'"' 'r


lames Cameron





SPACE. Silent and endless. of God ••• cold and remote. of technology.


The stars shine like the love Against them drifts a tiny c~i?

CLOSER: It is the NARCISSUS, lifeboat of the ill-fated star-freighter Nostromo. Without interior or running lights it seems devoid of 1i=e. The PING of a RANGING RADAR grows louder, closer. A shadowenqulfs the Narcissus. Searchlights flash on, playing over the-tiny ship, as a MASSIVE DARK ~ descends toward it.



Dark and dormant as a crypt. The searchliqhts stream in ~~e dusty windows. Outside, massive metal fo~s can be seen descending around the shuttle. Like the tolling of a bell;· a BASSO PROFUNDO CLANG r~verberates through the hull. bursts

CLOSE ON the airlock


door. Light glares as a cutting torch t.~e metal. Sparks showe= in to the room.·


A second torc..'1 cuts t."'ll'ough. They move wi t.i. cachine ?recis ion, .cutting a rectangular path, conve=g.:'ng. T!1e torches meet. Cut off. The door falls inward revealing a bizarre multi-a~ed :igu=e. enter, ba~klit and ominous. suits, carrying gypERSLE~?

equipment. They approach

THREE MEN in bio-!solation

lights and CAPSULE, F.G.

a sarcophagus-like

LEADER (filtered) Internal pressure positive. Assume nominal hull integrity. aypersleep capsule.s, style circa late t-.... enties .•• •

His gloved canopy.

hand wipes

at an opaque

layer of dust on the

ANGLE INSIDE CAPSULE as light stabs in where the dust is wiped away,· illuminating a WOMAN, her face in peaceful repose.




OFFICE~ RI?LL-Y, sole 5u=vivor of the Nost:omo. next to her is JONES, the ship's wayward cae.


LEADER (v.o./filtered) Lights are green. She's alive. Well, there goes our salvage, guys. DISSOLVE TO: INT. RaSP ITAL ROOM / GATEWAY. STATION

TIGHT ON RIPLEY lying in a ced, looking wan, as a female MED-TECR raises the backrest. She is surrounded by arcane white MEDI~ EQUIPMENT. The tech exudes practiced ch.eeriness.
'rECR Why don·'.t open the viewport' I

Watch your eyes.

Earsh light floods in as a motorized shield slides into ~~e ceiling, revealing a breathtaking vista. Beyond ~~e sprawling complex of modular habitats,' collectively called GA1'r.-lAY STATION, is the curve of E;U\~ as seen from high orbit. Blue and serene. TECR And how are we today? (weakly) Terrible.

TECl! Just terrible? That's cetter yesterday at least.


RIPLEY Bow lonq have I been on Gateway Station? Just a couple of days. up to a visitor?

Co you feel

Ripley shrugs, not caring. The door opens and a MAN enters, although Ripley sees only what he is carryinq. A familiar large, orange TOMCAT.


.'or' .. .



Sne grabs the cat like a life preserver • RIPLEY (cooing baby/cat talk) Come here Jonesy you ugly old moose
... vou ualv

RIPLEY Fifty-seven ••• oh. I'm Burke. Ripley grabs his ar. It's blind luck that deepsalvage team caught you when they ••• are you alright? Ripley coughs suddenly as i: choking and her expression becomes one of dawning horror. the tie loosened with studied casualness. or somethinq lik e that... Side effects of the unusually lonq hypersleep. surprising Row lonq? Burke gazes at her. I'm told the weakness and disorientation should pass soon.XE RIPLEY They won't worr/ _.:. My instinct says you're strong enough to handle this •. The visiter sits beside the bed and Ripley finally notices h.. I MAN Row lonq was I out there? tell me anythinq. She seems to deflate. BURKE You'd drifted right through the core systems. h~.hirtyisharid handsome. Ripley is stunned. Burke hands her a glass of water from the nights~and. (soothing) Well. Christ ••. Alright. Glad to see you're feeling better. Carter Burke. thouqhtful. seeming none the· worse for wear.im. in a suit that looks executive or leqal. I work for the company cut ot. BtnUtZ .3• Jones patiently endures Ripley's embarrassing display. Family. lie is t:. Eer·world. Bt:1P. Friends.~er than that I'm an okay guy. A smile referred to as 'winning. her expression passin. throuqh amazement and shock to realization of all she has lost.• Fifty-seven years.' Nice room. maybe you shouldn't ~out that just yet.

She gasps for breath. knocking over equipment. Code Blue!4-1-S! Burke and the tech are holding Ripley's goes into convulsions. HER POV as the sheet rises. Get me an airKaY. Tearing itself out of her. ger eyes snap about wildly. She hugs Jones ~o her ar~ rocks wi~~ him like a c~ild. still shattered by ~~e ni~ht~~e. bathed in sweat. ger EXG races like mad. clutching pathetically at-her chest . TECS A MED-TECE'S some- face. snapping up INTO FR&~.1s of . Alone in ~~e darkened hos~ital room. Touching a au tton on the nigh es ca nd she opens the v i ewpo r t. yowling. RORROR ••• IT SCREECHES. A glimpse of the CEITT~a!NG TIGHT ON RIP~-Y. she kneads her breas~one with the heel of her hand and sobs. Shi~erina. a console button.. under a cabinet.. Bad dreams again? Do you want thing to help you sleep? RIPLEY (faint) I've slept enough. her chest. A VIDEO MONITOR beside the bed snaps on. Ripley's cack arches in agony. DOCTOR aold her ••. stat! And fifteen c. struggling as if she is strangling. No ••• noooo! shoulders as she RIPLEY They try to restrain her as she thrashes. MEO-TECE (shouting} Code Blue! 415. screaming.c. slowly focusing on ~~e reality of her safety.~~. Jesus! An EXPLOSION OF BLOOD beneath the sheet covering her chest! Ripley stares at ~e S~E RISING ONDER TEE SHZET.~ ~~. Jones dives. A DOCTOR and T"'I'lO TECES run in. There is no demented horror ripping itself out of her.~~~ I . She slaps it away. No. The tech shrugs and switches of::. Shuddering. It shatters with a SMA5a.4. Ripley grabs. revealing Gateway and the tu=quoise Earth. Slp. Jones.. The med-tech hits. hisses wide-eyed.

including Smua: Be o~ens nis briefcase.l WIDER. Mar:ied name. And smacks into A ~L. The sterile corridors visible beyond glass doors a. removing a sb~et of printer a telestat photo.G. '_o' r: . Sut at what price? RIPLEY We made it.1tZ Sorry ••• I've been running cehind all morning. ~tunned. Ripley sits on a cench in what we now see is an ATRXUM of: the medic~ center.opping among fallen leaves. casual SUR. Ripley seems healthier now. Burke EN'l'!:ltS in his usual mode.G. as Jones steps back confused from the aZGH-RESOLOTION ENVlaONMENTAL WALL SC~E. Jones. EX'l'REME F .' PAlUt beyond Sunlight streams in shafts through a stand of poplars. e looks ather) I'm sorry.o. Have they located my daughter RIPLEY yet? Well. a sort of cinerama video-loop. I guess. aipley stucies the PHOTOGRAPH.s. but still a bit brittle. which a verdant meadow is visiOle. CUT TO: 'EXT. Two years ago. haste. Jones staas toward a cird h. He leaps. RIPLEY Cumeshit. Age: sixty-six ••• at time of death.~. Some unenthusiastic potted trees. . hard- Is she •••? RIPLEY BO'RKE (scanning) Amanda Ripley-McClaren. (v. still somewhere in ~e bowels of Gateway Station. I was going to wait until after the inquest ••• copy. Senches. We made it.

~ey move ra?idly down the corr-idor . •. Rurke puts a reassurinq hand on her a~. Inter:ed Parkside Repository. . a s~patico presence. the loss. .. . . into the pseudo-landsca~e.. (pause) Well. Little Chute. You read my deposition •.. I sure missed that one. But the terror. I never can. You CORRIDOR / GA1Tr'iAY ". It could ce anybody. But now I never can.~ . overwhelminq. DOLLYING ABEAD OF TSE. it's R!2LEY complete and accurate. Cremated. They still haven't licked that one. in mid-conversation with Burke. the emptiness are. Her eleventh cirthday. don't want to be late. When it came to flight schedules.. straight ••• Ripley can be one tough lady. RIPLEY AIIry • Cancer. in this moment. BtmK% Let's qet one ~inq (gently) The hearing convenes at 0930.. She cries silently.. Wisconsin. RIPLEY RIPLEY You always think you can make it up to somebody ••• latar. (readinq) BTJR.~-" "' The face of a woman in her mid-sixties... anyway..6• . you know. HmmmI:n. ~ I promised ner I'd be home for her birthday. She tries to reconcile the face with the little girl she once knew. Ripley gazes off. ••• she had already learned to take my promises with a grain of salt.'1 as t. No children. into the past. INT. Burke nods. '( _J Elevator doors part and Ripley emerges.

CALLAS. That's minus payload. of course. IN'!' • CONFERENCE ROOM / GAT~Y BURKE ON RIPLEY. ASH the android traitor.. They aren't buying. V~~ I.'ti:.• INSURANCE INVESTIGATOR (dryly) . For.~e board of inquiry at a long conference table.· I believe you~ but there are going to be some heavyweights in there. PAjL~R grins like a goon from his personnel mugshot. an M-Class star-freighter.. . the ICC representative.' j The shuttle's flight recorder corroborates some elements of your account.or·what? .IPLZY 00 you people have ear~ax. and then the others as the scene continues . no t cool. The important thing is to stay cool and unemotional. Behind Ripley on a large VIOEOSCaEEN. Not unemotional.7• -.. yoa got interste~lar commerce commdssion. Gray suits and grim faces. and thereby destroying. . You got feds. you got colonial administration.... LAMED'!'. VAN LEUWEN.ty-two million in adjusted dollars.-uwEN R. K~s file prints out next to it. ..:. You freely admit to detonating the enqines of. V~'l W:. Look at it from our perspective.:ou. A rather expensive piece of hardware •. Look.-uwEN . \ " We have ~een here ~~ee hours. steeples his fingers and frowns. insurance company guys ••• I get the pictu:e.: r . Eow many different ways do you want me to tell the same story? She faces the ElGa'l' MEMBERS of t. BRE'rl"sface and dossier reolace it. BU~ RIPLEY Just te~l them what happened.

I told you ••• RIPLEY VAN LEUWE. '. No indigenous life larger than a simple virus. Then samebody's gotten to it ••• doctored the recorder.'l contain any entries concerninq the nostile lifeform you allegedly picked up. VAN LE'OWEN The analysis' team which went over your shuttle cent~eter oy centimeter found no physical evidence of the creature you describe ••• (losinq it) That's because I blew it out the qoddamn airlock! (pause) Like I said. It's a rock. bowe~er. Who had access to it? The E~ '.8.. Administration) representa- . That it resumed its course and was'subsequently set for self-destruct.~ RIPLEY (txtrasolar Colonization tive just shakes her head. a woman on ~~e ungenerous of fifty.· VAN LEUWEN <-Conttd) That· the Nostromo set down on LV-426. That repairs were made. ··r. INSORANCE MAN tCARE? sice RIPLEY __. Would you just listen to yourself for one minute. Ripley senses the noose tighteninq. Van Leuwen sighs with exasperation.... Ripley qlares at the tCA rep. (to the tCA rep) Are there any species like Chis 'hostile organism' on LV-426? ECA REP No. By you. Look. 'at that t~e. an unsurveyed planet. It did not. ·r .. For reasons unknown.

elict ship. out of patience. aut I'm telling you those thinqs exist.. silent at the far end of t. using your words ••• (she reads from Ripley's statement) 'gestates in a living human host' and has 'concentrated molecular acid for blood. ". is grim. A dar. We homed on its beacon ••• ECAREP To be perfectly frank.:- . Eis expression . That will (louder. There was an alien spacecraft ~~ere.:t~~t RI~r./ lUPLEY . we've surveyed over three hundred worlds and no one's ever re~orted a creature which. glowering . Ear mouth hardens as a cit of t. -.~ose things qet back here. " Look... usinq the flight recorder's data.. Sack on that planetoid is an a~J. qoddammit! I! t. within twelve hours of hatching ••• Van Leuwen stands. steppinq on him) ••• because just one of those t. 00 you understand? I sugqes~ you find it. ~ .ZY -rt.. 'l'housands.before one of your survey teams comes back witn a little s~rise ••• Thank you. Tnat's not all.e . Officer be ••• VAN IZCWEN RIPLEY Ripley. J... Ripley stares him down.9• RIPLEY I told you. . it wasn't indigenous.VAN LEUWEN at the board.... ' Ripley glances at Burke. that will be all.. Thank vou."lings manaqed to ~ill my--entire'crew. tbat will be all."le old nail-eatinq Ripley surfaces."le tal:Ile.. Find it and deal with it.. I can see where this is goinq.en sh:ip and on that ship are thousands of eggs. T~en you can just kiss it goodbye. " . -~~--- .

. as we CUT TO: !NT. They think I'm a headcase. CORRIDOR Ripley kicks the wall next to Burk. !NT • TIGaT (cheerfully) LATER ffave a donut. Dallas looks oack at ~er from the video screen. CONFERENCE ON ~?LEY ROOM - Van Leuwen clears his throa~. white-1i?pec VAN LEUWEN bu~ Said license is hereby suspended indefinitely. CORRIDOR _j DOLLY BACK as the conference room door bangs open and ~?ley strides through. Ripley turns sharply away. . kiddo... to include monthly review oy an ICC psychiatric tech . V~ LEUWEN' It is the finding of this board of inquiry that Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley.~ RIPLEY You are a headcase. You had them eating out of your hand. They had their minds made up before I even went in there.TG: coffee anc. BOR. INT. Ripley taking it on the chin. NOC-14672. She shr~gs off 8urke's rest=aini~g a~ and catches up to Van Leu~en walking down the cor~idor. his eyes burning from ~~e photograph..10. trembling with frustration and anger. Burke watches subdued. has acted wi~~ questionable judgment and is unfit to hold an ICC license as a commercial flight officer. No criminal"charges wil~ be filed at this time and you are released on own recognizance for a six-month period of psychometric probation.e who is getting donuts at a vending machine. BcrR.

Ripley ~olds the door fron closing. sto~-blasted ~~iliqht at midday.. EXT.. Ripley slams it back. A hideous. And oy the way I they call it Acheron now. The door tries to close.. 3leak .. RZPLEY (insistentl WhY won't you check out LV-426? VAN LEUWEN (condescendingly) Because I don't have to.c. gettinq annoyed. ~ - Row many colonists? VAN LEUWEN Sixty... people? What but Van Leuwen steps into an elevator with some others. Takes decades. It's what we call a shake n' cake colony. as the doors close like TIGHT ON EER from inside the elevator fate on her lost expression... Peacefullv. . RJ::E'LEY . strengthless.. They set np at=osphere processors to make the air breathable ••• cig job. Tortured rock fo~s. r . ~. 00 you mind? families..'DAY' vista.. VAN L. The people who live there checked it out'years ago and they never reported any 'hostile organism' or al~en sh~p. RIPI.. They've already been there over twenty years. Terraformers ••• planet engineers.-Y ELEVATOR PASSENGER Ripley's hand slides off the door.UWEN .:... maybe seventy (low) Sweet Jesus. a. ALIZN LANDSCAPE . 11.. RJ:PLEY What are you talking about.

pylons. Coffee-cup rings. PAN SLOWLY onto a CORRODED M-~AL SIGN set in conc=ete which. is the massive complex of the nearest A~OSPHERE PROCSSSOR. Ruge-wheeled t=actors crawl toad-l~e in·the ru~ted and vanish down rampways to underqround garaqes.. Calloused hands. looking like a power plant bred witn an active volcano. DOLLY AHEAD OF LYDECKZR. OPERATIONS ROOM / CONTROL BLOCX . advertising cars and o~~er businesses. Neon signs throw garish colors across the vault-like walls. 159 'WELCOME TO ACSERON' Some local has added below in spray-can graffiti 'Have a nice day. Not too many interior decorators. The COLONY. the largest structure. Praqmatic. 'Grapes of Wrath' faces. It's high-tech but used and scrungy. laid out like a scaled-down shopping mall with no styling flourishes. Papers piled up. " Jammed with-computer terminals. driving a freezinq rain. COLONY COMPLEX The town'is a cluster of bunker-like metal and concrete buil~inqs connected by conduits./ . a ANGLE ON THE CONTROL 'st=eet' It car=ier .. the Assistant he catches up to the harrieq OPERATING Operations Manager. Some children race in the corridor on things that look suspiciously like 'big-wheels. We see a cro.G. flying bridge. displays ••• most of the business of running the colony flows through here. M&~AGER. is a squat complex with lots of floodlights. Tough. B. as .POP. SIMPSON.ud cover like a steel mill. EXT. technicians. nrr.. It looks like a sodden c=oss be~~een the Krupps munitions works and a truckstop casino in the Nevada boondocks. reads: ~LEY'S HOPE . Its fiery glow pulses in the low clo. the superstructure of an airc=aft Visible across a half-kilometer of barren hea~~ B.l2. resembles vaguely . BLOCX.5s-section of the types of people who have come to .G.live on Godforsaken Acheron. I Gale-force wind SCREECXE:S around the steel sign. I( _. MAIN CONCOURSE / tr~ CONTROL SLOct A central space.' INT.

