The Biz Quiz - 3 February 2008 Questions

1. Jerry Yang and David Filo founded a business that was in the news last week. Which business?
( )Société Générale ( )Northern Rock ( )Yahoo ( )Facebook

2. Who is Jérôme Kerviel?
( )The new CEO of Starbucks ( )The new Governor of the Bank of England ( )The rogue trader who lost Société Générale £3.7bn

( )The new Social Entrepreneur of the Year

3. Retail chain The Works has been forced into administration. What products does this retailer sell?
( )Cooking equipment ( )Fast fashions ( )Discount books and stationery ( )Mobile phones

4. The Government has ordered BSkyB to sell more than half of its stake in...
( )MySpace ( )The Sun and The Times newspapers ( )ITV ( )Pearson

5. This man made a significant managerial appointment recently. Who is he?

( )Mark Jones ( )Graham Dupont

( )Juan Ramos ( )Mike Ashley

6. Which business has written to 161,000 customers to let them know they don't want their business anymore?
( )NPower ( )Waitrose ( )Egg bank ( )BT

7. Asda has recalled 300,000 units of a problem product named XB2316 (retail price £22.75). What kind of product is it?
( )Microwave oven ( )Pregnancy testing kit ( )Leather jacket ( )Giant easter egg

8. Which business has been told to withdraw an advert featuring a scantily-clad model in schoolgirl-style clothes?
( )MTV ( )Ryanair ( )Cadbury ( )Reveal magazine

9. Recruitment agency Office Angels has published a guide to new office jargon. According to their guide, what is 'boss-spasming"?
( )Leaving post-it notes on the boss's desk asking for a pay rise ( )Writing critical comments about a boss on Facebook ( )Agreeing with everything a boss says to avoid any kind of argument ( )Suddenly looking busy as a manager enters the room

10. Company founder Howard Schultz has returned to the chief executive role of a major US business whose share price has fallen by 40%. Which business?
( )Starbucks ( )Coca Cola ( )McDonalds ( )Ford

1 Yahoo 2 The rogue trader who lost Société Générale £3.7bn 3 Discount books and stationery 4 ITV 5 Mike Ashley 6 Egg bank 7 Microwave oven 8 Ryanair 9 Suddenly looking busy as a manager enters the room 10 Starbucks

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