Jonathan, The server you quoted ; 1. Dell(TM) PowerEdge(TM) R610 Rack Mount Server comes only 1 processor..

The tender requirement: 2 processor and upgradable to 4 in future.. Note :- I think the model you quoted only have 2 CPU socket.. Pls confirm..... 2. The 2nd 3 servers, which is 32GB Ram ....They require 1 TeraByte HDD hot swap able..u only quote 300GB.. 3. For the 6 servers...Required RAID many HDD u quote..? ( for 1st 3 serv ers, Raid 1 with each server 300GB), ( for the 2nd 3 servers, Raid 1 with 1 TB ) 4. Please remove RedHat Linux..we dont want OS for all servers 5.

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