A There's a guy on the horn.~ .i " aalf mine. wants to know if his claLm will oe honored. mine • . blasting At the controls.. Acm:RON / TItE Ml:DCLE OF NOWHERE: . What? SIMPSON LYDECIrJ:. intent on a PINGING scope. a couple days ago? Yeah. JORDEN (gloating cackle) Look at this fat. we look. is' RUSS JORDE~. Says he's homing on something and. .' L7a)Ec. ·t '" A SIX-WREn·ED 'l'RAC'l'OR roars across corrugated through soggy drifts of volcanic ash. out past the Ilium range. juicy magnetic profile. LYDECKER You remember you sent some wildcatters out to that plateau. NEWT. their six-year-old ANNE daughter. . as far as I'm concerned. Beside him ~s his wife/partner ANNE and in the back their ~~o kids are playing among the heavy sampling equipment.. Some honch in a cushy office on Earth says go look at a grid reference in the middle of nowhere. mom-andpop survey team.CAY '. __ . yells f=om the back .13.'"{ER So what do I tell ~~is·guy? . and I don't ask. I don't ask oecause it takes two wee~s to get an answer out here and the answer's always 'don't ask. SIMPSON Christ. mine.. . dear. And it's mine.SL'U'SON Tell him. INT. They don't say why. EXT. he finds something it's his. independent prospector. TRACTOR rock....

.•• Nr.:)"'1 c: "'"'!'e. E~IRONME~T -~ -. •. All the kids play it .iT JORDEN (reverently) Eoly shiiit! An enormous ANGLE TSROUGR FRONT CANOPy on a bizarre shape looming ahead. I wanna go back.. JORDEN I qot too many partners... we have scored big this time. Bio-mechanoid.. ANNE - Nrd'I' Knock it off! I catch either of you playing in ~~e air ducts again I'll tan your hides • .. Co not.. r . ir:a T~C'I'OR LI~~ Jorden arA Anne step down. c Canted on its side and buckled against a rock outcropping by the lava flow... bone-like mass projecting upward from ~~e bed of ash.. EXT. Ca==y.. ""v"'!'"". Newt.' ·r ... You always say that... I wanna play 'Monster Maze.•..' That's whv I'm the cest.... TIM You cheat too much.. -. when are we going oack to town? JORDEN When we get rich. So! I'm just the cest. :. .t.c:. Mom. TIM You go in places we can't NEWT NE"'dT NEWT .• .. Non-human design • JORDEN Folks.' Eer older "orother TIM sticks his jeering face close to hers.. it is still recognizable as an EXTRATERRESTR!AL SRIP.:.14.. The tractor slows... Co too! fi.. SOITS. wearing ':)~r. . Daddy. _.

'or . !NT • /EXT.'leater! EXT • LANOSa. mT.he strange ship.?=: . ANNE You kids stay inside.. Tim G~S a:ER from beh. grabs the dash mike. o_.NIGHT TlM it./ J 0 (quavering) It'll be okay.o c. We'll oe right Qack.r 0.ind. trying hard not to c-:y. (nervous) Row about 'big weird thing'? They pause at a twisted gash in the hull. Watch- The t=aetor and the derelict wind HOWLS aroWld them. o~ Newt has ner face pressed to the glass. C~Sn! Dad knows what her is R!?P~D OP~~.lS. 'I'RAC'rOR are dark and motionless. Tim considers the niqht. ~. Newt SCR~~S as the door beside A dark shape lunges inside! &~.ldn' t we call in? ANNE JORDEN Let's wait till we know what to call it in as. steaming ing her parents enter t. He . She SHRIEKS. The Tim is curled up in the driver's seat. bites his lip. he's doing. The wind. Newt. . T~y ••• they've been gone a long time. Newt shakes nim awake. 'l'RACTOR ANNE Blackness inside. panting and terrified. TIM NE"1lT The vast landscape. I mean it! They trudge toward the al~en derelict. Shcu..

looks past her.. Burke buzzes again.. Jones doesn't. . Silence. The ced is unmade.'1 the shrieking wind which rises to a crescendo as we As Alme shouts Russ Jorden lies there inert. The place is modest.'1e sink. .- . Dishes in 1:. There is SOMETlrDlG ON aIS FACE. This is .. Ripley. . pulsing with ocscene life. blaring vapid~y. CORRIDOR Carter Burke stands in the narrow. No unemployment ••• The door BUZZES. tc be charitable. BOR. This is Lieutenant Gor:nan of the •.. Bill..• S~~. ANNE Mayday! This is Alpha Kilo Mayday! TWo Four Niner callinq Hadley Concol." r: " 16. Ripley jumps like a cat. The WALLSCREEN is on. draqged somehow the mayday Newt CtTl' TO: IN'l' • RIPLEY I S APARTMENT / GA~Y - DAY -~ "\ . dingy corridor with LIEUTENANT GORMAN. Newt begins to SCREAM llysterically. An appal~ing MULTI-LEGGED CREATURE. The door opens slightly. Talks to the door . ".-. ai. Young and severe in his officer's dress-clack. to the qrQund •.t<E Ripley we have to talk.. in a clean world. sits at a table in ~'1e dining alcove contemplatinq the smoke risinq from her cigarette.. Thouqh it's late in the day Ripley is still wearing a robe. VOICE FROM VIDEO (off) Rey.. by Anne from inside the ship.. We'll be starting a new life from scratch.. No crime... Repeat.competing wi 1:.. .. Ripley. : \ -""" . .. I~T. Jones prowls across the counter.." . looking haggard... and there are few personal tou~~es.. BORKE . Bob! I heard you and the family are heading off for the cclonies! 'BOB' (off) Best decision I ever made.... Colonial Marine Corps..

we don't know what's goinq on out there. That's all. Lieutenant? (cool) We're trained to deal wien these kinds of situations. very tense. aORKE (Cont'dt (pausel They've lost contact with the colony on Acneron. You wouldn't be going in with the troops. I want you there ••• as an advisor. . It may just ce a down transmdtter. BORXE These Colonial Marines are some tough hombres. r ~ was reamed. nursing coffees. RIPLEY'S APARTMENT A LITTLE the ramifications LATER of that. covering Burke sees it. No. and they're packing sta te-<)f-the-art fire-power. .0 17. But if it's not.-y _. RIPLEY liear me out ••• RIPL. Look.. I can guarantee your safety. oj GOBMAN GORMAN RIPLEY (to Burkel What about you? What's your interest in this? ..t.KZ it with anger. IN'!'. ~othing they can't handle ••• right.0. BTJR. steamed and dry-cleaned by you guys ••• and now you want me to go back out there? Forget it • We see that she's gut scared. ~e door opens. Burke and Gorman are seated.. Ripley considers She motions ehem inside. There's no way! Ripley paces."' r.

' tne corporation co-financed that colony with the Colonial Administration. Surke.' Burke is revealing his early days in sale's. Oays off are worse. I saw the commercial. aqainst mineral riqhts. kiddo. What if I said I could qet you reinstated as a fliqht officer? And that the company has agreed to pick up your contract? If I qo.18. Running loaders. _·f Well. yeah. BORKE in the cargo amua: Yeah. (pause) It's a second chance. I hear~ you were werking RIPLEY (defensive} 'I'ha t's riqht.•.you go. Anyway. RIPLEY decks. You qotta qet cack on the horse . RIPLEY (frostyl Spare me. RI~LEY BURKE BOltKE RIPLEY / If. . a let's-cut-~~e-crap i~ti~cy.I' r: ~' . fork-li!ts. it keeps my mind off of ••• everything. I've had my psych evaluation this month.~ that sort (sh:uqginq 1 !~rs all I could qet. Burke leans close. And it'll be the best thing in the world for you to face this fear and oeat it. ot thing? BTJR. We're gettinq into a lot of terraforming ••• 'Building Better Worlds.

19.• o RIPLEY (shouting1 No! The answer is no.t{E Yello? Lon video-phonel Oh. " . forever. 'STAND BY' prints out on the screen and is replaced by Burke's face. just. BOlUtE Think about it. That's BOma: the plan. the demon in the eye. an ani:nal outcry. BOR. and I've read it. BUILDING CUT TO: IN PITCH As the wind HOWLS through tormented until we INT. Just go. would you.. ffe slips a TRANSLOCENT CARD onto ehe table. Not cring back..' r . She clutches her ehest.gfl.. RIPLEY.. Just Elurn them out. Alright. taking a deep slow breath. sheets soaking. My word on it • It's time to look . You wake up every night. desolate wind? TIGHT ON PRONE CONSOLE as Ripley's hand inserts Rurke's car~ into a slot. EX'!' • ACRERON LANDSCAPE .O. •• clean. Co we hear a faint. APARTMENT Ripley lunges up INTO FRA. tell me one thing.NIGHT rock. Not study. BeRKE • Yes. ~'m sorry. Ki ••• RIPLEY Burke. That you're going out there to kill them. Bathed in sweat she lights a cigarette with trembling hands. and heads for tne doo~.'!E with.tmarever and over . creathing hard./ I C.. ~~e same ni. &ow please go. RIPLEY I'm in. Burke nods to Gorman who rises with him. Ripley. bleary with sleep. .

She turns to Jones sitting on the oed and her tone oecomes admonish... T. loading BRIDGE Dark electronic womb. It reaches the ceiling..::r- She punches off before Burke replies. . CAPSULE Slackness. INT. An enormous chamber. ~ VAULT -~-.': . cavernous and dark..•• l. OEEP o - RIPLEY SPACE TlmEE WEEl{S LATER An empty sta~field... .inq ••• And vou my dear. Ogly..E:EP CYLINDERS..-:''' .. 'count me right out.~"" HYPERSUZP . A massive military transport ship. lonq.' COT TO: EXT. An alarm. are staying right here..20 • ~~ . lift a grid of equipment from a row of horizontal HYPERSL. Eeavy machinery INT. A sudden high-pitched TRILLING accompanies a sequence lights. the SOLACO. CLOSE ON RIPLEY'S frosted canopy. INT. CORRIDOR TO CARGO LOa An empty corrieor. Locks. A mountain of steel followinq. T~e CARGO zccx shuttles. Squatting in ~~e shadows are two oroit-to-surface DROP-Sa:IPS. Hydraulics as trickles of water run down ~~e TO: DISSOLVE rsr . No movement. Jones blinks. before she can change her mind. all around them ••• cranes. . Metal spires slice ACROSS FRAME. seemingly miles of nyperdrive engines. equi?men~. TER~NG INT. CAMERA DOLLIES slowly among murmuring inst=~entation. cynical cat-eyes ••. of HYPERSLEEP VAULT until a bank of indicators lights up. battered ••• functional.

The canopies of the row of capsules are raised. Drake. Ripley sits up.· Rubs her a~s oriskly. Nasty scar curling his lip into a sneer.'le chamber. SPONXMEYER SPUNKMEYER I'm getting too old for this says ~s sincerely. you look like I feel. Though not super. . DIETRICK Not enouqh to have to wake up to your face. just Ripley scans the group as they shuffle past her to a bank of lockers. DRAZE They ain't payin' us enough for this. Arrqh.oen they are lean and hardened •.IVA+E DRAKE PRIVATE FROST PRIVATE CROWE PRIVATE ~ZRZBOWSKI CORPORAL FERRO PFe SPtJN1<MEYER (female} ONI!' !ZrlDER a-TEAM LEADER MED-TECa COM-TECS: 'SMART-GUN' OPERATOR .. shit. Next to ner·Gor. snorts good-naturedly. DRAKE Suck air. ge's younq ·as well but street-touqh. .• tough.e: The ship is fully automated in interstellar flight so ~~ere is no crew. an older lifer-type who keeps his own counsel. GaOANS echo across t. though he must have enlisted underage not long ago. except for EXZCUTIVE OFFICER (ECA) Bishop. gey. wearing shorts and dog tags. Kicks ••.SMART-GUN' OPERATOR TROOPER TROOPER TROOP=:R DROP-SHIP PILOT DROP-SHIP carN CH!~ .21. who supervises planetary maneuvering. Looking surly. DRAKE sits up. HICXS. They are: MASTER SERGEANT APONE CORPORAL !nCKS CORPORAL DIETRICH (female} P~C mDSON PFe VASQOEZ (female} PR.man and Burke are stir=ing and beyond them the troopers.

Painful. Kudson? Would you. They combine the specialized techno-combat training of the twenty-first century fiqhting man with those qualities universal to 'qrunts' ~~ough ~~e aqes. Dobermans playing. As he passes close to her Ripley notices a strange TATTOO across the' back of his left hand ••• an ALPHA-NUMERIC CODE. man. sir? ImOSON APONE ImOSON Ripley steps back as the troopers shuffle past nodding cu:sorI hellos. She feels isolated by the camaraderie this tight-knit q:oup. It gets rouqher. ~~ist. L. She is tough even by the standards of ehis group •.ike Drake. BISHOP is helping everyone like a valet. hand-job. Eard-muscled. Eyes cunnl. Conscripted from juvenile prison. Eave you? VASQUEZ She slaps Drake's open pa~ and it clenches into a g:eeting which is part contest. This floor's freezing.'lEYER (overlapping >. .em were trained to operate the formidable 'SMART-GUNS'. I need some slack. That is part of thei: cond. 0.22. VASQUEZ eyes ner coldly as she passes. man. capaele. How Come they send us st:aight back out like this? We got some slack comin'. FROST you take my towel? SPUNK. the two of th. _/' ·r I' gey. Uneil she cuffs h~ ha:d and they break with vicious laughter. SZRGECUrr APONE mcves down the row of freezers. Vasquez is younger than the rest and her comba tprimer was ehe street in a Los Angele~ barrio. Vasquez ••• you ever been mistaken for a man? No. You want me to fetch your slippers.nq and mean • EUOSON Eey. I never saw such a bunch a old women. jaded •.

' -r: i An unconscious segregation takes place as the troopers assemble at one lonq table while Gorman. VASQm:Z Who's the freshmeat again? She's supposed to be some kinda consul tant •. waitinq for egqs from the AOTOCHEF. let's shaq it. (exaqgerated) She saw an alien once. HUDSON 'H"ha's the op? t . Drake's tunic is cut off to a vest and has 'Eat ~~e apple ana fuck the Corps~ stencilled on back. (louder) Awriqht! Let s knock off the qrabass.. Amonq the troopers dress-discipline is lax •••· fatiques customized and emblazoned with patches. Burke. SHOWERS Hiqh pressure water jets and a blast of hot air when you step out ••• a drive-through car wash for people. Everybody is nursinq a coffee. Vasquez and Ferro are watchinq Ripley dry off.23.•. Throuqn the swirling'steam Hudson. MESS HALL . Yeah.. 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' IPray for War' and I·I've Served My Time in gell: Cetii Epsilon NC-104' are some o~~ers • I ney. o I E'l'lU CR 'Top' ••• what about it? APONE You know it ain't up to me. APONE let's qo. HICKS You just qot three weeks. I INT. SPUNXMEYER I mean creathinq. I Top I.. First assembly's in fifteen ••. not t~s frozen shit. Cycle through! Let's qo ••• INT. Bishop and Ripley sit at another. Whoooah! No shit? aODSON FElUtO I'm impressed.

Eey. Remember that time? Clow) Looks like that new lieutenant's too qood to eat with us grunts./ . APONE Rescue mission. Got a corn cob up his ass. ffe runs it loose and fair. definitely. this crap supposed to be? SPO'NlQ!EYER What's WIERZBOWSKI Cornbread. her tone accusing. ~herets some juicy colonists' daughters we gotta rescue from virg'inity.. at t. qrizzled.~ BISHOP I. it didn't occur to me. Across the room. Is there a problem? .. who pointedly gets up anc moves to the far side of the table. I think. Ete looks wounded. It's been policy for years to have a synthetic on board. RIPLEY You never said anything about an android being here! Why not? BURKE Well.'m sorry you feel that way about Synthetics. 24. Ripley spins on Burke.J{ . Oumbass colonists. Bishop takes a seat beside Ripley.j BISHOP I prefer ~~e te~ 'artificial person' myself. GoClan sits with his creases perfect ••• the consumm~te strack NCO. . I wouldn't mind qettinq me some more a that Arcturan poont:ang. Apone is stocky. . cut only cecause he knows his people are' the cest.'le other table.. Ripley. Shee-it..~ arcss " WIZRZBOWSKI (glancing over shoulder) Yeah. with peregrine eyes.

