNt SeSSIoNS are crItIcal If Your GoalS are MuScular eNDuraNce.com 2006. was one of the early pioneers of single set training. You can be lifting bags of sand or dead lifting 400 pounds and the action on your back is the same – your knees bend and your trunk flexes. Interestingly.

Yet they demonstrated a greater amount of mus- cular work in less time each time they practiced and raced. All rights reserved. Remember your muscles are not shocked by change in exercise. and improper logic resulting in too much wasted effort.is preached as the most promised rule to make continual muscle gains. ‘confuse’. Interestingly. misapplication. for the Best results You Must train to failure Training to ‘failure’ has probably received more writing. Yet I never remember watching the sprinter on my track team train until failure nor do I recall them ever sprinting through the finish line and collapsing. as bodybuilders have employed and made it to be magical. hence you ‘fail’ . If you want to improve your tan it isn’t necessary to subject your skin to the sun prior to the moment of blistering.VinceDelMonteFitness. Going to failure– going to the point in a set where you are physically incapable of going just one more rep. misunderstanding.com 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 Or maybe you can switch up the order of your routine by hitting a weak body part twice in the week. So why do so many command that ‘failure’ is an absolute law for stimulating muscle growth when all the evidence shows otherwise? Improving your body’s sensitivity to the cold does not require you to go outside in the middle of winter with no clothes up to the point before passing out. Please! Your muscles operate on laws of science. Forget trying to ‘shock’. not on laws of trickery. Growing up as a long distance runner I often stood by and watched the sprinters compete . I never saw these sprinters train to failure. I will never forget the phenomenal muscularity of the construction workers I used to work with when I laid bricks and framed houses. Page 30 of 200 www. you © Vince Delmonte www. 9. Both of these groups had incredible muscularity and were able to stimulate muscle growth without going to failure.com . there is no activity outside the gym that demonstrates this ‘going to failure’ principle is critical. Nor do I remember the bricklayers moving the bricks around until they could not pick up one more. ‘trick’ and ‘keep the muscle guessing’ nonsense. If you only train your arms once in the week and than strategically throw arms in twice then they will be confused and shocked into growing.VinceDelMonteFitness.who astonished me with their tremendous quadriceps and hamstring muscles. The only thing that will be shocked and confused is the person messing around with the exercises with no clue why their body has not changed in a month since they started this ‘keep the body guessing’ program. If you want to improve your ability to hold your breath under water. They are designed to tolerate it. Yet I never recall them carrying timber around the yard until they could not pick up one more piece.

Similarly. once your muscles perform more work than your previous workout your mission is accomplished.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 don’t need to go to the point prior to losing consciousness. This is considered overkill and leads to wasted energy that could be utilized growing muscle and results in a delayed recovery. Note this definition never said anything about lifting until absolute failure where you leave the gym crippled. How do you force you muscles to do extra work? By lifting weights that are heavier than your previous threshold for a longer duration (high reps). Since your body’s primary function in life is to survive it will adapt only to the point where your body has sufficient defense to whatever element it is exposed. The reason must be that your body needs more muscle in order to tolerate all the hard work it is doing. As you can see. when lifting weights your body will adapt to the intensity you have exposed it to over time while maintaining your recovery resources. Page 31 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. you must work at a higher intensity. Muscles get bigger and stronger as an adaptation to increased demands placed on them. Stated another way. Why? Your muscles are designed to respond and to adapt to stress. You will learn shortly that training to failure within a set is completely acceptable and nothing shy of this will promote muscle growth. muscle growth stimulation operates on the same principle and does not require exposure to your muscles’ absolute limits. This is considered overkill! I BelIeve tHe BIGGeSt ProBleM IS tHat traINeeS are leaD to BelIeve tHat INteNSItY equalS faIlure. There is absolutely no rational for continuing a Nazi torture session for another 45 minutes on the same muscle after it has already surpassed its previous work threshold. This concept will be explained later. Popular bodybuilding literature says to get an intense workout you must train to failure. Intensity does not equal failure! Let’s review one of the most indispensable elements of muscle building.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. You have achieved progressive overload and it is time to move on to the next muscle group. © Vince Delmonte www. Your brain will only send signals to grow more muscle if there is sufficient reason to. HEAVEY WEIGHTS FOR HIGH REPS! You have to lift heavy weights for high reps in order to build bigger muscles.com . Force them to do extra work and they adapt by getting bigger.

can you really decipher which was more intense? In this manual I will give you tools of reason to gage your progress . changes every few months. aND GoalS. There is no program or author of a program that knows more about your body and personal circumstances better than you do.not poorly defined instincts! 11. However. How could the program POSSIBLY be perfect if it is not individually customized? tHe ProBleM WItH tHe Perfect Workout IS tHat It IS WrItteN BY aN autHor IN tHe aBSeNce of Your aBIlItIeS. So why would someone trying to build muscle favor an ineffective and unproven tool that can lead you astray? Building muscle is based on improving the intensity of the workout progressively in each session. This means that the initial stimulus of any perfect program will wear off because your body will accommodate to it. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. train Instinctively and “listen to Your Body” Do professional athletes and teams practice instinctively? Do competitive long distance athletes train without their stopwatch? Do swimmers work out without measuring the distance and time of each interval? Of course not. You will not fully exploit the potential of my program in a period of less than six months. any workout is like the food in your cupboards.VinceDelMonteFitness. involves some miracle pill on the pages of hyped-up magazines and web sites. you have a ways to go before that point so keep reading! Stop looking for the perfect workout as if it’s locked up somewhere in a secret vault. The perfect workout usually follows the latest trends. Searching for the Perfect Workout I agree that there are perfect principles but not perfect workouts. So why complicate things by following this ‘inner compass’ that has no idea of the difference between 9 reps with 225 lbs in 30 seconds and 13 reps with 185 reps in 45 seconds? Aside from listening to your body and hearing your mind say stop.com 2006. Page 32 of 200 www. GeNetIcS. The training principles I will share in this book’s program can be applied for the rest of your life. What do you do when it expires? You throw it out – it is no longer useful and has no more purpose. Every training workout has a lifespan to it and will expire as well. Don’t worry.com . traINING aGe. I would be lying to you if I told you that my program did not have an expiry date.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 10. Also. Your are Better off lookING for tHe Perfect PrINcIPleS tHat WIll eNSure MuScle GroWtH.VinceDelMonteFitness. Your body is a brilliant organism and will adapt to anything you force on it.

Now if you are lifting extremely heavy weights and achieving a pump then this is a very good sign that you are making the muscle fibers work enough. Lactic acid. You complete the set far from muscular overload.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 2 to PreveNt PlateauS. You must discontinue the set because your muscles are simply on fire and burning – not because your muscles failed you because of strength. You MuSt learN HoW to cYcle a feW of tHe MoSt fuNDaMeNtal MuScle BuIlDING PrINcIPleS DIScuSSeD SHortlY.com . As your muscles stretch and contract they become gorged with blood. Page 33 of 200 www. © Vince Delmonte www. Getting a muscle pump is not necessarily what causes the muscle to grow – doing 100 reps with a light rep will create a huge pump. Muscular fatigue is when you lift moderate weights for higher reps and you can not complete the set because of the burning sensation caused from the lactic acid buildup which results from a lack of oxygen to the muscle. 12. but will this make your muscle grow? Of course not! Distance runners get a pump in their legs when they sprint uphill. Do they get big muscles? Heck no! The main problem with training for the pump is that it leads to muscular fatigue and not muscular overload. making them feel tighter and fuller.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. but they will limit the size you put on your frame. waste products.com 2006. Getting a Pump Is Necessary for Muscular Size The muscle pump is described as when you put your muscles under an extended period of constant tension. do a cutting phase or run a marathon. I would only use the pump as an indicator to reveal how well you are ‘targeting’ the working muscle.VinceDelMonteFitness. and no oxygen are great if you want to lose body fat.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter 3: How to Build Muscle If you just arrived today from planet Mars and were not exposed to any of the above mythology. No matter how popular a certain concept is. some say train every 3 days. Don’t ever forget that this is your goal not your © Vince Delmonte www. Page 34 of 200 www. some say 5 days. and personal training certifications.com . Your muscle is lazy and would prefer to sleep all day – not grow. gym conversations. as you read through this course you must trust me – completely let go and abandon any preconceived ideas you may have.com 2006. some say long rest. some will say 6 sets of 6. filter out all the tips and secrets and techniques that did not get you anywhere. Most training programs you have followed only work temporary or for short periods of time. You will not really learN this system until you have actually DoNe It. and some will say 4 sets of 8. In fact. All rights reserved. your body does not even want to keep muscle on your body – it is metabolically very costly. Follow it as if you are really from another planet and have never read any popular bodybuilding literature before. If you are still struggling with some of the above myths I do not expect you to let go of your own way of thinking and crash your inner hard drive immediately. So which is it? The method I will teach you is the most powerful way to build muscle naturally and has been shown to work indefinitely until you reach your true genetic potential and disposition for size! I will put to rest all the confusion and explain the simplest yet most powerful system to insane muscle gain! You must earn muscle! It is not something given to you freely. Don’t be surprised if you come across some content that causes you to drop your jaw or surprises you – I will explain the why to everything. However.VinceDelMonteFitness. you would instantly have an unfair advantage over the rest of the skinny guys trying to build a body they deserve and can be proud of – a body that turn heads and captures attention everywhere. I realize it will take courage and faith to go against what everyone else is doing. But REAL learning is DOING – not just talking or reading about it. Some say short rest. Some authors will tell you three exercises per muscle group. it might not be for you. What you are going to learn in this e-book is absent from the majority of bodybuilding and fitness magazines.VinceDelMonteFitness. You are fighting against your body’s will to build muscle. each day you need to delete corrupt files that you have allowed to influence your way of thinking and replace them with new fresh files that will make your system perform more efficiently and powerfully! To emphasize again.

these techniques will make you fail because of fatigue. super sets. training with weights at your 60-80% 1 Rep Max (RM) will not stimulate new muscle growth. If you want to become really good at super sets and drop sets – do super sets and drop sets. The principle of specificity is based on Newton’s law of physics – cause and effect. if you wish to reach your training objectives you must train specific to your goals.VinceDelMonteFitness. not strength.VinceDelMonteFitness. if you simply want to have the ability to lift weights to failure using 60-80% of your one rep max then keep doing this because your muscles will accommodate this specific stress. If you want to become a really good runner – run. But realize these training principles are not based on forcing your muscle to do more work. #2: the stress Must Be ABove Your threshold No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle The stress must be heavy enough to exceed the normal threshold of the muscles. Walk into the sun and your skin will darken to protect you from the sunlight. And to make this practical.you must give your muscles a reason to grow. pre-exhaust sets.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 body’s goal. Why? Because your body is designed to adapt to stress. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. Walk into a hot room and your body will sweat to keep you cool. If you want to become a really good swimmer – swim. HoW Do You force Your MuScleS to Do More Work? #1: the stress Must Be sPeciFic No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle This is one of the foundational principles of muscle growth. Walk into the cold and you will begin to shiver to keep warm. descending sets and more.com 2006. In other words. If you truly want to add inches to your frame then you must overcome your body’s resistance and stubborn attitude to building muscle.com . Hard to believe but think about it yourself. The word ‘specific’ rules out the importance of many erroneous training principles in magazines such as drop sets. Page 35 of 200 www. Basically. instinctive training. Applied in bodybuilding this means that for every action there is a reaction. which is the only way to force more muscle growth. so if you apply a specific stress (the cause) there should be a specific adaptation (the effect). force your muscles to do ‘more work’ and they will be forced to get bigger. Your muscles will not grow larger than they have to accommodate for that specific stress. Get this through your head . You see.

VinceDelMonteFitness. You see – these guys were only lifting for 2-3 reps. from this we discover that we must do exercises that are extremely demanding (yet avoiding injury) and involve the totality of the muscle. and structurally to this specific stress – but it will stop and end here. but had nothing to visually show for it. neurologically. If this means the inactive muscle fibers make no effort or contribution to the lift – so be it.they always want to sleep. Even if you are increasing reps and sets. the muscle might grow minimally but there will be NO sufficient reason for your muscle to grow further because you are still within your natural threshold. #3: the stress Must Be with heAvY weiGhts No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle Remember that your muscles do not want to work any harder than they have to.VinceDelMonteFitness. the additional reps will force your muscle tissue to adapt that much more than with just low reps. Think of your muscles as being lazy . because they are not made for extraordinary gains.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 Don’t get me wrong – you body will adapt muscularly.com 2006. Forget those wimpy isolation exercises that target only part of the muscle. Your muscles do not want to work any harder than have to and will only use the necessary amount of muscle fibers responsible to get the job done. Over the years I have watched so many guys in the gym load up 9-10 plates a side on leg press or dead lift 2-5 plates a side and they did not look any bigger than any other guys in the gym. These guys appeared to be as strong as oxen. So if you want to gain 2-5 pounds of muscle a year – keep following conventional training programs that emphasize higher volumes of training. They would rather sleep anyway and not have to go to work and grow. I bet you even know a lot of friends who are super strong but their muscularity does not match up. They will only wake up in an extreme emergency and if it disrupts their sleep. Ask yourself – will your muscles be forced to grow more by doing 2-3 reps of a heavy weight or 8-9 reps with the same heavy weight? That’s right. Simply lifting heavy weights close to your one rep max will not do the trick. Page 36 of 200 www. #4: the stress Must Be with hiGh rePs No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle This is the second part of the equation. So how do we recruit and use every single muscle fiber without our own MRI machine? You lift really HEAVY WEIGHTS! Heavy weights call on every fiber of muscle that you have – by using all your muscle’s capacity. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www.

VinceDelMonteFitness. The central nervous system (or neural system) is what instructs your muscles.’ tHe More PoWerful aND effIcIeNt tHe reSPoNSe froM tHe MuScleS. push. there is no unaccustomed stimulus and there is minimal muscle fiber recruitment. extend or stretch. On the flip side. in alignment with the rule of specificity.com 2006. #5: the stress Must Be ProGressive overloAd No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle This is basically saying the stress must be above your threshold. This is why you see Olympic lifters who can lift 500-600 pounds in different power lifting events but do not have anywhere near the same muscle size as a bodybuilder. The signals from your brain to your muscles operate on the same concepts. So the signal is sent from the nervous system – or command center – to the muscles. pull. broadband or DSL Internet. the connection is very quick and almost instantaneous. Their weights go up but their muscle size does not. quality light repetitions will do nothing for gaining muscle mass – there is no overload..No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 Why is this? This is the main reason many get stronger and stronger but look the same as when they joined the gym two years ago. there is no intensity. to get the muscle to grow you must subject it to unaccustomed stress. your nervous system will certainly get better.com usually happen to be light weights .. When you are lifting a weight. quality repetitions (which instead of lifting heavy weights for muscle mass. You see.but this adaptation has nothing to do with building bigger muscles. Therefore. the more force. You have probably read a lot about lifting with slow-speed. When you first start working out (or doing any new activity for that matter). All rights reserved. The signals sent are very strong and if you are trying to download something it happens in a matter of seconds. slow speed Internet sends very weak signals to your computer and can be an ineffective way of working. When your muscles are subjected to a sufficient degree of unusual discomfort and stress (not to the point of © Vince Delmonte www. tHerefore. your nervous system will send the ‘signal’ to curl. speed and recruitment occurs in the muscles allowing you to lift more weight. Let me tell you straight out – lifting slow speed light weight for high reps is good for burning calories and that’s it. tHe More PoWerful aND effIcIeNt tHe ‘SIGNalS. Page 37 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. when working with high-speed cable.go figure) . but because it is the cornerstone of No-Nonsense Muscle Building let’s review it again. think of your nervous system on SLOW SPEED INTERNET! If you use a modem or dial-up-connection the signals can be slow and involve multiple tries. The stronger these signals.

You will note that I mentioned in Myth #9 that going to failure is not critical. Training in these ranges only causes your muscles to laugh at you and go back to sleep because there is no damn good reason they need to grow. HIGH voluMe WorkoutS WItH MultIPle SetS aND MultIPle exercISeS WIll oNlY alloW You to Work out at a MoDerate INteNSItY aND MoDerate WeIGHt.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 injury). This is why fitness magazine routines will always fail – the level of overload required contradicts the volume prescribed and the intensity is not reoccurring. This approach is wrong. If this was enough to build muscle you would see old ladies with huge muscles from all the groceries they carry around! While there is much research to say heavy weights and low reps is the only thing necessary for muscle growth .com . Here is the contradiction – the author of a conventional muscle-building program tells you that you must train hard. your muscles operate out of ‘survival. Your muscles will only signal the need for more muscle if they are scared or frightened into preventing a previous nightmare (your previous training session). the set must be taken to absolute muscular failure – nothing shy of this is acceptable. You see. When you progressively overload your muscles they will be frightened of experiencing the same trauma and scared into growing so they do not have to face the same nightmare again! Your muscle would prefer to sleep peacefully (homeostasis) all day long and not have to wake up and grow.’ Your body is set up with a regulatory and sensory system that is a part of your body’s defense mechanism for survival. Page 38 of 200 www.com 2006. Interestingly. Furthermore. The conventional routine overload is too low and the stress is not progressive. your muscles will respond by getting larger to adapt and cope with the added stress. and then prescribes a program that makes hard training impossible! Working out with a conventional program is not severe enough to threaten the survival of the muscles and body. this is when you see the light and discover why you may have not been making significant gains using conventional training programs. All rights reserved.there is much more research and real-world results to prove that maximum muscle building occurs when heavy weights and high repetitions are used.VinceDelMonteFitness. Realize that I am referring to overall total body failure – staying in the gym for a reckless amount of time for the sake of hammering your body. © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. Training to muscular failure within a set is correct.

#7: You Must recover FroM the stress No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle When was the last time you saw a full-page advertisement on ‘Recovery?’ Why is this topic rarely talked about. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 #6: the stress Must Be iNteNse No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle Let’s first define what intensity is NOT: Intensity has nothing to do with duration. not objective.” No it wasn’t – it was just long and dumb. Basically. “measured how?” By what standard of measure proves that Workout A is more intense then Workout B? I have to give credit to Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer who first gave some real clarity to the term intensity . are coming off a night shift. “Man.yet their definition is very vague and can create a downward spiral if not fully understood. Read on – we are getting there. or dealing with some personal life-related stress your 100% effort will not trigger any new muscle growth because it was still below your last workout’s 100% effort (or threshold). how much money can be made in a DVD series. You need a better way to ensure progressive overload and a better way to prevent overtraining.VinceDelMonteFitness.’ Now ask yourself. if you exert 100% effort on a day that you are coming down with the flu. “Man.’ or ‘the most intense system ever’. Page 39 of 200 www. or the ‘best system ever.com . seminar. So the Jones/Mentzer definition of intensity is subjective. You might hear. However. It NeeDS NuMBerS aND calculatIoNS – Not feelING. You have probably seen workout ads claiming to be the ‘most killer routine ever. so poorly understood and ineffectively applied? Probably because there is no money to be made on the concept of sit on your ass and do nothing.” This is a good start. Seriously.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. it was super intense. e-book or fitness magazine that promotes ‘doing nothing’ and still offers results? To make consistent muscle gains you need a better way to measure the intensity of each exercise. they say you must exert “100% of momentary effort. I just worked out for 2 hours and that was intense. just partied the night before. coNtINual MuScle GaINS oBJectIve DefINItIoNS.” No it wasn’t – it was just overkill and dumb! the problem with the term ‘intensity’ is that it is a subjective term and many fail to view its limitations. You might hear. I just trained 5 days straight. Intensity has nothing to do with frequency.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 tHIS IS ProBaBlY tHe touGHeSt coNcePt to ProGraM INto Your BraIN. your PRIMARY focus after an exhausting and damaging. So. To conclude. RECOVER So this explains how we will be able to lift more and more weight each workout! The process is almost AUTOMATIC if we fully recover. As we have discussed. First.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 40 of 200 www. the way to get your muscle (body???) to grow new muscle is to make it NeeD more muscle by training at a level of intensity above your previous threshold – you must surpass your previous limits. Compare a grueling training session to getting run over by a truck – your body is broken down and your energy resources are depleted.VinceDelMonteFitness. if you returned to the gym and repeated the identical workout again – it would not be as taxing and we know that this would not create the POTENTIAL to stimulate NEW muscle again. If camping out at the gym until you gained 2 pounds worked then you would not need to RECOVER! But you don’t grow muscle in the gym – you create the POTENTIAL for growth assuming you recover – IF you eat and sleep optimally the next few days. All rights reserved. If you are not fully recovered by the time you head back to the gym don’t be surprised that you will have no new muscle to work with which means not being able to apply the progressive overload principle. These are the times that muscle growth actually occurs. you have to give it time to build new muscle. Your training sessions must induce trauma and make your body extremely vulnerable because of the damage you have evoked. But tHe trutH IS tHat StaYING out of tHe GYM aND recoverING WIll Put far More MuScle oN You tHaN aNY aMouNt of MoNeY SPeNt oN SuPPleMeNtS aND a ‘traINING lIke tHe ProS’ WaY of tHINkING. In the process you will grow NEW muscle that will prepare you for the next act of brutality on your muscles! However. when you are training at the limits of your muscular capacity. NeW muscle has to grow. I’m guessing (since you bought this book) that your goal is to build NEW muscle – muscle that is not on your body right now. recovery is the missing link and any miscalculation will cause an immediate plateau or even muscle loss.com . muscle-stimulating workout is for your entire body (not just your muscles) to fullY recover. © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. you have to give your body a reason to build new muscle (progressive overload). Second.

Even split routines (like upper body on Monday and lower body on Wednesday) are unproductive because they neglect central nervous system. which is absolutely lubricious and downright silly (don’t worry I have been there too). It started in the 1970’s when professional bodybuilders started spending hours in the gym 6-7 days a week. Ironically. Not just your muscles but your entire system. this is what every bodybuilding and fitness magazine preaches.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 #8: the stress Must Be short ANd iNFreQueNt No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle There is an inverse relationship between volume and intensity. and both muscle groups use the same energy reserve.VinceDelMonteFitness. You must not commence your next workout until you are FULLY recovered. Again I repeat – traINING too ofteN WIll SaBotaGe Your SucceSS. All rights reserved.com 2006. This means that if the volume (number of sets) is high than the intensity is low and the higher the intensity of the workout the shorter the duration.com . This kind of training for a natural trainee is suicide. This is probably another one of the greatest bodybuilding misconceptions that causes people to fail. Metabolic training is based primarily. You have literally created your own grave. It is a universal law that states you can not train hard and long simultaneously. but not exclusively. or you can sim- © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. This program will not help you build an ounce of muscle and in fact will cause your body to store more fat to handle the abuse. tHe aIM of traINING IS to INcreaSe tHe aMouNt of PHYSIcal Work Physical work can be divided into neuromuscular and metabolic work. immune and hormonal fatigue created on the body. on the work of the nerves and muscles. the two elements of training : Neuromuscular and Metabolic training Neuromuscular training is based primarily. It is like turning your hard earned muscle over to a school of piranhas for lunch! Since science has not determined our recovery code this is a very individualized process but the principles are the same. but not exclusively. We have all been brainwashed into thinking that we must do 3-4 exercises per muscle group and three to four sets per exercise piling on over 20 sets per muscle. on the supply of energy to the muscles. Please re-read the above few paragraphs a number of times. Page 41 of 200 www. It is absolutely imperative that you understand and are prepared to execute this particular concept.

VinceDelMonteFitness. Aim for a 5% increase each workout. Building more muscle is about progressive overload. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006.com . Here are 3 RULES to follow to monitor over-training: · the weight did not increase. If you begin your workout and realize that you are not going to be able to lift more weight. Explosive 1 . literally pack it in quickly and go home. Compound Slower Controlled 40 .and means you need time off.70 seconds 30-45 minutes Slow-Twitch and Fast Twitch ‘Bodybuilding’ / ‘muscle building’ Neuromuscular training aka crash Sets 1-5 5-15 90-120+ sec 90-100% Max Compound Faster. Both physical qualities can be trained connectedly in the same workout (doing heavy training and endurance training during the same workout) or else on opposite end of the spectrum (isolating one quality per training phase). Not progressing in one exercise out of five is a yellow flag and not progressing in more than two exercises is a red flag .40 seconds 45-60 minutes Fast-Twitch ‘Strength training’ / ‘power training’ reps Sets rest Weight exercise Selection Speed of Movement time under tension length of Workout Muscle fibers used layman’s Description How Do I know if I Have recovered? The key to avoid over-training is determining your optimal training frequency and to closely monitor the progress you make from workout to workout and be aware of any signs of slow or arrested development. Body weight. You have not recovered yet.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 ply refer neuromuscular work to strength and metabolic work to endurance/capacity. © Vince Delmonte www. Page 42 of 200 www. Here is small chart to distinguish the characteristics between neural and metabolic training: Metabolic training aka Giant Sets 10-30 10-25 30-60 sec 60-80% Max Isolated.

Page 43 of 200 www. Don’t fret – we have simply discovered that your previous training frequency was not optimal and we will add one extra day to the recovery cycle. And the reverse also holds true. Some might say. Let’s see what happens: 5 reps x 245 lbs = 1125 lbs.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 · the reps did not increase. · If it takes you longer to perform the workout. Remember we discussed the major pitfall of intensity is that it’s subjective and relies on feeling – not the most effective gage for muscle building.. Instead of simply tracking your weights and reps from workout to workout.com 2006. you will calculate the overall poundage lifted in your one-set. So even if you do the same number of reps and the same amount of weight but you achieved it in a shorter period of time then your intensity has increased. This is not good and means you did not recover. If you are using the same weight as the previous workout (this is okay) then you’d better be able to lift more reps. Lower intensity can not build new muscle. then you have not fully recovered and this will delay the recovery process because you are in the hole deeper.VinceDelMonteFitness. #8: the stress Must Achieve the MAXiMAl result with the MiNiMAl AMouNt oF worK (AdvANced) No-NoNseNse Growth PriNciPle After a few years of training.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. correct? Many trainees who have been training greater then 4 years can confess to this. Progress is driven by intensity of muscular output. I have not continued to gain 40+ pounds of lean mass every 6 months – I wish! Think about the majority of people you know who have had dramatic body transfor© Vince Delmonte www. all out special set. I can personally attest to this myself.com . “You are reaching your maximum genetic potential.. your body becomes less responsive to your workout intensity and your progress slows. If it takes longer. The majority of people will agree they made their best gains within the first few months and even first few years of training. Intensity is a function of time.” Pretty obvious statement. Let’s say you did 5 reps at 245 lbs. HoW to MeaSure INteNSItY Here is the simplest tool to measure intensity. So next workout when you wish to compare your overall poundage you can do the same calculation. This will be explained in greater detail later but for now let’s use this simple example: If you lift 8 reps of 225 pounds (8 reps x 225 lbs = 1800 lbs) your overall poundage would be 1800 pounds. Looks like your overall intensity was lower.

VinceDelMonteFitness. They might have had poor nutrition. if you are truly going ‘all-out’ then you would have fully exhausted that muscle and would have recruited the maximal amount of muscle fibers necessary for that particular muscle (after your all-out set).” Any other set beyond that ONE. ask them what contributed to their initial results. It emphasizes the principle of INteNSItY at it’s fullest. Which set do you think will inflict the most growth? remember. one set for back etc. then for your second set you perform 185 lbs for 10 reps and then for your third set you perform 225 lbs for 6 reps.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 mations. They might have even over trained. Why? In the beginning – everything works! Don’t get me wrong. increased metabolic adaptations. Page 44 of 200 www. I am confident to say that at least 8 out of 10 will give you a blank stare because they don’t have a clue! They simply trained and got results. ALL-OUT SET is just a waste of your precious energy. there are certainly methods more effective than others – that is why you are reading this book. applied with the above growth principles will work for a certain period of time. Next time you see them. One set for legs. think about this: Let’s say you are doing Bench Press and warm up with 135 lbs for 12 reps.com 2006. “the oNlY Set in your workout that will force your muscles to get BIGGer and StroNGer is the Set in which you perform the HIGHeSt amount of weight and MoSt aMouNt of reps. but since we know the only way to stimulate muscle mass is to weight train we must begin with a minimum of one set – one set per exercise per body part. All rights reserved. Think about it really hard. © Vince Delmonte www. dry muscle mass. You could even say. increased capillary size etc To actually build new. the reality is that any new stimulus. But they still got results. They might have used sloppy lifting techniques. Any other sets beyond or before the set that you perform with the greatest amount of weight and the most amount of reps will do nothing more to build muscle! Not necessarily true for beginners or intermediate trainees because these neglects the fact that their bodies becomes bigger and more muscular from increased glycogen retention. It will only be used in the advanced 29-Week MaxPower program: tHe ProceSS lookS lIke tHIS So far: StIMulate – reSt – GroW – rePeat. Ideally it wouldn’t take any sets to build muscle. Then your fourth set you can only do 225 lbs for 3 reps. “How long?” This final no nonsense growth principle is specifically designed for advanced trainees who are reaching their maximal genetic potential.com . However.VinceDelMonteFitness. The best-set sequence would be one set per body part. The question is.

then the second set is slightly heavier with a few less reps. ALL-OUT SET.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you continue to do more sets and more workouts before your energy reserves are replenished then all the fuel that you have been taking in that should have gone to building new muscle will be directed to simply replenishing the whole recovery system of the body. ALLOUT SET.com . You see. It takes one attempt to stimulate muscle mass. Page 45 of 200 www. Sure bodybuilders do multiple exercises per muscle group and multiple sets but if you uncover the structure of their program it is very similar to our concept of ONE. But since we train natural and have not invested in a chemical laboratory inside our bodies we will aim for the minimum number of sets and exercises per muscle group. It’s the set that you record a new personal best. Muscle growth will result from sparking your muscles into growth by going ALL-OUT on this last set of every exercise – it may result in one extra pound or one extra rep but this oNe all-out Set Per exercISe Per BoDY Part IS all tHat IS requIreD to Make coNSISteNt GaINS froM Week to Week! Your body has no reason to develop exaggerated amounts of muscle mass. This is the set that you will probably require a spotter. There is no need to stress the muscle once you have ‘sparked’ it into growth with this last ‘all-out set. it has no interest whatsoever. all-out” set your last set of each set. For every set you perform over and above your ONE. air and water to keep the brain and body functioning. you are eating into your recovery ability.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 The concept I want you to grasp is simple: Any additional sets will deplete your finite energy reserves. Consider this “one. to outperform last weeks “all-out set” and out do your previous performance for that particular exercise. adding more sets or more workouts prior to a complete recovery is detrimental to your muscle growth progress. this is the reason you came to workout today. They will perform their first set with a certain amount of weight. then they go heavier © Vince Delmonte www. tHIS IS lIke oNe SteP forWarD – tWo StePS Back! Bottom line: once you apply high intensity stress on the muscle stop performing any more sets or workouts. professional bodybuilders use this same technique disguised in a method called pyramiding. Your body does not even give a second thought to rebuilding torn muscle tissue and then super compensating UNTIL its basic energy reserves are replenished. All rights reserved. this is the most important set of the workout. Thus your workouts must be very short and infrequent for muscle growth to occur.VinceDelMonteFitness. It’s the set that you empty the tank on.” You are striving for the absolute minimum amount of stress to achieve the maximal result. It is more concerned with other functions in your body such as gathering energy from food.com 2006.

any additional set beyond this special set will be a waste of time and energy. Most guys who are big have no idea how they got like that (genetics) and most guys who have a half decent physique achieved it in the first few months as a beginner which is when the greatest gains occur. I know you are saying. Don’t underestimate the power of the one set that involves the maximal amount of weight with the greatest amount of reps that will involve the greatest amount of muscle fibers. Going to the gym and training until you need a wheelchair and seeing how much pain you can inflict on your body is great if you are running a “Fear-Factor” show or “Nazi Boot Camp” but it has NOTHING to do with stimulating muscular tissue to grow stronger and larger. Anything requiring you to lift less weight or less reps than your current threshold and involves less muscle fibers activated than possible – violates every fundamental bodybuilding principle in existence and will lead you right back to your old way of training.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness. all it takes is one. eat. Remember. Ronnie Coleman DVD or Jay Cutler DVD. Page 46 of 200 www. Basically they have a few ‘warm-up’ sets plus their ONE. Training hard and training long cancel each other out. ALL-OUT SET SET which is typically the last set of each exercise.com . If your subconscious tries to trick you into thinking that spending hours in the gym and repeating set after set is the right way then take a second look at these people and see that they do not look any different whatsoever. your not going to be doing literally just one set however the take home message is that it’s only the last set of each exercise that makes the greatest impact on your physique. if any. How the heck can you truly go ‘all-out’ with that kind of volume? You can’t. ‘how could one set possibly be enough to grow muscle?’ Don’t worry. all-out special set it is time to go home. After you perform this one. sleep and rest up until your next session where we will gradually and consistently exploit this process. Unfortunately most guys begin a workout with 4 or 5 exercises in mind for each body part. if you want to look like everyone else – train like everyone else.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 again. go till you blow set per exercise to produce the maximal potential for that muscle to get bigger and stronger. full-out. I’m dead serious . All rights reserved. Never! Watch the Arnold DVD.VinceDelMonteFitness. © Vince Delmonte www. extremely tough. How many people do you know that look bigger and bigger year after year? I bet very few. and on their final set they will do the heaviest weight with the greatest amount of reps possible. You will never seem them do an additional set with the same weight for the same number of reps. So let me make this perfectly clear – our goal is to use the fewest sets possible and the fewest number of exercises per muscle group – this will lead to the maximal results with the least amount of work.

the 29 – week beginner-intermediate training program will still require you to go absolutely all-out on the last set of every exercise.VinceDelMonteFitness. Completing the entire workout in a shorter duration is a definite sign of greater intensity. and the stronger you become the bigger you become – this is a universal law. • The stress must be HEAVY – the threat of the weight must recruit every single • The stress must be PROGRESSIVE – each trip to the gym must bring gains in strength. The only way to train with maximum intensity is to avoid long. Training with a conventional training program and adding more sets and reps will counteract this principle. moderately intense training sessions like the plague – these will just drain your energy reserves like a hole in a cup of water. More to come on that later. Page 47 of 200 www. This is another fact that can not be argued unless you are deliberately making an attempt to not eat. © Vince Delmonte www. The two are directly related. The stronger you get the bigger you get and vice versa.’ I call them Crash Sets. The body will deal with this emergency through hypertrophy (the cells that make your muscle increase in number. • The stress must be INTENSE – I have given you a tool to measure intensity so you will no longer be guessing and using your instincts. and thus size). to SuMMarIze: • The stress must be SPECIFIC – the only way muscles will grow is if you upset their state of normalization (remember your muscles would prefer to stay small and sleep all day – the last thing they are thinking about is getting bigger). However. • The stress must be INFREQUENT – this is an individual difference that can be hindered or accelerated based on your choice of recovery techniques. all-out set. Exploit the recovery techniques in the next chapter and you will be able to train every 3 days but this is not set in stone – you might need more and very rarely less (unless you are doing drugs.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. Conventional programs do not focus on gaining more strength and gaining strength in a critical component of the growth cycle. I also suggest that you time the length of your workout. I have made it crystal clear that you will ONLY need ONE. sleep or recover. NO-NONSENSE.com . The stress must be am extreme abnormality that far exceeds the normal carry capacity of the local muscle. • The stress must be SHORT – remember that intensity and volume are inversely related. ALL-OUT. which is a poor way of gauging your progress. muscle fiber. All rights reserved. which I do not promote). After this one SPECIAL set you move on to the next muscle group. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT SET PER EXERCISE PER BODY PART.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 3 The 29 – week training program incorporates an advanced training technique that is literally created around only ‘one. You can not have the best of both worlds.

On the flip side. nervous system. Page 48 of 200 www. If you are training for strength than you will need a longer break between sessions – let’s say 48-72 hours. Your traINING frequeNcY SHoulD Be GoverNeD BY tHe INteNSItY aND voluMe of Your WorkoutS. The goal is to recover as quickly as possible to commence your next session. You might be surprised by how much benefit your body receives by taking strategic recovery periods.com 2006. This is because your nervous system is not as beat up during this type of phase. All rights reserved. The key is to determine the optimal amount of time required to fully recover taking into consideration the muscles trained. Let’s say you are focusing on improving your muscular strength. when training for size. you must allow time recovery between training cycles. This can be expressed in days or hours between each workout. immune system and hormonal system.VinceDelMonteFitness. GeNerallY. In a 12-week program. as long the overall volume is within reason and your energy intake is sufficient than you will be able to train up to 4 times a week with serious results. I would even suggest ½-week recovery weeks ev- © Vince Delmonte www. You will be using heavier loads that will place more demand on your central nervous system compared to a moderate-weight hypertrophy phase. aNYtHING DoNe at a HIGHer level of INteNSItY requIreS loNGer tIMe BetWeeN WorkoutS. I have two forms of recovery: Half week recovery and full week of recovery: This means absolutely nothing but perhaps very light aerobic work and relaxation techniques during these recovery weeks. I recommend taking one full week off every 12 weeks no matter what your level of conditioning.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 4 Chapter 4: advanced recovery Methods -How to accelerate recovery from training 1. Finding the balance between work and recovery involves a consideration of the type of training you are engaged in. Next. Time recovery can also be applied to periods of training cycles.VinceDelMonteFitness. time The most underestimated and most important factor of recovery is time. aNYtHING DoNe at a loWer INteNSItY caN Be DoNe at a More frequeNt ScHeDule.

And there is no exception for the advanced trainee (greater than 4 years) to train longer than 12 weeks uninterrupted. and they can be very effective. that means every 3 and ½ weeks you take the last 4 days off before you commence the next 3-week block.guaranteed. I do not recommend the use of any unnatural supplements for the first 4 weeks of training. as I believe it requires a chapter of its own. Again. Supplements Are supplements necessary? It depends. Without an ideal nutrition plan. have never trained dirty. However. I would prefer to simply keep it at that – a curiosity and a temptation.com . 4. BecauSe tHIS toPIc IS So crItIcal I Have GIveN It a cHaPter of ItS oWN. ery 3 weeks. I believe the average trainee (trained less than 4 years) should never go beyond 6-9 weeks of uninterrupted training. I believe supplements are ideal if they are pre-planned for specific training phases and prioritized around specific training goals. they are used. the reality is that it is your choice. Just so that I don’t leave you hanging. On the flip side. You will always have to live with it. Ignoring or not taking these guidelines seriously will lead to over-training. Page 49 of 200 www. The reality is that drugs exist. recovery and growth. Also. I decided before I began training that I would not be led to the dark side. 3. Drugs I have no intention of addressing this topic in this manual. eating 90% whole foods.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 4 the more beneficial the recovery weeks will be. optimizing your recovery and getting plenty of sleep. Nutrition is extremely important with recovery because it provides us the raw materials for recuperation. this topic will be discussed in further detail. you will and I will ALWAYS remain curious and tempted to the gains and ‘benefits’ you will receive from steroids. As far as I’m concerned. 2. injury and plateaus . All rights reserved.com 2006. The higher the intensity of training. you will never be able to say that you trained clean . I do not mean to moralize the topic but I will relate my own personal stance on the issue. once you travel to the dark side. Yes. your efforts in the gym will be in vain. © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. Nutrition I think that a considerable amount of people do not have a clue of what to eat. There is no shortage of material on what and how to take certain drugs to enhance recovery. But nothing comes without a price.VinceDelMonteFitness. I personally. I want you become a believer of achieving superior results by training smart.

I personally feel tremendously better going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Bottom line. Remember that your muscles grow when you rest – this is the time between weight training sessions. Professional bodybuilders take them regularly in the course of a day. Page 50 of 200 www. Sleep a part of the critical code for muscle growth is sleep. Take advantage of power naps – they are not for wimps. But how much sleep is enough to accelerate recovery and optimize muscle growth? And how are you supposed to get the optimal 8 hours of sleep on top of late nights.. partying. tHere IS a tHeorY tHat everY Hour of SleeP You Get Before MIDNIGHt IS equIvaleNt to 2 HourS of SleeP. If you are taking your training program seriously then I would suggest the optimal 8 hours.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness.com SLEEP . T. try it out and see for yourself. All rights reserved.. So If You Go to BeD at 10PM aND Wake uP 6 aM – You WIll feel aS If You Have JuSt SlePt 10 HourS (aND Not tHe actual 8 HourS) I would say try this one out for yourself and see.V. and cramming the rest of our silly lives into the short 24 hours we have? I will not lecture you on time management – the lesson here is to follow Nike’s motto and JUST DO IT! So how does sleep relate to the phenomenon of building big muscles? The number one reason getting enough sleep is so important is because Growth Hormone rises during sleep and begins to rise 30-45 minutes after falling asleep. Naps are extremely beneficial if you did not sleep well the night before. they are emotionally addictive.. Too be honest. Sleep without an alarm clock for three days. It is said that a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day is the equivalent of a 2-hour sleep. Can you imagine putting on 3 inches on your arms but having to spend a few thousand dollars a month to achieve and maintain that? What if you could not afford to buy your physique anymore? This could lead to a downward spiral of many negative outcomes. studying. If you are not using drugs.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 4 While most bodybuilding drugs are not physiologically addictive. two on the weekday and one weekend. Again. do not copy programs of guys who are. This is crazy! 5. I have created a simple test that will allow you to determine the minimum amount of sleep required to optimize muscle growth. Average out the number of hours your body sleeps until it wakes up naturally.VinceDelMonteFitness. Average out the three days and this is the optimal number of hours you should strive for each night. your recovery will be affected if you are using drugs or not. Sleep is the best opportunity to let your muscles rest. alSo. however this is a very individualistic measure and as few as 6 hours can be adequate for some. © Vince Delmonte www.

