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Obama is NOT an Article II Natural Born Citizen and therefore is NOT Eligible to be President ‘The President and Commander in Chief of USA Must be a “Natural Born” Citizen — U.S. Constitution, Art Il, Sec 1, Clause 5 No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President ‘The Law of Nations, Vattel, 1758. Used by Ben Franklin, John Jay, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other founders. ‘VoL, Ch.9, Section 212: citizens, are those born in the country, Per the British Nationality ‘Act of 1948, Obama when, born in 1961 was a British Subject a birth, Obama's Father was NOT a US. Citizen, nor yas he an Immigrant to the USA,nor was he even a Permanent Resident ofthe USA. Article Dahesh Ama eerie eek logan a el desis de ted A Catalog of Evidence-Concerned Americans Have Good Reason '* to Doubt that Putative President Obama was Born in Hawaii Read why here : inch. in gran ume avin gual he ret tease aka sae ville intuen wie ec tine bier et ‘hon Teng the 1 tie Hane pce fei Cant ei US. Citizens. us sanguin A he nese voting frat oo Semin th ete char ae Ut Sir” Bon coun, which ‘eof te cazen tesemng sah mut fh tt ts cance all ter llegaes 0 Tag pea en ‘ola ese wala ned al xcs ig aed legis to gy Hast BLOG: Ce weacte ee: : Natural Born Citizen” Means Unity of Citizenship and Sole Allegiance at Birth - by Mario Apuzzo, Esq. eth ay a Uy zal diate eens alla to the Lt Sts wel gure tha le le veto to Sis alr th fea ethene sod “aural bor Caz Aran op th fs hn fat wey Amaicn pened (Cina i oe any erin pr ‘Sostitenaly cies iol Wageao0 ss00 3550 1 ren ckp ‘S3WIL NOLDNIHSYM JHL J TT0c ‘PT ANVNUGSS AVONOW

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