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#1 Bestselling New Book Asks: “How Do I Cut Through Diabetes?

” Author
Naheed Ali Explains It All in a “Comprehensive” Way

"Diabetes and You: A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach" Receives Sparkling Reviews from
Publisher's Weekly and Booklist.

New York, NY, February 14, 2011 --( Nowadays, people of all ages everywhere are thinking
about quality of life, good diet, and physical dilemmas linked to long term diseases like diabetes.
Bestselling author Dr. Naheed Ali responds to these calls and relies on on life-changing antidotes to help
diabetics have a healthier, better way in his brand new book "Diabetes and You: A Comprehensive,
Holistic Approach."

"The aim is to promote knowledge and information sharing about diabetes via this methodical health
guide book. The information is intended to be given in a no-nonsense, on-point method," states the
author. The book “also uncovers how diabetes breeds stress and how you can tackle the disease in more
ways than one."

In his book, Dr. Ali talks about issues, provides electrifying outtakes and useful information for healthy
living as a diabetes victim. Under his ideas, fundamental concepts about the mind, heart and everyday
diet, affect the overall punch that diabetes will have on your health. Moreover, he believes diabetics
should have a diverse amount of familiarity with diabetes to keep from further physical ailments that this
disease can surface. The book serves up the steps necessary for achieving a healthy lifestyle to face
diabetes the right way, as the author is a strong believer in the adage, "Prevention is much better than

About the Author:

Naheed Ali, MD, has been quoted or heard on Fox News, CBS Radio Houston, Prevention Magazine,
Star Magazine, 105.5 FM's 'Lou in the Morning,' Atlanta Business Chronicle, Dallas Morning News,
MSN Health, The Sacramento Bee, AOL News, and others. The book can be found on and You can also ask for a copy of it at your local bookstore.


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