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project list

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Published by: Abhilash Mohanta on Feb 13, 2011
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LIST 1. Implementing Fuzzy Control System Using VHDL and Statecharts. 2.

VHDL Description of Self-checking Logic Circuits 3. A VHDL Implementation of Turbo Coding 4. An Efficient FFT Architecture for OFDM Communication Systems 5. An Embedded and Programmable System Based FPGA for Real Time MPEG Stream Buffer Analysis. 6. Automatic Synthesizable VHLD Code Generation from Neural Networks Models Using Matlab. 7. CHOPPER-CONTROLLED PMDC MOTOR DRIVE USING VHDL CODE 8. Controllable Arbitrary Integer Frequency Divider Based on VHDL 9. Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller For AC Motor Based on Field Programmable Gate Array 10. Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Interface Model for Scale-Free Network using I2C Bus Protocol on Quartus II 6.0 11. Design and Implementation of List-of-2 Viterbi Decoder with VHDL and its Application 12. Design Flow for the Generation of Optimized FIR Filters 13. Design of fuzzy logic controller for ac motor based on fpga 14. FPGA Implementation of a Configurable Viterbi Decoder for Software Radio Receiver 15. Hardware and Software Co-design for Robot Arm Position Control Using VHDL & FPGA 16. Hardware Implementation of a Fast FIR Filter With Residue Number System 17. ROBOT ARM CONTROLLER USING FPGA 18. The Design Of Image Acquisition System Based On CMOS Digital Image Sensor 19. VHDL Implementation of Two-State Multiple Turbo Codes 20. VHDL2HYPER A highly flexible Hypertext Generator for VHDL Models 21. Wrapper Design for a CDMA Bus in SOC

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