By-: Pankaj Tiwari MBA-A(45)

 MBO refers to a formal set of procedures that begins with goal setting and continues through performance review.  .MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES (MBO) Management by Objectives (MBO): This approach is proposed by Peter Drucker in his book ¶The Practice of Management·.

WHAT IS MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES? Organizational Objectives Divisional Objectives Departmental Objectives Individual Objectives .

ELEMENTS OF OBJECTIVES Communication to the program  Top level goal setting  Individual goals  Participation  Autonomy in implementation of plans  Performance review  .

. And the failures are there is a failure to teach philosophy of MBO. structures and delegation of authority. Clarify organizational roles .BENEFITS AND FAILURE OF MBO     The benefits are motivate and improve managing through results-oriented planning. Overuse the quantative goals and failures to give the guidelines to goal setters.

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