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February 14, 2010 (602) 235-9320

Arizona Senate Race

Announced and Potential Candidates Line Up
PHOENIX, AZ – A recent survey conducted by Phoenix-based Summit Consulting Group, Inc. shows
a very tight race for the Republican nomination among candidates rumored to be interested in
replacing Senator Jon Kyl. An automated survey conducted February 10th among 1,881 likely
Republican primary election voters shows the following:

When asked the question, “If the Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate seat were held today,
who would you vote for?”

The results were:

Joe Arpaio 21.3%
Jeff Flake 16.8%
JD Hayworth 16.6%
John Shadegg 12.2%
Ben Quayle 5.6%
Undecided 27.5%

Congressman Jeff Flake announced his candidacy this morning in Phoenix. A second survey was
conducted the same day among likely Republican primary voters, but this survey only included
Congressman Jeff Flake and former members of Congress John Shadegg and JD Hayworth. The
results of that survey were as follows:

Jeff Flake 21.9%

JD Hayworth 19.8%
John Shadegg 17.2%
Undecided 41.1%

This survey consisted of 1,469 voters throughout the state. Both surveys were conducted among
Republican voters who have participated in both of the last two primary elections.

The high number of undecided voters is not surprising since this survey was taken on the day Senator
Kyl announced his retirement. The field of candidates will likely expand in the coming weeks and
months as potential candidates weigh their chances of not only winning their party’s nomination, but
the general election in 2012 as well.
(Disclosure: Summit Consulting Group, Inc. is the political consulting firm handling Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s re-election
campaign. Summit has also provided services to Congressman Jeff Flake’s previous re-election efforts. Finally, Chad
Willems, president of Summit, once worked for Congressman JD Hayworth’s campaign committee. This survey was not
commissioned by any of these candidates but is only part of an ongoing series of public opinion surveys among competitive
political races throughout the state.)

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