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Winter 2010–2011

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-2536-3 Price: $16.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: November 30, 2010 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 384 Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications

A full year of inspiring readings and reflections from the New Testament
Living the New Testament
Paul Enns

Daily Readings from Matthew to Revelation

About the Author
Paul Enns (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is a pastor of biblical training and leadership development in Tampa, Florida, and an adjunct professor and director of the Tampa Extension of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Enns is the author of The Moody Handbook of Theology, Approaching God, and four volumes in the Bible Study Commentary Series.

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Approaching God 978-0-8254-2532-5 $16.99

Living the Words of Jesus 978-0-8254-2943-9 $12.99

The twenty-seven books of the New Testament present the life and teachings of Jesus, the history of the early church, and instruction for believers throughout the ages. Studying these books not only provides a greater understanding of Jesus Christ, but are the primary source for inspiration and direction in the Christian life. Living the New Testament offers a concise explanation of key biblical passages from Matthew to Revelation as well as practical applications for living out the truths and teachings of Jesus. Beginning with a selected Scripture passage, each daily reading encourages and stimulates spiritual growth and ends with an inspirational thought to ponder throughout the day. Writing in his classic accessible style that readers came to love in Approaching God, pastor, teacher, and theologian Paul Enns delivers an easy-to-read devotional that will challenge, instruct, and encourage readers’ walks with God.

Features and Benefits
• Perfect for personal devotions • An ideal gift and reliable reference for growing Christians • Excerpt available online at

ISBN 978-0-8254-2536-3

9 780825 425363

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-3884-4 Price: $14.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: November 30, 2010 Trim: 5.25 x 8 Pages: 256 Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications

A classic book now repackaged for today’s readers

God Is My Delight
W. Phillip Keller

About the Author
W. Phillip Keller authored more than thirty-five books, many of them best-sellers. Born in East Africa, he always loved wildlife and the outdoors and spent many years pursuing careers in conservatism, wildlife photography, and journalism. His experiences as a shepherd in British Columbia— where he lived with his wife Ursula—equipped him with the insights behind his most popular book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, which has well over two million copies in print.

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What Makes Life Worth Living 978-0-8254-2988-0 $10.99

Triumph Against Trouble 978-0-8254-2994-1 $10.99

Walking with those who walk with God brings a sense of presence that warms our hearts, slows our pace, eases our tensions, clears our minds, and inspires our actions. An intimate account of W. Phillip Keller’s inner thoughts, God Is My Delight is a spiritual autobiography that explores the work of the triune God in the author’s life—and how that same God is at work in our lives as well. Writing in the warm, inviting tone loved by his millions of readers, Keller reveals what he has learned about God as his Father, Jesus as his Friend, and the Holy Spirit as his Counselor and Guide. He takes the reader on a spiritual journey as he recounts his own experiences as a young boy in boarding school, his adult years wandering far from God, and finally the circumstances that brought him into the loving embrace of his Father. Opening up his heart to nurture the souls of others, Keller encourages the reader toward a greater intimacy with God and provides practical steps that Christians can take toward a closer walk with their Savior. “Keller has a great gift for . . . bringing things of heaven down to where people live on earth.” —D. Stuart Briscoe “Keller is a wonderful man and everything he writes has the quality of his greatness attached to it. This book is no exception.” —Tony Campolo “Any time you can rub shoulders with a friend of God, it’s worth whatever it takes. A few hours with Phillip Keller could produce a lifetime of benefit.” —Haddon Robinson

Features and Benefits
• A much-loved and highly endorsed book repackaged for a new generation of readers • From the prolific and best-selling author of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 • Table of contents and excerpt available online at

ISBN 978-0-8254-3884-4

9 780825 438844

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-2674-2 Price: $14.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: January 31, 2011 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 320 Category: FICTION / Christian / General Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications

From 1940s New Orleans to late 1960s Chicago, this is a tale of secrets, betrayal, and a love that can never be lost
The Rhythm of Secrets
A Novel Patti Lacy
Sheila Franklin has lived three separate lives. Now a conservative pastor’s wife in Chicago, she is skilled at hiding secrets—a talent birthed during childhood romps through the music-filled streets of New Orleans. But when the son she bore at the age of eighteen comes back looking for answers and desperate for help, her greatest secret—and greatest regret—is revealed. Eager to right past wrongs, Sheila’s heart floods with memories of lyrical jazz music and a worn-out Bible. But when her husband learns of her shady history, Sheila is suddenly faced with an impossible decision: embrace the dream—and son—she abandoned against her will or give in to the demands of her safe but stifled life. As she struggles to reclaim both her son and her identity, Sheila soon realizes that God’s grace spans both seas and secrets and that He is all she really needs. With dynamic writing that makes the reader feel the heartache of a teenage mother, struggle with the disillusionment of an abandoned boy, and revel in the idea of grace despite flaws, rising star Patti Lacy takes her fans on a journey they won’t want to end— and won’t soon forget.

