€ Association of officers of the organization other than workmen is known as managerial association. € Usually in public sector in India . € Also called officers· association € Registered under Societies registration act 1860 or Trade union act 1926. € Officers eligible for membership are below the level of director. from trainees to the rank of Deputy General Manager.

be a third force between the working class and management. € To .€ Feeling € Feeling of deprivation of insecurity € Growing harassment of managerial staff by subordinates.

not only make collective representations. IOC.€ In banks .Air India etc . € They € In . private sector also the trend is coming up. their activities are strong .BPCL . for eg: in Coal India. but also strikes. public sector.

so nobody can be prevented from forming or joining any organization.€ The constitution grants the right to organize. € Societies € Apart . from this the managerial employees don·t have anyother protection like the blue collar workers. registration act 1860 and Trade union act 1926 provides the legal framework.

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