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It Is She...Not Me

It Is She...Not Me

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Published by Sherry Heyl
Performance Piece Written in 2004
Performance Piece Written in 2004

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Published by: Sherry Heyl on Feb 13, 2011
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It Is She...

Not Me Written and performed by Sherry Heyl It is she, not me, who you praise She has the confidence, intelligence, personality, and charm That is not how I was raised I wish I could be her but I am not that way  It is She, not me who knows how to care She allows herself to be emotional, sensitive, passionate, exposed I would never dare I wish I could feel that way I wish I could be her But there's no time for that today She is the Super-ego, I am the id She challenges her dreams, takes what she wants, commands the world, devours her pride Her gifts came in a box without a lid Her burdens are mine to bear Because I am her - when she's not there She sabotages my efforts by being shy Always sympathize, full of fear, shame Always ready to cry Living as her - it's just not fair that I carry those burdens, when she's not there It is my strength that keeps us going It is my modesty that keeps us grounded It is my wit that gets us attention It is my empathy that delivers compassion You Obsess! You Repel! It is she, not me yet it is she that completes me

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