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Esacpe From Splatter Island 001 SANSLOGO

Esacpe From Splatter Island 001 SANSLOGO

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Published by Jason Earl Becker
Pitch Packet for Splatter comic book.
Pitch Packet for Splatter comic book.

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Published by: Jason Earl Becker on Feb 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tlhe M.ongloloid, Bumbaclot, S.idnflilint, Dead. Soldier .. You know their names .. Y;ou know their origlins. They are the. boog,eym'81l;: n~,ghtm8inr!s made flesh, urben leqends .. The icons of modern horror clnema. We call them "sleshers, II and they ana reel,

Th,eilr existence is covered! up by a secret caballl of the W'Or1~d'"S w.ealthy eHt!e .. These rnonstersare ca ptured andt:alken to an island somewhere lnthe Meditierrane.an,. Kept lna hig h tech maximum securltv prwson, these unstoppable kUUng mechloes are pitted aga,inst ,each other in ,glllClidwatoria~1 combat for the amusement of thelr captors,

Marrune~ Gumll€Hl( SSf1ge:ant Matheson Pric€!. lost hls wife and ch~ildl to one of these slashe rs I The Dea d So I dII i err.. Ded wcating his Ufe to the destru cti 0 n 0,' Dead Sol~d W'€! ~f Pri 08 hunted down the mmta ry experiment gone' wrong and: killed I~t ... a:gaintal1da,ga~n, arid aga]n.

IB~mona.lire Software mogu ~Wes:ton Combs bas [been invited to SplatterJaland foethe fi rst t~ me, He hals [bee n tasi~€!d with ca ptu rimlQ hi sown s I ash elr a rid bri nQ ii n g~tto the isiliandl to enter ~t wn The TmJrlllam,ent. Combs has h~s s[ghts set on, bringwng in the hol~y Grnlil~ of alll~ stashers: The; ["€lapel Soldier;

Tra ckl n g: dow n Tlh,e D'eadl So~d ~:,€! r to a hosplta I i~ 111 ru rail Ge Olrgl i a s !PI~]03 is oeterm i IUiI€JO to destr-oy his nemesis once and! for al~. Arte:f a heeted .battle resulting wn much destruction and ,coIIIIClltera~, damage, Prioefinds h~mself seeming~y bested by The Sol~d~,e~, onlvto be savedl by a teem ot rnercenerles out to capture the monster. D,eaJd So:~d~,er s.laughtersalU the mercenaries, except for two: Cushi:ng and tee .. Ii'rmce ~s able to dispatch The ID,e.ad Soldi,er with a weU t~imed g renade se€!m~ngly reducin'g the creature to nothing more than gore splattered on the hospital wallilis.

Tlhe onilly p,roblem lsthet Cushiingl cmd Lee have been pald tens of rnlll ions of dloUars to bring The Ch3adl Soiidief back al~ive (or at the very least, undead), Fmlstrat.ed that their payday has been ruined, Cush~ngl knocks Matheson Price unconscious and takes him into custody ~ nstead.

Prltce wak.es up to. ·fi:ndl hrmself in ,al prison CEl.IL The doors open, He sta'gg'€!FS to his 'feet and makes his way out Qif the cell, down a lonq dark corrldor, and lintoan arena very simiialF to. the one of ancient Rome. St.andhlgl before Pr~ice rus The~ MongQ~ioidl: Orne of the most famous slashers o·f1:il111~ tl]meand the rernal niingl :chalmpi~on of Spialtt:er Is~ai1ld.

Matheson Price must fJi.ght fo,r his I i·re. A mere rnortatln a! tournament for inhlLmman monstars. He must f no a way to ... ESCAPE FROM SPLATIEIR ISLANID.

IEscape ifnJm Splatter Is~laJndiis al five issue. rnl nl-serles that com btnes horror; actlon, and a h,ea'~thy dos,€! of pu Ilpta teU a hig,h octane .adv,entu re story. mt: pits guts. cmdl gore .aga.inst blJlUets lmdl bralwn to k~ck your ass.