More specifically. you do not grow muscle during the workout but rather. Ideally. If your sleep quality is poor try to supplement with ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate plus Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B-6). This can quickly lead to fat gain for the sleep deprived. Not only will stress take days away from your life but it will hinder your recovery between muscle-gaining sessions! How seriously do you take the following stress-related inducers into your training: · relationships · finances · studies · travel · job environment · social environment I guarantee that if you take an inventory of your life you will discover times in your training history when you have not adjusted your training program because one of these factors contributed to increased stress. It drives the production of inflammatory hormones that result in diseases such as diabetes. while you are resting. reduce the volume of the workout.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 4 There is other research that shows that when you are deprived sleep your body releases the hormone leptin. Stress releases catabolic hormones that do not support an environment for muscle growth and fat loss.HaS tHe PoWer to overrIDe our BoDY’S Natural DefeNSe MecHaNISMS aGaINSt SIckNeSS. This almost guarantees a higher quality of sleep and is said to release testosterone. Stress will create depression and age the brain as well. Page 51 of 200 www. 6. eliminate the specific stress all together! STRESS © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. Leptin is a hormone that tells our body to feel full so if we are deprived of this hormone you will be more prone to eat carbohydrates even though you actually had enough food. which is a critical muscle-building hormone. decrease the frequency of your training or increase your nutrient intake.com 2006. “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” (Matthew 6:27). If you approach a training session when your stress levels are high then you MUST reduce the duration of your workout. Also drinking warm milk activates a chemical from the heat to make you feel more soporific. you should double your vitamin/mineral and antioxidant intake to combat the build-up of free radicals which leads to a catabolic environment when stressed. heart disease and obesity. Stress Management Even Jesus Christ challenged his followers by asking them. And remember. StreSS – GooD aND BaD .VinceDelMonteFitness.com . Stress sparks rheumatoid arthritis and other degenerative diseases. All rights reserved.

VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. We will discuss the importance of the most popular anabolic and catabolic hormones in the body because they contribute a significant role to muscle growth. I will not provide a physiology or endocrine lesson on these hormones because the science is quite heavy and might make the gray matter in your brain sizzle a little! Instead I will keep it very simple: GroWtH aND MaxIMal fat loSS Some hormones build muscle while others breakdown muscle. cocktaIl #1: INSulIN Insulin is released by the pancreas and can be either your best friend or worse nightmare. This release of glucose causes your blood sugar levels to rise above normal levels. Remember. It is critical to understand how to manipulate these hormones to maximize muscle growth.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . Once they reach the blood they travel to specific receptor sites on cells. ProloNGeD HIGH BlooD SuGar levelS reSult IN INflaMMatIoN IN tHe BoDY. fat loss and overall health. Insulin will also carry amino acids into the muscles promoting protein synthesis (muscle building) and inhibiting protein breakdown (muscle loss).No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Maximizing Hormonal responses for Maximum Muscle Hormones are triggered in your body by practically everything you do in your everyday life. your muscles and © Vince Delmonte www. Some hormones burn fat while others store it! We need to appreciate the influence of these hormones so we can manipulate our results by maximizing the amount of muscle building and fat loss hormones and minimizing the production of muscle wasting and fat storing hormones. When you eat any sort of carbs. It is good when it promotes muscle building and it is bad when it promotes fat storage. Body adaptations are partly dependent on hormonal levels. Hormones are basically chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine system. proteins or fat. Insulin comes to the rescue and returns your blood sugar levels back to normal. Hormonal levels control our body’s actions. Page 52 of 200 www. Insulin lowers blood sugar levels by shuttling the glucose into muscle and liver cells. most of that food is broken down into its simplest form – glucose (sugar) and released into your bloodstream. The job of insulin is to lower blood sugar levels when they get too high.com 2006.

and vice versa. Page 53 of 200 www.similar to a warehouse.com . as you can see. ·Protein: Protein causes a smaller insulin release than carbohydrates. You can control insulin levels by what you eat. once your liver and muscle storage capacity is full – the excess food must get stored somewhere and we have discussed the next storage site is your fat cells. This sudden surge of glucose into the bloodstream causes a huge rise in blood sugar levels. So insulin can also stimulate the storage of fat. Your liver converts the glycerol into glucose. carbs cause the largest insulin response because they are converted directly into sugar by the body .VinceDelMonteFitness. And if you want to grow like a skyscraper then consistently keep your insulin levels low (the exception to this rule is during the Energy and Anabolic Phases. If adequate carbs are consumed with the protein.100g of ingested carbs is equal to 100g of glucose entering the bloodstream. Remember. The fewer carbs you eat.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 liver have a limited storage capacity . the body will not convert much (if any) of the protein into glucose. insulin is a double-edged sword and you must learn to control your insulin levels to maximize the benefits of muscle building and to minimize the affect of fat storage. it is broken down into glycerol and free fatty acid chains (FFA).VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. When fat is digested. Fat has almost no blood sugar increasing affect.com 2006. Only 58% of dietary protein will appear in the bloodstream as glucose. So if you want to see how fat you can get consistently keep your insulin levels as high as possible (this will consequently lead to a short life span). It would rather use those amino acids for other purposes when adequate glucose is available. What times in the day are your muscle and liver storage sites depleted and at their lowest levels? At breakfast and during and after your workout (cardio or weights)! These are the three main times in the day where your body will take full advantage of the anabolic © Vince Delmonte www. Once your muscle warehouse and liver warehouse are full insulin has to carry the remaining glucose somewhere else – unfortunately the next available ‘warehouse’ is your fat cells. the more protein is converted to glucose. which we will discuss shortly). Note that this is only in the absence of carbs. ·fats: Only 10% of fat will appear in the bloodstream as glucose. which will cause a massive release of insulin. Different foods can cause higher insulin release than others: ·carbs: When eaten alone. there are really only a few hours in the day where you can eat a ton of food and create an extremely powerful anabolic environment – even with the presence of high insulin levels. Your liver will convert the amino acids from protein into glucose.

It then begins to help release stored fat into the bloodstream also to be used for energy. Insulin promotes muscle building and fat storage. IGF-1 is not released during times of low insulin levels.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 effects of high insulin with little chance of fat storage. Like insulin. Low protein also causes a decrease in IGF-1 levels. Low insulin and low IGF-1 levels are the primary reasons it is difficult to gain muscle on low-carb diets. This is the tricky part because when insulin levels are high. In the nutrition chapter we will discuss the topic of nutrient timing in more detail. All rights reserved. cocktaIl #2: GlucaGoN Glucagon is a hormone that has the opposite task of insulin. to stimulate the production if IGF-1. If blood sugar levels are too low (if you have not eaten for more than 3-4 hours) it mobilizes stored glycogen from the liver and releases glucose for energy.com . This is another reason why insulin levels must be consistently controlled. for example. whereas glucagon promotes muscle breakdown and fat burning. If you then eat a high carb/high protein meal. Insulin’s job is to lower high blood sugar levels and glucagon raises low blood sugar levels. During fat loss diets. It is released from the liver during times of high insulin and high GH (growth hormone) levels.com 2006. Page 54 of 200 www. GH levels must be high and insulin levels must be high simultaneously. You will learn about workout nutrition and how to optimize these critical windows for muscle growth. Glucagon – released from the pancreas . you will cause a rise in insulin levels. GH is normally suppressed. after a hard workout of 45-60 minutes GH levels will be very high.comes to the rescue when your blood sugar levels are low. For very low blood sugar levels (not eating for 4-5 hours). cocktaIl #3: IGf-1 Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) causes increased protein synthesis and tissue growth. If your goal is to maintain low body fat levels year round it is critical to maintain moderate levels to prevent fat storage.VinceDelMonteFitness. it also plays a part in the breakdown of muscle tissue for fuel. © Vince Delmonte www. glucagon can be your best friend or your worse nightmare. el- evated glucagon levels are important because it causes the burning of stored fat for fuel.VinceDelMonteFitness. I will repeat. Insulin levels must be raised at specific times to promote enhanced growth and IGF-1 production. which will cause the release of IGf-1. Many believe that it is the key factor in muscle growth.

com 2006. it is imperative that you make all possible efforts to limit cortisol levels. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone and a catalyst for many reactions in your body responsible for muscle growth. to suppress cortisol levels. Stress is relative to the perspective of the person experiencing the stress. Training more than two days in a row. Page 55 of 200 www. · High volume workouts with short rest periods and training too frequently will elevate cortisol levels. during stressful times. perhaps even double or triple the dosage.com . Learning how to deal with daily stress and challenges will separate the skinny from the muscular. Learn how to keep your problems in perspective and how to treat stressful times with relaxation methods. To understand cortisol you can relate it to the exact opposite of testosterone for muscle growth. where your calories are restricted for longer than 3-5 days. the following tips may point to problems you have experienced in the past or why you have not progressed in years: · Decrease levels of personal. Cortisol also increases insulin resistance and inhibits thyroid function.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 cocktaIl #4: cortISol cortisol is the most catabolic hormone in your body and is released from the adrenal cortex in time of mental and physical stress. This is why dieting and cutting phases. Cortisol converts amino acids to carbohydrates and prevents protein synthesis. · Get at least 8-9 hours of rest a night. result in an increase of cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that is actually responsible for breaking down muscle tissue. Add a high quality multivitamin and antioxidant supplement.VinceDelMonteFitness. This is the main reason for muscle tissue loss during periods of dieting. Since you are limited to the amount you can naturally increase your testosterone levels. Your body needs ample rest or cortisol levels will elevate. especially if you are a hard © Vince Delmonte www. It is involved in the breakdown of muscle for fuel and promotes fat storage. mental and physical stress. Cortisol is necessary for joint and tendon health but levels must be controlled to maximize natural testosterone production.VinceDelMonteFitness. Stressing yourself out has shown to increase cortisol levels and inhibit muscle growth. · A diet lacking essential micronutrients and macro nutrients may increase cortisol levels. All rights reserved. By changing your perspective you can lower stress levels. · Severe caloric restriction has been shown to increase cortisol levels.

Therefore a 15-25 year old male could afford a maximal training session of 60 minutes. but in much smaller quantities than men do. a 45-55 year old male 30 minutes and so forth. fortuNatelY.VinceDelMonteFitness. testosterone causes muscle growth by directly stimulating protein synthesis. cocktaIl #5: teStoSteroNe Probably the most well known hormone. This is why a younger male can get away with longer duration sessions of 60 minutes but these should be decreased approximately 10 minutes every 10 years. Page 56 of 200 www. a high-fat intake is necessary to stimulate maximum testosterone production. Diets low in fats or products that contain fat. Heavy resistance training (80-95% effort) and short rest intervals also stimulate the production of higher than normal testosterone levels.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 gainer. Its primary job is muscle growth. The fat provides cholesterol. a 25-35 year old male 50 minutes. long periods of training without recovery weeks can dump a ton of cortisol into the body. produce much lower testosterone levels than a meat or fish-rich diet. As it does. Also. vitamin c. Under normal circumstances (no exercise or diet). This is why it is easier for men to build large amounts of muscle. bone mass loss.com 2006. it can cause muscle loss.com . Those are very generic recommendations and can be used as a maximal starting point. © Vince Delmonte www. weakness and depression. considered to be the ‘big daddy.’ testosterone is produced in the testes. There is about 100mg of cholesterol in 3 oz of red meat. 40 minutes. 3545 year old male. · Cortisol levels have been shown to increase with age. to SoMe DeGree. It also helps to burn fat and establish your sexual characteristics. increased body fat. increases cortisol levels dramatically. How to naturally increase testosterone levels (and other interesting tips): · Runners and power lifters show lower levels of testosterone than bodybuilders do. like a vegetarian diet. In order to support optimal testosterone levels one’s diet must be balanced and consist of ample amounts of vitamins and minerals specifically from the B vitamins. zinc and manganese. teStoSteroNe levelS caN Be coNtrolleD BY tHe ratIoS of fooD IN tHe DIet aND exercISe. When trying to gain mass. testosterone production begins to decline by about age 40 in most men. which is needed for testosterone synthesis. · Higher volume activities (greater than 8 hours a week) result in lower T levels. Women also produce testosterone in their adrenal gland.

exercise or sleep. low carb diets. and it is predictable that t levels will be low during winter. stress and depression. · Don’t plan a growth cycle when you know your mental and emotional circumstance will prevent your best gains. cholesterol. dieting. GH helps to regenerate/strengthen our bones and connective tissue crucial to support increased muscle size and strength. To summarize. · Increasing polyunsaturated fat and decreasing saturated fat will decrease T levels. and even when you are ‘getting it on’ regularly. and enhance immune cell function. · Painkillers such as aspirin. masturbation and erotic stimuli will cause an increase in T levels.com 2006. another reason for hard gainers to train every second day.VinceDelMonteFitness. stimulate cartilage growth. · Alcohol decreases t level and even one night on the town can cause T levels to plummet. marijuana.VinceDelMonteFitness. and saturated fat will increase T levels. winning streaks. · Sex. fat. lipolysis (fat breakdown).com . losing streaks. higher fat intake periods. has been shown to support protein synthesis. · Intense training causes a periodic increase in T levels but then drop. It works with testosterone to build muscle. week.’ cocktaIl #6: GroWtH HorMoNe (GH) Growth hormone promotes muscle building and fat loss. Page 57 of 200 www. T levels will fluctuate throughout the day. codeine will decrease T levels. It is released in response to low blood sugar levels caused by fasting. T levels stay low for a day or two before rising again. All rights reserved. increased amino acid uptake. GH appears to affect every organ in the body. and year and are predictable to being the highest around summer. · Higher protein typically equals more animal fats therefore equals more saturated fat and cholesterol. · Diets high in protein. drug and alcohol binges and ‘dry spells. · T levels decrease with restricted diets but are restored within 48 hours after refeeding. a positive nitrogen balance.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 · the higher your stress level the lower your t levels. © Vince Delmonte www.

com 2006. especially before exercise and sleep. L-ornithine and L-arginine. Page 58 of 200 www. may in crease GH levels regardless of age. it promotes growth by increasing protein synthesis.VinceDelMonteFitness. It also promotes fat burning by moving stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel. While performing your sets. which can help store fat. Large amounts of GH are released during the first 30-70 minutes of sleep. · Use the sauna 20 minutes a day. GH reduces the amount of glucose and protein that is used for fuel. Carbohydrates produce insulin. · Wear warm clothing. so high GH levels will protect against muscle loss. · Supplement with higher levels of protein. Use 500 mg of ornithine and 500 mg of arginine twice per day (before exercise and sleep). · High intensity weight training increases GH levels. During that time. © Vince Delmonte www. L-ornithine is not very practical because pharmaceutical grade is very expensive. production begins to decline rapidly after age 31. It typically declines about 24% per decade. production is highest during adolescence and peaks around age 20.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 WoMeN Have HIGHer GH levelS DurING exercISe aND at reSt tHaN MeN Do.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. · Eat a balanced diet. · Use certain aminos throughout the day. Glutamine and Creatine. This is its primary function. and at age 80 you will produce only 25 mcg per day. Produced in the anterior pituitary gland. Under normal circumstances.com . Because of this fat mobilizing effect. keep tension as high as possible on muscles without rest to optimize GH levels. · Go to bed on an empty stomach (no heavy carbs). So. at age 40 you are producing 200 mcg. Carbs/protein/fat. · Get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. your body produces about 500 micrograms per day. · Eat 5-7 times a day. and causing the release of IGF-1. How to naturally increase GH levels (and other interesting tips): · Eat low glycemic carbohydrates to keep blood sugars low. five days per week. Once released.

This is why skinny hard gainers typically have low body fat levels and difficulty gaining muscle. epinephrine. preserve muscle mass and maintain body fat levels.VinceDelMonteFitness. · Take naps. t3 and t4 (thyroxine). overtraining. Their metabolisms are very high so they burn a large amount of calories. Increased T3 production increases your metabolism so you burn more calories per day (fat and muscle). If you decrease your calories too drastically. Decreased t3 production slows your metabolism so that you burn fewer calories (fat and muscle). your body tries © Vince Delmonte www. Page 59 of 200 www. It does this to help conserve calories. squats. All rights reserved. In times of famine (or low calorie dieting).VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. but t3 has the greatest influence on your metabolism.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 · Train using powerful lifts. norepinephrine and dopamine. cocktaIl #8: tHYroID HorMoNeS One final hormone that I would like to address is called t3 (triiodothyronine). cocktaIl #7: catecHolaMINeS The catecholamines are a group of 3 hormones secreted by the adrenal glands.com . Your thyroid actually produces two hormones. stress. including health. Eating a consistently large amount of calories will keep T3 levels fairly high. Intense weight training with heavy weight and little rest between sets has been shown to increase levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine. you are experiencing release from these three hormones. When you get nervous or get that adrenaline rush. This hormone is produced by your thyroid and controls your overall metabolism. · Avoid doing the same exercise every time you go into the gym. They are important for strength and power because these hormones act to produce force production and contraction on muscle fibers. dead lifts and power cleans. and of course diet. Your MetaBolISM IS tHe rate at WHIcH Your BoDY BurNS calorIeS. Excessive fructose intake can block activity of GH and stop the burning of fat for fuel. · Reduce your intake of fructose. How much you eat plays a very large part in T3 levels. your body will reduce T3 production to slow your metabolism. Your thyroid regulates T3 production based on many things. for example.

During long-term. Low T3 levels means very little fat is being burned.’ © Vince Delmonte www. your side and the reality.com . Page 60 of 200 www. when it comes to muscle building there are always three sides to every story – my side. low levels mean no new muscle is being built. All rights reserved. Fat loss products like caffeine and the ECA stack help to minimize this metabolic drop in both hormones.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 5 to conserve as much as it can to survive. Applying this information is critical in the muscle-building and cardio debate because in this section we will first examine some of the popular beliefs and I will allow you to come to your own conclusions. exercISe aND INcreaSeD ProteIN INtake WIll alSo HelP IN keePING Your MetaBolISM elevateD.VinceDelMonteFitness. Remember.VinceDelMonteFitness. Since t3 also helps regulate protein synthesis.com 2006. your T3 levels can drop by as much as 30%. Your body also begins to lower noradrenaline production by almost 50%. The ‘reality’ can also be called ‘results. low calorie diets.

com 2006. HIGH voluMeS of carDIo. WHetHer It IS loNG aND SloW DuratIoN or SHort aND faSt DuratIoN. If one thing can be taken from this section (which you can apply to all chapters of this book). right? You want to build larger muscles and lose more body fat than the rest of the flock. Blindly accepting the advice of “experts” can lead to mental atrophy and apathy. do the same thing as everyone else. You have probably formed your own collection of beliefs from your own reading and debates and I would like to cover some of the most popular beliefs surrounding fat loss and have you come to your own conclusions. follow generalized advice. It is well known that training long an endurance athlete is not going to help you look muscular. HaS a Great IMPact oN StrIPPING laYerS of MuScle off Your BoDY. You become a slave to other people’s advice and never learn to think critically for yourself. It is OK not to endorse the same training that Oprah’s trainer endorses and it is OK to think differently than the masses. right? If you want the same results as everyone else. I was not gifted with freaky genetics or Samson like strength or a classic bodybuilder frame. Remember – you want a different and better body than everyone else. Vince?” Since you are reading this book I assume that you found credibility and trust in my website and my own personal transformation story and I thank you. Your probably now asking.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you want generalized results. do some re- search. We WIll learN SHortlY tHat tHIS IS Not fullY true aND WHeN DoNe ProPerlY – carDIo caN HelP You GroW MuScle.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . If you want more superior results then you must separate yourself from the generalized information and © Vince Delmonte www. Dig deep. “Why should I trust you.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 Chapter 6: explosive fat Burning Secrets cardio is probably a bodybuilder’s most dreaded word in the dictionary. If you want different results than everyone else you must do something different. let it be to question advice from others. All rights reserved. I did not inherit a muscle friendly body so all the advice you read is from an individual who had to overcome the same obstacles as you. and come to your own conclusions. Page 61 of 200 www. If you are just getting started in the muscle building world than I will explain this statement further. You can trust me because I walked in the same shoes as you. It is OK if you to do not subscribe to information in line with popular opinion. HoWever.

. repair and recovery. FAT & CARDIO © Vince Delmonte www. and shuttle away waste products that can slow muscle growth. The circulatory system is developed because more oxygen is pushed through your blood resulting in a greater number and size of blood vessels. the Difference Between aerobic training and cardiovascular training What is an accurate way to describe cardio? cardio is when the heart and lungs are involved to perform exercise. your circulatory system has more ‘supply routes’ to shuttle oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 customize it to your unique self! If you are getting results with a certain method then who cares what anybody else says or does? 1. 2. We will get to the details shortly. Page 62 of 200 www. I do not know of anyone who can naturally get their body fat into the low single digits with resistance training and diet alone. cardiovascular training – to Do or Not to Do. sprints or circuit training – cardiovascular work is being performed when you sustain your heart rate.. elevate your breathing and sweating. This will make more sense shortly. Not all cardiovascular training is aerobic training.VinceDelMonteFitness. Whether you are performing a swim workout. including muscles. All rights reserved. One of the most popular beliefs is that cardio will kill any chance of muscle gain.VinceDelMonteFitness. will help you build more muscle and turn the brewery around your midsection into a six-pack. Interestingly. if implemented the correct way. weight training can augment muscle loss just as much as cardiovascular – if performed the wrong way! That’s right. Aerobic training refers to one form in which cardiovascular activity can be performed. Since there is a greater cardiovascular density of blood vessels. I repeat.com 2006. aeroBIcS Have BeeN SHoWN to SPeeD uP recoverY froM WeIGHt traINING BY traNSPortING oxYGeN aND BlooD floW to tHe MuScleS.’ Aerobic training refers to any activity that can be performed continually – almost indefinitely at a low intensity – as long as oxygen is constantly being supplied. cardio training. bike workout. run workout. The definition of aerobic is ‘with oxygen. cardio can be another powerful musclebuilding tool (that many do not use) in getting big and even staying lean in the process.com . The reality is that cardio MUST be a part of your training program even if you goal is pure maximum muscle gain. All aerobic training is cardiovascular training.

1500m. Some people were afraid to exercise too hard because they thought it would take them out of the “fat burning zone” and make them burn only “sugar” and no body fat. cleaning. even though higher intensity training only burns 35% of calories from fat while © Vince Delmonte www.com . Do you think it’s a coincidence that the majority of people who train in this ‘zone’ are still fat? This myth was developed years ago when scientists discovered that carbohydrates were the primary source of fuel for high intensity exercise and fat was the primary source of fuel for low intensity exercise. Page 63 of 200 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 3. this was the basis for the idea that steady state aerobics (also referred to as long slow cardio) was superior for fat loss.VinceDelMonteFitness. these activities do not burn as much calories as sprinting and weight training but they do still burn calories.VinceDelMonteFitness. I was immersed in the endurance world so I had an inside view of this topic. In the past. So. gardening and talking. It burns calories. All rights reserved.com 2006. consider the reasons why most overweight individuals favor steady state aerobic training. So I can not give extra points for aerobic training as the most effective way to lose body fat. Steady State aerobics – Why it’s Not as effective It’s well known that low intensity exercise utilizes primarily fat as fuel for energy and high intensity exercise utilizes more carbohydrate as fuel. as long as the muscles are at work and demand extra oxygen to continue working than you are burning calories. such as sleeping. And we all know how people look when they sit on a coach all day doing nothing! tHe Secret to MaxIMal fat loSS IS to focuS oN BurNING More overall calorIeS. there are so many other activities beyond the gym that burn calories. Sure. The fat burning zone. This shows real-world proof that high volumes of cardio activity do not make you lean. I spent 10 years of my life training at 80-120 km a week and racing 800m. Ironically. So if we take this assumption to a further conclusion. for fat burning. also referred to as long slow cardio. no extra points for aerobic training. 5k and 10k races. some of my training partners who raced and trained at the same volume were not as lean as you would think. How convenient? Exercisers all over the world praised the idea that they could lose fat while barely breaking a sweat! If low intensity ‘fat burning’ workouts proved to be the magic bullet than you would expect to see a lot more leaner people around – would you agree? It is true that a greater percentage of fat is burned during lower intensity aerobic exercise than it at higher intensities. 3k. we could assume that lying on a coach will burn a greater percentage of fat by just lying there all day.

” The problem is that too much aerobics burns muscle and the ONLY tissue on your body that burns fat at rest is muscle. you want to be fuel inefficient! Therefore you want to do exercises in such a manner that fuel efficiency is sacrificed. during my competitive running career. on the other hand is just along for the ride! Aerobic exercise has been linked with the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol. I NoW BelIeve tHat loW INteNSItY carDIo IS Not tHe MoSt effectIve tool for fat loSS. whose physiology is like that of a Honda Civic. Even though I was running 80-120 km a week. at least in my case.VinceDelMonteFitness. lifting weights in the intensity zone of 8-12 reps coupled with short rest periods has been shown beneficial for releasing the androgenic hormone testosterone and growth hormone. The last time I used low intensity cardio was during my very first fitness model show. The opposite is true of aerobic junkies.com . This is also because long distance runners. When you want to lose fat.5 hours of running)? No.10 pounds of muscle.com 2006. These important hormones encourage development of lean muscle mass.VinceDelMonteFitness. So if muscle is the only tissue that burns fat. Sure. Actually sprinters carry less body fat than distance runners due to their muscle mass.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 lower intensities burn may burn up to 50% of the calories from fat. Fat. and aerobic training makes your muscles smaller than that’s not effective for fat burning during the rest of the day. justified poor food choices for the volume of training we did! Aerobics makes your body “burn fat. aerobic training will burn fat but it will also strip your muscle leaving you less muscle to burn fat during the day. I can personally testify to this. I had a little potbelly when I ran. the higher intensities will burn more overall calories than lower intensities. The whole physiology of someone who lifts weights is geared up to burn calories. Here’s a quote from Paul Chek: “First of all. stretching a gallon of fuel for 40 miles. I came in very ripped but was told that I would have placed in the top 5 instead of 17th of 34 guys if I had an extra 5. I know for a fact that I lost those 5-10 pounds in my last 4-6 weeks of show prep because long slow cardio was what everyone else did (and I followed the herd without questioning). Think about a real world example – are sprinters (running 10-20 seconds) fatter than marathon runners (2-2. you want to be like a Cadillac or a Hot Rod. which is a metabolically active tissue consuming calories 24 hours a day. which is © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. aerobics can strip away too much muscle on your body which is not good because fat is a dormant tissue and does not encourage your body to burn calories. Page 64 of 200 www.

Actually.. Now completing a marathon is an impressive and honorable feat. Then you are just like those people going for hours at a time on machines.and aerobic training makes that engine smaller (i. 4. if any at all.com 2006. And most of the spinning and aerobic instructors at the local gyms in my area who have hired me to get them lean can anecdotally tell you that the more aerobic training they do . However it shows that the aerobic fitness needed to complete a marathon doesn’t have anything necessarily to do with creating a fat loss effect. all seem to think so.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 65 of 200 www. Any takers for the latter? CALORIES (besides doing very little to increase your metabolism . muscle is responsible for raising your metabolism. There are thousands of overweight individuals each year that complete marathons. only to utilize minuscule amounts of fat!” The efficiency argument is interesting.e. John Berardi.your body’s calorie-burning engine).how can having a smaller more efficient fat burning machine burn more fat? It doesn’t. Cortisol also promotes conservation of glucose and encourages the use of fat. You will only burn calories for that 1 hour period. Does weight training build muscle? No. aerobics does absolutely nothing to build muscle or maintain muscle. You will burn more fat at rest compared to someone who does not carry as much muscle as you.calories burned are the most important factor.we can either go to a higher intensity or you can try four hours of running. Eric Serrano. The downfall to aerobics is that you will only burn calories during the period of time that you perform it. caloric expenditure from that aerobic workout. Unfortunately. Aerobic training raises your metabolism. but you also become as efficient as a Honda Civic running for 80 kilometers on one gallon of gas. a closer look at Metabolism. So in aerobic training .VinceDelMonteFitness. And aerobic training burns less calories than anaerobic training and weight training overall So if we accept that lean mass is a major factor in your fat burning engine . © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. It breaks down muscle and the body ADAPTS by building more muscle. So if you are capable of two to three hours of steady state running and still not burning enough fat .do we force that same body to adapt by storing more fat? It’s interesting that some of the biggest experts such as Charles Poliquin. so it will not have a significant role on metabolism at rest. Let’s say you do one hour of cardio each day.when we ‘encourage the use of fat’ . less muscle) and more efficient at burning fat (remember more efficient means it burns LESS) .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 antagonistic to the development of lean muscle mass. In terms of fat loss . Paul Chek. This might sound good on the surface.com . etc.the harder it is for them to lean out. What about the other 23 hours left in the day? Very minimal.

think middle-distance running. Whether you following a low carbohydrate. Someone with a faster metabolism will burn more calories in the day compared to someone with a slower metabolism.000 from your account as opposed to taking $1000 out every few months. This equates to 21. high protein. and it contributes to building muscle and keeping it. Aerobic training is not the most effective way to achieve an energy deficit because you only burn calories while you are doing it. Even when you hit the sack! aNaeroBIc traINING IS carDIovaScular exercISe WItHout tHe PreSeNce of oxYGeN. hockey. middle distance track. anaerobic.VinceDelMonteFitness. the rule you learned in fourth grade gym class remains the same – in or- der you lose body fat. Therefore. Fat loss is all about being in an energy deficit – burning more than you are taking in. So every additional pound of muscle you put on requires an additional 60 calories per day to maintain. diet. Increasing your metabolism is the real key to long term fat loss and physique change. Think of anaerobic training as the equivalent of taking out a large sum of money in one withdrawal. Whether you like it or not. you will burn calories nonstop. So you can see that gaining 10 pounds of muscle in your training program will assist in burning off over 60 pounds of fat next year!!! In order to really get the lean and muscular look. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. The ‘shock’ will be much greater if you withdrawal $10. So. the key is not just how many calories you can burn during exercise. circuit training. Page 66 of 200 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 tHe aMouNt of MuScle MaSS aND effIcIeNcY of Your tHYroID DeterMINeS tHe rate tHat You BurN calorIeS DurING a tYPIcal DaY. caloric expenditure and anaerobic training. © Vince Delmonte www.. . it’s how many calories you can force the body to burn all the time. Any activity that is 1-3 minutes of intense duration . anaerobic training takes advantage of the other 23 hours left in the day because not only do you burn more overall calories but it cranks up your metabolism to burn calories hours afterwards. your metabolism or metabolic rate is what dictates that rate that you burn calories.com 2006.com . low fat. soccer etc. 5.will put your body into a very quick oxygen debt. high carbohydrate etc. one pound of muscle on your body requires approximately 60 calories per day. Since weight training is considered. your body will burn approximately 60 calories for every additional pound of muscle that you put on.360 calories per year or the equivalent of a little over 6 pounds of fat. you must expand more calories than you take in. Caloric balance is so important that I have saved an entire chapter on it shortly.

very intense and exhaustive exercise can keep your metabolism elevated for up to 1224 hours while light exercise may elevate your metabolism for only a few hours. the work intervals can get harder and harder. This means that high-intensity cardio creates a much stronger nutrient partitioning effect towards muscle tissue than low-intensity cardio.com . and the recovery intervals can be shortened. or performed at a higher tempo. Interval training I believe that the best way to rapidly improve fat loss results is to incorporate interval training. ‘Interval training is guaranteed to put you in the hurt box!’ INTERVAL · Do me a favor and visualize the start line of the Olympic 100m dash or any sprinting type event. If your body has less fast-twitch fibers.com 2006. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. Here are the reasons why I favor interval training for fat loss: · As you improve. This is the key ingredient to anaerobic training because your metabolism will remain elevated following this exercise. The only downside to this style of training is that it is very hard and will force you to suck for air! As my running buddies would say. or withdrawal.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 After you withdraw this ‘large sum of money’ you will be in debt! Consider exercise. until you restore the ‘bank account. This method of training conditions your body to higher intensity without fatiguing as quickly. 6. Long periods of low-intensity exercise tend to “over-train” the fast-twitch muscle fibers and convert the intermediate muscle fibers to slow-twitch fibers.VinceDelMonteFitness. Interval training is when you alternate an extremely high intense period of activity with a very low intense period of activity for multiple times. Most refer to interval training as high intensity interval training (HIIt) which is very effective and time efficient. Are you visualizing huge. Since you expose your body to a level of intensity for a series of repeats – you are able to do much more work in the same period of time than you were before. · High-intensity training favors the fast twitch muscle fibers. which have the greatest chance of hypertrophy. which is also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (ePoc). © Vince Delmonte www. ripped and super lean physiques? Do you ever wonder why these guys’ pecs. · High-intensity cardio has a much stronger effect on Glut-4 trans location in muscle cells due to the increased force of muscle contraction. arms and abs look better than yours and you spend more time lifting weights to build muscle? Some of the most muscular athletes in the world are involved in anaerobic sport. Visualize some running backs and some speed skaters.’ The size of the ‘withdrawal’ will determine how long your metabolism stays elevated. after a high intense anaerobic workout your body will be in oxygen debt. Page 67 of 200 www.

or 50 minutes. I find most that bash low intensity cardio. the skin fold losses were greater with the HIIT group (can you expand on what this study is about and where the information came from – makes it more credible) than in the continuous intensity group. 7. Therefore. “It does not matter what kind of exercise you do or how long you do it. Up to this point you must be thinking that I completely despise low intensity cardio Up to this point you must be thinking that I completely despise low intensity cardio but there is much to say in defense of low intensity cardio. © Vince Delmonte www. So the ‘aerobics is completely useless’ comments are way off base. The higher intensity during the time period.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 then you will experience less hypertrophy from training. All rights reserved. GH release. Interval training Is Not the oNlY Way to lose fat Much of the research today suggests that fat loss is a determined by energy expanded rather than exercise intensity. More efficient oxygen transport to the muscles will increase fat oxidation as fat oxidation is dependent upon the presence of oxygen. scientists would say. the more TOTAL calories you will burn. Several studies have shown that interval training burns fewer calories when compared to continuous lower intensity cardio.e. However.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. · High-intensity cardio seems to be more muscle sparing. Page 68 of 200 www. It only matters how efficient you can be in burning the maximal amount of calories in the minimal amount of time. · The body’s hormonal response to high-intensity cardio is similar to the body’s hormonal response to resistance training (i. etc. 30 minutes.com 2006.) without placing the same strain on the nervous system as resistance training. do so out of pride and ego and with something to prove.increased insulin sensitivity. IGH-1 release. The reality is that I know many fitness models and bodybuilders who have dropped their body fat levels and preserved much lean tissue by simply performing 30-40 minutes of cardio 5-6x a week at a very low intensity (walking). they also spared more muscle tissue by burning fewer overall calories. “So how long and how hard should your cardio workouts be?” I believe that both methods – high intensity and low intensity – get the job done.VinceDelMonteFitness. High-intensity cardio causes the body to preferentially store more carbohydrates and burn more fat. It does not matter if your cardio sessions are 20 minutes.” This statement would lead you to believe that low intensity cardio is completely useless. · High-intensity cardiovascular exercise increases oxygen expenditure and forces the body to adapt by becoming more efficient at oxygen transport (increase in VO2 max). This means not only did the HIIT group lose more fat.

it’s all about the intensity and the calories burned. t he most important factor is the total number of calories burned. if you do 20-25 minutes of very intense cardio. A 30 or 45-minute steady state workout can be “moderate” or “moderately-high” in intensity. For example. your intensity will decrease so you’ll burn fewer calories per minute. already discussed. but also by duration. so the longer the workout. tHe More fat You BurN. NOT whether the calories burned are fat or carbohydrate. you might burn about 400 calories. time permitting. it’s also logical that. BotH aPProacHeS Work But tHe HIGH INteNSItY actIvItY GetS tHe JoB DoNe IN Half tHe aMouNt of tIMe aND HaS MaNY More BeNefItS aSSocIateD WItH It.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 tHe More total calorIeS You BurN. which increases your total weekly calorie-burn even further.com 2006. In the end. because studies have shown that EPOC is influenced not just by intensity. more frequent and longer duration exercise might cause even greater overall fat loss if intensity is sufficient. Some of that calorie burn will occur after the workout as well.VinceDelMonteFitness. INTENSITY If you (gradually) built up your frequency to four. five. then even six days per week. not necessarily whether the workout is performed with intervals or in a steady state. less intense cardio. But that doesn’t mean a 30 or 45-minute workout necessarily has to be low in intensity. The combination of the highest intensity you can muster with a 30-45 minute duration can create an enormous calorie burn.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. Duration and intensity are inversely related. However. So reMeMBer. That’s a lot of calories for such a brief workout. But it only adds up to 1200 total calories in one week if your frequency is only three days per week. are involved in exercise-induced fat loss. Although infrequent and very brief (15-20 minutes or even less) HIIT workouts have recently gained great popularity (and deservedly so). You Must Decide for Yourself © Vince Delmonte www. that doesn’t mean you should never do steady state cardio. Page 69 of 200 www. Although many factors.com . 8. nor does it mean that certain individuals aren’t better off with longer. the lower the intensity. but the calorie expenditure for the entire workout is higher. simply because more total calories can be burned over the course of a week. you could double your caloric expenditure to 2400 calories per week. If you also increase your duration.

These are a variety of methods I have used personally and with my clients to drop substantial amounts of body fat. Perform 5-10. It appears that my body has programmed itself to remembering my skinny state. Same + One PM protocol as above.VinceDelMonteFitness. and then choose a method from above based on the rate you are gaining weight. Your heart rate has already been up. One AM workout Interval Training.com . Sprinting in AM and cycling in PM Anytime. Sprint 1 minute hard. workout Use a different training modality.g. up + 5 minute cool down. I suggest for ONLY true ectomorphs to use No carDIo at all when attempting to gain weight. Page 70 of 200 www. 2-3 x a week 25-30 minutes Maximize Fat Loss – Cutting Phase Option #1 5-7 x a week 30-50 minutes Maximize Fat Loss – Cutting Phase Option #2 Maximize Fat Loss – Cutting Option #3 2x a day 5x a week 25 minutes 5 x a week 30-40 minutes Low intensity. © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 Goal Minimize Fat While Bulking Option #1 frequency Weight training days. Walking apart from weight on an incline or cycling training workout. then walk minute. for at least the entire first month or until you gain at least 10-15 pounds. e. Tap into fat reserves quicker. Walking or cycling. 6-12 hours away Maintain a greater from weight traintempo than your ing low-intensity workout but less than your interval efforts. or elliptical trainers all work well. Preferably inside where you can keep heart rate controlled. Any time Interval 5 minute warm Training. All rights reserved. 2-3 x a week Duration 20 minutes Best time of Day Immediately after weights How to Do It Minimize Fat While Bulking Option #2 In between weight training days.VinceDelMonteFitness. Increase speed each workout.com 2006. Moderate intensity Preferably training. Separate 6-12 hours Low intensity. Since my background is in long distance running I find that too much cardio will make me very skinny quickly.

along with creatine and glutamine.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 9. preferably first thing in the morning.com . To maximize this window of opportunity your pre and post workout nutrition should mimic the same principles as your weight training sessions’ nutrition. Next. protein should be added to the mix. High-intensity cardio uses a lot of muscle groups and makes use of a lot of the type II fibers. the more muscle loss can occur. it will also increase amino acid oxidation. epinephrine and nor epinephrine. While performing cardio in a fasted state may indeed increase the amount of calories that are burned from fat stores. their glycogen levels will be low and will force their body to burn fat. IGf-1 and Growth Hormone. Page 71 of 200 www. This is exactly what we don’t want. The same ones we use during weight training.VinceDelMonteFitness. Solid foods simply take longer to digest in the stomach and take longer for the nutrients to be delivered to the small intestine for absorption. Interestingly. I find it ironic that many people put so much time and effort into their meal planning to ensure eating every 2-3 hours in order to prevent muscle loss. All rights reserved. Cortisol will liberate amino acids to produce glucose (glucose cannot be synthesized from fats) and can lead to muscle loss.VinceDelMonteFitness. Not adding protein to your post-workout shake its going to hurt you in the long run. Keeping insulin up in the period surrounding a cardio session is critical. the Best time to Do cardio? The largest myth is that one should perform low-intensity cardio on an empty stomach. Cardiovascular exercise while in a fasted state is a great way to increase cortisol release. The longer the delay. INSULIN. cardio Nutrition vS Weight lifting Nutrition This is where so many trainees go wrong. this idea is misguided and often never questioned by trainees. However. they intentionally promote this state by going ahead and working out in fasted state! 10. This aspect single-handedly slows the start of using muscle protein for energy. Having insulin and carbohydrates present before and during a cardio session seems to slow the muscle destroying action of cortisol. The logic being that if one is in a fasted state. This action alone will be drawing the glucose and amino acids directly to every last one of them. © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. The above combination.” Taking in some simple carbs and protein after your workout should be liquid in nature. this can lead to the popular term “burning up muscle. can create a strong anabolic environment that takes advantage of insulin. Unfortunately. remember that cardio creates the same anabolic state and window of opportunity as a heavy lifting session. At the top of our list is our good friend. These nutrients must be taken in shortly after training and will be discussed in greater detail in the next chapter.

