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Biz Quiz 110208

Biz Quiz 110208

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Published by: arsha on Feb 14, 2011
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The Biz Quiz ­ 11 February 2008  Questions 

1. What has happened to digital radio stations The Jazz and Planet Rock?
(  )They have been bought by the BBC  (  )The have been bought by Facebook  (  )They have been closed down due to losses  (  )They have just launched   

2. Campaigners have Tesco for cutting the retail price of a standard product to just £1.99. The price of what?
(  )A four‐pack of lager  (  )A pack of 20 ciggies    (  )A chicken  (  )A 1lb tub of butter 

3. The number of people whose homes were repossessed in 2007 rose by 21% compared with 2006. What is a repossession?
(  )The lender takes ownership of the property  from the householder  (  )The householder takes a fixed rate mortgage  from the lender    (  )The local council takes ownership of the  property from the lender  (  )All personal belongings of the householder are  passed to the lender 

4. Quoted company Biffa has agreed to a £1.2bn takeover offer. What is the main business activity of Biffa?
(  )Oil & gas exploration  (  )Waste disposal    (  )Security services  (  )Recruitment of Teachers 

5. Ebay has been heavily criticised for its decision to...
(  )Require sellers to include genuine photos of all  (  )Ban sellers from leaving negative comments  goods being sold  about buyers  (  )Ban sellers from charging more than £3 P&P   (  )Ban ticket touts from selling event tickets 

6. What did investment fund Olivant pull out of last week?
(  )Sponsoring the Indian cricket team  (  )Building the main stadium for the 2012  Olympics  (  )Bidding for Northern Rock  (  )Sponsoring the aborted Spice Girls tour 

7. First Milk and Milk Link have called off a merger that would have created one of the UK's largest...
(  )White elephant  (  )Co‐operatives    (  )Partnership  (  )Nationalised companies 

8. Brent Hoberman is returning to the internet with a furniture website that he hopes will capture more than £400million of consumer spending within two years. What other famous online business did he launch?
(  )moneysupermarket.com  (  )lastminute.com    (  )bebo.com  (  )friendsreunited.co.uk 

9. What major change did Facebook announce last week?
(  )Users will be charged $1 for each time they  "poke" someone  (  )Old age pensioners will be allowed to  participate    (  )The site will be translated into Spanish, French  & German  (  )An online auction facility is being added to  compete with Ebay 

10. The name of the new business management simulation launched by tutor2u last week is:
(  )Bized Bargain  (  )The Hot Seat        (  )BoreVenture  (  )Unprofitable Pursuits 

  1 They have been closed down due to losses  2 A chicken  3 The lender takes ownership of the property from the householder  4 Waste disposal  5 Ban sellers from leaving negative comments about buyers  6 Bidding for Northern Rock  7 Co‐operatives  8 lastminute.com  9 The site will be translated into Spanish, French & German  10 The Hot Seat 

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