Adharsh Ranganathan Process paper After reading a book about the Holocaust and the 1930-1940 era

, I had a large interest towards the historical event and the suffering the Jews had to go through. When I found out this years theme for NHD was debate and diplomacy: success and failures , my teacher recommended me the story of the SS St. Louis. I researched secondary sources at first and found out this topic to relate to this year s theme very well, as it involved both debate and failures in diplomacy. I started my research using secondary sources, such as the United States Holocaust Museum website and other public websites, to build a general understanding of my topic. When exploring the many sections of the USHM website I found a book on my topic called Refuge Denied. This book helped me with details on my topic, which weren t present in the online sources. Most importantly the book talked about the multiple newspapers published during this time that I was able to find at the University of Washington databases with the help of a kind librarian. The newspapers held information with specific dates from a primary perspective, which helped me significantly to build the chronology tab of my website. In addition, I was able to find many online pictures about my topic and even a comic strip made by Art Spiegelman. I sent multiple requests to professionals on my topic, but failed to get responses. The time period of my topic was during 1939, so I had access to photos and video clips which made it ideal to make a website with the resources I owned. Also, I had a large interest towards web designing and formatting projects such as slide shows. Finding out about the Weebly website editor only made me more

enthusiastic to my project with the easy to use interface and multiple customization options. The software helped me save time with no need for coding, but upset me at times with its limitations. My topic is clearly connected to this year s theme which is debate and diplomacy: success and failures. Debate and diplomacy are present as the AJJDC and Cuban government debated over whether the refugees should be allowed while the refugees pleaded to the Cubans and Americans to give them asylum. To allow the refugees entry, the AJJDC failed to convince the Cuban Government. Consequences of entry which consequently led to the passengers being sent back to Europe, where most perished due to Nazi invasions. This is important to history as it displays the unwillingness of other countries to help the Jews even under the economical pressure of the Great Depression.