VinceDelMonteFitness. As said early. very fat man! I call this the ‘Skinny Fat Syndrome.“I’ve Got a Pot Belly and I’m Skinny!” If I ate a donut every time I got this email I would be a very. low-intensity cardio). fast food.” You can mask this embarrassment with clothes. you might even have a hard time getting a date with Ugly Betty! The good news is that this is easily fixable and does not require a private appointment to the liposuction doctor.VinceDelMonteFitness. since you have the Skinny Fat Guy Syndrome.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 Why would you want to deny your muscles nutrients at the most crucial time of the day. Page 72 of 200 www. relative to the rest of your body. wings. Your solution? Read the next chapter very carefully and choose your nutrition program based on your muscle building goals. 3. © Vince Delmonte www. the body will burn predominantly glucose at other times of the day. This is most likely due to the fact that if one relies mostly upon fat stores during cardio (i. 2. All rights reserved. but then provide them during rest? It does not make sense. not your fat loss goals. These are all foods that decrease your insulin sensitivity and go straight to your belly. Treat your cardiovascular work like your lifting. However. 1. over the last number of years. fried food. You have very gradually taken in more calories than you have burned. 11. and guess where the excess got stored? That’s right. perform zero cardio for the first month or until you gain at least 10-15 pounds if and only you are a true ectomorph. your belly.com . but once the shirt comes off. You are also eating the wrong kind of foods.e. chips and pastries. your pot belly will look much smaller. understand how you have earned ‘Skinny Guy Syndrome’ status. incorporate one of the cardio programs I recommended above into your weight training routine and you should be able to melt away your pot belly within the first three months in conjunction with a clean mass plan. First. My guess is that you are eating lots of pizza.com 2006. Once you gain a solid 15-20 pounds of muscle. nachos. 12. Realize that you have a naturally fast metabolism and were not designed to have high levels (greater than 13%) of body fat on your body. Your Body Is Smarter than You Research has shown that the type of substrate used during cardiovascular work makes little overall difference on fat loss.

VinceDelMonteFitness. So in the end.e. just relax and don’t waste your day on academic debate regarding fat loss and cardio. All rights reserved.com 2006. if one mainly utilizes glucose for energy during cardio (i. no matter what anybody else says.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 6 Likewise. It is something that you truly must experiment with on your own. high-intensity cardio) the body will customarily rely on fat at other times of the day in order to spare muscle glycogen. Page 73 of 200 www. ‘what’s currently popular’ who cares?! If it works. and even if your method goes against. then use it! © Vince Delmonte www.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.

This will help you re-focus your mindset on what is actually happening.37.017.5% (I know this is very generic side but let’s include prep time to this as well to make 30 minutes of eating + 30 minutes of prep) EATING 8 meals a day for a 1 hour sitting X 7 days a week = 56 hours / 168 hours in a week = 33% Lifestyle = The remainder of the time: 100% .com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.5% . you still weigh the exact same weight (maybe you have even lost weight). And to your surprise. first off. © Vince Delmonte www.com . You try to disguise your disgust and frustration and head to the floor for another endless workout.1% . let me say this – gaining weight is Not the hardest thing to overcome but is not the eaSIeSt thing to overcome either.33% = 28. So giving this component 1% was actually generous! 9 hours of sleep a night X 7 days = 63 hours / 168 hours in a week = 37. BelIevING that it is ‘so hard’ to do makes it easy to quit and make another excuse when the scale stops climbing.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Massive eating It’s another day at the gym and time for your weekly weigh-in ritual. With the majority of the population focusing on the latest fad diet on how to lose weight there is very little info for the skinny guy who is trying to pack on 30 pounds of brawn to their frame. You step on. Page 74 of 200 www. When was the last time you saw a commercial on ‘how to gain weight?’ I don’t ever recall channel surfing late at night and coming across an obnoxious ad with some buffed up beefcake promoting the latest weight-gain ad! When many young guys start up on a training program.5% This formula could also be summarized like this: 1 % Training + 99% Recovery = 100 % Results The percentages do not reflect the level of importance of each component but only to demonstrate where your time is allocated. they always neglect the most critical factor – they always fail to grasp the following: 1% Workout + 38% Sleep + 33% Diet + 28% lifestyle = 168 Hours In the Week How did I calculate these? 3-4 hours a week max weight training / 168 hours in a week = 0.VinceDelMonteFitness. You approach the scale eagerly for the weekly check-in.

I want to help you calculate: So how come 99% of the advertisements you see focus on 1% of the equation. Don’t get me wrong. © Vince Delmonte www. don’t go running to get your calculators. it is time for you to calculate your own personal energy requirements based on the following equations above.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness.” “I picked the wrong parents – who are both skinny – so there is no chance for me. I was ‘toned’ but I had no muscle mass whatsoever so I am confident to say that I am one of the best people to teach you how to gain weight.” As I give you this section of the book remember that I used to be a skinny long distance runner. You do not truly understand energy balance (Energy In vs. I probably could have gone higher but realized I should cut back some of the fat before I started to climb again. I know this is a bold statement that you can argue.” “You have no idea how much food I eat. Blame cards such as: “No matter how much food I eat I just can’t get any bigger.com 2006. failing to realize the critical importance of recovery. It is really not that complicated and really only breaks down to one or both of the following: 1. You don’t eat the right foods at the right times (poor food combinations). Back on topic. You can’t make much money by telling people to sit on their butt and do nothing! I hope this concept enlightens your thinking. I guess I am supposed to be thin. On my site.com . I eat all day. specifically nutrition. I will keep this section as simple as possible and do not want to be responsible for making this equation any more complicated or any more commercialized than it is perceived to be. where is the seminar. Like I said before. Energy Out). I said I went from 149 to 208 pounds over the course of a year. but what you do outside the gym is far more important that what you do inside the gym. Now hold on. So let’s get to it. The goal of this section is very simple. Why you can’t gain weight. If you are not gaining weight that do not look much further for the answer.’ Many of these blame cards are weak excuses (but acceptable in our society) that can bail you out. will result in giving up the pursuit of building your dream body and resort to pulling out a ‘blame card. where is the magazine called “Recovery?” There is none. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 At this point.” “I was born with a fast metabolism. I have saved you the trouble of doing the math. 1. Page 75 of 200 www. 2. where is the DVD.

3. Page 76 of 200 www. let’s figure out your RMR right now. and adaptive thermogenesis. If you have a DEFICIT of calories (negative energy balance) where the intake is LESS than expenditure. Let’s say your body needs 3000 calories to grow – don’t think that your body will grow on 3000 calories of chips and cookies just because you are in a SURPLUS. By the end of this article you will know exactly how much you will need to grow. calculating caloric requirements for extreme Muscle Growth Even though energy intake should be the most basic concept to apply for muscle growth. about 50 to 70 percent of your entire day’s calorie expenditure is a result of the rMr.VinceDelMonteFitness.. Anybody who does not understand this does not understand the theory that a calorie is not a calorie. proteins. energy Balance. If you have a SURPLUS of calories (positive energy balance) where the intake EXCEEDS the expenditure. a surplus of calories is ONLY one component of gaining weight! Anybody who tells you that you must simply eat a SURPLUS of calories to gain weight is RIGHT – you will definitely gain weight – a dump load of body fat that is. Remember. John Berardi Ph.VinceDelMonteFitness. I have included some articles that will stand as the foundation for our Massive Eating Plan. fats. Although you might not guess it. Three thousand calories of junk and empty calories is COMPLETELY different than 3000 calories of high quality carbs. All rights reserved. I debated whether I would navigate you through the harsh jungle of energy balance equations to determine your BMR. vitamins and minerals. most people screw up this factor more than anything else. So. thermic effect of food (TEF). SteP #1: reStING MetaBolIc rate Determining rMr: © Vince Delmonte www. This doesn’t include the costs of getting your butt out of bed and moving around. your cost of activity etc.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 2.com 2006. Simple enough.D. Here is the easiest way to understand energy balance: Energy Balance = Energy Intake – Energy Expenditure Energy intake encompasses whatever you put in your mouth – food or drink. calorie cost of activity.D. with the permission of my good friend Dr. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the energy it costs the body to basically keep alive. Instead. you lose weight. The balance of intake versus outtake is a critical starting point in weight gain or loss. you gain weight.com . John Berardi Ph. Energy is made up of several factors including resting metabolic rate (RMR). TEF. those numbers are calculated in later. The following is an excerpt from an article called Massive Eating Part I and was written by Dr.

All rights reserved. you need to take your body weight in pounds and convert it to kilograms.05 = 4.2: total body mass in kilograms = 200lbs / 2.2. percents are really decimals so 5% equals 0. Page 77 of 200 www. Next you take your percent of fat and multiply it by your body weight (which is now in kilograms).4. I’d multiply 22 times my fat free mass and add 500 to that number as shown below: rMr= 22 x 86. exaMPle Before we go on. © Vince Delmonte www.) This is a simple conversion. This will give you your fat mass (FM) in kilograms. Fat Mass = 91kg x 0. Just divide your body weight by 2. (International readers. scraping the ice off the damn thing.55 kg) from my total body mass (91kg): fat free Mass = 91kg .12 etc. let’s move on.VinceDelMonteFitness. for me.05. 12% body fat will be .55kg = 86.55kg FM Next I subtract this fat mass number (4.com . why don’t we try this out on me. Again. Everyone have their RMR figured out? Good.45kg Therefore my fat free mass is 86. The formula for RMR is as follows: Resting Metabolic Rate for Athletes (in calories per day) = 500 + 22 x fat free mass (in kilograms). Since I’m an athlete with a body weight of 200lbs at 5% body fat.2 = 91 kg Next I’d multiply this kilogram number (91 kg) by my percent of body fat.com 2006. Remember. From that I can determine my RMR.VinceDelMonteFitness. Next simply subtract this number from your total weight in kilograms and you’ll have your fat free mass (FFM) in kilograms. I’d take my total body mass and divide it by 2. please bear with us silly non-metric Americans for a moment. SteP #2: coSt of actIvItY The Cost of Activity represents how many calories are required to move your butt around during the day.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 To start off with.45 kilograms. This includes the cost of walking out to your car.45 + 500 = 2402 Therefore my resting metabolic rate is about 2400 calories per day.

is simply a way of expressing the rate of energy expenditure from a given physical activity.5 low intensity walking .VinceDelMonteFitness. Determining Activity Costs: Cost of Daily Activity is equal to the RMR you calculated above multiplied by an activity factor that fits your daily routine.. 6 moderate machine training.9-2. All rights reserved.com 2006.. 5 high intensity cycling.. we need to determine how many calories your exercise activity burns so that we can factor this into the totals...6-1.) Met values for common activities: high impact aerobics. Therefore the amount of calories it takes to breathe and move around during the day is about 3800 calories as shown below: rMr x activity factor = 2400 calories x 1. (MET or metabolic equivalent. 7 circuit-type training.7 for 1.5-1. We’ll do that later. So let’s figure out your costs of activity.VinceDelMonteFitness. Then you’d multiply that number by the MET value of exercise as listed below. activity factors: 1. Exercise activity can be calculated simply by multiplying your total body mass in kilograms (as calculated above) by the duration of your exercise (in hours).6.. pinching the secretary’s ass.. I’ll use myself as an example again.6 = 3800 calories Costs of Exercise Activity: Next. Page 78 of 200 www.. 18 low intensity running. most of my day is pretty sedentary..No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 driving to work.. 12 low intensity cycling. and of course.com . Since I work at a university.2. 3 So here’s the formula: © Vince Delmonte www..6 for 1.1 for very light (bed rest) Light (office work/watching TV) Moderate (some activity during day) Heavy (labor type work) Note: Don’t consider your daily workout when choosing a number... I’ve listed some common activity factors below...3 for 1. 7 low impact aerobics.5 high intensity running. going to lunch with the boys. With this information we can get back to determining my calorie needs. These factors make up about 20 to 40% of your daily caloric intake based on your activity level.. I’ve selected 1.. 3 high intensity walking .. training after work.2-1. Even though I run back and forth between the lab and classes.6 as my activity factor. 8 intense free weight lifting.

Protein tends to increase TEF to a rate double that of carbs and almost triple that of fats so that’s one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of protein meals.VinceDelMonteFitness. it’s better to round up anyway than to round down. This makes up about 5 to 15% of your total daily calorie expenditure.com 2006.com . Since the metabolic rate is elevated via this mechanism 10 to 15% for one to four hours after a meal. It’s far better to keep the metabolism high and eat above that level. This is a good thing. So this is what the formula looks like: TEF = RMR x 0.15 for high protein diet (more than 1 gram per pound of body weight) Since I eat a very high protein diet (about 350 to 400 grams per day).No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 cost of exercise activity = Body Mass (in kg) x Duration (in hours) x Met value exaMPle And here’s how I calculate it for myself: exercise expenditure for weights = 6 MetS x 91kg x 1. Determining the thermic effect of food: To determine the TEF.10 for a moderate protein diet or 0.15 for a high protein diet. my exercise energy expenditure might be as high as 1000 calories per training day! The next step is to add this exercise number to the number you generated when multiplying your RMR by your activity factor (3800 calories per day in my case). Since my training includes about 90 minutes of intense free weight training and 30 minutes of low intensity bicycling (four times per week).VinceDelMonteFitness.15 factor and my TEF is about 360 calories per day as displayed by the calculation below: © Vince Delmonte www. absorb. the more meals you eat per day. the faster your metabolic rate will be. So 3800 calories + about 1000 calories = a whopping 4800 calories per day! And we’re not done yet! (Note: I rounded 956 up to 1000 for the sake of simplicity. though.5 hours = 137 calories Add these two together and I burn 956 total calories during one of my training sessions.10 for moderate protein diet (1 gram per pound of body weight) TEF = RMR x 0. If you’re a thin guy trying to gain muscle. Page 79 of 200 www. you need to multiply your original RMR value (2400 in my case) by 0.5 hours = 819 calories exercise expenditure for cardio = 3 MetS x 91 kg x . I use the 0. and metabolize your ingested food intake. All rights reserved. than to allow the metabolism to slow down by eating infrequently.) SteP #3: tHerMIc effect of fooD TEF is the amount of calories that it takes your body to digest.

Other factors include hormone responses to feeding.).) Now that’s a lot of food! And I must eat this each and every day when I want to gain weight. “Since this is technically just your maintenance level. Because it’s still a mystery.000 calories per day! (That extra thousand calories isn’t being used when training. But on my three off days per week I’d be in positive calorie balance by about 1.) This adds up to a surplus of 3. so how many damn calories do you need to consume each and every day? Well.VinceDelMonteFitness. SteP #5: PuttING It all toGetHer So at this point. Are you surprised at how many calories I need? Most people are.15 = 360 calories per day Now add that to your calorie total. Since I train only four days per week this diet would meet my needs on those four days. in other words. cost of weight training (819 calories). adding up RMR plus activity factor (3800 calories in my case). how can you get bigger by eating this amount? Wouldn’t you need more?” The answer is simple.com tHe Secret IS IN tHe SurPluS! . tion). SteP #4: aDaPtIve tHerMoGeNeSIS I like to call Adaptive Thermogenesis the “x factor” because we just aren’t sure how much it can contribute to daily caloric needs. cost of cardio (137 calories).No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 thermic effect of food = 2400 calories x 0. then you’re falling short on calories. And this is where the growth happens! =I especially like this “staggered model” because rather than trying to stagger your © Vince Delmonte www. thyroid. You’ll get a different number. one factor included in the “X factor” is unconscious or spontaneous activity.” Others just get sleepy when overfed . training. Okay. Page 80 of 200 www. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. when overfed. and TEF (360 calories). So the next time you complain that you’re “eating all day and can’t gain a pound” you’d better realistically evaluate how much you’re really eating. get hyper and increase their spontaneous activity and even have been known to be “fidgety. and drugs.000 calories per week. that’s just my total. stress (dramatically increases metabolic rate) or temperature induced metabolic changes (cold weather induces increased metabolic activity and heat producWith all that said. etc. Just for interest’s sake. you don’t need to do any math on this part or fiddle with your calorie total.obviously the fidgeters will be burning more calories that the sleepy ones. we typically don’t factor it into the equation. we get a grand total of about 5116 calories! (Remember.com 2006. This is just something to keep in mind. hormone sensitivity (insulin. Some people. If you’re not gaining a pound. the keen T-mag readers that aren’t afraid of massive eating might ask the question. Some have predicted that it can either increase daily needs by 10% or even decrease daily needs by 10%.

lifestyle. Even if you have the perfect training routine. If you wish to ensure that your muscles have enough fuel to support your workouts. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT.vincedelmontefitness. you will never grow unless you provide your body with the proper amount of nutrients. ‘Damn that is a lot of stinking food. You are IN aBSolute coNtrol of HoW MucH Your BoDY WIll GroW. You have a choice to pick between Maintenance. I let my training cycle my calories for me. prevention of dietary adaptation is one of the secrets to changing your body composition.VinceDelMonteFitness. It will be impossible to build that house. As you can see if you wish to get bigger and to get stronger then you must eat a higher than normal amount of calories coming from quality nutrients. All you need to do is determine your goal calories and then pick the appropriate sample meal plan that I have included.VinceDelMonteFitness. “So just tell me .com/vince_calc. cement and wood. © Vince Delmonte www.’ Are you surprised to see how many calories there are to gain weight? Most people are. to 4000 cal meal plan and eventually 6000 cal meal plan. So the next time you complain that you ‘are eating all day and can not gain a pound. This way I can eat the same thing every day while preventing my body from adapting to that habitual level of intake. The meal plans are all based on the principles we are about to discuss. recover from workout to workout and let’s not forget. Here is the link to determining how many calories you body will need to grow: http://www. It’s like saying you want to build a house but you do not have enough bricks.’ then you’d better realistically evaluate what you are actually taking in.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 calorie intake on a daily basis by eating different amounts of food on different days. energy expenditure etc. then you have to keep track of what you are eating every day. cutting. It’s downright impossible.com . I suggest that you all start off with the Progressive Weight Gain selection. This is the number one reason why skinny guys never gain weight or why anybody for that matter will not make quality gains that they so desperately strive for. Just like we vary our training to prevent adaptation.com 2006. lift heavy weights for high reps. lean body mass. All rights reserved. Page 81 of 200 www. It’s like saying you want to race a car as fast as possible but you don’t have any gasoline or oil. There is no way around it. Progressive Weight Gain and advanced Weight Gain.how many calories must I eat to support my goal of excessive muscular hypertrophy?” to make your life easier I have included a calorie calculator that will tell you exactly how many calories you need based on current weight. GROW NEW MUSCLE. Every month you should recalculate your goal calories and most likely you will gradually move from the 3000 cal meal plan.html After you have done that equation you might be saying.

and labels but if this method will promise 20-50 pounds in a year from now. is it not worth it? And the good news is that your brain will create a new file to store all your new nutrient calculations.’ Sometimes you just have to ignore what the magazines. 40 and even 50 pounds of SOLID muscle in the next year. Adding 5-10 pounds of muscle does not turn heads. Let’s get specific now. Unfortunately. real bulking will be achieved if you use the advanced Weight Gain selection on the calorie calculator.com 2006. websites and experts say about gaining weight and start observing what people are reallY doing.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 keeping track of what you eat is a lot easier than it sounds – probably why most people avoid it. Which strategy to use? ‘Bulk up’ (Advanced Weight Gain) or ‘Stay Lean All Year’ (Progressive Weight Gain) One of your goals in eating-to-grow should be to maximize the muscle:fat ratio. and since you are eating from the majority of the same foods your ‘memory food bank’ will expand quickly. As this concept seems obvious enough you must be aware that there are two methods of gaining weight – the slow way and the fast way. Sure you’re going to have to take some extra time to read wrappers. jealously or impress onlookers. 99% of sincere skinny guys trying to gain weight are often misled by role models with high levels of muscularity who say that they achieved all this muscle while Bulking up © Vince Delmonte www. If you follow the meal plans I have provided .to the letter . Unless you want to take the long and hard road of building 5-10 pounds of muscle a year..than you will not have to keep a formal food log. Go see for yourself how many calories this will work out to and then go take a walk around the block to catch your breath! Yes. 4.VinceDelMonteFitness. When I say ‘solid’ muscle I am referring to a SIGNIfIcaNt amount of muscle on your body that will be NotIceaBle to every person who sees you.30. Page 82 of 200 www. because they perceive it to be difficult. skip this section and start reading “Stay lean all year round. All rights reserved. The meal calculator has provided both options.” I do not want to sugar coat the truth or water down the reality of SERIOUSLY building massive muscle.VinceDelMonteFitness. Warning: What I am about to share is not meant to scare you or discourage you about how much food is required to TRULY build SERIOUS MUSCLE MASS. this amount of calories will be your personal requirement to ‘bulk up. Let’s look at both options in depth. Not that these should be your goals but they are certainly many people’s motivation so it is important to know what it will take to get what you TRULY want.com .I’m talking 20. There are pros and cons to each but you must decide for yourself which method you are prepared to pursue and accept the consequences of each. You may look ‘all right’ and ‘decent’ but you will not ‘stand out’ in a crowd and you will not cause awe..

I was absolutely STUNNED that just about every bodybuilder I saw did not look anything like their pictures in the magazines. never let their body fat drift too high and packed on all this muscle at the same time. It can become downright embarrassing if you have been training for all these years and your body weight is still fluctuating around the same weight as when you first started. He actually ‘bulked’ up first and than got ‘cut up’ for the pictures. His advertisement shows a before shot where he is very thin and skinny. I decided to email a natural pro builder that has a lot of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures in a variety of magazines.these guys looked straight up FAT. ads or sites that promote these guys who kept their calories at this certain level. His magazines talked all about his reps. Ironically. And his next shot shows how he is completely different and super muscular. Also. nutrition program. But all his info products and ads say he built all that muscle using the ‘stay lean all year’ concept. I continued to research my amazement and started looking at pictures of some these pros in their off-seasons and the theme continued .’ which led to gaining the largest percentage of the muscle on their body.com 2006. ‘he’s got the body to back it up so his routine and information he gives must be right?’ That’s what I thought. And let me tell you.VinceDelMonteFitness. Sure enough. Now. but after viewing their off-season pictures I did not even recognize them..But that’s Not how he gained all his muscle. Later.VinceDelMonteFitness. it was a major eye-opener for me when I watched a few bodybuilding shows and attended a few fitness conferences and trade shows where professional bodybuilders were presenting and guest-posing. They looked big and bulky and strong but they also looked very OVERWEIGHT and DOWNRIGHT CHUBBY. I decided to email him up and ask him if he ‘bulked up’ first and than got cut for the ‘after’ picture.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 keeping their body fat levels around 9-10%. ripped look at consequence. I noticed that every person (who had used steroids or not) and possessed a incredible physique had at ONE POINT IN THEIR LIVES ‘bulked up. he humbly told me that there was a picture missing.. Interestingly. I would have taken their ‘overweight’ period of life any day IF I knew I could reveal the final product of a super muscular.com . He even went on to say that it would take too long to gain that much muscle if he did not bulk up first and than ‘cut it down. I discovered something when I put down the academic text and started looking around. you may have seen your weight go up very minimally. they went on a fat burning program to shed off the excess body fat. If you are like many then you have probably tried this strategy and if you’re lucky.’ The MAJORITY of his gains were a result of the bulking phase.. You have probably read tons of articles. supplement program etc. sets. I would probably not have even taken a second look and would have never guessed they were bodybuilders. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. Hey. There was no definition or cuts at all. My mind was made up after this incident. Page 83 of 200 www. some of these guys were the same guys that I envied the most and thought were absolutely incredible.

History shows that almost ALL of the massive bodybuilders take at least 3-4 months each year and focus on simply putting on as much WEIGHT as possible.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 I also discovered that the majority of very successful bodybuilders who preach. When I climbed from 149 to 208 pounds I was consistently pushing near 5000 calories a day and I was not using the ‘stay lean all year’ mentality.’ blah blah blah . but the reality is that the guys staying lean all year only gain 3-5 pounds of muscle versus guys who bulk. you will gain some fat and yes. look fat.. Yes. you’ll only be ‘chubby’ for 6 months of your life but you will have a lifetime to look MUSCULAR and look like someone who actually works out with weights. you will start turning heads and probably even start getting asked for advice.’ or ‘never let your body fat go over. if you choose this method because you are fearful of gaining some fat. Or maybe you’ll be ‘just a little bigger’ over the course of the next few years. and yes. No exaggeration. Which would you prefer? To train like a madman and make few gains each year or to commit half a year or more to JUST getting BIG and than cutting down? Remember. Page 84 of 200 www. But come back with an extra 20 + pounds of muscle each year.’ or ‘keep an eye on your waistline. but you will never make those massive jumps in muscularity (that you really want) and you will have to live the rest of your life with the build you have now. you will not be able to see your abs for a little while but who cares? It will take 3-4 months to get rid of the body fat But you will be 30-50 pounds heavier.com 2006. In addition. they do Not follow the ‘you do not need to bulk up to gain muscle’ camp at all. you might make gains of 3-5 pounds max per year. NOW. Think about the long-term picture not short-term picture.actually do the complete opposite. ‘make sure you can always see your abs.. And this is being generous! and since you downloaded this e-book I assume you want to build 20-50 pounds of muscle in the next 2 years instead of building 5-10 pounds in the next 5 years! I am telling you this because I assume YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO LIFTS © Vince Delmonte www. I can testify this myself in the real world. I kid you not.VinceDelMonteFitness. You can say all you want about how much more advantageous it is to stay lean all year and not have to do a huge cutting phase at the ‘risk’ of losing muscle. who has attempted to gain weight without a ‘bulking’ phase looks pretty much the same as they did when they started training 2-3 years ago. EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS.com . You can stay ‘lean all year’ for the rest of your life.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.

in 5 years. Page 85 of 200 www. and if done properly. This is not some ‘get huge in 12-weeks’ garbage. This is a SUBSTANTIAL JOURNEY that does not stop with gaining weight but you must also be committed to dropping the body fat or else you will just © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. which I will teach you shortly. All rights reserved.. Trust me. it’s an individual decision and you can see that I trump the advanced Weight Gain Plan more than the Progressive Weight Gain Plan. MORE muscular person! 5. Follow my eating plan and my training plan and after you gain 30-50 pounds of weight THEN you can follow my cardio tips and get lean.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . most of it will be muscle. and having an eye-popping body. You MuSt Be 100% coMMItteD aND Not queStIoN tHIS tHeorY oNce. packing on serious muscle size.com 2006. You Do Not Have to BecoMe oBeSe But You WIll DefINItelY Not Be a leaN MacHINe aNYMore. You have to go to the extreme and gain a lot of weight. frustrating and almost impossible. Then after putting on a great deal of size you can burn off the excess and reveal a massive and shredded physique. MUCH. you see the exact same guy looking back in the mirror and you are not even sure if you have gained more than a few pounds of muscle! again. aND tHeN trIM off tHe BoDY fat later.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 WEIGHTS.You MuSt DeDIcate a PerIoD of Your lIfe to BulkING. And before we continue let me remind you that this program is only for those that are truly committed to transforming their bodies. And I guarantee you will be a MUCH. ‘forget staying defined and lean’ and just give it your all by gaining true size and StreNGtH when it results in 20-50 pounds of new muscle growth! But I think you will regret it dearly if. you will not regret saying. there is really No other option. Any other method is slow. Here is the situation: It appears that you have to ‘overshoot’ your body.. Don’t be that guy who trains week in and week out and month in and month out and spends tons of money on supplements and has nothing to show for it. How Much Weight Should I aim for or ‘overshoot’ for Before I Start cutting? Here is the scary part. I could go on for a while with more examples but I think you get the point. All you have to do is accept the fact that bulking up will truly get you what you want IN THE END. So let me summarize: If You are trulY coMMItteD to SIGNIfIcaNtlY cHaNGING tHe WaY Your BoDY lookS aND DeSIre a SerIouS aMouNt of MuScle.. No.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 be a bulky guy. our bodies were not designed to carry around a lot of muscle. So once you gain an extra 40-50 pounds of weight that exceeds your goal ‘ripped’ look then you can start following the cardio instructions. Remember. 6. Just to give you a general example.VinceDelMonteFitness. © Vince Delmonte www. I wasn’t kidding when I said you have to pack on some serious size to build muscle. Your muscles would prefer to sleep all day and not have to grow at all. Some will be able to put on a lot of muscle with little fat gain so will not have to ‘overshoot’ as much. Then when you choose to. can I Build Muscle and lose fat at the Same time? The most important question to ask before starting a nutrition plan is this: “What do I want to accomplish with my nutrition plan?” To be successful you must DECIDE on what purpose your nutrition plan will serve. you can switch your strategy and refocus your effort and energy on the other goal much more successfully. But this is the general formula you most follow. And it’s not something you can control or manipulate and the people who do experience the best of both worlds often admit to having no clue to how it occurred! Why try and achieve a goal that only happens to a small handful of people and is very mysterious? Instead of trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Remember. All rights reserved. Anybody who makes it sound easier than this is only misleading you. you will see the odd advertisement promoting a program that says you can burn fat and build muscle but what the advertisement does not tell you is that these results ONLY affect BEGINNERS and for a VERY LIMITED TIME . I often get asked.com . Page 86 of 200 www. right? Completely put all your efforts into ONLY one of them and it will make your life much easier and focused. So to force your body to do what it has no interest in doing then we must really push its limits. Or a guy who wants to be 200 pounds ripped and defined needs to climb to 240-250 pounds on the scale before he even considers coming down. ‘Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?’ I think I explained this above and the obvious answer would be no. this program is for serious and truly committed individuals who want to pack on as much muscle as possible and make consistent and significant gains each year. you will see more progress and quicker results if you completely focus on one. Yes. someone who wants to be a ripped 175 pounds need to bulk up to 215-225 pounds before you even think about heading into your ‘fat-burning’ program. this is a general example.com 2006.4-6 weeks if you’re lucky. You get what you focus on.VinceDelMonteFitness. I provide a range because genetics will dictate a lot. the average natural weight lifter (with average genetics) has to weigh about 40-50 pounds more than his ‘defined’ and ‘ripped’ look is going to be! For example.

The reality is that whatever foods are in your possession or located in your residence. You must remove and stop shopping for foods that will turn your body into a toxic waste dump and make you fat. Not only do you need enough fuel to build the muscle. creating an environment for Mass Building – the kitchen. this is where your battle is won and lost. healthier choices. If you thought this was only important for people trying to lose weight . Low-calorie diets will accomplish the first goal . Get ready to take one step forward and two steps back. look under his bed. It’s an ugly cycle.com 2006. true or false? You can stack your fridge. answer: false.” It amazes me how many people shoot themselves in the foot when they go grocery shopping. Second Corollary to Berardi’s First Law: If you know someone whose house is stocked only with optimal food choices and yet who is not healthy and lean. recuperate the muscle and then BUILD AND GROW the muscle.VinceDelMonteFitness. It’s like trying to buy a $50.000.think again. Just as long as you only eat the good ones. you will eventually wolf down. 7. you will eventually eat it.but will never help you consistently bounce forward. you must remove all foods not conducive to those goals from said residence and replace them with a variety of better. Page 87 of 200 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Remember. it takes a completely different amount of calories to build muscle and a completely different amount of calories to lose fat. I learned these laws from John Berardi and I would have to agree that these general principles have served me well and have become the cornerstone of my own body composition success. Instead you will be like a yo-yo rebounding back and forth. Just because our goals are to gain weight does not mean we are entitled to pig out and attack ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffets on a regular basis. but you need enough fuel to train at the right intensity.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.000 boat but you only have $25. It’s like trying to sail a ship in two different directions. The only measurement that © Vince Delmonte www. There is no doubt that you will be more successful if you only shop and bring home the foods that are conducive for your mass building plan.com .fuel your workouts . Here is an excerpt from one his articles: “Berardi’s First Law: If a food is in your possession or located in your residence. repair the muscle. cupboards and pantry with any foods you choose. Corollary to Berardi’s First Law: If you wish to be healthy and lean.

All rights reserved. eating some of these foods immediately after your workout will do little harm because they will be converted right into your muscles. Your home should be a safe haven. Popcorn and soda at the movies. Sugar and oil-laden sauces – whether it is ketchup. HIGH fat ProceSSeD Meat .VinceDelMonteFitness. And a doughnut store every 5 minutes up the street. I learned from an old university professor who said. Go ahead and read for yourself on your next ‘healthy’ fruit juice the amount of sugar. There are actually very few BAD FOODS.outside your home. the majority of nice packaged sauces are quick injections of spiced-up high fructose corn syrup.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 will change is your waist and you don’t want that. You know for a fact that if you live in North America your willpower is always on red alert with fast food on every street corner. This is the first step to gaining weight.sugar and water. I will lay down some guidelines that will give you a better chance of seeing your six-pack sooner than later. GET RID OF THESE FOODS SoDaS aND JuIceS .VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. You are already tempted enough . Don’t make your life harder by stacking your home with ‘convenience’ and ‘comfort’ foods.sausage. but also maximizing your energy levels to train at a high intensity and most importantly to be healthy. there is only good and bad times to each certain foods. frozeN DeSSertS aND Ice creaM .” And yes. You have two ingredients.com . Here’s What to Dump in the Garbage It would be easy to write out a Top 50 list of foods that you should avoid at all costs.every day . more sugar to transform your six pack into a keg. Chips and finger food at parties. Nachos and wings at the bar. Pizza and hot dogs at the game.again.’ However. You’re better off spicing up your meals naturally without all the sugar and extra empty calories. “There’s no such thing as good or bad food. but you will be better off leaving them on the shelves at the grocery store. Page 88 of 200 www.excluding or including can be the difference between skinny and fat. 8. © Vince Delmonte www.. there are some foods that you should avoid at all costs but there is not a ‘David Letterman’s Top 10 List. Don’t confuse these for good sources of protein. barbecue or horseradish sauce. pepperoni. and are also loaded with sodium. bacon and related foods are loaded with the type of fat that will shorten your lifespan. However the reality is that this is rarely the cause for getting fat and not achieving your goals.

its six outer layers. bags or containers. A few synthetic nutrients are then added back into the white flour and labeled ‘enriched. It gets worse. only deception and destruction.even though Aunt Wilma makes a mean turkey dinner and has supplied you with leftovers until next Christmas.’ but in reality there has been no real ‘enrichment’ of the original product.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Most processed foods – make sure your warning sirens go off when you see anything packaged in colorful wrappers. 9. Page 89 of 200 www.com . WHIte flour ProDuctS like white bread and bagels . Again. Did you know that rats will die within seven to 10 days after being put a diet of white flour? BakING SuPPlIeS .more chemicals to wreak havoc on the human body.VinceDelMonteFitness. which results in more than 75% of the vitamins and minerals being lost and over 95% of the fiber being lost. alum. If you see more than 5 ingredients that you can not pronounce then you have to wonder what the heck you are putting in your body. which is forced to protect your body from these chemicals. An anti-aging salt that I do not even know how to spell or pronounce is added to the final stage. there is no reason to test its life span! Do an inventory once a week and chuck any foods that have exhausted their expiration date.manufacturers first remove the wheat seed’s bran.a cumulative batch of chemicals to put an enormous amount of strain on the pancreas. Do your own experiment . All rights reserved. Most of these foods have an exhaustive list of ‘fillers’ that preserve the shelf life and have nothing to do with nutrient value.refer to the above.VinceDelMonteFitness. What little is left gets bleached in chlorine dioxide to give the bread a shelf life.refer to the above but you get to choke down a mouthful of sodium too. and the germ. this is not the David Letterman Top 10 list but it is a very good start to being fully prepared to having the ammunition required to build massive muscle. and ammonium carbonate to make it feel and look more improved for the customer. Here’s What to add to the kitchen Since your fridge is probably looking bare like your college days it’s time to stock it up so that even Chef Pasquale would be very happy. Potato cHIPS .next time you are unsure of a processed food just take a look at the ingredient list.com 2006. These foods promote ‘healthiness’ but fail to admit the degree of processing it went through. boxes. Avoid this stuff at all cost! cookIeS . MYSterY fooD IN rottING tuPPerWare coNtaINerS . It is further whitened by adding chalk. crackerS . © Vince Delmonte www.

store-bought type because they carry minimal body fat. eGGS . eGG WHIteS . Instead. All rights reserved.Omega 3 eggs should always be chosen because they are laid by chickens that were fed a diet rich in ground flaxseed. apples. Cheese is higher in fat so use it in moderation and aim for a variety of cheeses. mango.Always go for the leanest sources available. I typically shop for seasonal fruit from a quality perspective aDD tHeSe fooDS © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006.Typically the cheeses that have a stronger taste will serve more purposes. goat.Only buy the ones made from canola or olive oil cHeeSe . drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day for its high antioxidant profile and more than a handful of health reasons. but if you are trying to lose weight then be very cautious. and banana. Page 90 of 200 www. Your local grocery store should meet your requirements but feel free to venture down to a farmer’s market and go for grass-fed beef freshly ground. Just don’t eat the extrasweetened ones loaded with hydrogenated oils as an additive. buy a few cartons of pasteurized egg whites that are a great substitute to top off an omelet with some high quality protein. then dried fruit can work to your advantage.Always go for an assortment of colors and make sure your fridge is always stocked with fresh fruit. Just a small handful of some dried fruit has the same amount of calories as a large apple. aged white cheddar and Parmesan. aim for free-range chickens (organically raised) as the most superior choice. Chuck the killer fruit juices and soda! BoNeleSS cHIckeN BreaStS – If your budge permits. DrIeD fruIt . Also.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Beverages .Get ready to start drinking a lot of water. pears. extra leaN GrouND SIrloIN . Invest in filtered water and avoid tap water if you know your local area comes from poor sources. fruIt .VinceDelMonteFitness. cookING SPraY .Egg whites can be a little pricey if you buy them in the cartons. dates.This is a great source of easy calories. If you’re trying to gain weight. Havarti. such as feta. Good sources are currants.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you can not afford these regularly than go for the grain-fed. but don’t be surprised if your significant other runs away because of wicked stink bombs.com . but can save you the headache and mess of cracking and storing half your fridge with egg carton boxes. Egg whites are also great to throw into protein shakes. They have a better protein and fatty-acid profile and they provide more taste to your food.

quinoa. kiwi. white cooking wine. is an easy source of calories and can be used with salads and sauces. raspberries. Here are some safe bets: pesto. SalMoN -Genuine wild salmon is better than farmed salmon because you will benefit from its higher quality Omega-3 profile and absence of mercury and toxins. split peas. examples are apples. GreeN tea .VinceDelMonteFitness. strawberries. An organic green tea without any extra herbs is the best.VinceDelMonteFitness. Meat.This is great to mix things up. curry sauce. oranges. leaN turkeY aND cHIckeN SauSaGe . oat bran. and while you might not want to buy this all the time there is nothing wrong with the occasional street meat! leGuMeS . chickpeas and lentils are excellent sources of fiber and a great addition to your arsenal. PoultrY aND fISH . and cinnamon will bring your food to life.If you know which aisle the chips and cookies are better than where the fresh produce section is then we have some work to do. balsamic vinegar. mango.There are many options that will enhance your taste buds while not counteracting the nutrient profile of the meal. oregano. GraINS . Each will carry a different selection of meats. All rights reserved. MIxeD NutS . whole flaxseed. the supersize grocery store and smaller grocery stores. SauceS aND coNDIMeNtS . Rotate your shopping trips to farmers markets.com . Use very MINIMAL amounts for cooking.com 2006. You should be able to pick © Vince Delmonte www. Page 91 of 200 www. chili powder. extra vIrGIN olIve oIl . Focusing on just some of the basics like salt. salsa. bananas.There are many exotic selections to choose from and the best advice I can give is VARIETY! Eat a wide assortment and do not limit yourself to one shopping center. blueberries. tangerines. basil.Here is where the fun comes in. almonds.100% dark extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 and cost perspective. pecans and peanuts. and pineapple. The best sources are walnuts. raspberry vinegar and flavored flax oil. Consider this free food and customize your spices to your dish. cashews. tomato pasta sauce. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to know how to use certain spice combinations but it may take some experimentation. If you can. red wine.Here is some safe ammunition on the grain side: oats (not the instant oatmeal loaded with sugar). veGetaBleS .Kidney beans. SPIceS . go for local and organically grown produce. whole barley and wheat bran. grapes. fresh garlic. pepper.These are easy calories and a great source of good fat to balance out your meals.Go for the one with out any extra flavoring or fillers.

anybody who argues that caloric balance is the only factor determining whether you gain weight or not is making the scenario too simplistic.the more variety the better. You will notice that 90% of these rules can be applied during a cutting phase too. peppers. tomatoes. Dr. Try and aim for the colors of the rainbow . If it was this easy then you could eat doughnuts and fast food all day.” The following rules here are based on this article but have been slightly tweaked for the skinny guy who desires weight gain. When to eat 2. Secret tip When Grocery Shopping You will notice that the majority of these foods are stocked on the periphery of the grocery store. You need to understand which foods and meal combos will make you fatter than necessary when ‘bulking up. How much to eat © Vince Delmonte www.’ These are the aisles full of the present and future physique challenged. Don’t forget to buy plenty of meal-sized Tupperware containers. No Nonsense Nutrition rules Once you review these 10 rules you will instantly notice that they are very straightforward and you have probably heard of most of them before. the majority of these rules are what 90% of nutrition teaches. mushrooms. Page 92 of 200 www. cucumbers. In fact. broccoli.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 your vegetables from your local food market with your eyes closed. asparagus. some 1L water bottles and perhaps some plastic cutlery. What to eat 3. plastic bags. This should be the one section in the grocery store you are more familiar with than any other. sugar and bad fats. All rights reserved. 11. John Berardi wrote an article called. onions. Grocery shopping does not get easier than this once you discover that the best foods are located in the produce and refrigerated section. Don’t underestimate their simplicity and don’t think your plan needs to be any more complicated. This will help you prepare your meals in advance. 10. a lunch bag. A few years ago.VinceDelMonteFitness. Shop in the ‘safe zone’ to avoid the ambush of pre-packaged food and processed carbs. The Ten Habits Of Highly Successful Nutrition Programs. The nutrition industry has become so commercialized and technical that it’s missing the fundamental requirements that a good nutrition plan should be based on: 1.VinceDelMonteFitness. While you are at the grocery store you will notice that your trek does not wander into the ‘forbidden aisle.com .com 2006. celery and carrots. Here are your staples: spinach.’ The foundation of the following recommendations is based on avoiding the nasty scenario of turning into a blimp.

