SAP Note 1034354 FAGLL03: Display of offsetting account information

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Valid Since 06.03.2007

You want to display the offsetting account information in the line item display for the new general ledger (FAGLL03).

Other terms
FAGLL03, FAL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL GET_GKONT, offsetting account, offsetting account type

Reason and Prerequisites
This is for a customer inquiry.

To ensure the offsetting account information is available, you must create and activate an implementation for the 'FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA' BAdI. To do so, proceed as follows: Call transaction SE19. Enter for example, the name 'Z_FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA' and choose 'Create'. As the Definition name select 'FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA'. Create the BAdI implementation. On the 'Interface' tab select the 'CHANGE_ITEMS' method. The following source code should be defined in the method: DATA: wa_items TYPE faglposx. LOOP AT ct_items INTO wa_items. CALL FUNCTION 'GET_GKONT' EXPORTING belnr = wa_items-belnr bukrs = wa_items-bukrs buzei = wa_items-buzei gjahr = wa_items-gjahr gknkz = '3' IMPORTING gkont = wa_items-gkont koart = wa_items-gkart EXCEPTIONS belnr_not_found = 1 buzei_not_found = 2 gknkz_not_found = 3 OTHERS = 4. IF sy-subrc = 0. MODIFY ct_items FROM wa_items. ENDIF.


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03.02. After you carry out these steps. Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Released for Customer 12.2007 10:17:22 German Recommendations/additional info Consulting FI-GL-GL-D Reporting/Analysis/Display Valid Releases Software Component SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL Release 500 600 602 603 604 From Release 500 600 602 603 604 To Release 500 600 602 603 604 and Subsequent Related Notes Number 1425118 1135916 984305 895817 112312 Short Text FAGLL03: Display of offsetting account for archived data Line items: Help for analysis for long runtime Line item: Definition of special fields (T021S) Offsetting account determintn corrctn because of FI-GL (new) Line item: Display of offsetting a/c information 01.2011 Page 2 of 2 .SAP Note 1034354 FAGLL03: Display of offsetting account information ENDLOOP. the 'Offsetting account' (GKONT) and the 'Offsetting account type' (GKART) fields are available in the field catalog of FAGLL03 and you can use them for display. Activate the method and the BAdI implementation.