About the Author
Patti Lacy graduated from Baylor University in 1977 with a BS in education. She taught at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois, until she retired in 2006 to pursue writing full time. She and her husband, Alan, have two grown children. Visit Patti’s Web site at

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What the Bayou Saw 978-0-8254-2937-8 $14.99

Features and Benefits
• This highly-anticipated novel will appeal to fans of Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, Kathryn Cushman, and Charles Martin • “There’s a blazing light on the horizon of women’s fiction and her name is Patti Lacy” —Julie Lessman, award-winning author • Excerpt available online at

ISBN 978-0-8254-2674-2

9 780825 426742

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-3653-6 Price: $12.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: January 31, 2011 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 176 Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Family Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications

An inspirational book of help and hope for bringing adult children back to Christ
When They Turn Away
Rob Rienow

Drawing Your Adult Child Back to Christ

About the Author
Rob Rienow (DMin, GordonConwell Theological Seminary) has served on the pastoral staff of Wheaton Bible Church for fifteen years. He and his wife, Amy, are founders of Visionary Parenting, a ministry that exists to inspire parents and equip churches to pass faith to the next generation. Rob speaks at churches and conferences around the country, serves as the Family Ministry Team Leader for the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, and works on the board of directors for The Greenhouse, a classical Christian school.

When an adult child leaves the church and turns away from the faith of his or her childhood, parents are left with feelings of failure, confusion over what happened, and fear of what may happen next. Statistics show the breadth of this problem: As many as 75 percent of children who grew up in Christian homes leave the church by the time they are twenty-five (Barna Group). Writing with compassion and honesty, author and family pastor Rob Rienow comes alongside hurting parents to share a powerful message of hope: it’s never too late to point an adult child’s heart toward God. He challenges parents to accept that they are the shortest distance between their child and Christ, and though they may not have planned for it, parents can—and should—still play a proactive role in leading their child back to faith. Rienow directs parents to four tangible steps: • Offer your heart to the Lord • Turn your heart to your child • Draw your child’s heart to yours • Point your child’s heart to Christ Full of engaging stories, insightful action steps, and inspiring Scripture, When They Turn Away is a biblically based, practical book that teaches parents to forgive themselves, forgive their children, seek forgiveness from their children, and—ultimately—be able to affirm that there is “no greater joy than to know [your] children are walking in the truth” (3 John 4).

Features and Benefits
• Discusses an issue that threatens millions of Christian families • Will appeal to church prayer groups, small groups, and support groups • Author is a trained family pastor and Family Ministry Team Leader for the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM) • Table of contents and excerpt available online at
ISBN 978-0-8254-3653-6

9 780825 436536

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-2930-9 Price: $13.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: January 31, 2011 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 208 Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications

A timely exploration and discussion of the prosperity gospel movement
Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Has the Prosperity Gospel Overshadowed the Gospel of Christ?

About the Authors
David W. Jones (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the coauthor of God, Marriage, and Family and Marriage, Family, and the Church. A frequent speaker at churches, ministries, and Christian conferences, Jones is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the American Academy of Religion, and the Society of Biblical Literature. Russell S. Woodbridge (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of theology and church history at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written several articles on the prosperity gospel and is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

David W. Jones and Russell S. Woodbridge
The desire for a thriving, healthy, and productive life is as strong as ever, especially in tough economic times. As people become more disillusioned at the state of the economy, they also become more susceptible to the lure of the prosperity gospel and its teachings of health, wealth, and happiness for the faithful. But what happens when the promise of prosperity overshadows the promise of the real gospel—the gospel of Christ? Believing that the prosperity gospel is constructed upon faulty theology, authors David Jones and Russell Woodbridge take a closer look at four crucial areas of error relating to the teaching of wealth. In a fair but firm tone, the authors discuss the history and theology of the prosperity gospel movement to reveal its fraudulent base—core biblical teachings that have been historically and popularly misinterpreted, even by today’s most well-known pastors, including T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and Kenneth Copeland. After an introduction and assessment of the movement, readers are invited to take a look at Scripture to understand what the Bible really says about wealth, poverty, and giving. Theologically sound but acessible to all readers, Health, Wealth, and Happiness is sure to become a trusted resource for laypersons, pastors, and Christian leaders. “In a work long overdue, Drs. Jones and Woodbridge deal the prosperity gospel a fatal blow through their thorough research and irrefutable documentation.” —Emir Caner, best-selling author

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The Diversity Culture 978-0-8254-3579-9 $12.99

Doctrines That Divide 978-0-8254-3165-4 $15.99

Features and Benefits
• • • •
ISBN 978-0-8254-2930-9

Written by an ethicist and a theologian, both highly respected in their professions Theologically substantive but accessible for today’s readers Includes study questions and references for further reading Table of contents and excerpt available online at

9 780825 429309

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


New Testament Archaeology ISBN: 978-0-8254-3893-6 Category: RELIGION / Biblical Reference / New Testament Pages: 36 Church History, Vol. 6 ISBN: 978-0-8254-2787-9 Category: RELIGION / Biblical Reference / Church History Pages: 32 Price: $9.99 each Binding: Saddlestitch Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 7.5 x10.5 Rights: NA Division: Kregel Publications

Two new additions to the best-selling Kregel Pictorial Guide series
The Kregel Pictorial Guide to New Testament Archaeology
John McRay

An Exploration of the History and Culture of the World Jesus Knew

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History, Volume 6
The Church and Postmodernity (1900– Present) John D. Hannah

About the Authors
John McRay (PhD, University of Chicago) is former Professor of New Testament and Wheaton College Graduate School and the author of Archaeology of the New Testament and coauthor of Bible Archeology. John D. Hannah (PhD, University of Texas at Dallas) is the department chair and distinguished professor of historical theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History #1 978-0-8254-2798-5 $9.99 Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History #2 978-0-8254-2783-1 $9.99 Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History #3 978-0-8254-2784-8 $9.99