Look at them as GROWTH SURGES. Think of that next meal as a thicker back and chest.VinceDelMonteFitness. The meal plans included are based on 60% real food. Getting these habits consistent into your lifestyle will have greater impact than any other nutrition advice. What if one of those meals fall right before bedtime? Then follow the rule .com . eat 6 meals. oNce You Start eatING at tHe rIGHt tIMe (NutrIeNt tIMING). Think of that next meal as an extra inch on your biceps. Start eatING tHe rIGHt fooDS (fooD SelectIoN). Do not look at these time intervals as burdens. if you did not pay attention to the amount of calories you were eating one single bit. you will not lose an inch on your arms if you miss one meal but once you start averaging 3-4 instead of 6-8 meals a day don’t be upset when people look surprised when you tell them you work out with weights regularly! So how many meals should you be eating? That’s easy .since the typical North American diet is somewhere around 3 meals. let’s start with the 10 No Nonsense Nutrition rules. but simply followed the ten rules to the letter then I would not be surprised if you had a increase in strength. So how do we do this? Well.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Most people are fooled into thinking that ‘caloric intake’ is the most important thing in gaining weight or losing fat. 40% Power Shakes plus your liquid workout nutrition which will be discussed shortly.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 93 of 200 www. If we went to the extreme we © Vince Delmonte www. think of that next meal as bigger calves. ‘Skinny Guy University’ has shown that this is the most critical component that you can make to new growth spurts. a drop in body fat levels and new muscle growth. I would suggest mastering eating every 3 hours until you consider every 2 hours.just divide the time you’re awake by 2 or 3. To be honest.’ Take the opportunity to eat.Get reaDY for SoMe INSaNe MuScle GaIN. For a skinny guy who has been programmed with a super fast metabolism you need an alternative approach and strategy to gain weight. And if you miss a meal. All rights reserved.that is why it’s called a ‘rule. visualize a sea of piranhas eating up your muscle tissue like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Every time you eat look at it as an opportunity to rebuild another muscle fiber that you broke down. No. Eating this often sometimes feels like a burden . rule 1: eat everY 2-3 HourS for INSaNe MuScle GaIN. So if you’re awake 18 hours a day. aND NaIlING tHe correct voluMe of fooD WItH eacH Meal to HIt Your Goal calorIeS . They are actually making your muscles smaller. And those deadly piranhas are eating up your CURRENT muscle that you are not even satisfied with. meals or snacks.

It is better to get your protein from whole. and they will accelerate recovery by healing damaged muscle cells.VinceDelMonteFitness. ‘Hey. eat 40-60 GraMS of ProteIN WItH eacH Meal to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. All rights reserved.com 2006. Sure you need calories to grow but you also need these veggies for their high antioxidant profile that will help reduce the amount of free radicals from heavy training. Females should aim for 20-30 grams of protein per meal.VinceDelMonteFitness. No matter what you have heard on this (never eat after 7 P. turkey etc.com . © Vince Delmonte www. Finally the ‘muscle-nerds’ are catching up. eat veGetaBleS WItH eacH Meal to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. Trust me! Also. And if you have to resort to supplement shakes go for whey. I think I’m going to go eat a snack?’ Every 3 hours you should be eating decent size meals that will make your body better. casein or milk protein blends. don’t view these feeding opportunities as ‘snacks. You need protein to maximally turbo charge your metabolism. and lean protein. Do you think Ronnie Coleman says. chicken. tuna.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 would eat every 3 hours throughout the night as well. So it is important to keep these acid levels balanced by ingesting vegetables (and fruits) for their alkalinity to the blood.’ This is a wimpy word mentality that should not be in your vocabulary if you are trying to build muscle.M. Not only are vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals but there are also important plant chemicals called phytochemicals essential for optimal physiological functioning. yogurt and partly skimmed cheeses. Aim for Omega 3 eggs and pasteurized egg whites. complete. Aim for fish such as salmon. How are vegetables supposed to promote insane muscle gain? Your mom was right when she told you to eat up all your vegetables if you wanted to grow big and strong. hit these requirements and you are doing well. The meal plans include food sources that provide at least 40-60 grams of protein per meal. rule 3. The most neglected benefit of eating vegetables is their role in recovery. Aim for lean meats such as ground beef. Remember that protein is a costly food and burns twice as much energy as carbs and three times as much energy as fat. Whatever your current size. Most are unaware that proteins and grains create high levels of acid loads to the blood and if this is not balanced out with alkaline rich vegetables and fruits than too much acid can result in a loss of bone strength and muscle mass. garbage) ignore it. improve your muscle mass and accelerate recovery. orange roughy etc. Aim for dairy from cottage cheese. rule 2. Page 94 of 200 www.

HYDroGeNateD or PartIallY HYDroGeNateD oIl HIGHer uP oN tHe lISt of INGreDIeNtS. elIMINate BeveraGeS WItH ‘eMPtY’ calorIeS to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. doughnuts.VinceDelMonteFitness. This will make life easier and make them more accessible. cookies. this means all the ‘healthy’ fruit juices and soda products have to go. Page 95 of 200 www. This is not as complicated as it looks. to DeterMINe tHe aMouNt of traNS fat IN a fooD You MuSt kNoW WHat to look for oN fooD laBelS. Yes. rule 5. This is something that can be recommended for every man and women and has no potential side effects.for so many reasons -are trans fats.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 The best way to get your vegetables is to cut them all up at the start of the week. And as a skinny guy or anybody who wants to maximize muscle growth then eating 30% of your intake from fat is critical for boosting testosterone levels. rule 4. is an artery-clogging fat that is formed when vegetable oils are hardened into margarine or shortening. don’t worry.this number should remain pretty consistent for everyone. It is found in many other foods besides margarine and shortening. including fried foods like French fries and fried chicken. tHe More traNS fat. pastries and crackers. Yes. Trans fatty acids.VinceDelMonteFitness.your job is to simply include more olive oil and fish oil into your diet. about 30% of your diet should consist of fat . If you achieved 1/3 in each of these than you will optimize your health and muscle gains. eat HealtHY fatS WItH eacH Meal to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. Doughnuts have about 35 percent to 40 percent trans fatty acids. Aim for at least 2 servings. Again. which is the equivalent of 1-2 cups per meal. In the United States. the meal plans included have got you covered. WHeNever You See SHorteNING. typical French fries have about 40 percent trans fatty acids and many popular cookies and crackers range from 30 percent to 50 percent trans fatty acids. the only fats you MuSt avoid at all costs . However. also known as trans fat. Since North Americans are harshly deficient in mono (olive oil) and poly fats (from fish oils) and get enough of saturated fats as it is . All rights reserved. It would be convenient to see these calories as an easy source of extra calories however they pro- © Vince Delmonte www.com . every 2-3 hours you must be eating veggies.com 2006. the key is to balance out your intake between saturated.

Aim to use these at least 2 out of your 4 real meals a day and never more than three power shakes unless your life is extremely hectic and unmanageable. Like I said earlier. Whole food is loaded with digestive enzymes as well that help the absorption of food instead of eating too much ‘ground up’ food in the form of powder. It is easier to choose convenience over variety. rule 6. Just like our training that we rotate around to prevent boredom. I often have my clients use as few supplements as possible for the first few months of training.com . rule 7. lunch and dinner and the only time we eat differently is when we go out for dinner or someone else cooks for us. which means at least 4 of the 6 meals you are eating. Remember.VinceDelMonteFitness. I do not consider Power Shakes as supplementation because the only ‘supplement’ ingredient is protein powder.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 vide absolutely no nutrient value whatsoever. minerals. eat a WIDe SPectruM of fooDS to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. eat WHole fooDS 60% of tHe tIMe aND PoWer SHakeS 40% of tHe tIMe to ProMote INSaNe MuScle GaIN. rule 8. Don’t go for the boring and easy route. You will be amazed at the results achieved by simply putting all your efforts into following your meal plan. proper training and sleep. health and energy levels. you will eat whatever is in your house so the best strategy to eating a healthy variety is to shop for different foods each week. Your food intake should come from high quality food at least 60 % of the time. This will help balance out your diet and help you to measure the response from a variety of foods.com 2006. This will ensure more vitamins. Power Shakes will make your life much easier and will remove some of the inconveniences of having to cook and prepare food all day. antioxidants and fiber that supplements and pills lack. Pretty simple. The meal plans included are loaded with a wide variety of meals and even include cooking instructions so you will not just be slapping random food together. Page 96 of 200 www. It’s a very eye-opening experience when they see almost immediate changes in body composition. Don’t think fruit juices are a substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables.VinceDelMonteFitness. raID a Buffet at leaSt oNce a Week to ProMote © Vince Delmonte www. you should rotate around your food selection. The only other source of liquid you can safely take in is low fat milk. get used to drinking a lot of water and a few cups of green tea each day. It is easy to get into a robotic state of nutrition where we eat the exact same foods every day. All rights reserved. ingesting the same breakfast.

Bottom line . Just like you will not get bigger if you do not push your strength limits. when you first try to eat more it will be difficult. The more your muscles grow the more your body will want that extra food. Remember.and the buffet does a fine job of this.’ It is so true. this might mean packing a few shaker bottles if you know you will be on the road most of the day. This might require you to spend a few hours on Sunday evening cooking and storing all your food in Tupperware containers. All rights reserved.com 2006. ***Note that this rule should only be applied if using the Advanced Weight Gain Phase and this raid should be planned immediately after a hard training session to minimize the fat gain and shuttle the majority of the calories to your muscle stores. You have to push your appetite limits . I said it! If you want to bulk then you have to eat like Hulk! If you are trying to look like a bodybuilder than you have to eat like a bodybuilder. Page 97 of 200 www. INSaNe MuScle GaIN.you will notice a dramatic increase in your appetite. This rule could easily be number one because oftentimes it is not a shortage of information that creates a roadblock but our lack of CONSISTENCY and CREATIVITY.you would experience a growth surge. Like many things. your body will adjust.be prepared. © Vince Delmonte www. tIMe Your carBoHYDrateS arouND BreakfaSt. The major mistake most skinny guys make in trying to gain muscle is that they do not discipline themselves to eat enough calories. The best benefit of the ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’ raid is that it will prevent your metabolism from adapting to a certain number of calories. rule 9. PlaN aHeaD aND PrePare MealS IN aDvaNce. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail. than today it will be much quicker and burn some extra fat calories. look at the ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’ as an opportunity to test your stomach limits.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . This might mean waking up half an hour early so that you can cook all your meals for the day. This is a great way to increase your appetite but also to make you tougher mentally and more in tune to what it takes to build muscle.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 That’s right. If yesterday you raided an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just like you test your limits in the gym. rule 10. You must have a plan that will ensure you have the food prepared and cooked in the right selection and amounts every time you eat. tHe Pre. you metabolism reacts to what it did yesterday. Be patient. I strongly agree with the famous cliché that states.VinceDelMonteFitness. the same goes for appetite. which is good to keep your fat levels in check. The same goes for eating. I bet if you did not change anything about what you are currently eating but ensured food was there when it was time to eat . After a few weeks of disciplining yourself to eat more your body will gain more muscle and start ASKING FOR MORE CALORIES .

not to mention enough calories to support muscle growth. © Vince Delmonte www. you’ll gain weight. 12. All rights reserved. The majority of nutritional discussions about bodybuilding. the energy in versus energy out thermodynamic approach to weight gain (or loss) should be sufficient for intimidating everyone else at the beach when you strut around! Basically. How much food you eat at a particular time of the day should be based on the NEEDS OF YOUR BODY AT THAT CURRENT MOMENT. Shortly we will discuss the benefits of packing the bulk of your calories around the most catabolic and anabolic times of the day so you will have sufficient energy to train hard and heavy without any risk of muscle breakdown.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 No matter what anyone says. The following discussion will be a Sesame Street version of a very complex topic.’ If you are like most. athletic performance and overall body composition management focus on how much to eat.com . Nutrient timing I assume your goal is to focus on gaining muscle weight and losing fat . Shortly.com 2006. you will learn the concept of nutrient timing and where to time the majority of your carbohydrates which will have the greatest influence on whether you build muscle weight or just gain fat weight. Page 98 of 200 www. Unless you’re gifted with the right genetics.’ You might have learned the hard way by eating more food than you expand or less than you expand and were disappointed to discover that you turned into a smaller or bigger version of yourself with the same amounts of muscle and same amounts of fat. All of the meal plans included are based on these 10 No Nonsense Rules. Your high school phys-ed teacher was a bit off when he told you that a ‘calorie is a calorie. DurING aND PoSt Workout WINDoW aND tWo PoSt-Workout MealS. I believe this is the safest and most effective way to maximize your muscle:fat-gain ratio when bulking. An exclusive focus on simply weight gain or fat loss can cause a serious letdown in your nutritional plan.not simply weight gain and weight loss. then you are not amongst the ‘friendly genes club. the dude gifted with the lucky genes is going to primarily gain muscle when he ‘bulks up’ and primarily lose fat when he ‘cuts.’ and if you simply eat less than you expend (no matter what you eat) you will lose weight. And if you eat more than you expend (eating whatever you want). So if you fall into this category (you sincerely did bulk up but just got fat or you sincerely did cut your calories but seemed to just lose muscle) then focusing on calories in versus calories out is not going to work for you alone.VinceDelMonteFitness. I trust these rules have established a foundation and explained the why.VinceDelMonteFitness.

lean cuts of high quality protein and healthy fats. pre-packaged macaroni and cheese.VinceDelMonteFitness. Still. Add in the wrong foods at the wrong times and you will instantly sabotage your quest for a lean and ripped physique. When I was in my last year at the University of Western Ontario. So far we have discussed what to eat and I have provided a calculator to determine which meal plan to start with for how much to eat. improve testosterone production and increase the amount of fat you burn. There are ‘windows of opportunity’ in the day when your body will be primed for muscle gain but there are also ‘windows of in opportunity’ when your body is primed for fat gain. Add the right foods at the right times and you will give your body an enormous advantage over others. Some carbohydrates have a different effect on your insulin levels than others – some sugars will enter your bloodstream rapidly and cause a spike in your insulin levels. proteins and fats you choose will either help or hinder your composition changes.VinceDelMonteFitness. depending on the time of day certain proteins will be more advantageous than others. I was a student of John Berardi. Choose your foods wisely – some can be disastrous at certain times of the day and some can be extremely powerful at other times of the day.com 2006. and fast food is completely different from 3000 calories of natural fruit and vegetables. For example. Some will enter your bloodstream at a slower level and release a steady flow of sugar to your muscles without the energy fluxes. This was one of the critical components of my nutritional planning that led to gaining over 50 pounds of primarily muscle weight in 6 months. I contribute a large percentage of my own success to the science of when to eat. All rights reserved. At the time he was not very well known but is now considered one of the top exercise nutrition coaches in the world. It was under John Berardi that I was taught the little-known secrets of nutrient timing. Now we will talk about when to eat. So what’s the big deal about when to eat? To fully understand nutrient timing it is critical that you understand these two points: 1. can lead to body composition changes. © Vince Delmonte www. 2. Page 99 of 200 www. this formula will fail because 3000 calories from pastries. other fats will go directly to your ‘stubborn’ body parts (making them even more stubborn) and some fats can boost your metabolism.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 As you know. Some proteins are released into your bloodstream quicker than others and again. this is why choosing the right foods and eating certain ones at the right times even if you take in the same amount of calories. Scientists are now discovering that the type of carbs. leading to fat storage. not to mention the health benefits that are associated with wise food selection and timing.com .

then it becomes important to ingest the appropriate nutrients during our training. The Pro’s – Anabolic Effects · Increased blood flow · Increased Testosterone. The Anabolic Phase. Page 100 of 200 www. These times are known as the Energy Phase. intense training session.com . and The Growth Phase. Likewise. All rights reserved. If you have not supplied your body with adequate nutrition prior to commencing your workout then where do you think your body will get the energy to train hard? Ideally. Without a physiology lesson. So the four phases are as follows: Phase Phase Phase Phase 1: The Energy Phase 2: The Anabolic Phase 3: The Growth Phase 4: The Recovery Phase The Energy Phase occurs during the workout when your energy demands are the highest in the day. This is not what you want! Since we are trying to achieve the opposite effect and pack on inches of hard muscle to our frame. the authors refer to three critical times of the day in which nutrient timing takes on a greater importance. “Nutrient Timing” by Drs. Certain proteins such as whey are excellent during and immediately after a workout but not so beneficial at other times of the day.VinceDelMonteFitness. MaSterING Your Workout NutrItIoN IS oNe SMall PIece of tHe Puzzle But tHIS IS aN exPloSIve fIrSt SteP to GettING BIGGer. In the book. Growth Hormone and IGF-1 release · Decreased Insulin concentrations © Vince Delmonte www. you want your energy to come from ingested food prior to workout and not from your own body stores. If you end up using your own body stores for energy then don’t be surprised if you actually get smaller and perform at a lower level in the gym. aS loNG aS You folloW tHe otHer PHaSeS WItH equal effort.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 sugar should be avoided at almost all costs except prior to.com 2006. I’ll use them here but add a fourth phase to refer to the rest of the day called The Recovery Phase. high fiber foods are excellent at all times of the day but will be a hindrance during the post workout period.VinceDelMonteFitness. during and after your workout. John Ivy and Robert Portman. consider the anabolic and catabolic effects that occur during a high quality. Since I like these distinctions.

I said it ‘can be’ anabolic if the right nutritional choices are made because it can also be the most catabolic time in the day (catabolic refers to ‘breakdown’ © Vince Delmonte www. this is a lot of sugar. If the right nutritional choices are made then this can be the most anabolic (anabolic refers to ‘building’ and for our purposes.4g of protein/kg of body weight diluted in about 1 L of water. This is a very powerful weapon in your quest for size! The Anabolic Phase occurs immediately after the workout is over and lasts for 12 hours. For a 160 pound male that means 58g of dextrose ( # lbs / 2. During the energy Phase it is very important to drink a liquid protein/carbohydrate beverage 15 minutes prior to your workout. Page 101 of 200 www. those amino acids and glucose units will help suppress cortisol concentrations and improve overall immune function. This will prevent potential muscle breakdown and glycogen depletion. John Berardi recommends. I will teach you how to make your own homemade energy supplement shortly. Yes. Sounds pretty exciting for a little ol’ protein/carbohydrate drink. In addition.VinceDelMonteFitness. eh? Determining how much is not as simple but I will recommend the same formula that Dr. Start off by drinking 0.. meaning that it is this time in the day that your muscle cells are primed for muscle building. In addition.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 The Con’s – Catabolic Effects · Glycogen depletion (lost of energy reserves) · Decreased net protein balance (muscle breakdown) · Increased Cortisol concentrations and decreased Insulin concentrations · Increased metabolic rate (6-8x higher at rest so greater breakdown of body reserves) · Dehydration (decreases strength by 20%) It should become clear that we have an opportunity to optimize the pros and minimize the cons. Let’s assume that you will be using this secret weapon on your high-intensity weight training days and your goals are to put on as much muscle mass as possible. Since you will be sipping on this drink during your workout.com 2006.com .2 = # of kgs) and 29g of hydrolyzed protein powder.VinceDelMonteFitness. you might even feel sick at first.8g of carbohydrate/kg of body weight and 0. All rights reserved. specifically refers to muscle building) time of the day. you will be able to train 110% from start to finish and prevent strength loss as a result of dehydration. Not only this but you will have a steady flow of amino acids and glucose being shuttled via your blood directly to your muscles. Trust me on this. INGeStING a ProteIN/carBoHYDrate SuPPleMeNt DrINk 15 MINuteS PrIor to exercISe aND SIPPING oN aNotHer oNe DurING Your Workout WIll actuallY IMProve MuScle BlooD floW. you should be sipping another one during your workout.

If you do not supply your body with the building blocks it needs to repair itself then where do you think your body gets what it needs? I hate to say this. This means that you could actually load up on specific carbohydrates and proteins that might normally be counterproductive to your goals.VinceDelMonteFitness. your body’s primary function in life is to survive and supply sugar to your brain so that you can live. you must drink another (yes. All rights reserved. Most of my clients are overwhelmed with the amount of sugar carbs that are consumed in such a short period of time. Your body does not care about having 18-inch arms or a ripped and muscular body that you can show off. and guess which storage site on your body is responsible for the excess? To be more specific. it is important to understand that insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance are higher at this time of day than any other time – take advantage! Look at it this way. If the delivery truck comes when the shelves are still half-stocked then the excess inventory has to be put somewhere. Therefore you now know that almost all carbohydrate (assuming the workout was intense enough) ingested immediately after exercise will be used to replenish your depleted glycogen reserves and spike your insulin levels to shuttle proteins into your muscles © Vince Delmonte www. Sugar is typically a no-no at all other times in the day but is actually one of the best foods to ingest during and after a workout.and the best time for a delivery truck to come and re-stock the shelves is when all the rooms are empty. but your body needs to get it from somewhere so it will start to convert your precious muscle into energy for survival! So how do some guys build huge muscles with crappy or no workout nutrition strategies? Your body flips a ‘switch’ within about 24 hours and shifts back to anabolism but until you get nutrients into your body it stays in a catabolic state for a few hours after your workout is complete! So why make your body wait for a day before it starts growing when you make it start growing right away? To maximize the Anabolic Phase. your muscle cells and liver have only a certain storage capacity.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 and for our purposes.com 2006. which will make it three in total) liquid protein/carbohydrate drink immediately after your workout. regardless. Remember. specifically refers to muscle breakdown). After a busy day these storage sites are cleared of all their inventory . once they are topped off the excess inventory or calories go to the only other available storage site – your fat cells! As you can see.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . the post-workout period is when your storage sites are at their lowest and have the greatest capacity to be re-stocked versus any other time of the day. Page 102 of 200 www. Pretend your muscles. liver and fat cells are three different storage rooms in a large warehouse.

The Recovery Phase will encompass everything you eat during the rest of the day. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. Your best bet is to eliminate any sort of liquid meal during this period and focus on real food which is more slowly digested and helps prevent insulin fluctuations in blood sugar. During the Growth Phase it is important to continue to feed with carbohydrates and proteins but not in a 2:1 ratio like the energy and anabolic Phases. These liquid drinks provide a huge. replenish glycogen stores. oats. and wild rice during the Growth Phase. beans.com . These meals should consist of real foods based on a 1:1 ratio since your body is moving back towards normal functioning as that anabolic window closes. which leads to energy highs and lows and the battle of the bulge! You are better off choosing slower digesting proteins during this time such as meats. This is the time when it is critical to supply your body with enough food to overload your metabolism for growth.VinceDelMonteFitness. cottage cheese. Page 103 of 200 www. your muscles will not be fully recovered within a few hours after your workout – your glycogen stores will still be partially depleted and your muscles will still be broken down and under construction. refuel your muscles for your next training bout and repair the damaged muscles so that you will have new muscle to train with when you return the gym. Considering this change back to ‘normalcy’ it is important that our high-glycemic sugary foods and rapidly digesting protein super heroes who stole the show in our Energy and Anabolic Phases are now the arch enemy during the Growth Phase. This is the best time of the day to eat the wrong foods and get away with it – having a king-size carbohydrate and protein drink will not lead to fat gain.VinceDelMonteFitness. Basically the period of time for muscle growth is diminishing since insulin sensitivity is taking a vacation until your next workout. and yogurt etc.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 for muscle growth and increase fat metabolism. vegetables.. After we eliminate 8-9 hours for sleep and 7-8 hours for the Energy. These are the meals that are considered the Recovery Phase.com 2006. assuming that you depleted at least 70% of your glycogen reserves during your workout (the program in itself that I have created in this e-book will ensure you severely deplete more than 70%). muscle-building insulin surge so they are beneficial during and after the workout but raising your insulin levels at other times of the day will instantly reward you a fine pot belly! Unfortunately. This strategy will successfully shift your body’s protein balance to positive and keep it away from the negative (breakdown) zone. and you will have to part ways with your good friends Testosterone and Growth Hormone for a little while. Anabolic and Growth Phases there are 8-9 more hours in the day which will make up your last three meals. How you eat during this period is highly individualized. as well as low glycemic carbohydrates such as fruits. suppress catabolism and also increase anabolism! the Growth Phase occurs for up to six hours after training.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 If you are taking the ‘stay lean all year and build muscle slowly’ approach then I would suggest you reduce the amount of carbohydrates in these three meals a little more than the Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans. All rights reserved. Do not eliminate the carbs completely as shown on the meal plans but simply reduce the amounts slightly.com 2006. If You’re takING tHe ‘Bulk uP to overSHoot Your curreNt BoDY WeIGHt BY 30-50 PouNDS’ aPProacH tHeN SIMPlY folloW tHe Meal PlaNS to a t.VinceDelMonteFitness. If your goal is to take the ‘stay lean all year’ approach and want to make muscle gains at a slower rate at the expense of keeping your body fat lower then you will eliminate all the carbs found in your Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans during these times of day. These should remain a staple 24/7.then you have no guess work here whatsoever.VinceDelMonteFitness. antioxidants and fiber.I’m talking 30-50 pounds over the next year . Page 104 of 200 www. For you ambitious guys who wish to pack on some serious size . aDD oNlY tHe Workout NutrItIoN StrateGIeS tHat WIll Be outlINeD SHortlY. SUMMARY Phase The Energy Phase The Anabolic Phase The Growth Phase time Period 15 minutes prior to workout Sip during workout Immediately after workout 1 hour after training 3 hours after training The Recovery Phase Remainder three or four Meals in the day Meal type Liquid P + C Liquid P + C Liquid P + C P+C+F P+C+F P+F Notes No fat No fat No fat Balanced Meal Balanced Meal Few Carbs** **The summary above is based on the ‘stay lean all year’ approach to muscle gain. Simply follow the meal plans provided right to the letter and I promise that you will make some insane muscle gain! © Vince Delmonte www. which are loaded with vitamins. The only carb you will not eliminate are the veggies. Eating predominantly fats and proteins during these meals will help you keep a lower body fat percentage year round. minerals.com .

dextrose. © Vince Delmonte www.8g/kg Protein 0.8g/kg 0. We need a protein that can be absorbed within minutes. One cup of fruit is the equivalent of about 20-25 g of simple sugars and may be more ideal for your post-workout shake. You will have no energy to lift heavier weights to ‘out-do’ yourself. How Do I create My Workout Shakes? Pre Workout (15 minutes before workout) During Workout (Sip during) Post Workout (Immediately after) Carbohydrate 0. or congested after taking a whey hydrolysate. you will be dehydrated (resulting in even more loss in strength). which is also known as corn sugar and can be found in a bulk store or in specialty grocery stores. just like the glucose. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. and you will dump loads of cortisol into your body causing the perfect environment for muscle loss. The volume of fruit required to get 0. Another benefit of whey hydrolysates is that they are not only fast but they are non-allergenic. Gatorade. I sometimes use real fruit for the extra vitamins and minerals. Personally I use dextrose. If the energy is not supplied then. Muscle glycogen stores are depleted more during and after a workout than any other time of the day. Best sources of protein are whey hydrolysates (also known as hydrolyzed whey protein).4g/kg 0g 0.8g/kg might require a very large water bottle because you will need more liquid to dilute the beverage. creatine will be discussed more thoroughly in the next chapter. gassy. Page 105 of 200 www.4g/kg 5g Best sources of carbohydrate should come from simple glucose and glucose polymers such as maltodextrin.8g/kg 0. You will not feel bloated. then you can also use a sports drink such as Powerade. or fruit juices. Fruit is also not the best source of post workout sugar because is replenishes your liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen. Our goal is to replenish our glycogen levels immediately and to provide a steady stream of energy to our muscles during our workout. fruit or fruit juice.com . This means that they are compatible if you have mild protein intolerance or lactose intolerance. your body will resort to your muscle protein for energy. Whey hydrolysates have a much faster absorption rate than whey concentrates or isolates which can take 1-2 hours to reach maximum concentrations.com 2006. let’s summarize the goals of the crucial post-workout nutrition phase which are the same goals we wish to accomplish during the workout itself: 1.4g/kg Creatine 5g 0. If you have trouble getting your hands on either of these products.VinceDelMonteFitness. consequently.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 13.

This is very important. Flooding our body with rapidly digesting proteins immediately after a workout will initiate protein synthesis. simultaneously minimizing or even preventing muscle breakdown. 14.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 2.insulin! And the taxi driver (insulin) only shows up when the right passengers are on board (simple sugars). I need to eat a lot of food.“What If I Don’t Have a Big appetite?” I could have a separate email account just to handle this one question! Does this sound like you? “I realize that to get big. You wouldn’t double your bench press in one workout. Some guys think that just because you drink a ‘protein drink’ after a workout that everything is dandy. yard by yard. adding larger portions of protein and carbohydrates or adding an additional meal.VinceDelMonteFitness. Listen up. After a few months. Just like clock-work. so don’t go to extremes with your meals in one ‘workout.VinceDelMonteFitness. 3.com .. If you consume only a protein drink after your workout then you are short-changing yourself. Page 106 of 200 www.’ Commit your body to adaptation but eating consistently. gradually conditioned my body to expect a quality meal every three hours or less. your stomach will begin to growl and crave food every three © Vince Delmonte www.” Look at eating as another aspect of bodybuilding that you have to train for. life is hard! Just as you add a 10-pound plate to each side of the bar to gradually increase your bench press.com 2006. All rights reserved. I. Don’t jump to six meals a day if you are currently handling three meals a day. you must also make gradual changes in your diet. just as you lift weights. I have to eat 5-6 meals a day to normally function or else I feel like crap. Demanding training sessions will eventually shift your protein balance from positive to negative. The protein is almost useless without its taxi driver . As we have just discussed. your body will eventually adapt and require you to eat every few hours. but I just can’t – I don’t have much of an appetite. Inch by inch life is cinch.. If you do not consume a post-workout beverage then your body will stay in a negative protein balance for up to 24 hours instead of flipping the switch on for muscle growth within 1 hour! Pretty awesome eh! Using a recovery drink can help you recover almost a day earlier than someone who is not using this strategy. Providing the suggested carbohydrate intake during and after your workout will ensure that you stimulate high levels of the anabolic hormone insulin. myself. the hormone that shuttles carbohydrates into the muscles for storage. you know that eating every three hours is the maximum amount of time that you should leave between meals It’s no doubt that eating that often is challenging when you first start out but it’s easy if you take it in stage. Just because you put it into your mouth does not mean it is traveling to the right place in your body.

VinceDelMonteFitness. They assist in digesting and breaking down your food. All rights reserved. A big part of adding mass is eating enough.5 cup of ice Splenda. Your body will tolerate a greater percentage of carbohydrates to support muscle glycogen replenishment and give your metabolism a nice boost.com . the other part is absorbing what you’re actually eating. Page 107 of 200 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 hours of eating! cuts Back on fats to Increase Your appetite A lot of hardgainers try to make up their caloric deficiency with lots of fat however I would promote the opposite approach.’ which are empty of excessive fat. for taste alMoND cocoNut SHake 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 cup of 1% chocolate milk 6 almonds © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. High-fat foods tend to slow the process which foods flow through the stomach and digestive system. I used them while I competed in my fitness model shows and trying to pack on quality weight. peeled and cubed 1 strawberry ½ cup of ice cubes cHocolate PeaNut Butter SHake 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 cup of 1% chocolate milk ½ cup of cottage cheese 2 tbsp natural peanut butter 1. An alternate and more effective solution to keeping your metabolism elevated so you will be hungry again is to stick to ‘clean foods. undrained 1 kiwi. Sample Power Shakes ISlaND PoWer GaINer SHake 1-3 scoops of protein powder ½ mango. Try taking digestive enzymes with meals.com 2006. any other tricks? 15. This is another reason why breakfast and post workout are such critical times in the day to boost your metabolism. High-fat foods will kill your appetite because they do not stimulate your metabolism. such as leaner proteins and carbohydrates. peeled and cubed ½ cup of pineapple chunks in unsweetened juice.

Page 108 of 200 www.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 1 tbsp of grated coconut Splenda for taste ½ cup of almond extract 1 cup of ice vINNY’S claSSIc 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 cup of banana’s 1 tbs of natural peanut butter 4 graham crackers 2 cups of 1% milk 1 cup of ice BerrY BlaSt SHake1 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 cup of frozen strawberries ½ cup of frozen blackberries ½ cup of frozen blueberries ½ cup of non-fat yogurt ½ cup of non fat plain yogurt 1 tbs of honey 1 cup of ice aPPle-cINNaMoN SHake 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 cup of applesauce.com 2006. unsweetened 2 tbsp of wheat germ 1 tbsp honey 1 cup of ice BaNaNa creaM PIe 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk ½ cup of bananas 4 graham crackers ½ tsp of cinnamon ceMeNt MIxer 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 1 scoop of Greens Plus ½ cup of blueberries ½ cup of strawberries © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.

com 2006. Page 109 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 cHocolate raSPBerrY MouSSe 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 spoon of chocolate syrup ½ cup of raspberries 1/5 cups of skim milk ½ cup of ice cubes cookIe treat 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 3 chocolate wafers 3 drops of mint extract ½ cup of ice cubes 1 and ½ cups of skim milk DouBle DIPPeD cHocolate StraWBerrY 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 3 chocolate wafer cookies 1 and ½ cups of skim milk ½ cup of strawberries StraWBerrY-BaNaNa raMMa 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of pineapple juice ½ cup of strawberries ½ cup of bananas cocoNut ISlaND 1-3 scoops of protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk ½ cup of bananas 4 graham crackers 1 tsp of coconut extract PeaNut Butter cuP 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter 3 chocolate wafer cookies MocHa Java 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 1 spoon of chocolate syrup 1 spoon of instant coffee © Vince Delmonte www.

Page 110 of 200 www.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 MID-SuMMerS NIGHt DreaM 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of pineapple juice ½ cup of blueberries ½ cup of raspberries oraNGe creaMSIcle 1-3 scoops of protein powder ½ cup of skim milk 1 and ½ cups of orange Gatorade ½ cup of ice ravISHING raSPBerrY 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of pineapple juice ½ cup of bananas ½ cup of raspberries StraWBerrY SHortcake 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk ½ cup of strawberries 2-4 graham crackers SHaMrock SHake 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 2 scoops of Greens Plus after eIGHt lIte 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water peppermint extract BerrY DelIcIouS 1-3 scoops of strawberry protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water ½ scoop of raspberries ½ scoop of strawberries BerrY MINt cooler 1-3 scoops of strawberry protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water ½ cup of raspberries peppermint extract © Vince Delmonte www.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.

VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 Blue laGooN 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water ½ cup of blueberries caffeINe Buzz 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water instant coffee cravING BuSter 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp of flax oil ½ cup of strawberries ½ cup of raspberries 1 and ½ cups of ice water MorNING GlorY 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of ice water 2 scoops of Greens Plus 1 tbs of flax oil turBo cHarGe 1-3 scoops of strawberry protein powder ½ cup of melons ½ cup of bananas 1 and ½ cups of ice water SPleNDID cINNaMoN 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 tbsp of cinnamon 1 and ½ cups of ice water after eIGHt 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 5 drops of mint extract ½ cup of ice cuP of YoutH 1-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder 1 and ½ cups of skim milk 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup 1 scoop of bananas 4 chocolate wafers © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 111 of 200 www.com 2006.com .

mint extract. Page 112 of 200 www.com 2006. or graham crackers Protein --> should come from protein powder. milk or cottage cheese Fats --> should come from olive oil. egg whites.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . flax oil or natural peanut butter Water --> Add one tbsp at a time until smooth and creamy Ice cubs --> at least ½ cup but not necessary Juice --> can be alternated as liquid but not suggested because it’s a poor source of carbs Extras --> be creative and experiment with Oreos. honey etc © Vince Delmonte www. nuts.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 tutI fruItI 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of orange Gatorade ½ cup of strawberries ½ cup of bananas WIlDerNeSS exPloSIoN 1-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 and ½ cups of blueberry Gatorade ½ cup of strawberries ½ cup of blueberries No NoNSeNSe GaINer SHake (if you can stomach it!) 1-2 cups of pasteurized egg whites ½ cup of cooked oatmeal 1-2 cups of 1% chocolate milk ½ of raspberry yogurt ½ cup of frozen fruit (your choice) 1 tbs of natural peanut butter tips for making your own shakes: Carbs --> should come from oatmeal. All rights reserved. vanilla extract.VinceDelMonteFitness. fruit.

. Now before moving on I would like to address an objection you are probably thinking about after you have discovered how many calories your body actually needs. never mind each day of the week!’ I will accept this objection with all sincerity but will urge you to throw this excuse out the window for your own scrawny body’s sake. What about My Nutrition on Non-training Days? This is very simple. For the record – there are no misprints on these meal plans.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. The most common e-mail I receive is one that questions the volume of food that is required to achieve the 4. five and six thousand-calorie plans look like more food than your perceived three. Some will be content with the gains they make with this meal plan. Now that you know what it takes to achieve the body you desire it is your job to decide how far you want to take your improvements.. is hearing! How many times have you been told to eat more but you never seem to listen – or maybe you listen but you never execute? Or perhaps your perceived notion of a lot of food is still a few dozen meals away from a few more inches around your arms. As I said earlier. For some.000 and 6000-calorie meal plans. your caloric intake will need to be increased and you can start following the 4. If you think these meal plans are unrealistic then I’m going to say ‘pull up your panties and deal with it!’ Seriously. as you grow. My job is to tell you exactly what is required to achieve a goal that has appeared impossible. 5. You will follow the appropriate Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans based on your calorie requirements just as shown. four. Most of the time the only thing the average hard gainer is hard of. If right now. for a second. Page 113 of 200 www. And so forth.000. how massive you will be if you have the commitment and discipline to keep eating until your body requires the 6000-calorie meal plan to grow! If these three. final Words on Nutrition.com . I have reviewed them myself and they are correct! I have been informed by many that they ‘can not imagine eating this amount of food in a day. Imagine. You will eat the same way on your training days as your recovery days except that you will eliminate the three liquid drinks around your workout (the Energy and Anabolic Phases).com 2006. I wish I could show you how to make it easier but that is not my job. All rights reserved. the massive eating calculator has determined you need to start with 3. four.000.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 16.000-calorie meal plan. dump the title of hard gainer.calorie meal plan for growth then this is your first step. five or six thousand-calorie plan then this might explain why you appear to be muscularly challenged – you are simply underfed and waiting to be © Vince Delmonte www. Since your caloric expenditure is smaller on your non-training days it is not necessary to take the extra few hundred calories found in your workout drinks. I have no desire to sugar coat the truth and tell you that this will be easy.

© Vince Delmonte www. Significant changes are not achieved by using your current mind-set.VinceDelMonteFitness. They are honest and based on science and will break you out of your ‘comfort zone’ and accelerate your gains to a new level.if you mess up these plans once the whole program is not doomed to failure. The reality is that you will not transition perfectly to these new habits. Don’t get me wrong .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 7 fed so you can grow! The nutritional plans outlined. If you are happy with what you are getting then keep doing what you are doing. By following the principles and strategies in this manual you are making a wise decision to see your ultimate goals achieved with consistent commitment. All I can promise is that the closer you follow this plan the more you can expect in return. All rights reserved. but very powerful. because this program is not about gaining just 5-10 pounds of muscle in the next year. It is about seriously changing the way your body looks by adding 30-50 pounds of muscle to your frame and making you significantly stronger and a ‘story-to-tell. It’s crazy how many people expect a different result without doing anything differently.” A little wordy. Lastly. Page 114 of 200 www. Do less than your goal calories tell you and you will get less than what I promise you to expect. if I appear to be coming down hard on you then it is because I am. If you are not happy with what you are getting then you must become a different person by habit and action.com . Do more and gain more than I promise you will expect.com 2006. Significant changes require significant changes – makes sense right? I assume that when you purchased this book you decided to trust me and make a decision to learn how to build massive muscles naturally so that you will turn heads wherever you go.VinceDelMonteFitness. The better choices you make will definitely help improve your body’s muscularity. I do not want you to fail before you even start.’ Here is a little philosophy I learned from Australian strength coach Ian King: “You are completely responsible for everything you have and everything you are getting right now based on the person you are being and the things you are doing. provided by Empowered Nutrition Systems. As you can see you are in complete control of how big you become. which is owned by Patrick McGuire (a good friend of mine). are your building blocks to build massive amounts of muscle the natural way.

