What Schemes SIDBI operates for Women Entrepreneurs? Ans.

Assistance for Women Entrepreneurs is routed through SIDBI Refinance Schemes. A lower promoter contribution has been stipulated for Women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs are also eligible to avail of seed capital assistance under Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme. Under promotional activities, assistance to needy women is extended through Mahila Vikas Nidhi Scheme Who can get assistance from SIDBI? Ans.Generally, all forms of organisation viz., proprietary, partnership firms and limited companies can avail of various types of assistance from SIDBI. SIDBI assistance flows to export, industrial manufacturing, transport, health care and tourism sectors and also to the professional and self-employed persons setting up small-sized professional ventures.

What are the various modes in which SIDBI provide Assistance? Ans.SIDBI mainly provide assistance as: Indirect Finance (Refinance to and Rediscounting of bills (in respect of Small Scale Industries) of Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs) including banks and State level institutions. In respect of some institutions, line of credit is granted in lieu of refinance. Direct Finance Through several tailor-made schemes targeting specific groups or activities benefiting SSIs. Promotional and Developmental Services Loans, grants and corpus support are provided to Non-Governmental Organisations, technology institutions, management institutions, etc. to act as implementing agencies for SIDBI's developmental programmes. Micro credit finance is also extended to needy borrowers

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