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Proposition Ate by Kirk Shimano (Excerpt) CHARACTERS: Brangelina, Jessie, Ezekial, Kimmy – four fifth graders SETTING: An elementary

school playground at lunchtime

BRANGELINA Anyway, everyone knows what you’re supposed to eat for lunch. Peanut butter and... (simultaneously) BRANGELINA …jelly JESSIE …honey EZEKIAL I mean jelly. BRANGELINA That’s a traditional lunch. It’s what kids have eaten forever. KIMMY Then don’t eat my lunch. BRANGELINA Let’s have a vote! KIMMY About what? BRANGELINA Let’s have a vote to see if you can eat broccoli. KIMMY But I am eating broccoli. EZEKIAL A vote! A vote! KIMMY Why are we voting? BRANGELINA EZEKIAL …mayonnaise

Because this is AMERICA!