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Published by: TheWhiteHats on Feb 14, 2011
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February'8, 2011 VtA FEDERA.LEXPRESS Justice JohnG. Roberts of ChiefJustice theUniteaSmtes Supreme Courtof theUnitedStates N.E. OneFirstStreet Washington, 20543 D,C. DearJusticc Roberts: By now withoutany actiontakenby the Supretne Courtin regard Obama's to illegal passport, is clearto me whatyour decision He will stayin office for the balance histerm it is. of the if unless resistance to buildswhenyou wouldthendetermine it wasnccessary havea formal hearing, problemtbr world-wideembarrassrnent, it doesnot This may solveyour immediate but your problemfor the on-goingcorntptionthat will continueto take placedue to your solve indesision. Cunently CeorgeBush, Sr. and Jr. are still dclayingand controllingthe decision on governnlent settlements individuals to andcountries.Everyday that they areableto delaythe of release these earns financialsettlernents, themandtheirassociates billionsof dollars these are I reali'ae financialsettlemen$ not normallyyour responsibility typicallynot and part of your governing but decisions. makingthe decision his illegal passport, the on and associated with it is your responsibility.As Supreme ramifrcstions Court Judges do not I understand youcancloscyoureyes this. to how I amdelivering lettersI sentyouandcomplete the files of thecorruption Congress to urd the Senate. will to prusue untiljusticeis Th.ts alsobe exposed thepublicandI will personally it served. governmenl Since lastletterto you of the ststus senior of rn1' otljcials' slushfundbank accounts, they have all changed the banksor reduced amountin the accounts, othcr thanthe Clintons the currentaccount that stayed same. I do have the information and will be sharing it rviththeappropriate authorities. WhiteHatsReport, have the Foryourinformation,I enclosed latest I only rvishthateach yourvould of can-v yourroleasa Supreme out CourtJustice the for good ourCountry. of

Falcone Edward

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