. very conciliatory. I'm sor=y we didn't have tL~e to brief before we left Gateway but •.25. BISHOP Well.b. at t. ~ A synthetic malfunctioned on her last trip out. that explains it. BURKE Ilm shocked..'1urke and B Ripley.model? BURKE Systems l20-A/2.'1e ei ther • bellowing. shrugs other troopers. GORMAN At ease. The A/21s were always a bit ~ili tcny • Tha t could never happen now with our cenavioral inhibitors. Gor:nan enters wit. APONE Tench-hut! WIDER as the troops snap-to from their lounging among the racks of high-teen weaponry.. the plate out of his hand. Wier%bowski. Bishop! You qot that straight? Burke and Gor. halfway ac=oss Just stay away from me. WIERZBOWS~I She don I t like the cornbread INT. allow to be harmed a human bein.. Impossible for me to harm or. Bishop turns to Ripley. (smiling) More cornbread? WHAM! Ripley knocks the room.g..• \.e next table... TIGHT READY ROOM / ON APONE.nan exchange glances. . . Some deaths were involved. ARMORY RIPU:Y and turns back to t. Cycerayne BISHOP Was it an older. by omission of action.

APONE SPUNKMEYER . RIPLEY Tease us a bit. previews. or another bug-hunt? GORMAN BUDSON fight.. and attaches itself to its victi~. Okay. The--. HUDSON GORMAN Be's Hicks. Yeah ••. Sir? HUDSON GORMAN (annoyed) Yes. the question? Is this going to be a stand-up sir. . _) It's important to understand this organism's life-~ycle. a sort of large egg. She I've dictated what I know on these. who stands before the t=oops. The first form hatches from a spore. What's six. (louder) So what are these things? Gorman nods to Ripley. Hicks? Hudson.26.~e colony and that a xenomorph may be involved. t. sets some RECORDING DISta:T~S on the table. RIPLEY HUDSON .h. Then it injects an embryo. It's essentially a walking sex organ. detaches and dies. A what? WIERZBOWSL{! HIC1\S (to Wierzbowski/low) It's a bug-hunt. It's actually ~~o creatures. All we know is that there 's s'l:ill no contact wit.

cocks her t. you're RIPLEY BURKE riqht.. ..27. Fuck you. hosts in the victim's body for several hou:s.'lumb .ng. and blows away an imaginary alien.'le disks Ripley has been kind enough to prepare :or you.. I hope . Yes? Where VASQtJEZ they are. Moults. (with difficulty) then it ••• emerqes. EUOSON Somebody said alien ••• she thouqht they said illegal-alien and signed up.. smirking. RIPLEY . RIPLEY (controlled) The embryo.. I really do. the. Ripley locks eyes with Vasquez. Grows rapidly-I only VASQUEZ need to know one thl. DRAKE Kick ass! VASQUEZ Anywhere. Hudson? (icy) Am I disturbinq your conversation Hudson settles down. VAS QtJE Z HUDSON Anywhere. second form. Yo! Vasquez. .. Anytime. j (to all) I suqgest you study t. Anytime. Vasquez coolly points her finqer. Then it . Gestating. Mr.

As he exerts pressure with his hands against ~'1e servocontrols the hydraulic arms move correspondingly ..'1 and by the numbers.riqht. reveali~g two powerful hydraulic arms. The forklift-style CLAWS on each a~ can crush with tons of pressure. weapons strip and drop-ship prep details will have seven hours ••• EXT. LOADING BAY / CARGO LOa TIGHT ON MASSIVE FORKS sliding into a heavy-or~~ance rack with an echoing CLANG.. _:. I want this to go smoot.~~ ~nv~ ~nr~es- "\. takes over the pre-drop briefinq. seated inside a POWER-LOADER. r-.. GORMAN Al. rapidly. ~ . GORMAN Are there any questions? HUDSON Hudson? How de I get out of this chickenshit outfit? Gorman scowls then. tactical database assimilation by 0930. (some groans) ordnance loading. BRIDGE in nis command BISHOP Bishop is installed inst:~en ta tion. I want Des and ... Spunkmeyer. Thank you for your cooperation •. POLL BACK as the rack of tactical-missiles is lifted.• Pearlescent cloud cover masking the environmental ~o~ent beneath.-. m'r.- 29... an~ is su~corted bv scuat HYDRAULIC LZGS ~hich ~. SPACE / ACREltON They have arrived. INT.•• but wi~'1 a thousandfold increase in power. . From or~it the planet looks serene •. You may resume work. its MANEUVE~NG JETS FIRING. Then twice· more. 'I'his concludes final maneuvering operations. hammed in by ~into mike) Attention. seat. The SOLACO floats. thanking Ripley with "a nod. The loader has an open ROLL-~~GE to protect ~~e operator. A bluish glow. swings the ordnance up into a belly nacelle of the DROP-SHI? where it locks into place.

CLACX. FROST Steps _. Ac:oss the back is stencilled 'CA'l'ERPILLA. heavily ~ed fo~ the close-su~port of . LOADING BAY . INT. we become aware of the intense activity throughout ~~e cavernous loading bay.and . Repainted many times.R·. OVERHEAD LOADING ARMS ••• all in motion.loto=i~7. She tu:ns. GOEMAN RIPLEY watches the drop-ship beinq loaded. r ' ANGLE ON BeRKE AND GORMAN with pre-flight Still nothing BtJRKE activity B. Around them.30 caliber liqht machine gun. CLACX.' I Ripley jumps aside.G. Advanced as it is to us. it is a computer-a. Osinq a body-crace and GYRO-STABILIZED SUPPORT ARM. the weiqht ••• the aut. Sort of a steadicam that kills. An orbit-to-surface troop-carrier. beinq raised hydraulically into ~~e ship's belly. is an arsenai of advanced personal artillery. The futuristic equivalent of a . Eer hands move without hesi ta tion. from the colony? Oead on all channels.round missions. She watches a six-whee~ed APe. Covered with grease. HUDSON . . Vasquez likes the feel of t. ARMORED PERSONNEL CUL~ER. Spunkmeyer's machine swings out from under the drop-ship. Drake and Vasquez are fields~ipping light weapons with precise movements. CIAe: • She swings one of the SMART-GUNS out on a workstand. nodding apologetically. Hudson cruises by with a laden forklift. Ripley looks around as Frost wheels a rack of incomprehensible equipment toward her. READY ROOM / AaMORY Wierzbowski.~e guns.29.imed. video targeted automatic weapcn. You have never seen anvthing like this before. Excuse me. it's only an old forklift to them ••• battered and well used. Across between a Buey Aircobra gunship and the space-shuttle might describe it. in racks. hastily back. Troopers on foot or driving TOW-MOTORS. Eicks checks off items on an electronic manifest. IN'r. Clear. please.

Lockers SLAM. has its own rhythm •. CLICK. cocks an eyebrow AR.. PACKS. her arms and legs inserted" in ~'1e servo-sensor assemblies.'1e safety cage. as the loader stands.. HEL~TS. The sole-cleats CLACX like hooves on the deck plates. My latest career move. She takes s step.ru-10R interlocking ••• like football padding. TIGHT ON ene hydraulics Considering. plates It . HARNESSES. Draw on segmented boots. Their finqers move me~'1odically over the fastenings. Apone turns. CLICX. She raises it deftly. They tape their wrists. ment bay. gi:ls! On ~'1e readv-line."10RY The troopers are sui tinq up for the drop. I've got a Class Two rating. APONE Is there any~~ing you RIPLEY (pointing) I can drive ~~at loader. Where you want it? Hicks looks at Apone. A SECOND POWER-LOADER skeptical. Ripley spins the wrist servos. CLIC~. A- 'l'IGHT POWER SWITO! as Ripley's ON finger punches machine as the massive sti:s to life. WEB-BELTS. it on. RIPLEY I feel like a fif~~ wheel here. Let's cro. INT • READY ROOM / into lifting RIPLEY appreciatively. Strappinq on their bulky COMBA'r-A. let's cro.30. RISING WHINE 0 f power. open ••• slide smco~~ly brackets on a cargo module. there any~'1ing I can do? I don't Is can do? know. The huge claws swing. FULL. APONE Let's move it. BOOM! ~NO tons of hardenec steel takes a step. sits unused in an equip- TWO SHOT Apone and Hicks. nearby. Ripley is st=apped into t. COM-SETS..

VWAP ! ~ry half a ci ty with this puppy. files . I am tb. Hicks.. She looks like she's in a gas-chamber to drop.. Hey. Check-it-out. next to Ripley. waiting for ~'1..into ~~e ship wi th the hulking troopers. the craft lurches.isis a sport . We got sonic eeelectronic ballbreakers. Check-it-out ••• EUDSON . RPG's. 'They will drop already strapped into their ground-vehicle for rapid-deployment. but it carries. man. phasedplasma pulse-rifles. we qot nukes. Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you./ .e ultimate badass ••• state of the badass art. don't worry. Ready to get it on. wear1ng a flight-jacket and headset...e pellet . r He slaps the SE!{VO-~ON controls aUDSON in tl'le GUN BAY above ~'1. Sure. signallinq depressurization of the cargo lock.. You do not want to fuck wi~~ me. we got knives .. Hicks grabs Hudson by his battle harness and pulls him into His voice is low.e. Ripley.. Here we go.'U. Burke.. Save it. Independently tarqettinq particlebeam phalanx..1 31 • INT. BUR1<E like ~'1.• sharp sticks-a seat... Inside they pass directly into the APC we saw loaded earlier and take seats facinq each other across a narrow aisle •. ' A KLAXON SOUNDS. I ~ ready.. Hudson prowls the aisle. DROP-SHIP / APC Ripley. Ripley watches him working his way toward her. his movements predatory and exaqqerated.'\ . We g~t tactical smart-missiles. grins eagerly fishinq trip. thanks to Hicks. aIas aODSON MOTORS WHINE and Ripley nods her .

...:..... TIGaT ON GO~~ as ~~e ship begins to buck. Nominal to profile. COCKPIT is gray limbo. Picking up some hull ionization. Ripley closes her eyes .man qroan at the sudden gees. OROP-SHIP / APe 1 •... "--. the point of no return... FERRO . stalking the aisle..:: .. \""". cecxp IT . turbulence..Ferro and Spunkmeyer run rapidly throuqh the switches.._A . EXT. TWo • One. The night side of Acheron yawns below ••• enigmatic.~O launch Initiate release sequencer on my mark.. niT.32. FER. The ship drops. SOLACe The drop-ship lowers from ~~e cargo-lock on a massive rig.- -------.. asleep in his seat harness • FERRO (v. __ t. Two-four-o. TIGHT ON HICXS. '" Apone. OROP-SHIP It screams down throuqh the stratosphere.. -' EXT..o. . SoLACO / OROP SHIP Clamps SLAM BACX. Burke and Gor. Got it. !NT. !NT. Bishop../filtered) Stand by for some chop. Mark! EXT.. _ .... U".. The craft shudders and Switching to Des ranging.. snatches for a handhold. Hydraulics WEINE. .""'. his eyes closed. HOLD / APe SPUNKMEYER Rough air ahead... Three. FERRO (icy calm) plunging into dark Beyond the canopy lurches. IN'!' ...

Everybody on line. The lower screens are BIO-MONITORS: EEG. IN'!' COCKl' • • IT Turninq on final. revealing screens labelled with the names of the troopers. . Drake... There seems to be a ••• case.r' .'---'- . check your camera.. CLOSE ON DRAKE as he whacks A familiar himself on the head with an ammo malfunction. and other graphic life-function readouts. Other screens show EXTERIOR VI~dS. Ripley makes her way forNard to the MOBILE TACTICAL OPEltA'l:'IONS BAY (MTOB).- DROP-SHIP colony LANDING It emerges from the low cloud ceiling.33._-~~-- GORMAN -. ~ihereI s the damn beacon? En. including this expressVASQtrEZ GORMAN Vasquez and Drake exchange do-you-believe-this-shit ions. HOLD / APe Stumbling as the ship pitches. FER. a cont::ol console lined with monitor screens.~O . Lieutenant? Thirty-eight ••• s~ulated. Te~nal'quidance locked in.- (off) : ~ . TIGHT ON MONITOR CONSOLE. She joins Burke watching over Gorman's shoulder as the lieutenant plays the board like a video director. How many combat drops? Well ••• two. one • GORMAN Three. Ripley looks accusingly at Burke. ERG. From the ~~ilight haze ahead the distant BEACONS become visible. RIPLEY How many drops is this for you. 'I'"wo for each soldier. Coming around to a seven-zero-niner. . niT. GOEMAN Let's see. . The upper screens show images from the L~GE-rNTENS!FIED VIDEO CAMERAS in their he~ets.

. SHIP / A. STATION BORKE EXT. THUNDERING like the· engines on God's Lear-jet. Ripley turns as Vasquez VASQUEZ You staying in here? You bet.. Ripley watches the AP station loom on the exterior sc=eens. r A metal volcano The tiny ship circles the roaring tower. HOLD / APe zooming the image of the colony. APONE Awright. Fire-team A. A clatter of activity as they don backpacks and weapons. RIPLEY seems intact. They On the screen the colony buildings loom in ~~e low visibility like wrecks of freighters on ~~e sea floor. Somebody wake up Hicks. Slow circle of the complex. RIPLEY That the atmosphere processor? Oh-hunh.P. Awright! dispersal I want GORMAN r . let's do it. all over the planet.AN (to Ferro via mike) Bold at forty. nrr. squeezes past her . by the way. Gor. Gear up. TWo minutes. GORl-f. Vasquez and Cr~~e buckle on their smart-gun body harnesses. They're completely automated. Let's mcve. The structure have power.J APONE a nice clean this t~e. RIPLEY .nan plays with the controls.34. We manu£ac:ture them. One of thirty or so. (to'Apone) Okay.

though contrasty and lu:id.~ . GORMAN (v. The controls are ripped out. The CREW DOOR opens./filtered) First squad up. Hicks. The ship roars down. Sealed. Vasquez reaches one of the tractors. APONE'S POV through the starlight-scope visor. APONE .'1e ship as it leaps up in a cloud of spray and peels of:. She EtC ves on • . No other movement. Trash blows in ~~e st=eet. Drake flanking on t. Apone's team advances on t./ ~ EXT.~e right . take point. 'l'he APC hits the ground a EtCment later. EXT • COLONY COMPLEX Look sharp! Landing beacons sweep harsh light across the wet tarmac.~e colony buildings. on line. get yours in a corcon. as if by a crowbar or axe.' then stay on station. Spread out. No~~inq. people. VASQUEZ (turning' away) Figures.. Briqht as a sunny day.. run a by?ass. Sprintinq in a skirmish line. Apone scans with his image intensifier visor lowered.35. COLONY BUILDING Vasquez reaches the main doors. circling. Ferro via mike) Set down sixty meters this side of the telemetry mast. They drop behind immediate cover.K " The APC pulls to the edge of the complex. (to GORMAN APONE Ten seconds. Watch the rear. _. Slams down on hydraulic LANCING LEGS. Immediate dust off on my 'clear. looks inside. extending the loadinq ramp.' .o. we see t.~e colony main entry-lock. APONE Let's move. Vasquez. pulling away f=om t. Troopers hit the ground running. Hudson. Parked tightly across the doors are two heavy-duty tractors. Apone tries the door controls.

/filtered) Second team. Apone motions Vasquez inside. Alert. COLONY / MAIN CONCOORSE APONE The . A neon sign creaks overhead. APe Ripley watches buildi. She studies the video aiming monitor.. IN'!'. 'He pries off the facing and starts clipping on ehe bypass wires. They emerge cautiously. Wind means along the concourse. ON VASQUEZ moving for~ard. Hicks. fiicks unslings'a rugged piece of equipment. Evidence of a fire-fight wi~~ pulse-rifles.' 36. GORMAN (v. Taut. rain drips ~~ough blast-holes in the ceiling. He adjusts the 'gain'. An empty corridor recedes into the dLm distance.. Aims it down ~~e hall. MAIN CONCOURSE / SECOND LEVEL _. It jams par~~ay open. looking down ra~~e: than ahead. It remains silent. Flanki~g positions. move up. Farther down. She eases.o. as the bobbing images reveal ~~e empty colony GORMAN Quarter and search by twos. The wind roars around the bleak structures. a:ICXS . Second team move inside. through ~~e doors. First squad. moves up and studies ~~e door control panel. all business now. .over the wrecked tractor.. Their footsteps echo. take the upper level. following Vasquez and Apone as ~~ey move into ~~e broad corridor. assemble on me at the main lock. Hudson makes a connection. The door shrieks in its tracks and rumbles aside. Pools of water cover ~~e floor.. " Hicks leads his squad up the stair~ell to second level. Hudson. A few emergency lights are still on. INT. INT. Her smart-gun cannon swinging slowly in an arc.ngs.. others follow. Use your motion trackers.\ '" DOLLYING SLOWLY FORWARD.

INT. There are no bodies. of its frame. Tenses to fire. It clacks against the rails of a child's bunkbed as it swings. Looks like my room in college. the puddl es • INT. Hudson ~uches a splash of color on the wall. There! . cannon aimed. Hicks picks up a half-eaten donut beside a coffee cup ove=flowing wi th rainwa tar. Vasquez eases up to ~~e door. on tracker. dangling from a piece of flex conduit. INT. flanks Vasquez as they move forNarc. The door is splintered par~Nay out. ?an left. Furniture overturned. Vasquez whirls. LOWER Iw:. Kicks it in. Throuqh doors they see increasinq signs of struggle. Back up. Dried blood. Nobody la~qhs • INT.-vEL / QOAR'n:RS Apone's men are searching systematically in pairs. Inside. Papers scattered ••• floating sodden in. Sis t:'acker BEEPS. SECOND LEVEL BtrRKE . They pass rooms and offices. They pass through the colonists' modest apar~ents. (she plugs in her headset jack) Hicks. a junction-box swings like a pendulum in the wind from a broken window. little more than cubicles. audson. admi~ting wind and rain. aicks' group passes several burnt-out rooms. Sqles caused by pulse-rifle rounds pepper ~~e walls.' r Wait! Tell him to ••. In several offices the exterior windows are blown out. APC Ripley et al watching. DROP-SHIP / APC Ripley watches j Hicks' monitor • RIPLEY .37. The BEEPING grows more frequent as Hudson advances toward a half-open deor.