Sound research and illuminating visuals make biblical and historical times and teachings come alive for today’s middle-school and high-school students as well as adult Bible students, teachers, and pastors looking for a concise overview of familiar topics. These two new volumes continue the valuable tradition of the best-selling Kregel Pictorial Guide series, making history easy to understand and interesting to learn. John McRay offers an informative and colorful introduction to the archaeology of the New Testament, exploring the history, culture, and social forces surrounding the development of the early church. Full-color maps, photographs, and diagrams allow students to walk through digs and discoveries in Ephesus, Athens, Corinth, and Rome, and experience the findings for themselves. With his sixth installment on church history, experienced professor John D. Hannah presents the important teachings and happenings of the church in the postmodern period. Discussing how the trauma of the world wars as well as the charismatic and civil rights movements shaped the church in the 1900s, this valuable resource serves as a handy, concise guide to today’s religious landscape.

Features and Benefits
• Each book written by experts in their field • Four-color illustrations and charts bring these topics to life • Tables of contents and excerpts available online at

ISBN 978-0-8254-3893-6

ISBN 978-0-8254-2787-9

9 780825 438936

9 780825 427879

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


Heaven & Eternity ISBN: 978-0-8254-2657-5 End Times ISBN: 978-0-8254-2658-2 Price: $9.99 each Binding: Paperback Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 5.25 x 8 Pages: 96 each Category: RELIGION / Biblical Reference / Handbooks Rights: WW Division: Kregel Publications Books previously published as What the Bible Teaches About Heaven and Eternity and What the Bible Teaches About the End Times

Introducing a new series of quick reference guides that answer the most-asked questions about the Christian faith
Answers to Common Questions About Heaven & Eternity Answers to Common Questions About the End Times
Timothy J. Demy and Thomas Ice SerieS: AnSwerS to Common QueStionS

About the Authors
Timothy J. Demy (ThM and ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is the author, coauthor, and editor of numerous books and articles on history, theology, and ethics. Thomas Ice (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD, Tyndale Seminary) is the director of the Pre-Trib Research Center and resides in Arlington, Texas.

What Christians believe about heaven, eternity, and the end times has eternal consequences. Almost everyone has some ideas about these issues, but not all are biblical. For those readers wanting to know what the Bible says, the Answers to Common Questions series offers concise, yet thorough answers to all of their questions. Heaven is very real, but often misinterpreted. In Answers to Common Question About Heaven & Eternity, authors Timothy Demy and Thomas Ice discuss such queries as What will heaven be like? Does everyone go to heaven? What do other religions teach about heaven? Study of prophecy is equally as confusing and prone to misinterpretation. Answers to Common Questions About the End Times seeks to explore the puzzling pieces of this teaching by answering questions such as What is the rapture? What is Armageddon? What is the relationship between Christ’s first and second coming? Written in question-and-answer format for easy reading, these quick references provide brief summaries of important biblical doctrines so Christians can confidently and honestly discuss their beliefs with family, friends, and neighbors.

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Exploring the Future 978-0-8254-3380-1 $27.99

40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible 978-0-8254-3498-3 $17.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-2657-5

Features and Benefits
9 780825 426575

ISBN 978-0-8254-2658-2

• Reprints of solid sellers usher in a new series • Organized into five parts, the books can be read straight through or readers can pick a particular question to study • Each book contains a thorough bibliography and suggestions for further reading for those who want to pursue the topics in greater depth • Table of contents and excerpts available online at

9 780825 426582

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-3899-8 Price: $17.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: Available Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 400 Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional Rights: WW Imprint: Kregel Publications

A fresh cover for a classic book—over 300,000 in print!
Amazing Grace
366 Hymn Stories Kenneth W. Osbeck
For centuries, great hymns have anchored the Christian faith. Now with a new cover, this inspiring daily devotional presents the stories behind 366 of the church’s timeless songs of worship. Each daily devotional contains a portion of the hymn itself along with suggested Scripture readings, meditations, and practical applications. The stories surrounding the hymns of the faith foster appreciation of the hymns and move Christians toward a new depth of worship and devotion. Personal or family devotion times will be enhanced by the challenging and inspiring thoughts contained in this timeless collection of classic and contemporary hymn stories. “Here is a devotional book to get excited about! If you want something fresh and unique, you’ll like this” —Baptist Bulletin “This is a must for both your home library and your church library. . . . The ideal devotional book for the church musician.” —The Church Music Report

About the Author
Kenneth W. Osbeck (LittD, Cornerstone University; MA, University of Michigan) taught for thirty-five years at Grand Rapids Baptist School of the Bible and Music and at Grand Rapids Baptist College. He also served as music director for Children’s Bible Hour, Radio Bible Class, and several churches. He is the author of several books, including 101 Hymn Stories; Joy to the World; 25 Most Treasured Gospel Hymn Stories; and Hallelujah, What a Savior!