\ •.


RECISNir J.\l?l.?lflONI

TO \\fHeMBNAG'Eil<iIe"'.

rHr DEAlS S,f"P,'ER

The Dead So~dTer was enea a rna n, BI IMa riner a IIld best mend to Mathe'son PIliiCie. KIHe:d ~naJCil:ion §rld resYrre,cted ~n QI

mill ut~lry e:xper'ime!lIlt gone wrong, the Soldi.e,r~sc,a p~d the lab where he Wi'!$: be~l'1Ig held and 'o~led togo, hornetc h ~s; wllfe. Rnd~ng [Ilis: wHi:! .and best mlend~oge~her 'tiM:E! Solduer a'tJtaclked. He lid Illed h~s wlfe, alndl wounded hi I $ best Wlend. S~mng tMJ r house Oil! blaze, til e So'lldi~r ~,~ft Pr;jc~ to die"

.kiil1il1il9 PiI',k:e'sinfa nt son in Hie precess,

The Dead Soldlier uave~s from mHitary base~o miH~.a ry b~J$e fil1lding th1! w~ves and hluisbainds of s.oh:'Hern. :5!f!rvij ngovemEai1ilis a no $1;;Iug.htelr,fngJ themlif he d eenns they aren't .being true 'to' their il b$en~ ~o\ie:d ones.

_M,ArlllsDN 'Iftl

Hard as 11'11(;1 i Is. 1R:.eil:i red GllJlllrlllI'1lery Se rgea nt, Ait~r losing his b€lst'friem:i during a ~QUIi' ill1 AfgW~IClnistalnllj P'ri'CI8 was n36ic y to' tum hils back em h is ~ iff! a s a

wa rricr to settle down. Ta klen In by his fri e rids widow,. they 'found love in tine:ir shar,edlglnlef'2!III:'1!Ia, w,sre :$IUllflPlised by a la'te ~fI! Ufe .~o:ve diliild.

IPrice~s hallPpiness was: short !]v,sd', The deadly

sla sber know n ,211$ need 501 d ler Iki IlIled Plriioels wire and infa nt son. Now P r~ae irs a ma n consumed by veng,ea nee. Noth i ng el se matters. Hie is a nengli'rle of death WiI.JI.el,e~ by hatred, INc.lth i n 9 \IV ~ilm stop him fn~m tak~rIlg his ~iilr:J:al revenge ..

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Rrl'lI. ""',(J'N'AfR,R:'('II ARD "'RGIN

Vi~rgin 'is the mestermtnc behind Splatter tslend, It was he who, upon dlscoverlnq that slashers were not just the stuff of urban ~iegends and cheap horror movies, decided i~t would be fun to watch these undead I~dl~ilng machlnes tesr each other' apart in the arena.

Vi~rgin puts on the fecede 'Of eli dashing! and eccentric p~I,oryboy convilliilc~ng hls felillow ldle rich that Splatter Isl ,ar n d is justa new way fbr the super wealthy to avoid the extreme boredom that comes with h,arving eve ryt.hhlrQ I' but Virgli n has ,a secret.

He i~s dyin'Q, He discovered the existence of these monsters wlhen eenventlonal rnedldoe falled hlm and he wCiisforoed to tum to the occult ,and fringe sclence for answers, Sp~l,artiter Island lsa p~,aoe where he can study his slashers tnthe hopes of figluring out hew these creatu res are able to die and come back. over and over agai n,


A wou~ld be prostituteturned assassin. Hel~'ga grew IJ P on the: streets o'F A,msterda'm. She was a bducted by the Russia n mafiar a nd the attem pt wars made to sef heir body, Helg!al ins~e,ad ki lied ,any man who daredlay e hand on her, Seeing her natural telent for ki~ll~ng, she was trained asan assessin and made her way up title ladder in the Eastern IEuropean Underworld befate rneetlnq R.iilchard Virgin. He somebow convi~nced Uts". femme fa,ta~ie to give up her Uf,l:': of' crtrneeno b~come

hls personal body g'Uard.. ~ , •

. ,., ,,\ .