Alriqht.J' gonna r WIDER showing the trooper standinq benea~~ a qaping hole. SICKS (v.?ment . directly beneath. Revealinq pipes. Nobody home. Hudson. the area's secured. sir~ happened./filtered) our sweep. Second squad? Just finished APONE What's you: status? aICXS (v. see if you can get ~~eir CPU on line. meet me at ~~e south lock by the up-link tower . conduit. if you like t.bat. (into mike) First team head for operations. equi. eaten away by the ferocious substance. BURKE Acid for blood. INT. The acid has melted right down throuqh ~~o levels into ~~e maintenance level". TIGHT ON RIPLEY. Hudson is looking up at something. Hicks. ./filtered) Looks like somebody bagged them one of Ripley's bad guys here. APe (to Go r:nan) Whatever Go rman turns to the 0 thers • "" \ "'. EroDSON aey. knowing what it is.o. Burke raises an eyebrow at Ripley. FIRST L. we missed it~ INT..o.../filtered) You seeing this okay? Looks melted. GORMAN .o. Let's go in and see what their compu~er can tell us...EVEI. Rmm. SICKS (v. Another hole."' 38. APONE The place is dead. is at his feet. you're love this ••• -~ .

Shakes her head 'no'.K :. lit by the tactical ~splays. APC The crew-door cycles home wi~~ a clang. Gorman emerges. Hicks emerges from the seuth lock just a~ the APC rolls up close to the entrance. Alone. Leaps up. IN'l'. The crew door opens and Ripley emerges. The crew-door slides back. (shouti. lock doors rumbling closed./filtered) Sir I the CPU is on-line.o./' ". HUDSON (v. .olay. eyeing the omin~us colony st-~cture. APe / SOUTH LOCX In t~e to see the . ~~rowinq up sheets of fil~~y water as the massive wheels hit pond-like ?o~~oles. GORMAN (v. EXT.:lq) RIPLEY Burke! The wind snatches her wo=ds away. She meets his eyes. and Wierzbowski.39. Burke looks back to see Ripley stop in the APC door. stand by in operations.) • • • w~'re coming in. Unarmed. HUDSON (cupping his mike) He's coming in. T~e c=ew deor whines shut .e. Windblown rain lashes across the headlights. I feel safer·already. followed by Burke. . VASQUEZ Pendejo EXT. an incredibly desolate sound. but remembers the acid. She knows she's in a tank. It trundles down the rutted street. tOLQNY COMPLEX 'Lights arc across ~~e dormant buildings as the APC turns onto the 'main drag'. Hits the door switch. GORMAN Okay. She hugs herself. Ripley sits in ~~e dark interior. Bishop. The wind howls outside. (to those present) Let's go. Not ready. (sette voce) jerkoff.

nervous. She walks to the exterior lock door-controls and studies them.es up with the ot.. AND SC~! There s a face riqh t there! Righ tat her ./ r '" . Christ. ~~e ~=copers s~~tch .. (to Burke) Looks like your company can write off its share of this colony.1..'1is •. She punches some unfamiliar buttons.. A ~No-man protective cordon •. ON RIPLEY as they move along the corridor . She glances at Hicks. She hits another button.1U: GOR. CONTROL BLOc. rifle at ready.e bowels of the complex. (unco ncerned) BOR. Glances behind her.' Ri?ley ea tcb. alone in t. I Scare you? WIERZBOWSKI RIPLEY .. He gestures INT. IN'! • COR. you. you should check t.."!AN It's insured. Hicks notices her looking around nervously. She jumps back. Fire-gutted offices.. but so fast maybe it's something in his eye. He winks.~e howling wi~d.'1ersas t. The door-motors come to life and . FROST Sir.~IDOR ~is wL~g is com?letely wi~'1out power.she relaxes a little.. He motions to big Wierzbowski with his eyes and ~'1e t=ooper casually falls in beside her on the ot...":t COR. gasping for breath. Not-ung happens.'1ey move Ln co t. out ae leads the way into the corridor. from a side corridor ahead. WIERZBOWSKI Hicks said to keep an eye on for her to precede hLm inside.~er side. Wierzbowski! Sorry. Trooper Frost emerges } .~DOR ··r _. behind her.. shoulder. She sees the ravaged administration complex. She looks rGallY. reacting to ~'1e fact that she is back in ali en-co unt:y .40.

Something you definitely do not want on your face. for example. fight. ':r' on their pack lights and the beams illuminate a scene of devastation worse than they have seen. what she sees. nrr. Scorched by untended fires to bare metal . sir. They glow faintly with an eerie violet liqht given off by the field which preserves ~~e specimens inside.AN transfixed (low) Over there. Acid holes have slashed through floor and walls in several places. Structurally ~~ey are more like spiders wi~~ sickening translucent skin. The metal is scratched and ~~isted by hideously powerful forces. Las t stand. FROST Looks like it was a helluva by something. seeing.• A few instruments glow wi~~ emergency power. Her expression reveals that Ripley is about to turn and flee. WIERZBOWSXI GOPJo(. MEOI CAL WING The pack-lights play over ~e devastation of the colonists' last ditch battle. FROST Right ahead here ••• They approach a barricade block~g the corridor. a hastily welded wa~~ of pipes. outer-door panels. ~~e palsied fingers curled in a dea~~-rictus. '. STASIS TUBES. No bodies? No./ r: I They look'like jars containing SEVERED ARTHRITIC HANDS. The equipment of the med labs has been uprooted to add to the barri er • The walls are perforated by pulse-rifle fire and acid. She has entered a second room. RIPLEY The others turn and approach.41.. TIGHT ON RI2LEY. They squeeze through the opening. . part of the med-lab area. a flacid scrotal body. I~ a storage alcove at near eye-level stand seven transparent cylinders. gill-like organs underneath erifting in the suspension fluid. steel-plate. peeled back like a soup can on one side.

BURlCE There's just the On top of each cylinder is a file folder. Died during procedure. BEEP. RIPLEY FiICKS They are startled by a LOUD BEEP. Hi. unable to speak.••? Ripley nods. John L. (reading) Removed surgically before embryo implantation. They turn. BtJRKE Are these the same . Burke jumps back. Burke ••• The creature inside lunges suddenlv. like a tapered piece of intestine. RIPLEY Watch it. aimed back toward shattered barricade.e dead. the arcxs ~~ey just 9assed ~~=ough. Burke leans closer in fascination. These ar. Inside is a medical chart printout with handwritten entries. is lit by its glow. t:w'o alive.. at ~~e corridor . Poor bastard. Subj ect: Marachuk.cks is intent on his rootion tracker. Ri?ley takes a folder from above one of the live specimens. (looking up) They killed him getting it off. From the palm of the thing's hand-like body emerges a pearlescent TUBULE.~ings remain inertly clenched. BEEP. Only two of the creatures seem to pulse wi~~ life. Behind He gestures us. Burke taps the other stasis cylinders bu·t the hand-t. which slithers'tonque-like over the inside of ~e glass.42. Then it retracts into a sheath between the 'gills I • (to Burke) HICKS It likes you. slamming against ~~e glass. His face a~st touching one cylinder.

Ripley half-climbs the wall. Hicks' tracker beeps steadily. Ripley shuffles for~ard in the dark. the kitchens. SIOS t. C~H. In the same instant Hicks'rifle slashes I~TO F~~. pivoting smoot. A STRE~~ OF TRACER FIRE rips into the ceiling. Eicks' tracker is reading out more rapidly. a stainless-steel labyrinth. -r' INT. their lights bouncing less-steel surfaces."ers followinq. lockinq it with an authoritative CLIa. INT. Ricks nods tcwa:d a complicated a==ay of feod processing equipment. KITCHENS azound The troopers enter. Wier%bowski trips over a metal cannister."ly to fire. the ot. She catches up to the q= up. She and Sicks head toward the source of the signal·./filtered) We're all in Operations."le rounds S~NG LI:<ELIGHTNING. gaze intense. It's IICving. toppling pots. Something moves in the dark."le stain- Vasquez is scanning. They tur:l in to Ripley hangs back. Slams Vasquez' barrel upward. They move for~ard. GORMAN (into headset) Apone ••• where are your people? Anybody in D-61ock? Negative. sending it CLANGING. The other troops grip their weapons Which way? VASQUEZ tightly. CORRIDOR .~ing behind her but da:kness. .o.43. Then realizes there is not. t. APONE (v. The beeps merq9. Vasquez swinqs the smart-qun to ready position on its support arm. a rack of stock- ON VASQUEZ. Become a solid tone. weapons leveled.

trembling visibly. to keep he: in sight.. .~e baseboard. Ripley marvels at the child's incredible adaptability. Eyes staring. very terrified NrRT JORO~. A nest built by a child. Just t. even a batteryoperated TAPE PLAYER. COMIC BOOKS. In the other hand she grips t. Wadded up blankets and pillows line the space. Ripley dives.to Ripley. It is a NEST. A very dirty.acks away. She c~ouches beside him. scuttling along benea~'" t. The kid bolts like a shot. Just ahead she sees Newt enter a dar~ space and slam a steel hatch.. He gestures .-lard. She clutches a plastic food packet in' one hand. All foraged from the wrecked colony."le hatch. its top qnawe~ partway through."'e cabinetry.. She squir. / Newt is backed into a cul-de-sac in the tiny steel chamber. She scrambles inside.. reaching slowly under the cabinet. her vision fixated like a rabbit blinded by headlights. The girl reaches a ventilation duct set in t. Ricks iqnores her. wriggling like a fish. who steps fOr. Ripley's hand al-~st reaches her.e- 44. its grille kicked out..as Dresden ch. HICKS Watchit. Crabbing frantically sideways. RIPLEY'S POV. Ripley scrambles to follow ••."inking.he head. h~~ hair tangled and matted. Newt b. OW! Shit. the ability to func~ion even in ~"is nigh~~rish enviro~~ent.r ~~LRY. T:usting his judqment. Ripley pushes ·the hatch open before the child can latch it. He snaps his hand out a moment later. catching one tiny ankle.."'e HEAD OF A LARGE DOLL. lit by Hicks' pack-light ••• a tiny cowering figure. DOLLS. and crawls in after her..~ a haphazard array of TOYS.ina. Newt is pathetically emaciated ••• fragile-looking. STUFFED ANIMALS. mixed up wit. It's alright ••• ·Ripley moves toward her. moving past and aLming his light ~~der a row of steel cabinets.. Hicks makes a grab. CH~. she bites.ns into the duct wit.. Ripley shines her light around in amazement. holding it by the hair..all and di vea fo:: t. In his bulky ~r Hicks knows he'll never make it into the tiny duct.~out t. RIPLEY (soothingly) Come on out. Newt ecces alona J • the fa: ·. EMPTY FOOD PACKETS. her tiny body barely fitting.

carrying a coffee mug. Ripley's light falls on something amidst the debris . DIETRICH (off) WIDER. OPERATIONS / MANAGER'S OFFICE RIPLEY ON NEWT. No response. like a cat at the vets. It's over ••• you're going to be alright now •. GORMAN {off} What's her name again? Rebecca. arms a~ound her k~ees. sittinqhuddled in a chair. Now think. Ripley grabs her. it's okay ••• you're safe ••. Go~an stands wi~~ a sigh of dismissal. GORMAN GORMAN Where are your parents? try to ••• You have to ~. Her lips are white and. No scream. hands lashing out in a frenzy ••• but silent. .'.d smiling._ vacant stare. it's okay. LoOking at a point in space. The kid struggles wildly.. Newt goes limp. her eyes track wildly and she flinches from unseen terrors. We read a dark nightmare world in her eyes. a FRAMED PHOTOGaAPH of Newt. Rebecca.•. CLOSE ON Newt's traumatized.-' 45. Eyes wide. Ripley enters. revealing Gorman sitting in front of her while Dietrich watches the readouts from a BIO-MONITORING CU7F wrapped around Newt's tiny arm. RIPLEY (sharply) Gorman! Give it a rest would you. trembling. . a ri~bon in her hair. controlling her in a bear hug. It's okay. Co nc:en t=a te • Just start at the beginning ••. In embossed gold letters underneath i~ says: FIRST GRADE CITIZENSHIP AWARD REBECCA JORDEN ntT. dressed up ar. almost catatonic.

~e child's chin clean. DEITRICH (shrugs) Physically she's okay. RIPLEY (soothing) Poor thing. I made a clean soot here. She unsnaps the bio-monitoring GORMAN cuff. She wraps t. t--y this. A little instant hot chocolate. You do n 't talk much do you? That's okay by me. And a pretty one at t. Ri~ley smiles. spilling down her chin. Newt's eyes seem to focus on her for the fi:st time. Ripley kneels beside Newt. brushing the girl's unkempt out of her eyes in a gentle. hai: RIPLEY oh. ~~st people do a lot of talking and they wind up not saying very much. GORMAN Total·brainlock..'tink any permanent damage. Newt gazes at her. RI2LEY Here.. out on the main floor of the operations room. .~ere'sa little girl under all this. Now I've done it. on She pours water from a squeeze-bottle onto a small clot. RIPLEY Hard to believe •. maternal fashion.46. our tLme.~and gently washes the little girl's face. The girl drinks mechanically. Come on. leaving only Ripley with Newt. Borderline malllutricion. but I don't' t. we see Gorman join Burke and Bishop at a computer terminal. Through the window of the office..~at. Guess-i'll just have to do the whole thing."le child's hands around the cup. we're wasting Gorman and the others exit.. Raises it to her lips for her. She sets the cup down and wi~es t. t...

OPERATIONS The ground teams are ga~~ered around a terminal in the computer center. Ripley grL. OFFICE HUDSON GORMAN '\ " Ripley is washing Newt's tiny hands with a cloth. If they're wi thin t-. . Ripley leans closer. N-newt. INT.47. Feels like she's breathing The sound was incomprehensible. r INT. Nobody calls me Rebecca except my dork brother.. (to Gorman) he scanning BURKE his fingers dancing expertly. but so far . RIPLEY What did you say? Newt. Hudson bashes at the keyboard. TIGHT ON MONITOR SCREEN as an abstract 0..•• zip. My n-name's Newt. Hudson has the CPU main computer on-line and reading out. Rebecca. . the main-colony qroundplan drifts across the screen. I don1t know how you managed to stay alive but you're one brave kid. Searching.s inanely. Personal-Data Transmitters. pink ski~ emerging from black grime. or NEWT Rn»LEY on coals. What1s for? PDT's. Every adult colonist has one surgically implanted. Newt's voice is almost inaudible. break the spell. not wanting to ~~ve or speak .ientyklicks we'll read it out here.

Oh.. NrA'r I don't want you for a friend. away l~e Your mom and dad went that. shaking it formally. Ripley picks up her tiny limp hand. NEWT RIPLEY RIPLEY I won't .. Casey. (with cold certainty) They're dead.z. Newt it is then. Wha t about me? RIPLEY Newt's reply is flat. Pleased to meet you.s. Well". leave you. And who is this? Does she have a name? Newt glances at the disembodied fil thy hand. Look at me . Newt.Like everybody. Newt.48. I promise. Newt. I know they WOUld.you'll be sone soon. (soothingly) They'd be here if they could. still clutched in one She's my only friend. Ripley gazes at her. honey. My name IS Ripley ••• and people call me Ripley. NEWT RIPLEY RIPLEY doll. neutral. chilled both by the ominous statement and by the situation which could have produced ~~s outlook in a child. staring at her knees. didn't they? RIPLEY Newt nods. You'll be dead and you'll leave me alone. like the ot!le. ""~ Why not? RIPLEY NEWT Because.

and her face slowly deforms into an abject mask. (quietly) .) •< ." TIGHT ON SCREEN. GORM&~ cluster of flashing town meeting . You promise? NEWT Cross m:y heart. Newt" s eyes brim as she gazes at Ripley.49. It is a breakthro ugh. hoping that this promise INT. She sobs as she clasps her ~ around Ripley's neck. Everyone and drop Alive? GORMAN HUOSON . . RIPLEY And because she's a child.. it looks like all of them. showing an amoeba-like blue dots clumped tightly in one area. Unknown. But. even the ones seen and not imagined. ger lower lip starts to tremble. EIICXS Looks like a qoddamn Let's saddle up. And hope to die. the darkest terrors. RIPLEY And hope to die? Ripley smiles qr~y NEW'l' at the inadvertently macabre expression.. EmOSON Stop your qrinnin' your linen! Found 'em... can still be banished by a smile and a single promise. . Ripley closes her eyes. Over at the processing station ••• sub-level 'c' under the south tower. The sobs come in waves as Ripley rocks her. OPERATIONS jumps as Hudson cries out triumphantly. aah! can be kept. tears of suppressed terror and grief and hurt rolling down her face. .

