Loose agressive a la Gus Hansen Gus Hansen, one of the best pokerplayers, cames with this good and

simple strategy to decide which hands you have/haven't to play and in wich position. It's a basic strategy for advanced players who wants to learn loose agressive. It's not recommended for the beginning poker player (since there must be a certain feeling of the pokergame)!! Gus gives every card a certain value and decides on the total value of the hand he has (two card thus the sum of the two values), what you have to do in wich position. He gives the next values on the cards below: Ace - 14 points King - 13 points Queen - 12 points Jack - 11 points Ten - 10 points Nine - 9 poiints Early Position Gus says in early position you only play hands with a minimal value of 25 points. ex. Ace-King (14+13=27) or King-Queen (13+12=25) and NOT KingJack (13+11=24). Also, you have to play the higher pairs from AceAce to 9-9. Middle Position Gus says in middle position you may play hands with a minimal value of 21 points. ex. Jack-Ten (11+10=21) or Ace-Nine (14+9=23). In the case the cards are suited/connectors you may add 1 or 2 points. Late Position Principal in late position is every hand playable if there is no raise in the pot you played. Suited/connectors can be pretty profitable in late position in the case you played them correctly off. What you guys think of the Gus Hansen strategy? -L1