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Book of Mormon ABC's

Book of Mormon ABC's

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Published by: Jennifer Riding Peterson on Feb 15, 2011
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Book of Mormon ABC's Questions: A-Father and son had same name, father prays for a son and

an angel appears to son, who then repents (Mosiah 27:14) B- Righteous King and father of Mosiah (Mosiah 2:1) C- Hill where gold plates were buried by the angel Moroni (Mormon 6:6 last part) D- means honeybee (Ether 2:3) E- People rejected his prophecies, he hid in a cave to save his life (Ether 13:13) F- Christ speaking of the Book of Mormon people - “Other sheep I have which are not of this____” (3 Nephi 15:17) G- Chief of robber band (Helaman 2:4) H- Leader of 2000 stripling soldiers (Alma 53:22) I- His daughters married sons of Lehi (1Nephi 16:7) J- Two sons of Lehi born in the wilderness (1Nephi 18:7) K- Did not believe in God, demanded a sign and was struck dumb (Alma 30:50) L- Led family out of Jerusalem to the Promised Land (1Nephi 2:1-2) M- Last writer in the Book of Mormon, appeared to Joseph Smith many years later N- Instructed by the Lord to slay Laban to obtain the plates of Brass (1Nephi 4:14,18) O- One of the 4 sons of Mosiah (Mosiah 27:34) P- Metal “books” upon which important records were kept Q- Wife of Lamoni, a woman of great faith (Alma 19:10) R- Holy stand from which people prayed insincerely (Alma 31:21) S- Lamanite who prophesied Christ's coming (Helaman 14:1-2) T- Piece of Moroni's coat upon which he wrote “In memory of our God, our religion and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children” (Alma 46:11-13) U- Opposite of righteousness V- What is Lord or angels appearing to righteous people to give

Omner P.Fold G.Moroni N.Lehi M.War Y.Korihor L.Servant of Laban who followed Nephi (1Nephi 4:35) Book of Mormon ABC's Answers: A.Helaman I.Caused by unrighteousness and strife (Mormon 8:30) Y.Rameumpton S.Benjamin C.Means you Z. W.Alma B.Unrighteous V.Ye Z.Ether F.Samuel T.Visions – prophets.Title of Liberty U.Gadianton H. Alma etc. Nephi. Lehi.them instruction W.Ishmael J-Jacob and Joseph K.Deseret E.Zoram .Cumorah D.Nephi O.Plates Q.Queen R.

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