.~e floor... They look ominous. SQ • . Lik.r: .. ace.. Deploying in front of the APe. like an oil refinery. .-_ .e a vast .o.~egame. Behind it the drop-ship settles to the ground at the colony landing field.. Wierzbowski is in ~~e saddle. ACSERON .... APC The troopers sit. APONE Awriqht. Hulking techno-samurai. more subdued now.. let's go girls.. Or a Oantean version 0 f one. In t.e causeway which connects the colony to the ATMOSPHERE STATION a kilometer away.. you know. I could hide better than anybody. 1:'. _-- GORMAN (v.. EXT... INT. APC / STATION The vast structure towers above the parked personnel carrier. backlit by its lights. they ain't payin' us by the hour. PAN WITH THE APC to reveal the massive st:ucture. I was the ace. The THRUM of functioning machine systems echoes through the labyrinth.. Ripley and Newt sit side by side just aft of ~~e driver's cockpit. knew the who le maze./static) .~. The base of the station is a dep~~less maze of conduits and pressure vessels. the troopers cast long shadows.~ewalls. EXT. sway~ng and bouncing in the heavily-sprung vehicle. the bes tat t. RIPLEY You're really something.... The 'maze'? I was NrIlT I RIPLEY You mean the air-ducts? NEWT Yeah..TWILIGHT The APC roars across the stygian landscape. as the ?rocessing Ripley's gaze shifts out the windshield station looms ahead.. traversing th.foundry the conical exhaust tower flickers with spectral light. ~~de= t...

!NT • COMPLEX GORMAN HUDSON (v. . It is a structure some- of some sort. The plant thrums loudly. catwalks and pipes. Below that is darkness. The qroup stands before a bizarre tableau. RIPLEY GORMA. its functioninq seemingly not impaired. 0 GORMAN (v. What is it? . The troopers start down the open rampway..b. Light filters down through several levels of steel mesh floor.er beqins. APe Ripley stares at the scene in dread fascination. (to team) We're not makinq that out too well.ml:)inq. The thrumminq Im. f machines grows louder as they descend •. B-Level. The alien structure seems to extend far back into ~~e complex of machinery. / GORMAN .o. INT. I don't know.ut made of some strange b encrusted substance. APe auddled around the screens are Ripley. . Amonq the refinery-like lattice of pipes and conduits thinq new and ·not of human design has been added. extendinq from and crudely imitatinq the complex of plu.nan. and it attenuates so qradually into the oriqinal hardware that it is hard to see where one ends and the ot.nests of swallows on a much larqer scale.51. dancinq on the buttons.&. Burke and Gor. It vaguely resembles the chambered . Go~n is doinq his videowizard bit.o./static) I only work here.'i (to team) P::'oceedi!1side./static) Nex~ one down. Newt squeezes in from behind. What is it? You tell me.

INT. _. ... you better go sit up front. Fused together wi~~ a t=anslucent.• but it's a ~ .=A.-Y GORMAN for And the colonists ••• When they were done with them.... APC ..../static) Looks like some sort of secreted resin .c.. Ripley leans forNard suddenly. Tricklinq water. INT. wirinq. " niT.. . ... The place seems almost alive. APe They watch the various helmet-camera (low) Oh qod ••• POV·s of the: wall deta~l.52. r~ RI?LE~ right under ~~e primary heat . DIETRICH (v.. Steam swirls around them as the troopers move deeper Hotter'n FROST hell in here.o. ~. epoxy-like substance. T~ey're studying the g=aphic readout . .. playing their lights over the walls. human bones. skulls. RIPI. of ~~e STATION GROUND PLAN. Go on... ALIEN STRUCTURE They enter the organic labyrinth. BUDSON Yeah •. The air is thick with S'I'EAM. like the marrow of some vast bone.J! r: .~~ . RIPLEY CLOSE ON VIDEO as it pans slowly ••• revealinq a bas-~elief of detritus from ~~e colony: furniture. They ripped apart ~~e colony buildinq materials. (turning) Newt. Revealing a SIO-MECHANlCAL LATTIC~. INT • ALIEN STRUCTURE inside. . heat..

Gorman. the cooling (reali zing) SURIa: She's right. We can't have any firing in there. if your men have to use their weapons in there. collect magazines from everybody. INT. talking thermonuclear explosion.'I So? So? RIPLEY (impatient) BURKE .o.~ "-f WIERZBOWSL<I HUDSON to use.•. then the fusion contair.A. (into mike) Apone.. ALIEN STROCTURE The troopers look at each other in dismay. man? GORMAN only. collecting the magazines f=~m He walks among ~~e t=oopers. t. . . each one's weapon. So? So ••. " We're Shit... Pull 'em out.53.'lat' s why they built . Is he fucking crazy? What're we supposed Sarsh language? Flame-units slung . .. RIPLEY That"s not what I mean. BURKE Yeah? Maybe the organisms like the heat. GO R}(./static) rifles -~ Let's go. they'll rupture system. APONE I want (v..ment shuts down.

~. brought here. The bodies are frozen in carelessly twisted positions. HICKS (low. back us up. Paralyzed. A WOMAN. HUDSON Apone steps. ghost-white and drained. Vasquez slips a spare magazine from concealment and inserts it in her weapon. _" Ugh ts flare. encoun tars.. Sir! The ~oman's DIETRICH . The colonists have been brought here and entombed alive •. . . Zip. The three who are carrying them get out small incinerator units. entombed in living death as hosts for the embryos growing within them. When Apone moves' on. Let's move.- Vasquez turns hers over reluctantly. Chambers a round. GORMAN Any movement? (v. They face a wall of living horror. 54. ' Skeletal. Macabre image of frozen agony.) . to Hudson) I always keep this handy. Dietrich moves close to examine one of the figures.".' . Rip-cages burst ou~~ard. Drake does the Hicks hangs back in the Shadows. The WO~~'S EYES SNAP OPEN. CHAMBER same. They seem to plead. perhaps the most 'recent'. Slides out an old-style PUMP ~~LVE-GAUGE with a sawed-off butt stock.o. INT. The air is thick. Many are desiccated. . He opens a cylindrical sheath attached to his battle-harness./very faint) Hudson watches his tracker. r: . as if exploded from wi~~in. For close APONE (off) Hicks. Nothing. his expression changing. The COcoon material is ~~e same translucent ecoxv. scanning. LARGER. li~s move feebly. COCOONS protrude from ~~e niches and interstices of ~~e structure.

SSe WOMAN Please ••• God ••• kill me. begins. a glistening bio-mechanoid creature larger ~~an a man.ovemen t! Position? auDSON APONE HUDSON Can't lock up •. seems to be in front and behind. of mindless agony.~. the woman's chest EXPLODES in a gout of blood. Suddenly. Lying dormant. APC Ripley watches the woman. • t A SHRILL SCREECHING on blackboards. INT. white-knuckled. l-f. frequency. Then the other troopers carrying flame-throwers An orgy 0 f purging fire. Flamethrower! APONE Move! She SC~A. it had blended perfectly with ~~e convoluted surface of fused bone. Visi~ility drops to zero. Smoke from the burning cocoons quickly fills the confined space.• (wi th an edge) Talk to me. The troopers don't· see it. Uh. INT. The cocoons vanish in the shimmering hea. Apone pulls the trigger. HISSING VICIOUSLY. D~y glimpsed. Hudson. A SMALL FANGED HEAD ~~RGES. like a siren made from finge~ails ANGLE ON WALL as something begins to emerge. a sawing shriek Frost hands it to him. open fire. Go~an APC is ?laying wi~~ the gai~ controls on ~~e moni~ors_ HUDSON APONE . '!'he sound of RETCHING comes over the general IN'r. COCOON CHAMBER The woman begins to convulse.

rNT. tube-like shapes shift. She fires reflexively. The other screens show glimpses of shimmering infrared silhouettes of the aliens. "t J . Look sharp people! The squad members snap down their image-intensifier HUDSON signals. Dietrich turns to retreat. Dimly glimpsed ••• glints of slime. ". COCOON CHAMBER TIGHT ON several wall and ceiling niches as they come alive. APe Ripley watches Frost's monitor go black. Bone-like.. RIPIw:. Apone. GORMAN We can't see anything back here. like a wave at night. Can't see anything in the thick smoke. Dark. . Silhouettes.. ~\ . the images bobbing and panning co nfusedly • niT. The jet of flame engul!s F=os~ nearby. terrifying and inevitable. welders' arcs. Apone spins at ~~e double SCREAM. Multiple Closing. visors. COCOON CHAMBER ·Vasquez nods to Drake with grim satisfaction.l around. . becoming emerging ALIE~S. What's going on? Ripley senses it coming..-Y (low) Pull your team out. wild. Ris bio-readouts flatten. Go~n.. A nightmarish silhouette materializes. APONE Go to infrared. SEIZES aER. her flamethrower held tightly. IN'!'. Let's rock • VASQUEZ lighting up ~~e smoke ll~e They OPEN UP simultaneously.56. out of ~~e smoke behind her! It strikes like lightning. Al.

• Apone.) You sure? Watch it ••. FLASH-CltACK ! An alien SC~CR from ~~e darkness.o.tning. the other one! CROWE (v. over. Voices blend and overlap. behind you. Wierzbowski's monitor breaks up. moving ferret-quick in a pivoting dance. CRASH! Crowe's Flat line. _-_Or GORMAN (v. Better tb./heavy static) All after incinerators? it fall apart. Gulping for air like a g:ouper. I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back by squads to ~~e APC./static) .o . How coul4 the situation have unravelled so fast? (to Gorman) RIPLEY 00 IT NOW! GZT THE. APe The battle of phantoms unfolds on the video screens. INT. Confused. 0 • ) Not that tunnel.o. GORMAN Just shutup! cuts off lL~e ~~e plug was pullec. GORMAN .'1 OOT OF THERE! Shutup.o. His life-signs plummet. Say again? Ripley watches APONE (v.57. Who's firing? damm. She is riveted to the targettinq screen. Thunder and ligh. •. telemetry GORMAN Oh.. I ordered a hold fire. will you! Gorman is ashen. EroDSON (v.it:: Vasquez rips off her headset.) Let's qet ~~e fuck out of-here! HICKS (v . Fucking move. Ripley flinches as another scream comes over the open frequency.an sex for her.

Vasquez. Dietrich? Crowe? . She SPINS as Hicks approaches laterally. RIPLEY (viciously) They're cut of:! Do some~'inq! Bu~ he's gone. looking HUDSON Right! Fude the heat He FIlU:S. _. catapulted backward by Vasquez' blas~. Apone hands him a magazine..•. r .-'_ .- ) . exchanger! Hudson sla?s it home. Yeah. Almost blows Hudson's EWDSON (freaked) We're getting juked! die in here! .'mER Apone adjusts his headset. near~y._... Hicks whirls ••• to see a nightmarish figure right behind hi~. . Apone whirls.. We're gonna - ~ / . A SCREAM. Wi erzbowski ? Nothinq. COCOON CHA. firi~g ~chanically in controlled bursts. t. is laying down a hor=endous field of fire...o.. She pivots. WHAM! She fires 'at' him.-uly terrified.. INT.. Total brain-lock. . Scoring points in her own private videogame..~ All ONE Sound off! head of:... Strobe-bright flashes sear the darkness. 58 • INT. APe monitor SPINS CRAZILY &~D GOES DARK~ Apone's -. .. GORMAN (v. uncertain. Right. GORMAN (distantly) I told them to fall cack ./static) ••• lay down (garbled) ••• by squads to ••• (garbled) Gorman's voice breaks up completely. He spins...

INT. She The APC crashes inside. abandoning his command console. Starts slapping switches. appears out of ~~e smoke. But mere than that. s?inni~g the machine in a roaring pivot.59 • . machine leaps for~ard. fi:inq as ~~ey fall back.. IN'!'. showering debris. ". (shrill) What are you doing? 'I'ha an order! tis Ee claws at her. homes on the flash of weapons-fire ahead. Shouldering past a paralyzed Gorman she runs up the aisle of the APC. breath. Ripley.of what she knows she s about to do. put yow: sea1:l::lelt on! Ripley jumps into the driver' s seat of the A2C. she s furious.. f TIGHT ON RIPLEY as she struggles with a decision. what the hell •••? She slams the tractor into gear •. COCOON CHAMBER tearing away Siren. supporting a limping Hudson. The APC roars down into the smoky st±ucture. .. ALIEN STRUCTURE GORMAN Turn around! Burke pulls him off. GORMAN RIPLEY (in passing) Takes a deep APC The massive As the drive-wheels spin on the wet q:ound. Drake and Vasquez back out of the dense mist. Ripley hits the floodlights. Bicks. INT. . hysterical. She slams ~~e left and right drive-wheel actuators viciously. Gorman lunges forward along the aisle.'. She s terrified . I I I Newt.' APC Ripley sees smoke pouring out of the complex ahead as she slides sideways onto the descending -rampway. outcroppings of alien-encrustation. Strobe-beacon. EXT. The APC pulls up broadside and Burke gets the c:ew-door open.

(irra tional) No. setting ~~e interior on fire. APC engulfing t~e Vasquez rolls aside as a gout of napalm shoots ~~ough ~~e crew-door. (to Let I s go! Ripley) srcxs j Ripley jams reverse. blowing open the thing's thorax. Against ~~e combined efforts of Hicks. Hicks yells at a paralyzed Go~n. INT.. he's not. She fires one burst.?E lunge toward Drake. leaps in after him and drags Vasquez inside. The APC bellows backward up the ramp. EIGS Forget it. he's cone! Ee's gone! No. Hudson disappears under a pile of equipment as a storagerack breaks free. He stops her dragging her inside. He drops in boiling smoke. prone. Suddenly C"'~HS appear at the edge. l Drake! Eicks screams Ee's down! VASQOEZ right in her face. A spray of BRIGHT YELLOW ACID slashes across Drake's face and chest.sc::eams. clawi~g out the opening. Nails ~~e ~~rottle. slaps ~~e buckles cutting gun harness.60. HIC:'<S . 'massive gear and all. reflexively triggering his f~amethrower. She sees a DARK SaA. Newt . Clean body-hit. loose his s~a=t- Hicks pushes Hudson inside. eating into hLm like a hot knife ~~=ough butte~. Drake goes empty. and unslings a flamethrower. Burke and Vasquez ~~e deor is being SLOWLY ~~NCEED OPE~ FROM OOTSIDE. Hicks gets the door almost closed. Hicks is rolling the door closed when Vasquez lunges. The jet ~f liquid fire arcs around as he falls. The f~ash lights up the hideous inhuman grin. . back half of the APe. He's-- VASQUEZ Burke and Hudson help him drag her from ~~e door.

