Name of The experiment


To check the operation of crystals.

Objectives :
1.To earn knowledge about the crystal. 2.To verify the operation of the crystal. 3.Test the condition of crystal.

Requirements :
1.Transistor(BC548) 2. Resistors (1kΩ,2kΩ,3kΩ,22kΩ) 3. Ammeter. 4.9V DC power supplier. 5. Diode(OA91) 6. Connecting wire. 7. ON-OFF switch 8.crystal (XTAL-35795MHz)

the higher the output deflection which may be adjusted with the preset.Circuit diagram: Operation: Above the BC548 transistor is wired as a colpitts oscillator. A good crystal will create high frequency oscillations. the output at the collector is rectified by the germanium OA91 diode and a deflection will appear on the meter. the frequency tuned by insertion of a crystal. . The more active the crystal.

Discussion : In this experiment we have seen that how to test the condition of a crystal. The main purpose of this experiment is to determine the condition of any crystal & verify its operation. .

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