TIPS for Dissertation writing First page- Title of dissertation Submitted to SIIB in part fulfillment of the requirement for

award of degree MBA----By Name of the students-----SIIB/SIU MONTH AND YEAR Second page----Certificate from the advisor/guide/mentor Third page------ Acknowledge from the students Fourth page---- CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Page no.

Introduction Theoretical orientation and Review of Literature Research methodology or Material methods Results and Discussion Summary and Conclusion Bibliography Annexures

Fifth page---List of tables if any Table Title page no.

Sixth Page------Abstract

I) Introduction Brief background of the study, Definition of the different terms used in the study The problem/ Issues Objectives---General objective Specific objective s if any The scope and limitations of the study Abbreviation used if any II Theoretical Orientation and review of literature w.r.t. to the problems and terms used III Methodology - Research design - Locale of the study - Population and -Sample and sampling procedure -Operationalization and measurement of different variables IV Results and Discussion V Summary and Conclusions, Implications

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