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dynamic notes 1

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Published by: Hazmi Rahman on Feb 14, 2011
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Topic: 3.

Dynamics notes Forces

 A push or pull. Force tends to: • Produce motion • Stops motion Effects of forces: • Slows down a moving object • Change the velocity of a moving object • Moves stationary object • Stop the motion of a moving object • Change shape and size of a body • Change direction of motion of a body Unit of force is Newton (N)  Vector quantity. Three Newton’s laws of Motion First law: Newton’s first law states that an object will continue in its motion unless an external force acts on it Second law: Newton’s second law of motion states that the resultant force acting upon an object is equal to the product of mass and the acceleration of the object; the direction of the force is the same as that of the object’s acceleration Third law: Every action has a equal and opposite reaction


Effects of Acceleration • • • If the object above is not moving. This means that. This will cause a change in motion. the unbalanced force will start to move it to the left. Unbalanced forces Newton's Second Law says that: • If the forces on an object are unbalanced then its motion will change. the bigger the change in motion. The bigger the force. (i) If the object is not moving then it will continue to stay still. This change in motion is called acceleration. Force = Mass x Acceleration F = ma 2 . the unbalanced force will make it move slower. the forces are unbalanced even though they are in opposite directions because one is bigger than the other. Example of unbalanced force In the example below. The unbalanced (overall) force is 25 . the unbalanced force will make it move faster. If it is already moving to the left. (ii) If the object is already moving then it will continue to move with a constant velocity.Balanced forces Newton's First Law says that: • If the forces on an object are balanced then it will carry on as it is. called acceleration. If it is already moving to the right.5 N = 20 N.

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