A latch lever behind his head turns. APe The armored vehicle roars backward up the ramp. Everybody's shouting. pulling him'out. VOOM." 61. swivels toward it in a curt arc. as far ==om ~~e door as possible. / .en head wedges througl': the opening. Tears free. Hicks jams his shoulder against the latching lever and' frees one hand to raise his 12-gauge. On the roof the alien looks up as servo-motors whir. -. Gorman has plastered himself against a wall. its hideous mou~~ opening. t--ying to put out ~~e fire. And Hicks jams his SHOTGUN MUZZLE between its jaws and pulls the trigger! BLAM! The creature is flung backward. numbing horror. A remote-control turret cannon. is dragged back inside. a 20mm chain-gun. Gorman. Glistening.. right in front of Ripley's face. hideous jaws 1unge ins ide . The spray eats into the' door. Hicks grabs a joystick at the FIRE-CONTROL CONSOLE and turns it rapidly. An a Li. pivoting the massive machine. INT •/EXT • APe lands on the roof wi th a metal. eyes wide. . Its tail whips over. Suddenly. slumped unconscious. The creature is blasted off the vehicle's armored back and tumbles away. Face-t~-face once again with ~. its flank trailing fire like a comet. Ripley fights the controls as the big machine slews.lic thump. Gorman backs away. the deck. an alien arm arcs down. The APe rips away a section of catwalk and heads for clea~ air. Pandemonium. legs kicking. Ripley recoils.. hits Hudson on the arm. Slams into a mass of conduit. Something . . its shattered head fountaining acid blood. It smashes the windshield. scor~ion-like... Ripley works the shifters. The alien clings to the roof. Office furniture and splintered wall sections are strewn in the APe's wake. broadsiding a control-room out-building. and buries a four-inch stinger in Go rman "s shoulder. The small hatch against which he was leaning is ri~ped away and SOMETSING snatches him out ~~e opening.e same minc- . They slide ~~e door home and dog it tight. EXT. He disappears to the waist with a Shriek. He shrieks.

clear. Slams both sets of brakes with all her strength. wan but stoic.. her seat into ~~e aisle. skeletal body is crushed under the massive wheels... It rolls·. Ripley hits f~~ throttle. still running on the adrenalindynamo.. APC station. EXT. You're just grinding metal • -. playing it all back in his mi~d. Ripley goes back to ~~e 0 tilers._ .even as she slows the HICKS Sounds like a blown transaxle. Newt is wedged into a tiny space be~Reen the' driver's seat and a bulkhead. HICKS It's okay .. The creature tlips off. Ease up. You okay? RIPLEY _J Newt gives her a TSUMBS-UP. A HALF-KILOMETER from the atnosphere-processing APC is a smoking. but it's not the basket-case catatonia of before. it.. staring in stunned dismay at nothing. Hudson is holding his arrn and. INT. I don't believe . She is trembling. Jesus . Its . The huge wheels lock. and looks terrified. acid-scarred mess. landi~g in ~~e headlights. Hicks eases Ripley's hand back on the ~~ottle lever. thunders onto the causeway and away from the station.. tumbling ••• lost in the darkness behind as the machine. T~e The tractor limps to a halt. . HUDSON Jesus . The APC roars forRard.62. The grinding machine..• we're clear... APe Ripley. RIPLEY spins out 0: Newt? Where's Newt? Feeling a tug at her pants leg she looks down. Her qrip is ~hite-knuckled.. smashing over ~~e abomination.. She reacts instinctively." becomes deafening. clatter We're . A sound like bolts dropped in a meatg=inder is coming f=om the APe's rear-end...

now. leave it! Ripley joins Hicks who is bent over Gorman.-Y Looks like it stun~ him. . revealing a bloodless pu=ple puncture wound.:l!:. They turn to see Hudson at the MTOB ~onitors. Y'C":>11 pointing at c. His head smacks the deck.:. . Hold it. the bio-function screens. (to Go zman ) Wake up pendejo! I'm gonna kill you. panicky. Burke tries to have a look at Hudson's HUDSON (jerking away) I'm alright.. checking for'. He ts fucking dead! VAS. you useless fuck! Hicks pushes her back. pulse. Ripley opens Go~nts tunic.~m. RIPLJ.Qt1EZ She grabs Gorman by the collar. auDSON Hey . Crowe and Diet=ich aren't dead. arc:s Back of:. hey! Look.face. Hold it. He's alive.a ~~ink he's pa=alyzed. Right in he=. ElIaS I a~. VASQUEZ tim up roughly. hauling ready to pulp him with her other fist. fluttering just at the edges of ~~eir minds. right Vasquez releases Gorman. HUDSON They must be like Gorman. and his voice echoes around the ti~y metallic space and comes back to all ·of them as the near hysteria they all feel.. Their· signs are real low but they ain't dead! Hudson is pale.l r1-.63.:tn'" R!?LZY h. man.

Kneeling. okay? (to Vasquez) No good. It's the only way to be sure. ••: ... . his boot slips ••• skidding on something wet. we can't blow the fuck out 'of them ••• why not roll some canisters of CN-20 down there... ~"" ~. ~. .. VASQUEZ Alright. crossing the ta~ac to ~~e loadi~g ram.4. COLONY / . Sl?UNKMEYER Need any~~ing Bishop waves ~ . let's just bug out and call it even. She turns away with a snap. "I Ripley and Vasquez lock eyes.. Jesus. HUDSON (sagging) Oh... RIPLEY (Cont'd) Right now they're being cocooned just like ~~ose others. Spunkmeyer enters with some electronics gear on-a handtruck and parks it near Bishop's work table. MEn-LAB Bishop is hunched over an occular probe doing a dissection of one of the dead parasites. He shrugs... RIPLEY _) .. man. else? looking up.. of the ship. wired and intense.. How do we know it'll effect their biochemistry? I say we take off· and nuke the entire si te from orbit. As he nears the top of the ramp. Nerve gas ~~e whole nest? HUDSON Look.. mT. god.: 64. •• . he touches a small puddle of thick slime. and hits ~~e oontrols to retract ~~e ramp and close the doors. 'no' without DROP-5H!? EXT. This ain't happening.' Spunkmeyer emerges.. APe ON VASQUEZ. Ripley doesn't want it to be told you so' but Vasquez reads it that way. INT.

~. " VASQUEZ Yeah. I mean really major. the others. We had an agreement. Ripley. ' '. \ " BURKE I k~ow. First. He takes her aside from HTJOSON Burke moves in. but let's not make snap judgements. BOR.. this physical installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it-RIPLEY They can bill me. (NORE) .' _. I got a tab running. Look.. bu.. This thing is major.T<E .. Burke.' Now hold on a second.r~" :') 1. pal! Ripley faces Burke squarely and she's not pleased. I know.• I know this is an emotional moment.. RIPLEY Why not? Burke senses the challenge in her tone and backpedals lessly into conciliatory mode.: .: : .? . . We can't just ar~itrarily exte~nate ~~em-Bullshit! RIPLEY BUR. I mean •. You gotta go with its energy. Wha t 's second"} This is clearly an important species we're dealing with here.1 . lowering his voice..' . Let's move cautiously. "y. I'm not authorizing ~~at action. RIPLEY .. Natch us..llshit. but we're dealing with changinqscenarios here. but we just got our asses kicked. Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events.tCC: flaw- BURKE . Well. '::.' 65. -.

/ . FERRO (v. Ripley. Ripley stares at h~ fungus... you copying? S tanding .. like he's a particularly disagreeable You son of a bitch. this is a mUlti-milliondollar operation. ". ~ . He's just a grunt! (glances "at Hicks) No offense... 66. HICKS (coolly) None taken. serious money. need . (into mike) Ferro./static) HICKS Prep for dust-off. What rank? I believe has autr~rity here. He can't make that kind of decision. BURKE Cor":)oralHicks!? This operation is under militarv jurisdiction and Hicks is nex~ in chain-of-command.~ Look. by.o. Right? Looks ~"la t way. We're gonna an i~ediate evac..~ . _" BURKE (Cont'd) Since" you are the representative of ~~e company who discovered ~~is species your percentage will naturally be some serious.. BUR.~ RIPLEY (hardening) Don't make me pull rank. BUR.· . Burke starts RIPLEY Corporal Hicks RIPLEY Hlas to lose it and it's not a pretty sight..

/ . Ripley sits behind Newt. Her expression is mask-like. Spunkmeyer? FERRO Goddammit. It's not Spunk~eyer. EXT. Leth~l in its disdain. _ . HIC:{S (Cont' d) (to Burke) I think we'll take off and nuke the site from orbit."'em. Be winks. INT. not exactly aimed at Burke but not exactly aimed away either. which is clearly a write-of: • . Burke looks like a kid whose toy has been snatched. DROP-SHIP RIPLEY The ship rises ~~ough ~~e spray ~~own up by the dowr~last of ~~e VTOL jets. 67. They watch the ship roar in on its final approach... This is absurd! au thori ty to-CLACK! BURKE You don't have the The sound of a rifle bolt snapping home t=uncates his rant.. Burke folds up his tent.. EXT. Thllm?s her Ferro flicks ~lote intercom switch several headset mike. FER.~O (turning) Where ~"le fu-Her eyes widen. hovering above ~~e complex like a huge insect. .. DROP-SHIP COCKPIT times. Vasquez has a pulse-rifle cradled..Eicks and Hudson have Gor:nan between t. honey. its searchlights blazing. The compar~ent door behind her slides slowly back.. f' . It's the only way to be sure. We're going home. and the o~loters emerge in to ~~e wind. End of discussion. putting her arm around her. APC The group is filing out of the personnel carrier.

There is a moment of stunned silence. APe / LANDSCAPE / STATION They watch in d~smay as the approach~ng oship dips and vtERS I ts main engines ROAR FULL ON and the craf t accelerates toward them even as it loses altitude. The throttle levers are slammed forward in the melee.• mOSON (hysterical) Well that's great! That's just fucking great. Tumbles. "r.. RIPw_-Y I'm sorry. An impression of leering jaws which blur for~ard.. She shrugs with fatalistic acceptance. . Now what ~~e fuck are we supposed to do. I guess we're not leaving. Clips a rock formation.ut. It arcs into the air. It hits a ridge._ •. a Catherine wheel juggerna. man. breaking up. The remainder of°the ground team watches ~~eir hopes of getting off ~~e planet. 0 EXT. and most of ~~eir superior ~~repower. side-slipping. reduced to flaming debris.. like a stone. . I 68.. • NE'ilT . man: We're in some real pretty shit now! Are you finished? (to Ripley) You okay? BIOS She nods. The ship slews. engulfed in flames . then •. end-over-end. Newt. Run! RIPLEY She grabs Newt and sprints for cover as a tumbling section of the ship's massive engine module slams into ~~e APe a~c it explodes into ~~isted wreckage. 0 NEWT . It skims the ground. A TREMENDOUS :I~BALL. WILDLY..- -r AND CRASHES The drop-ship skips again./' right: . :" _.-. but the little girl seems relatively cal~. INTO THE STATION. She can't disguise her stricken expression when she looks at Newt. then a whirl of uction and a truncated scream. bursting into flame.


(kicking rocks) Just tell me what ~~e fuck we're supposed to do now. What're we g'onna do now? BORKE (annoyed) Maybe we could build a fire and sing' songs. We should get back, 'cause it'll be dark soon. They come mostly at night. Mostly. Ripley follows Newt's look to the 1\2 station looming in t.'1e twilight, the burning drop-ship wreckage jammed into i~s basal-structure.


The wind howls mournfully and cold"


~'1e metal builcings,




The weary and demoralized group is ga~~ered to ta~e stock of their grim options. Vasquez and Hudson are just setting down a scorched and dented packing case, one of several culled from the APe wreckage • . Ricks indicates on a table. their remaining


of weapons,


This is all we could salvage. We've got four pulse-rifles with about fifty rounds each. Not so good. About fifteen M-40 grenades and ~~o flamethrowers less ~'1an half-full ••• one damaged. And we've got four of these robot-sentry units with scanners and display intact. He opens one of the scorched cases, revealing a high-tech servo-actuated machine gun with optical sensing equipment, packed in foam. How long after we're declared due can we expect a rescue?
,l....""" ........ _""' ••




.. j





•• _



HUDSON Man, we're not going to make it seventeen hours! Those things are going to come in he:e, just like they did before, man ••• they're going to come in here and get us, man, long before ••• She survived longer t..~an that ·..,it..'1 no-weapons and no training. Ripley indicates Newt, who salutes Hudson smartly.


So you better just start dealing with it. Just deal with it, Hudson ••• because we need you ana I'm tired of your bullshit. Now get on a te:minal and call up some kind of floorplan file. Const.-uction blueprints, maintenance schema tics,. any~'1ing that shows the layout of this place. I want to see air ducts, elect:ical access tunnels, sul:l-basements. Every possible way into this wing. Hudson gathers himself, thankful for the direction. nods approval of her r~ndling of it. Aye-firmative. auDSON I'm on it. Hicks


BISHOP I'll be in medical. I'd like to continue my analysis. Fine. INT. OPERATIONS You do that.


Burke, Ripley, Hudson and Hicks are bent over a large HORIZONTAL VIDEOSCREEN, like an illuminated cha=~-table. Newt hops ~rom one foot to the o~~er to see. This service tunnel is how ~~ey're movL~g back and forth. HUDSON Yeah, right, it runs from ~'1e processL~g station =igh~ i~to the sub-le'.relher~.




71 •
He traces a fin~er along the abstract groundplan •.

Alright. There's a firedoor at this end. The first thing we do is put a remote sentry in the tunnel and seal that door. We gotta figure on them getting into the complex. That's right. So we put up welded Qarricades at these intersections (pointing) . and seal these ducts here and here. Then they can only come at us from these ~HO corridors and we create a free field of fire for the other ~HO sentry units, here. Hicks contemDlates satisfied • her game plan and raises his head,







Outstanding. TheIl all we need I s a deck of cards. Alright, let's move like we got a purpose. Aye-fir:native. HUDSON





(imitating Hudson) Aye-firmative! TUNNEL / SUB-LEVEL

A long straight service tunnel, lined with conduit, sea~ OJ go on forever. Vasquez and Hudson have finished setting up two of the robot sentry guns on t=ipods in the tunnel. VASQUEZ (shcuting)


She hurls a wastebasket down the tunnel, into ~~e auto~~tic field-af-fire. The sentry guns swivel smoo~~ly, the ~astebasket bounces once ••• and is =iddled by two quick bursts of EXPLODING lO~~ ROu~DS into di~e-sized shrapnel. They retreat behind a heavy s~eel FIRE DOOR which ~~ey roll closed on its track. Vasquez, using a ?ORTABLE ~LD:~G TORCH, begins sealing the doo= to its ==ame, as Hudson

him quizzically. aicks sets down his welder and pulls a small object out 0: a belt pouch. CORRIDOR . .j _. Every~~inq looks underNater.72.'!ERGE!tCYOCATING BEEPER. regarding (st=appi!'lg RlPU:Y it Thanks. CONTROL a printout BLOCX of the floorplan. We're sealing the tunnel. " . L H!CAS Here. next? HICKS She consults EXT. Visibility is low in ~~e :og. (into mike) aloes Roger.is-He indicates a tiny TRAC~ER hooked to his battle He shrugs. showering sparks in the dark corridor.. . put ~~is on. Behind them Burke and Newt are moving back and for~~ wi~~ cartons of food on a hand truck . a little self-c~nsciously. ElIc. There is no movement. A bracelet-like E. Bun SON Hudson here. He and ~'pley are covering an air-duct opening with a metal plate. stacking it inside ~~e operations center. Then I can locate you anywhere in ~'le complex on ~. INT. INT. r: The wind has died utterly and in the even more eerie stillness a diffuse mist has rolled in to shroud the complex. a and B sentries are in place and keyed. You know. SECOND LEVEL CORRIDOR Hicks pauses in his work. on) what's. welding it in place.. for a moment. Uh. Just a ••• Ripley pauses precaution..'"{S har~ess.

. . _": r ' .. the inner-connecting rooms of the medical wing. But ~~ere are. :.. ". Newt rolls her eyes as if to say 'don't pull that five-year-old shit on me. displacing O. . NEW'!' .. . She reaches an OPERATING ROOM which is small but very high-tech ••• vault-like metal walls. strikes a chord with Ripley. RIPLEY Now you just lie here and have a nap. Water drips.R. r Oh... strange equipment. of course. Maybe you could just try to be like her. Ripley lifts the doll's head from··' Newt's looks inside. lady. but she feigns RIPLEY NEWl' '.. INT. I'm six.r . No real ones.. MED LAB ANNEX / OPERATING ROOM Ripley carries an exhausted Newt through.. You're e~~austed.:\ .' I'll bet Casey doesn't have bad dreams. Newt is resting her head on Ripley's shoulder. barely awake ••• out of steam. equipment which is pushed into one corner.. I have scary dreams • This obviously cheerfulness.... Ripley sets her on one of the cots and Newt lies down.. . An expectant hush. Several metal cots have been set up.. tiny fingers and RIPLEY Nothing bad in here.' Ripley ••• she doesn't have bad dreams because she's just a piece of plastic. RIPLEY Sorry." 73 • 'ARMED' light flashing green. Ripley closes the doll's eyes and hands her back. empty... Through a hole torn in ~~e ceiling at the far end of the corridor the fog swi:ls in.. . . Newt • NEWT My mommy always said there were no monsters. It is.r-' .•." I don't want to ...

aren't there. (quietly) RIPLEY You mean dead. and that's a lot worse than find~ng out there is no Santa.": . there are. than question. Ripley's expression becomes sober.•. camp hai: RIPLEY Why do they tell little kids that? Newt's voice reveals her deep sense of betrayal.' r Ripley begins pulling bl~~ets her tiny body • I don't know. they grow inside you? RIPLEY No.1 r Gone. NEWT Where is she? '\. it's different. . honey. some kids can't handle you can.. She's seen that the world can be just as terrifying as her most pri~l child's nightmare if not more so. NETNT up and tucking ~~em in a:o~~c RIPLEY That's ~~e t=u~~.74. It's more statement NEWT Ripley nods slowly.. Isn't that how babies come? I mean people babies .. . NF't'lT NEWT RIPLEY it like Did one of ~~ose things grow insice her? . RIPLEY A little girl. She brushes back from the child's pale forehead. oj . NE7dT Did you eve: have a baby? Yes. (quietly) Yes. Well. _. Newt.

cinching it down.J . Let's talk about it later.it and if you don't like it. The space heater hums comfortingly. MED. a conflict bet~een the urge to crush the child to her in a f~reve= hug and the knowledge that neigher of t. The only How is he? RIPLEY (v. Newt looks at the VIDEO SECURITY CAMERA above the door. I'll be right in t. Here.~. NEW'l' Ripley. I think it's not the worst idaa I've heard all day. but with the eyes t:acking sign of life • er=atically. ·. I'll understand. She switches off the light and starts to rise. Ripley walks away and Newt rolls on her side.r E. reaching for a PORTABLE SPACE HEATER sitting nearby. and slides it closer to the bed.U.) .C. it's okay.~~ She turns. INT. A plaintive voice in the dark. his eyelids slitted open like those of a corpse. Just for a while. NEWT RIPLEY Don't go! Please. Wha ttya think? Ripley gazes at her a long time before answering. Now go to sleep ••• and don't dream.o. Ripley unsnaps the TRACER BRACELET given to her by Hicks anc puts it on Newt's tiny wrist. GO&~~.LAS RIPLEY RIPLEY .· Newt g:abs her azra .~eother room. You can t-~ . Newt. She switches it on. No big deal. I was just thinking ••• Maybe I could do you a favor and fill in for her.75. And look ••• I can see you on that camera right up there. This is for luck.~ .~em may see another dawn. hugging Casey and gazing at the hypnotically pulsing function-light on the bracelet. It HUMS and emits a cozy orange glow.

