Nick Smail Nick Smail Mrs. Weaver LNG 15 Feb.

2011 The Anthem of Harrison Gattaca Vonnegut, Rand, and Niccol use the characters to portray the image of a captured mind that has had his choice, beliefs, and fate made for him instead of being able to make up his mind for himself. Harrison Bergeron, Equality-2521, and Vincent all live in societies of the future where all of the people are robotic, almost controlled, by the government wanting people to feel secure in themselves and nobody being more advanced in one topic than another. Or only letting those with a brighter future and resume work in the more advanced jobs. Choice is a factor that many people would mourn at the loss of. In these stories, choice is taken away from the individual. In Anthem, the society was all about “we”. The individuals could not make up ideas or choose for they would not have been made as a whole. In Gattaca, choice did not matter because everything done was based on your DNA, and the potential of your blood. Harrison Bergeron did not mention much about choice as an individual. Choice, as an individual person is a part of that person, when you take that away, you take away that part of the person, and it leaves less of a true stud muffin behind. Fate, or destiny, is what will eventually happen to someone for a certain reason in that the person must figure out based on past or present events. In Anthem, there was no time for fate, most peoples’ fate happens when you become older, or wiser. All people over 40 were sent to the Home of the Useless to die, and other peoples’ lives were planned out for them so there was no fate that was

Nick Smail destined to be. In Gattaca, there was also no fate. Every great man or woman was already known when they were born. Lastly, in Harrison Bergeron, fate was as real as a flying pig on a hot day, which was quite unreal. Fate and destiny are a part of peoples’ lives. No one person can be great without a little luck. Why would Lebron James move to Miami if it wasn’t for a better opportunity at success? I BELIEVE. That’s a famous quote by some guy I don’t know, but it relates well. Beliefs are a person’s lifestyle, like religion or political views.

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