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101 More Hymn Stories 978-0-8254-3420-4 $15.99

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Features and Benefits
• An inspiring look at the rich heritage of the hymns we know and love • Great for personal or family devotions • Table of contents and excerpt available on

ISBN 978-0-8254-3448-8

9 780825 434488

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


Stop the Traffik 978-0-8254-7846-8 $16.95 paper

Hope After Betrayal 978-0-8254-3935-3 $10.99 paper

Escaping the Devil’s Bedroom 978-0-8254-6165-1 $13.99 paper

Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome 978-0-8254-2013-9 $10.99 paper

Out of Egypt 978-0-8254-6001-2 $14.99 paper

No Sex in the City 978-0-8254-2906-4 $12.99 paper

Scars and Stilettos 978-0-8254-6309-9 $12.99 paper

When a Man You Love Was Abused 978-0-8254-3353-5 $13.99 paper

Providing Help and Hope
1-800-733-2607 •

Kregel Academic & Professional


ISBN:978-0-8254-3338-2 Price: $29.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: October 31, 2010 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 304 pages Category: RELIGION / Biblical Criticism / New Testament Rights: WW Division: Kregel Academic & Professional

Challenging popular culture’s assumptions about the historical accuracy of the New Testament
Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament
Manuscript, Patristic, and Apocryphal Evidence Daniel B. Wallace, General Editor
In recent years popular culture has experienced a revival of interest in the early church and the beginning of the canonizing of Scripture. Extremely critical of the nature of the New Testament canon, however, many writers have suggested that the New Testament authors “interrupted” Jesus and misquoted His message. This scholarly book presents a strong case for the historicity and accuracy of the Bible. refuting the accusation that the Bible is unreliable. From Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament, students of New Testament and textual criticism will learn how the New Testament was written, compiled, and transmitted. This book is a detailed rebuttal to confident remarks about the inaccuracies—indeed the corruption—of the New Testament.

About the editor
Daniel B. Wallace (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, and senior New Testament editor of the NET Bible. He has written Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament.

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Features and Benefits
Historical Criticism of the Bible 978-0-8254-3095-4 $14.99

• • • •

First book in the Text and Canon of the New Testament series Edited by a world-class scholar of textual criticism, Daniel B. Wallace Authoritative challenge to the popular books by Bart D. Ehrman Table of contents available at

ISBN 978-0-8254-3338-2

9 780825 433382

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-2109-9 Price: $42.99 Binding: Hardcover Release Date: November 30, 2010 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 464 pages Category: RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General Rights: WW Division: Kregel Academic & Professional

In-depth examination of the promises, expectations, and coming of the Messiah
Jesus the Messiah

Tracing the Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel’s King

About the Authors
Herbert W. Bateman IV has taught beginning and intermediate Greek for more than twenty years. He is the editor of Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews, Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism, and Authentic Worship. Darrell L. Bock is research professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. A former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, he is the author of the best-seller Breaking the Da Vinci Code and numerous works in New Testament studies, including Jesus According to Scripture. Gordon H. Johnston (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is associate professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has spent a number of years sifting through archaeological digs. In addition to his work in the field, Dr. Johnston has published numerous articles and essays in scholarly journals.

Herbert W. Bateman IV, Darrell L. Bock, and Gordon H. Johnston
Few books have sought to exhaustively trace the theme of Messiah through all of Scripture, but this book does so with the expert analysis of three leading evangelical scholars. For the Bible student and pastor, Jesus the Messiah presents a comprehensive picture of both scriptural and cultural expectations surrounding the Messiah, from an examination of the Old Testament promises to their unique and perfect fulfillment in Jesus’ life. Students of the life of Christ will benefit from the authors’ rich understanding of ancient biblical culture and pastors will find an indispensable help for understanding the unity and importance of the ancient promise of Messiah. This handsome volume will be a ready reference on Messiah for years to come.

Features and Benefits
• • • • Exhaustive work on the theme of Messiah in the Bible Includes illustrative maps and charts Written by world-renowned scholars Table of contents available online at

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Putting Jesus in His Place 978-0-8254-2983-5 $18. 99

ISBN 978-0-8254-2109-9

9 780825 421099

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN: 978-0-8254-2562-2 Price: $59.99 Binding: Hardcover Release Date: January 31, 2011 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 992 pages Category: RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / Old Testament Rights: WW Division: Kregel Academic & Professional

A brilliant new commentary on one of the most cherished books of the Bible
A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1
1–72 Allen P. Ross
Commentary on the Psalms is an essential and welcome resource for pastors looking to dive into the Psalms. Professor Allen P. Ross has spent years studying the Psalms, teaching the Psalms to pastors and teachers, and preaching from the Psalms. His exegesis demonstrates his fluency in both the language and the culture of the Old Testament. This commentary is exegetically deep enough to satisfy the scholar, and logically organized to meet the needs of the pastor preaching on an individual psalm. The first of two volumes, this commentary will be a standard reference volume found in the study of today’s pastors and teachers.

About the Author
Allen P. Ross (PhD, University of Cambridge) is professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School. Prior to this, he taught at Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry and Dallas Theological Seminary. His publications include Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis, Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus, and An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew.