. 1. and Paula kurtzweil Walter: ‘Ads for billions of dollars of diet products and services sold each year often include false. Well. All rights reserved.’ said FTC Chairman Timothy J.’ .. these rampant.. including the suggestion that pounds could be shed without cutting calories and increasing physical activity. ‘Other ads made unproven claims about safety and effectiveness.choose them Wisely. gov/bcp/conline/features/wgtloss.ftc. and the promise of a steady weight loss of eight to 10 pounds per week. ‘More than half of the ads either made false statements or statements that were very likely to be false..’ ...VinceDelMonteFitness.’ .’ . and still others purported that their products produced long-term permanent weight loss. ‘At least 40 percent of the 300 ads reviewed in the two. ‘It appears that too many unscrupulous marketers are making false claims promising dramatic and effortless weight loss to sell their products.’ . The U.year study made at least one false representation.com 2006. ‘As with cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse.’ .com .’ .. ‘We have known for some time now that there is a serious problem with weight-loss product advertising.VinceDelMonteFitness. © Vince Delmonte www. deceptive claims not only waste money but also place some consumers at risk.S. I hope I’m not going to shock anybody – but at least it is now official. false or deceptive advertising of weight-loss products and services puts people at risk.. ‘With nearly 70 million Americans trying to lose weight or to prevent weight gain at any given time. according to a government report released yesterday. ‘This report demonstrates the extent of that problem. such as ‘can eat as much as you want and still lose weight’ ... Muris. Federal Trade Commission has published a report that states weight loss adverts are generally a pack of lies! You can find the entire article at this link: http://www. misleading and exaggerated claims that promise rapid. effortless weight loss and unachievable goals.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Making Sense of Supplementation .. Page 115 of 200 www. Walter Gross.. the advertisements only tell Part of the Story. when there was little to support that claim.pdf I could have told you that from personal experience – but here are a few extracts from the ftc reports that were written by richard cleland.

but before you laugh too hard. Things like. they will quickly show a ‘scientific’ study and some dude in a lab coat that ‘proves’ it works. they will provide a solution. “Gain 5 Pounds in 8 days On This 3rd Generation Creatine. Marketers are geniuses when it comes to getting us to buy. They will go to great lengths to get you to buy their product.com 2006. have no idea that these fitness magazines also own supplement companies. doesn’t that sound just like the muscle gain adverts we see for BS weight gain/steroid alternative supplements all over certain websites and magazines? The reason I included the above report is because many of these same companies that create fat loss products also create weight gain and ‘muscle building’ products.” or “Put 2 inches on your arms in one month. Many people (including myself when I first entered the bodybuilding world).VinceDelMonteFitness. I wonder what conclusion the FTC would come to if they did a review of “weight gain” supplements? You have probably seen some of the ridiculous claims yourself. especially beginners. And of course if you dispute any of their claims. They suggest that Product A can help you achieve a desired result. All rights reserved.information is everywhere.” or “Scientifically proven to gain muscle. or can help you build mountains of muscle. If you have a problem. They are trained professionals and know exactly how to provide obscure details and words. They never state that it will...’ . Page 116 of 200 www.. more accurately – untrustworthy . allow us to fill in the blanks and read in between the lines. Here’s an actual example of an advert they reviewed.VinceDelMonteFitness. The misinformation about supplements is fueled by the fitness magazines themselves and results in the root problem...com . They make outrageous exaggerations beyond our wildest dreams and suggest almost magical results. Remember that advertising is all about selling – sometimes at the cost of truth and morality...” and thousands of other claims made by supplement companies to push their products on you. they pry on your emotions and cling to your despair and want you to have faith in the best situation possible so that you will buy their product.. ‘Amazing Fat Fighting Diet Pill Produces an Extremely Fast Weight Loss. Supplement companies’ priorities are quite simple – create a profitable product. Even if You Cheat or Refuse to Diet’ Obviously untrue... This misleading. the reality is that advertisements only tell you a part of the story.. Some magazines are created for the sole purpose of building a vehicle to sell their supplement line. It is now literally impossible to obtain an unbiased and objective viewpoint of the © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 ‘Many of the products and programs most heavily advertised are at best unproven and at worst unsafe. Product A can shift your body into metabolic overdrive.

Less advertising equals less supplement sales and the sick cycle continues. They operate on a series of ‘little known’ rules that everyone follows and nobody questions. It’s really simple – no results equal no motivation. buy some supplements and quit by the 3rd month! Why do they quit? I would say it’s because they are not getting what they were promised – results.com 2006. DID You kNoW tHat You caN create Your oWN aND eveN More PoteNt SuPPleMeNtS (aND SPeND leSS MoNeY DoING It) out of BaSIc SuPPleMeNtS. Why spend © Vince Delmonte www. They do not sell on volume and deception so have lower sales and can not afford multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. useful. buy some reading literature.. buy some exercise equipment.. I am not sure if The 3 Month Rule is the official title for this phenomenon but it will do. 2.’ and is something many fitness companies have been aware of since this statistic was released. Magazines would be reduced to 10% content and 90% advertising (some magazines are close to this ratio already!) A quality magazine would be reduced to a quarterly publication or a bimonthly publication at best. Not only am I about to reveal to you their most trusted secrets but I’m going to show you how to create your own supplement routine.com . I personally call this ‘The 3–Month Rule. start a new diet.VinceDelMonteFitness. Not to mention – a good product is going to cost more – so their product can not compete on cost. This would be financial suicide because money made from these magazines is not from subscriptions or newsstands sales but from the supplement advertisers.VinceDelMonteFitness. A reduction in magazine publications means a reduction in income from advertising sales. The 3–Month Rule states that the average person will join a gym.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 product because of the conflicting interest. Did you know that 60% of new weight training routines fail in the first 3 months and that 90% of diet programs fail in the first 3 months? Interestingly. many workout programs and transformation competitions are based on a 12-week plan!? coincidence? Not even close. To be honest. Page 117 of 200 www. if they know you are reading this. the Supplement companies Don’t Want You to read this. Can you imagine a supplement company publishing an article called “Don’t waste your money on Supplement X” and then trying to sell supplements on the next page with a full-page advertising spread! If only truthful. this content is going to scare them. Unfortunately there are not many high quality companies or products that are created from scratch. All rights reserved. and factual information was printed in muscle magazines it would be difficult to fill their pages each month. INSteaD of PurcHaSING overPrIceD oNeS? The supplement industry has discovered how to become rich very quickly.

You would decide on your product name and label. All rights reserved. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. and is able to put the product together. and then have the supplier formulate your product. diet or sleep.com 2006. Page 118 of 200 www. you now have the job of creating a ‘story’ that will © Vince Delmonte www. There will be another herd of mooing cattle moving in for the “slaughter” and this allows the company to continue this cycle over and over while making a lot of money in the process. And most likely the supplement had nothing to do with their gains – most likely it had something to do with their training intensity.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 more time and money if you are not getting anything in return? This means that fitness companies really have no incentive to create products that work. You’re now in business. and to suck up as much of your money as possible in that three month period. A contract manufacturer is basically a company that has the tools and equipment to get the materials needed for a specific product. hire some supplement reps. aNotHer rule tHat GoeS aloNG WItH tHe 3–MoNtH rule IS tHe “rePeat rule.VinceDelMonteFitness. throw your company label on the package. tHeY WoN’t WaNt to MeSS WItH a GooD tHING aND WIll keeP BuYING tHe ProDuct. The only goal is to create a product that works partially and keeps them coming back for more. Supplement companies would approach a large manufacture for a bulk order of a specific product they wanted to create. So You Want to create Your own Supplement company? It’s easier than You think! Most companies get their products from a contract manufacturer.VinceDelMonteFitness. Next. I would not be surprised if your strength actually went up the next month! The power created by your mind could actually be responsible for the real results! 3. Pretty much all the creatine and other popular supplements are created by a few major companies around the world that are responsible for producing mass quantities. Since you are about to go into business you can buy it from one of these major companies and they will formulate it for you under safe conditions. As a new supplement company. So if you wanted to create your own supplement company you would contract with one of these manufacturers. If I gave you a red pill packaged in a impressive looking bottle (the pill is actually filled with salt but you don’t know this) and told you this would skyrocket your strength in the next month. Big deal if their product does not work.” eveN If tHe ProDuct HaS No INflueNce WHatSoever But tHe traINee exPerIeNceD SoMe GaINS. pay lots of money in advertising and pack the shelves with your new product. program.

com .com 2006. MoSt PeoPle WIll BelIeve aNYtHING tHat IS PrINteD IN a ‘rePuta© Vince Delmonte www. right? Don’t these magazines have to meet certain ‘government regulations?’ Guess again.because you can’t print a lie.” It is necessary to state the name of the university in case a customer wanted to investigate the study’s accuracy and claims. Page 119 of 200 www.. right? Anything in print must be true. “an independent university study suggests. All rights reserved. If It’s Published In Black and White It Must Be true. Don’t forget to ‘back up’ your product claims with ‘scientific studies’ and provide vagueness such as. Your most profitable bet is to begin with exaggerated and bogus claims that are more accurately described as downright lies. Your advertising artillery is endless. Ever notice that virtually every magazine company owns a supplement company? I guess a little light switched on when magazine owners discovered that they could increase their bottom line far more by selling supplements instead of magazine subscriptions. and have him write about how great Product X works for him . Are you going to choose a Before and After campaign.and pay him a ton of money to lie. Now. who happens to be a Professional Bodybuilder. 4.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 sell your product. once the supplement is formulated your real task is selling the product. you will be bombarded with a publication that is more interested in selling supplement products than providing a quality magazine. And if you want an “Advanced” or “Cutting Edge” product then you’d better add a few ‘extra’ ingredients that make your product better! You know these ‘extra ingredients’ do nothing for your customer but it will make your advertisement more exciting! Finally. create a “10 – page Special Fat Loss Report” or reveal some “New Scientific Breakthrough” your team has just discovered? Maybe you will call up one of your current clients.. But that is the least of your concerns because how often do readers have time to cross-reference the listed scientific references? Most of your customers will just take your advertisement’s word at face value. Don’t forget to aim your adverts to young bodybuilders between the ages of 15-25 where the greatest percentage of sales comes from. and since you can believe everything that you read in print – magazine publications take advantage of their ‘mega-credibility’ and have lead us to believe that everything is true .VinceDelMonteFitness. It is this group that is the easiest to convince and impress the most. This group is impatient and eager to put on the most size possible in the speediest fashion.VinceDelMonteFitness. It is this group that is the most gullible to the deception. whenever you look into a fitness magazine.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 It makes sense why magazines are the perfect vehicle for promoting supplements. Magazine companies are not going to burn bridges with advertisers who are paying thousands of dollars for one page. Just because it’s in print does not means it’s true. deep-pocketed companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to advertise in these magazines. And how convenient .VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. Remember. Ble’ aND NatIoNallY cIrculateD MaGazINe. full color ads. As the old saying goes. Page 120 of 200 www. the more supplements sold. Make logical and not emotional buying decisions.VinceDelMonteFitness. this is very unlikely for 90% of people. protein shakes would not be necessary and you could consume 200-400 grams of protein each day without protein powder. However.. However. Do I Need all the recommended Supplements? No.. So I’M ScreaMING tHIS aS I tYPe – DoN’t BelIeve everYtHING You reaD! Question everything. The No Nonsense program has been designed to be effective without the use of supplements because of the nutrient dense meal plans. © Vince Delmonte www. It would be foolish for magazine companies not to promote supplements like crazy – whether they work or not – because it creates a very profitable system.com . You do not need any supplements at all to use this program. you will notice the meal plans do include protein shakes and this is a safe exception. Learn to discern. the more advertising created. Do you think the editorial department would run an article series on “Supplements don’t work” and offend their loyal advertises who help them stay in business? You will never see a magazine article that bashes supplements and then on the next page issue an advertisement promoting the same supplements that were just bashed.an 800 number at the end for easy ordering! And even if a magazine publication does not have its own supplement line you still can’t trust the company to reveal the whole truth. Use common sense and your own good judgment.com 2006. the more advertising that can be created. Ever wonder why advertising ads look more like articles these days? Have you ever noticed how many magazine articles are about the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ new ‘breakthrough formula’ in supplements? These 5-page ‘reports’ are not really ‘articles’ at all but adverts in disguise. Use your own intuition and instincts.it probably is! 5. In a perfect world where you could live in your kitchen all day. if it is too good to be true. the more supplements sold – and naive and desperate consumers are fueling this cycle.

Food is far more anabolic than supplements. After all. we will consider the introduction of certain supplements as they can potentially make a 1-5 % difference in your overall results.VinceDelMonteFitness. Remember that you do not need supplements to gain muscle. recommended Supplements Here are a select number of supplements that have similar benefits to whole foods and function well with your digestive system and body’s means for optimal function. nutrition. these are the supplements that you should introduce after you gain your first 10-20 pounds of quality muscle weight with just food alone. I only introduce certain supplements into my program when my training has hit a 90 % threshold – meaning I have honestly implemented all the other training principles I have shared and have approached a minor halt in progress.. Once you get all of these components in check then you will start to gain muscle mass. They do not work in your digestive system or function with proper life in your bloodstream therefore the effect is very low.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 Here is a little test which is not mandatory but quite powerful to show you the role of supplements: Eliminate all supplement intake (including protein powder. do not use of any supplements until you have gained at least 10 pounds of good quality weight from just whole food.start introducing supplements gradually and monitor the effect. There are many supplements on the market . If you are not gaining muscle mass. THEN. fat loss and overall health. I personally believe that if you focus your effort on high-quality whole food.com 2006. multi vitamin and creatine) for the first month to prove to yourself that you can make tremendous muscle gains with training. nutrition and sleep alone.but natural supplements have huge obstacles to overcome in replacing whole food. In fact. All rights reserved. 6..VinceDelMonteFitness. On top of that.com . This will be a powerful learning experience. tHeN. © Vince Delmonte www. You need to monitor your training. If you take me up on my test. Page 121 of 200 www. not take the place of a good diet and training regime. Supplements are simply there to help. You must be very careful about which supplements you use (if any) and you need to be educated on which brands are the most reputable. for a supplement to be sold over the counter the FDA requires it to be from a ‘food’ source. The following are acceptable supplements that are beneficial for aiding in muscle growth. and taking them does not automatically mean muscle gain and fat loss. the need for supplementation is minimal. mental attitude and recuperation strategy to figure out what needs optimizing. Genetics and your effort will determine how much and how fast.fueled by large marketing budgets to gullible people looking for an edge . supplements are not the answer.

cataracts. In fact. By controlling free radicals. lung cancer 30% and breast cancer 20% studies show. pollution. sunlight. heart disease and osteoporosis. antioxidants. All adults should take a multivitamin daily. macular degeneration and cancer.” .D. The National Cancer Institute recommends eating 6-10 serving of fruits and vegetables per day and the American Medical Association is now recommending that everyone take a multivitamin supplement daily. All rights reserved. these ‘free-radicals’ are responsible for damaging our human cells and can lead to degenerative diseases and aging. Many leading authorities now urge all adults to take a daily supplement.USA Today What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants are your body’s first line of defense to fight off ‘free radicals’ that are created from exposure to smoking.D.VinceDelMonteFitness. from heart disease to arthritis to cancer to cataracts. Do you want optimal prevention or optimal function? © Vince Delmonte www.” . diabetes 40%. second-hand smoke. Ph.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 However. and more antioxidants What the experts say about Antioxidants: “The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live. and it now appears that people who get enough vitamins may be able to prevent such common chronic illnesses as cancer. tHe BeSt WaY to INcreaSe Your aNtIoxIDaNt level IS tWofolD eat More fruItS aND veGetaBleS aND take a HIGH-qualItY MultIvItaMIN SuPPleMeNt. free radicals are a major culprit in the aging process itself.VinceDelMonteFitness.” . as well as influence how fast and how well we age. chemicals in our food and physical and mental stress. antioxidants can make a difference between life and death.” . these are the ones that are acceptable and recommended for the rest of your life as well: I.com . antioxidants. “Scientists’ understanding of the benefits of vitamins have rapidly advanced.” . “Scientists now believe that free radicals are causal factors in nearly every known disease.Lester Packer.Richard Cutler M. Page 122 of 200 www. if you wish to start with supplements right from the start of your program.Journal of American Medical Association “Powerful antioxidants like lutein and xeaxanthin (from tomatoes) may protect against coronary-artery disease.com 2006.Time Magazine “Antioxidants can cut your risk of heart disease up to 70%.

sunflower oil. I believe this advice is far too conservative and casual in the quest to build muscle. Traditionally. flaxseed oil. and pine bark extract may all promote similar antioxidant effects with a host of other health benefits. Assuming an adequate diet most nutritionists do not recommend that people take supplement antioxidants in the form of vitamins and herbs.com 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. Since our bodies don’t have the ability to make them. and green leafy vegetables. in our diet. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. peanut oil. Omega 6’s are mainly found in vegetable oil.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 Since your training goals are more ambitious than the general population I would suggest doubling or even tripling your multivitamin dosage during periods of intense training. reduce inflammation in the body. The level of polyunsaturates and the ratio of 3’s to 6’s is entirely dependent on what the animals are fed. canola oil. In addition. the daily ingestion of 1-3 cups of green tea will provide both antioxidant benefits as well as cancer-fighting and thermogenic effects. ginkgo biloba. Interestingly. There are three main groups of fat. nutrition recommendations have been based on prevention of deficiency. · Build up to a minimum of 500-1000 mg of vitamin c and 400 Iu of vitamin e as a good first step to antioxidant protection. stroke or cancer. Personally I found it hard to believe that there was actually good fat that would speed up your metabolism. Page 123 of 200 www. and eggs) that we usually think of as being all saturated can also provide some polyunsaturates. efa’s I still remember the day when I discovered that there were two types of fat – and one of them was actually very good for you! I had no clue that 80% of North Americans were deficient in essential fatty acids or EFA’s. Saturated fat is considered the ‘bad’ fat and most commonly associated with animal products. corn oil. and decrease your risk of heart disease. Most monounsaturated fats are derived from plants and are most commonly associated with olive and canola oils – these are considered your vegetable oils. Omega 3’s are mainly found in fish oil.com Polyunsaturated fats are also mainly derived from vegetable and fish oils. · In addition. EFA’s can not be made in the body like saturated fat so they must be supplied . the amounts of Omega 3’s or 6’s found in the body are largely a function of what we eat. walnut oil. and sesame oil. These fats are usually derived from animal products. the fats from animal products (meat. safflower oil.VinceDelMonteFitness. grape seed extract. tIPS: II. Since you are reading this I know you are interested in more than prevention – you are interested in optimal function. Animal feed high in corn will produce animals that have high Omega 6 fats. dairy.

as well as the more favorable ratio of 3’s to 6’s. This advice might appear to contradict the meal plans I provided because you will notice that 2-3 meals a day are © Vince Delmonte www. Protein Powder So. especially if you have to eat 6 or more times a day to get your required intake. · Since Westerner’s are already high in omega 6. · finally. tIPS: III.com 2006. This can favorably impact blood lipid profiles and cell integrity (by preventing free radical induced oxidation. although protein supplements are not an absolute requirement for gaining mass. and some flax oil. Most of your dietary protein should come from meat. All rights reserved. protein powders and meal replacement drinks tend to be more cost effective than whole food. I have yet to meet any person able to get 400 grams of protein per day from cooking food. during all training phases. I will stress to you.VinceDelMonteFitness. can potentially increase insulin sensitivity in muscle. Page 124 of 200 www. by using butter instead of oil when cooking. Protein powders are still supplements in my book. Don’t get me wrong. EPA) and some flax seeds. mostly in the form of fish/salmon oils (DHA.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 Animals fed natural grasses will be high in Omega 3s. make a conscious attempt to eliminate the omega 6 polyunsaturates from your diet while simultaneously increasing your Omega 3’s. don’t reduce fat intake to such low levels that your energy levels are that of an 80-year-old bridge player. your testes will become nothing more than little dangling ornaments with no real function but to get in your way during leg presses. · replacing saturates with monounsaturates in the form of olive oils is a smart move. Whole food is often preferable to powders because it can offer a whole spectrum of nutrients that powders cannot. dollar for dollar. that you should limit yourself to a maximum of three per day or 40 % of your meals. fish. decrease muscle damage and soreness.) · During mass phases you should eat more saturated fats – up to 30% of your intake max. Supplement means an addition to the diet. reduce body fat. for optimal muscle gains. I emphasize this because the focus of any diet should be food. though. This increase in 3’s. decrease it in fat. decrease this ratio to about 10% of total fat intake and attack the salmon and olives for the rest of your fats. trust me. and decrease disease or injury-induced inflammation. In addition. If your protein intake is greater than 200 grams per day I will suggest a protein powder – it will make your life a lot easier. However getting all your protein from whole food is not always practical or convenient.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. poultry and eggs. During diet phases.

Using a blend will create an anabolic environment from the whey and an anti-catabolic environment from the casein – use this kind during the Growth and Recovery Phases. Page 125 of 200 www. Why would you want a blend anyway? You will receive the full spectrum of proteins and you will receive varying rates of absorption from the different types of protein.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 liquids.VinceDelMonteFitness. Protein Blends are generally a combination of several types of protein blends such as whey protein concentrate. The bottom line is that both are necessary to achieve a complete nutritional balance as well as the desired level of protein intake. casein protein. egg protein.VinceDelMonteFitness. Hydrolysates are produced through very © Vince Delmonte www.com . Before deciding which protein powder is necessary. Since casein is slowly digested into your bloodstream. here is a short protein primer to help you make sense of the thousands of different protein powders from which to choose: WHeY ProteIN makes up 20% of total milk protein. use a casein protein for the Growth and Recovery Phases. SoY ProteIN is the most controversial of all protein types. Since it is very quickly digested the best time to consume it is during the Energy and Anabolic Phases. caSeIN ProteIN makes up 80% of total milk protein. Instead. not including the additional three workout drinks. If your lifestyle permits then you are free to substitute a liquid meal for a real meal. more so than any other form. While the soy groupies have gone to great lengths to label soy as a super food with magical effects. The plans were made with the majority in mind – most people will be able to handle three real meals and three liquid meals no problem. Casein is recognized for its excellent amino acid profile. since your body prefers peptides to whole proteins. Do not make the fatal mistake of thinking protein powders can take the place of a solid training and nutrition program.com 2006. high cysteine content. and are also called peptides). and soy protein. are powerful proteins that are more quickly absorbed. I SuGGeSt avoIDING SoY ProteIN altoGetHer aND StIckING to tHe otHer tYPeS lISteD. whey protein isolate. Whey is recognized for its excellent amino acid profile. rapid digestion. Whey hydrolysates (also known as hydrolyzed whey protein. especially if you’re not a big fan of cooking. BecauSe of all tHe coNfuSIoN. don’t use it during workouts or after workouts – you need a fast absorbing protein at these times. and interesting variety of peptides. slow digestion and interesting variety of peptides. All rights reserved. there is also a good amount of research that suggests soy protein may be contraindicated in many situations.

Also avoid products with refined carbohydrates such as fructose. Whey protein isolate contains more protein and less fat and lactose per serving. and just because it is purer does not guarantee that it will help build bigger muscles. As stated. Most whey protein isolates contain 90-98% protein while whey concentrates contain 70-85% protein. as long as whey hydrolysate is the first or second ingredient on the supplement label then there is probably enough in the product to influence protein synthesis to reap the optimal benefits. However. The inclusion of small amounts of whey concentrates will not harm you but this should not be the first ingredient on the tub of protein powder. Because of its chemical properties it is the easiest to absorb into your system. Its extra concentration may not justify its extra cost.com 2006. this is an individual decision because the isolate is more expensive. If You are lookING for tHe StroNGeSt ProteIN PoWDer to exPloIt Your full GroWtH PoteNtIal DurING tHe GroWtH aND recoverY PHaSeS tHeN uSe a BleND. Whey Protein versus Whey Isolate: For the Energy and Anabolic Phases. Page 126 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. Using a blend will create an anabolic environment from the whey and an anti-catabolic environment from the casein. sucrose or brown © Vince Delmonte www. Obviously with its high concentration. It’s interesting to note how unhealthy most of these protein powders actually are. fructose and artificial colors.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 low heat. (those highest in the essential and the branched chain amino acids) and are potentially the most anabolic for short-term protein synthesis such as the Energy and Anabolic Phases. whey isolates are also an very extremely high quality whey and for maximal anabolism isolates should be combined with whey hydrolysates for only the Energy and Anabolic Phases of your program. · Most protein powder contains an array of questionable ingredients such as aspartame.VinceDelMonteFitness. whey protein isolate is more expensive than whey protein concentrate because it has a higher quality (more pure) and a higher BV (biological value). So WHat IS tHe BottoM lINe? WHIcH SHoulD You cHooSe? You will receive the full spectrum of proteins and you will receive varying rates of absorption from the different types of protein. it appears that an isolate protein would be the obvious choice instead of a concentrate. Whey protein isolate is the highest yield of protein currently available that comes from milk.com tIPS: . Most whey protein powders that stock the supplement shelves are made up of whey concentrate and mixed in with a small portion of whey isolate. saccharin. look for a protein powder with natural ingredients rather than products that are sweetened with chemicals and made with ingredients that are certainly not going to create an environment for muscle growth. low acid and mild enzymatic filtration processes. Comparing the two. All rights reserved.

creatine Creatine is so commonplace now that if you don’t see people taking creatine then they are talking about creatine. even with a spoon. Once you use up the creatine in your muscle you have to rest your muscles and wait a while before you can exercise the © Vince Delmonte www. I do not recommend specific companies or product in this book however you are welcome to email me and consult with me on which product and company would be a wise and safe choice for you. tHat Sure IS a MoutHful .arginine. Most protein powders mix quite easily. Creatine is made up of three amino acids .because the ATP energy cycle can go on for a longer time. Page 127 of 200 www. and simple sugars it is left almost tasteless and downright gross. · In the past one of my criteria for a healthy protein product was that it was great tasting and that it should mix easily. creatINe IS a coMPouND tHat caN Be MaDe IN our BoDIeS or takeN aS a DIetarY SuPPleMeNt. If you take a creatine supplement you will have more energy .com .5 and 4 grams of creatine per kilogram of muscle. You see. I can live with this.WHIcH IS WHY It IS MucH eaSIer to JuSt call It creatINe.VinceDelMonteFitness. Unfortunately your muscle’s creatine supply is not limitless. I will be spending more time discussing this product because I believe it is one of the only muscle-building supplements that has stood the test of time and provides an array of safe and effective benefits backed up by years of scientific research. Depending on the amount of muscle mass you have and your weight. Iv.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 rice syrup. “IS tHe 120 GraMS of creatINe IN MY BoDY eNouGH?” Maybe. The whole idea behind taking creatine as a supplement is that if you work out you burn up a lot of creatine. however I was disappointed to discover that taste will inevitably be sacrificed for a safe and healthy product. The average human has between 3. Glycine and Methionine. All rights reserved. Make sure that the product is made from a reputable company that is genuinely interested in good health. Our liver has the ability to combine these three amino acids and make creatine.VinceDelMonteFitness. once a product is removed of all artificial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. So tHe queStIoN WoulD Be. If you have never used creatine (monohydrate) or never heard of it then take a big breath. tHe cHeMIcal NaMe for creatINe IS MetHYl GuaNIDINe-acetIc acID. on average a 160-pound person would have about 120 grams of creatine stored in their body. Supplement manufacturers will continue to meet the demands of bodybuilding consumers with unknown crappy products because we buy it and it is cheaper for them to create. The other way we get creatine is from our diet.com 2006.

You do not require excess creatine for your body fat weight. It is amazing how little we actually know about what goes on in our body. In case you were wondering . your muscles only contain enough atP to last about 10-15 seconds at maximum exertion. In fact. the majority of research currently agrees with the positive role creatine plays in our body. All rights reserved. muscles. creatine phosphate . excess creatine is eventually converted into the waste product creatinine and excreted from the body.98% of the creatine in our body is stored in our muscles. I will explain this with a quick and simple biology lesson.VinceDelMonteFitness. I don’t want to go into great detail on creatine vs. The remaining 2 . When you are doing an intense quick burst activity . This immediate energy comes from ATP. the aDP can not be used to create more energy for your muscles. Here is where the creatine comes in . Page 128 of 200 www. In your body you have a compound called ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). use the following chart to determine an effective loading phase for your current starting lean muscle mass. What is important to know about ATP is that the body can very quickly get energy from an ATP reaction. You have other sources of energy such as carbohydrates and fat .no.or more specifically the creatine phosphate (CP). your muscles must contract and need a quick source of energy.5 to 5 grams of creatine . This process of ATP turning into ADP releases the energy that gives your muscles the ability to contract.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 muscle again. Still with me? Here is where it gets interesting. Unfortunately.VinceDelMonteFitness. by taking a creatine supplement you can raise your levels from 3.5% is stored in various other parts of the body including the brain. at any rate. The primary benefit of creatine use is in providing additional energy for your For the first five days of a creatine cycle.all you need to know now is that the majority of creatine that is stored in the muscles bonds with abundant phosphorus stores in the muscles and is converted into Creatine Phos- © Vince Delmonte www. So. we do not have an endless supply of ATP. When your muscles use ATP for energy a chemical process happens whereby the ATP is broken down into two simpler chemicals ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) and inorganic phosphate. It is believed that 95 . heart and testes.com 2006.is just that . Think of ATP as an energy-containing compound.com .and thus enjoy more of the benefits of creatine.such as lifting a weight or sprinting. Studies have shown that the human muscle can store up to 5 grams of creatine per kilogram.but they take longer to convert into a usable energy source. Understand that the theory of what creatine does .theory.

com 2006. water retention. More research needs to be done to see if this point is true. Point #1 is a much clearer benefit of creatine. CP is able to react with the ADP in your body and turn “useless” ADP back into the “super useful” energy source . The only time you will not be using creatine is when you are not training and taking a week or two off for down time (you will learn more about this later). All rights reserved. I recommend a loading phase to get the most out of creatine. Creatine also increases volumization within your muscles. That is creatine in a nutshell. during and post workout shakes as discussed earlier. simply use it year round with your pre.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.5g up to 150 pounds 3 x a day 150 – 200 pounds 5 x a day 200 – 250 pounds 7 x a day How to use It: © Vince Delmonte www. NeW reSearcH HaS SHoWN tHat creatINe caN HelP Buffer lactIc acID tHat BuIlDS-uP IN tHe MuScleS DurING exercISe. More ATP in your body means more fuel for your muscles. A loading phase is a better guarantee that you will improve nitrogen retention. There is some data to indicate that creatine helps put the body in a more anabolic state where protein synthesis can occur. Keep water intake as high as possible for optimal benefits of creatine.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 phate (CP).VinceDelMonteFitness. Don’t get too excited .basically the creatine bonds with a hydrogen ion and that helps delay the build up of lactic acid. I find very few people get great results without the loading phase. Page 129 of 200 www. This means that if you are 200 pounds and 15% body fat then your lean mass is 170 pounds: 200 pounds x . Of the above points . I did not make this word up myself -volumization! Actually. tHIS leaDS to tHat NaStY BurNING feel You Get IN Your MuScleS. Scientifically it is a complicated process .but still look to be valid.ATP. The more protein synthesis . which increases the size of your muscles. It requires optimal hydration to work effectively.15 = 30 pounds of fat 200 pounds of body weight – 15 pounds of fat = 170 pounds of lean mass lean Body Mass Weight creatine Dosage . Creatine has been shown to pull water into your muscle cells. and cell volumization in the muscles.it is not clear how great an effect this has.the greater the muscle gain. After you have loaded all the creatine that you can.the first benefit is the most powerful and the other points are more debated . it’s just a fancy name for the process of pulling fluid into the muscle cells and thus increasing the volume of the muscles.

However.com . a blend of antioxidants. Basically you are consuming a modern day weight gain powder for the Average Joe. most of these weight gain powders don’t even have the protein amounts that are advertised. can help in this regard.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. the doughnuts don’t have the protein but don’t kid yourself. but aim to take it at least twice a day – once in the morning on an empty stomach and once before bed on an empty stomach. Greens+. A serving of fiber-based food once or twice a day is a fantastic insurance policy to because for some it is difficult to achieve the recommended 35 – 65 g per day. phytonutrients. tHeSe ProDuctS SHoulD Be avoIDeD BecauSe tHeY are loaDeD WItH loW qualItY INGreDIeNtS. Put a lot of StreSS oN Your DIGeStIve SYSteM aND Make You eveN lazIer. Page 130 of 200 www.’ Most MRP’s have better ingredients than weight gain powders but not by much.VinceDelMonteFitness. the reality is that probably 99% of us don’t get enough veggies in our diets. But this is one area in which you can and should supplement. I would not go this far but it is worth the extra money if you are having a hard time getting in fruits and veggies. enzymes. MRP’s are another result of nutrition industry commercialization. Greens + Greens+ is a product that deserves special mention. Unfortunately this is a huge problem. which will provide about the same nutrient intake. vI. Sure. The protein is substituted with chalk or cake mix that is much cheaper and profitable. This product is not cheap. WIll cauSe You to loSe all Your frIeNDS BecauSe of tHeIr fartING PoteNtIal. if you are following the 30 day Empowered Nutrition Plans than fiber supplementation is not necessary because you will easily exceed the optimal dosage. Supplements to avoid Weight Gain Powders If you have been thinking about using weight gain powders. tastes OK and meets the consumers’ needs – more convenient calories. Meal replacement Powders © Vince Delmonte www. 7. and have gained popularity simply from the marketing hype promoting these ‘engineered foods.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 v. vitamins and minerals. Can it replace adequate intake of fruits and vegetables? Absolutely not. A serving of Greens+ can be put in every protein shake you drink. consider that you are better off wolfing down a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Some nutrition experts suggest this product is so nutrient dense that you can practically live on it. speed up metabolism and contributes to overall colon health. fiber Fiber helps improve digestion. All rights reserved.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 If You WaNt to Save MoNeY tHeN BuY a HIGH qualItY ProteIN PoWDer. aND You NoW Have a HoMeMaDe . which results in a better ‘pump’ that advertisements say is anabolic. these products are marketed by companies who want to make as much money as possible. At first glance. Whether these amino acids actually increase NO is an entirely different discussion altogether.save your money and don’t get scammed. All rights reserved. increase blood flow to working muscles and organs. since we have already discussed that ‘training for the pump’ is one of the top 20 ways to screw up in the gym you will be one of the few who says no to NO! By buying these products.’ The myostatin ‘inhibitors’ are all about marketing and have nothing to do with results . This is the sick mentality of the supplement industry. MIx It WItH a taBleSPooN of flax oIl. NO products do not actually contain any nitric oxide.aND HealtHY . The advertising for this product is unbelievable as it takes some laboratory (nothing proven in the real world) credibility and than unashamedly promotes a product that costs about $2 to make. olIve oIl or Natural PeaNut Butter (GooD fat) aS Well aS a cuP of YoGurt or a cuP of fruIt (for Your carBS). However. This is another product that uses the dirty low-costsell-high-promise-everything-deliver-nothing technique. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a free radical gas produced in the body by the amino acid arginine. Myostatin is a protein that negatively regulates muscle growth. When no one actually experiences real world results they take it off the shelf and create a new product. Page 131 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. Interestingly. aND SoMe Ice cuBeS. Don’t forget. All they have going for them is their advertising.Meal rePlaceMeNt. Most guys swear that it works because of the ‘pump’ and this is why this product has probably remained a best-seller and might stick around for a little while longer despite its ridiculous price (some of these NO products cost over $100)! As long as naïve trainees believe that a pump is necessary for muscle growth then NO has not outlived its glory. The primary function of NO is to relax the smooth muscle of your blood vessels. rather they carry the amino acid precursors for NO. this allows NO to lower blood pressure.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. Myostatin Inhibitors Say no to NO.com 2006. all you are pumping up is the supplement companies’ wallets. Basically it is released at a certain point to prevent you from getting ‘too big. Nitric oxide Boosters © Vince Delmonte www.

you did not make the team . chat rooms. but if stay with me. Some supposedly do it directly by supplying a testosterone precursor (any of the androstenedione formulations on the market). for 1/10th of the cost? However. Although there has been a handful of research on the most popular testosterone booster. there is no need to spend $100 on a tub of sugar that has only a few grams of creatine and a few other bells and whistles (that will have minimal effect) thrown in. If you can find a very high quality tribulus product then feel free to experiment and notice a slight increase in strength. You will gain the same insulin boosting effects as the more expensive mixes. the majority of bodybuilding and muscle magazines still have this supplement on their “Top 5 Lists. Glutamine.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 I have absolutely no problem with this type of supplement but why spend the money when you can have fruit juice or a sport drink like Powerade or Gatorade. and others do it indirectly by increasing levels of luteinizing hormone and manipulating the body’s feedback systems. Dextrose will enter your blood stream and go immediately to your muscle glycogen as where fructose goes to your liver glycogen. protein powder is a ‘no brainer’ supplement. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. Glutamine But I thought Glutamine Was a “No Brainer” Supplement? Creatine is a ‘no brainer’ supplement. tribulus terrestris. you should aim to use dextrose before anything else when making your own easy at-home concoction. Page 132 of 200 www.” I am not here to convince you to never buy another tub of glutamine again. the quality of product found in most health food stores is poor and basically useless. I will do my best to debunk some of the common myths that have led you to believe that this expensive supplement is necessary. multi vitamins and fish oils are ‘no brainer’ supplements. like I mentioned earlier. Sorry. creatine Sugar Mixes Testosterone boosters are designed to either directly or indirectly affect androgen levels in the body.despite the fact it gets its own message boards. carbohydrate energy Drinks Again. testosterone Boosters Following is an article I recently wrote on glutamine: When was the last time you read an article discrediting the effects of glutamine? Maybe this will be your first one? Unfortunately.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. You can cut your cost in half by buying sugar at the grocery store and mixing it with creatine (bought in bulk for about $30-$40).VinceDelMonteFitness.

Glutamine makes up 2/3’s of the amino acids in our body. I feel an obligation to tell you the other side of the story. and.. Glutamine 101 Here is a quick introduction for you skinny guys who have never heard of glutamine. But this is obvious .com .. supplements myself. Hence. not all.supplemental glutamine can help prevent your body from losing muscle..or at least one that gets you more dates and more respect at the gym! Since I have already wasted thousands of dollars on certain.” “.” “.. remember that I am not a PH. To reveal the glutamine research that NOBODY wants you to read.D student or a research geek.... Glutamine claims I cut and pasted these right out of random chat room just to show you I am more in tune with the word on the street: “.. our amino acid pool is depleted which can prevent muscle growth since glutamine makes up the greatest percentage of amino acids...only that external consumption is not mandatory. I will pass along the information and let you decide for yourself.VinceDelMonteFitness. Glutamine has no muscle-building effects whatsoever.glutamine helps with weight training and prevents muscle soreness.” © Vince Delmonte www. I train with bodybuilders every day and they recommend it. I don’t need to remind you that the supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry. the theory for supplementing with glutamine if you weight train. Since I used to be a skinny guy myself. This does not mean you do not need it . Now before we get too deep. I know how badly you want to build the perfect body . The most interesting fact about glutamine is that during times of stress (which is not clearly defined)..VinceDelMonteFitness.. which could make a strong case for it being the most important.you need glutamine to repair your muscles. Page 133 of 200 www..nobody makes money disproving the credibility of a hot selling supplement! So here is where I will make my stand.glutamine is not worthless.” “.com 2006. do my best to make this fun and interesting.” “Glutamine is the most important supplement for bodybuilders.” “It boosts immune function which helps you recover from colds much quicker. Understand that glutamine is also a non-essential amino acid which means your body produces it by itself. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 magazine articles and its own section in the supplement store. in the process.

. body composition or muscle breakdown on healthy adults. a number of studies disclosed information that glutamine supplementation does not alter exerciseinduced suppression of the immune system. JohnBerardi. AIDS and extensive surgery are good reasons to warrant its.plasma glutamine is not the link. Ph. whether your glutamine levels drop or not after training.never mind for any weight trainer in general. Pedersen BK.com 2002 Nov 8 • It is still a question whether or not glutamine improves glycogen stores post-weight © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. . All rights reserved. Here is a list of some of the most interesting data that David Barr found in his research with my extra commentary: • Just because glutamine has been proven to work in clinical stress testing does not mean it equates to exercise stress that you experience after a killer workout.” “Glutamine assists in situations of trauma which contributes to faster recovery. Page 134 of 200 www.. .93(3):813-22 • Many claim that glutamine helps increase your ‘pump’ by improving cell volumization. they have no impact on immunity. Contrary to popular belief. use but you simply don’t cause enough muscular damage during your workouts to justify its use.9g of supplemental glutamine/kg/ day during weight training resulted in no considerable effect on muscle performance.” What Glutamine Sales reps are afraid of You Discovering Although the majority of glutamine supplementation hoopla praises its contribution to increased muscle size and strength.com 2006. current research today gives no evident benefits for the skinny guy who wants to build muscle . Glutamine supplementation has no response on total body water.Hiscock N. why would you waste your money on taking the recommended 5-10 grams per day? • The majority of the research on endurance athletes has revealed minimal contribution in regards to enhancement of the immune system. John Berardi.D.Dr.. Exercise-induced immunodepression.. Since I am just over 200 lbs that is 80 grams of glutamine a day or over $1000 US in glutamine a year! If 80 grams was shown to have no anti-catabolic effects.. • A 2001 study by Candow et al determined that 0.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 “Taking large amounts of glutamine before a workout contributes to huge pumps. Ph. Recently I received an article from a fellow colleague.D.. Appetite For Construction. Dr. who collected a large batch of research with an exhaustive reference list supporting the notion that glutamine is useful for only very specific conditions (which we will discuss shortly). David Barr MSc. did some preliminary testing and discovered nothing to support this. John M Berardi.com . J Appl Physiol 2002 Sep.VinceDelMonteFitness. decreased chance of overtraining and the other claims above. intracellular fluid levels. Clinical stress such as severe burns. or extra-cellular fluid levels. More significantly.

so glutamine might help. However.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 training.com 2006. chemotherapy. Muscle breakdown is at its highest in these circumstances despite a quality nutrition plan. so here is a chance to see if your glutamine should still be in your budget: • Glutamine supplementation could prove useful for bodybuilders who decrease their testosterone levels after coming off a cycle improperly. no additional benefits occurred. In Conclusion © Vince Delmonte www. When Glutamine Is Worth using David Barr fingers a few situations when glutamine supplement will prove useful for the bodybuilder. But why should you care? If you are already consuming a post-workout drink with sugary carbs to replenish glycogen (this is mandatory for any skinny guy who wants to build muscle). Severe burns. • During a pre-contest training regiment that consists of very low calories and high volumes of exercise. you must decide for yourself what you wish to believe. therefore increased catabolism.com . Triathletes and endurance athletes come to mind. severe colds or flu’s. then further supplementation with glutamine is unnecessary. Basically. alcoholism. Competitive bodybuilders and fitness models are perfect examples of those who might benefit from glutamine supplementation in this above-normal fat loss situation. In the end. protein breakdown is much more likely. any extreme dieting or fat loss program with the hopes of getting extremely lean can result in increased stress. • During incidences of extreme weather conditions and/or multi day training. • “ Glutamine supplementation would be beneficial for conditions where catabolic waste is at its peak. That blows the muscle-building theory out the window! So Is Glutamine a Worthless Supplement? Well. when glutamine was added to the drink. • In conclusion. there are situations where extreme stress can be counteract with glutamine supplementation.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. irritable bowel syndrome are a few examples. HIV/AIDS. the supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry and nobody makes money by disproving the effectiveness of supplements. severe allergies. Page 135 of 200 www. Remember. studies that tested athletes who consumed an amino acid drink postworkout showed an increase in protein synthesis by 48%. All rights reserved. if you stopped reading right now you would think so! And you are probably confused as heck right now because everything you have heard on glutamine before today praised its holiness.

but remember that the current research today does not support the spectacular muscle-building effects supplement companies claim. I won’t lie to you. conclusion I will say this. testosterone boosters and any other ‘new’ and ‘cutting edge’ product is being hyped up as you read this might have their place. Save your money and put it towards food if you are motivated to gain muscle weight.VinceDelMonteFitness. Save your money and put it towards food if you are motivated to gain muscle weight. Page 136 of 200 www. Supplements like No2 products. remember. “Glutamine has no muscle building effects whatsoever. I hope this supplement was a good example of looking at the evidence rather then the hyped-up muscle rags and advice from the ‘expert’ at your gym. All rights reserved. supplement companies don’t make money by bashing or discrediting a new product on the shelf. When my training hits a 90 % threshold – meaning I have honestly implemented all the other training principles I have shared and have approached a minor halt in progress. especially to you skinny guys.” After reviewing this article. No2. But realize that I am not expecting miracles. a small. oNlY because everything else is in place. I’m simply seeking a little bit of an edge because I refuse to use steroids and these supplements might help me kick down a door that’s being stubborn. I might consider using some glutamine. In the end. glutamine. and test boosters because they might in fact make a 5-10 % difference in my overall results.com .com 2006. the take home message. you will notice that is not as black and white as that. tHeN. use common sense. you are free to believe what you wish. If money is not an option for you then knock yourself out and put as much into supplements as you wish. glutamine is not a worthwhile supplement for you. Be wise.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 8 At the start I stated that. However.VinceDelMonteFitness. keep everything in perspective and you won’t be scammed or disappointed. is that if you are on a proper muscle-building meal plan and using solid post-workout nutrition strategies. small place. © Vince Delmonte www.