Bishop looks up f:om his instruments nearby. carried them over there. A ter. Now let me qet this straight. so where are all the eggs coming from? That is the question of ~~e hour. The . We could assume a parallel to certa~n insect forms who have hivelike organization. RIPLEY BISHOP But these things come from eggs •. (MORE) RIPLEY BISHOP RIPLEY BISHOP . is ruled by a single female. who is lying motionless an examining table.. aliens paralyzed the colonists. ~~e ·light of a single gooseneck lamp giving his features a macabre cast. for example. containing ~~e faceon BISHOP RIPLEY Which would mean lots of those parasites. defended by ~~e war:iors. He should wake up soon. That follows. Ripley points at the stasis cylinders hugger specimens. An ant or termite colony. You're saying one of those ~~ings lays all the eggs? Well. RIPLEY stands over the lieutenant.76. I '·veisolated a neuro-muscular toxin responsible for the paralysis~ It seems to be metabolizing. cocooned them to be hosts for more of ~ose . It is fed and tended by drone workers. right? One for each person ••• over a hundred at least.•. which is the source of neveggs. a queen. the queen is always physically larger than ~~e eehexa.ni te queen's abdomen is so bloated wi~~ eggs that it can't move at all. Yes.

. Section 22350 of ~~e Commerce Code. You understand? Bishop glances at the creatures. Ripley and Burke have squared off. Set up for life. . She RIPLEY In a small observation chamber separated from the med-lab by a glass partition.. He was very specific. ·r .77.. That's if she exists. quite literally the mother of their society. . MED LAB ANNEX tea:ing.g malevolently i:1 BISHOP gave inst--uctions ~~at they were to be kept alive in stasis for retm:n to the company labs. BISHOP (Cont'd) She is the center of their lives.' her without destroying ourselves. RIPLEY Could it be intelligent? BISHOP Hard to say. Ripley ponders the ramifications of Bishop's analysis. Burke pulsin. if you're smart we can both come out of this heroes..1 I . Mr. Ripley feels the fabric of her self-restraint slaps the intercom switch. It may have been blind instinct ••• att=action to the heat or whatever ••• but she did choose to incubate her eggs in the one spot where we couldn't destroy . RIPLEY (rising) I ~ant ~~ose specimens destroyed as soon as you're done with them·. BORKE Those ~pecimens are worth millions to the bio-weapons division. Burke! INT. RIPLEY You just t=y get~ing a dangerous organism past ICC quarantine. Now. of course. their cylinders.

they're going to nail your hide to tb.. From me. a and ra~e You sent t.. and I'll be there when they do. Look.i. But they will know about it. RIPLEY BURKE RIPLEY -. .is . Carter J. su=prising herself and him. her hands gripping his collar. they can't impound it if they don't know about it. Burke! Well. ~~at's·all. Then no exclusive rights.. Burke.em out there and you didn't even warn them.•• directive dated six-~~elve-seventy-nine. t.. his manner blase. It was a bad call. Ripley snaps. right? And if I'd made it a major security situation.. wait a second-(stepping on him) You sent them to that ship. now that the f=ustra~ion finally have target to focus on. ! just Checked ~~e colony log . She slams h~ against the wall. Bad call? These people are fucking dead. Be shrugs.~e Administration would've stepped in. r' _.e shed . maybe the ~1ing didn't even exist. nothing. Ripley's fury is peaking. dismissive.. BURKE You've been doing your homework. Why didn't you warn ~~em? BO'RKE Look.. Just like they'll know how you were responsible for the deaths of one hundred and fifty-seven colonists here-BURKE Now. RIPLEY RIPLEY r: . Burke. Signed Burke.

as if the depths of human greed are a far more horrific revelation than. Ripley. (sadly) I expected more of you.' . BURKE . ••1 r: • . shaking. She steps back.7f3A. I "t:houghtyOll would be smarter than this. and looks at hL~ with utter loathinq.' .any alien.

HUDSON They must be wall to wall in there. The digital That's HICKS ~~enty on A. T"~O RED LIGHTS on the tactical display light up simultaneously with an echOing crash of gunfire which vibrates t~e floor. ' OPEAATIONS counter on B-gun reads zero .. .~o anuno counters go. niT.. Tracking and firing on multiple targets. Look at t.~ere. RIPLEY Sorry to dissapoint you. SICKS Guns A and B. She turns away and strides out. They're in the tunnel. CORRIDOR Ripley is walking toward operations when a STRIDENT ~~ beqins to sound. It's se a shooting gallery down t. SERVICE TUNNEL TIGHT ON the RSS guns. HICKS They're coming. A counter on the display ee unea down the number of rounds fired. it.• .'-j 79. killing the alarm. INT. . Fi7e. __ J " The TRILLING 0 f the motion sensor remains. OPERATIONS Ripley double-times it to Hicks' TACTICAL CONSOLE where Hucso~ and VASQUEZ have already gathered. The RSS guns pound away. his mind a whirl ·ofoptions. One CLICKS empty and sits smokinq. Burke stares after her. Hicks slaps a switch. INT. T~eir separate bursts overlap in an irregular rhy~~. Their barrels are overheating. speeding up. She breaks into a run. echoing ~~rough ~~e complex. blasting stroboscopically in t.~e tunnels.. The doors close. niT. still swiveling to track targets it can't fire upon. glowing cherry red. S-gun's dry. Ten.

. including Bishop.o. About equal to ten megatons. Suddenly a column of flame. is crowded at t. The BISHOP I don't fucking believe you believe this? RIPLEY HUDSON ~~is. Do And it's too la~e to shut it down? I':n af:aid so. The BOOMI~G INCREASES HUDSON Man. Mixed wi~~ ~~e echoing crash-clang is a nerve-wracki~g SC~ECH of claws on steel. je~s upward from the complex at the base of t. lL~e an acetylene torch. The inter~orn buzzes. aICKS I'm projecting total systems failure in a little under four hours. BISHOP That's it. venting. MINUTES LATER '..80. listen to that.~e winc. Ne got problems. __ r: SILE~CE. in volume and ferocity. They're BeOMING echoes eerily up f:om RIPLEY at the fi:e door. Then a GONG-LIKE sub-level. Well.intently watching the AP station which is a d~ silhouette i~ the mist.ow·.~e cone • . OPERATIONS BISHOP (v. See it? ~~erqency RIPLEY Bow lon~ until it blows? blast radius will be about thirty kilometers.' Everyone. INT. Bishop here.) I'm afraid I have some BUDS ON that's a switch. 9ISHOP . startling them. bad news.

81..'"lat? BISHOP I checked. Think of somet.. Think of what? HODSON We're fucked. Now I'm gonna buy it on this fuckin' rock.'"le . somehow. APe VASQUEZ . They watch as another gas jet lights up the fog-shrouded landscape. RIPLEY (pacing) I don't care how! Think of a way. ~ . HUDSON How? The transmitter It's wasted.'1ing.. We have to bring it down on remote. ~. RIPLEY Well then somebody's just going to have to go out there. HUDSON Oh. The hardwirinq be~Neen here and there was severed in t.. RIPLEY· (to aicks) We need ~~e other drop ship. Why can't we use t. was on t. And I was gettin' short.'"le fighting. give us a break.. r...'"lis point'.. grim solutions.. BISHOP (Cont'd) The crash did too much damage. Ripley is wound up like a dynamo. man. The overload is inevitable. too! Four more weeks and out.~ • ·~I _ . Take a ?ortable terminal and go out ~'"lere and plug in manually. RIPL. The one on the Sulaco. man! Hudson. her mind spinning out options... at t. It ain't half fair.t"Y What about the colony transmitter? That up-link tower down at the other end.

to ~e close. Hicks lOOKS at ~~e tactical board. Say. Bishop. right! Right! With those things running around. Let's qet on it. No way. Thirty minutes to prep the ship.JEZ They listen. reaches up to grasp the portable terminal as Ripley hands it down to h~. you need? Listen.82. (quietly) I'll go. later comes the HIGH-PITCHED TRILLI~IG of a motior. I may be synthetic but I'm not stupid.LAB they're into ~~e complex. One hundred eighty meters. then about fifty minutes flight time. Be pushes it into the const:icted shaft ahead of him. No~~ing. RIPLEY You better . INT • MED.sensor alarm. Believe me.. VASQt. What? BISHOP RIPLEY BISHOP I'm really the only one qualifiad to remote-pilot ~~e ship anyway. lying in the openi~g. An instant RIPIu:. I'd prefer not to. It's going get going. She then hands h~ a small satchel containing tools and assorted patch cables. BICXS One of the acid holes from the colonists' seige has yielded access to sub-floor conduits. forty minutes to crawl down there. BISHOP This duct runs almost to ~~e up-link assembly. One hour to patch in and align the antenna.~ \( HUDSON Oh. Well. a service pistol and a small cutting torch. .-Y What'll It's stopped. Ripley looks at her watch. Alright.

The sound of SE~TRY GUNS opening up in staccato ~ursts echoes from close by. Ripley jumps up. 0 gun's down t~enty. unslinging a F~~TSROWER from her shoulder in one motion. (cheerfully) See you soon. HIas (v.o. !NT. to . ~Nenty meters and closing. straight to seeming infinity. but impressions o. Fifteen. Like being in ~~e bore of a very long Howitzer. The robot-sentries hammer away. MED-LAB Ripley jum~ as an ALARM suddenly blares They're ~~ough ~~e complex. OPERATIONS Ripley runs to the tactical console where Hicks is mesmerized by the images from the surveillance cameras. IN'r. The diameter of the condu~t is barely larger than the width of his shoulders. Vasquez slides a metal plate over the hole and b~gins spot-welding it in place. Ten. Lots. BISHOP He squirms into the shaft.) in the approach corridors.-Y (into mike) On my way. ~~ inhuman SHRILL SCREECHING is audible be~Neen bursts of fire. It's out. The digital readouts whirl through descending numbers. He sighs fatalistically and squirms forNard. Ahead of" him· the condu~~ dwindles. RI?LJ:. How many? RIPLEY BIC!{S HICKS Can't tell. and sprints for Operations wi~~ Vasquez.f figures moving in the smoky cor=idor are occasionally visible. CONDOIT Bishop looks back as the welder seals him in. driving streamers of tracer fire into the swirling mist.83. C and 0 guns down about fifty percent. mT. pushing the equipment along ahead of ~ with a scraping rhythm. The flashes of the sentry-guns flare out the sensitive video.

Less than a second's wor~~ of firing. Ripley sighs and picks up a cup of cold coffee. Small fires burn.. her ve Lce seems distant. aIC~S How long since you slApt? four hours? ~Nentyd=aining it Ripley shrugs. nothing emerges from the wall of smoke. dim glOWS in the mist. When she answers. . She seems soul-weary. They retreated. The motion-sensor TONE shuts of:. The video image is a swirling wall of smoke. But·thev probably qet in. aICKS (to Vasquez and Hudson) I want you ~NO walking the perimeter. them. Yeah.. Everyone But look ••• alas The digital counters for the two sentry quns read '0' and 'la' respectively. They're looking for other ways to That'll take t.r . We've qot to stop any entries before they qet out of hand. detached. aIC~S Next time they can walk right up and knock. auDSON Maybe we qot 'em demoralized. The moment stretches. and pieces of twisted shapes. The ~NO troopers nod and head for the corridor. There are black and t"to1isted shapes. Then the firing from the remaining gun stops abruptly. RIPLEY The quns stopped exhales slowly.. in one gulp. .84 . However.~em awhile. I know we're all in st--unq-out shape but stay frosty and alert. d=ained by the nervewracking tension. scattered at the edge of visibility.". . RIPLEY don't know that.I . . RIPLEY (grimly) They'll get us.

if it comes to that? If it comes to ~~at. I'd like to introduce you to a close personal friend of mine. Just pull it in real tight.. echoing . He approaches an irregular hole which admits a tiny shaft of light. It is hea~l and aw~~a=d. 3ut ~~e=e is an irrational promise of security in its le~~al cold-steel lines. He glances INT. positioning her ~s. You'll take care of it won't you. The pipe rings with his scraping advance. looking pale and strained.~"i_"-- .. Bishop flattens himself away from the opening along. Ripley has the stock of the M-41A snugged up to her cheek and is awkwardly trying to keep up with Hicks' instructions. She raises it cl~~sily.. 85 • ~Aybe not. .. The corporal is standing close behind her. or at least ~~e sense ~~at she will be in some greater measure ~~e master of her own fate. Here. M-4~ lOmm pulse-rifle.E:Y Bishop is in cla-ust=ophobic limbo bet"N'eent.. He puts his eyes up to the acid-etched opening. Ripley hefts the weapon. Let's see that it doesn't. aIC{S It will here . His POV as drooling jaws flash toward us. . . hit th~s . against and inches at his watch. OPERATIONS . I'll do us both.o infinities. When ~~e counter reads zero.. CONDOIT ~: HICXS HIC!<S RI?I. What do I do? !NT. He picks' up his pulse-rifle and with the casually precise movements of long practice he snaps open the bolt.._ Maybe. It's intimate but that's the last thing on ~~ei= ~~ds.. kick some. drops out the magazine and hands it to her. S~Y~ING the steel with a vicious scraping SNAP... over-andunder with a 30mm pump-action grenade launcher. -_ .. HICXS RIPLEY Bicks~ I'm not going to wind up like those others.

Look. I can handle myself.'t You still want to kill ~e? .86. What's this? RIPLEY SICKS Well. Just slap it in hard. Ripley ••• I . Burke is right behind him. RIPLEY you started this. Yeah. _o'- GORMPu. Now show me every~~ing. t guess. that's the-qrenade launcher . Look. Now.. CORRIDOR SICKS I've noticed. DOLLYING WITH RIPLEY walking down ~~e corridor.• you probably don't want to mess with that. drops out. it likes abuse. now carrying her newfound friend. pull the bol t. Se thumbs a button and the magazine on the floor. Get the other one in quick.•. Her hands are trembling. not very smoothly. clattering BICXS Just let it drop right out. slit~ed eyes. INT. RIPLEY Sow do you feel? Alright. looking weak but sound. She indicates a stout TUBE underneath ~~e slender ~ulse-rifle barrel. Forget it. Gorman steps out of the door to ~~e med-lab. the M-41A. (CLACX) You're ready again. Ripley repeats the action. Gorman turns to see Vasquez staring a~ him with cold. GORMAN RIPLEY She shoulders by him into the med-lab. One hell of a hangover.

Several systems of highpressure conduits at the base of the conical tower are actually glowinq dull red with heat ~n the darkness. . so angelic despite ~~e demons ~'lat have chased her through her dreams and the reality be~~een dreams. F. EXT. Newt is curled up there.enetically. Righ voltage discharges arc around the upper lattice-work.87. It's alright..R. OPLINlt '!'OWER / RIPLEY Sssshh. MED. fast asleep. i: I did ~t =ignt . Ripley rocks her gently. there."""" Ripley becomes merely the larger of ~~o' children huddling together in ~'le dark~ess under ~'leir bed.. BISHOP (to himself) NOW. He has a TEST-aA~ PANEL open and the portable terminal patched in. A rising wind is clearing out ~~e low fog and ~'le silhouet~e of the station grows sharper.. VASQUEZ (turning away) It won't be necessary. On a hunch she kneels down and peers under the bed. a vague inarticulate plea.G. '~ . Ripley lays ~'le rifle on top of ~~e cot and crawls carefully underneath.R. Still clutching 'Casey'. Newt's face contorts with the externalization of some tormented dreamscape. Ripley crosses the deserted lab.• PAN ONTO A view of the processing _' . hunched against ~'le wind at the base of the telemetry tower.:-. she slips her arms around her. lighting the blighted landscape wi~'l irregular glaring flashes. Ripley stares at Newt's tiny face. Without waking the little girl. New't is nowhere to be seen. BISHOP.LAB /ANNEX to the small O. There. His jacket is draped ove: the keyboard and monitor unit to protect it from the elements and he is typing f=. She cries out. . INT. Entering the darkened chamber. MED-LAB ANNEX / O. passing through the annex INT. . where she left Newt. Ripley looks around. jammed as far back as she can get. VIEW OF AP-STAT!ON station from ~'le colony landing platform.