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Recalling the Hope of Glory 978-0-8254-3578-2 $35.99

Giving the Sense 978-0-8254-2892-0 $25.99

Features and Benefits
• • • • • First of a two-volume set, covers Psalms 1–72 Exhaustive study written by a scholar and pastor for the teaching pastor New series featuring exegeical monographs from Kregel A&P Beautifully designed, from binding to layout Table of contents available online at

The Treasury of David 978-0-8254-3683-3 $29.99

Exploring Psalms, Volume 1 978-0-8254-3492-1 $37.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-2562-2

9 780825 425622

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


ISBN:978-0-8254-3586-7 Price: $19.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 256 pages Category: RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues Rights: WW Division: Kregel Academic & Professional

essential guide for the church to act as the agent of reconciliation
The Post-Racial Church
A Biblical Framework for Multiethnic Reconciliation Kenneth A. Mathews and M. Sydney Park

About the Authors
Kenneth Mathews (PhD, University of Michigan) is Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama, where he has taught Old Testament Studies and Biblical Interpretation for twenty years. Mathews’s major publications include the original publication of a Dead Sea Scroll, The Leviticus Scroll, a twovolume commentary on the book of Genesis, and a preaching commentary on Leviticus. He is currently undertaking a commentary on Joshua. M. Sydney Park (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Assistant Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama where she teaches Biblical Interpretation and New Testament studies. She is the author of The Concept of Submission Within the Godhead and the Church in Philippians: An Exegetical and Theological Examination of the Concept of Submission in Philippians 2 and 3. Her interest in the biblical teaching of submission stems from the experiences of her cultural background as a KoreanAmerican, atheistic and feminist beliefs during her college years, and her ensuing post-conversion struggle to understand the countercultural notion of submission in Scripture.

In what has arguably been called “post-racial America,” how is the church doing at actually being postracial? Have churches laid aside assumptions and prejudices? How does the church today function in its role of reconciliation? In The Post-Racial Church, Kenneth Mathews and Sydney Park present a scriptural framework for how the church ought to operate as a multiethnic culture. If the church is called to the work of reconciliation, if the universal church is multiethnic, and if every tribe and tongue will praise God together in the end, then shouldn’t individual churches reflect that truth today? In this book pastors will find biblical, philosophical, and practical reasons for challenging the local church to become a multiethnic congregation that joins together in worship of the God who calls each of us.

Features and Benefits
• • • • • Confronts the status quo church programs in regards to biblical reconciliation Written with the minister in mind Apropos for “the age of Obama” Written by ethnically diverse authors Table of contents available online at

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Arabs in the Shadow of Israel 978-0-8254-3184-5 $17.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-3586-7

9 780825 435867

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


Preach for a Year #3 ISBN: 978-0-8254-2677-3 Preach for a Year #4 ISBN: 978-0-8254-2678-0 Price: $13.99 each Binding: Paperback Release Date: Available Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 224 each Category: RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Preaching Rights: WW Imprint: Kregel Academic & Professional

Newly repackaged books from a best-selling series

Preach for a Year #3
104 Sermon Outlines 104 Sermon Outlines Roger Campbell

Preach for a Year #4

About the Author
Roger Campbell has been in the ministry for over thirty-five years, twenty-two of which were spent pastoring three churches. Since 1974, he has been engaged in writing and speaking in local church Bible conferences and in radio ministry. Among the many books he has written are: A Place to Hide; Lord, I’m Afraid; Preach for a Year Sermon Outline Series; Staying Positive in a Negative World; Weight! A Better Way to Lose; and You Can Win.

The third and fourth books in the best-selling “Preach for a Year” series provide pastors, who are always pressed for time, with 104 sermon outlines, enough for two sermons every Sunday of the year. Jump-start sermon preparation with these practical and easy-to-use outlines that are each structured in three steps: 1. Introduction—provides attention-getting thoughts for sermon starters. 2. Body—gives alliterated sermon points with biblical exposition. 3. Conclusion—suggests practical questions and thoughts for application. All outlines include numerous suggestions for application plus cross-references. A complete Scripture index rounds out each volume of this comprehensive resource.

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Preach for a Year #1 978-0-8254-2675-9 $13.99

Features and Benefits
• From the best-selling Preach for a Year Sermon Outline Series • Exegetically sound sermons • Includes Scripture index

Preach for a Year #2 978-0-8254-2676-6 $13.99

Preach for a Year #5 978-0-8254-2679-7 $13.99

Preach for a Year #6 978-0-8254-2680-3 $13.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-2677-3

ISBN 978-0-8254-2678-0

9 780825 426773

9 780825 426780

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editorial Portavoz (Spanish)


ISBN: 978-0-8254-1211-0 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: November 30, 2010 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 256 Category: Christian Living / Women Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

A must-read for any woman ready to live an extraordinary life
Sé una mujer extraordinaria

Extraordinary Women

Julie Clinton with Mary M. Byers
Julie Clinton, president of Extraordinary Women ministries, reaches thousands of women every year through Extraordinary Women conferences. Now in Spanish, Extraordinary Women shares the gems of godly wisdom Julie has gleaned from her Christian journey in her desire to help other women lead vibrant, abundant lives. With biblical illustrations, life examples, prayers, and space for journaling, women learn to embrace a more fulfilling life by: • Knowing God really loves them • Building meaningful relationships • Mastering their emotions • Creating an intimate relationship with God • Making every day count Insights from fellow Extraordinary Women speakers add extra motivation and encouragement to this great resource. With practical suggestions and inspirational messages each reader discovers how exceptional her heart and purpose become when placed in the Creator’s hands. Available in English from Harvest House Publishers

About the Authors
Julie Clinton (MAd, MBA) is president of Extraordinary Women and host of EWomen conferences all across America. A woman of deep faith, she cares passionately about seeing women live out their dreams by finding their freedom in Christ. Julie and her husband, Tim, live in Virginia with their children, Megan and Zach. Mary M. Byers is a professional speaker and freelance writer. She’s the author of The Mother Load and is a frequent media guest on women’s topics. Mary is a former advertising director, seniorlevel association manager, and entrepreneur. She and her husband, Stuart, and their two youngest children live in Illinois.