It would be more comforting to know that ‘injury prevention’ is not a hot topic because injuries are very uncommon – but we know this is not true and if you have a history of injury or a present problem . Always begin with 10-20 minutes of light aerobic work on a treadmill.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Injury Prevention and avoiding the causes INJurIeS Have cauSeS – tHeY Do Not SIMPlY fIND uS out of BaD luck or fate. this discussion rarely catches the attention of popular fitness and bodybuilding magazines. Then. your history of injury.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. I recommend that everyone spend a few minutes warming up before a strength-training workout. prevent injury potential altogether. Failing to Warm-up. one of the most common problems faced by strength training athletes is injury. Maybe there is no money to be made by helping people to prevent injuries because there will be no supplement to sell them to fix it.” or “This knee has been aching for months. TOP 10 CAUSES OF INJURIES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM: If you have never warmed up and have never been injured.” or “I have been on pain killers to help with my elbow pain. Warming up is highly subjective and based on a few considerations but regardless. before each weight lifting exercise perform 15-20 repetitions with 1/3 of your lifting weight. your level of conditioning. ligament or joint pain I constantly meet with trainees . The best way to warm up depends on your age. the objective is to get blood rushing through your body and to allow a few minutes to mentally rehearse your goals and the heavy lifts you are about to move. what you’re wearing and your surrounding temperature.who tell me. All rights reserved. Whether it is tendon. here is what I promote.” or “I can’t doing anything that involves bending because it hurts my low back. or perhaps the topic is not ‘sexy’ enough for a front page spread or perhaps it is not ‘revolutionary’ enough.in the midst of a training program . © Vince Delmonte www.we need to fix and. consider yourself lucky and a hopeful candidate for the lottery.com 1. Page 137 of 200 www. That being said. “My shoulder is killing me.com 2006. A warm up is a great insurance policy against a strain or injury.” Interestingly enough. In the end you will have to make your own decision whether you feel ready for heavy lifting or not. better yet. Nothing anaerobic or of high intensity that dips into your energy reserves required for the heavy lifting. . elliptical or seated bike.

Your hormonal and central nervous system could care less that yesterday was an upper body day and today is a lower body day. today is leg day and tomorrow is arm day. It’s all the same to your tendons. 2. don’t underestimate the value of ‘psyching’ yourself up prior to a weight training session. “Yesterday was chest day. .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 Depending on your level of flexibility I would recommend full range of movement.I’m sure it will do the same for you. and just because you feel ‘ready to go’ does not mean these other systems have fully recovered. Yes. Page 138 of 200 www. These vital systems can be overworked too. Studies have shown that athletes who are aggressive. I know this is how every single person and their brother trains. Using this technique has helped me stay injury free in the gym . but its benefits are counteracted when you train too often. increasing the risk that they will be harmed during workouts. joints. everY DaY IS a ceNtral NervouS SYSteM DaY. I know this is what every fitness magazine preaches to the masses. Have you ever heard a friend say. If you are nursing an old injury. However. You must FULLY recover before you try to stimulate more growth from any muscle in your body. This means today’s workout must be better than your last workout.” Yes. tense.com 2006. and compulsive have a higher risk of injury than their relaxed peers. everY DaY IS aN IMMuNe SYSteM DaY. Psychological Factors. Productive strength training comes from progressively overloading your muscles. Training Too Often. ligaments and joints. All rights reserved. or maybe you’ve said the following yourself. You © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. everY DaY IS a HorMoNe DaY. hormonal and nervous system (just to name a few). I assume you want steady and consistent gains so do not underestimate the other systems in your body. Splitting a routine has its benefits.VinceDelMonteFitness. do two warm-up sets . It’s not just your muscles that require recovery but your organs.com 3.the second set being 10% heavier for 10-15 repetitions. It all means the same to the other systems in your body that require FULL recovery too. Tension may make muscles and tendons more taut. Your structural system does not care that you worked chest yesterday and are giving it a break by training back today. reMeMBer tHIS: everY DaY IS a JoINt DaY.

Impress your friends with your physique. Ego is the mortal enemy of common sense. For what . most young trainees who are currently lifting outside their limits will have no clue until 5-10 years from now when their neck and shoulder start hurting and they have to start spending hundreds of dollars on therapy. Yes. muscular overload must be attained with heavy lifts but the progress must be consistent and gradual. competing. Oftentimes choosing a weight that is outside our limits will transfer the stress to your tendons. can be reduced with natural compounds that can save you from aching joints and years of pain. and bursitis. convincing. defending and proving yourself. Not only will your form be incorrect but you will lose the isolation on the muscle. more energy and learn more in a shorter period of time.VinceDelMonteFitness. Are you more impressed with the little guy lifting more weight or the massive monster lifting less weight? Amusingly.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 must reach a greater muscular capacity to create any potential for muscle growth. Similar to other life goals.because you would never guess by just looking at him! On a side note. improvement requires a sense of focus and purpose prior to each workout. your muscles can not read the amount of weight on the plates. not only will you prevent injuries but you will spend less time fighting others. Don’t be that guy! This one ties into the above. ligaments and joints. Check Your Ego at the Door. Value your unique self and resist the need to be seen for more than who you are! 5. Don’t let your ego be your guide in lifting. such as arthritis. Most joint problems. Worse yet.not your joints. not on what impact it will have on the body.20 seconds of glory? Don’t be that guy on the beach telling everyone how much weight he lifted yesterday at the gym. You should have nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Even though our goals are muscle mass and strength there are still times when you could choose a weight that will compromise your form and risk injury. You know why they have to tell everyone how much weight they lift . Inappropriate Weights (Lifting Outside of Limits). Inch by inch life is a cinch. tendinitis. I have witnessed more weight selection based on the influence of those watching. Yard by yard life is hard! A cute saying that can be applied to the concept of progression. Common doctor recommendations 6. Rise above your ego and you will have more time. Most trainees have no idea until a few days later when they can’t figure out why the heck their lower back. All rights reserved. shoulder and knee are killing. Remember.com . Page 139 of 200 www. 4.VinceDelMonteFitness. not with the amount of weight you can lift. The sad news is that most treatments offered by traditional medicine simply treat the symptoms and make the problem worse in the long run. They Don’t Take in Adequate Nutrients. © Vince Delmonte www. Your goal is to stimulate your muscles .com 2006.

Glucosamine is considered by many as one of the best natural products for the treatment and prevention of cartilage degeneration.save that for the yoga class. Do not use weight training as a method 8. which will also help reduce pain from heavy lifting. synovial fluid. Also. I really don’t care what kind of stretching a person uses. and I’m confident to say that your participation in this experiment will teach you . most of the anti-stretch advocates change their reasoning every few years and can not touch their toes! Many ‘believers’ in stretching have learned the side effects of not stretching. only train within your current range. leaving many to avoid it altogether. And interestingly.by doing . the antioxidants Vitamin E and C should be added because it is well known that free radical pathology is part of the damage that takes place in the joints.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. Before you read any more literature on the academic stretch debate I encourage you to decide on this one for yourself. Supplement with flax oil at least three times a day to help reduce inflammation in the joints. Many injuries occur when training in the weakest part of the motion.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 of anti-inflammatory drugs. You can create your own laboratory and test out my recommendations yourself. Page 140 of 200 www. not stretching enough and not stretching effectively. Chondroitin sulphate is related to glucosamine and acts like flax oil helping to reduce inflammation around the joints. It is an essential part of cartilage. slower and have a higher © Vince Delmonte www. However. Stretching is not popular. I think the ‘fear’ is more of an excuse for laziness and an uncertainty of what stretching can actually do. providing that the desired range of motion is achieved and sustained to minimize injury and maximize performance.com . and other components of joints. If you are training with full 7.the role of flexibility training. Most ‘current’ thinking leads trainees to believe that stretching is ‘bad’ and results in a fear of the unknown. Studies show that shortened muscles perform weaker. range movements and have limiting flexibility issues in certain joints. Not Stretching At Least Half the Amount of Time That You Lift. All rights reserved. Choose the Appropriate Range-of-Motion Based on Your Flexibility.com 2006. For example. lifting heavy with a full range of motion is acceptable and will stimulate more muscle tissue if you have gradually progressed with a slower and controlled movement and then progressively add resistance. injections. joint replacement and ‘stay off it’ advice are useless and could be avoided if the proper measures were taken years ago. the bottom of the squat position places outrageous stress on the knees and the bottom of the bench press position can tear the ligaments and tendons of the upper arm and shoulder. nor has it ever been. to improve your flexibility .

Ghaah! I can hear the groans now. And if you spend an additional 2 hours doing cardio – you’d better find time to do at least 2 hours of stretching. lengthened and healthy tissue – so why would you neglect a component of your fitness that can skyrocket your strength through the roof. Have you improved? If not. for injury prevention and performance enhancement. longer stretching sessions and holding the stretch longer – and improving the length of a tendon.com . so why take stretching advice from someone who is always injured.” the lack of progress is because of the absence of progressive overload. • Monitor your progress in flexibility. and cardio program – why would you not have a flexibility program? You should spend just as much time and effort into making consistent progress and gains with your range of motion as your other physical qualities. ask yourself what kind of progress you have made. tight. Page 141 of 200 www. For the lazy man I recommend a bare minimum of 0. why not? If you have. Most coaches. The consequence is greater for those with lower levels of flexibility. compare the difference. you should spend just as much time stretching as in all other training. There is a positive correlation between more frequent stretching sessions. unlike stretching.com 2006. endurance. ligament or muscle tissue. • As a general guideline. FLEXIBILITY TIPS AND GUIDELINES: © Vince Delmonte www. If you have a nutrition. Strength training. This means if you spend 2 hours lifting weights in the week.’ You would not take money advice from someone who is broke. you should spend 2 hours stretching. and athletes have little exposure to true flexibility training and have little knowledge of the ‘real-world benefits. A 1:1 ratio is the optimal amount of time. you MUST stretch for at least 1 hour total. • Flexibility training involves progressive overload just like your cardio and strength training. One of the main reasons I believe people ‘give up’ on stretching is that they do not experience the benefits. “I’ve never been able to touch my toes. speed and power training more often lead to injury. based on my personal study and experience. greater joint angles and accelerate recovery? • Flexibility training should be treated just like every other component of your fitness program.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you are not attempting to improve your flexibility from session to session then your tissue will continue to maintain the same length. • Don’t take advice from people who can’t touch their toes. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 incidence of injuries.VinceDelMonteFitness. experts. sore.5:1. how much did your range improve and note what you did prior. • Flexibility training is the only component in exercise where more may be better. maintain healthy specific joint relationships. But big muscles require strong. This means that if you train 2 hours a week with weights. from session to session. They make a lame attempt and say. strength.

Can you imagine if you were training with one leg longer than the other or a separated joint you are not even aware of or a misalignment in your shoulder girdle . you will feel absolutely incredible. It does not matter which order you stretch them in (it actually does but for now let’s just develop the habit). and the majority of my clients have set personal bests after 30 + minute stretch sessions prior to lifting. The rationale behind this is that there are detectable and correctable abnormalities of muscle strength and length that are fundamental to the development of almost all musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction. Page 142 of 200 www. massage therapist and/or Active Release (ART) therapist for regular clean ups and maintenance. Most often it is the smallest muscle in your body that appears to have no significance until you are sidelined and down for the count. Don’t look at these professionals as a ‘crutch’ or someone you need to ‘rely’ on. abnormalities and correction before injury has occurred should be part of any injury prevention strategy.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you increase the range bit by bit I can promise you that almost any ache or pain in your body will disappear. Screening for muscle imbalances and postural alignment is the current cutting edge of injury prevention. Start by stretching the tight side first. Muscle Weakness © Vince Delmonte www. This guideline applies to your tighter muscles that can limit range of motion. If you are serious about making consistent strength gains your body will thank you immensely. if your hip flexors are extremely tight it will be in your best interest to reduce the amount of tension so that you can attain a deeper range of motion when you squat or deadlift etc. 10. “Stretching before you work out makes you weaker!” Does it? I. I can hear the cries right now. If you decide not to make these therapists a part of your team – be prepared to pay for some physiotherapist’s next European vacation when you get hurt! the quickest way to get injured (and stunt your muscular gains) is to ignore your weaknesses.com 2006.com . Muscle and Structural Imbalances Assessment of muscle strength and alignment by a professional therapist should occur prior to your training.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 and who has never personally experienced the benefits of flexibility training? • Start off by stretching your tight muscles.VinceDelMonteFitness. myself.and then you go the gym and expose your body to thousands of pounds of poundage? HELLO! Your body is screaming for an injury! I would suggest approaching a reputable and trusted chiropractor. Spend at least one minute per side and focus on building up to 5-10 minutes per stretch in each session. Please note that I am referring to stretching over reactive muscles. For example. and your strength will go through the roof! • Stretch before you work out. All rights reserved. It is not necessary to stretch muscles or around joints that currently have optimal ranges of motion. Detection of these 9. Most people acknowledge this principle but most fail to execute it appropriately.

© Vince Delmonte www. You are in for a surprise in your next workout – be prepared to find new muscles. Page 143 of 200 www. Most muscle weaknesses are created over time from continually doing the same exercises and working the same muscle groups in the same order week after week. Flip everything upside down. All weak muscles should be placed at the start of the week and early in the session because this is when you are the most fresh. this will be the missing link that crashes the house if you do not address it.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 9 No matter how small the muscle weakness.VinceDelMonteFitness. but simply took this one tip away I could guarantee that you would experience some new gains. If you were doing chest first – do it last. and they will reap the most benefit. If you were doing calves on Friday – put them on Monday. If you did not follow the No-Nonsense Program. Simply flip your entire current program upside down. All rights reserved.com 2006.

train With Heavy Weights for High reps tHe oNlY reaSoN Your MuScleS WIll GroW BIGGer aND StroNGer IS If You SurPaSS Your MuScle’S curreNt tHreSHolD aND ‘out Do’ YourSelf froM Your PrevIouS Workout.the cornerstone of every single training session. We discussed that you must give your muscles a reason to grow and this is that reason . GET STRONGER.com . It is your job to inflict more trauma than they have ever experienced before. All rights reserved. to protect themselves from being traumatized ever again. train With Heavy Weights for High reps 4. Page 144 of 200 www.your muscles are designed to tolerate trauma and adapt. Your goal is to leave no single muscle fiber UNTRAINED or UNWORKED.VinceDelMonteFitness. Measure Your Intensity Muscle threshold Muscle Threshold (output. Increase Muscle threshold above last Workout 2. and capacity are all other terms I use interchangeably for threshold) is the amount of work your body achieves in a specific amount of time. The greater the workload placed on the muscle the greater reason it has to grow and © Vince Delmonte www. If you train a few reps short of momentary failure or if you train a few pounds too light then you will not activate all the potential muscle fibers that could lead to growth.com 2006. workload. Your next goal is to ensure that you have utilized every single muscle fiber within that particular area of the trained muscle. activate as Many Muscle fibers as Possible Each rule builds on the last one.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Chapter 10: No Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Programs foundational Principles to execute during each Workout: 1. or to become MORE MUSCULAR you must INCREASE your MUSCLE THRESHOLD each and every workout. To build more SIZE. as a survival mechanism. This is the number one goal of every single workout . activate as Many Muscle fibers as Possible 3.VinceDelMonteFitness. train to failure 5.

that is. or training with the same amount of weight for 8-9 reps? That’s right. Page 145 of 200 www. Amount of Time it Takes to Complete Specific Set Measured in Seconds Since time has many variables that can effect its outcome (such as tempo. You must have GOALS for each workout.which is why we are training in the first place.this is the cornerstone for muscle growth.VinceDelMonteFitness. How to Measure Your results Let’s review the basics to accurately increase our muscular threshold: 1. Number of repetitions 3. You must keep track of your progress in a training log so that you can ensure a greater muscle stress on each muscle group .com . This means you must perform more work in the same or less time than before. It is extremely important to take a set to complete failure because it ensures that you have exhausted as many possible muscle fibers in that particular area. And surpassing your muscles’ previous threshold will lead to bigger muscles. doing heavy weights for high reps will make your muscles do more work than doing heavy weight with low reps. You must have a tool that will allow you to measure if you are. so listen up. range of © Vince Delmonte www. You have reached the limit of the muscle. Measure Your Intensity Now it is time to see IF our sweat and tears will result in an anabolic environment muscle growth. More on this concept shortly. Notice I emphasized IF because if this workout did not surpass your last workout’s threshold then there will be NO REASON for NEW muscle growth .VinceDelMonteFitness. no matter how hard you try. meaning you are leaving a good portion of the muscle untrained.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 become stronger. train to failure Muscular failure is the point that you reach in a set where you can no longer move the weight. If you stop 2 or 3 reps short of failure then you are leaving a lot of precious muscle fiber untapped and unworked. increasing the workload on each particular exercise.com 2006. I recommend carrying a diary to the gym and KNOWING what you must BEAT before you start your workout. This way you are prepared to do battle each workout and can visualize the extra rep or extra poundage you will be lifting. All rights reserved. if fact. The longer you have trained the more critical it is to have a tool that you can use to objectively measure your progress. Number of Sets 2. Which will stimulate more muscle fiber and have a greater chance of surpassing your muscle threshold? Training with heavy weights for 2-3 reps.

increased. If you did. Making it any more complicated than this is a waste of time and could lead to another 100 pages of reading for you! How Much Stronger Should I Be Getting each Workout? This is a valuable tool to determine the percentage increase of each exercises workload: You will need your old workload for the exercise you are comparing.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 motion etc) we will leave this variable out of the equation because it will be a constant in each training phase. There are many other proposed methods for alternating intensity and calculating power. Increasing the number of reps. assuming sets and weight is the same. then it is safe to say that your intensity (and work capacity) has. Ways to Set New Muscle thresholds Your muscle capacity can be increased by the following: • • • • Increasing the training weight.VinceDelMonteFitness. which means you recovered from your last workout. I do not intend to lift a pencil more than I lift weighs so this system will meet all of our requirements to progressively overload our muscles. And it is difficult to start and stop a stopwatch for each and every set! the only time factor we will monitor to measure intensity is the total duration of the workout.VinceDelMonteFitness. and you have just set up the potential for NEW muscle growth. assuming reps and sets are the same.com . sets and reps in 40 minutes instead of 45 minutes. exercise Squat Squat Set # 1 2 # reps 10 8 Weight 300 320 Workload 3000 lbs 2560 lbs NoW You Have a tool tHat You caN uSe at tHe coMPletIoN of eacH Workout aND DIrectlY coMPare If You Have acHIeveD More Work IN tHat PartIcular exercISe. assuming weight and reps are the same. Page 146 of 200 www. Increasing the number of sets. however. These above factors are all you need to worry about. which we will © Vince Delmonte www. This is FANTASTIC! Hold you head up high because this is a critical requirement of new muscle growth and this is where people screw up the most. in fact. All rights reserved. On my website I promised you that this was a simple step-by-step plan and this is what I meant. Performing the same weight.com 2006.

Do you know any basketball team that shoots the ball until they can’t shoot one more? Do you know any swimmer or runner who trains until they can not take one more stroke or one more step? Training to failure has grown in popular- training to failure is Not a valid Way to Measure Intensity © Vince Delmonte www. Page 147 of 200 www.old PB = Difference in Work Difference Divided By old PB Multiplied By 100 = Percentage Increase In Work (Diff / old PB x 100).just don’t expect any exceptional gains. New PB .com . bodybuilding is the only activity I know that preaches this theory of training to failure. This is like professional sports teams competing without keeping score. which will help prevent plateaus.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 refer to as your Old Personal Best. keep a log Book Tracking your progress is mandatory.com 2006. All rights reserved. Interestingly. Or like runners and swimmers working out without a stopwatch. If your workouts are not progressing then you can see exactly where the problem is . tHINGS You SHoulD track: • Workout Tempo • Muscles Trained • Exercises Used • Weight Used • Number of Sets • Time to Complete Workout • Time of Day • Energy Levels oNe of tHe MoSt coMMoN PItfallS of Not MakING coNSISteNt GaINS IS rePeatING tHe SaMe StreSS loaDS. And your new work-completed calculation. This will be referred to as your New Personal Best. How do you expect to get better? In my opinion.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. By monitoring your gains you can actually see if your workouts are progressing. if you work out without a log book you really aren’t serious and should reconsider the reasons you work out. Keep working out .perhaps an extra day was needed to recover or your body did not receive sufficient calories etc.

It IS aN INtaNGIBle coNcePt. He suggested a new training variable that would help influence training response by measuring how long a muscle was ‘under tension’ during an exercise by using a stopwatch. This would be considered the ‘tempo’ or ‘timing. Let’s look at it further: MaxIMuM teNSIoN: a quIck HIStorY leSSoN oN ‘tIMe uNDer teNSIoN. You’re dehydrated. Page 148 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. You did not meet any of the requirements to set up an environment for muscle growth. Because of the circumstances your work volume and poundage did not come close to your personal best and your workout time was probably longer. Do not base your progress on intangibles like how you felt and what you ‘perceived’ to be intense. HoW caN You GaGe If traINING to faIlure IS reallY MakING You ProGreSS? Let’s say you just finished a workout after a night of partying and drinking and poor nutrient intake.use the formula I provided above.VinceDelMonteFitness. paused for 2 seconds and lifted in 1 second. Charles Poliquin first popularized the concept. every set and every single workout. An example of this system might look like this: 4-2-1 Which means the weight is lowered in 4 seconds. an Australian strength coach furthered the concept by using a numerical system.’ Each tempo would reflect a different training response. your testosterone levels are zapped from the alcohol but you have a great workout because you trained to failure. the Muscle Growth formula MaxIMuM teNSIoN + MaxIMuM loaD + leSS tIMe = INSaNe MuScle GaIN! Instead of describing the structure and complicated make-up of your muscles (this will do nothing for muscle growth and could put you to sleep) I have created the above mission statement to simplify the training process and give you one clear goal for every training session at the gym. If you truly want to see some insane muscle gain then you must execute these principles during every rep. So using this tempo for 10 reps would equal a total © Vince Delmonte www. The reality is that your workout probably fell short of your personal best.’ In the year 2000. your energy reserves are depleted. traINING to faIlure IS Not a valID WaY to MeaSure INteNSItY BecauSe You caN Not MeaSure It accuratelY. Ian King.com .com 2006. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 ity in weight training circles the past few decades and not only has this concept inspired millions to train ‘hard’ but it has also misled millions to train stupid. Base your progress on solid evidence . This is how you will reach your true genetic potential.

and increase size and function of blood vessels. power training.U. a strength and conditioning coach.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 time under tension of 7 seconds X 10 reps = 70 seconds Duration: Adaptations: Neural Response Metabolic Response 20 sec 40 sec 60 sec ______________________________________________________ Neural adaptations refer to increased central nervous system functions. The key to insane muscle gain is to incorporate the best of both worlds – sets between 20-40 seconds and sets between 40-70 seconds. Growth! (Shortly. If you train for hypertrophy. such as an increased ability to recruit muscle fibers and increase coordination between different muscles. increased size and function of blood vessels etc. All rights reserved. Neural training is another name for strength training. In other words your T. you will learn how I have tweaked and exploited this principle further specifically for hard gainers).VinceDelMonteFitness.U. Metabolic adaptations refer to a change in body structure. MaxIMuM DuratIoN: © Vince Delmonte www. should total between 40-70 seconds per set for hypertrophy.T. 1. tut should be around 40-70 seconds.com 2006. such as an increase in muscle fiber size and other connective tissues. Metabolic training is a technical way to say muscle building or hypertrophy (muscle growth). Maximum duration refers to reaching the point of momentary muscular failure. which is what most of us are looking for. A weight that is maximized for the duration of 40-70 seconds has been shown to increase muscle fiber size and other connective tissues. These numbers are based on a full set. A weight that is maximized for the duration of 20-40 seconds has been shown to increase neuromuscular strength – this means an increased ability to recruit more muscle fibers and increased coordination between different muscles. or speed training. Charles Poliquin. If you train for relative strength. tut [time-under-tension] should be under 20 seconds. 2.com . increase substrate stores such as glycogen.T. When you have trained until you can not complete one more unassisted rep. increased substrate stores giving a ‘fuller’ look.VinceDelMonteFitness. you have reached maximum duration for that specific exercise and load. has come up with these numbers as a guide to help determine T. Page 149 of 200 www.

Get INSaNelY StroNG.PLANNED RECOVERY WEEKS. take the next week to study this course. In the meantime.VinceDelMonteFitness. read and re-read through it a few times and make any preparations (groceries etc. aND reallY Start turNING HeaDS! overvIeW of tHe ProGraMS PrINcIPleS aND tecHNIqueS In order to overload your muscles to create the potential for NEW muscle growth you must get your muscles to generate as much force as possible AFTER you have FULLY recovered from your last training session to ensure SUPERCOMPENSATION. The amount of damage you inflict on your body will reflect the amount of recovery required. but your immune. Page 150 of 200 www. You must use the heaviest weight possible – relative to your level of strength – for a maximum duration of 20-40 seconds. You will be amazed at how you feel once you have fully recuperated and begin this new muscle-building routine. aDD SerIouS SIze to Your fraMe. which are taxed harder and have slower recovery rates than your muscles – or else you will be starting the program in a over-trained state. Training consumes or depletes.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. This is extremely critical because if you don’t then you will bring residual fatigue into the new routine and it will not work. Exceed it at your own peril. It disrupts homeostasis and inflicts trauma to your tissues. You must use the heaviest weight possible – relative to your level of strength – for a maximum duration of 40-70 seconds. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. you read that correctly above. I need you FULLY recovered – not just your muscles.com . then I strongly suggest that you take at least one week off without any training whatsoever. If you have been training longer than 12 weeks consistently. Therefore your attention to the recovery process should be given just as much attention as the training process itself. hormonal and central nervous systems. This method has turned out to be the MoSt effectIve. #3 – RECHARGE PHASE I have taught in detail that you will only grow AFTER you have fully recovered from training. reSult-ProDucING tecHNIque ever! Once you start using these techniques you will start BuIlDING SerIouS MuScle MaSS.) that will be necessary prior to beginning. #2 – MAXIMUM TENSION FOR 20-40 SECONDS MAXIMAL NEURAL GAINS Yes. creating a recovery plan is not rigid and #4 .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 My training program combines the best of both worlds. #1 – MAXIMUM TENSION FOR 40-70 SECONDS MAXIMAL METABOLIC GAINS In order to overload your muscles to create the potential for NEW muscle growth you must get your muscles to generate as much force as possible AFTER you have FULLY recovered from your last training session to ensure SUPERCOMPENSATION.

this is a generalization and biceps is a smaller muscle group. you don’t need to know anything about ‘over-training syndrome. You can also alter the recovery process with nutrition. In 4 weeks you should be at least 3 pounds up . for whatever reason. if you train to preset levels. or you can ‘tough it out’ and train at sub-maximal loads that will do NOTHING for any further muscle growth and have taken you one step toward over-training.com . So let’s say you are bicep curling 30 pounds right now. not to see how tough you are. supplements.com 2006. Your lack of progress is more often caused by over-training than any other factor.I know this is not a lot of weight. tHe focuS oN IMPleMeNtatIoN of a SouND recoverY PlaN IS ofteN tHe DIffereNce BetWeeN WINNING aND loSING.’ There is no need for this – if you are in control of the recovery process and training. Increasing a minimum of 5% strength every 2 weeks is your guide on isolation lifts. When this occurs a few times in a row. Increasing a minimum of 5% strength every week is your guide on compound lifts. with NEW muscle so that you will be able to naturally lift more and repeat the process. All rights reserved. You may have read the terms ‘over-training syndrome’ and ‘planned over-training. If.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 can be altered based on your stress levels and age. If you are a few pounds off or ahead of schedule. you return to the gym and realize that you have not fully recovered. Page 151 of 200 www. you start to see more obvious signs of over-training.’ Your goal is to return to the gym recovered. which are the two most powerful factors working against you. In 4 weeks you should be squatting closer to 270 pounds – an extra 45 pounds. RECOVERY RULE B © Vince Delmonte www. recoverY rule a Your second goal is to make consistent strength gains from week to week. Too much bodybuilding literature focuses on the symptoms instead of prevention of them. You can walk out immediately and return the next day to attempt the workout again. and recover in preplanned ways.VinceDelMonteFitness. This has happened to me before – it is a tough decision because your natural tendency is to slug it out – but your goal is to get stronger from workout to workout. Don’t worry if you made an error in judgment prior to the workout and realize that you have not fully recovered – I want you to go home! An alternative would be to replace your weight session with a flexibility session if you do not want the trip to the gym to be completely in vain. sleep and rest etc. So let’s say you squat 225 pounds right now. Over-training occurs if you are exposed to a subsequent bout of training before recovering from the previous one. But in 9 weeks you will be curling 40 pounds and in 4 months you will be curling 50 pounds! Again. you have two choices.VinceDelMonteFitness.

I believe this phase makes the program far more powerful because it brings you – the trainee – into the training process. GoalS for uPSIDe DoWN traINING Priority #1 for uDt – Improve Posture By lengthening Shortened Muscles © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. Some refer to this phase as the Corrective Training Phase. Therefore consider this first phase of your training like an automobile tune-up. This is also an excellent opportunity to troubleshoot any potential injuries. Skipping this stage is like building a 10-story building and than realizing there is a problem with the foundation.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 don’t sweat it. Here are my guidelines: take a ½ Week off everY 6 WeekS take a full Week off everY 12 WeekS #5 . Slow and steady wins the race! You Have tWo forMS of recoverY after eacH traINING PHaSe – ½ WeekS or full WeekS. This means absolutely no exercise whatsoever for these periods of times. Either you address them now or you will pay for them later.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. aND eNSurING tHat BotH SIDeS of Your lIMBS are PerforMING equallY.UPSIDE DOWN TRAINING This is the phase of the program that will be CUSTOMIZED completely to you. When we start lifting some really heavy weights in a few short weeks. the tires are balanced. tHe MaIN Goal of tHIS PHaSe IS to DeDIcate at leaSt four WeekS to MINIMIzING Your PerSoNal MuScle WeakNeSSeS. think long-term gains. there were no malfunctioning parts. All rights reserved. Page 152 of 200 www. muscle imbalances and individual muscle weaknesses. You wouldn’t take out a beat up car on a long road trip or under hazardous conditions would you? You would make sure the car is in alignment. the tank was full of gas and any old parts were replaced with new parts etc. all of your weaknesses will become exposed. Preparatory Training Phase or Control/Stability Phase – I will refer to it as Upside Down Training because it is my bet that for the majority this will feel upside down! Upside Down Training is the first step before I unleash the keys to the car. Many programs neglect the importance of individual differences such as posture.

5. 6. These areas of focus will not cure every problem but will eliminate some of the most popular ones and will help you discover where some of your weak links lie and how to customize the stretching program around your tighter areas.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Improving posture requires lengthening shortened muscles and strengthening weakened muscles. low Back (lying) letter t Stretch kneeling Hip flexor Stretch Side lying quad Stretch Supine Hamstring Stretch Gluts/Piriformis Stretch Double leg Straddle Stretch tensor fascia latae Stretch forward lunge calve Stretch upper Body Stretching: 1. Year rouND flexIBIlItY traINING ProGraM Below is the Stretching Program to be followed during the entire year: lower Body Stretching: 1. All rights reserved. 8. 4. 6. Postural analysis. Page 153 of 200 www. 2. flexibility and muscular assessment methods are beyond the scope of this book. Let’s begin with lengthening shortened muscles with a flexibility training program.VinceDelMonteFitness. 9.com 2006. 5. 7. trapezius Stretch chest Stretch (doorway or wall) anterior Shoulder Stretch Back Stretch (wall) quadratus lumborum/lat Stretch Seated lateral Stretch forearms (kneeling) HoW to cuStoMIze Your StretcHING ProGraM BaSeD oN Your PoSture: The below is a brief version of a proper fitness assessment.VinceDelMonteFitness. 7. 3. aNterIor PelvIc tIlt: If your pelvis is tilted forward then expect to do more stretching on your quads and hip flexors and strengthening your abdominals. © Vince Delmonte www.com . 4. 2. 3.

or structural problem. hip and ankle joints. Severe outWarD foot PlaceMeNt: Same as above but probably also tight adductors (inner thigh muscles) and weak abductors (outer thigh muscles).No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 PoSterIor PelvIc tIlt: If your pelvis is tilted posteriorly then expect to do more stretching on your hamstrings and possibly weak spinal erectors. to the floor holding a broomstick over your head with a flat back then you require some flexibility work around your shoulder. lIMIteD raNGe or Poor overHeaD Squat tecHNIque: If you can not squat down below parallel. quads. feel free to contact me to troubleshoot the problem and I will make the best recommendation as to which steps to take. This could mean the joint is not holding or not in alignment (pelvis out of alignment. If you have a condition that you feel is not addressed then seek out a qualified therapist to eliminate any potential injury. I HIGHlY recoMMeND SeeING a coMPeteNt INJurY treatMeNt ProfeSSIoNal SucH aS a cHIroPractor.).VinceDelMonteFitness. feet a little wider than shoulder width. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. Seek out an assessment from a competent therapist and have them treat the cause. calves.com 2006. not the symptom. Not all perceived flexibility and muscular issues are actually a result of poor range of motion or lack of strength. unknown shoulder separation etc. If you are in doubt of a lagging body part or nagging injury.VinceDelMonteFitness. This calls for some serious stretching around the hip flexors. aND/or MaSSaGe tHeraPISt tHat caN ‘cleaN uP’ aNY aBNorMalItIeS tHat WoulD Be outSIDe of Your oWN ScoPe of correctING. art tHeraPISt. head up and arms in line with their spine. ITB.com . Not correcting the root cause will lead to further occurrences of this condition in the future. not to mention a lot of stretching out your TFL. chest and shoulders. Most can not do this while keeping their back flat. Get ready to strengthen those hip extensors (butt muscles). You are wasting your time and money if the therapist fails to determine the cause of the current condition. Oftentimes a muscle will not ‘fire’ or do its job because of a nerve problem (nerve entrapment will make the respective muscle unresponsive). SlIGHt outWarD foot PlaceMeNt: This is a sign of weak glutes and tightness in the Tensor Fascia latae (TFL) and iliotibial band (ITB) on the lateral part of the thigh. one leg longer than the other. Page 154 of 200 www. adductor’s and hip flexors. and abductors.

Just like your weights – you should be increasing your range of motion each week.com 2006. that will be almost one hour of stretching a day if you perform upper and lower body each day. **It does not matter whether you stretch before or after your workouts. All rights reserved. Go somewhere quiet and get into a relaxed zone. ****Hold each stretch for a minimum of 60 seconds per side – this is called good oldfashioned static stretching. *****Spend more time on the areas that are tighter and don’t hold yourself to the above recommendations. If you are going to be completely changing the way you eat and train. not just on your workout days. ***Consider doing your stretching program on your non-weight training days so you are not pressed for time and so that you can put all your energy and focus into a high quality flexibility session. Stretch for RESULTS. The bottom line is that you find time to stretch period. Stretching is one of the only things where more is better. Personally I find stretching to be a relaxing activity so it kills my ‘edge’ before I have to train hard so I prefer to stretch after a workout. Oh yeah. and avoid ALL bilateral movements. Maybe you don’t stretch at all right now and are freaking out about the idea of stretching at all.com . Build up to 2-3 minutes per side on areas of attention. Page 155 of 200 www. Many will debate ‘the best time to stretch.’ but in the end I believe that’s just another reason for the ‘talkers’ to talk instead of getting off their butts and actually doing it.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. Yes. Your body will thank you dearly! Priority #2 for uDt – Improve Posture By Strengthening Weaker or Imbalanced Muscles • Minimize Muscle Imbalances: During UDT you will do EVERYTHING unilaterally with free weights and cables.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 SPECIAL NOTES: *To exploit the full benefits of flexibility training this program can be done on a daily basis. A bilateral movement is where you are using both limbs together –a lat pulldown or bench press would be a bilateral movement and is out of the question during UDT. you might as well make it three and add stretching. don’t stretch with a stopwatch either. © Vince Delmonte www. If you feel you would benefit from stretching your hips flexors for up to 10 minutes then go for it.

• Apply Ian King’s Weak Side Rule: I think I learned this from the Australian strength coach and even though it appears obvious I have never heard these rules shared in conventional bodybuilding magazines. • Train Through A FULL Range Of Motion: Some sources say that you only need to train through a limited range of motion. Instead.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 156 of 200 www. Now try to sit all the way up with your arms at your side. and if your goal is to stimulate as much muscle fiber as possible then you must train through a full range of motion. IaN’S Weak SIDe ruleS • Strength train the weak or injured side first and stretch the tighter side first.week programs! © Vince Delmonte www. A limited range of motion equals a limited range of the muscle being used. You should be able to sit all the way up without acceleration and without your feet leaving the ground. thus increasing the imbalance. Be prepared to discover some ‘new muscle’ with this one tip. at this stage. A unilateral movement is where you only use one limb at a time. The primary purpose of this initial abdominal training is to prioritize the health of the lower back. Keep your knees bent 90 degrees and your feet flat on the floor. The insidious part to this is that it’s not detectable visually until the imbalance has reached ridiculous proportions. Another advantage of avoiding bilateral movements in UDT is that any hidden muscle weakness will be exposed and can be treated. So. Priority #3 for uDt – Improve Posture By Increasing core Stability and Strength HoW Do You kNoW If You Have Weak core MuScleS? This can be discovered by lying on your back in a sit-up position. is injury prevention focused. • do no more reps or load (strength) or time (stretching) on the strong/long side than the weak/tighter side could do. The attached abdominal program.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 When you have a strength imbalance there is a tendency to ‘shift’ the load to the strong side. plan to use ‘unilateral’ movements.VinceDelMonteFitness. If not than your abs are VERY weak. hips and lower extremities. • never perform more reps or more stretch on the strong/long side. you should do no more than 5 reps on the stronger side (even if it feels like you can do 15 or more). • then MAYBE do the strong or more flexible side. if you are doing leg extensions and can only do 5 reps on the weaker side.com . These exercises are not designed to make your abdominals ‘pop out’ – that will come during the 29. All rights reserved.com 2006.

If you have had a previous shoulder injury. • Start with 1 set of 10 and build up to 2 sets of 15 with about a 1-2 minutes between sets. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. do this program every workout. if you have been training longer then 4 years or if you fail to meet the test below.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 157 of 199 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Abdominal Program order A B C D E F G exercise Air Bike Crunches Janda Sit Up (wrists to knees) Full Sit Ups Lying Side Crunch Supine Double Leg Raise Alternating Toe Touch Hip Thrusts Sets 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 reps 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 tempo 201 201 201 201 201 201 201 rest 1-2 minutes and repeat Notes - ***Special Tips • This is a continuous circuit which means you will move from exercise to exercise with zero rest. It’s based on higher volume and no load so your abs will recover quickly. Keep your body moving. • Notice the tempo is quicker.com 2006. you will benefit from the simple shoulder stability program attached below. • Don’t be surprised if you feel like someone is ripping your stomach apart! This is a beautiful circuit of exercises and it kills.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . Priority #4 for UDT – Improve Posture By Increasing Shoulder Stability HoW Do You kNoW If You requIre a SHoulDer StaBIlItY ProGraM? The majority of people will be able to answer this fairly easily. Your abs will be on fire! • Unless they are really sore.

slightly facing your thighs than you have mild internal rotation of the shoulder joint. If you can see the top of your upper back in the mirror than you have internally rotated shoulders. In addition. If your thumbs are facing straight ahead then you’re golden. • Start with 1 set of 10 and build up to 2 sets of 15 with about a 1-2 minutes between sets. Page 158 of 200 199 www. All rights reserved. we will be strengthening the external rotators of your shoulder and lots of strengthening the scapula to correct this problem. Most likely you have done too much lat or pec work and not enough retraction or external rotator work.com . Focus on SLOW and CONTROLLED. If you look down and see your palm or thumb facing the wall behind you then you have severe internal shoulder rotation.VinceDelMonteFitness. © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. front delts and biceps stretching.VinceDelMonteFitness. Get ready for tons of pec. If your thumbs are pointed inward diagonally. lat. Now face the mirror and take a look at the position that your thumbs are facing. • Notice the tempo is slower because it is also injury prevention centered. Shoulder Stability Program order A B exercise Retractions Reverse Fly with Tubing (dumbells optional) External Rotation with tubing (dumbells optional) Diagonal External Rotation with tubing ( dumbells optional) Prone Dumbell Reverse Flys Sets 1-2 1-2 reps 10-15 10-15 tempo 311 311 rest - Notes - C 1-2 10-15 311 - - D 1-2 10-15 311 - - E 1-2 10-15 311 1-2 minutes and repeat - ***Special Tips • This is a continuous circuit which means you will move from exercise to exercise with zero rest.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 INterNallY rotateD SHoulDerS: Stand beside a mirror and look at your body with a side view.

