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Published by: Sap Akhil on Feb 15, 2011
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What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning is enterprise wide information system which consolidate information from various function (scm, hr, payroll, accounts, finance, warehouse management etc.) And departments of an organization. Ans. Enterprise Resource Planning is a collection of software modules that integrate all of the divisions of a company via a centralized database (Larocca, 1999). This sounds simple, but it isn’t. However, we can dissect the system into its components to see what it is and how it works. ERP systems are like a bicycle wheel (Figure 1). Think of the database as the center of the wheel, and give each division of the corporation a spoke that connects the center with the outside of the rim. Think of these outside connections at the rim as each division’s point of contact with the business world. Due to the layout of ERP software, these divisions are usually Finance, Production, Marketing, Human Resources/Payroll, Accounting, and so on.

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