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Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) Prelaunch Mission Operations Rep

Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) Prelaunch Mission Operations Rep

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Feb 13, 2011
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GRO observing plans for the initial 15-month all-sky survey phase (see Figure 3 and
previous “Observing Plan” section) call for pointing at each selected target continuously for
14 days before changing the Observatory attitude to point at the next target. A typical
timeline for changing targets is illustrated in Figure 23 for a 180’ attitude maneuver. When
the orbit decays to an altitude of 440 km, an orbit adjust (AV) maneuver is to be executed to
raise the altitude back to 450 km. A typical timeline for the AV maneuver is illustrated in
Figure 24. The length of time between orbit adjustments depends on the atmospheric
density which is a variable, dependent on solar activity. The pointing-maneuver sequence
is schematically illustrated in Figure 25.

On-board tape recorded science and telemetry data are to be played back routinely via the
TDRS S-band Single Access (SSA) link every other orbit. Stored commands and GRO
and TDRS ephemerides will typically be uplinked via TDRS once per day. GRO has the
capacity to store a maximum of 36 hours of commands and 48 hours of ephemeris data.

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