Lesson 1: Registering and Signing into New.

Contact Jolene Krahenbuhl 283-2970 To use the new FamilySearch website, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must register for an LDS FamilySearch Account. If you already have an LDS Account or LDS FamilySearch Account, you do not need to register for one again. BEGIN: Go to https://new.familysearch.org You will see this page. Click the “Register for Family Search Button” below the sign on boxes. If you already have an lds username and password, signin here.

When the system asks which type of account you want to create, click LDS FamilySearch Account. will be in n

A message will appear regarding LDS accounts. Read and then press “Continue”.e system ire a l – “sign-in name”, and a password for eone. No anonymous users.

Next you will see a page where you will enter your membership record. This number usually begins with several 000’s and is found on your temple recommend, individual or tithing record. You can obtain this number from the ward clerk. Each family member has a membership record number. Enter your membership record, birth date and type the image that appears in the box. Click next.

If the following error page comes up, then you have either entered the information incorrectly or you already have a church login set up in your name. Remember this login is valid for all church websites.

After you have entered the membership number, your birthdate, and typed the letters of the image you see correctly, you will be asked to verify that the name you see on the screen is you. Click Yes.
Create your profile: a. Enter your first and last name. b. Enter a display name. A display name is the name that appears when you are using a program.

c. Enter your e-mail address twice. If you do not have an e-mail address, click the check box next to this option. You can also enter an alternate or second e-mail address, if desired. If you use one, you also need to enter it twice. d. Enter the country where you reside. e. Enter your preferred language. f. Enter a user name. Follow these guidelines for user names: • It must have between 4 and 64 characters. • It cannot have spaces or periods. • It is not case sensitive. It does not matter whether you type it as uppercase or lowercase letters.

Click the check box to indicate you have read and accept the conditions of use. To read the conditions of use, click the underlined link. Click Create My LDS Account. An e-mail is sent to the address you listed. Click the link in this e-mail within 48 hours to activate your account. If you wait longer than 48 hours, you will need to redo the registration process. Open your e-mail program, and locate the e-mail message that lets you complete your registration. Click the Complete Registration link indicated in the e-mail message. A message indicates that your registration is complete. You can sign in using the user name and password that you entered.

USING NEW FAMILYSEARCH 1. Go to https://new.familysearch.org/. 2. In the User name field, enter your user name. 3. In the Password field, enter your password. 4. Click Sign In. You will see the page below “welcome your name”.

If you turn off your computer or leave the new FamilySearch website for a while, the system automatically signs you out. If you use a computer in a public place, such as an Internet café or a public library, sign out to prevent another user from having access to your family information. To sign out, click Sign Out, found

in the upper-right corner of the screen. There are several links listed on the Home page. In the following weeks we will explore each of these buttons. But if you can’t wait, click “See me and my ancestors”. If you are a member, it will show information about you and your ancestors. You start with YOU already in the system.

Feel free to get familiar with this site. We will continue with “You and your ancestors” in our next handout.

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