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ISBN 978-0-8254-1211-0

9 780825 412110

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1294-3 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: November 30, 2010 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 240 Category: Christian Living / Love and Marriage Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

Straight talk and clear direction on marriage the way God intended
9 errores graves que cometen las parejas
David Hawkins

9 Critical Mistakes Most Couples Make

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¡Acabe con las adicciones cotidianas! (Breaking Everyday Addictions) 978-0-8254-1295-0 $10.99 Consejería cristiana efectiva (Effective Christian Counseling) 978-0-8254-1126-7 $10.99

Drawing from many years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. David Hawkins shows that complex relational problems usually spring from nine destructive habits couples fall into, and he offers practical suggestions for changing the way husbands and wives relate to each other. Thoroughly scriptural and eminently up-to-date, this handbook for healthy relationships gently but clearly shows how to: • Address problems but avoid emotional explosions • Learn from mistakes • Create healthy boundaries • Establish an atmosphere of humility and forgiveness • Stop battling and begin championing one another Married men and women, pastors, and counselors will find helpful insights into the challenges all marriages face as well as the strategies for breakthroughs. Available in English from Harvest House Publishers

ISBN 978-0-8254-1294-3

9 780825 412943

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1335-3 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: December 31, 2010 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 224 Category: Christian Living / Personal Growth Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

Positive steps to anxiety-free living

Vence tus preocupaciones
How to Win Over Worry John Edmund Haggai

About the Author
John Edmund Haggai, founder and president of Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and “leader of leaders.”

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El poder de vivir con sencillez (Finding the Life You’ve Been Looking For) 978-0-8254-1876-1 $10.99 Sanidad espiritual para los que sufren (A Sufficient Grace) 978-0-8254-1611-8 $9.99

This classic best-seller (over 2 million in print in numerous languages) has been newly revised and updated for the unique challenges readers face today. Dr. Haggai’s compelling message on controlling worry will reach a new generation of readers with biblical truths that can set them free. John Edmund Haggai will show readers how to • Put worry in its place • Catch the habit of optimistic living • Deal with people confidently • Master negative feelings • Improve your health • Enjoy boundless energy Available in English from Harvest House Publishers

ISBN 978-0-8254-1335-3

9 780825 413353

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1812-9 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: December 31, 2010 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 272 Category: Christian Living / Prayer Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

A 28-day journey to a more focused prayer life

Fortalezca su vida de oración en 28 días
Praying with Purpose Stephen Nelson Rummage with Michele Henderson Rummage
This 28-day journey is designed to teach believers how to have unceasing, focused prayer lives. Each daily reading is short and includes suggested Scripture readings and a prayer guide. Weekly lessons focus on: • Jesus’ prayer life • Hannah’s prayer of desperation • David’s prayer for restoration • The Lord’s prayer Using Scripture passages, applications, and a prayer guide, Praying with Purpose is a study designed to teach believers how to pray without ceasing. Perfect for church use, small groups, or individual study. Available in English from Kregel Publications

About the Authors
Stephen Nelson Rummage is preaching pastor at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the author of Planning Your Preaching. Michele Henderson Rummage is a pastor’s wife, a mother, and a homemaker. She has conducted seminars on Christian marriage and the family in local churches and has taught courses for wives of seminary students.

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ISBN 978-0-8254-1812-9

9 780825 418129

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1223-3 Price: $26.99 Binding: Hardcover Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: 768 Category: Theology & Doctrine Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

A concise doctrinal reference tool for all those interested in Christian theology
Compendio Portavoz de teología
The Moody Handbook of Theology Paul Enns

About the Author
Paul Enns is minister of biblical training and leadership development in Tampa, Florida, and adjunct professor and director of the Tampa Extension of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Enns also taught at Northwestern College in Minneapolis, and at both Dallas and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He has written four volumes of the Bible Study Commentary series.

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Fundamentos de teología bíblica (Elemental Theology) 978-0-8254-1050-5 $15.99 Compendio manual Portavoz (Willmington’s Bible Handbook) 978-0-8254-1877-8 $25.99

The Moody Handbook of Theology, now available in Spanish, leads the reader into the appreciation and understanding of the essentials of Christian theology. It introduces the reader to the five dimensions that provide a comprehensive view of theology: Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Dogmatic Theology, and Contemporary Theology. Paul Enns provides a concise doctrinal reference tool for newcomer and scholar. Includes new material on the openness of God, health and wealth theology, the emergent church, various rapture interpretations, feminism, and more. Available in English from Moody Publishers

ISBN 978-0-8254-1223-3

9 780825 412233

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1813-6 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 272 Category: Pastoral Helps Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

A step-by-step guide for developing a one-year preaching calendar
Planifique su predicación
Planning Your Preaching Stephen Nelson Rummage
Planning Your Preaching, now available in Spanish, helps every pastor address areas of special need within the congregation, ensure regular preaching on key doctrines, incorporate holidays, and integrate biblical themes into the ongoing education of the congregation. An indispensable resource that offers an easily adaptable method for developing a preaching ministry. Available in English from Kregel Academic & Professional

About the Author
Stephen Nelson Rummage is preaching pastor at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the author of Praying with Purpose.