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

• Your goal is not to ‘work it’ but to simply ‘switch on’ the rotator cuff and external rotators so they are prepared to stabilize the shoulder area. • I suggest performing this mini routine prior to every one of your upper body workouts. They heavier you plan to lift the more beneficial this will be. In exchange for an extra 5 minutes of your workout, this mini routine will extend the lifespan of your shoulder joint so you can train hard and pain free!

Priority #5 for uDt – Improve functional Strength and conditioning With Body Weight exercises
Introduce Body Weight Training: Alwyn Cosgrove preaches that, ‘you have no freaking business using a load if you can’t stabilize, control and move efficiently using only your body weight.’ I can’t agree more. I assume the majority of you reading this book are skinny guys so you have no excuse that your body weight is too much. No matter what your frame, body type, age or sex – body weight exercises should be the foundation of any training program. You can’t lift your own body weight? Tough! This phase has your name written all over it! Get ready to introduce lots of very functional based movements which include push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, dips, wall sits, one leg squats, one leg deadlifts, one leg back extensions, sit-ups, and a few others that might be new for you. You will notice that this workout can be done literally anywhere – at your gym, in your basement or at the mall!

Body Weight Conditioning Program

Standard Pushup Mountain Climbers Burpees High Knee Drill (running on the spot) Bodyweight Squats

3 3 3 3

20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds

Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed

20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds



3 3


Close Grip Chin Ups

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10


Bench Dip Modified Pullup Alternating Split Squat Jump Single Leg Hip Extnesion Bodyweight Reverse Lunge Single Leg Plank Raise Oblique Adductor Raise

3 3 3

20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds

Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed

20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds


3 3 3 3

***Special Tips • This is a continuous circuit which means you will move from exercise to exercise. • You will require a stop watch that has a timer which beeps every 20 seconds and than breaks for 20 seconds. • Your goal is to perform as many reps as possible within 20 seconds and then move to the next exercise. You get 20 seconds rest between exercises. • Focus on using a faster tempo for this 20 seconds so you can get more and more reps within the 20 second time frame. • Feel free to improvise with this circuit if your fitness is really low. For example, you could group all of the upper body exercises together and all the lower body exercises together and perform them on separate days. • The secret to this circuit is INTENSITY. The order of exercises is not so important. The goal should be to perform AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE within each time frame. Your heart will be pumping and you will be sweating harder than when you do cardio – trust me! • Don’t be surprised if you feel light headed or really winded! As I said, this is also a conditioning program! Build up to 3 sets with with only 1 minute between sets. If 20 second intervals are not enough then build up to 30 seconds per exercise.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

Priority #6 for uDt – Decrease lagging Body Parts With advanced Intensity techniques
Introduce 1 and 1/2’s: An example would be on a leg extension; you would extend your leg fully, pause, lower the leg half way, pause, extend your leg again, pause and return the weight to the bottom. This is one rep. This means that you will not be doing boring singles all the time. This is an excellent method for isolating the weakest range of a movement. Did I mention that these suckers burn like crazy? Introduce 21’s: Yes, I know these are nothing new but have you done 21’s for more than just biceps? Get ready to use 21’s on almost every muscle in your body. There are many ways to perform this movement but my favorite, which you will be using, is to do 7 half reps in the weakest half, followed immediately by 7 full reps, followed immediately by 7 half reps in the strongest half. Pause every time before you change direction to experience the full effect. Introduce Slow Speed Methods: This does not involve a lot of weight but is excellent to ensure the working muscles are switched on. This will force your muscles to learn how to control the desired joint and ensure solid joint stability. My favorites are the lifting speeds 814, 613 and 515. For 814, this means you would take 8 seconds to lower the weight, pause for one second and then take 4 seconds to lift the weight. Of course you will be doing fewer reps. Introduce Small Muscle Groups Prior to large Muscle Groups: Sure, this goes against what every personal training certification teaches and against Joe Weiders top training secrets but we are playing by a different set of rules. ask yourself, how will your smaller and lagging body parts every catch up if you always train them at the end of the workout when your body is depleted of energy? How will your lagging parts no longer be the limiting factor in your strength gains if they are never given any priority? the obvious answer is that they will never keep up to the growth rate of your larger muscle groups which will lead to a plateau in your larger muscle groups as well. Now we have a serious problem! __________________________________________________________________________ MINIMIze MuScle WeakNeSSeS – This is a fun exercise. Grab a piece of paper and write down all your muscle groups and number them from weakest (or underdeveloped) to strongest. __________________________________________________________________________ I’m just guessing but you might note calves, abs, forearms, arms etc. These are the most popular muscle weaknesses because they are given lower volume and less priority than the major muscle groups like chest, back, shoulders and legs.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

Whatever the case there is a very simple principle we will follow for upside down training. The exercises you do first in the workout and first in the training week are the exercises that get the best effort, and therefore the best results. It is human nature to put one’s favorite exercises first in the week and first in the workout – year in and year out – and then wonder why muscle imbalances occur. Every time you do Upside Down Training, you will do your weak muscles first in the workout and first in the week. As said above, you will break some of the popular ‘bodybuilding laws’ such as ‘Never train a small muscle before a large muscle.’ Imagine how strong you will bench press after we specialize on your shoulder stabilizers and triceps for a few weeks. Imagine how strong your lat pulldown will be after we strengthen those stubborn forearms that are always giving out first. Imagine how strong your squat will be after we spend a few weeks strengthening your core and neglected glute muscles. Hopefully you are getting excited by seeing the bigger picture! You will notice smaller muscles such as your forearms, traps, biceps, triceps and calves getting more priority in volume and sequence during Upside Down Training.

Priority #7 for uDt – Decrease Weak angles of a Muscle By adjusting training technique
**I would like to note that a nice handful of skinny guys also tend to have long limbs (not advantageous for lifting heavy weights) and would benefit from altering their technique on many exercises. Unfortunately, teaching how to alter these lifts is beyond the scope of the first edition of this book. Stay tuned, as I am in the process of devoting an entire chapter to analyzing lifting technique. For now, simply change the following.

Make tHeSe aDJuStMeNtS:
__________________________________________________________________________ SquatS - aim to get your butt to literally touch the floor. Open your stance wider and point your toes outward. Only travel as low as you can while maintaining a flat back. Consider ‘front squats’ if your flexibility is pitiful. __________________________________________________________________________ BeNcH PreSS – turn your elbows in (no flaring) to maintain emphasis on your shoulders and triceps. If you have really long arms then leave 1-2 inches between your chest and the bar when lowering. __________________________________________________________________________

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__________________________________________________________________________ SeateD roW – allow your shoulder blades to roll forward. If you have really long arms. stand up higher. © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 SHoulDer PreSS – have the dumbbells come below your shoulders on the way down. Pull with your back and not with your arms. __________________________________________________________________________ ALWAYS DO ONE WARM-UP SET WITH A SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT TO ‘TRACE’ THE LINE OF MOVEMENT.com . Suck your abs in like a vacuum to minimize any hip movement. Page 163 of 200 www. __________________________________________________________________________ HaM curlS – your heels should touch your butt and fully extend.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.com 2006. Keep your toes pointed. __________________________________________________________________________ BIcePS – fully extend your arm around your elbow joint. When you believe you are the highest you can stand. Be prepared to use lighter weights with this form and be prepared to discover some new muscle tissue if you have being using limited range movements. __________________________________________________________________________ trIcePS – lock out your elbow joint. It is your goal to stimulate as much muscle as possible and this will only be achieved by using a full range of motion. __________________________________________________________________________ calve raISeS – let your heels touch the floor. only extend them ¾ of the way and do not waste energy pressing them all the way back over your head.VinceDelMonteFitness. Always keep your palms facing upwards. __________________________________________________________________________ lat PullDoWN – fully allow your traps to elevate on the way up and make sure the bar touches your clavicle on the way down.

Maybe you don’t stretch at all right now and are freaking out about the idea of stretching at all. 5. Page 164 of 200 www. If you are going to be completely changing the way you eat and train. **Hold each stretch for a minimum of 60 seconds per side – this is called good oldfashioned static stretching. 6. 2. 7. 6. 2.upper Body stretching: 1. 4. Trapezius Stretch Chest Stretch (doorway or wall) Anterior Shoulder Stretch Back Stretch (wall) Quadratus Lumborum/Lat Stretch Seated Lateral Stretch Forearms (kneeling) *To exploit the full benefits of flexibility training this program can be done on a daily basis. 3.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved. 4. not just the prescribed two days.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 the coMPlete 4 weeK uPside dowN trAiNiNG ProGrAM: Monday A tuesday B Wednesday thursday C friday Saturday D Sunday workout A and c . Build up to 2-3 minutes per side on areas of attention.com 2006. 9. 8. 5. Yes. that will be almost one hour of stretching a day if you perform upper and lower body each day. you might as well make it three and add stretching.VinceDelMonteFitness. Low Back (Lying) Letter T Stretch Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Side Lying Quad Stretch Supine Hamstring Stretch Gluts/Piriformis Stretch Double Leg Straddle Stretch Tensor Fascia Latae Stretch Forward Lunge Calve Stretch workout B and d . 7. ***Spend more time on the areas that are tighter and don’t hold yourself to the above © Vince Delmonte www. 3.lower Body stretching: 1.

Hip Adduction With Band (or cables) 2 2 12-15 12-15 311 311 60 - © Vince Delmonte www. Single Leg Curl (standing or lying) 2. Hip Abduction With Cable 2. All rights reserved.com . Machine Seated Calf Raise 2. Single Leg Leg Extension Sets 3 3 3 rest 15 15 15 tempo 311 311 311 rest 60 Notes - B1:B2 1 2 2 12-15 12-15 311 311 60 1 and 1/2’s C1:C2 Hip/Quad Super Set: 1.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 165 of 200 www.com 2006. Supine Calf Raise Hip/Quad Super Set: 1. don’t stretch with a stopwatch either. One Leg Box Step Up 2 2 20 20 311 311 60 10 sec hold at the top of every 10th rep D1:D2 Inner/Outer Thigh Super Set: 1.Standing Machine Calf Raise 3. A – Lower Body Weight Training And Abdominals order A1:A2: A3 exercise Calf Tri Set: 1.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you feel you would benefit from stretching your hips flexors for up to 10 minutes then go for it. Stretching is one of the only things where more is better. Single Leg Hip Extension 2. Oh yeah. Go somewhere quiet and get into a relaxed zone.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 recommendations.

DB Bulgarian Split Squat 2.Hip Thrusts 1-2 10-15 201 1-2 minutes and repeat (see next page for more training tables) © Vince Delmonte www. Single Leg RDL With DB Hip/Quad Super Set: 1. Janda Sit Ups 3. Back Extension 2. Air Bike Crunches 2.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 E1:E2 Hip/Quad Super Set: 1.com 2006. Supine Double Leg Raise 6.VinceDelMonteFitness. AlternatingToe Touch 7. Lying Side Crunch 5. Deadlift (trap bar or straight bar 2 2 12-15 12-15 515 515 60 - F1:F2 2 2 6-8 6-8 613 613 60 G Abdominal Circuit: 1.VinceDelMonteFitness. Full Sit Ups 4. All rights reserved. Page 166 of 200 www.

Page 167 of 200 www. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .Body Weight Conditioning Program order A exercise Standard Pushup Sets 3 time 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds tempo Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed rest 20 seconds Notes - B Mountain Climbers Burpees 3 20 seconds - C 3 20 seconds - D High Knee Drill 3 (running on the spot) E 20 seconds Constant Speed 20 seconds - Bodyweight Squats Close Grip Chin Ups Bench Dip Modified Pullup Alternating Split Squat Jump Single Leg Hip Extnesion Bodyweight Reverse Lunge Single Leg Plank Raise Oblique Adductor Raise 3 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed 20 seconds - F 3 20 seconds - G 3 20 seconds - H 3 20 seconds - I 3 20 seconds - J 3 20 seconds - K 3 20 seconds - L 3 20 seconds - M 3 20 seconds - © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout B .

Supine Close Grip Bench Press 2. Seated Barbell Reverse Curl 2 2 20 20 311 311 60 - C1:C2 Bicep Super Set: 1. Reverse Grip Pressdown 2 2 12-15 12-15 311 311 60 1 and 1/2’s E1:E2 Shoulder Super Set: 1 . Shrug (barbell) 2.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout C – Upper Body Weight Training And Abdominals order A1:A2 exercise Trap Super Set: 1.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. Supinated Incline Bicep Curls 2. Seated Barbell Wrist Curl 2.com 2006. Page 168 of 200 www. Reverse Barbell Curls 2 2 12-15 12-15 311 311 60 1 and 1/2’s D1:D2 Tricep Super Set: 1. DB Shrug Sets 2 2 rest 20 20 tempo 311 311 rest 60 Notes - B1:B2 Forearm Super Set: 1. Lateral Raises (w/plates) (standing or seated) 2 2 12-15 12-15 311 311 60 1 and 1/2’s © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved.Lying Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2.

VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. Air Bike Crunches 9. All rights reserved. Janda Sit Ups 10. Supine Double Leg Raise 13. Full Sit Ups 11.com . Dumbell Fly 2 2 1-2 21’s 12-15 10-15 311 311 201 60 1-2 minutes and repeat 1 and 1/2’s for chest flys H Abdominal Circuit: 8.com 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 F1:F2 Back Super Set: 1. Lying Side Crunch 12.Alternating Toe Touch 14. Close Grip Pulldown 2. Hip Thrusts Workout D . Page 169 of 200 www. Pullovers 2 2 21’s 12-15 311 311 60 1 and 1/2’s for pullovers G1:G2 Chest Super Set: 1.Body Weight Conditioning Program order A exercise Standard Pushup Sets 3 time 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds tempo Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed rest 20 seconds Notes - B Mountain Climbers Burpees 3 20 seconds - C 3 20 seconds - D High Knee Drill 3 (running on the spot) 20 seconds Constant Speed 20 seconds - © Vince Delmonte www. Incline DB Chest Press 2.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 E Bodyweight Squats Close Grip Chin Ups Bench Dip Modified Pullup Alternating Split Squat Jump Single Leg Hip Extnesion Bodyweight Reverse Lunge Single Leg Plank Raise 3 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed Constant Speed 20 seconds - F 3 20 seconds - G 3 20 seconds - H 3 20 seconds - I 3 20 seconds - J 3 20 seconds - K 3 20 seconds - L 3 20 seconds - ***Special Tips • Ideally this program should be done on Monday. Wednesday. • Use the first and second week to get familiar with the new tempos and for choos© Vince Delmonte www. Tuesday. • Incorporate the flexibility training either before or after the workout. • 5-10 minutes of easy cardio is recommended before each workout. Train right through it and you might find the body weight workouts actually help loosen you up. • You might be unusually sore after the first few workouts. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Feel free to incorporate the shoulder stability program at least 2 x a week BEFORE the body weight conditioning program.com . Your body will tell you if you clearly over did it however a little bit of muscle soreness is not a bad thing. Friday and Sunday. Notice the pattern.VinceDelMonteFitness. If you find this drags the workout well past your time limits then do the flexibility training on it’s own day. Thursday and Saturday or Tuesday. Page 170 of 200 www.com 2006.

I have recommended at least 4 weeks on Upside Down Training but you are free to do it for up to 6 weeks as well and you are free to come back to Upside Down Training every few months. It is absolutely critical that you understand the concept of both training phases. I will teach you the variables you must customize based on your training age. You should be hitting failure within the given rep ranges. I question anybody’s ability to train hard for more than 6 – 9 sets per muscle – and this is for ONLY those maximizing ALL my recovery techniques. If you wish to see astonishing results you must follow this cycle to the letter. Like I exaggerated in my website – this is INSANE! Workouts like these could paralyze an adult gorilla. increase the weights and intensity of the workout. If you have never worked out before. cut reps and do not add sets or reps to ‘grow faster’ or if you have been training for years previous to beginning this program.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Don’t be surprised if you feel beat up after some of these workouts. It will take some time for your body to condition it self. Follow this program as written for at least the first 6 months before you make any changes. You have been brainwashed into thinking that you must do 3-4 exercises of one muscle group on each day with at least 3-4 sets for each exercise.com .com 2006. As you get familiar with the program. Do not be impatient and expect to see your body transform in the next two weeks.VinceDelMonteFitness. these conventional bodybuilding programs are ABSOLUTELY garbage and nonsense. You MuSt truSt Me aND alloW Your reSultS to SPeak for tHeMSelveS. # 6 FOLLOW THE PROGRAM. Page 171 of 200 www. I’ve given you a program I’m confident you have not experienced before. but results are very individualized.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 ing the appropriate work loads. All rights reserved. Expect visual results in the first 3-6 weeks – in most cases closer to the 6-week period. Trust me. simply focus on performing each exercise with perfect form and moderate intensity for the first two weeks. adding up to 12. © Vince Delmonte www. Do not cut sets. You must follow the entire program consistently for the next 6 months. progression etc. 16 and even 24 sets for ONE muscle. recovery ability.

Page 172 of 200 www. No one. 12 weeks. So whenever you see 3 x 10.com 2006. which is exactly what you will need to start accelerating new strength and muscular development. On the flip side. aN exaMPle of StaNDarD PerIoDIzatIoN: Week Number 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 Number of Reps 10 10 10 10 linear Periodization: A more effective approach than standard periodization is linear periodization which is geared more towards intermediate trainee’s (training longer than a year). The foundation of the Beginner-Intermediate program will be based on Undulating Periodization.VinceDelMonteFitness. Linear periodization involves lowering the reps (while increasing the load) which allows for a smooth progression towards lower reps with heavier weights. which is going to be your new secret weapon. I am about to expose to you another new way of training. All rights reserved. with consideration of change for future training blocks. This is the traditional model of training designed in the 1960’s which lead to 3 x 10. The only problem is that is causes a detraining effect on neural adaptations on the first six weeks and than a detraining effect on the metabolic adaptations on the second six weeks. © Vince Delmonte www. it was shown to develop muscle strength but I would personally like to see more variety within the training block. Let’s review the other two forms of traditional periodization: Standard Periodization: Requires maintaining all variables constant for a determined training block e.g. other than a complete beginner should consider this form of training. you now know that this is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of training.com . This second phase of your training is called the Beginner-Intermediate 29-Week Program and is probably like nothing you have ever seen before.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 # 7 – EXPLOSIVE PERIODIZATION (BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE 29-WEEK PROGRAM) This second phase of your training will follow after at least 4 weeks of Upside Down Training.VinceDelMonteFitness. even for beginners.

I was introduced to this system of training before anybody even heard of it. Typically.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 aN exaMPle of lINear PerIoDIzatIoN: Week Number Number of Reps 1-3 20 4-6 15 7-9 10 10-12 5 alternating Periodization: Involves alternating between heavy weights (intensity) and lower weights (volume) which was popularized in the 1980’s. a trainee will change the exercises or sets first which is not the most effective training system. In actuality – the body adapts to the rep range the quickest. So we need to pay closer attention to the rep bracket more so than the change in exercises.com 2006. also know as Variable Rep Training. By introducing a new stimulus on the most sensitive training variable. based on a very unique way of structuring the set. All rights reserved. Undulating periodization. The only disadvantage is that you have to be familiar with load selection and know your body well enough to choose the appropriate weights since the reps drop and rise suddenly. aN exaMPle of uNDulatING PerIoDIzatIoN: © Vince Delmonte www.com . reps. a trainee will mess around with the exercises first – which is far from effective. This method is definitely suited for advanced trainees (training more than 2 years) and its main advantage is that it avoids the detraining of the metabolic and neural systems because of the more frequent exposure to both. rep and rest protocols. Page 173 of 200 www. reps and rest periods of every workout. This powerful system manipulates the sets. reps and rest one step further. you will prevent staleness and plateau and keep the body progressing positively. Undulating periodization takes the organization of sets.VinceDelMonteFitness. aN exaMPle of alterNatING PerIoDIzatIoN: Week Number 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 Number of Reps 20 10 15 5 undulating Periodization: Prior to recent published research from Arizona State University. and the exercise selection the slowest.VinceDelMonteFitness. Unfortunately.

• Intensity.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout A B C Sets and Reps 3 x 15 5x5 4 x 10 You will find a hard time convincing anybody that a spotter. Staying focused and dedicated is the key to not missing workouts. I have to agree. All rights reserved. You always want to surround yourself in an environment that supports growth and forward momentum. are forceD rePS eveN NeceSSarY? No. • Consistency. or a training partner. I did almost 90% of my training.com 2006. Train with someone who is just as serious if not more serious than you.VinceDelMonteFitness. technique starts to crumble. A training partner will silently keep the reps. Forced reps are reps that you get the spotter to assist you on without dropping the weight. Having an outside set of eyes coach you through the last few reps will prevent injury and maintain intensity.com . #8 IS A SPOTTER/TRAINING PARTNER NECESSARY? let’S fIrSt revIeW SoMe PoPular reaSoNS for HavING a traINING PartNer: • Accountability. The reality is that weight training can be grueling and gut wrenching at times and it is much easier to tough out these sessions with a your fellow warrior. Nobody wants to disappoint or let down a friend they made a commitment to. rest periods and program requirements honest because nobody wants to be seen as lazy or a wimp. If you goals are the same. • Knowledge. a healthy rivalry could result in driving each other beyond your limits in strive for the more dominant physique. Two heads are always better than one and will keep you mentally sharp and contribute to better gains as you can combine your discoveries together. The stakes are higher when you have someone speak ‘open’ to you about your behavior and actions.VinceDelMonteFitness. but that does not mean you are doomed with out one. alone. is not necessary. • Similar vision. Basically. • Honesty. • Technique. © Vince Delmonte www. As fatigue and discomfort set in. Page 174 of 200 www. the spotter lifts the last 3-4 reps for you while you grunt and groan pretending you are doing most of the work! I call these artificial reps and do nothing for your muscles but deplete there energy reserves and delay recovery. during my transformation and made sure that the program was adaptable to training alone because I am fully aware that this involves the majority of my customers. • Motivation.

If you feel you need a spot on your last set of the workout than seek out a trusted lifter in the gym who can spot your safely. Look at this positively because it will be a fully accurate reflection of your progress.VinceDelMonteFitness. simply choose your weights around completing all the desired sets and reps alone. MAX.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 However. there is no need to modify them. Page 175 of 200 www. All rights reserved. too much spotting can trick you into believing you are stronger than reality. If you do not have access to a spotter at all. I am certainly not against having a spotter for the last 1-2 reps.VinceDelMonteFitness.com . Your goal should be to complete your desired rep and set goals with weights that you can personally handle yourself at least 90% of your workout. I want you to stick to the same exercises. on your last 1 or 2 sets. © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006.

30 secs rest. You will assign yourself a username and password (different than the one that got you access to the customer log in page) and you will be able to refer to the entire program. Below is Weeks 1-3 based on Liner Periodization: 3 sets of 15 reps. The site includes exercise descriptions. An honest 30 seconds. which leads to maximal metabolic gains.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 the coMPlete BeGiNNer-iNterMediAte 29 weeK iNteNsive worKout ProGrAM: You can find this entire program at www. You are establishing a foundation in preparation for you heavy lifting.com . You will not discover the intensity of this workout unless you truly maintain a 30 second rest period. There is a section for you to track your workouts online and you are able to print off the workouts as well.com/getbuffed Sign up for a free account on the left hand side.VinceDelMonteFitness. that means you use a stop watch.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Leave your ego at the door. If you have never trained for muscular endurance than you don’t be surprised if you get light headed and faint. 311 tempo Week Number 1-3 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday ***special tips • 3 sets of 15 with only 30 second rest will stimulate your slow twitch muscle fibers and teach your muscles how to handle maximum tension for 40-70 seconds. flies by! You will barely have enough time to even drink in between sets. All rights reserved.com 2006. • Focus on completing all the reps with a full range of motion. • Keep the rest period HONEST. Send me an email if you want your program to start on a specific day and I can do that manually for you.fitnessgenerator. Page 176 of 200 www. 3D animated pictures and program notes. © Vince Delmonte www.

Horizontal Pull vs. Vertical Push etc Workout A (Monday) order A1 A2 exercise Full Squat (barbell) Straight Back Stiff Leg Deadlift Cable Seated Row Incline DB Chest Press Close Grip Cable Pulldown Standing Military Press Dumbbell Incline Curl Bench Dip Standing Machine Calf Raise Shrug (Barbell) Hanging Legs Raises Weighted Ball Sit Ups Sets 3 3 reps 15 15 tempo 311 311 rest 30 B1 B2 C1 3 3 3 15 15 15 311 311 311 30 - C2 D1 D2 E1 3 3 3 3 15 15 15 15 311 311 311 311 30 30 1 E2 F1 F2 3 3 3 15 15 15 311 311 311 30 30 30 © Vince Delmonte www. Horizontal Push. • Perform the workouts in the order that they written. Quads vs. Hips.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 177 of 200 www.e. Notice that you are supersetting opposing movements throughout the entire workout i.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. Vertical Pull vs. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 • Perform at least two interval cardio workouts per week at 20-30 minutes each on separate days.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout B (Wednesday) order A1 exercise Bentover Barbell Rear Delt Row Barbell Bench Press Pullups Behind The Neck Barbell Press Dumbbell Hammer Curl Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension Standing Dumbbell Front Lunges RDL’s with dumbbells Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 3 reps 15 tempo 311 rest - A2 B1 B2 3 3 3 15 15 15 311 311 311 30 30 C1 C2 3 3 15 15 311 311 30 D1 3 15 311 - D2 E1 E2 3 3 3 15 15 15 311 311 311 30 30 © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. Page 178 of 200 www. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .

• Keep the rest period HONEST.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 exercise Barbell Deadlifts Lying Hamstring Curls Dumbbell Bentover Row Bench Press (dumbbell) Chin Up Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Barbell Curl Two Arm Cable Pressdown (heavy stance) Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Sit Ups Sets 3 3 3 3 3 3 reps 15 15 15 15 15 15 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 30 30 30 D1 D2 3 3 15 15 311 311 30 E1 E2 3 3 15 15 311 311 30 Below is Weeks 4-6 based on Liner Periodization : 4 sets of 10 reps.com 2006. An honest 60 seconds will © Vince Delmonte www. 60 secs rest. You will not discover the intensity of this workout unless you truly maintain a 60 second rest period. Page 179 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. 311 tempo Week Number 4-6 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday ***Special Tips • 4 sets of 10 with only 60 second rest will stimulate a combination of slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers which will emphasize a mixed metabolic and neural response.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.com .

Yes.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Perform at least two interval cardio workouts per week at 20-30 minutes each on separate days.. Vertical Pull vs. that means your first two sets might not be extremely difficult to complete 10 but your last two sets will be more your increase your muscle density! Aim to do the first three sets on your own. • Perform the workouts in the order that they written.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. Quads vs. All rights reserved. Hips.. Page 180 of 200 www. Each week you should be starting 5 . • The goal in this phase is to focus on strength gains. The fourth set you will require a spotter to assist you on your last 1-2 reps.10 lbs heavier than your last week. Vertical Push etc Workout a (Monday) order A1 A2 exercise Full Squat (barbell) Straight Back Stiff Leg Deadlift Cable Seated Row Incline DB Chest Press Close Grip Cable Pulldown Standing Military Press Dumbbell Incline Curl Bench Dip Standing Machine Calf Raise Shrug (Barbell) Sets 4 4 reps 10 10 tempo 311 311 rest 60 B1 B2 C1 4 4 4 10 10 10 311 311 311 60 - C2 D1 D2 E1 4 4 4 4 10 10 10 10 311 311 311 311 60 60 - E2 4 10 311 60 © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 give you just enough time to sip on your workout drink and change the weights if necessary. Notice that you are supersetting opposing movements throughout the entire workout i. • Focus on completing all 4 sets of 10 with the same weight.e. Horizontal Push. Horizontal Pull vs.com .

Page 181 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 F1 F2 Hanging Legs Raises Weighted Ball Sit Ups 4 4 10 10 311 311 60 Workout B (Wednesday) order A1 exercise Bentover Barbell Rear Delt Row Barbell Bench Press Pullups Behind The Neck Barbell Press Dumbbell Hammer Curl Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension Standing Dumbbell Front Lunges RDL’s with dumbbells Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 4 reps 10 tempo 311 rest - A2 B1 B2 4 4 4 10 10 10 311 311 311 60 60 C1 C2 4 4 10 10 311 311 60 D1 4 10 311 - D2 E1 E2 4 4 4 10 10 10 311 311 311 60 60 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 B1 exercise Barbell Deadlifts Lying Hamstring Curls Dumbbell Bentover Row Sets 4 4 4 reps 10 10 10 tempo 311 311 311 rest 60 - © Vince Delmonte www.com .

• Keep the rest period HONEST.com . Page 182 of 200 www.com 2006. You will not discover the intensity of this workout unless you truly maintain a 60 second rest period.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2 E1 E2 Bench Press (dumbbell) Chin Up Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Barbell Curl Two Arm Cable Pressdown (heavy stance) Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Sit Ups 4 4 4 10 10 10 311 311 311 60 60 4 4 10 10 311 311 60 4 4 10 10 311 311 60 Below is Weeks 7 – 9 based on Liner Periodization: 5 sets of 5reps.VinceDelMonteFitness. do it now. • If you find your last three sets are easier than your first two sets than this means © Vince Delmonte www. tapping into many untouched and untrained muscle fibers.VinceDelMonteFitness. 311 tempo Week Number 7-9 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday ***Special Tips • 5 sets of 5 with a nice 90 second rest will stimulate primarily your fast twitch muscle fibers which will lead to a strong neuromuscular response. 90 secs rest. All rights reserved. • The last 2 reps on your last two sets should be a struggle and if you wish to use a spotter. An honest 60 seconds will give you just enough time to sip on your workout drink and change the weights if necessary. • Keep the weights HEAVY. Here is your opportunity to pick up some serious iron and test your limits.

However.g. e. Perform the workouts in the order that they written.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 that your nervous system was not warmed up and would benefit from an extra 1 or 2 warm up sets. Notice that long slow cardio might feel better on your body during this phase since your nervous system is already being stimulated during the heavy lifting.com 2006. 70 lbs – 75 lbs – 85 lbs – 85 lbs – 85 lbs • Perform at least two easy cardio workouts per week at 30-45 minutes each on separate days. All rights reserved. Hips.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Focus on completing all 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. The interval cardio might delay your nervous system recovery. Vertical Pull vs. Horizontal Push. Horizontal Pull vs. it is not a bad idea to do the first and second set slightly lighter. Vertical Push etc: Workout a (Monday) order A1 A2 exercise Full Squat (barbell) Straight Back Stiff Leg Deadlift Cable Seated Row Incline DB Chest Press Close Grip Cable Pulldown Standing Military Press Dumbbell Incline Curl Bench Dip Standing Machine Calf Raise Shrug (Barbell) Hanging Legs Raises Sets 5 5 reps 5 5 tempo 311 311 rest 90 B1 B2 C1 5 5 5 5 5 5 311 311 311 90 - C2 D1 D2 E1 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 311 311 311 311 90 90 - E2 F1 5 5 5 5 311 311 90 - © Vince Delmonte www.e. Page 183 of 200 www. Notice that you are supersetting opposing movements throughout the entire workout i.com . Quads vs.

com 2006. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 F2 Weighted Ball Sit Ups 5 5 311 90 Workout B (Wednesday) order A1 exercise Bentover Barbell Rear Delt Row Barbell Bench Press Pullups Behind The Neck Barbell Press Dumbbell Hammer Curl Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension Standing Dumbbell Front Lunges RDL’s with dumbbells Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 5 reps 5 tempo 311 rest - A2 B1 B2 5 5 5 5 5 5 311 311 311 90 90 C1 C2 5 5 5 5 311 311 90 D1 5 5 311 - D2 E1 E2 5 5 5 5 5 5 311 311 311 90 90 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 exercise Barbell Deadlifts Lying Hamstring Curls Dumbbell Bentover Row Bench Press (dumbbell) Chin Up Sets 5 5 5 5 5 reps 5 5 5 5 5 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 rest 90 90 - © Vince Delmonte www. Page 184 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .

that is.g. pick either Monday’s. • However. • Keep the rest periods HONEST.12 based on Undulating Periodization: Week Number 10-12 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday Workout A (Monday) – 3 sets of 15 with 30 sec rest 311 tempo Workout B (Wednesday) – 5 sets of 5 with 90 sec rest 311 tempo Workout C (Friday) – 4 sets of 10 with 60 sec rest 311 temo ***Special Tips • You are not going to follow the principles of Undulating Periodization aka Variable Rep Training to wrap up the last three weeks of this 12 week phase. • By this phase. the reps will be changing from workout to workout now that you have familiarized your body with different loading parameters. you should attempt to do the weight that you did for 4 x 10 for 3 x 15.com 2006. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. You will now only have ONE workout. Page 185 of 200 www. Try to do 3 x 15 for 135 lbs. Choose your favorite workout from above.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 C2 D1 D2 E1 E2 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Barbell Curl Two Arm Cable Pressdown (heavy stance) Hanging Hip Raises Weighted Stability Ball Sit Ups 5 5 311 90 5 5 5 5 311 311 90 5 5 5 5 311 311 90 Below is Weeks 10 .com .VinceDelMonteFitness. Wednesday’s or Friday’s workout to be your set workout. e. If you bench pressed 4 sets of 10 with 135 lbs.

• By now.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 • The last 2 reps on your last two sets should be a struggle for all the loading parameters. it is time to take a full week off. You should be up at least 20 pounds in solid muscle mass by now. You should know which cardio your body responds best with to maximize your muscle to fat ratio. do it now.com .com 2006. Write me an email to tell me your results and I will put you up on my website! Below is Weeks 14-16 based on Linear Periodization 4 sets of 12 with 30 sec rest 311 tempo Week Number 14-16 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday Workout A (Monday) – Upper Body Horizontal Push and Horizontal Pull Workout B (Wednesday) –Quad and Hip Dominant Workout C (Friday) – Upper Body Vertical Push and Vertical Pull Workout a (Monday) order A1 A2 B1 B2 C D1 D2 exercise Barbell Incline Chest Press Cable Seated Row Bench Press (dumbbell) Dumbbell Bentover Row Two Arm Cable Pushdown Cable Kneeling Crunch Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 4 12 4 4 4 4 4 reps 12 311 12 12 12 12 12 tempo 311 30 311 311 311 311 311 rest 30 30 30 30 © Vince Delmonte www. By now you should be deciding on how much cardio is appropriate based on monitoring your progress the past 12 weeks. • If you have trained consecutively for 12 weeks now.VinceDelMonteFitness. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 186 of 200 www. you have been training for almost 16 weeks and should be in tune with your body.

VinceDelMonteFitness.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout B (Wednesday) order A B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2 exercise Barbell Deadlift DB Lunge Lying Hamstring Curl Standing Machine Calf Raise DB Shrug Machine Seated Calf Raise Close Grip Barbell Shrug Sets 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 reps 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 30 30 30 30 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 exercise Pullup Behind The Neck Barbell Press Close Grip Chin Ups Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Seated Dumbbell Bicep Curl Cable Kneeling Crunch Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 4 4 reps 12 12 tempo 311 311 rest 30 B1 B2 4 4 12 12 311 311 30 C D1 D2 4 4 4 12 12 12 311 311 311 30 30 ***Special Tips • This is the equivalent of the 3 sets of 15 phase. Page 187 of 200 www.com 2006. • Keep the rest periods HONEST. • Aim to lift the same weight as you were doing 4 sets of 10 for 60 seconds. © Vince Delmonte www. we are going back to stimulate slow twitch muscle fibers but at a lower rep range which will allow you to lift heavier. As you will note. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness.

com 2006.com . All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 188 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Below is Weeks 17-19 based on Linear Periodization 6 sets of 3 with 2 min rest 311 tempo Week Number 17-19 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday Workout A (Monday) – Upper Body Horizontal Push and Horizontal Pull Workout B (Wednesday) – Quad and Hip Dominant Workout C (Friday) – Upper Body Body Vertical Push and Vertical Pull Workout a (Monday) order A1 A2 B1 B2 C D1 D2 exercise Barbell Bench Press Standing Bent Over Row Barbell Incline Chest Press Cable Seated Row Close Grip Bench Press Seated Cable Crunch Cable Hip Raise Sets 6 6 6 6 6 4 4 reps 3 3 3 3 3 12 12 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 90-120 90-120 90-120 30 Workout B (Wednesday) order A B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 exercise Barbell Deadlift Seated Leg Press Lying Hamstring Curl Standing Machine Calf Raise DB Shrug Machine Seated Calf Raise Sets 6 6 6 6 6 6 reps 3 3 3 3 3 3 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 90-120 90-120 90-120 - © Vince Delmonte www.

com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Ensure your body is properly warmed up every single workout. • If there is any phase of this entire program to benefit from a spotter. As you will note. All rights reserved. Your goal is to maintain the heaviest weight possible for all six sets.VinceDelMonteFitness. Page 189 of 200 www. we are going back to stimulating the fast twitch muscle fibers.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 D2 Close Grip Barbell Shrug 6 3 311 90-120 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 exercise Pullup Behind The Neck Barbell Press Close Grip Chin Ups Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Standing Barbell Bicep Curl Cable Kneeling Crunch Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 6 6 reps 3 3 tempo 311 311 rest 90-120 B1 B2 6 6 3 3 311 311 90-120 C D1 D2 6 6 6 3 3 3 311 311 311 90-120 90-120 ***Special Tips • This is the equivalent of the 5 sets of 5 phase but with an increased opportunity for loading.com . • The goal is quality. You will be lifting the heaviest weights of your life in this phase! • Note that the exercise selection has been changed to exercises that are best suited for heavy lifting. this is it. Below is Weeks 20-22 based on Linear Periodization 5 sets of 8 with 1 min rest 311 tempo © Vince Delmonte www. Don’t fret if you have to take a little longer than 2 minutes but not much more.

All rights reserved.com .VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. Page 190 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Week Number 20-22 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday Workout A (Monday) – Upper Body Horizontal Push and Horizontal Pull Workout B (Wednesday) –Quad and Hip Dominant Workout C (Friday) – Upper Body Vertical Push and Vertical Pull Workout a (Monday) order A1 A2 B1 B2 C D1 D2 exercise Barbell Bench Press Standing Bent Over Row Barbell Incline Chest Press Cable Seated Row Close Grip Bench Press Seated Cable Crunch Cable Hip Raise Sets 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 reps 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 60 60 60 60 Workout B (Wednesday) order A B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 exercise Barbell Deadlift Seated Leg Press Lying Hamstring Curl Standing Machine Calf Raise DB Shrug Machine Seated Calf Raise Sets 5 5 5 5 5 5 reps 8 8 8 8 8 8 tempo 311 311 311 311 311 311 rest 60 60 60 - © Vince Delmonte www.

