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Map of the book

Listening and Reading and Business skills Case study
discussion language

Unit 1 Public speaking International Networking Working for Logistaid

Being presentations Replying to a formal Writing: reply to
international Business idioms invitation formal invitation

page 6

Unit 2 Consultant interview Time to break out Telephone strategies: Training at SmileCo
Training from campus clarifying and Writing: e-mail
Multiword verbs confirming
Writing: e-mails
page 14

Unit 3 A PPP debate Infrastructure: Negotiating: being Konopnicka Airport

Partnerships Experience of the 1990s vague and being takes off
has put people off precise Writing: executive
Dependent prepositions Report writing: layout summary
page 22 The passive and structure

Unit A Revision: Units 1–3

page 30

Unit 4 The future of natural A dream of a Problem-solving Energy saving at

Energy gas hydrogen economy Proposal writing Supersun
Discourse devices: Writing: report
linking expressions
page 34

Unit 5 The future of work India: call centres ring Resolving conflict Delaney: call-centre
Employment the changes Writing: e-mails absenteeism
trends Cohesive devices Writing: internal
Using inversion for e-mail
page 42 emphasis

Unit 6 Business ethics and Corporate responsibility Ethical problem- Stitch Wear clothing
Business corporate social without the waffle solving Writing: action points
responsibility Multiword verbs Managing meetings from a meeting
Writing: action
page 50 minutes

Unit B Revision: Units 4–6

page 58

Grammar reference: page 118 Writing file: page 134

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Listening and Reading and Business skills Case study

discussion language

Unit 7 Changes in Marconi repays Giving presentations Cost-cutting at

Finance and international banking £669m of debt Describing financial Erstaunliche Autos
banking US Airways vows to performance Writing: summary of
rise again Writing: introduction presentation
page 62 The language of to a presentation

Unit 8 Choosing and Could it be you when Negotiating sales Mobi-net: it’s their
Consultants managing consultants they need an expert? Writing: terms and call
Negation using conditions Writing: summary
prefixes of consultancy
page 70 Conditionals agreement

Unit 9 Strategy and Growth mode Brainstorming and The company

Strategy successful imitators Idioms for giving creativity makeover
examples Writing: mission Writing: report
statements summarising
page 78 proposals

Unit C Revision: Units 7–9

page 86

Unit 10 Successes and Net gains on the shop Presentations: Improving the online
Doing business failures in e-business front summarising and experience
Cleft sentences dealing with questions Writing: proposal of
Writing: presenting recommendations
page 90 information on a

Unit 11 Everywoman: helping The bruises of the Telephone strategies Copisistem: the next
New business women start their bandwagon Chasing payment step
own businesses Noun phrases Writing: job advert
Writing: a letter
chasing payment
page 98

Unit 12 Talking to two project Not enough good Writing: briefing Leatty Shanghai: a
Project managers project managers? multinational teams construction project
management Cohesion Teleconferencing Writing: assessment
page 106

Unit D Revision: Units 10–12

page 114

Activity file: page 142 Audio scripts: page 162