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Volvamos a la predicación bíblica (Invitation to Biblical Preaching) 978-0-8254-1798-6 $15.99 Predicando con variedad (Preaching with Variety) 978-0-8254-1210-3 $10.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-1813-6

9 780825 418136

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1378-0 Price: $10.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 Pages: 208 Category: Christian Living / Leadership Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

Inspiration to become a leader God uses for His glory
Liderazgo perdurable
Leadership as an Identity Crawford W. Loritts Jr.

About the Author
Crawford W. Loritts Jr. holds two doctorates and is associate director of US Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ located in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the host of the daily radio feature, Living a Legacy.

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Liderazgo espiritual (Spiritual Leadership) 978-0-8254-1650-7 $9.99

Brokenness. Communion. Servanthood. Obedience. These four traits form the framework for Leadership as an Identity. According to Loritts, leadership is something God specifically calls people to . . . and God doesn’t look for leaders like the world does. He looks for disciples, and ironically, as these disciples follow Him, they will lead. Available in English from Moody Publishers

Doce hábitos para fortalecer su caminar con Cristo (A Man’s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines) 978-0-8254-1458-9 $9.99

ISBN 978-0-8254-1378-0

9 780825 413780

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1394-0 Price: $5.99 Binding: Paperback Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 4.25 x 6.625 Pages: 176 Category: Christian Living Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

Keys to victorious Christian living from the life of Joshua
¡Vence el temor al fracaso!
Erwin W. Lutzer

Conquering the Fear of Failure

About the Author
Erwin W. Lutzer has been senior pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago since 1980. Dr. Lutzer is the author of numerous books. His most recent releases include One Minute After You Die and Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible.

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Cuando le han ofendido (When You’ve Been Wronged) 978-0-8254-1380-3 $7.99 Siete trampas del enemigo (Seven Snares of the Enemy) 978-0-8254-1388-9 $9.99

Renowned author Erwin Lutzer offers a healing alternative that releases us from the crippling fear of failure. Fear of failure erodes faith, deflates courage, and prevents victorious living. Lutzer reflects on the life of Joshua in order to reveal the spiritual keys to overcoming attitudes of defeat, conquering the fear of failure, and living a faith-filled, victorious life. Available in English from Regal Books

ISBN 978-0-8254-1394-0

9 780825 413940

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ISBN: 978-0-8254-1816-7 Price: $39.99 Binding: Hardcover Release Date: February 28, 2011 Trim: 6 x 9 Pages: NYA Category: Bibles / Study Bibles Division: Editorial Portavoz (Spanish)

“The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.” —Charles C. Ryrie
La Biblia de estudio Ryrie ampliada
Charles C. Ryrie

The New Ryrie Study Bible

About the Author
Charles C. Ryrie is professor emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary and former professor at Philadelphia Biblical University. He is the annotator of The Ryrie Study Bible and author of many books, including Balancing the Christian Life, Basic Theology, Survey of Bible Doctrine, and Dispensationalism.

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La Biblia cronológica (The Daily Bible) 978-0-8254-1635-4 $28.99

The updated, expanded version is now available in Spanish! A comprehensive single source for all Bible study needs, The Ryrie Study Bible includes: • A Synopsis of Bible Doctrine • The Inspiration of the Bible • Understanding the Bible • How We Got Our Bible • The Meaning and Blessings of Salvation • Archeology and the Bible • A Brief Survey of Church History • The Reina-Valera 1960 version in Spanish Charles Ryrie’s years of study, teaching, and writing make him exceptionally qualified to help readers grasp the fundamental truths of Scripture. The Ryrie Study Bible has unique features that continue to make it a best-seller. Other features include: • 10,000 concise explanatory notes • In-text graphics including maps, charts, timelines, and diagrams • Comprehensive book outlines in easy-to-read format • Expanded topical index • Wide margins for better note taking • Extensive cross references • Detailed introduction to each book • Introduction to the Old and New Testament and the Gospels • Comprehensive concordance • 16 full-color maps • 8-page historical timeline • Daily Bible reading Available in English from Moody Publishers

ISBN 978-0-8254-1816-7

9 780825 418167

Kregel publications  •  winter 2010–2011  •


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La Biblia cronológica The Daily Bible 978-0-8254-1635-4 • $28.99

Controla tu lengua en 30 días 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue 978-0-8254-1601-9 • $5.99

Mentiras que las mujeres creen Lies Women Believe 978-0-8254-1160-1 • $13.99

Una esposa conforme al corazón de Dios A Wife After God’s Own Heart 978-0-8254-1264-6 • $10.99

Un hombre conforme al corazón de Dios A Man After God’s Own Heart 978-0-8254-1268-4 • $10.99






El mártir de las catacumbas The Martyr of the Catacombs 978-0-8254-1045-1 • $8.99

Una madre conforme al corazón de Dios A Mother After God’s Own Heart 978-0-8254-1267-7 • $11.99

Un jóven conforme al corazón de Dios A Young Man After God’s Own Heart 978-0-8254-1260-8 • $8.99

