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MGTM 633

Each student pursuing Strategic Management course is required to write and submit a project
report based on the following guideline:

1. The project is to be carried out on a group basis.

2. Student is required to select a company from the list of companies listed on the Malaysian
Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia and obtain the latest annual report of the company. Where
necessary, you may obtain additional information from the internet, newspaper or other

3. Based on the information gathered student is required, at least but not limited, to attend the

a. Write a case abstract.

b. Evaluate the vision and mission statements of the company.

c. What are the strategic factors facing the company?
d. Evaluate a company’s competitive market position within a given industry.
e. Discuss Porter’s industry analysis forces and how each force influences the
f. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company?
g. What are the opportunities and threats facing the company and evaluate how the
company reacts to opportunities and threats within the industry.
h. Evaluate a company’s ability to react to a changing market place and develop
alternative strategies to deal with this change.
i. Discuss the company leader’s philosophy and its impact upon corporate culture and
daily company activities.
j. Discuss what strategies the company has in place to achieve its objectives, and/or to
suggest some new strategies to achieve the objectives.
k. Discuss how the company sustains its growth strategies while maintaining its financial
l. What are the keys to success in the company?
m. Would you buy the stock of the company? Give your rationale.
4. The report must also include a ‘conclusion’ section in which you will describe the conclusions
you have drawn from your analysis.

5. The report should contain all the information required under para 3 and 4 above. Additional
analysis or information is welcomed.

6. he report should be written in 12 font sized one and a half -spaced word-processed pages.

7. The report must be submitted to the instructor not later than 15 March 2010 (Monday).
8. Each student may be required to present the report at a date to be predetermined by the