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The battered ghosts of the little ones no one ever cared for,

tiny specters, bruised and lost,

bear silent witness to the indifference
of our self absorption.

Little phantoms who see

those who suffer as they did..
Hear the screams and cries of the helpless,
battered babies no one sees.

Too late, too late someone tries to help.

Broken children who cannot be mended.
Tiny bodies, wrapped in white sheets,
stained with blood,
are carried under the strobing lights of
merciless reality.

Too late we cry,

Vowing never again.. yet
Still they die..

These little phantoms that haunt our lives

Victims of our selfish indifference.

My thanks go to Martina McBride for her heart breaking video-Concrete Angel and
the song, which depict the harsh reality of child abuse