A word on Vampires

This section is going to be devoted to the research I have been doing over the last 14 years (and more as I find out new things). At best I can give you theories and anecdotes but I cannot have the abilities to prove or disprove the ideas I present to you here. I=m in no ways an expert, but I do know more than most. For centuries, tales have been told of the dead rising from their graves to devour the living. These stories vary from country to country, different ethnic and religious groups all share similar stories of the undead. Not all of them drink blood, some drain life, or beauty. It is the primordial fear of the dead returning for more life. Do Vampires still exist? Yes, but not as you think. There are living vampires. People who look like you or me who have a physical or psychological need to consume blood or energy. Over the years various organizations have come together to try to help, teach, and organize the society. There are guidelines for the community, known as the Long Black Veil. There is a Lexicon of terms used frequently among vamps, and it expands frequently. I=m still working on a comprehensive version of these terms for a glossary. This may take a while. So far it has reached 16 pages. There are different theories on where vampires come from. Some sources say that the vampire trait is part of the individual's DNA; they liken this genetic difference to a viral imperfection of some kind. In this way, it is said that a vampire can make others of his kind if a blood exchange is passed between him and his "victim"; the person will ingest the virus and slowly take on the characteristics of a vampire. Others say that the vampire trait is inherited, and that a vampire cannot make another of his kind. One particularly interesting theory is that of the "psi" vampire; this is the soul of a vampire that cannot accept the fact that his physical form is dead, and the soul invades the body of an infant at birth, therefore giving the vampire a new physical form. Thus, the child will grow up as a vampire, although he will probably not remember what happened to him. It is thought that psi vamps go through many bodies, and therefore have many vague memories of past lives. For reasons they cannot explain (because they

usually have no immediate recollection of their other "lives"), they feel like an "old soul." As a child, the young vampire usually develops more rapidly than a normal human, either mentally, physically, or both. They are usually more intelligent than their peers as well. They are usually creative children, with a love of the arts and a thirst for knowledge.

In this chapter I have tried to include various texts, prophecies and historical notes regarding the evolution of the vampire over time. Is it possible that the undead existed in the past ? Once again I cannot prove or disprove that theory. I have evidence from both sides to examine, such as historical accounts in various countries. My theory is that the undead may very well have existed in the past, but once realizing that they were to be hunted down the numbers became thin. When such things happen in nature, animals adapt to their surroundings. So no undead, not as far as I can find. There will always be your fakes, imposters who claim to be 400 years old or something of that nature. They are usually people who need attention or Psychologically unbalanced. In this area, lets assume that vampirism is possible, 2 questions must be asked. Is it possible that Vampirism is a viral condition, and how is it spread? Is vampirism real? For years, doctors have claimed that a group of diseases known as porphyrias. Various symptoms of which include but are not limited to extreme photosensitivity, the gums pulling away from the teeth (making the canines look larger), and a craving for blood. People who suffer from these diseases are 100% human, but suffer from a rare disease. The root of the problem is that those who suffer from porphyria do not produce a protein known as P450, which is essential to production of heme in the liver (the liver, of course, producing hemoglobin). In Europe of years past, it was not unknown for the royals to intermarry. Thus spreading the disease to their heirs. It is a recessive trait, a rare genetic disorder. It is hardly seen today. But

due to the symptoms included, one can see why this could have lead to the belief in vampires. In fact, the old saying about garlic may have something to do with porphyria. Garlic is known to aggravate the symptoms associated with the disease. With that aside, rumors over the years have been of a virus known as V5. I have also include a section on vampire hunters. To me they seem to do more harm than good, and at best are annoying pains in the ass. They seems to follow in four categories, the Religious Hunter, the Buffy, Blade, and Role Players (usually kids, not a real threat) , the revenge hunter, and vamps hunting vamps. Some are just after the undead vampires, not sanguinarians. Others will hunt undead, sanguinarians, psyvamps, and anyone they associate with. Some have even gone after those in the gothic community. They don=t advertize their services online, at least not the real ones. It depends on where you are and what is the local atmosphere. Religious Hunters can be some of the most dangerous, and just about any court of law would find these individuals insane. They hold a deep seated belief that AGod@ has told them to kill Vampires, Demons, Evil Doers, etc. They won=t stop unless locked up in a psych ward or dead. They tend to go after anything they think is a demon, including goths. They can be dealt with, usually by informing law enforcement. The Buffy syndrome is usually some young teenage girl who has watched too many episodes of ABuffy the Vampire Slayer@. I admit, It=s a cute show, but nothing to base life decisions on. Vamps hunting Vamps, or the Blade Syndrome (as I call it) seems to be a private matter between the Vamp community. Sometimes they are sent out to kill rogue vamps (those who have broken some law in their eyes). Incidents such as this are rare. If they happen, I don=t hear of them. The Blade movie/ comic series has made this a popular theme. Role players are just that, players. Some get a little too wound up in the gaming world and loose touch with reality. This is only a small number of gamers, most are law abiding, functional citizens. This kind is usually harmless.

V5 Virus
I=ll admit, at this point in time my knowledge of this type is rather limited. At best, I have a theory. I don=t have access to an electron microscope to prove or disprove anything I say here. Form your own opinion. My theory is that since so many stories of Vampires have transcended culture, and geography, that the myth may have some truth to it. The undead may have existed in the ancient past, but as like any animal that is threatened with extinction, somehow it adapted. Or the bloodlines have become so thin over the years, that Vampires are not susceptible to such things that have gone into superstition (garlic, crosses, stake through the heart, that would kill anyone). That Vampirism is in fact a virus. Some in the Vampire community have called it V5. I suggest that it is a virus due to the fact that up until now it has gone undetected. Virus components tend to be so small that it would take a high powered electron microscope to find and detect them. Vampires of today are mostly human, but still have the thirst for blood or energy. I have no evidence to suggest that they have any special powers, no super human strength or things of that nature. They have a physical, or psychological need to consume blood or energy. I=ve had no volunteers to test this theory, doubtful I ever will. Is there a cure? Well, no since this has yet to be diagnosed as a disorder. It took years to find a treatment for HIV / AIDS, at best we have anti viral drugs to control the disease. I don=t know if there ever will be a cure. There=s not enough of a demand (a.k.a. Money) for the drug companies to bother.

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