:. floor.88 • . ~ He punches a key marked INT. Sssh.IN ORBIT The drop-bay is empty and silent. (whispers) Newt."'rouqh ner in that silent frozen mement ••• the inescapable certai~ty of a lethal presence.'"le suspension fields are switched off.J' . of Ripley reaches up and. She gently disengages herself from Newt and is about to crawl out from beneath the cot when she sees some~~nq and FREEZES. Newt ncds. wake up. Automatic fueling operations have begun. Attention.. They listen mcveme~t. Wha ••• ? ~ . begi~s to i~ch it away f=om ~~e wall. for (whispers) Don't move.. and t. Where are ••• ? NEWT RIPLEY Newt.. Service booms and fueling couplers move in automatically around the hull A recorded announcement echoes across the huge ch~er. Unable to move or breathe. FEMALE VOICE Attention. Drop-ship ~No. in t.. . .oom. They are both EMPTY. There is only the droning ffin1 ~"'e little space heater. assessing the situation. Across the r. She checks her watch . Their tops are hinged open. she looks around frantically.mcves out on its overhead track and is lowered into the drop-bay for launchprep. RIPLEY We're in trouble. INT~ OPERATING ROOM / MED-LAB TIGHT ON RIPLEY as she awakens with a start. Hydraulics whine to life. clutching the springs of the uncersice of ~~e cot. Ripley feels a slow upwelling wave of terror rise t. A KLAXON sounds and rotating clearance lights come on.~e darkness for ~"'e slightest betrayal of The scrabble of multiple legs across the polished example. a:e two innocuous but nonetheless chilling objects.• an hour has passed. just inside ~~e door to ~~e med-lab. with ~~e remaining ship brooding in the shadows.:~. SOLACe. CARGO Loa 'ENABLE'. now wide awake. Please extinguish all smoking materials. 'I"'NO STASIS CYLINDERS.

Hits the wall switch. hearing a loathsome scrabbling behind her. Her eyes clear the edge of the bed. Oisabled from outside. She moves to the observation window. She pounds on ~~e door. RIPLEY (shouting) hey! Bey ••• She pounds on the window. OPERATIONS her a=~s. The accoustically dampened door panel thunks dully. A SCUTTLING SHAPE LEAPS TOWA. The creature scuttles from beneath the bed and disappears under a bank of cabinets in a blur. moving as if every object in the room had a million volts running through it. Ripley heaves Newt across the polished f:oor and in a frenzied scramble rolls from benea~~ the cot. Ripley whirls. Nothing happens. r: .q SQUEAL. . Nothing.m HER from the foot of the bed! She ducks with a startled cry.o.·_ 89 • r: . She steps in front of the video surveillance camera anc waves her arms in a circle. reaching for the rifle she left lying on top of the mattress.. glancing frantically over her shoulder. TIGHT ON TEE VIDEO MONITOR showing Ripley waving There is no sound. She fli~s it over. The rifle is GONE. feeding off her fear. Ripley hugs Newt close and heads toward the door. trapping the creature underneath. Th:ough the double ~~ickness window we can see that the lab is dark and empty. piercir. She tries ~~e lights. pinning the creature· inches above her face. The obscene thing hits the wall above her. legs mov~~g lightning fast. When the space is wide enough she cautiously slides herself up between the wall and the edge of the cot. - The SQUEAL OF METAL as the legs scrape across the floor is jarringly loud in the stillness. Reflexively . They back away. a sur=eal panto~~e. She snaps her head around. .she slams the bed against the wall. Ripley's eyes flash around ~~e shadowed room where every corner or space be~Neen equipment holds lethal promise. Its legs and tail writhe with incredible ferocity and it emits a demented. The bare floor behind her is like a screaming threat.gasping.~ fiicks! Hicks! RIPLEY mT.. Newt starts to whimper. She reaches the door.

ts an idea. The light spins across the room. (into mike) Reger. It bounces back from the high-impact material. I'm scared. Tall assemblies of surgical and anaes~~esiolo9'1 equipment loom in the dark. ( " . Mommy. realizing Newt's terror and ~~e child's dependence on her. She removes her lighter from a jacket pocket and picks up some papers from the counter. . ~~eck back when you've acti va ted the ship. (turning) Be's at the up-link tower. showing her futile efforts. She tries again. Ge. REVERSE &~GLE f=om ~~e med-lab side. Like an indicator of her growing panic. I know. as Burke straightens casually from ~~e console. Newt starts a ~~in.. high wailing. BURKE (calmly) Excellent.90.a counter next to her and finds a SMALL EXAMINATION LIGHT. She hears. the chair hitting with a dull THWACK barely audible ~~rouqh ~~e double-~~ickness pressure-port. Ripley turns. Moving cautiously she boosts Newt up onto the SURGICAL TABLE in the center of the room and clambers up after her. She plays the beam across the ceiling. movements. swiveling and bobbing frantically. Mommy . OPERATING ROOM SICKS Ripley picks up a steel ~~air and slams it against ~~e obse:vation window. RIPLEY Me too. NE"1l'l' . honey. Bolds on something. I mean. WIDER. INT.. ·Hicks is talking via headset with Bishop and hasn't noticed Ripley's plight or Burke's action. •• mommmyyyyy ••• NEWT Ripley steadies herself. - A hand ENTERS FRAME and switches off the monitor • Ripley's image vanishes. Snapping it on she plays the be~ over ~~e walls. studying the room. Ripley .. She fumbles thr~ugh a clutter of equipment on. or thinks she hears..

clawing across the floor in a frenzy of motion. INT. / ~~GLE ON NEWT as c=ab-1L~e legs appear from right behind her. its tangle of a~ and cables. yelling into his headset as he moves. She SCREAMS and topples off the table. her hair plasterec. jams ~~e ~'ing. ~~en leaps back as if driven by a steel spring. The thing's tail whips around her throat and begins to tighten. splashing to ~~e :loor. forcing the underside of its body close to her. She sees itland. Ripley lights the papers and holes ~~e flaming mass under the temperature~sensor of a fire-control system SPRINKLER HEAD..91. inches away. . avoiding her fumb ling hands. pinning the wri~'ing j~ps and shudders against all the pressure can bring to bear on it. cli~gs for a moment. Ripley has both hands up. to her face. Looks away. She tears at it. finally identifyi~g its source among the lights flashing on his board. She wails bet~een behind the desk. In a blurr of multijointed legs the creature scut~les up her body. He bolts for ~~e door. Ripley scrambles desperately. forcing the pulsing body back from her face. Her eyes snap back • SOMETHING LEAP S AT HER FACE. Hudson. Newt screams abjectly. backing away. . wiping water out of her eyes. The desk her ti~y body gritt. An AL. HICKS Vasquez. until she is pressed up against a desk in one corner.ed tee~~ . OPERATIONS Hicks jumps at the sound of the alarm. ~ '. . Ripley thrashes about. spraying the room from several sources with water. knocking over equipment. sending instruments CLATTERING. It triggers.. ~~i~ing desk against ~~e wall. into her eyes. Water streams over her. masking all other sound. but it is incredibly powerful for its size. blinding her and ma<ing it i~possible to ge~ a grip on the creature's body. It slams against a wall of cabinets.ARM sounds throughout the complex. . The SIREN hoots maniacally. pulling equipment over on top of herself. meet me in Medical! We got a fire! INT.o level with a complex surgical MULTI-LIGHT. She is eyeShe looks int. OPERATING ROOM . It moves like lightning toward her head. . Ripley and Newt are drenched as the sprinklers continue ~o drizzle in the darkness.: . Ripley scans the room with her light. Newt shrieks and scrambles away as Ripley hurls ~~e CHITTERING creature off of her. fast.

Bet:". his armor grinding t. WHAM! A burst Qf pulse-rifle fire shatters the tempered glass. The alarm and sprinklers shut of: automatically. The leqs of the chittering thing claw at Ripley's head.er and another.~e shea t.'1em. Ripley collapses.~e vicious beast and pulls. A hand wipes a clear spot.i:lg its writhing length like a boa const=ictor coil from her throat.• it was burke. gagging. unwinc.. Hicks dives into the crazed spicierNeb pattern and explodes into the room in a shower of fragments. All of them grip t.92. the stasis cylinders. Squeezing itself inexorably onto the desk top . SHRIE:KING creature. flL~gs Newt away from the desk to go skidding across the wet floor. _. Hicks sees . and slides across to Ripley. It scrabbles in an instant and leaps back towa~d t. qettinq a surer grip even as she whips her head from side to side..~ Ready? HtJDSON upright EIas Hicks hurls the thing into the corner. .-udes wetly from t. and blasts ~:"e second c:eature against the wall. rifle tightly.. Acid and smoke • Gorman appears at Ripley's side and grabs the tail. AI~D RIGHT AT C~~RA.i r . WHAM! Budson gets it clean. Hicks' eyes appear. Be hits rolling. A figure appears at the observation w~dow. .•• toward her. ·r ~ as the second creature gets one leg free.. forcing itself be~Neen the a~s she has crossed tightly over her face. though Ripley is losing st=engt. RI?LEY (coughing) Burke •.~ as the tail tightens sickeningly around her throat. Budson leaps into the room.iO them they force it away t of from her face. The corner! Do it! .'1 on the creature's underside. Be gets his fingers around ~~e th:ashing legs of t. The obscene TUBULE ext.. INT. a silhouette behind the misted-over glass.. . He steps back. Point-blank. . then anoth. OPERATIONS He q:ips his ANGLE ON ROnSON looking decidedly st:essed-out.~ough the shards.ieenhe t".'1e st--ugqlinq.

RIPLEY The only way it would work is if he sabotaged certain freezers on the . Then he could jettison the bodies and make up any story he liked. only he coul~~'t get it: back th:ough quar. make Ripley stands in front of Burke. and her still-damp hair is plasterec to her forehead and cheeks.ll. intense concealed tension. ae wanted an alien. which is like a diamond drill.and wa tchinq the proceedings o. BOR.~en nobody would know about the embryos we were carrying. . . a frail figure sit~~~g nearby hugging her knees~. I RI?~-Y Wait a minute. pal. as i! the whole group is charged with high voltage.~ sember eyes.~ HUDSON This is total paranoid It's piti:". (to Burke) dogmeat.antine. Ripley glances at the little girl.93. delusion.. ) r: Fuuuck! You're He's dead. every fiber of her being accusing him with absolute outrage. He can't. Me and Newt. HODSON (intense) I say we grease this ratfuck a bitch right now! son of THE GROUP is gathered around Burke who si ts in a chair..: the right time. BICKS (pacing) I don't get it. maint. It doesn't any qoddamn sense. Burke tries to break Ripley's stare. Only a few minutes have passed and everyone is still buzzed on adrenaline. But if we were impregnated ••• whatever you call it ••• and ~~en frozen for the trip back at jus:.aining an icy calm although beads of sweat betray .trip back. She is all but lost in an adult jacket someone has found for her.oli t. •• t. BICXS We 'd know about it.


(wearily) You know, Burke, I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them screwing each other over for a fuck~ng percentage. (serious ) Let's waste him. (to Burke) No of::ense.

Ripley shakes her head, the rage giving way to a sickened emptin es s .' Just find someplace to lock him up until it's time to-'I'SE LIGR'rS GO OUT. Everyone stops in the sudden darkness, realizing instinctively it is a new escalation in the struggle. Sicks looks at ~~e board. Eve~l~~ing is out. Doors. Video screens.


They cut the power.


BUDS ON What do you mean, thev cut ~~e power? Eow could they cut the power, man? They're animals. Ripley picks up her rifle and thumbs of! c.h.e safety. Stay close. (to the others) Let's get some t:=ackers going. Come on, get moving. C~r:nan, ',oIatch Burke • Newt!


Hudson and Vasquez pick up their scanners and move to t:..~e door. Vasquez has to slide it open manually on its track. !NT. CORRIDOR to the barriers

'l'he toNO troopers separate and move rapidly at opposite ends of t:..~e cont=ol block. DOLLYING WITH VASQUEZ in the darkness. ON BUDSON scanning

as she moves forNard wi~~ feral steps and ~~e near:y barrier.

the med-lab



Anything? BEEP.

Hudson •s .tracker lights up, a faint signal. mDSON There' s something.

He pans it around. louder.

Back down the corridor.

It beeps again,

HUDSON It's inside the complex. You're
VASQUEZ (v.o.) just reading me.

No. No! It ain't you. They're inside. Inside ~~e perimeter. They're in nere. Hudson, RIPLEY stay cool. Vasquez?

ANGLE ON VASQUEZ swingL~g her t:acker and ri!le toge~~e=. She aims it b~~ind her. SEEP. (cool) ffudson may be right •
. INT.


Ripley and Kicks share a look ••• 'here we go.'
. (low)


It's game ti..'ne.

Get back here, both of you. back to Operations. INT. CORRIDOR


Hudson backt:acks nervously, see tch ed to ~~e li.m:i. t

peering all around.

He looks

ffUDSON This signal's weird~ .. must be some interference or some~~ing. There's ~ovement all over ~~e place ...

RI?!..EY (v , o. )

Just get back here!

Hudson reaches the door to Operations at a run, a moment before Vasquez. They pull the door shut and lock it.


Hudson joins Ripley and Ricks, who are laying out their aJ:malDent. Flamethrowers. Grenades. M-4lA magazines. Eiudson's tracker beeps. Then again. The tone continues through the scene, its rhy~~ increasing. .' Movement! He pans the scanner. counting down. HUDSON Signal's clean. Stops. The range display reacs out,

EiOOSON Range ~Nenty meters. (to Vasquez) Seal the door. Vasquez picks up a hand-welder Seventeen

and moves

to comply.

EiUOSON meters.

HIas Let's get ~~ese things lit. He hands one flamethrower to Ripley and begins priming the other himself. It lights with a muffled POP. Ripley's lights a moment later. Sparks shower around Vasquez as she begins welding ~~e door. Hudson's tracker is beeping like mad now, as fast as ~~eir hearts. They learned. They cut ~~e power and avoided the guns. They must have found another way in, something we missed. HICXS We didn't miss any~~ing.




HUDSON Fifteen meters.
I don't

~,ow, an acid hole ir. a duct.


Man. I scanner and aims it ~~e same direction HUDSON Tw'elve meters. HUOSON Five..-Y Vasquez. Moving in the beam of his light are aliens. RIPw. Look! Ripley fiddles with her tracker. adjusting the tuning . The inner sanctum is utterly violated. not touching ~"le flimsy acoustic panels.. What the fu-- He looks at Ripley. almOst overhead. RIPLEY (Cont dl Something under the floors. A soul-wrenching blasted by fear. . He shines his light inside. The tone gets louder. how Vasquez is heedlessly showering herself with molten metal as she welds the door shut.97. Nine meters. HICKS' POV . Ten meters. They are crawlinglike bats. RIPLEY That's inside ~~e room! EUOSON It's readin' right. you d· Ol. not on the plans.~ey claw ~"leir way fo~~ard in silence.llg. She feels a cold premonitory dread as she angles her tracke'r upward to the ceiling. They cover ~"le ceiling of ~~e operations room. . Working like a demon. HTJDSON Eight. Hicks climbs onto a file cabinet and raises a panel of ~"le acoustic drop-ceiling."le same time. upside-down. . ON ffIC~S. I don't know! I She picks up Vasquez as Hudson IS.. Lots of aliens. It dawns on both of them at t. They glisten hideously as t.. Can't be. HICKS Well you1re not reading' it rig'ht! Six meters. clinging to the pipes and beams of ~"le structural ceiling.J \~ nigh~are image. this is a big fucking signal. Theylre right on us.

. . balletic grace. Hudson opens fire.uman. Shaking.~e demented silhouette.. The safety is off. firing one-handed wi~~ her flamethrower.LAB CORlUDOR. Panic screams in her brain. corridor connecting to the med-lab.:. Hears it LOCK from ~~e far side. T=ies t. pulls hL~ up.sh-bulb glimpse of sh=ieking jaws as t. They IDQve like no thing h. Ahead of her Burke clears· the door to ~~e ced-lab. t. !NT • MED."' ". Strobe-flashes qacklight t. Newt screams. She squeezes the trigger. Gorman turns to fire and Burke bolts for the only remaining exit. raining debris.~al and inhuman as you can imaqine. FIaES. Ripley slams into ~~e door. the. (' Somethinq moves ••• he snaps ~e light around.' ! I Behind her an alien is moving down the corridor like a locomotive..~e latch.Ripley raises her rifle. . IT LUNGES! He d:ops reflexively. Newt begins to wail. a graceful skeletal shape as let. THE CEILING EXPLODES. The creature HISSES. Ripley scoops up Newt and staggers back. In the strobe-like glare of the pulse-rifles we see flashes of aliens. are tre~bling so much she almost drops the rifle. Ripley's hands. Ripley checks the SAFETY. leaping quick as insects at times or gliding with powerful. slick with sweat.ts. HE SLIDES IT CLOSED.Y Medical! Get to medical! She dashes for the corridor. DOLLYING BEHIND BER as she sprin. RJ:PU. raking across his a~r. The ~~ing is almost on her. when she remembers.. Nightmare shapes 'drop into the room.. .. Whips the stock to her shoulder.~e silhouette is hurled back.98. sc=eechi~g i~sanely. Burke! Look! RIPLEY Open the door! ~r' . She snaps the bolt back. The magazine is full. behind him.~e walls becoming a frenzied blur. ·Vasquez grabs Hicks. NOTHING HAPPENS.. FUSH-CRACX! A fla. . The DIGITAL COUNTER. filling ~~e corridor.. baring its teeth as it advances. ch~~ering a round. moving forward in the smoke from the flamethrower fires. It's a meter ~~e claws Ricks falls into the room just as the creatures detach en-masse from the handholds.

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