BLOOD PRESSURE = the pressure of the blood against the wall of the main

arteries. Pressure is highest during SYSTOLE – when the ventricles are contracting (Systole Pressure). And lowest during DIASTOLE – when the ventricles are relaxing and re-filling (Diastolic Pressure) = Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury by means of SPHYGMOMANOMETER at the brachial artery of the arm. The normal range varies with age, but a young adult would be expected to have a systolic pressure of around 120mm and a diastolic pressure of 80mm. These are recorded as 120/80.

BODY TEMPERATURE = the temperature of the body as measured by a
thermometer. Body Temperature is accurately controlled by a small area at the base of the brain (the HYPOTHALAMUS); in normal individuals it is maintained at about 37’C

PULSE = a series of pressure waves within an artery caused by contractions of the left
ventricle and corresponding with the heart rate (the number of times the heart beats per minute). The average adult pulse rate at rest is 60 – 80/min.

INTAKE = an amount taken in or received
e.g. oral fluids (water,coffee,juices etc.) IVF(intravenous fluid)

OUTPUT = urine,stool,saliva,perspiration,vomitus

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