~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ __ ~ ' I.



~s a mystery wrapped liin an en~gma. A. men of

few words, Lee. prefers to tet hlsftsts and feet do the' talilking fQir hi m.


is a former SAS Commando who was dischargedl for Stmugg!Ungl guns and dlda st~int in mnitalry

p rlso n. Re i,easedf'ro m prl so n, 1~"H2 trled his hend asa profession,811 rugby plaYier onilly to be banned for the sport for bei ng~oo blul~tal and vlolent, W~th no other options he became a soldter for hire.


'tJ!RMIR 'V"t" '.'1,1"0'"' ',llr!Oll IrlD

Weston Combs' mrailn rmva~1 in thetournament, andl the' proud owner alf The MOl1lgklid, Ri!:ed "5 big pla nis te use his, wi nl1~ing.s from Splatter Is!ialnd to fund his own bid for IPre'sidenilr. Truth be tohj!" Reed ba'i'e,ly knows that Combs exists .. The r~vall ry [b e~wee n [Re,ed and Com bs ~IS a[~~[ in Combs' mind.

W,lsr,.,,, CO'AU'J

A bm,iom1,aire $,oiitware: deveiop,er. Combs is also a dteg'enerate glamlbler. He hiss put hisfortulri,e on th,e Un.e blettin'9 on :Sp~atter illsland"s 1!ou rnament, He 'Sees hls i~lv'it:ation to 'fiW]I,StUy bdng~ his ownl rnorrster tothe islll;f,mdi SIS his last ch,smce to save hls comps ny.,


~ .

-'_ - ,

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• •

rH' MQ'N6D.'Q"D

The. result of ge,ner,atr~()ns of inbreecnngTh,e

MongoIO'~I('J was raised I~nthe meuntalns, !He ~s a fI U nstop pa b~ etM:~h,em()th of (.I eath with a taste~or human flesh .. HeIs U"e r,eig nrungl chalmpwon. of Splatt,er Is~sm.d ..


A. VoodOo pruesil: h8i1ing from Jamaica, IBUIi'liilbac:loE made' a pact wRh a Cllem on g,odde ss to, prolon gnli s H~e. He ls known 'for takingcl'iiildireli11 from thelr beds. at nighta'l"ilc! sacriflidlilg th ern to hf 5 rna st~r; U nll Ik€~ mOist of the other slashers on Splatter ms]andfl BumbacJot is. a man of inte'~Uge:noe aJ,nid cunn~fi!g. Uke IMatheson IPr~oet Bl!Imba~ c~1 ot wm dlo 1:1 nytlhingl to escap e bt'li€! ~sllClli'ld prlson where he is bei ngl h el d captlve.

\ •.

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-'_ - ,

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Dustwn d~Arnault was bomend raised in Miami, Florida wher'8 he: was bred on a steadv diet of art, hip~hOPt comics zmdi cartoons. Eventua~lly his intelres:t led him to grad uate from R~ngUngl CoUegl€! of Art and [Design with a degln3lein IUustra~ tlen, He now resides in Dall~as, TerxCils were he spends hls days des~jgninlg~Oit IRee~i, FX and his ni,.ghts p~al1iningban k heists and drawing comics.

www.dustindairnault.com d]darnalu~lt@yalhOiQ.,Gom 305.75.3.15:74

Jalson Beck.er Hves in North Floridial "mdi likes A~ir Supply ... lmaybetoo much,

Ja:son Be:ck.er 15338 Robert AVf~ J'alclksorl\tUI~le/ FL 12218

(9(4) 591 ~6913:

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