Mi Primera Biblia My First Bible 978-0-8254-1383-4 • $14.99

Un esposo conforme al corazón de Dios A Husband After God’s Own Heart 978-0-8254-1269-1 • $10.99






Extraordinarias mujeres de la Biblia Extraordinary Women in the Bible 978-0-8254-1387-2 • $9.99

La Nueva Biblia en cuadros para niños The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes 978-0-8254-1709-2 • $14.99

Ama a Dios con toda tu mente Loving God with All Your Heart 978-0-8254-1261-5 • $11.99

El Matrimonio que siempre ha deseado The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted 978-0-8254-1111-3 • $9.99

Esperanza para los separados Hope for the Separated 978-0-8254-1155-7 • $9.99






Auxiliar bíblico Portavoz Willmington’s Guide to the Bible 978-0-8254-1874-7 • $39.99

Cómo orar en el Espíritu How to Pray in the Spirit 978-0-8254-1090-1 • $9.99

Dios es el evangelio God Is the Gospel 978-0-8254-1588-3 • $9.99

Mi primera Biblia para bebés Baby’s First Bible 978-0-8254-1926-3 • $9.99

Lo que Jesús exige del mundo What Jesus Demands from the World 978-0-8254-1587-6 • $15.99

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english Best-sellers
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Unveiling Islam, Updated and Expanded Ergun Caner and Emir Caner 978-0-8254-2428-1 • $15.99

Bartholomew’s Passage Arnold Ytreeide 978-0-8254-4173-8 • $13.99

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, 3rd edition William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn 978-0-8254-2437-3 • $14.99

Jotham’s Journey Arnold Ytreeide 978-0-8254-4174-5 • $13.99

Foundations of Christian Thought Mark Cosgrove 978-0-8254-2434-2 • $15.99






Simply by Grace Charles Bing 978-0-8254-2303-1 • $11.99

New Complete Works of Josephus Flavius Josephus; ed. Paul Maier 978-0-8254-2924-8 • $24.99

Hope After Betrayal Meg Wilson 978-0-8254-3935-3 • $10.99

Welcome to College Jonathan Morrow 978-0-8254-3354-2 • $17.99

Number in Scripture E. W. Bullinger 978-0-8254-2047-4 • $15.99






Questioning Evangelism Randy Newman 978-0-8254-3324-5 • $13.99

Your Jesus Is Too Safe Jared Wilson 978-0-8254-3931-5 • $13.99

Experiencing God’s Story of Life & Hope J. Scott Duvall 978-0-8254-2538-7 • $21.99

The Witness of the Stars E. W. Bullinger 978-0-8254-2030-6 • $14.99

The Sacred Cipher Terry Brennan 978-0-8254-2426-7 • $13.99






Amazing Grace: 366 Hymn Stories, 2nd edition Kenneth Osbeck 978-0-8254-3448-8 • $17.99

Praying with Purpose Stephen Rummage 978-0-8254-3651-2 • $13.99

101 Hymn Stories Kenneth Osbeck 978-0-8254-3416-7 • $14.99

Eusebius Eusebius; ed. Paul L. Maier 978-0-8254-3307-8 • $15.99

No Sex in the City Lindsey Isham 978-0-8254-2906-4 • $12.99






Praying the Attributes of God Rosemary Jensen 978-0-8254-2942-2 • $12.99

Believe Jennifer Silvera 978-0-8254-3657-4 • $13.99

Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Gary Habermas and Michael Licona 978-0-8254-2788-6 • $21.99

What the Bayou Saw Patti Lacy 978-0-8254-2937-8 • $14.99

Josephus: The Essential Works Flavius Josephus; ed. Paul Maier 978-0-8254-3260-6 • $25.99

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Amazing Grace Kenneth Osbeck. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Answers to Common Questions about Heaven & Eternity Timothy J. Demy and Thomas Ice. . . . . 10 Answers to Common Questions about the End Times Timothy J. Demy and Thomas Ice. . . . . 10 Commentary on the Psalms, A, Volume 1 Allen P. Ross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 God Is My Delight W. Phillip Keller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Health, Wealth & Happiness David Jones and Russell Woodbridge . . . 8 Jesus the Messiah Herbert W. Bateman IV, Gordon H. Johnston, and Darrell L. Bock . . . . . . 15 Kregel Pictorial Guide to New Testament Archaeology John McRay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History #6 John D. Hannah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Living the New Testament Paul Enns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Preach for a Year #3 Roger Campbell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Preach for a Year #4 Roger Campbell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Post-Racial Church, The Kenneth A. Mathews and M. Sydney Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament Daniel B. Wallace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Rhythm of Secrets, The Patti Lacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 When They Turn Away Rob Rienow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

9 errores graves que cometen las parejas David Hawkins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Compendio Portavoz de teología Paul Enns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Fortalezca su vida de oración en 28 días Stephen Nelson Rummage. . . . . . . . . . . 23 La Biblia de estudio Ryrie ampliada Charles C. Ryrie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Liderazgo perdurable Crawford W. Lorritts Jr.. . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Planifique su predicación Stephen Nelson Rummage. . . . . . . . . . . 25 Sé una mujer extraordinaria Julie Clinton with Mary Byers . . . . . . . 20 Vence el temor al fracaso Erwin W. Lutzer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Vence tus preocupaciones John Edmund Haggai. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

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