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Published by: mukesh on Feb 15, 2011
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Multithreading is the system environment where the tasks are sharing the same program
under the multitasking environment. Multithreading is a subset of multitasking, since it
concerns tasks which use the same program.

Under the multithreading environment, a program is shared by several tasks concurrently.
For each task, the program must work as if it were executing instructions exclusively for
each task. Therefore, it requires special considerations such as reentrancy.

Contrary to the multithreading environment, under the single threading environment, a
program is used by only one job (or task) at a time. Single threading is the execution of a
program from beginning to completion. Processing of one transaction is completed before
another transaction is started. A typical example is a batch job.

Although multithreading is not a unique concept to CICS, CICS manages multithreading of
CICS tasks within its own region. That is, CICS provides the multithreading environment
where more than one CICS task, which uses the same program, run concurrently.

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