Keep the rest period honest. Page 191 of 200 www. • The goal is quality.VinceDelMonteFitness. • Aim to do the first two or three sets alone without a spotter. • Note that the exercise selection has remained the same as the 6 x 3 but feel free to tweak some of the exercises based on your preference. All rights reserved. Maintain the heaviest weight possible for all 5 sets of 8.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 D2 Close Grip Barbell Shrug 5 8 311 60 Workout c (friday) order A1 A2 exercise Pullup Behind The Neck Barbell Press Close Grip Chin Ups Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Standing Barbell Bicep Curl Cable Kneeling Crunch Weighted Stability Ball Crunch Sets 5 5 reps 8 8 tempo 311 311 rest 60 B1 B2 5 5 8 8 311 311 60 C D1 D2 5 5 5 8 8 8 311 311 311 60 60 ***Special Tips • This is the equivalent of the 4 sets of 10 phase but with an increased opportunity for loading. Below is Weeks 23-25 based on Linear Periodization Week Number 23-25 Monday A tuesday Wednesday B thursday friday C Saturday Sunday Workout A (Monday) – Upper Body Horizontal Push and Horizontal Pull © Vince Delmonte www.

you should be a solid 10-50 pounds heavier than when you first started six months ago! Write me an email to tell me your results and I will put you up on my website! Feel free to send me before and after pictures and even before and after measurements and strength accomplishments. By now you should be deciding on how much cardio is appropriate based on monitoring your progress the past 24 weeks. © Vince Delmonte www. Have confidence in your instincts. • If you have trained consecutively for the past 12 weeks now. you have been training for just over 24 weeks and should be in tune with your body. But. “Which rep scheme did your body respond to best over the past six months? Not. Page 192 of 200 www. You should be up at least another 10 pounds in solid muscle mass by now. In total. what scheme was the easiest and not what rep scheme did you like most. what rep scheme did you see the best results from? Did you get better gains with the heavier loads and longer rests? Higher reps and shorter rests? Each person will have a different response based on your genetic muscle fiber make-up.com 2006. You should also know which cardio your body responds best to maximize your muscle to fat ratio. take responsibility for your decision and enjoy the process of learning by doing! • By now. it is time to take a full week off. since you began. Instead of me telling you what to do.VinceDelMonteFitness.com .No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Workout B (Wednesday) –Quad and Hip Dominant Workout C (Friday) – Upper Body Vertical Push and Vertical Pull ***Special Tips • This last three weeks is to going to be unique. I would like you to ask yourself. All rights reserved. I would like you to have the courage and make this next training decision based on what you have discovered about your body the past six months.VinceDelMonteFitness.

decline chest press. where 3 or more exercises are performed on the same muscle group back to back to back with no rest in between.HoW to uSe GIaNt SetS Giant Sets are one step up from supersets. Performing this technique – even mentally absent – is very demanding. The following bonus training program is my way of saying thank you for your support and trusting me thus far. This is an extremely powerful method for muscle groups that do not respond to conventional training methods. The most effective combination is a compound movement. do not attempt this training program until you have completed the first 29 week program. However. The Giant Sets you are about to learn about are quite demanding from a metabolic standpoint and require a higher level of muscular conditioning. Mentally you can break up the set into © Vince Delmonte www. most guys understand that they have to keep the muscle under a longer period of tension for maximal hypertrophy.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 the coMPlete AdvANced MAX-Power 29 weeK trAiNiNG ProGrAM The fun is just beginning! If you are an eager beaver and have scrolled through this book. the reality is that this is damn tough. The Crash Sets you are about to learn are very intense from a neuromuscular standpoint and require a strong foundation. Giant Sets take a lot of concentration and require a lot from you physically – they are the entire foundation of No Nonsense Rule # 1 – Maximum tension for 40 . Giant Sets solve both of these problems. For example.com 2006. unoccupied toilet to toss up your lunch! Giant Sets will create more stimulation in your muscles than any other training technique – and they will also make a man out of you very quick! To be honest. The bonus training program is far more difficult in intensity than before and will be appropriate once you have gained at least an additional 20-30 pounds of muscle mass. Most guys will default to a weight that is too light and achieve a higher time under tension or they will wimp out with the heavy weight and miss the 40-70-second window because it is too hard. isolated movement and then another compound movement emphasizing three different angles on the muscle.70 seconds = maximal metabolic gains! You probably do not know many people who perform Giant Sets. incline fly’s. Page 193 of 200 www.g.VinceDelMonteFitness. you will dread the days that you must do Giant Sets because I know they will make you sick! I have discovered that Giant Sets overcome many obstacles that trainee’s face when trying to push the intensity. e. All rights reserved. Don’t be surprised if you end up running to that empty. bench press. It is not easy to keep a heavy weight moving for over 60 seconds.com . No NoNSeNSe rule #1 .VinceDelMonteFitness.

At the same time. You are able to hit the muscle from every possible angle within one set – this method leaves no muscle fiber untouched or untrained! SaMPle GIaNt Set coMBINatIoNS: Abdominals: Vertical Hip Raise – Double Crunch – V -Up Incline Vertical Hip Raise – Ball Crunch – Side Crunch Back: Wide Grip Pull Up – Incline Bench Reverse Fly – Close Grip Seated Row Close Grip Chin Up – Flat Bench Reverse Fly – Bent Over DB Row Deadlift – T Bar Row – Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Bicep: Incline Curl – Barbell Curl – Preacher Curl Reverse Grip BB Curl – Preacher Curl – Hammer Curl Barbell Curl – Hammer Curl – Incline Curl Chest: Flat Bench Press – Incline DB Fly – Decline DB Chest Press Incline Chest Press – Flat Bench DB Fly – Decline Chest Press Decline Bench Press – Cable Fly’s – Incline Bench Press Calve: Seated Calf Raise – Standing Calf Raise– Toes Raises on Leg Press Forearm: Forearm Extension – Forearm Flexion – Farmers Walk Hip: Deadlift – Ham Curl – Straight Leg Deadlift 1 – Leg Deadlift – l Leg Curl – Lying Ball Curl Quad: Squat – Leg Extension – Leg Press 1 Leg Squat – 1 Leg Extension – 1 Leg Press Shoulder: Bent Over DB Raise – Side Shoulder Raise – Seated DB Shoulder Press Wide Grip Upright Row – Side Shoulder Raise – Arnold Presses Military Press – Upright Row – Bent Over Side Raise Tricep: Skull Crusher – Close Grip Press – Dip Seated Overhead Extension – Reverse Grip Skull Crusher – Tricep Pressdown Tricep Pressdown – Dip – Close Grip Bench © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness. there are about 10 second breaks between each exercise but I believe this allows the intensity to stay at a superior level. Each part can be heavy and the total time under tension will be well into the upper range of 40-70 seconds. you are able to fatigue a larger amount of the muscle.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 three small chunks. Page 194 of 200 www. All rights reserved.com 2006.com . Yes.

additional fibers have no choice but to come in. or 10 reps with your 3 rep max with 200 pounds? Which will force more recruitment of muscle? Of course the set with 10 reps. just think about your muscles laughing back at you . the weight you are lifting must be heavy enough for a reaction within the muscle to stimulate every single muscle fiber to fire. Page 195 of 200 www. This is another reason why many guys who are capable of lifting very heavy weights for only a few reps might not have great muscular development.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Trap: Wide Grip Shrug – Close Grip Shrug – Farmers Walk No NoNSeNSe rule #2 – HoW to uSe craSH SetS The Creation of The Full-Force-Go-Till-You-Blow Take-It-To-The-Max Crash Set I am yet to see this method performed anywhere else. If your program includes light weights. In order to extend a 3 rep max set up to high reps such as 10-12 reps.com . Thus.VinceDelMonteFitness.because they are watching you work and they have no reason to change. by the 10th or 11th rep you will have used up a much greater number of muscle fibers than if you had only done 3 reps with the heavy weight. As we discussed. It is the most effective technique I have discovered to maximize more muscle fiber AT THE SAME TIME using the HEAVIEST WEIGHT possible relative to your strength. assist and help the already fatigued fibers. All rights reserved. Duh! But how could you possibly lift 10 reps if it is your 3 rep max? tHIS IS HoW MY ‘full-force-Go-tIll-You-BloW-take-It-to-tHeMax’ SPecIal craSH SetS’ Were BorN! If we can force a 3 rep set into a 10-12 rep set than we will force even more untouched and untrained muscle fibers to ‘awaken’ after the muscle fibers (that are normally recruited first) tire and fatigue. This technique was designed to TRULY allow you to go ALL OUT – for heavy weight and for high reps. NoW let’S Go Back to tHe queStIoN. If you lift heavy weights but do not obligate or force NEW muscle fiber to come into play then you will only remain strong but Not muscular.VinceDelMonteFitness. It is truly unique and involves the HeavY WeIGHtS for HIGH rePS technique I have been talking about for so long. “HoW IS tHIS HeavY WeIGHtS for HIGH rePS PoSSIBle?” © Vince Delmonte www.com 2006. How could this be possible? Consider two scenarios: Performing your 3 rep max with 200 pounds. lifting heavy weights is only part of the equation.

For your initial reps you want 5-7 and for your total number of reps you want to stay between 12-15. do more reps to failure. rested. First. IS THE CRASH SET FINALLY OVER. choose a weight to fail around 5-7 reps (under 20 seconds of work). set the weight down and rest for 30 seconds (this is the amount of time that it takes to replenish 50% of your major source of energy called adenisophine triphosphate or ATP).com 2006. set the weight back down and rest another 30 seconds. Let’s say you hit 6 reps in your first initial set. pick the weight back up and do as many reps as possible. INTERESTING. Again. on the flip side we also know that we must use the heaviest weight possible to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. again. Then pick the weight back up and lift until failure again (which should be another 3-5 reps). rested.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Let’s say you do between 1-5 reps. Then. All rights reserved. Then.VinceDelMonteFitness. which leads to about 20 seconds of tension. then you will just be strengthening your tendons and ligaments and nervous system but you will not stimulate much muscle growth because the overall amount of tension does not reach 40-70 seconds which is the optimal period of time for hypertrophy. We already know that a muscle requires a higher amount of reps to help activate the most muscle fibers. not 12 initial reps.that’s a total of 12 reps with the same amount of weight!!! Realize this is 12 TOTAL REPS. which will be another 2-5 reps. The reality is that the muscle does not have to engage many muscle fibers nor does it really struggle until the last 2-3 reps. So. After you perform your first set of 5-7 reps. Anything more and it is too light and vice versa. select a weight that will make you reach failure within 20 seconds – probably 5-7 reps will be perfect – under normal circumstances. which is about another 3-5 reps (another 15-20 seconds). I realize. So how could I do high reps but make my muscles really fight and engage the most possible amount of muscle fibers deep within the muscle (which is what will really lead to some insane muscle gain)? So here it is – exactly how to perform the most powerful ALL-OUT-GO-TILL-YOU-BLOW-TAKE-IT-TO-THE-LIMIT CRASH SET: Instead of selecting a weight that results in the typical first 12-13 wasted reps (and only the last 2-3 beneficial reps).VinceDelMonteFitness. So basically you are using weights that would normally be selected during a ‘heavy’ phase of neural training but using them for the © Vince Delmonte www. and ONLY THEN. However. that there is not much work until the last 2-3 reps.com . Page 196 of 200 www. So the first 12-13 reps are not doing a whole lot for any muscular growth! It appears that only the last 2-3 reps really do anything for muscle growth. rest 30 seconds. and finally finished with more 2 reps . When doing these higher reps sets let’s say 15 reps is the goal. rest another 30 seconds and do one last set to squeeze out 3-5 more reps (another 15-20 seconds). than did 4 more reps. The first 12-13 reps really do not present a challenge. this might lead to rep ranges of 10-20. Let’s take a closer look. and I’m sure you will agree.

even though a flat bench press works trains the majority of your chest it might neglect some of the upper and lower portion. During maximal strength training. You want the second exercise to be the same muscle group but with a completely different angle on the muscle. but more likely.VinceDelMonteFitness. For example. tHe GIaNt Set IS coMPlete WHeN You Have fINISHeD all tHree exercISeS coNSecutIvelY. No NoNSeNSe rule #4 – keeP Your reSt PerIoDS to a MINIMuM.com 2006. you would not choose a flat bench press and flat bench dumb bell press because there is too much similarity is musculature.VinceDelMonteFitness. You WIll Be aBle to coMBINe tHe BeSt of BotH WorlDS aND traIN WItH HeavY WeIGHt aND HIGH rePS!!! No NoNSeNSe rule #3– PerforM 2 exercISeS for eacH MuScle GrouP DurING craSH Set WorkoutS. Your muscles work through a variety of angles and can perform in different lines of movement. This way you will minimize residual fatigue from the previous exercise into the next. aIM to ‘ruSH’ to tHe Next exercISe. it is rarely necessary to use more than two exercises per muscle group. Since we are training smarter we do not want our total workout duration to exceed 45-60 minutes. Take a maximum of 90 seconds between each Giant Set during phase one. fourth phase. there is not one muscle in your body than can be completely isolated with only one exercise. We will choose exercises that have as little overlap in movement and angle pattern as possible. Testosterone levels decline and cortisol levels begin to climb and turn your muscle into a lunch buffet around 45-60 minutes of total training duration. As a natural trainee you are competing against the clock.com . This is not the time to get some water or chat it up. For example. This will not occur until your third. BY uSING tHIS MetHoD.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 same amount of time that you would typically be using lighter weights for hypertrophy training of 40-70 seconds. Most muscle groups have an outer and inner portion or upper and lower portion therefore we will use two exercises per muscle group while performing Crash Sets. Reduce your rest to 60 seconds during phase two. Carry a stopwatch to EVERY single workout and start the timer once you commence your warm-up set. Page 197 of 200 www. Your ultimate goal will be to complete all your goal number of Giant Sets with 30 seconds of rest. All rights reserved. Your level of conditioning and fitness will be at © Vince Delmonte www. kNockING over aNYtHING or aNYoNe tHat GetS INto Your WaY. Giant Sets rest Period: Rest for absolutely no longer than it takes to travel from one exercise to the next.

This is why you will have to tweak this variable with trial and error. therefore. However. Someone who has an office job and is following their nutrition plan. Therefore you will need a longer rest period between muscle groups and workouts. and has minimal stress will be able to train more frequently by recovering quicker than someone who works manual labor all day. tHe realItY IS tHat You WIll Have tIMeS WHeN You returN to tHe GYM aND DIScover You are Not fullY recovereD – eveN after You folloW tHe GuIDelINeS I aM aBout to Set out.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 the elite level by this achievement. No NoNSeNSe rule #5– PerIoDIze traINING frequeNcIeS A part of determining how many days you should take in between workouts really depends on which training phase you are performing. no one will want to train with you! Crash Sets rest Period: To review – our goal is to lift heavy weights for high reps with this technique. However.and it just might. let’s say you are focusing on improving your muscular strength using Crash Sets. You do not want to carry residual fatigue into the next exercise.VinceDelMonteFitness. I queStIoN aNYBoDY’S aBIlItY to recover quIcker tHaN tHe GuIDelINeS You are to folloW. © Vince Delmonte www. The only way you will be able to do this is if you adequately recover between each exercise. This is because your nervous system does not take as much of a beating in this phase. as noted. MoSt recoverY ProtocolS fouND IN coNveNtIoNal traINING MaGazINeS ProMote traINING eacH MuScle GrouP oNce a Week. They claim that training a muscle more than this leads to over-training . Training frequency is not about meeting inflexible protocols but understanding the factors that affect your recovery ability. supplement plan. The fact is training frequency should be influenced by the volume of the workouts and intensity of the workouts – not some concrete rules that only make sense on paper. When you are able to train at this intensity. rest only 30 seconds between each mini-set to failure. take anywhere from 3-7 minutes between each exercise.com 2006.com . Page 198 of 200 www. sleeping at least 8 hours a night. If You NeeD to aDD aN extra DaY or tWo to MY GuIDelINeS tHat IS ok. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. when you are training for size using Giant Sets and you ensure that your energy intake is adequate. lifting as frequently as four times a week will yield some impressive results. the heavier loads will place a much greater demand on your central nervous system in comparison to doing a higher volume with lower loads such as Giant Sets. For instance.

Since you are not doing the ridiculously long 12-24 sets per muscle group. And being able to train that muscle more often will lead to more ‘growth spurts.com 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 The nature of my workouts are very short and intense and simply revolve around increasing the intensity from my previous workout. train them more regularly and train them frequently! Going longer than one week without stimulating your muscles or telling them to get stronger and bigger is too long. recuperate and grow. Because you have average genetics and are most likely a hard gainer. traPS. but you are able to train that muscle again in just a few days. If you are doing the typical ‘3-4 exercises. But when you are doing my very short and intense workouts using the all-out Crash Sets and all-out Giant Sets. traPS. 3-4 sets each muscle garbage totaling 1224 sets per muscle’ then yes. All rights reserved. aBDoMINalS Continue the cycle for three weeks total. you aren’t going to need as much time to recover. aBDoMINalS © Vince Delmonte www.’ This will lead to some INSANE MUSCLE GAIN! No NoNSeNSe rule #6 – folloW tHIS traINING SPlIt for MaxIMuM recoverY aND MaxIMuM INteNSItY. Training the way I have talked about in this e-book not only stimulates more muscle growth and strength than conventional training. Your body would prefer to live without muscle!!! this is why you must constantly give them a reason to grow. then leaving the gym. training each muscle two times every five days and two times every 7 days will lead to over-training. BIcePS.VinceDelMonteFitness. your body does not want to keep muscle – it is a luxury to your body and costs it too much energy. Here’S HoW to GrouP Your MuScleS DurING a GIaNt Set PHaSe 1 aND 3: MoNDaY: SeSSIoN a: trIcePS. cHeSt tueSDaY: SeSSIoN B: HIPS. Page 199 of 200 www. aBDoMINalS tHurSDaY: SeSSIoN c: forearMS. calveS. Back frIDaY or SaturDaY: SeSSIoN D: quaDS. Here’S HoW to GrouP Your MuScleS DurING a GIaNt Set PHaSe 2 aND 4: MoNDaY: SeSSIoN a: HIPS.com . SHoulDerS.VinceDelMonteFitness. your muscles will need to be stimulated more often.

aBDoMINalS MoNDaY: SeSSIoN B2: Back. BIcePS. cHeSt..VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006.. SHoulDerS. cHeSt. All rights reserved. trIcePS. BIcePS. SHoulDerS. Page 200 of 200 www. You will notice that each training phase alternates the pairing of different muscles. SHoulDerS. calveS. trIcePS. aBDoMINalS Continue the cycle.VinceDelMonteFitness. aBDoMINalS WeDNeSDaY: SeSSIoN B1: Back. aBDoMINalS frIDaY or SaturDaY SeSSIoN D: cHeSt. BIcePS. BIcePS.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 tueSDaY: SeSSIoN B: Back. SHoulDerS. aBDoMINalS © Vince Delmonte www. aBDoMINalS frIDaY: SeSSIoN B1: Back. calves and abs to be just as visually pleasing and strong if they are always thrown in at the end of a workout as an afterthought? Here’S HoW to GrouP Your MuScleS DurING craSH Set PHaSe 1 aND 3: MoNDaY: SeSSIoN a1: quaDS. aBDoMINalS WeDNeSDaY: SeSSIoN a1: quaDS. trIcePS. BIcePS. How do you expect your arms. cHeSt. trIcePS Continue the cycle for three weeks total.com . This concept is based on giving all your muscle groups equal opportunity to train fresh at the start of the workout. aBDoMINalS frIDaY: SeSSIoN a2: HIPS. forearMS tHurSDaY: SeSSIoN c: quaDS. Here’S HoW to GrouP Your MuScleS DurING a craSH Set PHaSe 2 aND 4: MoNDaY: SeSSIoN a1: HIPS. SHoulDerS.

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

WeDNeSDaY: SeSSIoN B1: cHeSt, Back, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS frIDaY: SeSSIoN a2: quaDS, SHoulDerS, BIcePS, aBDoMINalS MoNDaY: SeSSIoN B2: cHeSt, Back, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS WeDNeSDaY: SeSSIoN a1: HIPS, SHoulDerS, BIcePS, aBDoMINalS frIDaY: SeSSIoN B1: cHeSt, Back, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS Continue the cycle... You will notice that during this phase, as many unrelated muscle groups are paired together. This will eliminate any potential residual fatigue from being carried from a previous set into the next. Basically each muscle group is almost absolutely fresh when started. This will allow for the best gains possible. Lifting the weights exactly how I have laid them out will give you exactly the amount of rest and training needed to consistently grow bigger and stronger week-to-week. I highly suggest you DO NOT change the order of muscles. Leave it as is. Trust me, there are many others that I have tested but this is by far the most effective. You will also notice that there is an A1 and A2 and B1 and B2. There is a reason for that which I will explain next. No NoNSeNSe rule #7 – alterNate WorkoutS BetWeeN a1 aND a2 aND B1 aND B2 Giant Sets Protocol: A1 and A2 represent two different workouts. The order of muscle groups trained is listed above. All you have to do is pick ONE of the combos from the selection of Giant Sets Combos a few pages up and this is your routine. For example, on Chest-Shoulders-Triceps-Abdominals day here is a sample workout: CHEST: Flat Bench Press – Incline DB Fly’s – Decline DB Chest Press SHOULDERS: Bent Over DB Raises – Side Shoulder Raises – Seated DB Shoulder Press

© Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

TRICEPS: Skull Crushers – Close Grip Presses – Dips ABDOMINALS: Vertical Hip Raise – Double Crunch – V Up This is the complete workout. For each phase I suggest you pick a new combo but stick to the same combo for each training phase to make progression. crash Set Protocol: Here is an example of what your entire training routine will look like for crash Sets Phase 1: MoNDaY: SeSSIoN a1: quaDS, cHeSt, BIcePS, aBDoMINalS LEGS Leg Press Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 185 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 225 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 250 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps Dumbbell Lunges Crash Set: 50 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps Standing Calf Raises Warm-up set: 100 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 120 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 140 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 160 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps Seated Calf Raises Crash Set: 200 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps CHEST Bench Press Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 185 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 225 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 225 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps Incline Dumbbell Press Crash Set: 80 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

BICEPS Incline Curls Warm-up set: 30 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 35 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 45 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 55 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps Cable Curls Crash Set: 55 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps ABDOMINALS Weighted Sit Ups On Stability Ball Warm-up set: 40 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 60 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 80 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 100 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps WeDNeSDaY SeSSIoN B1: Back, SHoulDerS, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS BACK Lat Pulldown Warm-up set: 120 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 150 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 180 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 200 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps 1 – Arm Dumbbell Rows Crash Set: 80 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps SHOULDERS Behind the Neck Shoulder Press Warm-up set: 95 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 155 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 175 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps Shoulder Machine Press Crash Set: 150 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps TRAPS Barbell Shrugs Crash Set: 225 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps

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No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

TRICEPS Skull Crushers Warm-up set: 60 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 70 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 80 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 90 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps Wide Grip Tricep Pressdowns Crash Set: 90 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps ABDOMINALS Weighted Ball SitUps With A Twist Warm-up set: 20 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 30 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 40 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 60 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps frIDaY SeSSIoN a2: HIPS, cHeSt, BIcePS, aBDoMINalS LEGS Deadlifts Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 225 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 275 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 300 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps Lying Leg Curl Crash Set: 160 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps CHEST Bench Press Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 185 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 225 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 225 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps Incline Dumbbell Press Crash Set: 80 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps BICEPS Incline Curls Warm-up set: 30 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 35 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 45 lbs / 5 reps © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 204 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

Crash Set: 55 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps Cable Curls Crash Set: 100 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps ABDOMINALS Weighted Sit-ups On Ball Warm-up set: 20 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 30 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 35 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 40 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps MoNDaY SeSSIoN a2: Back, SHoulDerS, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS BACK Lat Pulldown Warm-up set: 120 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 150 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 180 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 200 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps 1 – Arm Dumbbell Rows Crash Set: 80 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...3 reps = TOTAL 13 reps SHOULDERS Behind the Neck Shoulder Press Warm-up set: 95 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 135 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 155 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 175 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps Shoulder Machine Press Crash Set: 150 lbs / 7 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 15 reps TRAPS Barbell Shrugs Crash Set: 225 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps TRICEPS Skull Crushers Warm-up set: 60 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 70 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 80 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 90 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 205 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Introduction Chapter 10

Wide Grip Tricep Pressdowns Crash Set: 90 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps ABDOMINALS Weighted Ball SitUps With A Twist Warm-up set: 20 lbs / 15 reps Warm-up set: 30 lbs / 10 reps Warm-up set: 40 lbs / 5 reps Crash Set: 60 lbs / 6 reps...4 reps...4 reps = TOTAL 14 reps WeDNeSDaY SeSSIoN a1: quaDS, cHeSt, BIcePS, aBDoMINalS Same workout as A1 frIDaY SeSSIoN B1: Back, SHoulDerS, trIcePS, aBDoMINalS Same workout as B1 as you can see, this example includes everything you must do in each workout: • 2 exercises per muscle. Always choose compound movement. No isolation movements during Crash Sets. • 3 warm-up sets pyramiding the weight up each set. • You will note that there is no warm up for the second exercise for each muscle group. You only really require the warm up set on the first exercise. Too much warm up on the second exercise will cut into your energy reserves. Performing an optional 6-8 rep set to review technique/warm up is your choice. • 1 full-force real set for each exercise (5-7 initial reps, rest 30 seconds, pick up the weight and do another 3-5 reps, rest 30 seconds, pick up the weight and finish with another 2-4 reps and then you are done). • Because your weight is constant for the full-force sets, multiply the weight by the TOTAL number of reps. This equals your TOTAL WORKLOAD and hopefully a NEW PERSONAL BEST. Record this number (your New PB) and get ready to beat it next time. • 12-15 TOTAL reps per set. • Same exercises for each muscle group UNTIL you plateau two workouts in a role without an increase in strength. No NoNSeNSe rule #8 – PIck a NeW exercISe WHeN You caN No loNGer INcreaSe Your PerSoNal BeSt tWo WorkoutS IN a roW. You must stick with the recommended exercises until you can no longer increase your workload. This means you have not been able to increase the reps or weight. So let’s say you have been doing incline bicep curls and your total poundage does not go up – it’s time to drop that exercise and pick a new one. © Vince Delmonte www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. All rights reserved. Page 206 of 200 www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com

fitness ‘expert’ and ‘latest research’ is saying about how many sets are optimal for building muscle. Your strength and energy reserves will be depleted. If not. If you are not using exercises that will allow you to keep improving your total workload then you will join the club of people who lift weights for years and have nothing to show for it! No NoNSeNSe rule #9 – feWeSt SetS PoSSIBle = MaxIMal reSultS WItH tHe leaSt aMouNt of Work. let’s look at the following example. You must trust me on this and go against what every other gym rat.com 2006.000 pounds. The total workload would be 2. Page 207 of 200 www. the set that allows you to lift the HEAVIEST amount of weight for the MOST number of reps is the set that will contribute the most to making your muscles bigger and stronger. To justify this principle. then you will probably only be able to do 7-8 reps. with the same weight. and if again you do not increase the total workload. © Vince Delmonte www.com .VinceDelMonteFitness. Now. there is no way you are going to be able to perform a second or a third set with the exact same amount of weight and the exact same number of reps. if you truly put everything into that particular set. Now let’s say you do a second and a third set. Any other set you perform beyond this ONE ALL-OUT set is just a waste of precious energy that you need to grow.VinceDelMonteFitness. Let’s say you perform a set with 200 pounds for 10 reps. the name of the game is to continually outdo yourself week in and week out.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 HOWEVER. Which set do you think is going to have the greatest contribution to making the muscle bigger and stronger? Your first set with 200 pounds for 10 reps. Or if you want to perform 10 reps again then you will have to drop the weight to 180 pounds. Giving it an extra chance to ‘prove itself’ will show if you have really ‘exhausted’ the potential of that particular exercise. or the one with lighter weight with less reps? Of course. you will slow to a stop and make no more gains. ‘killing’ the muscle etc. ‘finishing’ the muscle. then this is a sign to drop this exercise and choose a new one. Now think about this really hard and forget all the nonsense you’ve heard about ‘shocking’ the muscle. All rights reserved. Assuming that you truly went all-out then you would have exhausted that particular muscle. this is how you will cycle your exercises around because it is absolutely critical to use exercises that will allow you to continually lift more weight and reps. Remember. Any set that does not force more weight and more reps is absolutely useless for gaining more muscle. for example. if this occurs try just ONE more workout with that exercise.

and train day after day but do not look any different whatsoever since they first started training. the heavy loads you will be using in this workout will be much more taxing to your nervous system than more moderate weights. No NoNSeNSe rule #10 – cHooSe HeavY WeIGHtS for everYtHING. Full-force Crash Sets require you to start with a weight that you can only handle 5-7 times. All rights reserved. WHIcH coNtraDIctS tHe fuNDaMeNtal PrINcIPleS requIreD for BuIlDING MuScle. What we did not discuss was how your different muscle fiber types are influenced. No NoNSeNSe rule #11 – aIM for 10 rePS for eacH exercISe oN Your GIaNt SetS aND 12-15 total rePS oN Your craSH SetS.VinceDelMonteFitness. Giant Sets require you to start with weights 10-20 pounds less than the weight you would use on your all-out crash sets.com . © Vince Delmonte www. We have discussed that placing the muscle at maximal tension for 40-70 seconds will illicit a hypertrophy response and placing the muscle at maximal tension for 20-40 seconds will illicit a strength response. Once you are complete two exercises for a muscle group – move on to the next muscle group. If you ever doubt what I am saying on this one critical phase of your program then just go to the gym and watch all the guys who are doing set after set.VinceDelMonteFitness.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 aNY Set tHat forceS You to uSe leSS WeIGHt or Do leSS rePS MeaNS leSS MuScle fIBer BeING actIvateD. Be very cautious because you do not want to deplete any precious energy on your work sets. The number of reps will reflect the amount of time under tension. So how many sets should I perform in my Giant Sets Phase? Perform one warm-up set of all three exercises.com 2006. Training to the point where you can not walk out of the gym or until you can not move your limbs has nothing to do with inducing your muscle tissue to grow larger and stronger. Use at least 50% of your goal weight. Therefore you will have a warm-up set plus 2-3 work sets. I have discovered that Giant Sets work better at least 2-3 full-force sets instead of one all-out set. Remember. Page 208 of 200 www. You will use this weight throughout. So how many sets should I perform during my crash Sets Phases? After your three warm-up sets you will perform only ONE full-force set for two exercises on the same muscle group. Because the workload is slightly lower than your absolute maximum (as done during Crash Sets) we are focusing on increasing our total workload through higher volume instead of weight.

since I spent about 10 years of my early life racing and training as a competitive long distance runner and triathlete. All rights reserved. setting a record in a bench press competition or impressing the guys with your vertical – slowtwitch fibers lack speed. These slow-twitch fibers truly live up to their name by supplying blood and oxygen for a quicker recovery and work for a longer duration.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Don’t worry. Slow-twitch fibers use fat as a primary source of energy and fast-twitch use glucose (carbs) as a primary source of energy. These are known as slowtwitch muscle fibers and are excellent for resisting fatigue but poor in generating strength. Slow-twitch contract just about as fast as an old lady moving in a senior’s home. twitch muscle fibers have a limited capacity for muscle growth we want to maximize what we have for growth. Conversely.VinceDelMonteFitness. the good news is that no body is completely slow-twitch dominant and even ultra-endurance athletes have up to 40% fast-twitch muscle fiber on them. On the other end of the spectrum you have your powerhouse type IIb fibers (fast-twitch). a sprinter or hockey player would have converted the majority of their type IIa muscle fiber to type IIb muscle fiber. SoMe are GeareD More toWarDS eNDuraNce Work aND SoMe are GeareD toWarDS More StreNGtH. Even as a long distance runner I was nailed so many times in the home stretch by guys who would kick me down before the finish line because I was really slow twitch dominant. It is important to know that there is one more type squeezed in between the continuum here – they are called type IIa and have an intermediate contraction speed. Slowtwitch muscle fibers are known as the type I’s. tHe HuMaN BoDY IS MaDe uP of Several DIffereNt tYPeS of MuScle fIBerS. force and power.com 2006. For example. Care to take a wild guess what is more predominant in skinny guys? If you guessed the endurance type then treat yourself to a protein shake. therefore. On the other hand. Giant Sets Phase will serve the purpose of tapping into your favored slow-twitch muscle fibers for hypertrophy. You can still add inches to your frame and build a muscular physique. PoWer aND SPeeD Work. I will keep this a grade school physiology lesson. Even though slow- Page 209 of 200 www. even if you possess a higher than average percentage of slow-twitch muscle fibers. it is safe to say that I converted a good percentage of my type IIa fibers to type I fibers. it is not as hopeless as it seems. when we concentrate on heavier loads © Vince Delmonte www.com . Whatever your situation.VinceDelMonteFitness. power and speed. Don’t plan on winning any sprint races. placing you at a distinct disadvantage. What is really interesting is that your training can influence whether these type IIa become more fast-twitch dominant or slow-twitch dominant. the reps and time under tension guidelines presented below will help you to effectively focus on both muscle fiber types to bring in significant amounts of muscle growth.

No PauSING or SqueezING tHe MuScle IN tHIS PHaSe. Manipulating speed of tempo is a very powerful variable that will also be exploited by alternating these two phases. Crash Sets are designed to stimulate the muscle fibers that are designed for growth – the super-duper powerful fast-twitch type IIb fibers. Giant Sets are more the equivalent of bodybuilding training that focus on just one muscle fiber type. 50 pounds will make your biceps grow quicker than 25 pounds. has not taxed your type IIb or central nervous system sufficiently.com . Too much speed and you will end up using too much momentum and risk injury (and also look ridiculous)! Going too slow simply forces light weights to be used. Use only enough weight to allow you to go fast enough BUT while using good form. In total you will be performing around 12-15 total reps after you add up the three mini-sets within each Crash Set. Remember that we can recruit more muscle fiber by either lifting more weight or lifting more reps. By performing each rep with an explosive force you will obligate the maximal number of muscle fibers. Giant Sets have a greater strain on the metabolic system so the volume can be higher. however the loading is also high but only for 10 reps per exercise. I assume you are interested in getting that ripped. At the same time you must be in CONTROL. What’s going to force more muscle growth? Doing 25-pound bicep curls at a slow speed or doing 50 pounds with a quicker speed? Clearly.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 via the Crash Sets Phase we will be going after those fast-twitch type IIa muscle fibers that have the greatest potential for taking on the properties of type IIb fibers. shredded and cut look too. No NoNSeNSe rule #12 – uSe a 301 teMPo for craSH SetS aND a 311 teMPo for GIaNt SetS. The basic goal is to engage as many muscle fibers as possible so we can achieve this goal by going slow and fast. There is no doubt that power lifters are stronger than bodybuilders but power lifters have nowhere the amount of muscle cuts and definition of a bodybuilder. the overall volume is low since you are only doing one full-force set per exercise and target the muscle fibers that have the greatest potential for growth. If you have not achieved the muscle size that you are after then it is safe to say that your training. Page 210 of 200 www. hence another reason to include the Giant Sets. © Vince Delmonte www. which will target the type IIa muscle fibers for growth. The reality is that type IIb fiber training (Crash Sets) is the key to finding new and untapped muscle fiber. and this just won’t recruit enough muscle fiber. During your Crash Set Phase. to this point in your life.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness.com 2006. use an explosive movement where you focus on driving the weights up as quickly as possible. Crash Sets can be summed up like this – keep the loading high for 5-6 reps per miniset. All rights reserved. This is why you can not neglect your type IIa and type I fibers completely.

just keep that weight pumping! If you watch any professional bodybuilder in the gym.’ Take an extra second on the way up and on the way down to move the weight. lifting with explosive movements week in and week out can easily lead to injury.VinceDelMonteFitness. ‘twisting’. Page 211 of 200 www. so it is critical that we alter your lifting tempo. focus on squeezing the weight with your grip. like Arnold in his Pumping Iron DVD or Ronnie Coleman in his Cost of Redemption DVD. All rights reserved. these guys don’t use any fancy techniques like ‘squeezing’. no staring at yourself in the mirror. Aim to stay under the one hour barrier. 0 second pause.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 Instead.com 2006. pause for at least 1 second and 3-4 seconds on the way up. These guys are moving the weights around with NO pausing and are firing out rep after rep like a loaded machine gun. ‘slowing it down’. no long pausing. During your Giant Set Phases you will use a moderate and controlled tempo. 1 second pause and 1 second concentric movement. Giant Sets will have a 311 tempo meaning a 3 second negative. Therefore 2-3 seconds on the way down. No NoNSeNSe rule #13 – keeP traINING SeSSIoNS SHort aND to a MaxIMuM of 40-60 MINuteS. No resting at the bottom. The training sessions I have created are designed to be done within 45 minutes for Giant Sets and closer to 60-70 minutes for Crash Sets. Altering the amount of tension on your muscles will prevent plateaus and ensure you find untouched and untrained muscle fiber. It’s interesting how many professional bodybuilders tell us one thing (go slow and controlled) in magazine interviews but in real life they use a completely different method. During the neural training phase via Crash Sets you are allowed to take 5-8 minutes between exercise so the workout may be closer to 60-70 minutes in total dura© Vince Delmonte www. This will automatically force your muscles to recruit more muscle and have a far more powerful effect than trying to squeeze your muscles. This is counterproductive because natural testosterone levels begin to decline at this mark and the evil cortisol hormone begins to rise and starts eating up your muscle tissue – especially during metabolic training via Giant Sets (this is more critical). Slower than an explosive movement but NOT ‘super slow. ‘stretching it out’ etc. The reality is that because you are a natural trainee and not taking in boat loads of steroids.com . Keep it simple and focus on keeping that weight moving and gripping the heck out of the handles.VinceDelMonteFitness. to summarize: Crash Sets will have a 3-0-1 tempo meaning a 3 second negative. and 1 second concentric movement.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 tion. Not performing warm-up sets can cause a lot of wear and tear and lead to a short life-span on your joints. No NoNSeNSe rule #14 – MINIMIze tHe aMouNt of carDIo You Do. During your Crash Sets Phases your body will require cardio workouts that are shorter and more intense to maintain your heart and lung strength since the high-loads.com . Page 212 of 200 www. Always begin each workout with a 5-10 minute cardio warm-up and stretch. And to a certain extent they are right.VinceDelMonteFitness. low-rep training with long rest periods is going to contribute to any heart and lung strength. resulting in a higher heart rate. weight training can easily deceive you into thinking you are in shape because your body is more visually appealing than a marathon runner. Perform your cardio workouts on your non weight-training days and incorporate the pre-workout and post-workout nutrition drinks to make up for the extra caloric expenditure. Don’t fool yourself. Seriously. All rights reserved.VinceDelMonteFitness. During your Giant Set Phases your muscular endurance will be challenged far more. © Vince Delmonte www. cranking out 30-60 minutes in your ‘fat burning zone’ will definitely sabotage your muscle gain quest. more sweating and more sucking for air! I suggest a lower volume of cardio during this phase because your energy expenditure will also be greater at this time. Some experts say that cardio is the eighth deadly sin for skinny guys because it will burn too much energy and have a negative impact on one’s ability to gain muscle. However don’t kid yourself into believing the hard core extremist who thinks heavyload. You have probably heard both sides of the coin. No more than 1 or 2 interval training sessions during this phase as outlined in the cardio chapter.com 2006. Just because your body is warm does not mean the specific muscles you will be training are warm so ALWAYS do one light warm-up set to pump some blood around the joints. Sure your heart has to work but you will have the cardio fitness of a senior’s jog/walk club. No NoNSeNSe rule #15 – WarM uP tHorouGHlY. Look at this as lubricating your joints. Better gains are made by cutting workouts short rather than finishing a workout for the sake of finishing a workout. Absolutely no more than two or three 15-20 minute interval workouts as outlined in the cardio chapter. This will allow you to feel out your body and give you some time to get into the zone. Your main interest in doing cardio should be for its health-related benefits. This will keep your body in an anabolic state. Not good if you plan to lift into your later years of life. The bottom line is that the caloric support must be there to counteract the energy demands from the workout. lowreps and long rest will do very little for heart strength.

VinceDelMonteFitness.” . If you ordered the upgrade package then you also received a set of cheap mass plans and veggie mass plans. I have even provided five 84-day Healthy mass meal plans based on 2. yet grueling. © Vince Delmonte www.com one of my goals is for you to build a body that you can be proud of.000 and 6.000 calories of high quality nutrients. I have even included the 29-week training program in a step-by-step format. one that turns heads at every street corner and instantly demands respect from others. and the importance of flexibility training. Not only that but I made certain sacrifices in my social life and lifestyle to create an environment for muscle growth that I will never regret. Along the way. dabbled with steroids.com 2006. with 3-D animated pictures to show you how to perform every exercise as well as many other features. My body is completely drugfree and I built every ounce of muscle on my body the natural way – through smart. I will activate your account once you register a username and password (you do not need to put your credit card info in here). 4. the body will often follow. The advice in this book was not written by a genetic freak or a dude who. new training techniques that will allow you to train for size and strength.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 No NoNSeNSe rule #16 – Have fuN! I will leave you with two of my favorite quotes: “If the mind is willing.” (my father told me that driving in the car when I was in high school) coNcluSIoN: takING tHe roaD leSS traveleD By now you should have a fresh and different perspective on how to build muscle the natural way.fitnessgenerator. training sessions and smart but very hard fork lifting sessions.000. All rights reserved. 5.VinceDelMonteFitness. In this book. 3. You can sign up here to get access to your program. You can access this program at www. not even once in my life.com/getbuffed . You have learned the importance of workout nutrition. bodybuilding mistakes to avoid and common mistakes that many make before they even enter the gym. these plans even include grocery lists so the guesswork is taken care of – you will know exactly what to buy every time you go to the grocery store. Page 213 of 200 www.000. You have learned the importance of caloric intake and have been provided tools that will tell you exactly how many calories your body requires to build muscle. you have probably gained a new understanding of the supplement industry and what is necessary and what can be left on the shelves.000.Roger Banister (the first man to break the 4 minute mile) “Successful people in life have developed the habit of doing what unsuccessful people don’t feel like doing. you have learned about the most common .

No more surfing the Internet and spinning your wheels in the gym. You are in control of the final outcome. Page 214 of 200 www. No more guessing about how much you should be taking in. No more being taken by the latest supplement hype and cutting edge training program.com . and eating the same bland foods. No more justifying your training program because your body will speak for itself. I have provided the tools that you need to be in complete control of how much muscle you gain. you provide the action. You will no longer be that scrawny guy in the gym who busts his butt yet has nothing to show for it. But don’t forget that I am always here to help you step-bystep for the entire way. Your friend and coach.VinceDelMonteFitness.VinceDelMonteFitness. more educated about training and nutrition information than you have ever been before.com 2006. stronger. Vince DelMonte © Vince Delmonte www. and most importantly. All rights reserved. you’ll be bigger. i truly wish you all the best. You now know the universal principles required to create an anabolic environment and can stack up any information you hear or read to what you have learned in this book. I have provided the plan.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 I believe that over the course of the next year.

freelance writer and fitness consultant who runs a personal training team department in Hamilton Ontario. a fitness site dedicated to building muscle and losing fat. © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Chapter 10 About The Author Vince DelMonte is a natural competing fitness model.com.VinceDelMonteFitness. and is the author of “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” . All rights reserved. Page 215 of 200 www. and has been working in the trenches for the past 5 years helping hundreds of average guys transform their physiques.com . numerous certifications. His transformation story was featured as Transformation of the Month at Bodybuilding.VinceDelMonteFitness. He holds an Honors Kinesiology Degree.Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain. personal trainer.Com and has appeared in Maximum Fitness. He is the founder of www.com 2006.VinceDelMonteFitness.

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